Future: Seeing Nonapparent Indicators

Universe is speaking to us all the time.  Thing is?  People don’t listen.  Which is why things “go Gomorrah” every now and then.  But you know it’s coming.  I know it’s coming.  The signs are everywhere.

But they are often in beautiful and subtle arrangements. Like this L.A. Weekly story: Why is Drudge Report Black and White? We Investigate Matt’s DrudgeReport.com…

If you read the article, come to find out, Drudge has ventured into monochromist territory, before.  “Historic times” was mentioned in a previous.

If you’ve read our favorite “Ready? Set?” book, “The Hungry Years: America in an Age of Crisis, 1929-1939” the move to black and white perhaps would be more obvious.

Near as we can figure it, Drudge (or whoever owns it) is merely channeling a future.  Which might be simple, stark, and anything BUT colorful.

Change is in the air, beyond RGB, pantones and CMYK.

Follies du News

As the week wraps up, we think even a fool can begin to see the short list of major life-changing events that are coming to pass.

With government like this, a windmill and an armadillo.

Apes that Never Learn

Government is not to be measured by the common-sense application of brain cells.  Crooks have us honest people out-gunned, out-financed, and out-elected, anymore. Corporations have subsumed government. Precisely back-asswards.

We are all – at some level – held civilian hostages by our nuclear governments world-wide. Which in turn are pulling off money heists in the name of war.  Simple.

If you follow our Comments Section – where a lot of breaking news shows up – reader Hank out on the Big Island turned us on to this “coming attraction” Thursday: Russian ‘intelligence gathering ship’ off the Hawaii coast being monitored by US Coast Guard.

And – fellow nuke hostage – we trust you saw where Putin ally warns NATO of nuclear war if Russia is defeated in Ukraine?

This comes as the West tries to forestall the onset of economic collapse.  One of the most reliable “avoidance levers” to pull is a major war.

The idiots who pull the Marionette in Chief’s strings have no business working on policies that threaten global ignition of WW III. A NATO attack on the Crimea, and particularly the Russian warm water port of Sevastopol, will result in a near-certain nuclear response.  We have previously shared an idea which 8 American major cities will be sacrificed by demonic blood sport players holding office or power.

Take, for example, Germany is anxious for economic stimulus as Handelsblatt: German companies are ready to ship to Ukraine 100 Leopard 2 and Challenger 1.  Gee, golly, looks like U.S. Death Merchants will have to be satisfied selling fighters to Greece (F-35s) and Turkey (F-16s). Big money and a huge resource war coming there.

The Federation of American Scientists reports NATO and Russia Exercises Rattle Nuclear Swords Amid Ukraine War. Should be good for Ambien and Lunesta sales as we continue “sleepwalking to war.”

Mark Your Calendar: On January 24, 2023 at 10 a.m. EST, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists will make the 2023 Doomsday Clock announcement. Learn more.

Wrong Number:  T-Mobile investigating data breach affecting 37 million accounts. Seeing why we use prepaid burners, yet?

For Whom the Axe Swings: Amazon and MSFT earlier this week.  Now,  Google is laying off around 12,000 workers as tech giants continue to slash jobs. Read CEO Sundar Pichai’s email to staff.

Implosion of the Crypto Con:  Crypto Giant Genesis Files For Bankruptcy As Casualties Mount After FTX Collapse. Seriously?  You can’t be surprised, can you?  BTC is under $21,000 at clicktime.

CTM (Crap That Matters)

Getting Justice is not happening in Courts the way it should: Florida judge fines Trump and his lawyer $938,000 for ‘completely frivolous’ lawsuit.  Maybe to hizzoner, but what about US?  Two observations that matter.  First is the judge’s actions are reprehensive and appear to be punitive on their face.  Courts have been monetized as weapons against humans.  Second point: Democrat Slick Willie Clinton appointed the judge in this case.  See how the dots connect?

