“Jellyfish” McCarthy, An Anti-Aging Report

Not exactly a busy weekend.  Sure, the word is a budget deal has been cut, but for now, we’re just waiting to see how the reviews will go on the hill where the Cast of Clowns II takes over.  Where prospects are uncertain.  Debt-Limit Deal Sets Up Tough Battle for Passage in Congress.

We are (regrettably) going to label McCarthy a Jellyfish negotiator.  As the NY Post headlines the view: McCarthy’s debt-ceiling deal with Biden comes up short on vow to reign in IRS (nypost.com). Spineless.  What about reining-in the IRS armed expansion? WTF?  Kevin done sold out the right and we predict a bitter House battle still to come.

Strip away all the hype and yes, inflation will continue (for now) and as a result, commodity prices are starting to rise:  Oil up with tentative US deal to raise debt ceiling (aa.com.tr). The question for tomorrow’s market open is who will figure out that if commodity prices knee-jerk up, that might potentially squeeze the profit line – which really ought to drop markets.  But hype springs eternal… even with the Fed 2-weeks out.

For now, speculation is on hold while we eye the Bitcoin price ramping up to the upper $27,000 range and wonder “Can markets get any more stupid?”  Sadly, we know the answer to that.  But there’s always the post-holiday hangover…

Overnight the UK market was up (mirroring the runaway colonies).  But Germany and France were a shade more rational.

And in our Elliott and Trend Channel view of our Aggregate Index it’s clear the upside still promises a long-awaited “trading box fill.”

As should be clear, we have completed what may be an a-b-c Wave 2 and could collapse any second.  More likely?  We have an overhanging ascending trendline which could be sampled before disaster shows up in late July.  For now, we’re just watching, playing the odd low-probability short position, and waiting for all hell to break loose.

News We Can Use?

Keep an eye on Russia.  With the West seeking war crimes penalties on the Russian leadership, here comes some “turn-around” to track: US Senator Lindsey Graham on Russia wanted list after war remarks. IAs background, there’s a warrant out for Graham Russia issues arrest warrant for US Sen. Graham over Ukraine military aid comments.

To us, the Russians are about to play the food card, as well.  And their foreign minister ups the ante: Russia’s Lavrov warns West: Black Sea grain deal is in danger of collapse | Reuters.

Saber-rattling in Asia continues, as well.  (Reliable as the sunrise, some of these headlines):  Japan threatens to destroy any North Korean missiles entering its territories.  Sadly, they can’t.  Too much area,, not enough hardware to cover every square inch.  So, in a single press release, Japan has set up the NorK’s to get some missile to kiss a corner of territory and thus, raise idiocy to record levels (again, still, continuously).

With BTC up some since Friday, the rest of the crypto complex looks upwardly mobile, at times: Ethereum (ETH) sees increased optimism as another dormant whale awakes after 8 years | Invezz. Long term, we expect the U.S. (like China) will authorize “whale hunting” after an attempt to wipe out competition with the Offishall government money.  You know how governments hate competition.

Looking Ahead

Tomorrow promises to be interesting as hell.  See, Housing Price data will drop half-hour before the opening.  And we expect the roll-over in Housing will be more apparent that every.  When the report drops, remember the data is 60-days (plus) in arrears.  People making investment decisions on old data should be cautious, we figure.

Thursday is our day to be super-amped and ready for anything. With nothing-to-speak-of Wednesday, both the ADP Jobs report and the Challenger Job Cuts will release Thursday.  Then Federal jobs data Friday.

ATR: Anti-Aging Notes

Every so often, when news flow slows, it’s useful to check-in on how the data flows around the concept of supplements and anti-aging.

There has recently been a number of news reports on how effective supplements can be in retarding the effects of aging.  A good starting point might be Dietary strategies with anti-aging potential: Dietary patterns and supplements – PubMed (nih.gov).

Still, we’d caution that government is not exactly an honest player in all this.  Since government has a dog in the financial fight.  If the right supplements work, then the government loses money (as Social Security payments actualize higher).

We won’t offer an explicit medical advice here.  But Elaine and I have evolved two “stacks” that work for us.  The morning stack is omega-3, collagen, glyNAC, broad spectrum D3 and NMN.  Plus the daily multi-vit.

The “night stack” includes 5-HTP, berberines, and DHEA.  It’s an OTC concoction to mimic some of the benefits found in a very small study back in 2019. (5-HTP is a melatonin precursor.)

