A Word from “Mr. I Told You So” – Housing data

How long ago did I tell you?  We are likely in a large Wave 3 down now.  Hold that thought.  Couple of hot economic numbers to deal with before we go deep.

Breaking: Housing Data

Or should we call it “partly broken?”

Key part:

Building Permits
Privately?owned housing units authorized by building permits in December were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of
1,330,000. This is 1.6 percent below the revised November rate of 1,351,000 and is 29.9 percent below the December 2021 rate
of 1,896,000. S

While we’re at it, a side order of hashed Philly Fed outlook, with that?

“Current Indicators Remain Weak

The diffusion index for current general activity rose from a revised reading of -13.7 in December to -8.9 in January (see Chart 1), its fifth consecutive negative reading and seventh negative reading in the past eight months.* More than 33 percent of the firms reported declines in activity, exceeding the 24 percent that reported increases. The current new orders index rose 11 points but remained negative at -10.9, and the current shipments index climbed 12 points to 11.1 after turning negative in December. Nearly 30 percent of the firms indicated increases in shipments compared with 19 percent that indicated decreases.”

After yesterday, don’t look surprised at the market preopen being down.

Now to the Point

Why, I even went so far as to warn that we could imagine a “Big Yellow 3” back in October of last year. Here we is.

Wave 3(2) Over? Personal Income and ECI.  Sadly, we were EARLY on the completion of Wave 2, but swing and day trading is much for “Vegas-like” than long-term (read: boring) position trading.

With the fall from the nearby overhead resistance trend (declining green line below here) we can now see a case where the long-held expectation of a 30-40 percent decline from present levels could be along by, oh, the Fourth of July.

So, to wrap it up, we are still LIKELY in the Big 3 Down.  And the yellow 3 down began with what might be more formally written as 3 (1) down (*the large white 1 down to early October).  Then we did the LIKELY 3 (2) up (*the big white 2 lower right) and we have now (as of yesterday) probably done the 3 (3) (i) down (small green 1 down), a suitable rally 3 (3) (ii) which could put us at 3 (3) (iii) down which is I THINK where we are now.

In other words, we are now out on the quicksand area where the Bears (let’s just say it was a green Wednesday around here) have their way with the Bulls.  Love markets that are strongly trending.

What’s Going Wrong

If you don’t have a list of a dozen reasons, you need some remedial schooling and a Wall Street Journal subscription.  We have more problems than you can shake a stick at.

Not the least of which is WW III which the Biden administration is sleep-walking into.

Ah, we could wax on for a good long while on point.  But we are only the tiniest of media pipsqueaks.  And we do understand collapsing ROI.

American Distraction Day

Debt Ceiling hits today. U.S. gov’t touches debt limit amid standoff between Republicans and Democrats.

We are not in the least surprised.  And we figure at the two or three week mark into the insanity the “sit on Social Security, military and federal worker retirement checks card” will be played.

Here in Texas, we have enough cattle that bullshit is fairly predictable.

The News Compactor

New Zealand steps back from being a totalitarian state. Sort of. New Zealand Totalitarian Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Announces She Will Resign and Step Down on Sunday.  We have many readers there and they remind us that this is the woman who called “free speech” a “weapon of war” at the United Nations.  Again, Texas and stockyards is noted. Sane people don’t “do war.”

The flip side, good policies but with some personality flaws: Donald Trump preparing return to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram this month. We’re still trying to figure out why CNN wasn’t at Biden’s Corvette Show like happened at Mar-a-Lago…

The problem with liars is you can never tell when they’re telling the truth.  Here’s a fine example story:  George Santos denies taking $3,000 intended for disabled veteran’s dying dog.

Is there a doctor in the house?  Dr. Martens Shares Dive After Profit Warning – MarketWatch.

Cue up “Another One Bites the Dust” for me?  Crypto lender Genesis weighs up bankruptcy amid bruising liquidity crunch.  “...And another one bites, and another one bites…”

Crypto Apologists please note:  While we are entertained by the notion of some post-democracy role cited for cryptos, the reality of real-time-crime money just keeps being supported by the data.  Two examples of Ure’s long-held “Don’t do it!” are seen in Bitzlato owner arrested & charged by DOJ over illicit funds (paymentexpert.com) and oh, my: US nabs China-based Russian crypto boss over alleged money laundering.  If you think owning crypto is a drive toward freedom, remember in the previous depression, gold and silver was seized by the FedGov.  And in this one, made-up money will likely be seized (or directly outlawed) as well.  If you can’t see that, remedial financial history is in order.  Might we suggest a book like “MILLENNIAL APOCALYP$E: Why You and Other Millennials Are Tracking Toward Financial Disaster and How You Can Avoid It”?

And there goes another country coming to its senses!~ French crypto firms to mandatorily seek authorisation – ThePaypers

ATR: Digital Scrying 101

Before I head off into another day of being the High Priest of Living Below Your Means, a word, or three, about scrying.

To scry, is defined as “…foretell the future using a crystal ball or other reflective object or surface. “a mirror used for scrying”

Which we obviously don’t do, since we are biomass farmers, not mystics.  Still, however, we can use computers and digital inputs in much the same way.  It’s less messy than Nostradamus’ oil pot.  (Which reminds me I have to ask G.A. Stewart one of these days to do a big write-up for our Peoplenomics side on all the nuance of technique used by Nosty in seeing ahead.)

To attain, and get some sense of future, all you need to do is read a news item and then ask yourself some basic questions:  (Example story in brackets)

  • Knock-on:  “Will this story cause or trigger something?” [Ukraine-Russia]
  • Escalation: “Will this story escalate or deprecate?” [Debt Ceiling]
  • Reaction:  “Who does this story impact and how will they react?” [Climate change]
  • Urgency:  “At what speed will this story lead into the future?” [Covid]
  • Identification:  “Will this story appeal to a subgroup or tribe, and what are their interests?” [Reparations]
  • Propagation: Do the media controllers (rich pricks) want this item to grow in the public mindset they manage, or would then just as soon see it dropped from the public discourse? [Trump vs. Desantis]
  • Monetizations:  “Who’s going to make money?  Who’s going to lose?”[Crypto]

One of the nicest things anyone has asked me in a long time was when George Noory wondered on Coast-to-Coast-AM recently words to the effect “How did you learn to think like you do?”

