Radiative Reality and Markets

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Is there a Black Monday, or Tuesday, in our future?  Today, we not only do the “usual” Saturday ChartPack for subscribers, but we also leap the high board at the deep end.  Jumping into the mathematical structure of Universe.

Which, curiously, wandered by in one of my grand adventure dreams in the Dream Realms overnight.

We will also drop by the “frozen follies of fighting for finances” (Ukraine war) and the “misery of manufacturing mass monetizations” (China) plus the usual absurdity of the times.

In short, some wonder-widening writing that neuron neutered numbnuts will negate.

We serve the hasty punning after a few headlines.

All so that we can begin questioning how Radiative Reality works.

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George Ure
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59 thoughts on “Radiative Reality and Markets”

    • Unfortunately, until I change PN to a wordpress site, it’s not possible (conveniently) in HTML.

      BUT is you are eye impaired, the three keys ALT plus Shift plus PRTSCRN will toggle MS Edge into dark mode. Which is pretty useful

  1. Good Morning George, i hope I am young enough to do this job. I put on my superman t-shirt today and my best camo coat. i never ran a blower truck before. cant be that hard. im pretty fit for an old dude. cant be any worse than runnig a concrete hose off a pump truck. we will see. I’m kinda getting old and shit. I woke up this morning and thought, I sure wish I wouldn’t spent so much money when I was younger on stuff to impress women, on chasing women, getting married and divorced couple times and having kids. that and fighting, fucking and being a generally a dumb ass.

    I was in a place last night and that last bunny I was with. she has a distinct smell. smells just like cotton candy and sunshine. I know she can Astral travel, and I felt a whooooshhh and I can smell her all over me. trips me out. I damn near fell out of my seat. I got up and moved to the other side of the place. because that chick, every time I get with her my world goes to shit and as soon as I leave her, everything starts working in my favor. I love her but she would be the death of me. hahahaha she smells sooooooo good. but it’s a trap! hahahah. last time I almost drove off a 400 foot cliff. okay DUDE! got it! leave that one alone. hahahaha. she looks just I dream of jenie. smells like cotton candy and sunshine.

    I’m trying to do something new here.

    you know it’s odd. on the topic of Time Travel. I took a nap 2 days ago and I woke up hearing that hymnal. ” go tell it on the mountain. go tell it on the Mountain! Jesus Christ is Lord!” and I hadn’t heard that song in forever. since I was little kid.

    then last night after I left that place, because ohhh shit she may be here. and I’m not good at saying no to her face. I best skidaddle, because her smell unique! I’ve never smelled anyone that smells like that. ever. as I’m leaving my phone battery died. which I’m okay with. sometimes I just leave my phone at home. I don’t need it attached to me all the time. I used to live perfectly fine without one. so I turned on the radio and that song started playing on the radio. how weird is that. I haven’t heard that song since I maybe 8 years old. “Gooooo tell it on the Moutain, Jesus Christ is Lord”. it was stuck in my head for an hour the day before when I woke up from a nap. huh. trippy.

    my knee is messed up too. ugh. and I’m drag a hose around and see what this is all about. money is good. that is forsure.

    ive had 4 dreams came true recently. i mostly dont remember my dreams. hope the last one I had the other night does too.

    I heard someone cussing me last night. hard. good for them. lol

    I will be back next year. maybe.

    time to shit and get. see ya dude.

  2. I just got random text from a red head lady who said, “your windshield is bigger than your rear view mirror for a reason.”

    huh. wow, ain’t that some good wisdom there.

    actually my rear view mirror fell off the other day. I don’t even have one.

    guess, I don’t know everything. that is wisdom there.

    see ya man.

    oh yeah. ~ The World is what you make it. ~

    the hits keep coming.

    que: ~ firecracker ~


    Josh Turner.

  3. “Poisoning our own troops? Troops at two dozen bases exposed to toxic chemicals in drinking water.”

