2 Weeks to Fed, Awaiting Markets, Shop Talk Monday

[Exceptionally long (for the free side).  But go ahead, take some time and relax with it… Holiday, and all.]

Today’s coffee klatch of day-traders and tool sluts is now in order!

Our usual dose of news, but then back out to our shop as the weekend enters its final hours.  (Gimme a chorus of “Damn!)

Before knuckling down, there is hope.

There’s a very good article on ZDNet today proposing The four-day week will solve some of work’s biggest problems – but only if companies can adapt.

There are plenty of reasons to work the world around into a 4-10 week.  Not the least of which is the environment and the hiring boost it would likely bring.

But companies – and government – rarely listen to the real customer feedback.

You see, we (citizen-victims) have long-ago let loose of the Metrics of Success in America.  Government is largely reporting to Congress on a hit-or-miss.  When it does, it’s another “issues-shuffle” instead of an agency-wide mission audit.

Of course,  companies measure performance by other means.  Such as “free cash available to common” (stock).  Or, they go off in sector dominating which leads to customer disaffection.

One super-large online retailer sent two emails in the last week trying to convince me to read minority-written books.

I almost sent them a surly email, but I’ll say it here, instead.

We ONLY select reading material based on CONTENT and our own INTERESTS.

This is yet- another- symptom of Lost America  which seems a worthy remembrance on this day. While “negative racism” is bad, this retailer’s wandering readership  is actively sold the notion that literary racism (white-shaming) is “positive racism.”

Mainly racists would select their reading material based on race, religion, or national origin of the Author.

When my personal readings and research lead me to spend part of the weekend absorbing The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu (dandy reader),  race of authors didn’t even cross my mind.

If it does yours?  Get to WDH – Woke Deprogramming Help.  And GTFU.

World In a Nutshell

Big doings this week over Ukraine.

First, we see the Russian media reporting the US/Corporate Cabal has failed to “rumor Putin out of office.”  Russia’s Lavrov Denies Putin Is Ill.  Still, it has been a delightful piece of agitprop which only serves to reinforce our view that this war is about Globalism Taking Over.

Which is odd when I think about it. Vlad Putin defending the world from (crazy and) expansionist Europe.  Are we the only ones beholding the Brussell’s sprouts idea of Globalism Incarnate as a Ponzi scheme of historical proportions?

Look at maps over time and you’ll see how the megalomaniacs first acquired gently and through largely off-books negotiation has really played.  What we’re seeing in Ukraine is the EU’s version  of “Buy or Die.”

This is the “Die” part.

Behind the curtain, away from the EU puppeteer’s frantic movements, we also see a religious conflict of some consequence.  Patriarch Kirill ‘Understands’ Ukraine Church Schism – in The Moscow Times.

Seems both sides of this conflict are nominally committed to the same 10 Commandments.  How honest or robust can warring religions be?  And so continues sunset for spiritual toll-takers.

Brussel’s intransigence is assured as a possible turning point in the war is reached as Russian troops entering Sievierodonetsk in eastern Ukraine.  Couple this with EU members meeting to “demand” Russian energy. (Vlad’s no fool, he has Europe over a barrel.)

This will be gingerly rolled by the Corporate, Co-Opted press.  Because the whole “meetings whether to join the US with oil sanctions” discussion reminds both of us “thinking people” that the high gas prices and famine coming arer all created by Slow Biden.

EUROPE has unhindered energy from Russia.

The US sanctions merely brought back crooked accounting.  As a new stage of markup was added to the business model by Biden.  We are led by the most dangerous teleprompter reader in America.

A Memorial, Perhaps?

Our Power-Based Future

Some holiday neurons, perhaps, in the direction of how our future is shaping up is in order.  Anyone can play, though many people won’t exercise “command authority” over their own lives.

Here’s a newspaper laying the groundwork for government grants on battery storage technology.  Battery storage necessary for solar power expansion | Miami Herald.  While (thumbs to a different page of his self-published one-man newspaper)  Chinese Mining Billionaire To Invest $300 Million In Zimbabwe Lithium Project.

Thus, you can see how this will roll:  new variants of lithium technology are sure to follow.

But at the macro view, the same corporate drive to consume, looks to us like it will do to Zimbabwe the same way slavers did 200-years ago.

Field hands to lithium – something instructive about Global abuse of Africa if you think about it.  And who made the money on the gold, diamonds, and minerals of South Africa?

Each time indigenous peoples get screwed, there’s a sales pitch trying to convince the masses it’s for their own good.  Some examples? “Oh, this new labor source for plantations!” Or, perhaps in Amsterdam “This diamond business model will make us a fortune!”  Right down through “Lithium batteries will save the Planet!

Yeah, sure, you betcha.

Speaking of Climate

A not everyday story this morning will provide entertainment into the first part of the week.  On the Pacific Side of Central America, we have Hurricane Agatha about to slam tourist places on the coast of Mexico.