Monitoring leftist embedded racism in schools is critical, we think.  Florida Bars AP Course in African American Studies.  Any comparable offerings for European American or Asian American Studies?  No?  Didn’t think so…

Around the Ranch

Pricks:  I may have used the word too often.  Because a REAL one – a bunch, actually – showed up here.  Elaine got up for some personal recycling in the wee-hours. Hearing an odd noise outside, she spied a porcupine on the BBQ deck.  And all this time, we thought they only roamed city, county, state, and federal offices…the pricks are after us all.

Prayers:  The head of our Houston Bureau is in for surgery Monday.  A kindly/warm thought for her successful surgery and quick recovery would be very much appreciated. I’d go into a lot of specifics but there’s the HIPAA laws and too many lawyers in the world.

Pussycats:  We are slowly recovering from our recent loss of Zeus the cat.  His understudy replacements (Sam and Sylvia) are still rather standoffish, as feral cats will be.  Sam (the Siamese) is taking food a few feet inside the house now.  Sylvia slept last night on the heated pet mat. They are a “cat couple” and are often seen “team hunting.” It was 33F overnight here.

Prophylaxis:  Elaine’s teeth were perfect as we both had dental cleanings Thursday.  I have a small cavity under a filling which will be addressed in coming weeks. We look at dentistry as having its own economic system: 15-fillings will buy you a good used Lexus. Fillings under cavities get you bumped up to a 4-series, or better.

Personal Health:  Next time you go to the dentist, Ure’s simple (not medical advice) Covid reduction plan?  Get the dentist to use nitrous. Even for cleanings. Expect a few bucks more on the bill.  Thing is, this ensures airflow from across the room instead of higher density close-in “air share” with the hygienist or doc.

Party Time?  Our dentist’s oldest son is out of college and got a first-class computer programming gig up in Colorado, somewhere.  Coming home, the son tried to explain to dad what a UTO vacation plan is.  “Unlimited Time Off” is a big selling feature in s/w gigs – you just go take time off to do things as the spirit moves you.  But, our common-sense doc’s going “So, can I take, like, ALL of 2024 off under this kind of plan?

Personal Performance: We obviously don’t know the right people in HR: I seem to have signed up for the UWP (unlimited work plan).  So, I’m scheduling some “re-education camp time for myself, because I don’t understand it either.  I’m a walking HR nightmare whose preferred pronoun is “God.”  An equal opportunity offender.

Prescience of People:  Remember what I projected yesterday?

A word from my “onboard audience.”  They think the market will drop today (Thursday), but perhaps turn up a bit late into the close.  A good rally is sensed early Friday as possible but fading toward the Friday close.  The big declines are still ahead, they murmur.  Which is pretty damn rude of ’em.

Came out exactly so.  The commercials ran the Dow down in the  Friday preopen, but the broader mix was up.  Looks like the idea is to sucker a few more bears in, which we figure will be eaten for lunch in a likely rally.

With little economic news, it’s likely to be a quiet options expiration.  We sat out the money printing short side Thursday due to the dental work. Nitrous and day trading is right there with alcohol and gasoline on the stupid scale.

Prices and Projects: Off to buy lumber.  Prices are firming and it’s time to lay in supplies before the retailer’s jack things up later this spring.

Write when someone gets rich,


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82 thoughts on “Future: Seeing Nonapparent Indicators”

  1. Something that has always amazed me;
    The so-called “elite” act as though they think the WhirlWind they court (or deliberately precipitate) will somehow NOT make their own lives untenable.

    They require food (etc) just like the lumpenproles — as well as a non-toxic environment, and numerous personal and operational services; and just who the hell is going to provide those goods and services?

    99% of the so-called Elites are all but helpless and unskilled at anything beyond conning folks out of votes. Tool use and the prospect of dirty hands or true labor seem beyond them.

