ShopTalk Sunday: Anti-Alz. Light Assembly, Stacked Projects

Sorry to report the anti-Alzheimer’s light project (designed to flick at 40 Hz to potentially improve cognition) didn’t get completely finished this week.  Too little time and too much else going on.

But we did make a good start on assembly, so let’s go from there.

We begin with the pile of parts.  (See last Sunday’s column for details).

Next, we piece things together as they may fit in the box.  Little details matter here – like is the power supply set-off from one end far enough so that you’ll be able to see the connector board when assembling?

Little things like that genuinely matter.  I have no idea how many radio modifications have been made over the last 50-years, but there’s really nothing wrong with pasting a revised schematic of some radio inside the covers where it won’t be visible from the outside now, but when someone else tries to figure out “What gives?” there will be help at hand.  Even on small DIY projects like this one.

A little too Rorschach for you?  OK, to my point:  If you save a schematic or diagram of something, make sure it will make sense to a stranger in 5-years.

Measuring and Fastening

This step is where the end quality of the project is defined.  Accuracy in measuring (since things being squared off and strack is somehow pleasing to monkey-mind) is necessary.

The first decision on every project is how are you going to fasten things together?  On this project, my choices are screws or hot glue.

The reason for the fastening decision first is that it will then determine how you are laying out your parts.

There are two main approaches to screwing things together.  One is to meticulously and perfectly measure the hell out of everything with intricate cuts and lots of arithmetic.

The SECOND and usually much faster is to make a template.  One-time drilling is template on printer paper:

In this instance, the typing paper was held stable and a ball-end Allan wrench was then used to ream out the screw holes.

The other way is to get out the calipers and take your time because that kind of layout takes forever compared to a simple template.

For more than one-off, do the paper template and transfer the drill holes to more durable materials:  Manilla folder stock for simple dozen-times use.  Or 1/4 inch plywood on up to 1/4-inch steel in industrial settings.

Hot Glue Magic

No idea why I was so skeptical of hot glue for so long, but my impression used to be that it was weak and a poor substitute for real workmanship.

Now, though, with a big battery on a portable hot glue gun and a pocket full of sticks, you can get into all kinds of mischief.


Obviously, a hole for the power switch (*and some refurb work because this is a recycled part from the bin) needs to be figures. Being a proto and test unit, no need to do the truss head small metric power supply screws.

Tomorrow morning, after the column, plan is to get the unit’s flasher set to 40 Hz.  Then it will be time to use it and notice (if any) effects.

Safety Matters

If you do work on this “flashing light modulate energy” work, you’ll want to be aware of something called flicker vertigo.  Per Wikipedia:

Flicker vertigo, sometimes called the Bucha effect, is “an imbalance in brain-cell activity caused by exposure to low-frequency flickering (or flashing) of a relatively bright light.”[1] It is a disorientation-, vertigo-, and nausea-inducing effect of a strobe light flashing at 1 Hz to 20 Hz, approximately the frequency of human brainwaves.[2][3] The effects are similar to seizures caused by epilepsy (in particular photosensitive epilepsy), but are not restricted to people with histories of epilepsy.”

I would run into it, now and then when landing, the engine back to idle power and sun behind at sunrise or sunset.  The technique is also used on some tactical lighting mounted on your gun’s rail.  Depending on maker, it’s the “disorient flashing” setting.

Another Safety Focus

…this week was getting set up to put a small (5.5 watt) laser into the 4030 CNC machine.

Spending a lot of time trying to get the absolute best software setup I can – but with one restriction:  Has to be 100 percent offline.  Some of the products out there are great but web bound.  Even with maybe another step (using FlatCam and the conversion software, then putting it in a feed program (like Candle), at least everything here is…off grid capable.

Speaking of Which: and their CNC pages (and articles) have reminded us of how good the web can be in capable hands.  The site is set up in two broad categories.  The DIY section which is over here.  And the CNC section over this-a-way.

Normally, I wouldn’t get excited about such a site but their sign-up for free courses (they email some out once a day for a week) on a dandy variety of topics from this page.