Thing is, if you hit the National Hurricane Center, you can see the case for it to “jump over onto the Caribbean side.  Like so:

Once it gets into the Gulf of Mexico – perhaps in a week – then trouble might be brewing somewhere between the RGV and Tampa.

But this is not a story about weather.  It’s really about Gender change.

You see, when I read Hurricane Agatha could spawn Alex, first named Atlantic storm, I just had to ask “Where is the gender-bending storm-naming convention online?

Don’t we need to pop a few billion over that way?

D.J. Ure’s musical accompaniment pick for Winnipeg audiences is Martha & the Vandellas – Heatwave – YouTube. Do Canadians ever learn to spell “heat” outside of the physics track?

Good luck chilling out this weekend: Heat Waves in the U.S.: Record high temperatures spurring cities to take action.  Which, when you read it one particularly jaundiced way, reads like yet-another warning of government expansion of power – ever.

“Pull over buddy,  we need to check that your vehicle’s air conditioning is set correctly…”

There’s no limit to the lust for power.  Only a limit to money and how many people can be screwed at once.

Adventures of Nancy

Offered without comment: Nancy Pelosi’s husband arrested for suspected DUI Hats off to Napa, CA police for enforcing the laws.

I’ve always harbored questions about how Nancy and Hubby’s work schedule would play out.  “Not tonight dear, I have a Congress.” To something like “Sure I’ll take out the trash, soon as I’m done buying California…”  Anyway, such idle speculations come to close to work.

Let’s wander toward the…

ShopTalk Monday: New Tools!

When I go tool shopping, which is about every day, seems, nothing is more fund than the arrival of Santa.

Santa – being really with the times – dresses up as different people.  The Mailperson, the UPS Person, and the FedEx Dude.

Here are some useful new tools.  Starting with the bottle cutter:

bottle cutter

It was $50-bucks, but I never had much luck with the manual glass cutters.  But even I may be able to whittle a drinking glass from a wine bottle.

What was the first one I remember?  “The Amazing Flemming Glass and bottle cutter!”   Wetted abrasive and 5,000 RPMs may get me there, yet.

Yet Another Welder!

Like the oxy-acetylene rig, MIG wire, and argon-breathing TIG, plus a stick welder were not enough?

These guys are going in the $30 dollar range on eBay.

Our tired old oxy acetylene rig Good for cutting things too big for the plasma rig 12

You can also buy a Micro Welder Torch for $24 bucks.  I have never dinked around with one of these, but it could be interesting.

If you’re after something a bit better on build quality? The original (category) welder was probably the Smith Little Torch.  Which has a much nicer finish, not doubt.  It all comes back to the reason for purchase, I suppose.

A related note is YesWelder has some pretty nice optics on their new wide-vision welding masks.  It was $90 bucks, but the improvement in welds (for half-blind me) was noticeable.

What you’re looking for (to see welds better than most home Makers) would be something that is a: Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, True Color Highest Optical 1/1/1/1, 4 Arc Sensor Wide Shade 4/5-9/9-13″ or better.  I picked this one.

Still Cleaning

Cleaning the shop.  Which entails a lot of work moving machines around to more (or less) workable positions.

Usefully,  Amazon had  tool boxes on sale recently.  I picked up a chest with four drawers because I hate pawing through shit to find the one thing I need.

One of these ended up as a workstation-specific tool chest for the 3D/CNC work area:

Serious tool note:  You will notice that I have ball-end Allen wrenches in rgar drawer.  If you only have the solid (chopped end) variety, do yourself a favor.  HUGE difference as the tool is much for forgiving of alignment.

Label Making

Part and parcel of shop cleaning is also tool labeling. I found myself doing this so that in case I keel-over some day (another way of saying careening for the nautically inept), I have been labeling everything in the shop.

Honestly, Brother makes some fair label-printers.  I used to be able to remember where every tool is – and tell anyone where to find what.

Thing now – as the shop has become more populated with three of everything – Elaine can’t come over and find something on her own.

Now, while Amazon has a good assortment of thermal label markers, I would caution you that in a Texas shop, the thermal paper becomes illegible after 7-8 years.

I was going to relabel the under-bench tools (blow-molded boxes for things like the Sawz-All), but more and more the projects we’re doing evolve either to stationary or battery powered tools.

If you need time sinks to fill out the rest of the weekend, there is never a shortage of garage or “storage room” crap that could be labeled.

Maker Video of the Week

How about a complete 49 min build of an electric car from two bicycles?  Check this out:

Absolutely AMAZING skills.  And (in case you didn’t notice) NOT made in the U.S.A.

Again, more evidence that a country isn’t worth a crap when it forgets to work with its hands.

Survival and strong Industrial Arts seem to go hand-in-hand.

As China is teaching to all but the myopic left.

Asian markets were up 2 percent overnight.  Europe is up half a percent, or so.  But after the opening fray in the US tomorrow?  We will be only 2-weeks from the next Fed FOMC raise.  Well, unless they bend to political pressure and get things wrong once again.