    LOL and they didn’t even give any of them a heads up …. LOL…
    It was years ago now.. but when I had to work day labor.. I was one of the ((LUCKY?)) ones to get picked.. wages back then was around two dollars an hour.. and they were paying five.. it was to scoop dirt next to a tank.. three days worth of dirt digging.. sitting and eating our bologna sandwhiches sitting on the side of the hole.. we would scoop it into a bucket..what I found funny was all the top dogs never got close to it.. and all of them were wearing coverhauls similar to the ones I wore in a clean room.. masks and ever so often they would pull out a docimeter and glance at it.. but I needed the money and did the job.. after it was all done.. we went th HoJo’s and had a few cold beverages.. on them .. and I was sitting at the table with three of the lead men.. when I asked.. why were you wearing clean room gear..
    oh that was a hot soup spill.. ( nuclear cooling water) and they had to do a clean up.. the bucket couldn’t get close to the tank for fear of a worse spill.. so we were hired to clean it up..
    I said.. well you could have at least told us what we were working with.. and given us a clean suit and masks to.. protective equipment.. it would have been nice.. their fear is no one would do it if they knew just how dangerous it was..
    the reminded me of what one of my boss’s in DC told me after an emergency scare of incoming missiles.. He said.. It isn’t in the plan to notify the people of an incoming attack.. the chaos and panic of the mass of people could be worse than the attack..
    we all know about the dumb’s.. I have seen a couple and have been all over under dc.. it is amazing.. so what if they had told those members at the military base that the water was poisonous..
    we read warnews and we read the news in the USA and none of it is hitting our news desks.. or they are not reporting it.. by design.. if you want to be informed you have to search for the real news.. it isn’t going to be shared willingly..

    • I served in NORAD @ Cheyenne Mountain while working for STRATCOM. NORAD performs the CONUS missile warning mission, using both space-based and strategically located over-the-horizon radar sites. Once positive confirmation of incoming ballistic missile attack is received, impact areas are calculated and broad area warning automatically sent out over every possible radio and television station in that area on every registered frequency via the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) via C-band, HF, UHF and ULF frequencies. The internet is also folded into this alert system. The early warning process is initiated by military personnel working 24/7/365 across the globe at radar and satellite sites, which feed NORAD, the National Military Command Center, STRATCOM and other locations. It’s been this way for decades, but is much improved now with keens sets of IR eyes up in the sky. Sub-launched ballistic missiles, punched out close to U.S. shores, present the biggest challenges for delivering actionable early warning. My bet is with increasing threats of nuke use by Russia, and with the mainland Chinese lusting over Taiwan, folks around the globe will once again become all too familiar with those Cold War ‘duck and cover’ drills all too familiar to we ‘boomers’ (a rather appropriate nickname IMO).

      • ” folks around the globe will once again become all too familiar with those Cold War ‘duck and cover’ drills all too familiar to we ‘boomers’ (a rather appropriate nickname IMO).”

        I beleive that is what they want everyone to think.. but for me I bought the they wouldn’t because of mass panic.. explanation that my boss at the time gave me…. and during that emergency..they thought it was real.. they didn’t let anyone know about the time we had to go down.. it would be similar to running down the hall of an apartment building screaming FIRE… SAVE YOURSELVES
        Now that is beautiful.. but if you have seven to fifteen minutes to get to it.. How do they plan to get there it took months to cross the country by wagon train and in a nuclear situation the guy living in it and his family selling the units is set.. a good friend lives next to one.. I have seen it.. it is in the middle of nowhere.. it is amazing.. has a complete hospital and clinic big enough to take in a small city a large communications bunker.. .. as we were looking at the entrance to it.. I told him.. well your set.. you just have to figure out how to get in the dam thing..
        Most people don’t even have a clue where the closest one is.. and would they let you in once you got there..

      • And then there is the Hawaii State level idiot who pushed the real missile alert button instead of the weekly test. It went out over the air as Emergency Broadcast, and to cellphone alerts statewide. And then the state functionaries couldn’t figure out how to send out a retraction, either. I understand urban Honolulu was near chaos.

        Let me tell you… it rocks your world when your cellphone blares out the alert that there is an incoming missile, and this is not a test. I was thinking then ‘Nobody would waste a nuke out here in the jungles with no mil targets’… and prayed.