    If farmers don’t grow foods, and truckers don’t truck it, the Lotus Eaters are in a Big Bad Pinch, and it’s only a question of time — and not MUCH time — before their mansion / bunker / hideout / becomes unsuppliable and unliveable. Asuming they aren’t attacked and looted first.

    Handymen and builders and other tradesmen were employed to BUILD their forts, and those folks have memories — and often weapons.

    This is assuming the Ordinary People haven’t already showed up with torches and pitchforks and vengeance on thir minds.

    You’d think the storied legends of The Elites would be pursuing Peace and Stability to save their own arrogant asses…

    In all probability, they’ll perish first.

  2. Have few to blame but ourselves for have lying leaders. We vote them in or re-elect them even after they lie straight to our faces. They pay no price so they choose the easiest path. Biden has a long history of bold face lies, but 80+M people still voted for him. So they learn their lies keep getting them elected, as for some reason, people believe this time they are being truthful. There is some fundamental failure of many humans tribal instincts that overwhelm their desire to be led by honest moral people. So its on us we get the government and leaders we deserve.

    • “Biden has a long history of bold face lies, but 80+M people still voted for him. So they learn their lies keep getting them elected”

      look what the choices were.. shizt, shizty,shizitier,and your phuc,t …unfortunately they went with your phuc,t

    • Simple… ‘they’ have been cheating for thirty years to keep the uniparty in the trough. I really don’t think the majority is so stupid, just willingly acceptant. That veneer is wearing thin and soon there will be changes. It’s just a natural evolution seen many times before.
      We’ll need all the luck we can muster just to survive the coming GSM.
      Heat first, then food. That’s what will matter.

  3. “communist-backed “reparations” drive”

    Which economic -ism model allows for all these American pension bailouts? We paid for their products and services. Now we get stuck with their pension bills. That’s theft and they should rightfully give us the money back. They are taking food from our mouths. Forty cent eggs, “Ah those were the days.”

    Former Sears staff should go chase Fast Eddie for their money.

    • It it sad that people put themselves to be dependent on a “pension”. But that should be a contract between the pension provider and the individual. Why the Feds began backstopping these is beyond me, as I don’t see anything in the constitution discussing federal powers of pension guarantee. Given enough time almost every company will go bankrupt, and perhaps even cities and states. If Feds backstop these, then those folks that manage the pension will be less responsible for the funds as uncle Sam will just take care of it. Feds cannot even fund their own programs, social security and medicare, as they just print money to pay their obligations.

      For those making themselves dependent on others (companies, states, Feds), just understand all those are likely fail on their commitments. If you are not able to take care of yourself funding your own needs, as you age, you will disappointed.

      • “go Gomorrah”

        The story is Gomorrah was corrupt from top to bottom.

        Look out the window. They steal from them and those stole for the others all the way down to someone buying stolen beef out of a suitcase.

        Suspect caught with suitcase full of meat, arrested for 70th time: Police

        “According to police, the man pushed the cart until its security feature locked its front wheel. He then walked off with the suitcase.

        Officers stopped the suspect at the RTA bus stop across from Walmart.

        The suspect, a 62-year-old, told officers that he sells stolen meat to restaurants at half price. The man didn’t name the restaurants.”


      • “Why the Feds began backstopping these is beyond me”


        If you have a pension, you had a collective bargaining agent, probably a union. Collective bargaining agents take in massive amounts of money on the front end. Some of this money is donated to politicians and political Parties to curry favorable policies for the laborers represented by the union, and to buy power for the union. Most “union dues” have allocations for which a portion must be spent. Pension funds have no such allocation, therefore are “free” to “invest” until retirees begin to draw them. They also rarely have any kind of legal delimiter or regulation, denoting how they can be “invested.”

        We have devolved into a narcissistic culture. Joe pensioner doesn’t care where his money comes from, and even if he’s aware of why his pension funds no longer exist, is going to hold the government (specifically his Representative) responsible if it goes away. It can never be the union’s fault, because it was so good to him for so many years.