Back to the Weekend

Much to do and only a few scribbles tomorrow.  This 7-day a week habit should have been popped long ago.  But slave to the language, I guess…

Write when you get rich,

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38 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Anti-Alz. Light Assembly, Stacked Projects”

  1. Since today is Sunday, it seems the perfect time to make an announcement. Ok here goes…

    It has come to my attention that the latest post by G.A. STEWART at The Age of Desolation (.com) site “THE ROAD FROM ATLANTIS”, has caused a disturbance among the so-called “Christians” who believe the ONLY point of reference in life is The Holy Bible. Period!

    They babble about his post, “beware of soothsayers and demonic entities…”

    What next? Will they hunt G.A. Stewart down and arrange a kangaroo court?

    “G.A. Stewart, you are hereby charged with the crime of BLASPHEMY!”

    1. The act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God
    accused of blasphemy.

    2.Irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable.

    What will his sentence be? Death by hanging? Burn him at the stake?
    They don’t like to hear things like this…

    G.A. STEWART:I have been highly critical of Evangelical Christians, because most believers can only operate out of one book, The Holy Bible. That story is incomplete. Therefore, what I present here many Evangelical Christians will find an apostasy, since in Genesis it is pretty clear who creates man and woman and for what purpose.

    All I can say in closing is this…

    God bless G.A. Stewart, “The Blasphemer.”

    • OMG….what was wrong with Stu’s article..I personally loved it..
      my only issue is I have trouble with the passwords set on some of his articles

    • This is the Thumpers to whom I was referring, with my “1611 post” of the other day. The only thing I’ve ever seen that’ll get a “KJV-1611” purist mad enough to physically fight someone is if you question the “fact” that “every word of the 1611 KJV is divinely-inspired, and must be accepted as the True and Complete Word of God…”

      And “yes,” that is a quote, which was dropped on me when I dared ask a Pentecostal Thumper where the Books of Adam and Eve and Mary Magdalene were, in his Bible…

      • lol lol they obviously haven’t read it… everything you can imagine is in there..
        I’m a firm believer.. don’t get me wrong I have a deep faith.. but some of the people need to sort out the creators rules and what was inserted by some one other to fit their ideals..

        • “I’m a firm believer.”

          As am I.

          I simply have a low tolerance for people who believe their (or their preacher’s) interpretation of the Bible is the only acceptable belief, and anyone who does not accept their interpretations and beliefs, 100%, is taking the Midnight Express straight to Hell.

          Part of this is from my Mom telling me “There are many paths…”

          Part of this is from my brain, telling me: “You are not God. You do not have the right or authority to interpret (alter, rewrite, redefine, etc.) His Word for others. This is the meaning of the term ‘false prophet.’ You have only the authority to tell others what His Word means to you.”

  2. “Therefore, what I present here many Evangelical Christians will find an apostasy, since in Genesis it is pretty clear who creates man and woman and for what purpose.”

    I was one of those whose belief in the Bible was absolute. Still am. What many fail to grasp is that while God created heaven and earth and all things therein, nowhere in the Bible does it say how many times he has done that on this rock. I believe the Bible applies to this iteration of God’s creation; just as each preceding iteration, I’m sure, had its equivalent. That explains the scientific deviations in the timeline of creation. The things that were but are no longer. Atlantis, for example. No mention of it in the Bible or on today’s maps, because it was destroyed by God before he re-created this planet. I believe He allows things to progress to the limit of man’s stupidity, then wipes the slate clean and starts the process again.

    • The God of Israel gave the early people He singled out a fairly uncomplicated set of “Rules to Live By” in order to move them out of the Stone Age, literally and figuratively, and they immediately began finding one exception after another to fudge the rules here and there (Original Sin) but the Monkey Mind reigns supreme through the ages. God, Yahweh, whatever you want to call Him, was impressed with those He was impressed with and the rest were detritus on the face of the Earth and He had no problems getting rid of the bad guys like any rancher culls his herd. Knowing what we know now about multiple lives in a soul’s journey this makes the death of millions a bit less horrific than it was originally. Unfortunately it doesn’t do anything to mitigate “Man’s Inhumanity to Man” from the, almost, prehistoric past to the present. I wonder, if the OT God was an alien group, they had this in mind at the time?

