Enjoy It While You Can

A blow-off high at the market close Friday could face disappointment this coming week.  Not only is there a Fed meeting on June 13-14,, but we also have recent less-than-stellar news about inflation.

In all, while we admit to – even plan for – a continuing market rise for another two months, the late July (and onward) timeframe this year seems fraught with risk.

Still, on Main Street, the sense of “normalcy” pervades.  And who are we to argue with the Masses?

Therefore, a kind of “chill” look today as we work on bringing down blood pressure and adrenaline to stable levels…

Some “calm before the storm” seems prudent in here. It’s what holidays are for.

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38 thoughts on “Enjoy It While You Can”

  1. Good Morning Mr. Ure,,, question,
    typo or future seeing?
    “First Things
    Dent & Inflation Hover”

    dented corn is ripe for harvest, you gonna pick up some stock market spillage

    • Finally Mr. URE. after months of writing to us that everything blows up, collapses, explodes, nuclear devices, recession, US debt default etc… Finally he writes to us that the next 2 months are very bullish. Will it be the case that finally everything really collapses? There is a saying in Italy that reads “Wolf to the wolf” That is, it means that by dint of crying out for the wolf, then one day no one will believe it anymore and instead that very day the wolf will arrive.” Trade safe.

  2. “They” got Harley Davidson. It’s gonna be a quiet Summer.

    “Budweiser teams up with Harley Davidson for VERY manly ad after Bud Light backlash”

    The way I see it is Harley wasn’t allowed to go BK back there in the Fall of 2008. An Obama echo.

    “According to a new disclosure by the Federal Reserve, Harley-Davidson was given a previously secret $2.3 billion bailout during the fall of 2008 …”

  3. This has been an interesting week for partisan lawyer gang ethics issues:



    Will this usher in a golden age of ethical government conduct where citizens are safe from the whims of corrupt and malicious governance?


    But it is an interesting trend. Note that the Supremes all sang in the same key on the tax seizure case. Maybe if the SC could just step up to the plate on runaway police seizures, Partisans avoiding prosection by refusing to fund prosecution, and lack of write-in on the ballot.

  4. Super Typhoon Mawar Tracks Toward Taiwan: ‘Strongest Storm On The Planet’ (newsweek.com)

    If we were in the Twilight Zone (rather than the Toilet Zone), one might speculate that China has learned to control the weather. Imagine, if you will, a tremendous typhoon striking Taiwan. This could cause massive damage, resulting in Taiwan begging for China’s help. Ergo no military invasion, merely a peaceful aid mission that accidentally ends in China’s occupation of Taiwan without firing a shot.

    • now..I never expected china to invade taiwan. I had considered china letting Don Quixote take nato on a windmill run or two letting nato use up their strategic reserves and bankrupting or pushing anyone willing to follow the knight of lamancha to financial ruins.
      all while china follows the art of war.. then once it is time.. shut down all deliveries..since most of our goods come from somewhere else we are totally dependent on everyone else..if it’s to light up..just let Kim in NK loose..then everyone goes at once..
      multi directional ..at least that’s how the Roman army was defeated.
      the Roman army’s defeat at Cannae can be attributed to Hannibal’s successful implementation of the double envelopment tactic, which split the Roman forces into isolated and vulnerable units, allowing the Carthaginians to conquer them.
      that is exactly what I see happening..the poison pawn trap and with our dependence on almost everything we need to survive coming from somewhere else.. we drained down our strategic oil reserves opened the gates to potentially allow a trjsn horse in and spent ourselves into bankruptcy… the absolutely best scenario for us is a depression so bad that it will make Zimbabwe and Argentina depression look mild and the Weimar depression as a trip to Disneyland..
      but then who am i..

      • The True World Masters will make it so that people will line up and eagerly and happily offer their credit cards for the agents to forge their expensive chains and install the AI money trackers on their cellphones, all making for New Worlds of Convenience and Security.

        “…all needs, fulfilled; all boredom, amused”
        (Mr Jensen in the board room scene to
        Howard Beal in “Network.”)

        Don’t worry, Gang. We’ll all be well Cared For.

        • The trackers are already on the phones.. with the tablet that the grandson tapped into at age 3.. even though it had been wiped to factory the machine identifier was still on the cloud..no had access to everything in his life. his cell phones home computer his cameras his banking credit it was all there.. I was able to track his cell phones for both him and his wife by their phone..

          in what was it 2010 or so China turned on everyone’s camera and microphones..two years ago security systems were hijacked.. Alexa and Siri are listening..

    • the only issue with the upper 29% is viewpoint.. they see that they have a million dollars.. as they have a million dollars..not that they lost half a million dollars over the stupidity and greed of those at the top.. there is only so much blue sky before it fades into nothing.. people in my level of society are spending more trying to prepare for the inevitable..their pay isn’t going up..
      a 3 dollar cadybar has everyone contemplating should they get it.. or leave it on the shelf..
      which is more important..using plastic to survive.. eventually that will run out..

