ShopTalk Sunday: Red-necking Winter, User Dark Theme

Detailed User Note and Follow up first:  User Theme is now adjustable.  That little “crescent moon and stars thing” in the lower right of the screen.  If that icon is black background, you are in Normal (light) theme.  If the icon is white background, then you are in dark mode.

People like me who have visual “issues” (a nice description of seven eye operations, don’t you think?) will use one, or the other depending on time of day.  As I commented to a Comment Section poster, my main beef with my “good eye” presently is that in the morning I have an hour or three of “corneal edema.”

What happens is that overnight, the epithelial layer of the cornea becomes loaded with water/body fluid.

The solutions to this are all over the web.  But a long-time eye doctor pal told me about using Muro 128 eye ointment at bedtime to reduce overnight swelling.  (A spendy eye!).  Then, on waking, 3-4 applications of Muro 128 5% saline eye drops.  Again, spendy but the 5% saline eye drops can be found (generic) on Amazon for $16 for a 3-pack of 0.5 oz. bottles.

As the saline drops go in, it “leaches out” the other fluids and the eye rapidly clears.  (This is not medical advice – don’t confuse the farmer in the woods with Fauci, lol!)

But here’s how this relates to the “theme light/dark” tool:  When my eyes are still clearing, the Dark Theme setting works best.  Once they have cleared – usually about 6 to 7 AM, then I click over to Light Theme.

Even without setting Light and Dark themes, you can drop into a high contrast mode in Win 11 (and I think this worked on Win 10, too) by pressing PRNT SCREEN + ALT + Shift at the same time.  To turn the high contrast mode off, same keystrokes a second time will do it.

Even if you don’t use the Dark/Bright theme tool, it is important for some of us who have transient visual accessibility issues.  Thanks for understanding.

Red-Necking Winter (1)

I am pissed at myself over the lean-to greenhouse design we put in last year.  Because the biggest error I made was in failing to put enough emphasis on air sealing of the project.

The second problem became apparent when I was putting in the new (42-watts each grow lights) Saturday.  I scored a six-pack of grow lights for $99 on Black Friday at Amazon. Was I a genius?  Well, as of this morning they are down to $70! See Monios-L T8 LED Grow Light 4FT, 252W(6×42W) Plant Grow Light Strips with Reflectors, Full Spectrum Sunlight Replacement with High PAR for Indoor Plant, 6-Pack.  Santa wants you to garden!)

One assembly note on the 42-watt strips of LEDs:  The reflectors slide in and are loosy-goosy.  Which I fixed (and the right angle) with  four drops of CA glue.  Two (one per reflector) at each end.  Allow to dry for a couple of hours so you don’t get CA glue (that’s runny) on your hands.  (Be polite and don’t ask how I know this!)

Overnight, the greenhouse plants that Zeus the Cat has now grown tired of sleeping on have begun to recover.

Back on Point

Which was? Insulation of greenhouse seams:

This lack of focus on seam and joint sealing focus came back to bite in a second way during heating season now with the diesel heater.

Which is working fine, mind you.  With some modest improvements in air penetration issues Saturday, we are now holding a 30F difference between inside and outside air.  27F on the outside and 57F on the inside.

In the killer heat of summer, the swamp cooler was able to keep temps of no higher than 90-92F, or so.  This was OK, but 87 was the goal.  Some of your “cold weather” crops will still work even though the garden books recommend 85F tops for a few.

Before grabbing the high-expansion foam and going a little nuts (see right, “Sell me another 12-pack of box cutters to trim it up when set, wouldja?”) I had a pleasant cup of tea and considered my design fault.

Pure and simple:  I had assumed that if the roofing was 3/8th’s of an inch from the house sidewall on one end, it wouldn’t be that big a deal.

Except the measuring tape and the voice in my head starting screaming at me.  “You know dummy, this means every 3-inches of run on that end, there is a hole larger than one-square inch.  And since we have four such per foot, this means the equivalent of a 2X2 inch hole each foot.  And since this is 8-feet.  Here let me help you, stupid: 32-square inches! Sloppy shit building, Ure!

