Mixed Blessings of Anti-Aging Medicine

Economics eyes a new systemic stressor this week.  As though fresh economics warnings, earnings disappointment, recurrent disease outbreaks and expanding war fronts aren’t enough?

Today, a few quick thoughts on this anti-aging problem.

Plus, a few notes on our upcoming change in appearance as we plan a dramatic shift of styles in the near future.  All in the wake of an Excel near-disaster which I will tell you about and explain how to avoid and recover.

NOT the way I did:  A complete rebuild of an entire complex computing platform in the last 24-hours.

Headlines and the ChartPack, too.  Plus the breaking PPI and Retail numbers.  Fed data on Industrial Production will be out 15-minutes ahead of the open.

Even more important is our Peoplenomics expansion plan which may include user conferencing and the too-long delayed switch to a phone-friendly platform.  Check out the “Way Forward” comments after the ChartPack.

In every crisis – even one driven by a quirk in Excel – there is opportunity.

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44 thoughts on “Mixed Blessings of Anti-Aging Medicine”

  1. Good morning George, You certainly put in a lot of work repairing your system and it seems only fair for Microsoft to offer some kind of reparations since it appears to be in a large part their fault. I am always impressed by the amount of work you do for the small amount of subscriber fees your receive, Not that I’m complaining.
    When I began my second retirement 2.0 a few yeas back it was from a 600 billion dollar investment corporation. The IT staff I was a part of, yes the security fell wisely under the IT realm there, was nothing less than top drawer. Quite a few of them retired along the same time that I did and many of us continue to keep in touch. Interestingly, most all of them/me have migrated away from the computerized world. Several will communicate over the phone and there is a zoom meet up once or twice a year but that is it.
    I spend little time “on line” with email and limited browsing. Urban Survival is one of 3 sites I check daily. Even my time on the Ham bands has dropped considerably. I did get all but my ranching mentor Earl on VHF but we don’t get together that much since we meet weekly at the Executive Committee forum.
    I continue to follow your posts and appreciate your sharing your skills knowledge and adventures the way you do.

      • Not in the least. Remember though, stress is a killer. While nowhere near the level of complexity of your networks I strive to keep mine as simple as possible. 2 pc’s, 2 laptops, a tablet, 2 network drives and that’s it. And you know MSFT can’t spull very well and I sometimes question their math especially when it comes to doing gazintas while I’m doing my taxes.

        Stay safe.

  2. Pensions will indefinitely extend for people too old to work but young enough to pop the anti-aging pills? Slavery!

    But 40 cent eggs are better than no eggs at all. You, know?

  3. Admiral (back then Captain) Adama in the new (and very good re-imagining of “Battlestar Galactica,”) fought the Authoritative Bureaucracy, and resisted the pressure to “battlespace cross-link” all his Viper fighters, and the main network command and control systems on-board Galactica.

    The opening shot from The Bad Guys, who never really went away (The “Toasters”), was a comprehensive cyber attack.

    All of Galactica’s fighters were suddenly crippled, and only older, “obsolete” Vipers could function.

    Yes, it’s only a TeeVee show, but it does illustrate just how deadly vulnerable being based on reliance on The Cloud’s capabilities makes Modern Life.

    It’s useless being Jeremiah; nobody is listening or ever will. It’s all to comfortable and profitable. I gave up, and concentrated on making my own facilities as insular as possible — but even so, I’m being relentlessly picked at daily and “pushed” into following Pied Piper Billy Gates and his band into Dystopia.

    We (America, and other “developed” nations) are being slow-motion probed right now to measure our vulnerabilities in preparation for — what? A big, swarm of overwhelming tens-of-thousands of minor, widely varied, but semi-simultaneous decapitation and confusion pin-pricks, adding up to being over-run by sheer numbers?


    The tempo is slow to avoid creating the preemptive reaction that is appropriate to such an opening salvo. A few people get run over on a sidewalk. A power sub-station gets shot out of service (Several widely scattered instances over some months). Some guys are “caught” photographing “interesting” but NOT photogenic infrastructure like water supply tanks. Spy stuff.

    Our weaknesses are being systematically “lit up” to gauge the effectiveness as part of a Very Bad Day broadband scenario being planned for us.