Which gets us to a fascinating series of pictures my friend Chris Tyreman took over an 8-week period.  See for yourself:

As Chris (63, I think) explains it, in addition to melatonin at bedtime:

“Taking NAC  Vegatot brand resveratrol, NMN and Quercetin (found on Iherb.com).  Also using Retinol for the face, and several other things in tandem.

All the pain I used to have in my knees, feet etc. is gone.

Pretty impressive results – over 8 weeks, remember.

A number of readers meantime ask (now and then) how Elaine’s doing on the regimen.  Well, I went into the house, unannounced Thursday, and snapped a picture of her.  No staging, just a picture:

Now, I don’t know about you, but when our PCP said Elaine “looks 62” that she wasn’t kidding.  We should all be so fit and good-looking after rolling past 80.

I’m had friends get offended when I start talking about the use of supplements and anti-aging dietary protocols.  In the end, we’re all dead, of course.  But we don’t have to look “one step in the grave.”

Thing about supplements, super-nutrition, and rest (grounded sheets and all) is that effects do take time to accumulate.

I’ve been following this course for many years.  You get to figure out if (this morning with coffee and a hot shower) if I look 74 1/4.

Oh, we also use a “light crown” – which we wrote up on the subscriber side (Peoplenomics.com) in 2016.  Yes, that also helped reduce the gray hair coming in back then. No gray surrey fringe, please!

Track clinical trials including red light therapy over here Search of: LLLT – List Results – ClinicalTrials.gov.

But overall, and based on a meaninglessly small sample-size, no question in our minds that nutrition and personal eating habits rule our future. We really are what we eat – and what we take in addition.

EV Data:  

G2 had a high school buddy of his over Sunday.  George made Keto Soup and they adjourned to the 100-meter (rifle and pistol) range.  Leaving me to admire his friend’s EV.  One of the new Mustang EVs – and reports G2, mind-numbing acceleration.

Only downside I keep coming to is the periodic recharging.  His pal had to stop for an hour in Ennis, Texas. each-way from upper Dallas.

Seeing EV charging as more of a trade-off now.  G’s pal is a data center god, so he can (and does) working from everywhere, all the time.

I’d be more EV-inclined if the charging stations all had bathrooms and a sandwich shop.  But, give it time, I suppose.  I will let you know when one of the big national foodies rolls out “Mc-Chargers” or “Charger-King”.

You know, with KillerWiFi speeds, maybe there’s a floating meet-up party possible in what will come as “charger station partying.”

Let’s get “recharged together” as a coming hook-up line to come?

Or, the foundation of a trillion-dollar industry making mobile office/bedrooms that are 100 percent electric (and have a microwave).  “I’m late for an office meeting at the Ennis charging station….”  Turn high rise space into sliding cargo doors on e-vans…

Such is progress?

Write when you get rich,


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36 thoughts on ““Jellyfish” McCarthy, An Anti-Aging Report”

  1. They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
    Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
    They were staunch to the end against odds uncountered:
    They fell with their faces to the foe.

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.

    An ^ excerpt from For the Fallen
    — Laurence Binyon

    Call those who served and give thanks.
    Remember them …

  2. Elaine looks half your age!

    One thing

    “how effective supplements can be in retarding the effects of anti-aging”

    You don’t want to retard the effects of anti-aging!

    You want to retard the effects of aging.

  3. We already have more pollution from the mining of lithium and truth be told when you have to power EV recharging stations night and day with fossil fuels it’s just another con game……

    • Good point, bond guru: Ure absolut on it here.
      But here’s Ure’s take on how far the EV made-up business model has run>

      As much as I know about EVs, the fact is it will give government a whole new line of control on people’s ability to move freely around the country. Tun off someone’s charging card (or blow down the grid which wouldn’t be that hard) and now everyone is frozen in place.

      Still, gotta looking at it as where to gamble when you’re a high roller.

      Do you gamble in the honest casino, or the mob casino. Where there’s more comps, drugs, hookers and protection from “the law” – or do you bet in the boring honest place?

      See, EVs have become the “sanctioned casino” in this thought model. And as delusions will – this will only sort out over a good long time. EVs ain’t perfect, hybrids are a semi-answer, and single fossil fuels carry their own set of risks.