Another such design/build gaffe will be addressed today.

Houston: We Have a Problem

A note from our Houston Bureau this week alerted us to the day before Christmas (and a day before that) are likely to be colder’n a well-diggers arse.

Sure enough, Thursday of this week will be down to 13F and our confidence in the Texas power grid is similar to our confidence in California governor Newsome.  Both measured using negative numbers.

Diesel heater will help, but don’t forget we also have a 30,000 BTU ventless propane heater in the house, so off to check propane levels:

An interesting thisng about propane is how its pressure works according to temperature. When it’s 80F (or hotter) outside in the summer, our 500-gallon tank is 80-85% full.  When it gets cold for a spell, the amount in the tank is really reduced.

On the Texas Propane site, they note that “If there’s a huge temperature drop (over 20°F) the gauge will indicate that there is less propane in the tank. The gauge dial sits between 35% and 40% following the temperature decrease, so the tank still has 424 pounds of propane. ” (that’s for 100-gallons)

Sometime today, I will bleed the line to the interior (backup) heater and make sure the pilot light is lit and set the thermostat to kick it in if the temp drops under 65 in the house.  Warm house means warm crawl space and no freezing pipes.

One other thing to put a little research into is how to set your propane regulator correctly.

We won’t get into specifically how to do this (besides not offering medical or financial advice around here, we also don’t tell you how to work with dangerous equipment because our product liability lawyers are cowards, pure and simple.

BUT having said that, there are two things that can go wrong with propane regulators in this part of Texas.  One is the Mud Dauber’s.  This are Texas-sized wasps that (for now) mostly leave people alone, UNLESS you are sweating.  Because they LOVE water (to make mud with, right?) which is one of their key building materials.

So, you have to keep your regulator pressure equalization hole on the regulator clear.  A job for a wood toothpick.

The other thing in the picture above is to know to take the cover off the top of the regulator assembly which will reveal this set screw thing.  Turning it in (just like on the gas welding rig) will make the line pressure go up.

Like I said, don’t mess with this. Unless you get information and instructions and more cautions elsewhere, first.  (Are we out of Liability Woods, yet?)

Foundation Sealing

OK, we live in a mobile home (northerners use the denigrating word “trailer”).  But there’s a nice real rock foundation wall around the edges of it.  And these have ventilation holes.

What’s the easiest way to solve the problem of air blowing in (winds will be along with the cold, so heat loss will be huge) is what?

Insulated foam board or simple styrofoam.  A dash of paint and they come out great:

Two or three minor construction notes.

First is that I like about a 1-inch foam cut a little large, so you have to
“Convince it” to stay put.  If this is not enough, we like that battery powered hot glue gun which has revealed itself to be useful for all kinds of glue (but maybe not lifetime holding) jobs.

We have used various sticky tapes in the past but the dollop of hot glue as insurance and a really “tight squeeze” fit seems to work fine.

And you don’t want to leave these on, all the time.  You’ll want them off as soon as nighttime lows aren’t bumping the freeze mark.  Foundation ventilation is important (think radon), but so is affording the heat and not blowing up your plumbing.

Do Your Own Phone

TurboTax Home and Business was put on the Cray-baby this week. As any spare time over Christmas and New Year’s will be spent working on 2022 taxes and learning lessons therefrom.  I feel the urge for creative writing in this window.

One this is already clear:  One of our “wire lines” will be taken out this year.  The reason is at $137 a month, we can get a VOIP modem and a REASONABLY nearby number assigned from MagicJack for less than $50 bucks if you shop their holiday sales.

Mine just hangs on a short USB cord because the unit partly blocks a port if used directly.  Also makes the flash drive above too tight.

You’ll want to read their 9-1-1 paperwork closely and decide if that’s acceptable.  And to my (broadcasting precision) hearing, the MagicJack audio doesn’t have enough “bottom end” to it.  On a great VOIP phone the quality gets better.  Not bandwidth constrained.

On the other hand, the line is perfectly intelligible, and the addition of an adjustable volume (unpowered) phone is almost mandatory if you attended a lot of rock concerts while young.  (What’d you say?)