      I believe in a relationship with The Almighty and believe His rules and admonitions to be absolute in their wisdom for having a good and beneficial life for one’s self and those around you. I’m a simple ‘black-and-white’ kind of guy and life shouldn’t be that complicated on a cosmic scale. We’ve learned a lot more since the Information Age came about and wrested control of our knowledge of such things from The Church regarding “Life” and once (Dr.?) Raymond Moody’s book “Life After Life” came out the secrets began to flow into common knowledge. Any pastor, reverend, priest or other religious leader should have known the gig was up at that point. Even if you discard all of the YouTube NDE videos Moody’s book still stands out as an investigation into the soul’s journey between Worlds. The only reason I’m not more aggressive with Evangelicals in my personal life is because it’s become obvious that in the end it really doesn’t matter as we’re all a different stages in our souls’ development. The time to be aggressive, though, is when certain people begin to have a wider influence on others.

    • olfart,

      “I believe He allows things to progress to the limit of man’s stupidity, then wipes the slate clean and starts the process again.”

      That’s interesting because about two years ago, Stu told me…

      “God is going to scrub the surface of this planet with a Brillo pad.”

      • It’s called the 12,600 year blow torch from the Sun. Ben on S0 has been talking about it for years, too, and expects it somewhere in the 2030s. Biggest reset there is but we have to remember that we’re all descendants of previous survivors.

    • “nowhere in the Bible does it say how many times he has done that on this rock”

      Nor does it define, relative to the length of a day on Earth, how long one of God’s “days” is. One of The Lord’s days may be as 50,000 (or 50 million) of Man’s days…

      My Mom once told me: “There are many paths to God.” She had over 60 “bibles” (not necessarily “Bibles,” per se, but certainly “learnéd texts”) from various faiths, sects, and religions in her bookcase. I probably read Aristotle and Confucius before I read the KJV, which was on a shelf with the Koran and “The Lost Books of the Bible,” an LDS Bible, a transcription of Hopi and Zuni beliefs, a Catholic Standard Bible, a Torah, etc. Heck, Mom even kept a copy of the Kama Sutra in that bookcase (which I was not allowed to read until I was about 16, for some strange reason, even though she kept it on the shelf next to my “Flammarion Book of Astronomy…”)

      It was her theory that once a person opened their mind and saw beyond the politics of each religion or belief system, that the important words in each, were essentially the same (how many religions have some iteration of “The 10 Commandments” incorporated into their core philosophy?) and that it was not completely beyond reason that every religion served God, but was presented to a tribe or cluster of tribes in a given region, in such a manner as people in that tribe or region could accept.

      Why does the lore of American, African, and Indian ancients speak of a stranger, walking amongst and teaching them, around about, and for several years after the time of Jesus’ Resurrection?

      • Ray, I for a long time have felt, that you need to combine all the religions in to one and only keep the common beliefs.
        I AM an agnostic,,, not know, but I have my beliefs, and Faith hope and love.
        as to your NPSS, that is a magnum scope killer.

        • “I AM an agnostic,,, not know, but I have my beliefs, and Faith hope and love.”

          Maybe your beliefs ARE your religion?

          For many years I was “agnostic,” as in “questioning.” I didn’t question that there was a Supreme Being and Creator, only that the paths I was taking didn’t lead to a personal relationship with Him. A good bit of that questioning was forced into my personal headspace by fuckwits who insisted the “only way” was THEIR way.

          The French and Spanish missionaries criss-crossed this land, from Columbia to Hudson’s Bay, for hundreds of years, preaching to the natives. Father Escalanté did not preach his word to the Indians, he preached His word, and let each man, woman, and child divine their path to God in their own manner, thereby bringing tens of thousands of Mexicanos and Indians to The Lord under Colonial Catholicism. I’m guessing the good Father and his ilk didn’t exactly follow the directorates of the Vatican, but spoke to the natives in a language and manner that the natives could understand. They knew their job was merely to open a door — that each person must find his or her own way — something nearly all contemporary preachers have forgotten in their quest for fame and money.

      • “the important words in each, were essentially the same (how many religions have some iteration of “The 10 Commandments”

        AMEN @Ray… it didn’t really hit me until I was reading the book of adam.Adam.. there was one part where Adam kept hurting himself in an attempt to show the creator that he was ashamed and sorry for disobedience..the creator then told him what they wanted was the best for him and to work to survive and learn..
        anyway after I read that book it became obvious that man altered what was commanded to fit his image not the creators

  3. olfart,

    So I think you would agree then that God’s plan did not end with the printing of The Holy Bible?