  5. I have to say, there’s a palpable sense of foreboding here on the Main Streets of Ohio. Us oldsters have a pretty good idea of what’s in store. We are getting ready for another trip down the “recession trail”. Or worse. Most younger types seem to have no clue and really don’t care! Hope may spring eternal, but us “seniors” have been there and it wasn’t pretty at all. Food , gas and housing prices are way up, some really high rent is getting paid by some very desperate people and the electric company is promising that “substantial” increases are coming on 1 June! It’s gonna be quite the ride! So…..Remember the Fallen and fire up the Barbecue!!!

    • “Most younger types seem to have no clue and really don’t care! Hope may spring eternal, but us “seniors” have been there and it wasn’t pretty at all. ”

      My kids think I’m some howling mad dog .. but then it’s partially my fault to.. I didn’t want them to have the same experiences I had.. like a doctor that never experienced pain ..they only know what the books say.. I remember the dark freezing temperatures as I walked to work ..stuffing crumpled paper between two pair of pants no winter coat gloves or hat..frostbite and needle pain shooting through your body walking the 12 miles to work..out the door at 1 am for the long journey.. or beating the grain that fell off the farmers wagon into a crude gruel..
      my father insisted we learn the value of hard work and the dollar.
      so I made it easier..we had the rough road and I did my best to make it easier for them..
      the caretaker personality..
      They in turn don’t want their children to experience what was lacking in their life..
      mom was forced to go to work the adult presence is now missing.. the kids don’t have a clue..they can’t see it. I on the other hand see it coming like a freight train.
      then considering that..I dont have a clue about what my parents went through.. or them their parents..
      at BYU there’s a library and in one section there’s diaries of those that struggled to survive. they worked together struggles and good times.. with deregulation we went to individualism..more concerned over a number on a sheet of paper became our God and when it hits our God will be gone.. once mankind listens to his heart and asks the question.. is this all there is..then we can grow..bring back humanity to the human..the last two years we have seen such a fall in moral and ethical behavior..what everyone was taught is now obsolete.. racing to a war or a depression that will amaze everyone.. what was it said in the kali yugha..According to Hindu mythology and texts such as the Mahabharata and the Vishnu Purana, the Kali Yuga is said to be a time of societal deterioration, characterized by widespread corruption, ignorance, greed, violence, and moral decay. It is believed that during this age, humans are farthest from spiritual enlightenment and the divine.

      • And yet, even with all that I’m hoping I last long enough to see it! I’ll probably regret what I just typed!

  6. “When was 1999 to Nosty?”


    Were his pertinent predictions based on the Julian calendar, Judean calendar, some unknown “calendar of ancients,” or something else — or different calendars for different visions…?

    • phew.. nostradamus was a sensitive.Nostradamus drew from his varied experiences, education, and personal struggles to shape his mystical and prophetic insights. he had a rough life lost so much..most predictions come from religious beliefs..religious predictions such as.. Christian Eschatology: In Christianity, there are different interpretations of the end times. The Book of Revelation in the Bible is often cited as a source of prophecies related to the Second Coming of Christ, the Last Judgment, and the establishment of a new heavenly kingdom. Some interpretations include the rise of the Antichrist, a period of tribulation, and the final battle between good and evil. what is missing are the books that were left out .

      Then consider the
      Islamic Eschatology: Islam has its own eschatological beliefs. The Quran and Hadith contain references to the end times, including the signs of the Day of Judgment (Qiyamah). Islamic eschatology includes the return of Jesus (Isa), the appearance of the Mahdi (a messianic figure), the emergence of the Dajjal (the Antichrist), and the resurrection and final judgment of all souls.

      Norse Mythology: Norse mythology describes an event known as Ragnarök, which is the end of the world and a great battle between gods and giants. It is prophesied to involve widespread destruction, the death of major deities, natural disasters, and subsequent rebirth and renewal.

      Mayan Prophecies: The Mayan civilization with its complex calendar system, and some interpretations of their texts and inscriptions suggested that the world would undergo significant changes in 2012. However, these predictions were largely misunderstood, and no cataclysmic change occurred instantly. what we did see was the beginning of a new change..look at how far we’ve gone down the drain since then.. to today where we are getting children to question t heir sexuality.. what was wrong is now ok..
      t hen there’s the…
      Hopi Prophecies: The Hopi tribe of Native Americans have prophecies that speak of cycles of human existence and the emergence of different world ages. Some interpretations of their prophecies suggest that we are currently living in the time of the Fourth World, which will be followed by a great purification and the arrival of the Fifth World.
      what’s funny is all the prediction that have been made overlapped with each other have many connecting points..most of our beliefs came from stories passed down ancient texts..the history of their struggles.
      but then that’s just my opinion.

