America’s “Silver Bullet Syndrome” – Can Santa Save Us?

I don’t know where the idea of the “Silver Bullet” came from.  Perhaps, it was the Lone Ranger in the youth of Boomers.

There was a lot of “silver” in that teevee series.  Lemme see:

  • Jay Silver Heels played the BF Tonto.
  • The original masker rode the (high-ho of Hi-Yo, or “Hi ho'”) Silver four-legged vehicle.

Most important to our silver discussion is that the Lone Ranger was a real privacy champion:

“He rarely referred to himself as the Lone Ranger. If someone’s suspicion were aroused, either the Lone Ranger would present one of his silver bullets to confirm his identity or someone else would attest on his behalf; the latter happened at the end of most episodes when someone would ask, “Who was that masked man?” as the Lone Ranger departed. His decision to adopt the moniker of Lone Ranger was inspired by Tonto; following the ambush at Bryant’s Gap, Tonto observed him to be the only ranger left—in other words, he was the “lone” ranger.”

Between the LR – and a ton of vampire lore (including the adaptation in Silver Bullet off Stephen King’s Cycle of the Werewolf – we also have a train movie by that name.  And – oh yeah – a ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.

BL-1 (Bottom Line #1) is that we like “one bullet solutions.”  A lot.  So much so that we suspend rules of Reality to play along.  It’s so simple, that way, following?

Reality is More Complex

The reason aging, drooping, easily lost, focus challenged politicians can hold up serial BAD Answers (and get or buy elected) is mainly because Americans will buy a SIMPLE answer over a HARD answer, any time.

We see this (moving to our academic economics discussion du jour) when people hold up singular answers (Buy Gold, Buy BTC, Buy (symbol_lookup) is because they side-step meaningful economics.

This is why Stephanie Kelton’s MMT economics (which comes down to “just make shit up, it won’t matter in the end”) is so popular with the Left.  It provides for unlimited Free Lunch and no mention of “Actions have Consequences.”  You just make-up money, as you go.

When a book like “Deficit Myth” comes along – and tosses out terms like the “People’s Economy” – its little more than occasionally useful manipulations of economic gradients.

Which is to say:  High speed money pays for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today.  While Long-term money pays off the 30-year bonds that build roads, bridges, and schools.

The Free Lunch crowd is only worried about the “second meals of the day,” you see, and if long-term investing doesn’t work out (think GM bankruptcy and bailout) it’s because of the “bad system” so we will “nationalize that debt” and make everyone else chip in for GM’s failures.

Freed from financial responsibility, GM is still playing the “government needs paper jobs” role today and people are buying it.  Bailing Out GM was a silver bullet example.

It didn’t kill the werewolf (corporate inefficiency or obsolescence from creeping bureaucracy) but it gave us extended game play, fund raising hot-emo slogans, social, and as long as regular people don’t raise a pitchfork the game will go on.

The only question is WHO will be the next Lehman, AIG, or GM in the upcoming economic decline.

Shotguns are Beautiful

The alternative to “silver bullets” is to admit there is some use for “double-ought buck” out of a 8, 10 or 12 gauge.

An example here is how Elaine and I tackle aging.

There isn’t a silver bullet.  Ponce de Leon‘s drinking fountain hasn’t been found.  But there is very good science behind a number of very easy to clone multiple remedies.  One is Dr. David Sinclair’s work at Harvard (NMN, thanks).

Over at this website, you’ll see a decent list of other supplements that help including resveratrol, up to 5,000 IU of D3, metformin (which berberines sort-of mimic) and others like low-dose aspirin, ALA, Co-Q10 and others.

The best and brightest in anti-aging agree that it’s a holistic combination that actually works on humankind’s most deeply seated cause of death: A long life!

Multifactor or Silver Bullets

The choices are seldom fully stated and even more rarely discussed in sufficient depth to make informed decisions.  But we don’t really make decisions, do we?  Naw – there’s a priviledged class for that…

There’s little on the economic horizon today, so in this quiet period, we’ll be closely watching to assess who’s getting the upper hand – Bullet artists or Complexity conversant views.  Have fun.