        Therefore, the politicians can either backstop pension losses or seek employment elsewhere…

  4. Oh boy, it’s amazing how life changes ones perspective. It seems not that long ago that when we spoke of “prophylaxis” you were considering products described as ‘Ribbed’ ‘French Tickler’ ‘reservoir tipped’, etc. Now the focus is on proper dental care. Sucks to get old, but it beats the alternative.

      • I liked it too.

        LOB mentioned a certain putty tat yesterday I think, and as I was reading it the Italian Stalion came on the cyclops box,
        did you know Sylvester Stallone is older than George. he seems to have his brain firing on all cylinders too. and is in pretty damn good shape for being 76.

        on another note: I’m not sure what is going on. but I’m waaaay out of my confront zone. and I wonder if everyone else will be so soon, as well. I started this 2023 buisness way way way out of my comfort zone.

        a few other things. I have had more than a few men say lately in various places, “whoaaa you just scared the shit out of me.” I didn’t even see you there. you move super quickly and quietly. like you are a Ninja or something. ”

        I’m a pretty big dude to be a Ninja. it has me wonder if all these rapid environmental changes in succession will take many many surprise and many will not see it coming and they will be instantly afraid.

        I know the entire world doesn’t revolve around me. but there is always a language present in the world around me telling me about the future, and no matter what state I’m in. I’m always in the right place at the right time for someone. like I asked Obi-Wan kanobe the other day. what is this teaching me? he said why do you think the lesson is yours to learn. what if you are the lesson for others.

        hmmm. never thought about that. I said I was thinking the lesson was, “if you don’t know what your doing or where you are going next? go fast about it.” hahahahah he said see ya soon. then he said, I’m not Obi-Wan Kanobe. I just look like him. I said noooo that fella in the movie is an artists rendition of what Obi-Wan looks like. it’s an imagination experience of what you look like and are.

        he said fine. quit fucking around yoda. hahahaa I said
        oh please, eveyone knows Yoda is Asian and was adopted by the swedes. he said how did you come to this information. I said for one only Asians age that good. nobody else will look that good at 900 years old. he said true. he said where did you make the Swedish connection? I said Yodas last name. he said Yoda has a last name? I said oh my God. you are a Shaman and you don’t know Yodas last name? I thought all Shamans knew yodas last name. he said I missed that class. what is it? I said,

        Yodas last name is layheewhoo.

        long pause then
        he said Yoda….layheewhoo?

        I said yep. say that ten times fast.

        he said Yoda Layheewhoo!


        there is always more presented than meets the eye. always.

        where to next? not sure. I really have no idea. but I’m on the move alot lately. and so far everything is being provided. as was stated.

  5. The Economist magazine cover 2015 analysis by The Burning Platform. (Unfortunately the images are no longer there.)

    Take a closer look at the faces of the personalities featured on the cover. Some of them are in full color while others are in black and white. Why is that?

    Among those in black in white are Putin, Merkel, Obama, Hilary Clinton and David Cameron.

    A quick compilation of this data reveals that those in black and white appear to be part of the elite (including the ISIS guy who probably works for them) and those in color are “outsiders”.


  6. Bulletin of Atomic Bullshitters/Fraudsters/F-ing Liars. All youses really think that train of “rivers of rain”/”pineapple express” storms that recently soaked the left coast came from sub tropical Philippines ?