    Because of (our) human nature, I do not think this disaster can be avoided. We’re too stupid to complacent, and much too slow. “Normalcy Bias” runs very deep.

    We think ourselves Grand and Powerful.
    But we can be humbled with simple tools, smartly applied.

    • Regarding Cylons, I always had a certain feeling for number 8!

      Those who live simple lives(with possible yet optional complex extensions) are far more immune to catastrophic termination. The Amish have right ideas – simplicity and autonomy. Adding complexity is useful, but always with the idea of not having your life dependent on it alone, unless absolutely necessary. Rockets to Mars might meet that “necessary” clause, but normal human lives should be shrouded in redundancy. Yes, there are enemies among us and they’re not announcing themselves. That’s one of many reasons that I keep harping on layered personal security.

      The average American is a sitting duck and sadly, they continue to sit.

      • Wow, should you be putting proprietary stuff on MS?
        You know Windows is an assembly of Stolen parts from other vendors too small to stand against MS’s Legal team.
        I was just reinstalling the latest version of Open Office this weekend and thought about “do I really need Office 365 anymore?”
        Think any of this would run better on OO?
        Something to consider.

        • Brother Al, I appreciate the notion, believe me. I am slowly but surely growing a Linux stable here.
          BUT in the meantime, MSFT is where a lot of good ideas were collected and some people are dumb enough to think “the latest and greatest” still means something.
          In the interest of holding MSFT layoffs to a minimum, though, I will keep running a mix and have hot backups for when stupid shit happens because of a product “feature”
          Who would have ever thought aa feature could change my default printer setting and that would screw up all my charts and piss away two workdays in my life?
          Can’t take it all seriously – it’s a joke, the joke’s on us and I understand that.
          But I do have a long query list for God after my Life Review film.
          Like “WTF were you thinking, DUDE?”

  4. Just a thought for you George: If you don’t have it already, install LibreOffice as an alternative platform on your main computer. You don’t have to use it regularly, but your charts, etc, should display normally. It’s a good crosscheck for if/when Excel decides to act Microsoft. Of course, Ure now aware of the default printer bug, so this is unlikely to get repeated.

    I use a cellphone when I must for communication and though I have a browser loaded, I prefer to avoid doing anything on it that might involve a password. It’s turned off much of the time anyway. I don’t believe in mapping my life onto a device that can be lost/stolen/broken at any time. Others disagree and don’t want to be bothered with a proper computer with multiple large screens. That said, I’ll most likely always be reading your works of words using a real PC. I do think finding ways to easily search the incredible wealth of information in the back issues is a worthy goal if you can figure out how to easily do that. The master index helps a lot, but finding a detail years back is sometimes a challenge. Best of luck in getting Ure new format ready in a month! Thanks for all the words and ideas!

  5. Thinking about limited resources. When did you start thinking resources were limited. Before or after the WEF crowd started telling us resources are limited?

    The fastest way to double farmland is put a second floor on all the houses. Pack us in.

    Too many cars/roads, put a third floor on top of the second floor. Now we’ll be in walking cities. Make it a 15 minute train ride to the next walking city. Pack us in.

    It’s all in the WEF podcasts:


  6. Ure,

    Excel: The first thing I would have done is Google the problem. A weird bug! Or one of your in the dark of night mystical experiences? :)

    No doubt many others have had the same experience and possibly could have provided a fix.

    Will the ‘new & improved’ system work only with cellphones; are landlines being scuttled?

    Zoom: will these type of activities be recorded and made available for non-zoom types?

  7. Re: “Days of Our Lives” serial
    feat. The Fatherland


    Msm advises that yesterday The Servant of the People lost his interior minister in a tragic helicopter crash in Kiev. The decedent’s alleged toppling of a colonel of the Azov Batallion from his Chief of National Police position during the actor’s administration was not directly acknowledged in the presidential tribute statement. The colonel’s successor, the current Chief of National Police, has been promoted to Interior Minister.

    Let’s get back to the studio with DJ Ure paying homage to the monolith in the room from the “Who’s Next” album.
    “Won’t Get Fooled Again”
    The Who.