Turn on the News Grinder

Just because it’s Christmas week (sort of) and the federal holiday falls next Monday, let’s get “wrapped up in Present.”

War Check:  Ah, here’s some Christmas cheer: “Announcement-reason 3rd WW from Russia: “USA and Poland hit targets inside our territory” -Fears of equivalent accomplished…” Which begs the question:  Can markets climb (a radioactive) wall of worry?

Rabid Warmongers note:  Putin heads for Belarus as Russian drones target Ukrainian capital.  Meanwhile, slightly right of center publications (like this one) are spewing Hopium that Putin will be overthrown: ‘Vultures circling Putin’ as despot faces ‘coup’ from once-loyal henchmen or at least, so roles the GoFundUs hype in the war circles.

Still, federal housing data drops tomorrow morning and we will see the progress on Buyed’em admin’s “double-ought” attack.  Which has involved virus, war, and Trump hate.  No silver bullets within reach, presently. NFTs?

Hate Orange Man Day:  Here comes the hysteria: Musk lashes out at Schiff in now-deleted tweet: ‘Your brain is too small’. (We’ve held a similar view now…how long is it?“)  All as Jan. 6 panel pushes Trump’s prosecution in forceful finish. We think that’s a misprint.  Farceful is the right word choice.

Let’s play Spot the Grandstanding Politician, shall we?  Trump’s Jan. 6 Actions Merit Insurrection Charges, Schiff Says. It he could get past the hate part, Schiff-for-brains might see people LOVED Trump policies.  OK, so has personality issues…

Weather Wars:  You know that Pacific high that’s supposed to be a pleasant fixture in the mid-Pacific?  Severe turbulence leaves 11 seriously injured on Hawaiian Airlines flight.

Weather Wars 2: I’ll be damned.  Axios did NOT use the word “climate” in Winter storm to bring bitter cold, disrupt holiday travel across U.S.

Tell me how Handgun bans have worked out in Canada?  Toronto condo shooting leaves 5 dead and suspect killed.

With BTC at $16,730 at clicktime, Crypto News Flash gets our Headline of the Morning honors: BREAKING: Elon Musk to be replaced by Edward Snowden as Twitter CEO with a salary in Bitcoin – Will Dogecoin fall?  Now, turning to page Babble on (b)…

Miles of Musk then follow:  Twitter Users Vote for Elon Musk to Step Down as CEO in Poll and did you see Musk bans Twitter users from linking to other social media sites? Fidelity matters!

Note from Counsel:

“Tyranny never sleeps.  The absurdly and ironically titled Defense of Marriage Act actually weaponizes the government’s reversal of its position on same sex marriage so as to allow attacks on religion and religious institutions that are in disagreement with the policies embodied in the Act.  This is another assault on the First Amendment.   The inmates are running the asylum in America and turning into a police state.   “

Based on a read of Same-Sex Marriage Act Gives Government ‘Broad New Power’ to Target Religious Believers, Says Experts (

We beg to disagree.  Police state sounds so, oh, Pinochet.  I’m seeing more like a China-clone with a side of EU socialists.

ATR: Pass the Clicker

It’s amazing how little interest we have in “outside work” when the weather turns cold.  The tube type ham radio hobby gets more appealing as the 75-meter phone band quiets down and winter propagation settles down.

A couple of new antennas will be testing in coming weeks (with results and techniques in a ShopTalk Sunday piece forthcoming).  One is a W5GI “Mystery Antenna” from K4TR’s shop. Scroll down about a third of the way for the w5GI (is it really a horizontal collinear on 20?) discussion.

That antenna will be in competition with two others:  A classic stout-built G5RV and a coaxial double bazooka.  Winter, in case you hadn’t figured it, is when stomping about in the Outback brush can be accomplished with “serpentine ignorance.”