        I do appreciate the watchful eyes and technology. But even at it’s best, if you get an incoming warning there is precious little time to seek cover. I saw a video of a man on a street in Honolulu who had removed an iron manhole cover. He was sitting on the edge of the hole with his toddler girl sitting next to him, ready to jump into the manhole at the first flash.

  4. “Or will the Jolly Drooler be along with a bag full of money? ”

    LOL LOL that only happens for members of the administration and Congress..
    HO HO HO.. bend over and spread your cheeks congress we are in control group of elves.. LOL LOL

  5. I meant to ask ya George, Because you are a dream Master. I’m meditation Master. but I’ve had something new happen recently too. I fell asleep praying someone, a friends sister who was in a bad way, and I woke up 8 hours later and was still praying for her. like I prayed for her the entire time I was sleeping. I’ve never done that before. she was all busted up, had a broken arm, on drugs living in a tent under an overpass. he showed me a picture of her and what she looked like before she got on drugs and what she looked like when those drugs took her to where she was. I’ve honestly never seen arm that messed up, and refused to go to the doctors because she wouldn’t give her street drugs.

    I had huge empathy and compassion for her.

    so, when I went to sleep, I was talking to THE DUDE About her and asking HIM rescue her from that shitty life she was stuck in. praying mercy and grace over her. I fell asleep praying hard for her and when I woke up 8 hours later I was still praying for her. never done that before. kinda trippy.

    I told my buddy. I’m praying for your sister. he said thank you so much. I haven’t see the light in her eyes in 15 years. she is an animal now. doesn’t even look like my beautiful sister.

    a few days later she checked into a detox, got her arm fixed, went to rehab. he found out a month later when she called him. he called me right away and said, thank you for praying for my sister. I just went and saw her and for the first time in my life I seen the light back in her eyes and I had an actual real conversation with her. her arm is fixed and she is off drugs for the first time in 15 years. she looks healthy and is of sound mind.

    that is a new skill set for me. praying all night in the sub and unconscious for someone else. never done that before. but it worked. changed her whole life. gave my buddy his sister back.

    you ever fall asleep George praying for someone, sleep all night long, when you wake up, you are still praying for them. then 30 days later their entire life does a U turn and changes for the better? kinda cool. I didn’t know I could do that.

    I will check back to see what Ure experience with that is, if ya have any.

    I have healed others by simply speaking a single word to them or two. I’ve seen that before. talk talk talk talk talk. like spooling up energy, then softly speak one word directed at a single person and radically transform their lives. I learned that a while ago.

    I figured I’d ask you, because you know more about Dreams than anyone I know.

    • our song just came on the radio. I know she wants me back. I ain’t going to do it honey. I ain’t doing it again. you will either screw me to death. which isn’t a bad way to go or something will happen and I’m tired of getting that close to the cliff. you have too much fear woman. I ain’t doing it. leave me alone.

      she is powerful chick George. she all over me. I ain’t doing it again. she can’t contact me any other way so she is in my car smelling like cotton candy and sunshine and our song came on the radio. fucking brat. go away! I got man shit to do.


      • you ever seen anyone that powerful George. she came in, change the radio station without me touching the dial to a station playing our song, filled my whole car with her scent, left long blonde hairs in my mouth. I’m not doing it woman. I know ya miss me. I’m moving on. I know she can hear me and is pissed and all that. I’m moving on. it’s okay. I can’t do it. you fuck me up too much. I have a choice. you have too much fear woman. I ain’t having it. that is twice in 2 days. I’m trying see someone new. doing something different. I release you to live your life. please move on.

        she is powerful. powerful.

        have a good day Geroge. and merry Christmas! time to shit and get! I got a Russian bathouse appointment tonight with the Jews.

      • thanks dude. excellent skills dude.

        I think she has a saturn Jin attached to her. i think seal 26, lesser seal, will suffice. I’m well versed in all the seals and how to apply them. saltpeter woudlt hurt.

        it has occurred I found an old picture of us and I did say her name and that draws the Genni out of the bottle. so to speak.

        I’ve seen Jin before on others. not sure of the saltpeter is enough but the 26th seal put and end to it.