    Says right frigging hear – “those storms were powered by nuclear particles from the massive dumping of millions of tons of radioactive waste water” from Fukushima storage tanks into Pacific ocean-Y. Shimatsu

    All together now – “Tritium in partially tritiated water droplets” interacting with sulpher particles escaped from natural gas wells and pipelines – produce the visible atmospheric “sparkly” luminaries that have been sighted in the skies out west on the regular since 3/11 ala Constantines” glowing cross vision..yep the Dude hard at work sending signs to humanity. bwahahahahahah

    Rippit, rippit rippit..https://youtu.be/CR_thBRNGIA
    Left coast “suckers” are getting “nuked” one way or another every dam day of Ure lives, one way or another – Yup, enjoy that all that sunshine and reparations geniuses.
    * no worries green gov gruesome just extended devils canyon nuke plant for another 5 years. what could possibly go wrong there during a “shakeybreaky” event..
    Taking It to the Streets..
    https://youtu.be/5maeA8bQh6E …JT and Carley join the Doobie Bro’s

    • Re: “Doobie Brothers” feat. Edward R. Rooney


      Today’s newspaper front page alerted readers that a local high school has removed the entry door to the girls” washroom leaving stalls visible to passersby in the hallway. Apparently the school administration alleges there has been rampant vaping going on in the girls lav in violation of school regulations. The Principal stated to the newspaper interviewer that girls uncomfortable with the new update could avail themselves of the “mixed use” facility elsewhere in the building. The report advised that the door to the boys washroom remained in place. There was no mention of any smoke being detected. The paper separately interviewed irate parents. One gained the impression that something was going to hit the fan.

      • Folks,

        Speaking of fans, let us not overlook further manifestations from the Biden entourage while visiting flooded California. Frustrations regarding reporters asking about the Corvette classified docs when there are apparently more important matters to discuss caused some sort of overflow. The resulting presidential statement ending with a “there there” challenges for entry into the Oxford English Dictionary.

        Speaking of Oxfordshire, for those tuning in prior their go to sleep, have no fear. DJ George has the “Hail to the Thief” disc ready. If “2+2=5” doesn’t add up, here we go-
        “There, There”

  7. Thanks for the head’s up on lumber. Things have been too busy and I’d not gotten needed supplies yet. Too busy doing real work to pay attention there.

    I’d like to get some real actionable info on whether or not they’ll screw around with our SS retirement checks! After all, they’re supposed to be in a “lock box”. /sarc

  8. trump filed a frivolous lawsuit that ran almost 50 pages and sued 31 defendants. collectively those defendants spent almost $1,000,000 hiring lawyers to defend them. ordering the person who filed the frivolous lawsuit to pay the legal fees of the defendants is the definition of justice. you’d likely agree if the plaintiff wasn’t named trump and the defendant was Ure.

    you and i often see things differently so it’s good to know that you are against judges shifting attorney fees to the party responsible.

  9. I am thankful that the Dude had me on his “Wake-up List” for today. At close to 85 yrs old, I’m starting to hear Niagara Falls on my river of life. What is disturbing is the filth on the riverbanks. Too many people have sold their souls for money, fame, greed, etc. Perhaps that is why there are two songs as to the destination after death: Stairway to Heaven vs. Highway to Hell.

  10. I work in big tech and have been on “UTO” plan for about a decade now. At first, they called it “Unlimited Time Off” but very quickly the HR folks swooped in on that and the language was adjusted to “DTO” or “Discretionary Time Off”. Nobody is counting the days, but if your manager is ok with it and you are considered to be performing well for your role then take the time off.

  11. lots of environmental changed in rapid succession. that had been my experience lately and ya gotta go, ya gotta go. and I don’t want to go. but I’m on the go. ya know?

    lately autocorreect has be predicting the future. lol. i was texting someone the other day and I kept bring up Wednesday, so I thought what the hell, let see what it says and let it go. and it said Wednesday Portland Oregon. the next week. someone on Wednesday asked me if I wanted to go to Portland Oregon. huh. no so stupid after all.

    I want go and I want to stay. when there is that many rapid environmental changes. it’s hard to navigate and hold on to your hat.