The answer – and a long-delayed thank you to George (for the Dec. 26th visit) for asking – is (I will try to keep this short) that most people have “high internal noise floors.”

It’s like static on the radio.  Takes a while to get all those “pre-programmed voices in mind to shut up.  Hard work, but over time you discover “self-talk” is not really yours so much as it has been fed into you by others.  Parents, teachers, friends, people you look up to, and so forth.  Anyone you remember has imprinted your thinking.

[Another book is swirling around in my head this morning:  “Managing the Voices Within.”]

My “style of thinking” (as it were) is it’s the result of telling internal voices to shut up and listen.  Sure, you will still have all that embedded “programming” available for recall, but it’s a matter of imposing some will power, self-discipline, and forcing all the voices to stop interrupting when listening.

Try it sometime: Imagine you are an interviewer of the next three people you meet.  Ask them questions, hear what they tell you, then ask logical follow-on questions that are prompted by what you’ve just been told.

When you do this (and being a long-time reporter/anchor was key) it becomes the “art of interviewing.”  Once you really get into the habit of actively interviewing everyone you encounter, you’ll be amazed at how clear the world becomes. That’s why Noory is a damn good interviewer.  He listens to his guests and then asks the questions people in his audience would ask, if they could.  Joe Rogan – same thing, a few saltier word choices.

Actively question everything.  Life is about discovery, not tripping. Every assumption you make, every ad you hear or see, every book or email you study, and every voice you hear in your head: conduct them like a symphony of learning.

Eventually, something changes.  You deemphasize judgement and roll into an interviewer/moderator role.  Seekerhood.

What happens is that the voices in your head become almost like a studio audience.  You are the moderator/interviewer.  And there is ALWAYS an important NEXT QUESTION to ask on the path to Deep Understanding.

Don’t mean to ramble, but this is analogous to the Activex or COM layer in computing.  We all have a database and tons of relative data to share.  But if there’s “noisy code running” you miss the HDR experience of life.

Then simple questions emerge:  “Why should I give you MY money?”

Notice when you listen-talk to people, too.  Are they interrupting?  Voices are screaming in their heads?  Are they asking follow-up questions?  Or selling you someone else’s ideas?  If they drop into “selling something,” are they really paying attention to you or just going through the motions because they’re working a monetization or soldier-gathering operation?

Makes getting out in the world (now and then) a lot more interesting.  Turns every event into a “classroom session.”  And people do respond.  They can tell when you’re genuinely interested in them.  And that matters deeply to all humans.

A word from my “onboard audience.”  They think the market will drop today, but perhaps turn up a bit late into the close.  A good rally is sensed early Friday as possible but fading toward the Friday close.  The big declines are still ahead, they murmur.  Which is pretty damn rude of ’em.

Your voices may speak a different future. But the aggregate quantum observer consensus will be the most likely future when it gets here.  The really bad future is still out there a ways.

Write when you get rich,


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George Ure
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  1. “Biden War profiteers stand ready to make a “killing” (so to speak) by selling advanced jets to both sides of the upcoming Greece-Turkey war over (what else?) energy off Crete.”

    Interesting that I was reading Revelation 2:13 about this …


    And was told the (place) is Geneva Switzerland … but looking things up, it seems to be a toss up between a place in Greece or a place in Turkey. – for whatever all this is worth.

    Meanwhile … “Vlad Putin is probably awaiting Israel’s likely use of a glowing “bunker-buster” to take out Iran’s quickly increasing number of uranium=based bombs. Which has emboldened Iran: Iranian general threatens US, Israel: ‘Soon the Great Satan will be destroyed’ | Israel National News.” … public reaction seems to be in the works …. Those darn Iranian Guards are Terrorists …


    Iran’s reply … Don’t do it !!


    All about public opinion, then Putin Will probably make his move.

    I gotta buy more popcorn.

  2. “Biden War profiteers stand ready to make a “killing” (so to speak) by selling advanced jets to both sides of the upcoming Greece-Turkey war over (what else?)”

    did you notice or consider.. the What else!’ think about that for just a little bit.. the What If…
    Not one of those profiteers has ever considered the What if…. the ones the profiteers want to destroy to gain their resources and land know or suspect who’s pushing the buttons for profit and gain.. in all of history they have sat back counting their booty while all the dramatic games are played out in someone elses back yard using someone elses money to gain what they want. The problem is.. up till now they have always played their games on someone weaker than them..Now they are playing with major players that do have the resources to play on an equal game board..a bully picks on the weaker…… what IF the hunted went KIM in NK all over them.and .. they said what the phuc we are destroyed either way and flipped the issue..why would anyone just want it all to just be their people being the ones involved in the profiteers drama to destroy them..think abou it for a few moments.. the what if…. the countries that told everyone that they would send warriors posed as refugees know whos hunting and wanting to destroy them and their lands for their raw materials supposedly donated huge sum’s of money to certain people to gain access to our borders? did they succeed.. only time will tell…… that is basically what Nostradamus seen in his visions.. the What If.. predicted it thousand years ago..
    here is a quote from Daffy Duck and Bug’s Bunny…
    “When the frail of heart joins the fray, the hunter becomes the hunted.” Bugs Bunny: Ssshh! Be very, very quiet; we’re hunting Elmers. Daffy Duck: Hehehehe.”


    • What if, the great reset is the Hunter becoming the Hunted.

      What if, the great awakening is Waking the Sleeping Giant.

      What if, Enlightened meant Flash/Boom?

      Tables always turn.

        • hmmmmm…. I tell you. I’ve traveled over 6000 miles in less than 5 days. I got asked if I wanted to take a quick trip to another state today. I declined. I have been in 2 different countries and 4 different states in the last 5 days.

          all that philosophy, and Meditation and prayer and all that when you are constantly changing environments over and over is good. but I am exhausted.

          my entire life has radically changed over and over. everything many times in the last 5 days. one day I’m in 10 feet of snow, 20 below zero, in the sticks, a few days later I’m at thrash metal concert in an old theater.

          you know when someone. really sees you. like really sees you and you never noticed them seeing you.