Most important is that $1,650 per year or inground copper versus $50 isn’t what you call a “Real hard choice!”

The other quirk (we have been collecting them for a lifetime, so if you ever need a quirk, we’re the people to call) is how MagicJack works on Starlink.

It’s not anyone’s fault, except maybe mine.

See, we still have the modem flag saying “Obstructions. Expect an interruption about every 2 minutes.”  Well guess what it does?

Having a business background in the Software Forest, there are two ways to approach this.

  • If this problem is in our product and we don’t want to fix it (cutting down trees is tantamount to work), we turn it into a Feature.  “Yes with a built-in 2-minute timer, your personal efficiency will soar.”
  • OR, if you’re picky and want to consider it a Fault, then try this:  “House is on fire and you call 9-1-1.  Is a random drop-out OK, sport?”

Which gets us back to the Modern Marvel Marketing.  Why, we can take any problem and turn it into a Feature in our product or the Achilles heel of a competitor.

Last Note

This popped up in the news this week and we wanted to make sure you grab the implications and hold them nearby.  Are the Children becoming wise?  This is about the phenomenon of Luddite Clubs:  The anti-social network: These teens are ditching Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Or the version in the New York Times These ‘Luddite’ Teens Are Abstaining From Social Media.

As always, I think the media may be getting a bit hysterical.  Isn’t this exactly and precisely the kind of thinking that a reasonable response (to climate fears, idiots in power, and a crumbling financial system, all over ruthlessly pandered media), would engender?

Ah, coming to bite capitalism (which as Kit Webster notes is already past its sell by date, anyway) on the hind end.

Couldn’t happen to a finer mob at a better prison, could it?

All while Bitcon is back into the 16’s and we continue pondering for subscribers the non-zero odds of a Black Monday or Bloody Tuesday this week.

Non-zero why?  Announcement-reason 3rd WW from Russia: “USA and Poland hit targets inside our territory” -Fears of equivalent accomplished… Flash googles ready?  The State Department superhawks will get creds and prosecutions on this one. Should any survive.  They’ve been pushing war as a key neocon turned neoliberal agenda since 2013.

Forget the cookie baking ringleader, this could be lumps of plutonium in our stockings.  Agendas is what they do.  Not cooperative futuring. No money in that, after all.

Does Ure have a SECONDARY agenda in working the insulation/air intrusions issues?

A fine time will be had by all.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Couple things: (in no special order)

    First: (This seems important to illuminate now. There is a Mind somewhere that will see this in your pages for which this is a breakthrough concept that will trigger something. Yeah. I know that sounds nutty.)

    (It’s hard to explain, but it came in a clear and vivid repeated dream. I mentioned this before, but its Time is close or now.) (Why didn’t it “come” to the Mind that needs it, directly? I don’t know.)

    I’ll do the best I can – but it’s a little like explaining a tessseract in words.

    For over-simplification’s need for clarity, dimensions given here are conventional, but only meant to convey relationships, not absolutes or “actuals”: The final “thing” could be anywhere from tiny to gigantic.

    Imagine a (metal?) tube, 3 inches in diameter, six feet long. Something like EMT. Now imagine six torroids (like doughnuts) made of tubes that are one-inch in diameter, with a torroid “width” of about six inches – like a doughnut. These torroids are “strung” along the larger tube at one-foot intervals.

    Now, bend the large tube around itself in a circle, into a torroid itself, and connect the ends neatly.

    Somehow the fact that there are SIX smaller torroids strung along the larger “Mommy” torroid is important. Not five, not seven or any other
    number; but SIX.

    Now (here is where it gets even weirder), “Something” (a liquid or plasma) is circulating rapidly inside the big tube. My sense is that it isn’t being pumped, but is moving as a consequence of something the six small torroids are doing.

    Furthermore, the six small torroids are “wound” in the conventional manner with many turns (100+?) of a light insulated wire, and a signal of some

    sort is fed to each of the torroidal coils. This signal is not DC, but is either AC at an HF rate, or is a string of pulses.