Write when you’re right,


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  1. I have never had anything but bad luck with cheap welders which were mainly the buzzbox stick jobs but have never tried the cheaper gas rigs. Ill look forward to your reviews on those For me, resupply of Oxy and Acetelyn is a pain since the closest supplier is 35 miles away. Used to deliver on site to us small fry but that went away a few years ago.
    Lots of projects as usual but today quittin time will be 2000Z. At this time my surviving group of Army cohorts and I will be having our annual Skype meet up and a brew remembering the six who didn’t come home with us. Beer, bad jokes, mostly nasty, and probably a little blubbering will be in abundance.
    Everyone is welcome to take a couple minutes to think about those fine fellows and ladies.

    Stay safe. 73

  2. “government grants on battery storage technology.”

    Government grants are part of the ‘thousand points of light’.

    If you are into batteries, “government works”. Grants all around. Get a new rack. Buy stock in an up and comer.. If not the grants are seen as a rip.

    Student loan debt is the same way. If you owe student debt and the government wipes-out 10K of liability, “government works”. “Now we can get a pool/side the garage!” If you paid your own way, it’s a rip.

  3. Otto Von Bismarck is credited with saying “I believe nothing until it is officially denied”

    Russia denied they would invade Ukraine.

    Russian Foreign Minister denies President Putin is sick.

    I did not place much credence in reports of Putin’s sickness until now. See how that works?

  4. the easy DIY forever battery…
    pretty easily done.. now.. I don’t know if you can get them anywhere but in key chains and the such.. but a low level radioactive substance like Tritium.. take a couple of solar cells.. sandwich the tritium viles from the key chains between the solar cells connect the leads together for the solar cells.. pos to pos neg to neg…. then cover with a shield.. like foil.. dip in rubber coating.. you now have your ten thousand year life battery.. stack till you get to the voltage you are wanting.. you can also add a cap to the end.. this will store the power generated by your battery.. and keep the voltage readily available for instant starts..






    it is a great easy science experiment for the kids.. power a night light with a forever battery….

    • Hmm.. another easy peasy grandpa’s garage science spearament..the Kingsford battery..

      By a large bag of Kingsford charcoal..I like the chunk charcoal by kingsford..have the kids put on their painting clothes and disposable gloves.. ( or face the wrath of the boss over their dirty hands) a face mask.. give them a hammer and have them beat that into charcoal powder..
      Get a roll of flexible 3/8 copper tubing.. cut the coil in the middle then take a very powerful magnet and connect the two sides to the magnet..north on one side and south on the other make sure there’s a space between the coil rounds..straighten the two ends and drill a hole for them and place the coil in the five gallon bucket..you can put a threaded copper rod in the ends of the copper pipe..line up and drill holes for the threaded pipe ends to go through on the lid.. fill the bucket with the charcoal powder. Pour lightly acidic water.. ( lemon juice and water mix ) into the bucket till it reaches the top.. if your using a bucket with a pour spout.. then put the lid on first then put the lemon water in.. close the cap.. mark one side (s) negative.. (N) pos.. put your battery charger on it.. you can put a rubber spacer between coils to..
      Let it slow charge over night..

      Now.. you can take rhubarb.. fill a pot of water and boil it.. strain the rhubarb out of it and use that rhubarb water instead of lemon water..
      This is a version of the basic ten thousand year old bagdad battery..

      How about the theory of the pyramid battery. or a river flow battery or the tree battery.. an example brass or copper electrodes in a row stretched across a moving stream.. the brass goes to the down flow side the other electrode opposite set of electrodes to the lead in flow side.. the lightly acidic river water flows by.. on consider the pyramid the sides slope in at the center directing rainwater to flow to the center.. beneath chambers directing the flow to the nile power storage in an earth battery..

    • Instead of a cap a rechargeable battery would work as well.. caps are cheaper..

  5. “I’ve always harbored questions about how Nancy and Hubby’s work schedule would play out. “Not tonight dear, I have a Congress.” To something like “Sure I’ll take out the trash, soon as I’m done buying California…”

    Hmm.. CONGRESS works less than two hundred hours a year.. so the Not tonight I have a congress to run.. excuse would not work..
    I have a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee house.. anyway it is owned by the pilot whose wife wanted a job that is the captain of a private jet that sits idle waiting for a congressman to go to DC… his response was it is the best and easiest job he has ever had.. paid good.. He does take the plane up regularly just to keep his flight hours up.. but all the costs are not paid for by the congressman.. I do believe Nancy receives the same transportation.. flown back and forth on private jet.. now what does that cost to fly a plane like that.. and the crew hangar etc.. my guess more than I could make in a lifetime LOL..
    if you go anytime to the capital and sit in the balcony during session I believe that you will see the exact same thing that I seen when I did it.. I expected to see a congress heatedly in debate over some bill as they would read passages of the bill etc.. instead what I seen was four or five paper shufflers sitting there telling jokes etc.. and a janitor standing by his cart in the middle of the floor..
    they don’t even read the crap they vote on.. and when Rand tried to get a read the bills act.. he was basically laughed off the floor.. the only time that I have seen news coverage where there were people actually there is when they vote on a raise for themselves..