          I had that happen today. it is hard to read the grid when your environment is constantly changing and rapidly. I mean 30 days ago I was living on the beach. going go the same gym, same grocery store, same gas station, hanging out mostly with the same people, routine. structure. and now I’m up in the mountains, and hanging out and talking go completely different people with a totally different way of using language to say the same thing.

          this lady a friends wife, says to me today. come with me I have present for you. so I follow her outside and she says you are so Zen. probably most Zen I’ve ever met. I’m looking around to see if someone else is there. I don’t think of myself as zen. I said thank you. she said, you have such a peace about you. I think that is odd. I think I’m kinda a spaz. she said I would be honored if you meditate in my green house. we went in it, and there is hundreds of orchids in there. and lots of other green plants. she said I put a chair and table in here. nobody will bother you in here.

          it’s so beautiful in there. smells so good. she said I know you meditate 2 hours a day. her husband told her. and you always find a spot ant make that your spot. and when I found you were coming to stay me. I thought where is Andy going to find his spot! then I was out with all my lady’s. (the orchids) I said perhaps he would like to spend his time in meditation and contemplation with them.

          I said thank you so much. and thank you for thinking so much of me. she said my husband thinks very highly of you. I didn’t know you that much. other than what he said. but when you cane I’m. the house the Dog didn’t even Bark. and That Dog barks at evryone. he just walked up to you and sat right down.

          later my buddy told me that Dog a 145lb Rottweiler had been trained to not let anyone in the house he doest know. he has been thoroughly trained to attack. he is a guard dog not a pet. but we had a good laugh when you walked in the door and said hey! I’m here. and he just came right up to you and sat. he said anyone else in the world? he been letting everyone know he was on the job. and mile down the roaf they would hear the screaming.

          funny. I just patted him on the head and said nice to meet ya big fella. where is your owner.

          they laughed and said, yeah he likes you. and he don’t like anyone. he only listens to commands and he is trained to stop anyone at the door. he will bark my own kids. barks at me and my wife. until he hears my voice. not you.

          you know what that Dogs name is George? Zeus.

          pretty cool.

          I’m trying to stay put for a while. every time I make plans I’m off somewhere else. So I said DUDE, I need to catch my breath. give me a little bit before we are off to a totally different environment again.

          let me sit here with the orchids for a Lil while.

          scrying on a mirror. huh
          interesting notion.

          I got some data in my travels about population reduction. an example. 10% survival rate to the next 25 years. but I’m not really paying attention to much to all that. mostly drinking in the scenery and trying to maintain balance when traveling so lucky. much much.

          not sure where I will end up for now, this seems very nice.

        • Andy,

          You made me think of a book I once read,
          “Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”.

          “Some things you miss because they’re so tiny you overlook them. But some things you don’t see because they’re so huge. We were both looking at the same thing, seeing the same thing, talking about the same thing, thinking about the same thing, except he was looking, seeing, talking and thinking from a completely different dimension.”


        • thank you JC, you answered one of my questions indirectly without me asking it openly. that is the best way to answer.

          just since we talked last. I have rested some and many things changed when I did do anything to intentionally cause it.

          be at the “Thunder Dome EDM” on Friday. well…. we will see. that is where I think I will be.

          and I finally watched the first episode of Yellowstone last night. not a big TV watcher. of you happen to run into the red head on that show, Beth? you tell her to please call me. she may actually be my next soul mate. I’ve had quite a few soul mates. hahaha.

          I love women like that. that is my favorite flavor. 100%

          oh there is the shoe reference, I keep getting. sole mate. soul mate.

          thanks again for answering my questions indirectly without me asking it. appreciate you.

  3. Birds of the Same Feather, Flock Together
    An Open Letter to George Santos, Liar.

    George Santos, you were sworn in as a member of the current 118th Congress. under a cloud of controversy after a multitude of reports emerged in late December alleging that you had lied about your education, employment history, charitable work and heritage.

    You finally admitted to the fabrications but have refused to step down.

    No big deal!

    It seems that being a pathological liar has now become an important criteria for becoming a member of the Washington D.C. swamp.

    After all, Santos, a Senator sworn in during 1972 is known as one of the greatest pathological liars in Congressional history:
    • He was on the campaign trail claiming to have been a student in the political science department and graduated with not one, not two, but three undergraduate degrees from Delaware. Turned out he’d been at the bottom of the class and scraped a single degree.
    • He likes to embellish his career as a college football player and lied about being on the University of Delaware team that beat the Ohio Bearcats. He said he quit the team to date the woman who would become his first wife. The real truth–he was forced to leave due to bad grades.
    • He lied about being “appointed” to the Naval Academy and working as a truck driver. Total lies!
    • He fabricated an arrest in this country as a civil rights protester and in South Africa while working as an activist with Nelson Mandela. Both lies!!
    • He declared he “got” his uncle the Purple Heart after he was elected Vice President in 2008. He said he awarded it to his uncle in front of family members. According to Lyin’ Biden, his uncle did not want the award because “the others died, I lived, I don’t want it.” Of course, as usual, Biden’s story is untrue. His uncle, Frank Biden, died in 1999, nine years before Biden was Vice President. In addition, as noted by the New York Post, “Frank Biden’s tombstone does not identify him as a Purple Heart honoree, nor does his obituary. A partial registry of known Purple Heart recipients also doesn’t note anyone by that name receiving the award.” More lies Biden!!
    • Biden stated he went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class who had a full academic scholarship, he said. Another lie! Biden had attended Syracuse on a half scholarship based on financial need, not academics!
    • Biden said. “The first year in law school, I decided I didn’t want to be in law school and ended up in the bottom two-thirds of my class. And then decided I wanted to stay, went back to law school and, in fact, ended up in the top half of my class. More Lies-he graduated 76th in a class of 85-almost the bottom.
    • In an interview on May 22, 2020, Biden stated:, “The NAACP has endorsed me every time I’ve run.” Not true, Biden another one of many lies. The NAACP has never endorsed any candidate.
    • And on MLK Day this week, Biden told more lies. He stated that the 2nd Amendment did not allow certain people to own guns, nor could people own a cannon. Total lies–the 2nd Amendment only said U.S. Citizens could own arms and NEVER mentioned anything about cannons. Biden implied that an F16 or a nuclear weapon could be used against Americans by their own government.

