Dopes Who Can’t Read

It’s fine print – today’s report on industrial production and capacity utilization from the Fed.  Whose chair we are sad to report has tested positive for the ‘rona, say reports.

See if you can figure it out without too much coaching.  Ready?

This sucks – bigly and hugely.

Spot the doublespeak in this story: Homebuilder sentiment in January rises for the first time in a year (  Hint: “While NAHB is forecasting a decline for single-family starts this year compared to 2022, it appears a turning point for housing lies ahead,”  Then, so does the Second Coming, right?

The Smart Money on the street is unloading like crazy.  On-Balance Volume has dropped.

We figure it’s only a matter of time till those people my deflationist pal Jas calls “The American Born and Bred Dopes” wake up.

Hype about housing?  Go read that fine print. Down 2-1/2 percent in the latest year.

You see, it’s like an airplane hitting turbulence in a pending crash.  May seem like disaster can be avoided.

But gravity is still out there.  Relentless shit it is, too.

Microsoft is laying off 10,000 while Amazon’s axe swings for 18K.  Yessir,  Born and Bred Dopes is pretty damn close.

Write when they learn to read,


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8 thoughts on “Dopes Who Can’t Read”

  1. Well I guess this means they are going to need a ‘distraction’.
    Now where did I put those flash goggles…

    • My brother has had the sniffles lately that test positive for Covid. Two kids in the family have had it as well so it’s going around out this way. He isolated for a couple of days earlier this week until the symptoms went away but still the tests are positive – if you trust the test. He dropped off a package intended for us that mistakenly went to him at the post office this morning and said the doctors are telling his grandkids’ parents that Covid suppresses the immune system, which, given the latest and greatest bug out there MAY be a new “accessory” in its bag of tricks, but I asserted that The Jab does too. As a matter of fact that’s pretty much all it does. At least no one has gone to the hospital with really bad symptoms so far.

  2. Hey “burgerking”, didu see that ? See what, aint nothing to see on my screens..?

    ohhhhh, you so sneaky, but not about a “peeky”

    The show must go on..

    – “we have separation”- will it grow back like a vile reptile, revealing true color and an immortal body?
    Can hardly wait for the curtain to roll up on second act..

    crypto enforcement action..and thats all she was – a nothing burger, now onwards and upwards, cant wait for the impaired intellectual development types, as their thinking will prolly only get slower with time. no worries 474, cause of brakes, there is NO BTC 4G or 5G.

  3. I am often bemused by our casual and even calloused discussions on the use of nuclear weapons. .., and after reading posts here on that subject, I wonder if – once that door is opened, can it ever be shut again? Once any country feels the necessity to use a nuclear weapon, will others also “feel the need”?
    * * * “They used one ! Why can’t I?” * * *
    It is a gamesmanship that I do hope doesn’t play-out. We all will lose in that first blinding flash of light.

  4. I don’t see a line item category for corruption, money laundering, espionage, ethnic/religious cleansing and high-treason:

    That seems to be the Progressive business model. The R’s shipped ‘merican industry to the CCP for free, but now the Progressive D’s sell out what remains.
    Here in Texas, you can no longer write in votes for non-partisan gang candidates. Nor can you refuse to vote for an unopposed candidate – they are elected automatically.
    You folks keep worrying about a leftist takeover- you are decades late on that. We support the brown and black shirts in other countries, ’cause they are our leaders kind of totalitarian partisan trash.

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