      Besides: the lithium colonies is another good land-grab proxy for the nation-state majors…

      • If I’m going to lose money anyway, I’d rather have the comps, drugs, and especially the hookers! At least they provide value for value. Protection from the law is also a benefit.

        I’ll stick to driving my paid for ICE cars and trucks until they start costing too much. I do think the advances in battery tech are incredibly good for power tools. It’s becoming a bit of a nuisance to actually drag around extension cords, and I absolutely love my HF 10″ chainsaw that I can take anywhere without having to bring a generator! Gas chainsaws are such a nuisance – loud and high maintenance.

      • EV? Pfew. Simply won’t work here. They won’t work anywhere given the energy conduit it hopelessly behind the ability to mfg. cars / trucks. Meanwhile, though I have never lived in Missouri I have stayed the night at a Holiday Express. Show me.

        Show me we can power an ever greater number of EVs safely with minimal inconvenience for the user. Nyet.

        Show me you can mfg. with a batt. set that survives our cold without magnifying inconvenience for user. Nyet.

        Show me service trucks on milk runs can work. Or, city busses and trains. Or any trans. not requiring vehicular reset.

        Don’t show me a porta diesel genset running up a dead EV. What are we doing here, exactly? Nicht. Nyet. Nope.

        In ten years when my auto-pod arrives to take me somewhere with an AI bot driving (I’ll call him George)? Maybe.

        Show me,

      • I see Tesla’s everywhere when I am out driving.
        For a poor or lower-middle class single car owner, living in a rural location in a cold climate, the EV’s make no sense whatsoever.
        For a more affluent townie in a warm sunny location, with easy access to public transportation as a back-up, the EV’s make more sense.
        Other factors like excess home power generation capacity make the EV’s more attractive.
        In short, if you live in a town in a warmer climate, and money is not an issue, an EV makes perfect sense. If you are an ordinary Joe just getting by, then an EV is not for you. And no, I don’t have an EV, or a hybrid. It’s a money priority issue for me. Tying that much capital up in transport isn’t going to work for me.

  4. Nice mug shots!

    Switching to a gluten free and dairy free – no milk or cheese – diet has made a difference for me. When I turned 50 in 2021, I started giving up gluten, then giving up dairy followed shortly after. My digestion has improved along with every other bodily function, lost about 30 pounds too. I still eat beef, chicken, bacon, etc. I highly suggest adding ground flaxseed to your diet too.

    I am most grateful, cheers to the veterans and service persons who both risk and sacrificed all for the USÀ.

    • No cheese ! Really !? I use two cheeses in my grilled cheese sandwiches and three cheese in my mac-n-cheese. I am not too sure I could give them up….,

  5. Good grief. If Chris keeps this up, he is going to look like Judah soon. Would Chris be good enough to share his exact supplement regiment with us?

    By the way George, I have seen good results from the 5 minutes of eye movement before sleep but only 3 nights so far. I will give you a report after 2 weeks.

    You and Elaine certainly do not look your age. I am sure it is the Canadian Maple Syrup.

    • -how about we just flush the IRS ,,, no income tax, it was designed to keep you as a permanent debt slave,,
      but U cant “c” it
      Let US make the United States of America’s Constitution, law again
      End the Fed and FBI and CIA

      REMEMBER THE FALLEN, who gave their lives,, who swore allegiance to the U.S.Constitution

      a True military salute, take 2 minutes and reflect and listen to the bugle

    • They don’t have enough auditors because they are too busy hiring tens of thousands gun-slingers. Priorities., I guess.

    • actually C… that is why we have what almost seven thousand pages to the tax code.. its the way to find a way not to pay..
      How they come up with the seventy thousand page myth is .. the government redirections to other laws already in place.. similar to the Health bill.. I made it through six hundred pages give or take a few.. but gave up.. mostly because if you went with all the redirections I am willing to bet there is way over fifty thousand pages to the three thousand page law.. that is one reason why congress will give you every excuse under the sun to NOT read them.. they read the cliffs notes on it and that is it.. heck they only work twenty six days a year.. or is it twenty five days a year now with juneteenth coming up.. the do work on poinsettia day the best holiday of all.. and then the golden goose healthcare and retirement package.. people on the ground trying to support families just drool over that stuff..
      I worked with a woman that was getting a divorce.. she was making five dollars an hour.. her ex was making four million but.. it was tied up with the company along with the car’s the house.. the camper etc.. even the utilities was in the companies name.. he showed less than ten thousand dollars a year in income.. the tax laws are written to help those .. the same way that the one family had so many LLC’s what was it.. twenty for sure and that is just what was uncovered.. to their name.. the millions and millions are hidden a simple shell game. which shell is the pea under..
      Simplify the tax code.. the only deduction is the poverty level then lets say ten percent over that.. lets say thirty thousand.. then ten percent for everything over that..
      I can tell you I even pay more in taxes than I should because I don’t have the money to fight the IRS.. they can be nasty.. a friend made a four hundred dollar mistake and they took him to town.. over four hundred dollars.. not a fun ride either..