Another Mission Impossible flick is coming: Tom Cruise thanks Top Gun: Maverick fans – while jumping out of a helicopter during Mission: Impossible filming. We actually do watch a few movies over the holidays.

Planning Way Ahead:  When the Texas heat is on (Aug) next year, we’ve already got another one for the watch list:

Should be interesting and given the timing…Oppenheimer’s issues seem to mirror concerns today.

Off to see if Black Monday or Black Tuesday shows up…

Write when you get rich,

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47 thoughts on “America’s “Silver Bullet Syndrome” – Can Santa Save Us?”

  1. Are you getting the Top Gun in 4K? How is the 4K? Notice the dental work on actors when viewing 4K.

    These bailouts create animosity. When I saw someone walk out of $WMT with a cart of groceries the last thing on my mind was to help the store or community and get a pic of the plate.

    I’m thinking the greeter is probably broke and that’s why they are a greeter. Maybe the greeter would be open to 10%. Maybe the greeter already gets 15%.

  2. I don’t use my ham radio anymore but back in the day I loved working 80 meters during the winters. I used a shunt fed sloper antenna and worked a lot of grey line propagation skip early mornings and late afternoon.

  3. I have W5GI’s “Mystery Antenna” and for me it works well. I call it a “super G5RV” and have it up around 40ft. I did put an air choke where the coax is connected and that seemed to improve it. It’s been up for 2 years now and between wind, rain, snow, it’s still going strong.

  4. “How do I save my little boy from Oppenheimer’s deadly toy?”

    “Russians” is a song by Sting, from his debut solo album, The Dream of the Blue Turtles, released in June 1985, and released as a single in November. The song is a commentary and plea that criticises the then-dominant Cold War foreign policy and doctrine of mutual assured destruction (MAD) by the United States and the then existing Soviet Union.“

    “I hope the Russians love their children too”

    Sadly, we’re back to the madness

  5. Come on everybody, it’s time to get in the holiday spirit of things, let’s all sing along with “Weird Al” Yankovic, ok?

    “It’s Christmas at Ground Zero…”

    And for the ideal Christmas gift for loved ones and friends, a fresh copy of G.A. Stewart’s Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, “The Prophecies OF WWIII” wouldn’t be a bad idea!

      • “Yes Michael Nostraedamus was a master kabbalist..

        the richest man in the world doesn’t have to have a sheet of numbers on it.. but he has found inner peace.. the ability to look at what if.. and move positively forward.. we all leave this planet the way we came in.. ( I know that gnawing question…. why is this casket so damned heavy.. oh it isn’t wood it is made out of gold LOL )
        I consider myself pretty happy.. dam I have enough crap.. and none of it means a thing to me.. seriously it is a thing.. what means more to me are those around me.. the neighbors the guy at the pump at the station..
        there is a neighbor whose child is four years old.. anyway she had a flat tire.. and this little one had fifty thousand questions.. his mom tried to hush him up.. I told her hun let him ask any question he wants…. he will never know if he never asks..

  6. After my comment, I began thinking about many of the comments I’ve read on social media about the threat of nuclear attacks. There are those people who know or are aware of the destruction that can occur but, there are those who are absolutely clueless about the facts and appear to have a death wish mentality. Ironically, I’m sure many of those ignorant, if not just plain stupid commenters are the children of parents who listened to Sting and the song Russians … who were relieved when the Berlin Wall came down and there was an open door for global peace. – or maybe (their) parents lived under a rock back then and weren’t aware of shit. Who knows?

    All the true answers are in the palm of their hand (iPhone search engines) … unless the fact checkers changed the facts.

    Even vegans who don’t want animals hurt, have no idea how many animals a farmer kills by plowing, shooting and poisoning just to protect the vegan’s sacred lettuce crops. Wonder what would happen if they knew the reality of it.

    Fossil Fuel really isn’t anything fossilized in liquid form, green energy is dirty too, money doesn’t grow on trees.

    The kids who tell us “what matters” have no idea what really does.