    G.A. STEWART: This view of humanity, prophecy, and God’s intent is very skewed and very 19th century. I suspect that God’s Plan did not end with the printing of The Vulgate and The Holy Bible. I believe that God’s Plan is still a living breathing thing, providing us with clues and hints that we either decide to ignore or accept.

    God’s Plan seems to go back to some highly advanced, space faring Antediluvian civilization, and very soon once Extraterrestrials have made their appearance all Christians will have to deal with the new reality without calling everything demons and devils.

    • In my view, the Bible is divided into two distinct elements, the Old Testament and New Testament, because they have different aims. The Old Testament is the owner’s manual for the body, teaching basic cleanliness, what’s safe to eat, rules of conduct, basic tenets of worship, etc. It also teaches absolute fear of God. DO AS HE SAYS, or He will strike you dead.

      The New Testament is the owner’s manual for the soul. It explains how to improve the condition of the soul, even to life eternal. It emphasizes the love of God.

  4. olfart,

    G.A. STEWART has done the research. If you have time, check out the PDF’s at this link.



    2007 CHAPTER ONE

    2007 CHAPTER TWO




  5. Let’s hope GOD knows how to deal with the radioactive mess we have created that has a half life beyond our human imagination. Or… does the planet have to lie ‘dormant’ while the shit degrades enough to not alter DNA (unless of course, GOD simply likes to be entertained by the mutations)?.
    When 100,000 years of ‘storage’ is not enough. And this doesn’t include us being stupid enough to green glass it all in war.

  6. Stu does great work deciphering the arcane french bullshit, but yeah Dude seems suffering from tunnel vision me thinks…Masons/Illuminati and Kazarians(nosty&casey)….hmmmm none of aforementioned would ever try to manipulate the “Adams” , lead them astray or otherwise flat out lie about Earth history and how Humanity came into being, let alone what has been and is being currently done to Humans in the name of commerce and trade, AKA -SLAVERY .

    Casey himself claims he was Ra in previous lifetime, cept turns out Ra became a real POS after Nammu/Nut/Hathor was murdered by Setes during the annuna attack on the planet of the Priestesses -Mulge..which becamce Arit-Khern after it was obliterated. Ra held position of power and was place holder for murdered Enki within the Grand Council of the GODS, as young Horus/heru (enki’s Soul reborn via Mir) was growing up and Holding Him back.

    Much more on Ra (POS)..suffice to say after Nammu/Hathor, he went with the translucents, the Immdugud (kingu babar-royal whites-tall whites and Urmmah/felids combo creation).
    They occupy the Moon to this day. That is the reason why nobody ever saw him after Hathor split the scene..Tall Whites -Kingu Babars were ultimate enemy of the Gina ‘ abul.

    Reptilian Humanoids = Elohim -That is the big hidden secret. The reasons for all the faces being blown off on Egyptian statuary.

    They had to hide their true identities in ancient times as well, due all the evil, vile, outrageous acts perpetrated on Humans by annunaki on planet Earth, annuna in heavens/space.

    If you have/had Niami =External Qi , you can perform TRANSFIGURATION (very uncomfortable process) – literally changing Ure physical appearance with Ure internal personal NRG aka external Qi, the Other/Physical side of Prana.

    Soon after settlement in Turkey, the Tigris and Uphrates were DUG Out by the Iggi (forced)- Enkis personally created “Army” of finelyfeathered “reptilians” – His BFF was one -Thoth(Theehouty) – who we know today as the Ibis headed God of Eygypt. Horus/heru half brother is Annubus (Dog headed Dude) to Humanity or Dabo to his close friends. Legend says he married Dagde’s (irish giant) cousin Atlin..see New Grange,Ire.