      • Dude – Loob, seems looking at this all wrong. The tax code every year is like my annual sales plan from corp. It was my road map to out performance and presidents club. Tell me my Number, tell me the Revenue Rules – I always took care of the rest.. “Simply The Best” – Tina tells me so, time and again..https://youtu.be/QQTYqoKQKrM

        It is a mind set, and Attitude – like the old saying (holds great truth) “Ure Attitude Sets Ure Altitude”

        PS – 1st tax return in my life – I was young kid working under (2) federal contracts in Psych. Lab at local university (Dad was friends with lead researcher) feeding and clean thousands of lab rats. After completing simplified form I had figured on a $72 refund, so I simply added a 1 in front of the 72 on final/total line of return. Lo and be hold they sent me a treasury check for $172 = WIN!
        With that kinda of return on my slight of hand at such a young set me on a life long course of Beating The Man every chance I get/got.. even when I was literally “the man” – I was working against the establishment.

        I remain..

  6. Re: “The Russian Woodpecker”, 2015
    feat. 13 card tricks du pont


    Today as one plugs into the ‘Urban mainframe conduit, a spry former dj turned keyjay intones invitation to “…Keep an eye on Russia…”. Gates of the drawbridge thus raised, let us venture forth across the moat towards the United Kingdom’s “Daily Mail” investigation of an American gladiator thrown to the lions. There is to be found a curious bridge foursome apparently seeing a world’s richest man suited-up in courtship rituals with FSB-connected birds of a feather. The High Table giveth and the High Table taketh away? Filters up before diving down the “Daily Mail” offered link into Colosseum.

    • The story is BS.

      Mila Antonova had a little bit of cleavage 15 years ago, therefore, she was likely too old for him.

  7. The thing about the “EV revolution” that really pisses me off is the fact no one has proven we’re headed for catastrophe due to Human-caused climate change. No data supports that hypothesis. None, nada. And the solutions being brought forth may be doing more harm than good. After all, we have yet to figure out how to dispose Lithium batteries at the end of their live span. My garbage collection company even warns not to dispose of batteries in the garbage/trash can. So what the tell are we supposed to do with them? Recycling is a joke; most of it winds up in the landfill.
    Rant over…I feel better now. BTW you guys look great…me & the mrs take similar vits & minerals. Milk Thistle is also a must. And a monthly dose of “pony-paste”.

    • “no one has proven we’re headed for catastrophe due to Human-caused climate change.”

      No one CAN.

      And the solutions being brought forth may be doing more harm than good.

      They are.

      Ya can’t fix what ain’t broke. You CAN, however, break it. If we break the biosphere which is present-day Earth, we kill everything on the planet. Libtards and True Believers in the Church of Global Climate Change don’t believe in the Judaeo-Christian God. Instead, they believe they are gods — that they have the power to wreck, or to resurrect this planet. They DO have the power to wreck it — all it takes is to remove or “sequester” enough carbon dioxide that the planet’s flora begins to asphyxiate. Once that happens, it will take the planet thousands or millions of years to recover, and Homo Sap will not be a part of the recovery equation.

      One decent-sized pyroclastic volcanic eruption puts more CO2 into the atmosphere than every motor vehicle on the planet, combined. I’m pretty sure Hank, who lives on an active volcano, has only suffered from massively-elevated CO2 when he has ventured to the gas pump…

      • I recall that during the last eruption(s) of Kilauea and most recently Mauna Loa the volcano spews out 18 Kilo Tonnes of sulfur dioxide daily! By choice, and geologic knowledge, I live upwind of the vents. The area downwind of Kilauea summit is called the “Ka’u Desert”… where nothing grows.