  6. If you want to make micro TIG welds, check this listing:
    The Centaur 75 was developed in the mid 70s. It has a transistorized inverter, with precision closed loop current control that can be pulsed between programmable Primary and Background levels at programmable frequency and duty cycles.
    The Centaur 75 was used to make precision closure welds on relay cans, pacemakers, and many other medical devices. All you need is an inert gas source and a TIG torch.
    I worked through the 70s and 80s applying state of the art electronics to the automated welding industry, including the Dimetrics Centaur 75.

  7. Yo Jorge, Everything is a business model, how true, and don’t forget 10% for the big guy…..

  8. “One super-large online retailer sent two emails in the last week trying to convince me to read minority-written books.”

    I believe I would send this back with a note to take me off their mailing list, because I don’t patronize racists…

    “When my personal readings and research lead me to spend part of the weekend absorbing The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu (dandy reader), race of authors didn’t even cross my mind.”

    A-men, brutha! It never should — EVER!

    And if it ever does, you’re one sick muthaf’er… Get some help.

  9. About that no innovation from the USA comment. Tesla is made and was innovated in the USA. As is everything SpaceX, Neurolink, Tesla energy and everything else Musk manages. Sure he is from South Africa, but is a US citizen now…so there’s that. Throw in Apple, Google, Intel, HP, Dell, and the entire internet in general.
    But I get your point. US innovation is down because the Conservatives keep trying their best to dumb us down, kill us off and support war criminals like Putin. Why? To indoctrinate us into being controlled into more of a fascist type of government that uses guilt, religion, and other elements of gaslighting to keep us at bay. The conservatives would like you to think that fighting European expansionism is the culprit of the war in Ukraine, but they would be wrong. Putin is destroying, killing and raping an entire country for what purpose? His expansion…and to satisfy his ego. So he bombs a theater, hospital, and there are mass graves in which citizens were found bond and gagged. Yet Fox and other conservative news outlets defend this monster because I see a day when they conduct a similar exercise on the American liberals to rid us of our freedom to express ourselves. Conservative states are already banning books, taking away a woman’s right to choose, limiting the rights of the LBGTQ community, forcing religion, making it harder to vote, championing more censorship and more. One Texas Republican, Matt Krause, recently released a list of 850 books that “might make students feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress because of their race or sex.” Krause asked schools to investigate whether they possessed copies. Talk about cancel culture.

    And when the people vote in dim witted dunces like Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert, Madison Cawthorn (see ya, thank goodness) and others, you know that America has lost its marbles and mojo.

    And let’s not forget the he gun debate….yet another example of hanging on to the past when our country was literally pre-historic, defending against an overseas power as well as needing guns to eat as we moved west. .

    But now? Like cars, boats, sporting equipment, guns should be recreational…No need for an assault rifle of any kind…a guns only purpose is to kill and must be regulated to make sure that crazies don’t have access.

    For instance…I can track my Tesla’s anywhere on planet earth. They can’t be stolen and if anyone tries, I can stop them red handed on my phone. And that’s not new…GM for the past several decades has had ONStar to track a vehicles whereabouts…and nobody complained. Nobody complains when you get searched and scanned at airports, concerts, football games, etc.

    A gun should have the same protections. What are you all afraid of? Guilty maybe? Well…The phone you have has a tracking device…the credit or debit card you have is traceable…we already tell you with about 400 Laws on how to drive, and make you buy insurance when you drive, walk across a street, buy a house, get financing, stay healthy, get an education, pay taxes, and finally where to live as the liberals have finally figured out that homeless street living is not living.

    Don’t be misled by charlatans of the extreme right. They are the ones that want you to fall in line…The rest of us just want you to have the freedom to live it without restrictions.

    • Mark, if you keep blathering that liberal narrative crap, I guarantee you will see a light at the end of the tunnel, but your head will be so far up your ass it will be from your other end. It’s pretzel logic.

    • Thank you, Mark; well said. And yours is an overdue contribution on this site which of late seems more like a Fox News talking point site than the more balanced site I used to know. It seems the extreme viewpoints have become the norm at Urban Survival. Of course, you will be berated for supporting and making common sense suggestions. Such is the tenor of our times. But that makes it all the more important for contributions such as yours so that the extremists don’t take over more than they already have.

    • So, you’ve now abandoned all pretext of truth or rationality and become just another mindless Leftist troll?