    The annuna were created at same time as Iggigi, as Warriors. Iggigi were created as “Planners” or Sons of Light.
    Annuna green scaled/skinned, red eyes, 7-8ft tall viscous . Early Humans were a food source and entertainment source.
    Ninmah (og spouse of enlil) was the reptilian humanoid(goddess later known as Shamzia) who domesticated Swine – As a protien/flesh Replacement for the Human food source – who better suited slaving away in the fields of eden. She was later the leader of the “OG” Watchers, 1/2 of Enki’s Iggigi who went to keep an eye on the path of Arit-Khern..hence the watchers. yes they “watched” over Humanity and tried protecting from setes/enlil’s annuna depredations in the Land of Light/Eygypt. They also mated with human Females producing the Nephilim or Giants – they were OUR Friends. more lies regards Giants.
    Enki was murdred by setes and annuna and one bad/bribed Shemshu as they were later known by.
    This heinous act of evil butchery occurred prior to arrival of Arit -Kerhn..said at the time to be the Universal response/revenge for the murder of a Kiristi =male Planner – Son of Abgail/Water – a True Prince of Peace.

    Whole area mentioned above (eden) became an accursed place within several thousand years, as it remains today.

    All the humanoid Reptilians were considered devils eventually..even by the Sinnubun-AmeriIndians (Enki & Hathor/Nut/Nammu) when they were rescued off Mu just prior to 1st passing of Arit-Khern – the eye of sound, which knocked Earth of her axis, ripped the atmosphere off the antartic, and electro-excised grand canyons and great bays all over the planet, and sank/inundated whole countries including Mu.

    Who or What do you think Molech and Ba-aL are ? Human ?

    No Worries – some think we are dead already , and this all one big collective dream.

    • I’ve read about several of these events and beings, but I’ve never seen anything about some of the other things you mentioned. Where do you get this info?

      • books..
        there were a few things I forgot that was missing.. when he brought up the annunaki I had to go back and crack the cover of the sanscrit interpretations.. seems I forgot some of it..
        then there’s the Veda’s my copy of that got damaged and had to be tossed..on audible you can get all of them..

  7. Here is something amusing, Steve Quayle yesterday at Greg Hunter’s USA WATCHDOG site.

    “We will be seeing civil war, nuclear war and financial calamity soon.”

    I have to laugh, because If you have read any of G.A. STEWART’S books you would know he warned about these same things many years ago.

    Greg Hunter has had excerpts and the link from The Age of Desolation site posted in his comments section years ago, regarding civil war, nuclear war and financial calamity, but he ignored it all.

    But now in 2023, Quayle (who probably has been surveying Stu’s site for years) says we will be seeing civil war, nuclear war and financial calamity soon, and it’s an OMG moment?

    • Actually JC, I watched the clip and Quayle says all hell breaks loose in June, and therein lies the problem. We had folks here in April predicting specific days in May for the disaster, although I can’t remember if any one of them were for 28, 29, 30 or 31, so maybe still time.

      All this does is give the naysayers their ammunition to come on when the date comes and goes with their “see, I told you so.” Picking days or months is a fools game even though most of us watch the world spiralling down the toilet and know the game is coming to an end at some time, probably soon. I doubt that the seers in Rome were able to pick the exact day for the fall.

      I enjoy Stu’s work and support it as I do George’s. These two guys have their finger as closely on the pulse of the future as anyone. I am a Christian and can’t accept an Evangelical calling Stu’s work heresy. He works hard at trying to figure out the common thread in prophecies of men far more wise than me.

      I come from a science background and have been asked by some evangelical friends how I can accept the principles of the words of Jesus and I find no conflict. What I am unable to accept is the distortion that many in the Christian community have placed on those words for personal power and control. I do remember he said to seek the truth and the truth will set you free. That certainly marries with what I have tried to live as a scientist.

      • AMEN
        that is the biggest issue I have with some of the things written.. god is really direct in what he tells us.. it is man that uses it to change it just enough to make a gain for them.. since most people have not read it .. they only know a passage or two and that is what they follow so these shysters’ are able to con good god fearing people to do crazy stuff for their gain..

      • BIC,

        “What I am unable to accept is the distortion that many in the Christian community have placed on those words for personal power and control.”


        Perfect word choice.

        Thank you.

        And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

        Isn’t that what they used to say in the TV days of yester year?

      • I just can’t believe we’ve actually gone this far and things HAVEN’T collapsed yet given the complexity of our economy! I guess it goes to show the true robustness of it all despite the damage this “pretendency” of an administration has done thus far. As far as the Roman Empire goes the initial iteration of it just faded into the Roman Catholic Church and still exists to this day. But Rome, the city, began to fall over time through numerous occasions and divisions of the empire. When the city was finally invaded by Siri there wasn’t much of a resistance left.

