ShopTalk Sunday: Anti-Alz. Light Assembly, Stacked Projects

Sorry to report the anti-Alzheimer’s light project (designed to flick at 40 Hz to potentially improve cognition) didn’t get completely finished this week.  Too little time and too much else going on. But we did make a good start on assembly, so let’s go from there. We begin with the pile of parts.  (See last … Read More

Three Turning Points for the Market

As we forecast Thursday (not as advice, only for entertainment) the Markets slammed higher Thursday as the May monthly index options matured.  Today, action could be interesting as equities settle, What we face, with the “filling” of a major “Trading Box” is the problem – in long wave economic terms – “What’s next?” I’ll walk … Read More

Control Arrives via Newsjackers. Ahead: CPI

We have a number of important items on our “news budget” this week. Beginning with a virtual turkey in financial markets while the masses try to figure out what the Future holds. Apparently, it may not hold Joe Biden. NEW POLL: Trump Leading Biden By 7 Points in 2024 Race (  The reason for “show … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: $100 Shop/Mancave Computer Build

It has been too damn hot to spend much time on the Chineseum model boat project.  So, instead, I got serious about “building a Shop Computer.” Now, any damn fool can go out and pay Big Money for a screaming-fast high performance multi-terabyte 32 GB Win11 machine which is where I do the bulk of … Read More

2 Weeks to Fed, Awaiting Markets, Shop Talk Monday

[Exceptionally long (for the free side).  But go ahead, take some time and relax with it… Holiday, and all.] Today’s coffee klatch of day-traders and tool sluts is now in order! Our usual dose of news, but then back out to our shop as the weekend enters its final hours.  (Gimme a chorus of “Damn!) … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Ladder Rescue – Super Booth – Manpack HF

Oh, boy. This morning’s report will be a “two cupper” – and maybe three cups – if you study the ideas, problems and pictures of today a little bit. There is so much going on around here it’s, well, amazing.  This writing less and doing more is turning out to be most agreeable. We’ll get to … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Three Saw Stories, 3D Prints

This being the Fourth weekend, a lot of us – with kids too far away to visit – will be working on projects in the shop, instead. Which begins (as many mornings) with a check of how things are coming on the 3D printer farm here.  This first project – snap of it in previous … Read More

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