    All of Biden’s lies would fill a single-spaced book. He opens his mouth, and a lie comes out! And we wonder where worldwide respect for America went. We, and people around the world are supposed to believe that the American people promoted this lying crook to President. Do people still believe that? That it was an honest election? Really?

    Let us never forget the lies of Demo(C)rat Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren who falsely claimed she was an Indian to get jobs and win votes. Liar personified-not a drop of Indian blood!

    And we have that great War Hero Demo(C)rat Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal who lied and said he was in the Military in Viet Nam. In fact, he never served a day in Viet Nam. He was a Marine Corps reservist who served his reservist duty in the U.S. The day after the liberal New York Times story broke, Blumenthal held a press conference at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in West Hartford. “On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service, and I regret that,” he said. Got elected anyway by fools in Connecticut who either love liars, or his election was another stolen fraud!

    And of course, we have Demo(C)Rat Hillary, whose lies and mysterious deaths of those who were unfortunate enough to be around her could fill a book, but who was never been brought to justice for her numerous treasonous acts and lies, nor for destroying subpoenaed evidence on her computer which included classified documents. A violation of the Espionage Act!

    Never forget the lying ex-President, sometime husband of Hillary, Demo(C)rat Billy Boy Clinton who lied under oath when he said…”I never had sex with that woman”. And how about all the people around him that mysteriously died? It is a horse race who is the biggest liar…Clinton, Obama, or Biden.

    And then there is the ultimate slimy liar, Adam Schiff, Demo(C)Rat from California who lied almost daily about having documents on Trump that Schiff said “proved Trump was in collusion with Russia”. They were all lies!! Schiff is the slimiest of slimy liars holding a position of power in D.C. But he had a good teacher, Mafia daughter Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi.

    Pelosi proved her crookedness and lies time and again when she was going after Trump. Crooked “inside trader” Nancy was taught well by her father Thomas “Big Tommy” D’Alesandro, Jr., a five term Democrat US Congressman from Maryland and three term Mayor of Baltimore was very closely associated with the members of the “Baltimore Crew.” The Baltimore Crew was a faction of the mafia that was part of New York’s Gambino crime family. JFK had the FBI investigate D’Alesandro. FBI Files: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s Father Thomas “Big Tommy” D’Alesandro Jr. was the “Constant Companion” of notorious mobster Benjamin “Bennie Trotta” Magliano, head of the Baltimore Family.

    So, Santos, whether you wear one of the labels “Democrat” or “Republican” does not matter, it is all one big uni-party of crooks and liars. BIG Money from the Davos crowd, China, and other countries do not support only one candidate. Their money flows to both sides to control the whole game no matter who wins.

    Santos, you are just one of many Pathological Liars that are now a Washington participant in the sewage of the District of Cesspools, D.C. It is not surprising that you stated you will continue in office. You too will have houses on the seashore on a Congressman’s salary just like Biden. In 1974, Biden bought his first home, a former DuPont mansion, in Greenville, Delaware for $185,000. They couldn’t just give it to him outright! Who knows Santos, you may end up being a President like all the other liars before you, including the current Babbler-in-Chief and Obama, and Clinton, and own multi-million-dollar homes on a Congressman’s and President’s salary. These clowns had careers as politicians that were supposed to represent the people, but they only represented themselves. You seem to be on the right track Santos!

    We used to be a country that was once known for integrity and keeping our word all over the world, a handshake meant something. There was rule of law. But all the crooks and liars and greedy CEOs and Bankers have destroyed that country. It is now a broke, decrepit, morally corrupt society that promotes sexual perversion to schoolchildren, teaches Critical Race Theory and Communism in Public Schools and Universities, destroys statutes and rewrites history to make heroes of Communists. It is a lying country now that feeds the people continual lies from politicians, bureaucrats, and the lying media. These including false economic statistics, climate change statistical lies, and medical anarchy, among others. Markets are rigged. Off balance sheet items are allowed to boost balance sheets and cover CEO losses. Even the once trusted medical profession is now full of liars. Ob-Gyns are telling pregnant women to get your shot and boosters of an unproven/untested vaccine and to vaccinate their new born babies. Medical doctors are performing sex change surgery and giving gender altering drugs to children that think they are of a different gender because there little minds have been brain-washed. This country disgusts me anymore!

    The USA now has a dog-eat-dog mentality…make a buck anyway you can, and regardless of who you run over. It is a totally divided country where people are developing an attitude of: It just doesn’t matter anymore about the unethical performances of supposedly “elected” leaders who continually get “re-elected” regardless of their lies and behavior.

    The swamp and globalists protect their own. The only way the swamp of D.C. will be cleaned out is if a huge Tsunami hits the east coast during a business day when Congress is in session. A very small possibility but something that is not totally out of the question with models showing a wall of water 300 feet high hitting the East Coast in 9 hours as a result of a collapse of a large portion of La Palma resulting from the volcano, or the previously unknown existence of a system of “echelon cracks” along a 40-kilometer stretch of the outer continental shelf off the Virginia-North Carolina coast. These appear to have been caused by sub-marine (i.e., ocean-floor) landslides. The more likely scenario is enemy subs launching stealth nuclear torpedoes and drones as in Russia’s new Poseidon that were designed to create a massive Tsunami 1200-1500 feet high. That would clean out a lot of swamp from Delaware to NYC to D.C. Hopefully, God will answer some of our prayers over the next 2 years if he doesn’t just flat out totally destroy the now corrupt DisUnited States of America before then.

    • “And on MLK Day this week, Biden told more lies. He stated that the 2nd Amendment did not allow certain people to own guns, nor could people own a cannon.”