  8. new moon, you know saw me standing alone
    without a kinzal in my arsenal,without a hyperosnic of my own.
    new moon you knew just what I was there for, you heard me saying a prayer for, someone I could really glow for..https://youtu.be/VZcLpM4-nhU

    ..Were screaming, screaming for vengeance
    the world is a manacled place
    Screaming, screaming for vengeance
    The world is defiled in disgrace..https://youtu.be/G6gI2MBRmzw

  9. *Microsoft Layoffs:
    Microsoft added 40,000 jobs in 2021 and 2022 taking it’s head count from 180,000 to 220,000 so laying off 10,000 is NOT as big a dent as it might at first glance appear to be. In the knowledge industry I am sure there is dead wood all over the place, as well as going dead product lines, a “mass” layoff situation is a time they can get rid of some of the deadwood, or bad hires from that 40,000 they hired in the last two years, without it stigmatizing the one being made redundant.

    *Israel moving against Iran:
    Don’t know how many picked up on the article from Israel last week where the outgoing head of Israel’s military openly said Iran now has enough processed material for making FOUR (4) bombs. Last month the former head of Israeli Intellingence was quoted in the Israeli press as saying once Iran decides to go ahead with making any nuclear bombs they can make them in a week to 10 days with their current stock of enriched uranium (apparently at the level it is already enriched to). Finally there was an interview last month, again Israeli press, with the former Israeli military chief (I think?) who said that Iran could move from 60% enrichment to 90% enrichment for it’s current stock in very little time (keep in mind 60% enriched CAN be made into a bomb, it does NOT take 90% enrichment which is what is quoted in the MSM all the time, it just take more of it)

    Netanyahu’s back is up against the wall in trying to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapons. Apparently Iran can now have them in only 7 to 10 days … if they decide to move forward and finish building them.

    Delivery is a whole different can of worms … and it may be that delivery issue as to why Iran has not made the final step, YET. What good is having them if you can’t successfully deliver them?

    • Iran has a space program, and they’ve had ICBMs for 25 years. What they MAY not have is short and medium range missiles, more-capable than the SCUD. Warhammer may know on this one. I do not…

    • Oh, hey, Net the Yahoo is at it agin!!! Agin, I tell ya!!! Agin, 20 plus years of this Iran building a NUK-LE-AREE weapon.

      Israhel will do what Israhel wants. Bomb bomb bomb, Bomb Iran…

      I mean my musical ability is not sa good….or is it: bomb bomb bom…bomb bomb Iran.

      So no surprises when it happens….we all know that Israhel likes to bomb countries back to the stone age….oops, these countries ARE living in the stone age!

  10. Life Extension:
    The rarely discussed issue wrt “Life Extension” is that our current society is set up so that it only has to support older non-working people taking money and assets from the working people for about 9-11 years on average. (up from a couple of years on average when Social Security started in the 1930’s). The economy can not under any currently conceivable way carry having most people “retired” for 40 years, let alone 80 to 100 years!! The remaining “workers” would revolt and make the French Revolution’s guillotine days look like a warm up exercise.

    What this means is that if they can increase life expectancy to 120 … well guess what? YOU get to work until you are 105, or 110. If it is digging ditches, well when you hit 65 you only have another 40 to 45 years of ditch digging ahead of you before you can retire!!

    Ditto for EVERY OTHER JOB!!

    There can only be so many “slackers” in society, grifting for DECADES off the work of others, and the top 1% of the top 1% have most of those slots already filled!!

    So … extend your life? Well plan on extending your WORKLIFE TOO by an equivalent amount of time!!

      • Yeah, they can’t have folks growing old and wise … better they keep’em young and dumb.

        Bastards !!

      • I totally agree. I cannot imagine any government supported program to extend life. Quite the contrary. My goal is to stay as healthy as I can as long as I can and not spend my final days in a hospital bed with a feeding tube and a nurse wiping my butt.

        Your “healthy aging” list is good but there is one thing not on it that I think is important. Social engagement. If I can ever find a way to post a great 2 minute Ted Talk snapshot video showing top of the list importance of social interaction to all the other longevity factors, I will post it. It is in .mp4 format.

        It is one reason I think your idea of connecting your readers in some fashion is good per this morning’s column. I would pay double your fees for this opportunity.

        “In the end, and maybe by my birthday, we may be able to have one-on-one meetings and we’ll have a private forum (which I will monitor) so various subscribers can directly message one-another if desired.”