    It is NOT clear in the dream if the torroids are fed in series, parallel, in or out of phase, or with the wires wound in one “circular sense,” or
    alternating. Can’t tell. When running, the thing makes little noise. Some, but not much.

    Yes, this kinda sounds like a magnetohydrodynamic device – but that’s WAY beyond my knowledge or pay grade. There is a vague sense in the dream that the rapidly circulating liquid or plasma in the big tube is NOT water or a conventional gas, but is some sort of exotic semi-conducting

    material or compound. Honestly? (and crazily) the vague sense is that it’s a form of mercury. – and the speed of the circulation is… …extremely rapid.

    Oh… Yes… It produces anti-gravity. (Actually, “gravitic thrust.) (Steerable by “aiming” the device.)

    Secondly, On Fractals:

    Sometimes things are best understood visually or graphically, without calculations in the mathematical sense.

    Once, while I wasfailing calculus, we were given a very odd shape to determine the area of. (“Area under the curve” style, with successive
    approximations. You know the drill.)

    My solution – which got me some small praise and an “A” on this little problem – was to copy the shape onto graph paper, and cut it out with a razor.

    Then, I weighed 100 squares of graph paper on a sensitive chemistry dept balance, and assumed the paper was of equal thickness over the page.

    I then weighed the complex, drawn, cut-out shape. A simple arithmetic ratio yielded the area as a total weight, and the rest is very simple. Right answer. (Ultimately, ( failed the course anyway… No “head” for the cranky algebra bits.)

    Now, consider the sand by the edge of the road in winter.

    The road crews use salted sand for traction in snow and ice here. After a few days, the sand is all pushed to the road’s edge – where it is wider and narrower over any linear road distance, forming a jagged fractal profile from a maximum width to a minimum width, as the traffic and wind have beaten it back.

    BUT! the min/max is always between bounds… limits. Never very wide or very narrow – but SEEMINGLY random between the bounds. It’s a
    natural fractal. Like a stock price value.

    Varies, but within BOUNDS determined by – well that’s the Trick, isn’t it? (That’s what George does…)

    I hope this was interesting.

    – More later –

  2. Any wonder why BCN be back in the Yucatan, having jetted out EWR nonstop mañana ? Sadly will not be around NYC to catch any nuclear kahuna waves rolling in via belogard leave behind nuke torpedoes..lite lite lite em up – Kowabunga!
    Spend em if ya got em..

    • You do realize that 1500ft wave will hit yucky tan too, right? It’ll just hit it four hours after it drowns the D.C. swamp…

      • nein nein nein my good chef, see the Puerto Rickan Trench. bad boy is 5 miles deep, plus the “new lands rising” around Andros/Bimini = “hot spot” and Cuban “hot spot” the temple of “THE GODDESS”..not to mention BCN be tucked in south of yucky tan..Belize. Regardless should the “nuke situation” devolve that badly – BCN and family will have more than enough time to get 2 higher ground – surrounded by big friggin Mayan Temples.
        So hopefully any remnants of giant nuclear kahuna wave will be greatly degraded by time it rolls onto Bayleazian -Caribbean shores. Ultimate Dooms Day prep – 8 Peyote buttons -bring on the sparklies, its KOWABUNGA time.
        PS – have “other” parts of family safely tucked away in the great white north somewhere in Truck Fuedoe country. Amazing how cold and how much snow the Canucks get every firggin week..pretty hardy folks hard to imagine those “types” voting for a “guy” like Truck Fuedoe…makes NO sense my drug addled brain.

      • “Amazing how cold and how much snow the Canucks get every firggin week..pretty hardy folks hard to imagine those “types” voting for a “guy” like Truck Fuedoe…makes NO sense my drug addled brain.”