    I’ve been seeing don’t tell anyone your plans. I don’t know what my plan is other than to stay in one spot for a little bit because that is alot of rapid changes in environments in a short period of time. maintaining balance, level, balanced is difficult with that much movement and that rapid of change in environment.

    the show I was at was Anthrax, Black Lable Society (Zakk Wylds band. if you don’t know who Zakk is? look him up.) and Exodus. super good show. thoroughly liked Zakk’s riffs. not everyone can play like that guy.

    whole stage was covered in upside down pentigams. or coins if you are a tarot reader.

    got an offer and i will see.

    after doing so many shoes, I always know someone working at one. big long line at the show. aaaaannnnnndddyy! f that line, you come directly and see me Mister. yes Mam! big hug, good to see ya. ya working. no I’m participating in the anarchy. she laughed and said I have something for you to do. hahaha.

    interesting combinations of names. order of play. Exodus, Black Lable Society then Anthrax. indicators of the Future? hmmmm. Anthrax first song. “spreading the disease”

    hadn’t seen them since 1991

    love the song “Indians” and “time”. time is my favorite song of theirs.

    also had 3 different people now say the exact same thing to me about traveling. same exactly thing. 3 different people in 3 different states.

    “where ever the spirit leads”, yes sir. lately this is the case. and I don’t know where I will be next. and for how long. it’s seems others do though. keep finding ~ Finger prints of God ~ no matter what state I’m in. states and states. stating states. dimensions and states. hmmmm…..

    well, off to talk to the lady’s in the green house and be all zen and shit. hahaha

  12. …., wow !
    Cryptocurrency is now the 2nd most widely held financial asset among women.
    In eToro’s fourth-quarter survey, 34% of women said they own crypto, up from 29% in the prior quarter, while the rate for men rose to 43% from 42%.
    …, another – wow !
    The former FTX US president just raised money from Anthony Scaramucci and Coinbase Ventures for his new crypto startup. Founder Brett Harrison is in “preliminary talks” to recruit former FTX US employees as well.

  13. Drudge partly says, “Complex issues roil U.S.-Turkey relations”

    The complexity goes back to the 2020 losing of Constantinople. Turkey is a double-agent and empires are shifting.

    “Constantinople was important for the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. When the Ottoman Turks took the city, it was a symbol of the rise of Islam and the fall of the center of Christianity, making the Ottoman Empire the most powerful in all of South Eastern Europe and marking the end of the Eastern Roman Empire.”

    “The mosque was originally a Greek Orthodox church from 360 AD until the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks in 1453. It served as a mosque until 1935, when it became a museum. In 2020, the site once again became a mosque.”

  14. Democratic Republic.
    We do not have a Democratic Republic and have not had for some time. It took me a long time to figure out what we actually have in order to understand how government behaves: We have a corporatocracy administered by a kakistocracy, composed of the three branches of our government. Now everything makes sense.

    • Atom
      January 20, 2023 at 14:15

      Democratic Republic.
      We do not have a Democratic Republic and have not had for some time. It took me a long time to figure out what we actually have in order to understand how government behaves: We have a corporatocracy administered by a kakistocracy, composed of the three branches of our government. Now everything makes sense.
      The sum of all of your observations is rightly called, “IDIOCRACY.” Watch for the movie on UTube if it is still up.
      Man! The truth hurts but then, there it is. Life Imitating Art. You nailed it.

      • What’s really scary is “Idiocracy” was written to ridicule GW Bush.

        In less than 25 years, our political landscape has devolved to the point that Bush43 would now be considered overqualified and over-competent for the job. The scary part is I see people who actually WANT this to become the status quo in Washington. They’re all Leftist communists (although most don’t realize they’re commies — yet), but they repeatedly vote for people who’ve the competence and acuity of an amoeba…

  15. I have never seen my mentor Steven John Kaplan as animated and directive on this market. A great read his latest . Real bad. These fools down at wall and broad are insane . The vaxed veges they control are non cognitive zombies . Not one bit of sanity anywhere . One morning they will find out . 3 to 5 thousand points down in the Dow . That’s for starters

  16. Inquiry:

    There seems to be a goodly number of ham radio ops on here.
    No, I don’t want your callsigns or phone numbers or anything else.