    • “unless the fact checkers changed the facts.”

      They do, periodically. This is why I prefer books to digital copies. Were one to have researched “PNAC” or “Victoria Nuland” on Wackypedia for say, the last 20 years or so (ahem), they’d likely have noticed the near-monthly revisions. If’fn one got Wacky because they wanted a quick answer to a question, they’d likely get an answer which was demonstrably wrong, and they’d likely also never know.

      “Even vegans who don’t want animals hurt,”

      …ignore the painful howls of their broccoli and lettuce, when they devour it; never hear the throes of agony when they mow their yard or the screams of terror as they cut down a tree (not kidding — you can find the research.)

      Being any flavor of “vegetarian” to save animals is the height of PC virtue-signaling. 10s of thousands of animals die, every day, by the paw, claw, or jaw of some other animal. You can make your dog or cat eat wheatgrass, corn, or carrots to the exclusion of all else (read them dog food labels!), but you can’t make them live long, healthy, productive lives by doing so…

      As for atomic comments, these are the children of those who’ve ignored the warnings of the Cubans, Romanians, Poles, and Latvians, to never surrender our sovereignty or our guns. What would you expect of them? They would place no cred in a Hiroshima survivor because some movie or website told them an N-bomb would only wipe out a couple square miles of eyesore buildings, and the website sounds better and more-articulate than some Japgal who’s now in her 80s…

      • “They do, periodically. This is why I prefer books to digital copies. ”

        Me to @Ray… the problem I had ran into.. was the boss wanted to park her car in the garage.. LOL LOL LOL she just recently told me I was going overboard again.. so digital it is.. I do love the smell of paper and ink.. the feel of the book

    • From, “Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb, bomb Iran.”

      To, “Nuke, nuke, nuke. Nuke, nuke the Uke.”

      A moment after the EMP remember there aren’t enough transformers to bring the grid back up. The grid will be hard down. The major cities will send crews into the countryside and cannibalize the substations out there trying to save themselves. Then the countryside becomes ‘no-go’ I guess.

      On top of the hard down grid there’s language barriers with illegals. They’ll be going wild.

      We’re in a pickle. Sure beats dying in a hospital bed listening to a heart monitor. *Beep* *Beep-beep*. *Beeeeeeeeeee…..

      • “On top of the hard down grid there’s language barriers with illegals.”

        Universal language:

        You can select virtually any 8yo from an Amazon or Congolese tribe, rack a shotgun in earshot, and they will know the sound.

  7. When The Whirlwind finally comes, and it will, whatever form it takes– famine, war, pestilence, or (D) All Of The Above; The People (the Ones who are comfy and sleeping in daily confident ignorance right now) will finally arise — and God help the politicians then; because they will be (properly) blamed — and Harshly Dealt With. I expect that outrage will be Most Unpleasant, and I’m deeply sorry we all have to go through that. (Think French Revolution for style clues.)

    As Vito Corleone said, “It’s all so… …unnecessary.”

    ..and, it’s also all OUR fault for allowing things to get so out-of-hand. But nobody — myself included — wants to “go first.”

    • “God help the politicians then; because they will be (properly) blamed — and Harshly Dealt With.”

      They will all hide in DUMBs until the furor blows over. Humans have a notoriously short attention span…

    • I appreciate your musings William. Also Pathfinder Bob, LOOB and several others who post here. A precious few that are still afflicted with logical thinking. I find this in very few other blog sites and thank George for allowing the dialogue to take place.

      Words are only words until you experience them. Pain is only a word until you suffer it. Hunger is only a word until you experience it or look into the eyes of a child that hasn’t eaten for days. Then it is real.

      We can read all the articles we want on war. It is only a picture in words, or an actual photograph or video of the hell that victims of war experience. Life continues on until it doesn’t. We are so close!