        I had a few minutes before work, stopped and sat for a minute, got centered and balanced and seal #26 came into focus. no work at my new job today. the truck wouldn’t start. power cut off to the starter. and I can’t feel her anymore. so that is confirms, it worked. been a while I took out my Solomon seal and key tool kit. lol there is keys and seals. I mean she looks like a Genie. Genies make wishes come true, but they are crafty little fuckers. they get addicted to their possesser. and attach.

        if you talk about Jin, they come to you. I’ve had more than a few conversations with them. there is a reason there is 73 of them. and Solomon sealed them all up.

        my big problem is I have a huge heart and it gets me into trouble time to time. i do have a new spiritual swords. it can be used to heal and do alot of damage. I don’t want to hurt her. just cut her off. so that is what I did. using seal 26.

        go study up on my Russian. and Hebrew.

        no work today. DUDE must have something else planned fore me. hmmmmmmm….


    • Them ol boyz don’t seem to remember how the hillacrat did Uranium one – gave russia control of nuke power future.
      The story for those who forgot
      A conspiracy theory launched during the 2016 presidential election campaign accused Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, high level officials in Russia, the State Department, Uranium One, and the FBI of allegedly compromising national-security interests, bribery, and suppressing evidence.[35][36][37] All parties have denied the accusations, and no evidence of wrongdoing has been found after five years of allegations, an FBI investigation, a House Intelligence Committee inquiry, and the 2017 appointment by the Justice Department of the U.S. Attorney in Utah, John Huber, to evaluate the FBI investigation.[35][36][37][38][39] Huber’s inquiry ended in January 2019 without any findings of consequence.[39]

      So the dem house and the dem fbi and….shit oh dear, what happened to ‘merican n-r-g- independence, you think?

      • “Them ol boyz don’t seem to remember how the hillacrat did Uranium one – gave russia control of nuke power future.”

        My wife says the grand kids have selective hearing.. so .. considering that point of view.. just like our mass media today.. do we have selective politics??? that could be why no one seems to care about things like the activities of certain politicians.. yet criticize another that didn’t have any involvement on activities done.. yet walk away from real terrorists …
        Not one word on the terrorist anarchist actions of blm and antifa that destroyed pillaged violence rape etc.. that cost billions of dollars and put our most vulnerable at risk for more violence by defunding the only protection they had.. I wonder why high end neighborhoods like Martha’s vineyard and beverly hills never see any of that joy that our politicians say is their right…

        I thought no one else noticed.
        Ever heard of Pyrotenax? Used code “Betty” for 2k driveway.

      • george – the 114th and 115th congress had republican majorities in the house and senate and trump was the president from 2017-2021. you can’t blame the democrats. uranium one was a BS conspiracy theory to hurt hillary during an election. when are republicans going to get a platform that helps working people rather than more useless political investigations? republicans should focus on winning elections the old fashioned way, by getting more voters to vote for them because they have better ideas, not drummed up witch hunts.

        • OK, so Rs are all bad, fine.
          But this stumbler in chief has killed energy, weaponized global food and is about to kick off WW III.
          All because the Beast and her ilk are too much on making money and influencing Social.
          And the 116th and 117th are the bad party owns it. Oh, most recent?
          And the structural damage Obama (kids in cages and weak border…) why it started there.
          Over run the people.
          So, please. Find a nice socialist city (Sea, PDX, SFO) and enjoy the well-deserved muni bankruptcy.
          The dems lost rational when they failed the indoor and outdoor plumbing test and force fed socialism and scams like Climate into classrooms.
          You can’t really buy all their horseshit can you?
          I mean both parties are nuts, aren’t they?
          (pauses for reasonable reply)

      • g – you’re moving the goalposts. it wasn’t a dem house nor is it a dem FBI. The FBI and CIA and intel community have never been allies of progressive democrats. the deep state more than leans to the right. as for your false equivalency fall back position are both parties are the same, they most certainly are not. republicans are telling you what their platform is, investigations. then you got democrats – drug prices, wages, infrastructure, housing, student loans, energy, chip manufacturers, american rescue plan which increased funding to cops, clean energy, burnpit act, record border arrests.

        i’ve been reading you for more than 15 years. based on everything i’ve read i’d expect you and your readers to be pretty concerned about republicans wanting to declare martial law, overturn the results of an election and install anyone as king. I know what the script would be if texts came out showing that biden was being adised to decare martial law, hae democrat legislatures override the will of the voters, throw out the results of an election and remain in office. instead it’s the same useless tropes that prevents progress for regular working people -hillary, obama’s birth certificate, uranium one, pedos, drinking blood of kids, biden bad, hunter. nothing but kookiness and craziness. yes, republicans have lost Reason.