        Perhaps instead of George mapping out the similarities of the 1929 crash with today’s economy he ought to be tracking the similarities of dying empires with the U.S. today. It’s all happening much, much faster than Rome’s demise, though.

  8. “A little too Rorschach for you?  OK, to my point:  If you save a schematic or diagram of something, make sure it will make sense to a stranger in 5-years.”

    That doesn’t make sense right now! NOW I understand why you don’t do circuit design yourself. LOL! But on my home-brew projects I always try to make a circuit diagram that I can stuff inside the box… if only so I can decipher it myself in my later Alzheimers years.

    The ‘Flicker Vertigo’ was something I experienced when I modulated my red/IR light crown with my own little 40Hz modulator unit. Very disorienting, and I have shied away from using it since. I have no Alzheimers in the family, so I don’t believe I am prone to it. I may get brave and try again. My lifelong best friend is a (now retired) registered EEG tech who has studied brains his whole life, and my consultant/advisor on what might be dangerous or beneficial. When I learned to fly back in 1978 I was exposed to the ‘prop flicker’ landing into sundown, and I was able to overcome it by looking down at the instruments or out the side window, and it never bothered me like the light crown flicker did.

    “This 7-day a week habit should have been popped long ago.  But slave to the language, I guess…”
    I worked for a while with a locally famous sportscaster. He once described himself to me in the office as. “…nothing but a word-merchant”. He kept it up until he died. I suspect George will also… hopefully for many decades to come.

  9. What store-front religion I had as a kid, I left in the jungles of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Africa and half a dozen other places, you really don’t want to visit. It’s still over there., some where., but I have no intention of going back to find it. Spend a couple of hours in the oncology wing of a children’s hospital and you will come to question all you think you know about ‘religion’. Even for a hard-ass like me, it was extremely painful.
    – I am spiritual. Very much so. In my own way. I simply do not believe what you believe., what your religion teaches/preaches.
    – It is a path we all choose. At one time in our past, we made that decision., usually for the good., for the best of reasons.
    – I do not want, nor need a millionaire mega-church evangelic Christian ‘pastor’ telling me., yelling to the masses, what God has said., or what Jesus wants us to do. [ According to them.] If they are all the omnipotent, why can’t they tell me themselves? I could use a little, solid one-on-one.
    – What you believe is entirely up to you. What you choose to share with others – is entirely up to you. I hope your choice has benefited you and those around you. It’s your path., no one else’s. Make the best of it. In you own way.

  10. Re: “Bucha Effect”
    feat. “Dead Poets Society”, 1989


    Nothing like a few words by George to connect the neurons in 3D and see bridge gates open at the summit.

    Apparently a Ukrainian anecdote has it that “Bucha” infers “a terrible commotion”.

    The official White House schedule today offered up an unusual Camp David to White House journey with a 4+ hour transit at the tiny Summit airport, De. Show the “Daily Mail” a busy signal on incoming 2597171. Dial in the “AP News” advice of a Presidential grandchild graduating from a non-Catholic boarding school founded by the Du Pont family. The school served as “Welton Academy” for a Robin William’s movie.

    Here’s DJ George at the studio controls. Keep your eye on the puck and let’s plot the course of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” aloft with musical accompaniment fit for a Sunday.

  11. I’m thinking the debt ceiling deal is in trouble:

    So, what effect will a bond interest payment default have on the portfolios of average Joe investors who have a lot of money market funds, bank CD’s, and maybe some exposure to shorter term treasury bonds?
    Which investments will take hits most quickly?
    Is liquidity of money market funds and bank CD’s in question?
    Will there be anywhere to hide?
    I hear a lot of political posturing and rhetoric, but I don’t hear much discussion of the details of the downside. As I have previously stated, neither camp seems to have any real advantage in the negotiation, nor is there any easy out.

  12. One thing to remember about hot glue is that it melts if it gets hot. This matters inside electronics enclosures and even LED light fixtures(ask how I know). Anything exposed to the summer sun can get hot enough to melt. You don’t want something to let go and short or otherwise damage your stuff.

    If you know it won’t go above room temperature anywhere near the joint, it’s probably just fine.

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