    I wonder just how many there are…

    I request you say “I’m a ham,” and naught else. If you want to indicate very generally where you are — like “northeast,” or name a state – that’ll be quite enough. I’ll match up user names and see what we get, and put it on here. George has already outed himself, so that’s one. I’m one, so that’s two. Anybody else care to say?
    (I might re-run this one day next week, just so’s everybody hears the request.)

    No callsigns, no personally identifying information — just “I’m one,” will be quite enough for this purpose.

    – K –

      • Roger. Thank you.
        Having said that;
        I’m NOT lookin for callsigns from anybody else.
        (Too easily looked up — privacy issues.)
        Just looking for anonymized datum of how many by “screen name” are on here.

        The response, “I’m one,” will be quite good enough for everybody else.

        -73 –

        • We are two. As in both. A matched set. Ham and hamette. General and Tech.

          I got my start in radio courtesy of the US Army’s Signal School at Fort Gordon, GA and refined the skills (mostly CW) in Greenland, Ft. Monmouth, NJ and Fort Hood.

    • Of course, and a trained storm-spotter/chaser for over 20 years now, but not very good at it — I still haven’t caught a tornado, yet.

      I buy and sell salvage from the Mississippi to the Catskills, and Copper Mountain to Graceland, and generally do storm-spotting over this entire area, either as, or in lieu of working…

  17. Good column as always, George. We here at our hacienda have joined the list of those mourning the loss of a four-legged family member. Our 15 year old Boston Terrier, Quigley Allen, passed away a week ago today in his own bed surrounded by his loved ones. When the time comes we should all be so lucky. So, we’ll tip a glass your way this eve, George.

    In other news, I have something that I want to get off my chest. I often see people refer to the political class as our ‘leaders’. Politicians often try to sell the public that they will provide ‘strong leadership’ if elected. I’m not sure how we all got off track on this.

    Here’s my take on it: Don’t look without for leadership…look within. You should lead yourself and your family and not leave that to others. What you really need from the political class is not leadership, but REPRESENTATION….as in REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT.

    People that look for someone else to lead them are f*cking slaves.

    Have a good weekend.

    • Sorry for your loss, Maj.

      Anyone who watches pro football should be offended at the name of the Washington team. The ownership should have had the stones to leave them as “Redskins,” but since they didn’t, and didn’t like my suggestion (I had an acquaintance affiliated with the team) of renaming them either the “Washington Squaws” or the “Washington Pussies,” they should at least have had the decency to name themselves the “Washington Servants” rather than the “Washington Commanders.” From the last team Vince Lombardi coached, to the latest reason to not contribute money to the NFL — I hope they’re proud of their legacy…

  18. you know what is a sign? now cost a $5.00 service fee at most places when you call in and want to talk to a live person.

    at&t is now charging you a $5.00 service fee to talk to a live operator. same with alot of companies. if you don’t use their automated system and want to actually talk to a live person now? even some banks. you have to now pay a $5.00 fee. and now when you use an atm that is not your banks atm? almost all atms have raised their fee to $4.99 for use of the Atm that is not your bank. when a few months ago it was $2.00 convenience fee. which I fucking hate paying a fee to talk to a live person or access my own money.

    it’s retarded that a company charges you to talk to a live person now. you add up how much you pay in fees to access your own money or talk to a live person over a years time frame. most people don’t ever think about how much money that is. I added it up recently. $55 in a month paying “convenience” fees and wanting to talk to a live operator not some voice command system to answer your question. and I rarely do that. that is $660 in fees in a year, for a service that should be free. over 10 years that is $6,600. in little fees.

    when groceries and gas are going through the roof. and I personally know alot of people at some large corporations that have all got laid off recently. some who have been at their job for over 20 years. especially medical device companies like Phillips are all in mass lay off mode.