        That’s because your drug-addled brain is much more functional than the brain of a city rat. 95% of States like Illinoise, Pennsylvalie, and New Yawk are hardline conservative. It is the 5% surrounding the metro areas which runs the State, and they’re brain-dead. In Canuckistan over 60% of the country’s entire population lives in Greater Toronto and Montreal. That’s why they’d elect Fidel’s bastard get to run the show [into the ground.] The city rats see “Trudeau” and think of all the freebies they got from Pierre. They’re incapable of making the connection with contemporary reality…

  3. Cornmeal endema? What the heck is that? Oh wait while I tip my head and bifocals all the way back, cornea something. Never mind. I would have liked to read your post before my eye exam last week. “Our eyesight degrades as we get older” said the eye Dr. “No shit Dick Tracy, where did you park your squad car at?” said the cranky old rancher whose chief complaint is that anything closer than arms length is blurred and forget it completely if it is even a little dark.
    This became really annoying during the remodel when reading a tape measure. There are half a dozen new ones in the tool lineup to chose from now. Big fat ones with big numbers and all but those 1/16th inch marks are damned impossible to see while in use. One tape raved about it being 1 1/4 inches wide so it could be extended way out without support on the end. Liar, liar pants on fire. It twists and droops worse than an old rancher.
    Stay safe. 73

    • Christmas lights have never looked prettier. First thought they must be some kind of new lights but then I realized it’s because my eye cataracts are causing the lights to blur, appear larger and brighter. The whole bush is covered and is incredibly spectacular with the rays around each light. Looked at bush with the binoculars and they are just plain little lights.

  4. My apologies if a long double post yesterday and also same-same today appeared. Some things came loose here, and Stark Craziness happened. (Computer-aided craziness..)
    Those responsible have been stoned. (…which is why it happened — but never mind that now.)

      • Ball State University…

        They changed their PR slogan a few years ago. It is now:

        We fly…

        The first time I saw it was on a billboard on Interstate 69, just south of Coldwater, Michigan (40 miles SSW of Michigan State Univ. and halfway between Eastern and Western Michigan Univs.)

        EVERY single time I see one of those billboards (there are many. I’ve seen them all the way from Normal, Illinois to suburban Louisville), this generic picture of Tommy Chong, burning a fattie, pops into my head…

  5. Been talking with some old women in the hills and getting some culinary recipes. Simple stuff from the everyday spice cabinet that’s good for ya.

    Had no idea I could make tea from Thyme or Oregano. Yep, heat up a cup of water, throw in a half teaspoon of Thyme or Oregano and stir a bit. Strain it into a different cup after about 4 or 5 minutes. And there ya go !! TEA!!

    Then there’s this tasty little treat;
    1/2 cup of raw honey.
    1/2 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract
    1 tsp. Tumeric
    1/2 tsp. Ginger
    1/4 tsp ground Black Pepper
    (Pepper brings out the Curcumin in the Turmeric)
    Mix that up real good and try a teaspoon full (every day) – Really, it’s some tasty shit !! Thumbs up !!

    I’ve been making these and enjoying them. What’s nice is, on those days I get a bit overwhelmed by (things) and I need to clear my head … enjoying these recipes is like a Breath of fresh air. (Seriously)

    These foods are nutritious and, I’m sure you can look them up.


  6. One of those oscillating cutter tools is the absolute best way to skim off excess spray foam. Actually makes the job fun.

  7. “The moment you give one dollar.., the moment you supply one bullet – you are at war.” Russian general.

    • I sure would rather see the dollars going for something more useful.. we have enough issues where money time and energy could be better used.. the DAO..
      or do unto others.. love one a other..

  8. FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried reportedly to agree to extradition, reversing course at next Bahamas court hearing scheduled for Monday.

    I had no idea he was fighting extradition – what a complete idiot.

    • There is still value in the FTX empire … as in about $4 Billion dollars in Tax Loss carryforwards!! Shades of the old RR collapses of the 1970’s where the entire value of those bankrupt railroads for the buyers of the remenants were the Tax Loss carryforwards!!

      Over time those Tax Loss carryforwards when sold should actually generate $1 to $2 billion dollars to the bankruptcy trustee for distribution to the creditors.

      OH … and for crypto a dirtly little secret is that the Wash Sales rules do NOT apply!! Crypto goes down? Sell it this minute and book a paper loss … then buy it back just a second later and you now have a Tax Loss on your books for future use (all legally). That is how FTX has so much Tax Loss carryforwards on their books that have REAL VALUE to outside buyers!!