      So, now we know…

    • @Mark.. I find your position commendable yet surprising..
      on the average most people in your social class are reluctant to see the situation of those at the bottom..
      Being one at the bottom rung of society.. I see the situation but disagree on the liberal standpoints they are pushing.. such as defunding police for the poorest neighborhoods.. having known people that survived Nazi Germany and hearing their stories.. I totally think it was wrong to just demand from the wealthier classes.. the things that they worked so hard to gather..
      history teaches us the horrors of such actions and studies done on liberal societies being used as the tool to allow the wickedest in office..
      Take the ukrainian problem.. a country so full of corruption and genocide that the vast majority of the people asked the leader they associated their country with to come in and clean it up.. who is right.. we support the ones that were reportedly the most corrupt on the planet..
      We’ve often heard that if you want to succeed in life, you need to subscribe to the idea of “survival of the fittest.” Success, we are commonly told, has to be grabbed; it has to be taken or someone else will get it.. research shows that “survival of the kindest” is more correct for explaining which species climb the evolutionary ladder efficiently and effectively. a company as an example that puts value on their employee’s and seeks to make them a member of their family.. rarely see’s a reduction of labor .. someone has to die or retire before they hire.. Putting the top of the rung as the only beneficiaries of wealth and benefits only separates the group from the whole.. cooperation has been more important than competition in humanity’s evolutionary success through the years. Compassion is the reason for both the human race’s survival and its ability to continue to thrive as a species on the planet.
      I for one don’t fear any legal owner of a gun.. they are respectful of the power they wield.. and have for their protection. Thomas Jefferson once said.. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
      the other reason is to be able to hunt and gather the means for survival.. My great great great great grandpa.. left his family to run around in the wilderness.. leaving his family without any means for survival.. luckily and by stories I have heard from family members it was that daniel boone of history heard what he did and came and did the hunting to gather the means of their survival while grandpa was running amoke with lewis.. the story I got was he made a bunch of berry baskets.. then sent the family out to gather berries.. for a pie.. while they were gone he left.. ( I have one of the baskets.. I saved it from the fire when they were burning all of his photos and diaries etc.. ) I still have it.. just like my wife has her great grandma’s trunk that came over on a boat and traveled by Conestoga wagon across the USA while they sought a place to call home.. ( we have their kitchen cabinet to.. )
      When my wife got it it was a pile of boards.. I put it back together for her.. and got the rocking chair fixed and painted..
      I for one agree with the social class separation.. we need the upper class the leaders.. and we need the lower classes to.. You and I both know that without the guy at the bottom there would not be a guy at the top..
      Hitler and so many others used the class separation to take the guns from the peasants.. to over power them.. along the way they took their rights.. then got them to become dependent on social programs so that they could then take the wealth of those that were at the top of society.. Oscar Schindler was one that once he seen the evils of such actions made a move to help as many as he could..
      In the book “On the Origin of Species,” Darwin wrote: “it hardly seems probable that the number of men gifted with such virtues [as bravery and sympathy] … could be increased through natural selection, that is, by the survival of the fittest.”
      the separation of church and state was the starting downfall of the USA.. even though I don’t have much to say about the writings in the bible and torah.. I personally believe that they were put there to teach us how not to act towards each other.. what they did do though was give us a purpose.. we pick and choose the passages we follow.. even in my own religion.. there was severe racial divide even though they were at the time being persicuted themselves..
      then deregulation was the slap in the face to every working citizen.. the loss of the adult presence in the home and leaving our children to the neighborhoods and television to raise..
      the sympathy hypothesis basically gives us the teachings of the DAO and the way.. also the teachings of Confucius and his teachings of virtue..
      the three forms of facism..
      anticonservatism, a myth of ethnic or national renewal and a conception of a nation in crisis.
      A political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and pits one race over the other. and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader. ( Adolph had the Jews.. we are now all white supremists with the message of hate and racial slurs..then there was the poor economic policies of King Louis XVI, who met his death by guillotine, as did his wife Marie Antoinette. or the poor economic policies of the Romanoff family of Russia and the vast separation of the classes. )
      then you have..
      social regimentation and forcible suppression of the people.. ( taking away of their rights .. forcing them to seek public assistance..)
      I do get that if the social classes were still at the fifteen percent.. people would generally be happier.. I for one was the best off at four dollars an hour.. today it would have to be forty.. over three quarters of the people seek federal programs to equalize what they use to be able to provide on a salary..




      I totally get your hate of the freedoms we have and the vast gaping hole there is between social classes.. .. and I do understand that you must feel horrible that your success has been a downfall to so many that could use a hand up.. so if you truly want to see it go to people of need…. just drop the check or cash to george he will make sure I get it.. and I will make sure that needy people benefit from it that truly could use a hand up.. .. good lord knows there are so many good honest people that need a hand up all the time way more than i can help while at the bottom…. even just to pay a hospital bill or make sure that someone that needs chemo therapy can get it..let a child that has cancer buy a gift for her loved ones while she is in the hospital.. or a dinner out for the parents.. if you would prefer to help those in your own neck of the woods.. you can help find shelter for the hundreds of thousands of homeless.. https://endhomelessness.org/..
      or https://tippingpoint.org/what-we-do/issue-areas/housing
      maybe if you helped a few you would feel a little better about the situation that the country is in.. I know how I feel when I help someone that truly needs it.. the look in their eyes is enough.. god bless young man..
      in the cities where you live in neighborhoods that could use a place to sleep where you or i could never be able to walk down a city block because of the violence.. in san francisco in years past I have donated temporary shelters.. since we opened the borders to illegals.. murder and rape,, robberies in san fran has shot up considerably from before our new administration took office.. none of that has anything to do with those that own guns.. but from a failed administrations poor policies.. poverty is also on the rise.. none of it is good.. and it will only amplify from this point on..