        • WHAT???
          Not read the Twitter underwear?
          “… it wasn’t a dem house nor is it a dem FBI. …”
          You really think this was the first time? You’ll buy justr any old hog swaller

        • Now that I have stopped snickering from my 1st wise-ass, consider:

          ” yes, republicans have lost Reason.”

          You mean Pops for 10 percent gets more creds? GMAFB

          But in the mean time, sollace for both of us since the poll that came out showing people really want Trumps policies, but anyone else who can get the job done would be fine to better (e.g. Desantis).
          Could you live the the deal points spoken by a meek and milder ANYONE?>
          No, you’re having fun trolling…but here I am replying, so who’s the greater fool, motley?

      • sunny is a conspiracy denier,,, and he is blind, sunny cANT tell a RINO from a patriotic Republican.
        When has the [not our] deep state government told the whole truth without injecting a lie for the bait eaters,
        Remember JFK
        the CIA shot him and then the CIA labeled it a theory to hide their conspiracy,,, the father muckers,, word on the street is pappa G did little G, wearing his cowboy hat and boots, well anyway that is a rumor that has as much if not more validity than any rumors the demnos spread, peepee tape,, where is it? I will wait !
        Conspiracy fact, coming to light, been waiting a long time for this.

        also sunny, your fake ballots do not have real legal voters attached to each one,,, FUCKING CHEATERS,, moral people would rather prove your cheating, than participate in it to win,, ,kind of like raping a stranger just for your self pleasure, then walk away,,, no love, just selfishness, stolen love, stolen elections, and stealing our labor via debt slavery, it is a mental control devise, the owners do what they want to the slaves,, they created Covid and gave it to you and then offered relief with a FAKE vaccine for the sucker fish,
        Fauci is in a real world of worry,, tic,,,, tok… Mickey says the time is 2:10 or is that a count down as in 3 2 1,,, 2,1,0,,, boom,
        Musk got Twitter and the Storm is upon US,,, 5:5 loud and clear,, Musk is attacking the deep state
        is this a prediction,,,
        “Q drop 55 11/2/2017
        Look to Twitter:
        Exactly this: “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….”
        God bless.”

        Q never said it would be said or quoted by any one person,,, it is a verbal description, painting a picture with words,, people just assume stuff,,, open ure eyes and see the storm has hit and the Demons are running for shelter
        Nothing can stop What is coming
        and if we are ruled by off planet reptilians,
        the saying of from JFKs ship bell
        “Where we go one We go all”,, we humans are all in the same boat
        Even Putin knows that the NWO ,, WEF,, are Satan worshippers.
        Satan? reptilians? there was a much greater civilization here before this era, did the victors modify our DNA? dumb us down and shut off some of our DNA, no longer can we see each others energy field aura, that would reveal our emotions and would show up as truth tellers or liars.
        Come on sunny tell me, again, I need mental help, Pete and rePete were sitting on a fence, which one of us is a little
        mor on
        get your mind out of the box, they paint for you,

        Here is Elon with Jared Kushner, so tell me , who is on which team

  6. Thanks for the black screen, it helps!
    Your rambling today is a little too deep for this old man to grok.
    The World of Warships banner add was surprising. I wind down for a couple of hours nightly playing it. The combination of naval history & a slower paced (non twitched) play style make it enjoyable for me.

  7. Couple things: (in no special order)

    First: (This seems important to illuminate now. There is a Mind somewhere that will see this in your pages for which this is a breakthrough concept that will trigger something. Yeah. I know that sounds nutty.)

    (It’s hard to explain, but it came in a clear and vivid repeated dream. I mentioned this before, but its Time is close or now.) (Why didn’t it “come” to the Mind that needs it, directly? I don’t know.)

    I’ll do the best I can — but it’s a little like explaining a tessseract in words.