      I owned my first cannon when I was 14 — built it myself and made the gun powder with which to fire it, too. Mr. Biden’s ignorance could fill an encyclopedia…

      A Russian tsunami or two may be our only remaining road to salvation. What gets me is the f’ing idiots in this country and elsewhere, who can’t get it through their heads that the thought behind Reagan’s “shining city on a hill” metaphor is the only thing keeping the entire world from becoming a despotic, absolute totalitarian dictatorship. The fact our shine is being stripped off bodes badly for every human, not just Americans…

      • “I owned my first cannon when I was 14 — built it myself and made the gun powder with which to fire it, too. Mr. Biden’s ignorance could fill an encyclopedia…”

        LOL my brother in law made one LOL LOL … My sister took it away from him.. LOL seems he took the tops of the trees off on their whole property

    • Now THAT was a legendary post, WTHS. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for the time it took to express. IMO you should send this to Jim Quinn at theburningplatform.com It deserves being a feature, not just a comment. In any case, I really liked it.

      • WestcoastDeplorable,
        Thank you for your comment, compliment, and referral. I am not sure who Jim Quinn is, but I will research it.

        People like you and So. Cal Surf Dude would be more than welcome in Texas. Might help offset some of the nuts that have invaded Austin.
        Best regards,

    • AMEN.. WELL SAID.. one little debate issue..lol lol

      “Never forget the lying ex-President, sometime husband of Hillary, Demo(C)rat Billy Boy Clinton who lied under oath when he said…”I never had sex with that woman”. “”

      Now ..we weren’t present.. and what if.. he just laid there and she did all the work..a little cowgirl action..would he be having sex with her.. or did she only have sex with him…what if he was asleep.. and thought it was a wet dream lol lol lol.. is that technically him having sex lol..
      now seriously I am just being a smart azz on that..

    • Thank you, WTHS. All true.

      As you so succinctly pointed out, as long as a Communist Liberal says it does it, hides it, and spends it, it is perfectly okay. (Even a Liberal hiding as a RINO.)

      None of this would be possible without a corrupt media.

      As you know, all of it works together for ill for this country.

      40 million illegals; an HONEST boast (but how many years did this number stay at 11 million?). And how many more babies birthed, housed, fed, clothed, and schooled?

      A whole new Economic Model (per George) including Mafia style, err…Cartel trafficking of women and children, including a circulatory system of drug business that the all a-okay for Biden (and others before him on the Repub side, Bush 2nd). This would make the East India company blush with pride.



      Nothing is going to change as we are on The Great Reset Train, and it is chugging along gathering paid off subscribers and riders along the way, headed to tyranny and absolution.

      Long Live The Republic.

      There is always a chance that the heavenly hosts will send a Comet, or an Earthquake and then it’s: Tsunami Away.

      That evil surely knows a day of reckoning is coming; it has always come.

      That’s what the Geologic Record says.

      People are Preparing and Sharing; that’s what the Wind says.

      The chem trails hide the Sun, that’s what the Sun says.

  4. What a bunch of frigging dopes..

    U forget -society was very different when gold&silver were “confiscated”..people turned it in at the time (voluntarily), trusting their government – and that my good man is Pure unadultered Texas bullshit nowadyZ . There are actually families with stories of their great grand fathers/uncles NOT turning their gold in- imagine that FD’s, uhn I mean – Slaves..
    completely misdirecting people with stories of one off criminal activity regards cyrpto compared to USD based Crime/Criminals – cyrpto would not even be a speck on a gnats ass, more akin to the size of cov19 viri – so frigging small you need an electron microscope to see it..supposedly.

    Who trusts the US Governement (ChristiansInAction) anymore with or about ANYTHING ??? Who ?
    bush, lil bush, bubba clinton&hildebeast, obumma &androgyne, pedoslo,congress, senate, sc , nsa,dia,dhs,fema,state,fbi,dea………..?

    The “great reset” was a misdirect to suppress The Great Awakening..at least some of Us are waking.. inside of this NIGHTMARE.

    Got some splainin to do kleinscwab, maybe after the USD dies and Ure pavlovian chow stops flowing and the “bell” starts tolling.

    Dont forget Homegamerz, that which is “coldly stored” (off chain) theoretically does not exist and therefore there is nothing to confiscate. As opposed to G bendz for pedo jo and his masters over at cia/dvd, and gives up his lone gold and silver coin, for good of the country bwahahahahahahah
    -think strategic metals vs made up numbers that theoretically dont exist.

    Nerp – none 4 U, suggest putting out Ure pants on fire before even picking up and reading Nakmoto sons white paper.https://youtu.be/vJBaIUZwmTs

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all those paper chits floating around the globe with dead presidents depicted on the front were digitally traceable to the same degree as Block Chain? Umm No? Welp. There’s another reason to be anti crypto……LOLz. Cant make this stuff up.

  5. Deep Thoughts this morning, getting into ure head and other’s heads
    thoughts and words that pass between US
    are they mine or just learned

    And again this morn it is a
    Zippity do dah, Zippity aye, my oh my what a wonderful day,
    snow has stopped and the wind has deminished
    after brunch, we get to go play with the snow blower, 12 to 15 ”
    my drive, the young poor couple next door and the widow across the circle if her son does not make it. I like to leave the widow’s drive to her son, it gives him a way to pay it back to his mother, good karma for him, he has been a great son since his father passed.

  6. Re: George Santos
    Considering that virtually everything he has said has been a lie, I’m thinking he likely also lied about being a Republican.

    • …But he backed McCarthy, so he gets to stay.

      Santos did nothing illegal. If it were, Liz Warren would never have been able to get into politics.

      Don’t shoot the messenger until we fix the system, then boot his lyin’ ass (and ban him from the playing field). But fix the system, first.

      We need to find our moral selves. If that means making it so someone like Santos, or Warren, or Harris, can no longer lie, cheat, or screw their way into a position of great authority, because they can’t be trusted to have the moral clarity and acuity to either “be good, or not participate,” then so be it.

    • “virtually everything he has said has been a lie”

      the perfect politician lol lol

  7. Housing crashes aren’t bad. Everyone who bought in 2011 tripled by now. Today they could sell and sit out in an apartment/brother-in-law’s basement (@ 15K a year/free) and buy back in later.

    The only risk is the bank implodes and the bag of loot from the big sale vanishes.

    “As of February 2022, the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the United States reached 1,295 U.S. dollars, up from 1,100 U.S. dollars a year before.”