    • Well, when the military left all those vehicles in Afganistan, why did not the Bribem woke military just use OnStar to shut them off???
      When in the US Constitution does it say guns are for sport shooting?
      It says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED,, you would think that a grad of Missouri’s finest journalism school should be able to understand these simple things. Well I guess it is a indoctrination school, aye?
      As for public schools and the sex training, we the parents say, that is for us to do,, not the 3% of the population abnormals of gays lesbians unknown pronouns and minor attracted God Damn pedophiles.
      Don’t be distracted by the not left ,not right, but the lower base bottom feeders, that believe we the people should eat their shit and be happy, RINOs produce a lot of manure.
      Gays are gays, fine,, we just do want them PUSHING that sickness into our vulnerable impressionable children

      And when U say this ” when our country was literally pre-historic,” that is a word smithing ,, truth twisting LIE, and you know it, ya just can’t help it. It is in your blood!
      Things are getting dicey for you deep state supporters, I can tell by the tone of desperation in your post,, is Durham getting to close? Sussmann is just a warm up, Durham is going DEEP

      • correction ,, ‘Where’ in the US Constitution
        , we just do ‘NOT’ want them PUSHING that sickness into our vulnerable impressionable children
        forgot the NOT, , ya see, I am just human, I am not a trained marXists

  10. “Heat Waves in the U.S.: Record high temperatures spurring cities to take action.”

    More BS for the attention-span deficient.

    What was the race temperature for the Indy 500, yesterday?

    I can remember a number of years where air temps at Indy were in the 90s — heck, one year when my kids were barely beyond toddlers, we were in Michigan with my Mom over Memorial day and they announced race temperature as 97° (track temps near 160.) I remember because the announcers were whining because of how slow the race was going to be (on a hot track), and also because I was back in this part of Michigan a month later. When the flag dropped in Indy it was 91° at this cottage. When I was back a month later, daytime highs were 80-81 degrees.

    It’s called “climate.”

    Without it, we all cease to exist…

  11. “a newspaper laying the groundwork for government grants on battery storage technology.  Battery storage necessary for solar power expansion | Miami Herald.”

    I know that crap has me sad..
    I would love to see a solar tower built.. or be able to be the recipient of the grant to install battery backup on the ole homestead..

    Unfortunately it’s just like getting some titanium dioxide.. it’s not for the grandpa’s garage spearament..
    Only ones that can be a recipient is on another class in society…hmm

  12. “You can also buy a Micro Welder Torch for $24 bucks. I have never dinked around with one of these, but it could be interesting.”

    Not seein’ it. Thin metal welding is why I have a 4-0 tip for my little Victor. I can butt-weld furnace duct (26-28ga) with it without burn-through.

  13. “Now, while Amazon has a good assortment of thermal label markers, I would caution you that in a Texas shop, the thermal paper becomes illegible after 7-8 years.”

    Try overlaying with Mylar box-tape. I haven’t tried it. I just wonder if it’d work…

  14. I accidentally pressed send before I could finish that last sentence…
    The rest of us just want you to have the freedom to live it without restrictions bestowed by those that have the guns that aren’t for sport. I want children to feel safe at school, or regular adults to feel safe at a bar, restaurant or event and not have to worry going to a place that allows drunks to have guns. I want an app that lets me know to know if there are guns nearby so I can make the intelligent choice to attend, monitor the risk and visit that place or not. We have apps that tell us where people are ay any given time. There needs to be accountability. There are cars that make people with past DUI offenses take a breathalyzer before they drive…There should be the same for gun ownership as well. It won’t save all lives, but of it eliminates just 25% of the mass shootings…that’s a win.

    • Something for you and your broad brush you like to paint folks with to consider…

      I have a 2007 Corvette with 56000 miles on it. It is kept in a locked garage where it is maintained often. You have to have a combination and key to get in the garage so only myself and my wife can get to it. It comes out for exercise and a trip to a trusted shop 80 miles away where I can get the competition controllers and any service updates when needed and I get to stay current on its operation. It has the capability of running with little effort well over 140+mph but that would be stupid and against the law. Above all, it has never killed anyone. Most importantly it shares these same characteristics as all the occupants of my firearm safe.

      I carried a gun every day on the job for over 20 years. I got more than my share of days off for not following orders but it was always in my opinion the right thing to do. I don’t know the particulars of what happened in TX. That is for the investigators and the lawyers to determine, not you or me. I’ve been in the breach, doubt you have. You don’t want to be there but you go anyway. All I can do is pray for those children and the teachers. And our country.

      • Why own a car you don’t drive?