  8. I wasn’t expecting a market sell-off this morning., though the NASDAQ100 is down over a hundred points, and I am solidly in the green., having held a position over the weekend. I have been looking at Tuesday, as the sell-by date. If the market holds this down-pressure all day, I will move my stops even tighter for tomorrow morning.
    – I don’t have any data to back this ‘play’., it was/is just a hunch from looking at my charts. So far.., so good. So far.., so good.
    – ” The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”

  9. ” FTX account holders should recover funds first before shareholders: ‘ We’re big boys, we lost our money, we understand it,” Shark Tank star and former FTX spokesperson Kevin O’Leary said.
    – He invested $10 million., but they paid him $15 million to be a ‘Spokesperson’. So, what is it that he actually lost – except his credibility ?

  10. The head of the Senate Finance Committee said over the weekend that cryptocurrencies should be banned., as they are a threat to the national security. He went on to say that a ban would force the cryptocurrencies “off-shore” and., “we have no idea how that would work.”
    – Why is it that the Senate Finance Committee is always three to four years behind the data?

  11. hmmm. last night, I found that magic bullet. you know the one that i found 2 weeks prior to it going missing from the shooters gun at the stadium. I was looking at it in my hand. and thought silver bullet. and then there you are taking about the silver bullet this morning.

    a ~ Finger Print of God ~ for sure. then I wondered if it all lines up with “Travel time” the new notification on my car. just showed up one day. it’s been on my dash ever since.

    then I started thinking about how when I was Spokane. and I saw the parade and there was 11 DeLoreans all dressed up like Back to the Future cars. silver bullets indeed. stainless steel, silver in color tho, and that girl standing next to me I’d seen a few times. her name is Mabus. only person I’ve ever met with that name. she is cute. but I didn’t try. I wanted too. still

    I just marveled at the scenery. drinking in all that is presented. because DUDE was talking to me, and everything else is kinda Lame compared to See what DUDE is saying through situational arrangement, and creative language speak. DUDE is always speaking.

    sometimes so much so, it’s really hard to have any agenda, and getting laid or making money or anything like that just falls away and your just whooooaaa. cooool. you can’t really say anything to anyone because they can’t see it. they don’t understand it. sometimes I just feel like a big eyed child.

    that’ll buy me a new rod and real.

    I did that Russian Bathouse thing. it’s kinda cool. In this super hot sauna, as long as you can stand it, then out and then jump in an ice cold pool filled with Salt water. and it shocks your system so much so, I could feel my eyes dilate. very similar feeling to when they hit you with the paddles and your body comes back to life. very similar.

    hmmmmmmm……… when i was looking at the silver bullet, that one I found. I thought shot heard around the world, then I remembered my tax guy gave me a shirt that had back to the future on it too a couple years ago. he is from Australia. I took a picture in it at the Muv gym and a girl named jewlz like the picture so much she jumped on my lap later that day, then I met a new girl from Canada recently named Jewelz, and she wants to jump on my lap and looks kinda like the one smells like cotton candy and sunshine, and I’m hanging out with the Russian Jews, i was wrong, my russian jewish freind who ivited and i mentor, was born in Russia. close to the Ukraine. then my mother sends me a picture of my home town. with snow almost to the top of the windows. old Town Kenia Alaska with the old Russian Orthodox Church in the background. and I went to Soldotna Highschool for the first year it was open. the -> SoHi Stars, I was a So Hi Star, Soldotna means Soldier in Russian.

    and some how all this is relating in movements, specifically speaking to me. record snow fall, like 14 foot drifts. and fixed stars……. and I move a girl named Paige last night. turn the Paige, her son named Kash..

    turn the Page, and cash.

    hmmmmm…….. she had this little book there George laying on the counter. I almost asked her if I could have it. I don’t always take pictures of signs or accept ~ Finger Prints of God ~ I just let them lay there and acknowledge quietly and move forward. the little book said, “make your own comic book.” and i laughed. her mother has the same name as my mother her mother looks super hot for being 67 years old and is super big.flirt. we were moving her stuff and her mother says you can just follow me. shook her ass in front of me referring to her new place and I said im not ready to run off with her mother just yet. she looked at me said laughed and good answer. hahaa.

    silver bullet….. yes! silver bullets. :) more than one than one silver bullet. because you thought it and so did I. that makes more than one.