    • He’s got a choice between emulating billionaire Epstein or billionaire McAfee. The palatial paradise of the Clinton Ranch in Costa Rica isn’t a bad place to retire, although the place is filling up quickly. It’s gonna suck if Hillary lives long enough to retire there — the CBC may double, overnight…

  9. 360% total US debt to US GDP is one thing with fed fund rates at near zero percent; something quite different at a 10-11 month rapidly ratcheted 4.25 to 4.5% fed funds rate.

    The large quantum raises by US and western central banks to control consumer inflation have acted akin to repetitively placing sequentially heavier 300, 600, 900, 1200 00 et. al. pound bags of straw on an aged overly-debt burdened osteoporotic camel’s back.

    The global asset debt macroeconomy and its assets’ valuations and the massive derivative positions involving those assets (and subject to margin calls) represent a nonlinear system. Expect a sudden and dramatic nonlinear decline in asset valuations.

    Is the system patterned and can the nonlinearity of asset valuations be predicted?

  10. “Flash googles ready? The State Department superhawks will get creds and prosecutions on this one. Should any survive. They’ve been pushing war as a key neocon turned neoliberal agenda since 2013.”

    “Neocon-turned-neoliberal” doesn’t exist. The phrase was coined by Rightist talkers like Sean Hannity, so they could host guests like Karl Rove, John Bolton, and Dick Cheney (real neocons, as opposed to the fakers like the Vindman brothers) without losing listeners. ALL neocons are Leftists. They are sneaky bastards and fifth-columnists.

    With that said, it certainly looks like M. Medvedev just named Congress and Creepy Joe as legitimate retaliatory targets, should this nonsense continue.

  11. “Most important is that $1,650 per year or inground copper”

    I assume the copper is already there? How much is a basic land-line with no CID, waiting, forwarding, etc.?

    I lost mine to an ice storm four years ago, and never put it back since I only had it as a fax line and double-redundant backup, but it was like $16/month…

    • It is now “$44/month or less…”

      I may have been grandfathered into something and not known it at the time…

      • I went to VOIP years ago. The Bell cables feeding the neighborhood have a j-box in a creek bottom, so every time it rains hard the service goes down for an extended period. I do most personal calls on the unlimited cell phone, and keep a metered VOIP for business. Both services have nuisance call filtering which has gotten better. Does Magic Jack have filtering?

  12. Our landline costs us about $70 a month with CID but not much more than that. Windstream would love for us to cut the wire and go wireless, because they have to come out and repair it a couple of times a year when neighbors and/or vandals cut it. We keep it mainly as a backup and as a convenience for all the spammers and con artists to call us about our non-existent car warranty.

    • With toll-free us calling and canada that’s about what century late, now bitght speed is running at core. We lose one half-ass dsl and get $100 a month. (Ain’t a hard choice!)

    • Mine runs on a pole to my house, and is buried for the rest of its run. The one I lost runs from the pole to my house. AT&T (or their Baby Bell surrogate) is in the process of running new, all-buried, so I may have them hook me back up. That hard line and a dialup kept me online through a number of winter issues…

  13. It isn’t clear from Georg’e description but generally most people just plug their Magic Jack directly into their internet router … NO NEED to plug it into a computer (so it will continue to work when your computers are shut off).

    Just uses a standard ethernet cable from your router to your MJ device (plus it needs power which comes in via a standard USB power connection) and then you just plug a standard RJ11 telephone line to to it. (since it is low powered … use wireless phones if you want it ringing a bunch of phones, it doesn’t have the UMPH of a paired copper system to directly power multiple outlets in your house)

    Been using Magic Jack for 10+ years now. One secret about Magic
    Jack is that AS IS MJ does faxing, both incoming and outgoing just like a regular copper phone line does. An unpublicized feature of Magic Jack (we use a Magic Jack line at the office for our FAXing line … versus another $20/mo to our old internet IP phone company and before that $40/mo to Ma Bell for a dedicated paired copper phone line.