        When I was in Germany, we were on the autobahn and got caught in a stau (traffic slowdown). There was a Lamborghini Countach in the right lane going about 50 mph and everyone was slowing down passing it in the left lane. My wife asked me why he was driving so slow with such a fast car. I told her it was because he could. He wanted to show off the car.

    • The ability to be armed is a God-given Right. Driving a motor vehicle on any government-owned road is a government-given privilege.

      When I’m in public, I just assume the people around me are armed and since I’m not a dick, none of them are likely going to be inclined to shoot me.

      “It won’t save all lives, but of it eliminates just 25% of the mass shootings…that’s a win.”

      Is it still a win, if it doubles them?

    • Newsflash: The world is a nasty, violent place outside the plush cocoon you inhabit. Don’t blame an entire group of people for the actions of an extremely small minority if miscreants. Gun ownership is the only reason the government hasn’t run roughshod over the population like recently observed in Australia and Europe during the pandemic. Do the math: How long would it take to round up all the guns or even just the (incorrectly) so called “Assault Weapons”? And an outright ban would have a compliance rate of low single digits. We’ll keep our guns. “The rest of us just want you to have the freedom to live it without restrictions” works both ways.

    • “Don’t be misled by charlatans of the extreme right. They are the ones that want you to fall in line…The rest of us just want you to have the freedom to live it without restrictions.”

      No, you want a World controlled by elitist pea brains like yourself that have forgotten how to live in the real World to live without restriction. How many times have you denied the reality of things for the convenience and joy of shoving more money in your bottomless pockets? There IS CRAP covering the streets of your failing metropolis and there IS and always WILL be elitists like yourself that We, The People will always need to protect ourselves from by using weapons of war because “negotiation” is how we arrive at the place we are in now. The simple fact that we have them is the reason we haven’t gone the way of Australia and New Zealand. Canada outlawed so-called “Assault Weapons” but only 160 have been turned in at the time of the writing of this article: “Canadians Aren’t Turning in Their Guns” https://thereload.com/canadians-arent-turning-in-their-guns/. The vast majority of people up there KNOW what they’re up against and the gun is the only mechanism for redress of grievance in the face of Fascism.

      While the school shootings are heart rending events (and will always be suspected of outside influence for political gain by clear thinkers) these events are the cost of Freedom, not just on the battlefields of the World but here on our own soil. People are learning that they have to take responsibility and police their own communities to prevent such disasters and Uvalde is an example of a complacent community that failed from one end to the other when this happened.

  15. https://www.rt.com/news/556349-biden-ukraine-missiles-supply/

    I do hope that’s true for our sake.. I believe if we did send long range missiles to Ukraine that this would evolve quicker and open us up for attack.. not that the morons haven’t already put us as a target already.. i believe that nato and the usa placing nukes on russian borders and refusal to guarantees that nato would not expand any further is the element that escalated this whole mess the way it is now.. now that we are doing the same thing to China makes it all even scarier.. the usa has been at war of one kind or other over two hundred years..

    • Just imagine how far we would be as a society if we put as much money and effort into betterment of out countries infrastructure and betterment of mankind..

  16. Pelosi – Twitter tweet from Catturd:
    “Thanks to their unbelievable skills at trading stocks (?) – Nancy Pelosi and her husband can afford any car they want … So naturally, Paul would crash a gas guzzling Porsche while getting his DUI.

    I guess the big green energy talk in the Pelosi household is just that – talk.”

      • “Frankly, I’m surprised he even drives…”

        Hell @Ray.. I thought he just hitched a ride on Nancie’s broom..
        LOL LOL

  17. gather around folks . change attack front . all this guru garbage and waves and tech stuff to rigged markets a waste of time .. the bad buggers are gone word is out . this hitler schwab bloke and his elite scum will be destroyed .. heres the new battle plan .. close any shorts in the money . they will bleed you . take options 5% away with always 4 weeks time . cheap . your strike is 5% down from current market price. keep constant on a weekly basis . yep good traders have a plan and stick . any drop thats profitable sell half position and wait . roll , rotate , roll rotate .this will be a waterfall collapse .. the beautiful gold and gold stocks hold hold hold. add on any drops from here .. i always knew it would come down to this .. for all my great mates ,the gold bulls they have taken out . this ones for you we will not surrender to facist nazi scum turds .. may the force be with you

  18. The world as it is today reminds me of the 1975 film “Rollerball,” where a violent area team skating sport is tightly controlled by corporate interests in order to mollify the global population. No war. No famine. No extreme poverty. The corporate elite have placed everything under their exacting control.

    In this sci-fi universe, individuality is the enemy. Johnathan E,, a Rollerball superstar excellently portrayed by James Cann, eventually figures out the mechanics of the game and what lies behind it. He is what corporate controllers fear most, a successful individual who inspires others to be individuals.

    Who among us are the Johnathan E’s of today? Are there any left, or have all of us become compliant zombies blindly responding to and obeying the orders or our corporate (and government) overseers?