    we had all these big Union projects for Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other big companies that seem to always be buying up land and building big buildings and factorys pulling the plug on projects until further notice. due to economic conditions.

    and everyone is moving along like it’s all peachy. and I’m on the go like dominoes. rapidly moving through environmental changes. maintaing my balance. and I have no idea where I will be next or where I will end up. just take your books and clothes. hmmmmm….. teach and learn.

    people are for the most part oblivious of the under current of things. I think for a moment. maybe I am too about the nature of the reality of our current trajectory. especially when I am uncertain about my own trajectory other than blind faith.

    but $5 to talk to a live operator? for a service I’m paying for? that is clear sign of the end of the world.

    normally I don’t think to much of that stuff. but today I did take a moment to scream. oh my fucking God DUDE! Not for me, because I always am where I’m supposed to be and have everything I need.

    there isn’t alot of people to be so fortunate to have that sorta of a dynamic life. I feel for those who don’t. I been stacking miracles for so long. may need to cash in a few of them. idk.

    and the Roman circus goes on.

    • auto correct says, -> more rhapsody if I knew it would have a chance for you and I to get a new car for the next few months and we and we will be in the last year of the world around the corner enjoy it money won’t matter soon as it will help us to get a better idea what is the best way for me and you love

      okay auto correct, you have had your say.. let’s see if you know the future this time.

    • They’re planning for NATO to furnish medium- or long-range missiles to Ukraine. The time to do preventative maintenance is before your car breaks down…

  19. One very minor comment to Hank in Hawaii.

    Its been about 40 years , so Im sure something has changed , but every single time we left port , CVN , there was a Russian ship waiting for us in Intl waters. San Diego , Alameda , Norfolk , Pearl , P.I. all of them. ( Didnt take long to lose them though ! )

    • I can neither confirm nor deny that Oahu has nuclear-capable storage facilities.

      And we have tested anti-missile capability from Barking Sands missile range on western Kauai island. As for me, I’m upwind, 250 miles from ground zero at Pearl, and I have a couple of 13,000 + ft. blast walls between me and the fireball. “What? Me Worry?” (Alfred E. Newman)

  20. The debt limit or debt ceiling is the total amount of money the U.S. can borrow to meet its legal obligations

    So, why is the U.S. borrowing money to meet its legal obligations? Doesn’t the U.S. have an income?

  21. Yet another reparation meme has been born:


    While this reparation meme my be satirical, I have a different real reparation meme in mind. I want personal reparations from groups who seek economic and political reparations using phony social justice memes. These groups represent a diverse assemblage of commercial, ethnic, partisan and religious cleansing gangs running wild in the courtrooms and assemblies of America, serving their own greed and hatred (and of course, the genocidal CCP). The reparationist attempts to subject living Americans to historically fraudulent reparations, both direct and indirect, based on their skin color, surname, geographical origin, or religious and political beliefs is attempted stealth genocide through domestic economic terrorism, not social justice.
    In my own family history, it is unclear which groups pulled the trigger, or in which mass grave my ancestors lie, but family history records that they were murdered in cold blood. The spin came afterward to protect the surviving family. The vigilante reparation advocates are clearly no different from any of the prior plagues of the self-righteous mass-murdering groups who have disgraced the American colonies and Republic. I don’t see any of the mass slaughter as holy or justified. All of the murder sought to bury the opposition, then grab land, assets, and political control. In Texas, the followers of Sam Houston who resisted all the political usurpers ended up dead. There were no heroes or honor, just victims. The lofty ideals which papered over the carnage from all parties came as an afterthought. My ancestors paid with their lives. Screw the pathological lying reparationists and their propagandists.
    All the reparationists should be held accountable for their attempted hate crimes, and put on trial for their lives. The news media who champion phony social justice reparations and act as propaganda mouthpieces for the reparation hate mongers must stand trial as well. It is time for some real social justice in American courtrooms.

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