    – Sep 28, 2022

  8. Speaking of getting nuked. Did you ever have the sensation of flying in a dream? Whoever gets nailed will be sucked up into the clouds and flying.

    The witnesses to those bomblettes (compared to modern) dropped on Japan saw buildings getting sucked up into the clouds.

    “Ferebee recalled, “There are no words to describe how bright the flash was. The sun doesn’t compare at all.”[48] He noted, “At first, I saw this boiling on the ground and the stem (of the mushroom cloud) was going up and you could see buildings going up with the stem. It was all colors. You can imagine, I think—brown, red, white—and it was just spreading out in all directions.

    Then finally the stem formed completely and the top was there and it kind of broke off.”[49] When interviewed by the London Mail in July 1995, Ferebee remembered, “The whole city was just covered with a mushroom cloud. The stem was forming and you could see pieces of houses sucked up in it, pieces of things flying through the air. You couldn’t see people, not at the height we were flying.”[50]”

  9. “Notice when you listen-talk to people, too. Are they interrupting? Voices are screaming in their heads? Are they asking follow-up questions? Or selling you someone else’s ideas? If they drop into “selling something,” are they really paying attention to you or just going through the motions because they’re working a monetization or soldier-gathering operation?”

    I knew someone who was a camera salesman in Canada in his younger days. His wife was a colleague of my wife, and one night we went out to dinner with them.

    He and I were having a conversation, but I noticed he wasn’t really listening to me, and couldn’t wait for me to stop talking, so he could talk. As the evening went on I was able to get in a few words here and there, and then he would ramble on and on.

    I think there are people in this that just like to hear themselves talk, to hear the sound of their own voice.

    I couldn’t wait to go home. What a miserable evening.

    • I know what you mean about people like that. Drives you crazy, especially if all they do is talk about themself or their interests.
      I’ve noticed Hannity on Fox is a lousy interviewer. He has a bad habit of stepping all over his guests. Best thing an interviewer can learn is shut up and let the guest talk. Only jump in if it gets off-topic or boring.

    • they could just be a rambler.. the boss tells me often..hun your opinion is your opinion and no one cares about your opinion except you..ten words or less.. unfortunately I’m not a ten word guy. so I get it..he had a hundred things going through his mind at one time and probably wanted to get your opinion.

  10. We as free humans should not allow government to ban or restrict cypto, though we have accepted such over bearing government for so long, likely people will go along. But should we? Cryto is just another mechanism for barter. I can buy a horseshoe from a creator using whatever mechanism we agree to use, be that a dollar, euro, soybeans, lumber, chickens, or crytpo. Would we accept government interfering in our barter transactions while saying we can only do our transactions with their fake currency? People who are criminals will use lots of different useful tools to commit their crimes, and it is poor logic to say all those mechanisms should be banned also to law abiding people. Will crypto be banned or regulated in ways that make it impossible to use? That seems likely given government wants no competition. The question we must ask is will we accept more limits to our freedoms? I have no issue with government saying government business must be conducted using dollars. But them butting into our personal transactions seems to be a real over reach, but I still expect them to try. Will the citizens ever say we had enough interference in our personal economic lives, enough of debasing the currency and wiping out our savings. I don’t see an end, and is why I fully expect the dollar to collapse. The people in power and the leaches that depend on them will never voluntarily give up their gravy train.

    • I’m totally on board with you! I don’t do crypto because it’s been way too complex for me to fit into my lifestyle, and since it became a speculation rather than simple mining, it’s been unpredictable, along with the IRS threats and it’s probable traceability.

      I prefer to simply do with less financial involvement and live more in my own world. Think John Galt. There’s no law that says you need to be more financially productive than necessary for your own survival. This is yet another example of the law of unintended consequences.

  11. George, on keeping it short: think in Haiku length:
    While you B talking (typing) we B listening. 3 of 3 of?
    BR, Egor (as it t’were)

  12. George,
    liked C2C Georges question to youu a nd answer, good stuff.

    Thought some here might be ordering new chickens soon, might find this helpful, and quail and goats too.


    “If you want to know more about chickens, quail, and goats, The Happy Chicken Coop is the place to be! Our blogs and articles are updated regularly with many different important topics on care, purchasing tips, fun facts, and more.”

    liked there article;

  13. SELF TALK STORY: In 1949 my husband and his twin’s favorite adventure book was “Bomba the Jungle Boy on Jaguar Island.” Bomba was a mini Tarzan, a young white boy living in the jungle but no one knew what happened to his parents. J and G at 10 yrs. old spent hours playing next door on an overgrown vacant lot in Arkansas. The twins hacked vines with a small knife plus swung from the climbing vines all the while pretending to be Bomba.

    Fast forward: J is 52 and is instructed by the restaurant owner to go to the bookkeeper’s office to get a check. The office is on the other side of a dark banquet room. A repairman has cut a hole in the floor to access pipes but did not barricade the hole. J falls into the hole up to his armpits and scarped the skin off the front of one leg.

    My husband comes home badly limping and tells me his tale of woe. I asked “What went through your mind when you started to fall? Did you think you were on the way to China?” J laughs and said “Bomba’s bones bend, they don’t break! I’ve not thought about Bomba for years” “Well thank God for Bomba or you would have broken your neck!”

    Page 83 in this very yellowed page 1927 book says “The bones of Bomba bend but do not break,” the lad exulted” after a tree fell on him.

  14. Floobydust.

    Reminding all you aging National Semiconductor Corp fans of yore — they were leading geniuses with a good sense of humor back then.

    Floobydust was a term for a bag of small, miscellaneous, unrelated items. Good word, rarely encountered now. Here’s some Floobydust:

    1) For gaining mental quietude, one handy thing is to accept the idea that everything you know might be wrong. Being open to ideas that contradict your beliefs — unresentfully — is the key. Willing examination of New Ideas without prejudice isn’t always easy. This is not to be a squish, but to simply be open to new information. “Normalcy Bias” must be
    eliminated in your head.

    It is said, “A prophet is without honor in his own country.” Your existing friends and relations won’t readily accept that you’ve grown or improved. They don’t want to have to re-think every relationship every day. So, once you’re categorized, you’re defined — pigeon holed — for all time. They won’t LET you grow. You’ve got to make an all-new circle of friends who don’t already have you pigeon holed, and will take your self-description at introduction as a starting point — and go from there. You want a promotion? Move to a new city.