    Magic Jack can also be set up to automatically forward calls, yep you can set a ring delay before it does that, … but then you lose it’s ability to have MJ voice mail, you have to choose one or the other … only their business system will do both simultaneously. If you do forward your calls then be sure that you get your voice mail working properly on the number it is being forwarded to since you will NOT have MJ voicemail working.

    3 years of Magic Jack service here costs $118 with sales tax … or $3.30/mo, AND the process to transfer an existing number to it is easy as pie. For home use I ditched Ma Bell 10+ years ago and have been very happy with my Magic Jack service. We have used MJ for our office fax number for nearly as long.

    As I am downsizing our office I also just switched our office IP phone system from Nextiva (had it for years … works great and they are a great company to deal with for full office systems) to MJ Business and now that we are through our teething issues (MJ actually had to rewrite some of their code in their system to get it working properly for us … and probably for some others, wasn’t doing everything it was supposed to do) it is working great at considerably less cost than our downsized Nextiva system (for a full system with LOTS of extensions and options Nextiva is going to be cheaper and more powerful)

    GREAT product for a very reasonable price … but you DO need a stable internet connetion for it to work properly.

    • My consigliere told me about this and his experience is almost identical to yours (with some difference). Nice to know they work. Just wish the bottom end on the audio was richer, but freque response equals b/.w – totally get that.

      • Could you compensate somewhat for that with some kind of equalizer/amplifier circuit? Is this on the transmit or receive side or both?

        • Seems to be on both. Thing is, this leads me to the a/d converters and the s/w which is used for dsp shaping.

          Might do little good to add eq at 250 hz if dsp conversion has a hard cutoff at 300 hz.

    • What is this “stable Internet connection” of which you speak? My Comcast/Xfinity is up about 99.6% of the time for television, about 93.5% for Internet, and about 82% for security cams (which is why I run three separate cam systems, two of which are not “connected”) — redundundundancy is the word of the day…

  14. George, the cold snap you’re dreading has been here for the past few days, and it’s a nasty one. Single digits at night and perhaps 20’s during the day.

    Totally unseasonable for here, so it must be global warming!

    I learned early that infiltration invalidates insulation in most all cases. Button it up as tight as you can, and there’s still enough infiltration left. Once it’s tight, the insulation starts to matter.

  15. George,
    Enjoy your Balmy weather. Today Dec. 18 at 8pm in Sidney ,Mt it is – 16 below zero..Thursday 22 Dec.2022 is supposed to be 31 below zero..
    Just another Montana Winter….
    I have 2 feet snow drifts on my driveway, gives me an excuse to use the snowblower instead of just a pusher shovel.. Fun stuff at 72 yrs old..
    Just finished a book by Edward Dowd, “Cause Unknown”all about the covid Vax deaths in those
    14 to 65.. As a member of the medical profession
    I am enraged, and disappointed at our medical Leader’s ?? who failed to speak out, our professional association’s who failed to speak out, most medical
    schools, Hospitals and national institutions. Very sad, and I hope we can Fix it.. Humans continue to live down to my expectations.I expect the worse and they deliver..
    Jesse Belville,PA-C

  16. We are looking at Thursday night through Christmas Eve below freezing, with two nights below 10 F. I have started charging batteries for back-ups. My chain saws are freshly serviced. I’m still holding out for a chilly but well lit Christmas.

  17. Black Monday with insurance on Black Tuesday!! Wow everybody knows the market will crash . Even the Uber delivery people aka shoe shiners!!

  18. Wow wow wow !! The yen to usd . You guys are farked. Crash ? Who cares . You know what to get . Who cares when you waited 25 years . Circus troop

  19. Consigliere my ass !! Tora tora tora !!! Kamakazi yen !!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaas who would have ever thought !!!

  20. Wow wow wow !!! Like george dlynn and bobby pretzel !!!! Wow wow wow.sayanorra . Jap gold bulls . Ahhhhhhhhhhhaaa

  21. in the red corner weighing in at100 lbs the fighting rising sun the BOJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyy !!!!!!!!!! in the black corner weighing in at 220lbs the darth from the dark side jerome J the FED . boooooo . and after this elimination bout we have the world champion undefeated for thousands of years against the least looser . goldy goldy goldy!!!!

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