        My close conservative friends are all gone and I now have coffee with my remaining Liberal friends. TDS is alive and well in Canada. Two of them in the last 2 days suggested that Trump planted the classified documents on Biden.

        I come here every day for brain detox.

      • Digging down…the side effects of the side effects of the medications to treat being old.

        Many medications approved by the FDA have a 4% efficacy rate.

        250,000 people a year are killed by doctors, in hospitals, by mistakes alone. (This is a low estimate.)

        Can you imagine a roll out of all these new drugs to help aging, and you are taking 20 pills a day with no studies of the side effects of combining 20 pills a day IN YOUR BODY.

        Side effects like these from a mRNA non-vaccine:

        Can new onset psychosis occur after mRNA based COVID-19 vaccine administration? A case report:


        First Episode Psychosis Following COVID-19 Vaccination: a Case Report:


  11. Wow, that sounds like a very frustrating day. Thanks for finding the error. The new system sounds amazing.

  12. This is a wierd money thing. As you might remember my brother was contacted by someone claiming to be his son due to DNA testing. This son has been obsessed with getting in to see my 95 year old mother and with her will. For now he has been physically blocked from seeing her.

    My brother died in December, about a week after meeting this son. They argued so it wasn’t a pleasant encounter. My brother refused to do DNA testing. The son just hired an estate lawyer. He feels like he is owed something and is looking for money.

    • Depending upon the state he may be able to claim something.

      That is precisely why there needs to be specific wording in any Will the expressly DIS-inherits any person “Known or Unknown who is not mentioned as a heir in this document”. While that dynamic may not exist in the state where the will is crafted it may exist in the state the person lives in at the time of death, and it is the DEATH state’s laws that are controlling, NOT where the will was executed.

      A number of years ago one of the co-founders of DHL who ended up living a Bohemiam lifestyle in Tahiti in the South Pacific, ala Paul Gauguin, also tried to repeat Paul Gauguin’s, life experience with many native young girls but didn’t want any heirs to come from his dalliances with the young and nubile from there.

      Upon his sudden death via a aircraft accident his personal attorney flew out from Honolulu, had him immediately creamated and had his native style residence burned to the ground with everything in it as well as had his cars, his other airplane, and all other belongings immediately burned before anybody else realized what was going on.

      Voila … in those days before “23 & Me” when the inevitable paternity suits were filed (yes he probably HAD sired some youngsters in those islands … he had certainly lived and had enough relationships with the young and nubile there) NOBODY could prove that he was the father.

      (in that Polonesian Culture of Tahiti and the surrounding islands the young and nubile female natives sleep with many men, it is their culture and is not just accepted but EXPECTED, why Gauguin ended up living out his life there I am sure – definitely why the co-founder of DHL moved there and lived there until he died too).

      If as a male you EVER had a relationship that could potentially create a child … be cautious wrt to your estate planning. With “23 & Me” information out there IF someone wants to find you they WILL in this day and age.

      • Wow! Some guys have all the luck!

        “If Only” we knew what we know now, what we might have had, had we known then.

  13. Definitely your ‘Mercury Retrograge’ exit episode. Relax now for a while. Mercury resumes forward motion tomorrow, and doesn’t go retrograde again until Apr. 21… AFTER tax time.

  14. Ya know George, I’ve heard it said,

    “The gap between what makes you happy and the time you spend doing it, is the amount of your unhappiness.”

    I’ve seen a lot of unhappy people die at all ages but, those who lived the longest lived happy lives. True, happy people die seemingly early sometimes but they were victims of those who poison us or accidental. Either way, living and dying happy makes for a great movie, as you say.

    I don’t like going to the doctor either. I’ve found my spice cabinet is full of spices with which I can make same dandy teas. Look in your cabinet, see what ya got, then look up benefits of. You might be as amazed as I was. Then look up (name of spice) tea recipe and make some.

    Been learning a lot about tea makin’ and it’s serving me well. Nutrients, antioxidants, health benefits. I love it !!
    (Except for Wormwood … it tastes like shit but I drink it anyway, sometimes.)

    Get lots of good from common Oregano, Thyme, Parsley, Rosemary and so on. Then look into the spices on roads less traveled like Andrographis.

    Amazing stuff. Hope we all live long time. ;)

    Peace & Happiness

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