  8. “Anti-aging”

    Musk says he can implant chips into the human brain. At a certain point health chips will allow us to tweak and tune the mechanics of our bodies at DNA level. No longer fear genetic markers of doom.

    Who wouldn’t get health chipped to add 350+ years to their life?

    Instead of wearing glasses the chip makes our unique DNA correct the problem over a few days.

    Spinal injury/clogged up arteries? The chip will be able to tell the body to expel scar tissue and heal itself baby-like new, or like a newt. We’ll be hybrids.

  9. My good friend in the big city of Honolulu is a well paid bus driver in that horrendous traffic with a perfect record of 22 years. He wanted to retire at age 62 when he was fully vested in his pension. Condo was paid off. Nope! Asian wife wanted more… So they had to buy a newer, fancier condo, another mortgage, and my friend has to keep working to make the payments for a few more years, and will have a mortgage payment even after he ‘retires’ in a few years. He was always a ‘fitness’ guy, but he is aging now with the stresses. I sent him my picture recently and his reply was: “Hey country boy! How come you aren’t aging? You look younger than I remember.”

    Retirement agrees with me, I guess… as well as all the supplements.

  10. George
    You and Elain look Fabulous!
    on EVs
    I won’t sit still for one hour partial pullups and less than 200 mile ranges.
    My 2003 Buick put 400 miles on one tank this weekend and I am still Putting around Birmingham on the last quarter tank since Friday.
    Fill up time is under 20 minutes including P-stop. I know I can drive from SE Colorado to Birmingham in under four fill ups and about 20 hrs including a half hour nap.
    The EV is not a potential way for Gummint to limit mobility, it iij s thevway they are attempting to limit our mobility as we speak. I and Littl Big Al can keep rebuilding these as required if we can’t get any more.
    But if you look at reports that Germany and France are telling the EU that the green limits aren’t working out for them, I believe if we have a fair election next time the green raw deal will be gone here too.

  11. Major Charges Dropped Against Sai Kandula – The East Asian Migrant Terrorist with Nazi Flag Who Tried to Ram White House and Take Over the Country

    On Friday DC prosecutors dropped all of the serious charges against Sai Kandula who said he was attempting to overthrow the White House.

    These are the same prosecutors who are sending Trump supporters to prison for several years for touching a metal sign Ray Epps was hurling at police.

    BizPac Review reported:

    Something extraordinary happened — prosecutors dropped every single charge, leaving Kandula with nothing but “a single count of depredation of property of the United States in excess of $1,000,” the Post notes.

    Critics want to know why.

    “I don’t want to sound paranoid, but that seems like they’re trying to hush this up,” Mark Hemingway, the husband of conservative commentator Mollie Hemingway, tweeted.

    So, why does the foreigner with the Nazi flag get a pass for ramming an entrance to the White House?

    And why are these prosecutors jailing Trump supporters for walking inside the US Capitol after they were waved in?

    Maybe the Asian did not fit their political narrative.

    • Waiting for the other shoe to drop. The web is silent on what happened next. Release? Deportation? Shipped to St. Elizabeth’s or another mental health facility. Kid had multiple IT certifications according to his LinkedIn. My guess is that he is not running around loose. The things he said (purportedly) at arrest were really nutso.

      Charges dropped is not necessarily a left-wing conspiracy.

      • Other articles said that the charges could come back at trial. He has a green card and has been here a while but he’s certainly a candidate for deportation. If so, I’d bet his face will appear at the Southern border within a few weeks’ time.

      • From personal experience transporting nutjobs to mental facilities, the hospital won’t take the nutjob if criminal charges are pending. If a nutjob is judged criminally insane, then the court can order him committed to a facility made for that purpose.

        It’s an old dodge here that when caught, you act like you’re crazy so the charges will be dropped and you spend 3 days at the state funny farm getting free meds. Then you get free transport back to court, and the judge says you’re free to go.

        • Sai Kandula: the other shoe dropped. From today’s NY Post: ” He will also undergo a mental health evaluation.”
          A detention hearing will be held June 9; he is currently in jail.

      • “Kid had multiple IT certifications according to his LinkedIn.”

        It’s not beyond all reason that the CIA has snapped him up. The spooks like these types — whiz-geeks with an attitude. They channel Junior’s hatred or pent-up negative social grace into whomever the CIA wants to hack or destroy.

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