    2) “My Stuff.” Everybody has “Stuff” — things they want to say, positions they want known. attitudes they want to present. You have “Stuff.” People want — NEED — to present their “Stuff.” You will do well to LISTEN to other people’s “Stuff,” before presenting your own. Ask them questions — and carefully listen and ask follow-up questions. You’ll rapidly become known as a Good Listener — THEN you can roll out your “Stuff.” Most people feel a lot of internal pressure to go first. Let them. If you go first, they won’t be listening; they’ll begin to listen only AFTER they’ve displayed their ‘Stuff,” and the pressure in their brayne has dropped.

    3) “Intentions.” Much is being made these days among the enlightened New Thinkers about the power of mass intentions. Sometimes guys like George Noory will organize mass intentions events, like having millions of listeners concentrate on weakening or deflecting a storm, or some suchlike. Massed prayer is often credited with making a difference in some manner. It would seem in a Quantum Mechanical world, where the presence of an observer is crucial, and seems to affect outcomes, that massed intentions may have creative and defining power to make things happen. In short, the Mind may have transcendent power.

    It’s not an overstatement to say that lots of people sense Something Is Coming. The air crackles with Portent. Maybe we should more deliberately guide what we think in the hopes
    of avoiding the worst of it. Maybe our minds can create or affect the coming Reality for a better outcome.

    It’s worth a shot.

    – 73 –

    • Flooby… there’s a name for the vacuum cleaner of the future. I’ve got a ‘Flowbee’ for hair, and a Roomba for the floor, but nothing for the dust. I need a Flooby!

    • Very Very nice. Have actually had to activate this ‘new and improved version of myself’ in a whole other town with new people also behaving the same way.

      It’s an amazing experience. People are longing to be heard, and to make friends.

      William, this comment of yours is worth a BOOK.

      It doesn’t have to be long or large, but expand on these points.

    • good stuff man. really good stuff.

      don’t worry if your having trouble keeping track of everything. eveyone is. I certainly am. I do know alot of people are dying of heart attacks lately 3 days after them getting the booster. and all the doctors say “natrual causes ” uhmm I know of 8 people under 30 that Have died from heart attacks in the last month that all just got the latest booster.

      pretty simple math.
      new booster = heart attack. 8 out of 8 times. that I’m aware of.

      more than a few people said. oh I thought you were here. or I thought you were there. and I say oh that was so 3 days ago.

      well I don’t know where you are at most of the time. its always changing and i cant keep track of you and where you are at.

      I say don’t worry. me tooo. I have hard time keeping track of me too.

      they say where are you going next? I say well everytime I make a plan to be somewhere the next thing I know I’m on a plane to somewhere completely different or in a car crossing two state lines there for 2 days and then somewhere else. I don’t fucking know where I’m going but I’m going. hahahaha

      who knows. I may be riding through salt lake city on white horse next week. hahaha. I dont know. there has got to be a reason for it. I was in the same place for a couple years. now I’m all over the place. LOL

      and often times, my life is a reflection of the things to come on the larger scale.

      I want this whole thing to turn around. I really hope it does.

      who are these new enlightened people you speak of. right now, I’d like to talk to the manager. I understand there is a stairway to heaven and all. but it’s 2023. can we get an escalator installed? jeesh.

  15. Doesn’t the below go without saying? Could be the final warning.

    “”The defeat of a nuclear power in a conventional war may trigger a nuclear war,” former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who serves as deputy chairman of Putin’s powerful security council, said in a post on Telegram.”

  16. “Last week, Mexico’s president grimly reminded us there are as many as 40-million illegals here in Uncle Country.”

    NOT 40 million illegals — 40 million MEXICAN illegals. There could reasonably be as many as 25mln additional illegal aliens here, who’re not Mexican…

    • Ray,
      re: “NOT 40 million illegals — 40 million MEXICAN illegals.”

      They breed ’em and we feed ’em. Seems to me they get to have all the fun and we pay for it.

      Have a great football filled weekend.

      • I understand people wanting to better themselves and their situation. Every human who’s not “living dead” wants this. However, I have a huge problem with people who don’t play by the rules, and an even bigger problem with people like Soros and Steyer who spent hundreds of millions of dollars to ram illegals into CONUS before they could get the commies in the Democratic Party to take over funding and the cartels, the logistics, to “Cloward & Piven” ICE and the Border Patrol into breaking (with the bonus of inserting a several-million-man army behind our {formerly} defensive lines).

        The hell of it is, this strategy will work, because the couple hundred million decent folks in the U.S. won’t pick up a rifle until half their towns have been massacred. This is what makes them “decent” and will eventually make them “dead.”

        I doubt we geezers will live to see it happen, but unless someone who can’t be bought, with stones the size of medicine balls, A CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE, and a highly-developed sense of “right and wrong” takes up residence at 1600 Penna. Ave. by 2029, I see this as inevitable.

        Keep your powder dry, my friend…

        • Ray, you are the best of all the parts John Wayne played.

          You also sound quite Clark Gable, as Rhett Butler, in GWTW, as he’s trying to explain to the Southerners why they are gonna get their arses whipped.

          He also got a little sentimental when he was kissing up a storm with Scarlett before he left to join the Great and Glorious Cause.

          He just left out that it was the Banksters setting up and banking on the un-Civil War.

          This has got to be a paragraph for the ages:

          “The hell of it is, this strategy will work, because the couple hundred million decent folks in the U.S. won’t pick up a rifle until half their towns have been massacred. This is what makes them “decent” and will eventually make them “dead.”

        • @Cd

          Honestly, I wouldn’t know. I watched few movies, growing up, and despite the fact my mom watched GWTW whenever it came on TV, it bored me to tears and I never got past the first 10 minutes. Most of the “John Wayne” I saw was wearing a soldier’s or sailor’s uniform. I worked “part time” from the time I was 7, and was always outside playing or doing something, or inside, reading or playing with big boy toys.