    For over-simplification’s need for clarity, dimensions given here are conventional, but only meant to convey relationships, not absolutes or “actuals”: The final “thing” could be anywhere from tiny to gigantic.

    Imagine a (metal?) tube, 3 inches in diameter, six feet long. Something like EMT. Now imagine six torroids (like doughnuts) made of tubes that are one-inch in diameter, with a torroid “width” of about six inches — like a doughnut. These torroids are “strung” along the larger tube at one-foot intervals.

    Now, bend the large tube around itself in a circle, into a torroid itself, and connect the ends neatly. Somehow the fact that there are SIX smaller torroids strung along the larger “Mommy” torroid is important. Not five, not seven or any other number; but SIX.

    Now (here is where it gets even weirder), “Something” (a liquid or plasma) is circulating rapidly inside the big tube. My sense is that it isn’t pumped, but is moving as a consequence of something the six small torroids are doing..

    Furthermore, the six small torroids are “wound” in the conventional manner with many turns (100+?) of a light insulated wire, and a signal of some sort is fed to each of the torroidal coils. This signal is not DC, but is either AC at an HF rate, or is a string of pulses.

    It is NOT clear in the dream if the torroids are fed in series, parallel, in or out of phase, or with the wires wound in one “circular sense,” or alternating Can’t tell. When running, the thing makes little noise. Some, but not much.

    Yes, this kinda sounds like a magnetohydrodynamic device — but that’s WAY beyond my knowledge or pay grade. There is a vague sense in the dream that the rapidly circulating liquid or plasma in the big tube is NOT water or a conventional gas, but is some sort of exotic semi-conducting material or compound. Honestly? (and crazily) the vague sense is that it’s a form of mercury. — and the speed of the circulation is… …extremely rapid.

    Oh. Yes. It produces anti-gravity. (Actually, “gravitic thrust.) (Steerable by “aiming” the device.)

    Secondly, Fractals:
    Sometimes things are best understood visually or graphically, without calculations in the mathematical sense. Once, while failing calculus, we were given a very odd shape to determine the area of. (“Area under the curve” style, with successive approximations. You know the drill.) My solution — which got me some praise and an “A” on this little problem — was to copy the shape onto graph paper. I weighed 100 squares of graph paper on a sensitive chemistry dept balance, and assumed the paper was of equal thickness over the page. I then weighed the complex drawn shape. A simple arithmetic ratio yielded the area as a total weight, and the rest is very simple. Right answer. (Ultimately, failed anyway…)

    Now, consider the sand by the edge of the road in winter. The road crews use salted sand for traction in snow and ice here. After a few days, the sand is all pushed to the road’s edge — where it is wider and narrower over any linear road distance, forming a jagged fractal profile from a maximum width to a minimum width as the traffic and wind have beaten it back. BUT! the min/max is always between bounds… limits. Never very wide or very narrow — but SEEMINGLY random between the bounds. It’s a natural fractal. Like a stock price value. Varies, but within BOUNDS determined by — well that’s the Trick, isn’t it?

    I hope this was interesting.

    – More later –

    • On point #1, I have sensed this, too. And no secret but the baby toroid’s are magneto hydrodynamic pumps. (anything to help)

      On point 2 the successive estimations in calculus will drive one mad with minutia and your weight of area is both simple and effective, although manual, anyone can do it. Nice.

    • Thank You WmRR! I am working on just such a device. My experiment will be with a circline fluorescent tube… contains mercury vapor.. wound with a 12-pole Rodin coil… properly energized will excite the mercury plasma in a rotational magnetic vortex. Will report when it’s finished.

    • LOL LOL LOL LOL… first time in a while I agree with you c…. LOL LOL LOL
      we throw enough oil out in the trash a day to replace any that we use.. and one oil well had an estimated three hundred years worth of oil that looked like honey coming out of it.. that they capped.. there is an island in the ocean of plastic bigger than texas and cali together.. harvest the oil we throw out.. build solar towers starting at the furthest point from the power plants and work back.. green scape the cities.. promote and use all forms of energy prodcution.. the cost of one of the wind turbines could put solar on the homes of hundreds of thousands.. and that doesn’t even take into consideration of the changes of infrastructure.. quit spending trillions of wage eraners dough on wars to benefit a few people at the top.. and work towards some of the problems this planet has..
      the biggest problem with that.. it doesn’t fit in with the business model they have..