    • sauna to ice water fire and ice make steel, silver bullets…… it’s all relavtive. from hot to cold instantly, jewls, family jewels, Russian jews, Soldotna and soldiers, fixed stars, navigate, delorians, back to the future,
      mabus, silver bullets, travel ->time, mabus, a girl, turn the Page, cash, make your comic book, Spokane or spoken->>> snow, church, ->>>>Eric Church, back the future, foud that CD and ended up at the show, took a picture exactly 10 months later to the minute that was an identical match, found that bullet 2 weeka prior to it going missing… . an avalanche starts with a single snow flake… .hmmmmmm….how much does it cost you to light another’s candle with with your own candle? it cost you nothing, but it brightens the whole room times 2, again time toooooo, cross reference jewlzzzzzzzz again. hmmmmmmmmmm…….

      identify, identity…. cross reference twice times twice plus 3….. hmmmmm

      crosss reference records, music, hits…….. boats and trucks

      I’m sure that’s probably true….

      pretty + cool.

    • that is a pretty common assumption… that is why all the puppeteers don’t meddle with things in their home lands.. that way when it comes to fun and game time.. they sit safe in an area that won’t be affected by their activities their homes and families are safe from all the action.. I believe that is why no one is messing around with Kim in NK..they tried.. and he fed his uncle to the doggs and had his brother killed.. and told all of them.. go ahead and keep it up.. I have your home on my target list.. they don’t want it to affect them.. when they play both sides of the street to get their way..its always about the business model ..
      that is a good book.. I find it fascinating to say the least..

    • noooooo fucking way. mind blown! hahahhahhahahh I want a bathroom that I can play baseball in cross reference Chili Peppers comcecet at t-moble Park, rock star Nickle back song. it all cascaded as I sit a the sound on Monday and the ship in front of me name is Wsdom Line. THE DUDE, ya know. THE DUDE is sooo good to me. sooo good. over 10,000 juxtaposition all in comes into view.

      Speak the sound on Sunday and see it on Monday.

      WOW! just WOW!

    • Re: Mandarin Season feat. 12 days of Christmas


      Reuters reports that Trump-supporting US Catholic priest Fr. Pavone is still awaiting direct word from The Vatican of his November dismissal. Apparently he was removed in part because of “blasphemous social media posts”.

      Speaking of waiting, the White House has not yet had opportunity to post today’s remarks between President Biden and the visiting president of Ecuador. Beneath an image of the pair’s entangled hands, “El Mercurio” reminds readers that the Ecuadorian security services wish $5 billion from Uncle Sam to take on drug gangs over the next three years…

  12. “Note from Counsel:

    “Tyranny never sleeps. The absurdly and ironically titled Defense of Marriage Act actually weaponizes the government’s reversal of its position on same sex marriage so as to allow attacks on religion and religious institutions that are in disagreement with the policies embodied in the Act. This is another assault on the First Amendment. The inmates are running the asylum in America and turning into a police state. “

    ???? Now I don’t believe in same sex marriage.. but I don’t care if they do marry someone of their own gender..
    My thought is .. who am I to judge..
    Now the thought of a young man when I was in the military.. he was small for his age.. his father either left the household or died.. I am not sure which.. his mother had a boyfriend.. who sexually abused him.. he told his mother she knew she didn’t do a thing about it..
    in school the other boys would tease him and one day their horsing around went to far after gym class in the shower room and they forced him to perform oral sex on them.. he seen the coach at the door and turned away..
    eventually he found a companion in the arms of another young man that went through similar life events.. and they found solace in their relationship with each other… NOW.. if I was an angel walking the earth today..who would be given the you passed.. would it be the abusive boyfriend.. the mother that refused to do anything about the things happening.. the coach that turned away.. or all those good christian boys that took advantage of him..
    My decision would be the young man went through enough he gets a pass.. all the others can rot in hell..
    then I hear of all the excursions of the pedo.. and the damage he has done.. that boy should be locked up.. instead.. he is the one that they work the hardest to protect.. what is wrong with this picture..
    I have heard a lot of similar stories from others through the years.. all quite a bit similar.. they would get a pass from me at least.. the judgmental ones that curse their existence can go to hell for all I care..
    children should be left to be children.. not abused.. girls and boys.. protect their innocence..