          My “paragraph for the ages” as you put it, comes directly from studying history and social anthropology. Once humans become socially complacent, they invariably fail to react to a “clear, present, and immediate” danger, until it overwhelms them.

          BTW, the “cause” for something happening, becomes totally irrelevant, once that “something” happens. For instance, we can have a coffee table discussion of the causes of the Civil War now, but in 1861 the only thing that mattered was that hundreds of thousands of Americans were (or would soon be) shooting at each other…

  17. Markets and the economy are facing a meltdown in 2023 that could escalate into a new world war. A veteran trend watcher who called the dot-com bust warns of dire consequences if the Fed takes it too far in raising interest rates.
    – It is assumed that ‘The Fed’ will raise rates to 5%., maybe 5.25%, and keep it there “for a long time”. [ Bank of America ] JP Morgan said that the markets are not paying attention and ‘The Fed’ will keep rates high for the entire year.
    – Is that too high? For too long ? ‘The Fed’ was too little and too late – to start with on the fight against raising inflation., will they now go ‘too much for too long’

    • It’s strange, but I remember going to the bank as a kid in the mid 60’s with my father and opening a savings account. If I saved some of the money I got as an allowance and gifts, and emptied my piggy bank, I would get 5% interest on my savings.

      Interest was normal then, there was an incentive to save.

      Then decades later, interest became not normal.

      It’s all totally insane.

    • Hi Hank, Hawaii is prime real estate for any country. You are probably aware that the CCP bought up Covid distressed hotels. Ready made barracks don’t you think for vacationing military aged men?

    • Hell Hank, with all the stuff there, you live on treasure island. I’m thinking Afghanistan.

      And no one wants to burn the Maui Wowie fields. God Bless ya’ll for that, btw.

      Love from the mainland.

    • Did you indicate being on the safe side of the island?

      Thinking out loud 4K pics of the mushroom clouds could be leased to the media outlets as ‘Limited Edition NFT’s” after the blast.

      Each frame = one NFT.

      If you have time it might be a good idea to take “before” photos of the dangerous side of the island for posterity.

  18. I had a good week trading. How ’bout you? Got out about an hour ago when it looked like the market was about to turn – it did.., there is enough time left for it to end in positive territory.
    – No clue yet on tomorrow.

    • Conntinuation in the morning and then, as I said this AM maybe a sell into the close

      Too many moving parts to be long over the week and short is too gamble-ish

      • Yep – I did very good over the past three days…, VERY good.., but as the sell weakened I decided to take my chips off the table for a very good percentage. – I agree., there is just too much going on to hold over the weekend.., and I won’t risk that much money in a spread.

  19. Alasdair Macleod was interviewed on Wealthion and had an interesting observation about crypto and the blockchain in regards to property rights. The blockchain may very well rat you out if your coins, or any part thereof, were either stolen or involved in any illegal activity at some point along their history.


    • As we have held from the beginnings Bill: Crypto is the outcome when really smart people (like at Mitre.org) can not figure out a way to put “tax cookies” on digital transactions.
      My friend Howard put it best (about cash) when said “Your money doesn’t care where it came from.”
      But with digital/cryptos there is a memory.
      So not only can the government take money because of its history (should it have been part of ill-gotten gains at some point) but it can also disenfranchise racial and political subgroups at will in order to execute whatever perverted social engineerings powers have operated the coup.

      Imagine a world where ONLY non-white, non-native English speakers were to be elevated financially by somne millions of dollars per year EACH on government whim. Obviously gives lie to the Baseline “Equality” notion, but it really does put the inmates in charge of the asylum.


  20. I’m a little puzzled by all the angst over revelations of a lying partisan ‘path. Apparently the politico in question is not as skilled at concealing his pathological deceptions as his colleagues. Criminals typically get their cookies off lying to manipulate the white bread. Partisan lawyer gangs are elite organized crime networks. Santos is just one of the gang, and Americans are dull-witted suckers with short memories. Nothing will come of it.

    • They won’t say “Sorry…”

      A lot of folks think if Russia (or China, NK, Iran, etc.) use a nuke on us, they’ll use just one.

      If Russia nukes us, they will use 7000, all at once, all launched at the same time, and the vast majority targeting our ability to respond. Does anyone believe the country with a population of 340,000,000 and radiation bunkers for 700,000 effete, aged, and elitist prigs will defeat the country with a population of 129,000,000 and radiation bunkers for 150,000,000 people, the vast majority of whom have been fighting and clawing their entire lives, just to survive…?

      Nuclear war is not a game of: “My dad can lick your dad,” even though there are folks in D.C. and the “Media” who try to reduce it to such.

      If it happens, any possible response won’t matter because

      You and I will be dead.

  21. U.S. Warms to Helping Ukraine Target Crimea

    After months of discussions with Ukrainian officials, the Biden administration is finally starting to concede that Kyiv may need the power to strike the Russian sanctuary, even if such a move increases the risk of escalation


    As I said a few weeks ago, this is the hill upon which Russia will not back down. If we give Ukraine weapons with which to attack Crimea in general, and especially the Russian warm water port at Sevastopol, they will take out our left wing enclaves, and meet the Deagel populations for the U.S. (Canada, U.K., etc.) in one (actually two) big flash…

  22. ‘World’s oldest dated rune stone’ found in Norway: ‘Dream of all runologists’

    A rune stone discovered in Norway is being called the world’s oldest, bearing inscriptions which date back to the earliest known days of runic writing.

    someone stood near Tyrifjorden, west of Oslo, and carved runes into a flat, square block of reddish-brown sandstone, the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo said in a statement Tuesday.


  23. Lumber prices are up 14% in 2023 after tanking last year, and a lack of supply could fuel another surge ahead of key homebuilding season.

  24. DOJ Indicts Trump For Biden’s Possession Of Classified Documents

    WASHINGTON, DC — After multiple caches of highly classified government documents were found in different locations belonging to President Joe Biden, the United States Department of Justice acted swiftly to indict former President Donald Trump for the alleged crime.

    “This is a serious violation of federal regulations,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a press briefing announcing the indictment. “We will take all measures available to the Justice Department to hold Donald Trump accountable for President Biden being found in possession of these documents.”

    “No one is above the law.”


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