      • Oh I am not a fan of nuclear energy.. we don’t have enough knoweledge of it to use it safely.. the cost of disposing of the waste is cost prhoibitive.. and no even though our govt. tells the indians that it is healthy for them to dump it on their land.. it isn’t their land would just turn into another bikini islands.. which is what we told them.. to let us use their islands for testing..

  8. KISS The debt is the reason for the collapse

    These pension ‘bailouts’ are immoral. The bankrupt have resorted to stealing the life force of the young and unborn.

    The nuclear war is our future discounting their past. Our lives have no value in the future. The unborn of the future have to kill us to save themselves.

    – For the anti-abortionists a breakthrough development, an artificial womb! Fetuses can be plucked then sent to a factory for finishing.

    Finishing could be done for mother’s vanity or for father who may want to keep mother’s unwanted children/grow fetuses from mother or maybe unwanted fetuses become state property. Life without mother is an option.

    EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility

    The world’s first artificial womb facility, EctoLife, will be able to grow 30,000 babies a year. It’s based on over 50 years of groundbreaking scientific research conducted by researchers worldwide.


  9. I received the 2023 “‘Southern Exposure Seed Exchange’ seed catalog and garden guide” in the mail yesterday.

    Ask on watermelon seeds are about 10 cent each.
    Ask on watermelons at the store last summer was over $12.00.

    • We keep watermelon seeds from last years garden for next years garden. Seedless types are expensive to buy.

  10. – For me, the Market turned down on Dec 1st. “My” Aggregate, the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P500., even the Schwab Small Cap index.., and I have been trading on that assumption. So far, I have been caught short only once, but bailed in time and still made ‘lunch money’. [ $14.00 ]
    – To validate Elliott Wave, [ using the Dow chart ] the market has to drop over 4,000 points from Fridays’ close.., to get below the Sept 30th low. The Dow closed below its 30 DayMA and its 280 DayMA on Friday. The 85 DayMA is another 900 points lower., right at 32,000 – no real support – just a physiological level.
    – We will have the “Christmas Idiots” and Options Expiration to contend with., which may delay this move down. [ I trade options, so I will be watching that carefully. ] ., but I do believe the over all market will trade down, at least to and probably below that Sept mark.., and it will do it very soon.
    – Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you understand and realize what they ‘don’t’ say. Wise Words.

    I have a lot of thoughts and comments about your post this morning., “G”. Some really interesting points and conversations. Some of it was right up there with Chaos Theory and started giving me a headache.., I need to read it all again.., “One More Time”.,

    • Cayce’s map had Lake Michigan draining into the Mississippi from the Chicago River, not the Wabash, and as peaty as lower Michigan is, I can’t imagine it remaining above the water level. I obviously need to buy a few acres of oceanfront desert in Glendale, Aridzona…

  11. Since we didn’t have an October crash lining up with the ‘29 fractal and High Holiday dates, it appears there wasn’t “readiness” at that time for such an event.

    Recently in October there was a follow up of the Event 201 simulation exercise. https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/exercises/2022-catastrophic-contagion/

    From event 201 to 3/11 pandemic was 145 days. Contagion exercise add 145 days and you land on Friday 3/17/23.

    A variant triggering antibody dependent enhancement in the vaccinated, etc..

    Hope this is wrong..

    • If I take the distance from earth to the moon and divide by my age in earth-years and divide again by 24 hours, I get a number very close to 144 miles per years per day. 144 is significant because it equals one gross and also 12 years even.
      I know this must mean something important but I’ll be danged if I can figure it out.
      Pattern Recognition Fallacy aka Apophenia Bias running rampant here.