  13. WOW George, every single song I’ve Qued, all there lyrics all have new meaning now. probably over million juxtaposition now, I can’t even keep track of them now. everything from my super man shirt to fat bottom girls to wow man. never seen it that much, it just keeps coming in waves. every song that play has new meanings and I’m just wow, man! wow.

    fucking wow! wow man.

    y’all have a Very Merry Christmas!

  14. Yeah, we got crappy weather passing thru the islands. High wind warnings, thunderstorms, even hail! Coming from the reverse direction of our normal NE tradewinds, this SW storm gets roiled going over our mountains here. Forecasts for 140mph gusts on the summits… travel not recommended. Here at the ranch I seldom feel tradewinds with a forest in the next lot to the east. But these SW winds really gust thru here. Not surprising that an airliner took a bad bump. Not a good day for antenna work.

  15. Global IPO launches sank by 45% in 2022.
    Lumber falls to a new 2022 low after homebuilder sentiment drops for the 12th month in a row.

  16. The late, great Jay Thomas told this joke on the “Tonight Show” and I’ll share it with you best I can. Jay was a legendary Radio guy doing mornings at “Big WAYS” in Charlotte, NC. He and a station staffer were breaking down from a remote at a car dealership and Clayton Moore, the “Lone Ranger” was also one of the personalities there. He asked Jay if he might catch a ride to the airport and of course Jay said sure.
    So Clayton gets in the back seat, complete with his LR costume and mask, they’re going down Independence Blvd the main drag in Charlotte…bumper to bumper as usual, and the guy behind Jay bumps his car. So the parties get out to inspect the damage, and the guy who did the bump is being an asshole, saying “I didn’t bump you car”…etc, etc. So it comes down to him saying “well who do you think the cops are going to believe, me (straight middle-aged dude) or you (long-haired, hippie lookin’ guy). Clayton had the window down and had been hearing about enough of this, so he steps out, looks at the bumping dude in the eye, and says “They’ll believe me, citizen”. And that was the end of that!

    • Similar story. different, though:
      I did Saturday AM news with Lan Roberts on KOL in 1970.
      Lan was heavy into skydiving and was headed out in the biggest hurry to do a jump at Issaquah Skysports which used to be an airfield between I90 and the shores of lake Sammamish 20 miles east of Seattle.
      So here’s Lan, driving his Corvette, top down, wearing a chicken suit outfit he was fond of (very shy fellow in real like, but not if something was a “bit”)
      He’s coming up the Eastgate grade from the I-90 east channel bridge and begins to open up the ‘vette a bit too much.
      Washington State Patrolman pulls him over.

      “Can we do this quickly, officer? I’m late getting to the airport” said the voice inside the chicken suit.

      The WSP off. laughing his ass off – say go on – get to your airport….

  17. George, you have been kind to share your insights and experiences with supplements and drugs which slow or reverse aging. At 74 years I am glad that I started many of the supplements, including resveratrol & quercetin decades ago. But the biggest immediate boost I have found has been in large doses of glycine and NAC described in a study by Baylor College of Medical. The summary is at, and includes a link to the full study.

    • Good information Richard. Thanks for posting.

      Here is a rather long (over 2 hr) and somewhat technical discussion titled “Centenarians, metformin and longevity” and what factors do and don’t make people age to 100 or more. Quite fascinating.

      Something to watch over the Christmas holidays if you run out of Hollywood movies :-)

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