  7. a little more on vitamins and memory: the multi used in the study was Centrum Silver. Walmart has it for 8.7 cents/pill. The house brand equivalent (Equate, identical formula) is 3.1 cents/pill. On one particular memory task the gain was 3.1 years, i.e. an 80 year old could perform like a 76.9 year-old control group member (on average).

  8. DHS funding universities with taxpayer money to BRAINWASH students into believing that Christians and Republicans are “Nazis”

    The conservative watchdog group Media Research Center has obtained documents via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request showing that the Biden regime is quietly sending American taxpayer dollars to universities so they can brainwash students into believing that Christians and Republicans are “Nazis.”


    • That one’s rich! Government control of private institutions is the essence of nazi-ism, even if it’s done via bribes.

  9. Say it isn’t so…………
    My mother had dementia.. my brother and I was in visiting her.. and he leans over and asks me.. who is it that mom is talking about.. I leaned back and whispered.. YOU!!!!!!

    • In the end my Mom was always wondering why we never got married … It goes without saying that that led to a lot of very awkward visits.

  10. 1. 30 tons of explosives are missing from the train.
    2. $290 million worth of anti radiation meds purchased.
    3. Senators being supplied satellite phones for emergency communications.
    4. High level politicians will be vacationing Memorial Day weekend with family members at various undisclosed continuity of gov locations.
    5. Microsoft claim’s Chinese hackers have attacked critical US software infrastructure.
    6. No … NONE communication between US and China for over 3 weeks..
    Chinese are not answering any phones.
    7. No deal on Debt and party are far apart on talks.

  11. Regarding the eyeball scanning technique for relaxation & dreaming… it works! I haven’t remembered my dreams for many years. Last night I tried the eye-scan trick you wrote up. Now for background, I am anticipating a trip to my midwestern hometown that I have not visited in 24 years, and have not lived in for 45 years. Much has changed looking at the street and highway maps. In my dream, I was visiting, dressed up in jacket & tie ( that I never wear in Hawaii) and visiting old landmarks that were being demolished. Developers were hosting parties at some sites, and I was a welcome, if unknown, visitor… perhaps in hopes of becoming a customer for the new, upcoming properties. Many lucid details that I still remember in waking state. I woke up to use the bathroom, and went back to bed and scanned the eyes again, and the dream continued! That has never happened before to my memory. WOW! I gotta say… the eye-scan technique works for someone who has never recalled dreams before. Thank You!

  12. 40, 50 years ago we were sold on “Star Wars” and trickle down.

    Fast forward we see Kyiv can’t keep a missile off their lawn and the American people are demanding more public debt so they can pay rent.

  13. Last night I was listening to Art Bell ‘Somewhere in Time’. Clinton was president.

    The callers were bullshitting each other about U.N. tanks being deployed into the U.S. A U.N. takeover is very real to them.

    At first the callers had 3rd hand info, “a friend saw”. Later in the show callers were saying they (1st hand) saw UN tanks on railcars being transported from Cheyenne to Bozeman. Other callers explained the governor of Montana was was working with Clinton to store the U.N. tanks at a national guard base in Montana to be used in the big marital law take down of the U.S.

    Separate callers were calling in and warning/complaining of high capacity magazine shortages. Magazines over 10 round capacity were hard to come by. It all fit.

    But it never happened. So now all the people who believed have to admit they were bullshitted or… double down. How can one double down on on bullshit? Make more.

    Perhaps CERN changed the timeline.

    vulgar slang
    gerund or present participle: bullshitting

    talk nonsense to (someone), typically to be misleading or deceptive.

    • I saw some of those tanks. My distinct impression was that they were headed to the east coast, to be shipped overseas.

      I’ve never been to Mena.

      I have been to the rail yard in Indianapolis (southeast) which Linda Thompson identified 30 years ago as a “ship ’em in, gas ’em, and ship the carcasses elsewhere” facility. It looked like a rail yard.

      The FEMA camps I’ve seen are actually nuclear ICBM facilities.

      DUMBs exist. The one I “visited,” I stopped my snooping around when I got to the chainlink with the “U.S. Government property, No trespassing, violators will be shot” signs.

      Many, MANY buildings, both commercial and government, have been built over the past 35 years, which could function as prisons, or holding or execution facilities. They could also function as buildings with naturally “high R-value” walls, to save (or more properly not waste an excess of) energy during hot and cold weather.

      This is why I don’t like conspiracy theories.

      They tend to be a multilayer extrapolation of a compendium of many peoples’ imaginations. Unless I can peel back some of the layers, and witness the theory still holding, I disregard it as being somebody’s imagination. The older I get, the more often I skip the “peel back” step and go right to the “somebody’s imagination” step, then 86 the result and place the conspirator in a file in me brain, titled: “questionable…”

    • BTW, every President since (and including) GHWBush has been “plotting to take over the U.S. by force,” employing foreign soldiers (who’d have no compunctions about shooting ‘Merican women and children) to do so.

      Somehow, it hasn’t happened.

      Perhaps the error lies in the theory…?

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