  12. The thing that makes understanding the Ukrainian war difficult is that both sides are lying. As Ray quoted on another thread, “the first casualty of war is truth”. Both sides are claiming imminent total victory. Both sides are claiming they are advancing. Some articles are saying Ukrainian forces are about to retake Crimea as desperate Russian forces are digging trench lines in Kherson, a symbol and symptom of failure. Some media are saying that Russian forces have shut down the electric grid making the movement of supplies difficult or impossible and display a convincing nighttime picture of Ukraine showing the country being lit as brightly as North Korea. Some articles are saying that the USA is shipping the Patriot system and it shall decisively alter the course of the conflict. Some people are saying that the Patriots are 30 years old obsolete and are being pulled from Saudi Arabia because they are demonstrable garbage that will cost more to dispose of than just letting it be destroyed in Ukraine. What is the truth?

  13. Re: Radiative Reality


    In this season of giving, Deutsche Welle has noted the gifting by Ukraine of a few spent grenade launchers as keepsakes to a Polish police chief. According to the report, the second of the batch turned out to be live and performed as designed inside the chief’s premises. Thankfully only minor injuries were incurred but charges are being considered. So there you have it. We’ll stick to firecrackers this Christmas season, thanks very much!


  14. “The thing that makes understanding the Ukrainian war difficult is that both sides are lying.”

    You can’t understand, so don’t waste the processor clicks, trying. You can try to find a reliable source for information — it can be biased, as long as the bias is consistent — however, that doesn’t matter, because you won’t find one.

    There are many tools in our lives. For instance, when I see a dollar bill wadder, I explain that dollar bills make excellent binary switches (technically, quad switches, but it is too difficult to look for rotation, where the difference between green and gray is obvious). By keeping cash orderly, one can track any of several things by facing an “index” bill backwards in their wallet or in a cash drawer.

    With that said, a piece of true or accurate information is also a binary switch — one which tells different people, different things. As such, anyone who leaks true or accurate information between combatants, especially in, from, or about a war zone, will be located as quickly as possible, and executed for espionage or treason, often on sight.

    I believe we actually ARE shipping Patriot batteries. This is dangerous on several levels. First, Patriot was between ~40% and 60% successful in intercepting incoming SCUD missiles. The SCUD was birthed from a 70yo Soviet design. It is the walrus of missiles, fat and slow. The reason we and the Israelis co-developed the “David’s Sling” system is because the Patriot was successful, but its success was limited. Patriot’s big advantage over most other SAM interceptor batteries is it can reliably hit targets at 15 miles of altitude. Second, the Patriot must be manned by extensively-trained techs. Guess who has none? …Which means we’ll have to supply military personnel to use the things — i.e. become active participants in the war.

    Patriot is not obsolete. It has been revised several times, and is scheduled to remain in our arsenal until at least the 2040s. It has merely become a specialized tool (and AFAICT would be of little use in Ukraine, except as a propaganda tool…)

    Ukraine will not take Crimea. That is the hill on which Russia will die. They’ve had that warm water port since before we were a nation. They will nuke us, and all of Europe, before they allow Sevastopol to be taken from them.

    Anyone can take a picture, then Photoshop the twinkling lights. It is likely Ukraine has little power, outside the digs of the ruling elite, but we have no way of knowing, for sure, and if the CIA knows, they’re not going to spot Russia’s targets for them…

    Best bet? Have a cookie and don’t worry about it…

  15. “For example, with Ukraine needing to put points on the board, will they escalate to using Patriot Missiles and having them “accidentally” fall in Russia?”

    They don’t have the range. The older series had a range of about 100 miles; the newest, less than 40…

  16. Here’s an easy Future prediction to make: January 6 Committee: Trump Should Face Insurrection Charge, Reports Say. Well, duh. Of course they will.

    They’d better hurry. They will cease to exist in less than 3 weeks…

  17. “As you can see, Europe is floating all cocky up above the U.S. Not smart thing to do – as there is one war hot and another may blow up in Kosovo-Serbia any second.”


    Don’t forget the war going on between Armenia and Azerbaijan…

  18. “BUT the good news is that (as I have written else) there likely exists elsewhere a purely visual logic system which conveys the meanings in math”

    Arithmetic is nonvisual, although it can be illustrated via diagrams or story problems. However, every one of us does hundreds of integral calculus and differential equations in our heads, every day. If engaged in a physical competition, we’d do many thousands — sometimes dozens per second. These can all be logically visualized and easily visually illustrated.

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