    The storm isn’t coming – it is already here. It’s time that we make our choices. Are we free men and women? Do we not freely elect our representatives? We are the “we” in “We the people.” Time for ‘we’ folk to wake up, rise up, and tell the folks ‘we’ elected how we expect things to be run. Should we fail to do this essential Constitutional duty, then the America we expect to endure will surely fail. When the American experiment fails, all whom depend upon America for leadership and guidance across the world also fails. Domino effect, times a gazillion.

    George is but one voice. He’s a fire starter in a pile of fresh charcoal. His words and works resonate among those of us who follow and subscribe to his site. We then spread his ideas to our friends and acquaintances who hold similar beliefs. The fire spreads. And so it goes. George, and those like him, form the modern day version of the authors of the Federalist Papers. Too far of a stretch? I think not. Who else among us stands for the common (wo)man and prosecutes against oppressors, inquisitors and political progandists? Who among us will carry the light which guides future geneations of ‘Mericans?

    “There never was a good war or a bad peace.” ~ Ben Franklin

  19. Well, it’s raining cats and dogs here, just one Colorado low after another rolling through. The veggie farm I subscribe with has posted at least a 1 week delay on this season’s delivery startup due to wet fields.

    When it rains it pours? What hath Providence wrought as Mrs. Pelosi visited her alma mater Brown University, of great Ivyness and founded in 1764 as The College in the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, to deliver a “Commencement Oration to Graduates”.
    Alas, online tabloid journal “TMZ” owned by Fox Corp. broke the news that Mr. Pelosi had encountered a traffic accident in the 2021 Porsche versus a Jeep back in Cali. Thankfully there were no reported injuries.

    Speaking of wrecks, this past weekend marked the 25th anniversary of the signing of the NATO-Russia Founding Act now filed as “official text 25468”.
    Msm reports that Boris Yeltsin’s grandson is no longer serving in an advisory capacity to Mr. Putin.

    Well, roll on June with Strategic Concept 2022 as Russia allegedly gets moved out as a Nato alliance partner while China is invited in? King FelipeVI of Spain descended on the maternal side from Queen Victoria will oversee proceedings. Dial back the DeLorean to last October’s reelection of the American President formerly board member from Providence district while a Speaker received the inaugural “Women for Peace and Security Award”. I don’t know where Mrs. Nuland placed. As they say in Providence: In Deo speramus / in God we hope. Without teleprompting, here’s Madame Speaker: https://pelosi.house.gov/news/press-releases/pelosi-accepts-women-for-peace-and-security-award-at-nato-parliamentary-assembly

    DJ Ure has tonight’s sign off with a Direct Current public service message.

  20. Remember Ukraine…?

    Biden Administration flouting federal law to arm Ukraine

    It’s a war crime to make a naked attack on civilians intended to punish them for supporting an enemy government. Ukraine’s been shelling Russian-held cities systematically, and with no indication of any valid military targeting, since the start of this war. But yesterday they crossed what should have been a red line. Yesterday they shelled downtown Donetsk using 155mm howitzers to do it. Up until now we have not seen Western weaponry actually used to -commit- war crimes.

    That’s no longer the case.


    Vladislav Ugolniy: Ukraine’s unity is crumbling amid serious military losses in the Donbass and Zelensky is feeling the heat

    Ukrainians appear to be losing unity amid military defeats in the Donbass and the economic crisis in the rest of the country. The surge of patriotism that arose when the Russian army was close to Kiev appears now, in the last days of May, to have been exhausted. Along with it, the national consensus that saw all political groups rallying behind the Ukrainian army


    EU’s Russian oil ban attempts falter

    European Union leaders have failed to agree a full ban on Russian oil after efforts to increase pressure on the Kremlin were undermined by countries dependent on its energy imports. The bloc’s energy payments to Russia since it invaded Ukraine total CHF 58.35 billion, providing vital revenue for President Putin’s war machine. The lion’s share, almost CHF 30.98 billion, is accounted for by crude oil supplies.


    If I heard right, the EU got its ban tonight, but it is a watered-down version…

    Times journalists talked about the rebranding of “Azov”

    The Ukrainian Nazi paramilitary association “Azov” abandoned the symbolism, stylized as a sign, which during the Great Patriotic War was exploited by parts of the SS troops of Nazi Germany, on about this last Monday, wrote the British edition of The Times. Representatives of the British press reached their conclusion based on the details of the ceremony announcing the formation of a special operations force unit of the nationalist battalion, which took place on Sunday, May 29, in Kharkov. The article says that new sleeve patches were given to the radicals at the ceremony, which did not have the image of the modified Nazi symbol of the “wolf hook”, which had been used by Azov since 2014. Instead, a yellow trident appeared. in the chevrons on a blue background.


    A Ukrainian Nazi reveals the regime plan on Tv 2015

    Donbass is overly populated with people nobody has any use for (useless people) and sitting on rich resources and in order to exploit those resources 1.5 million Donbas people have to be exterminated.


    Nice folks…

  21. The head of Facebook’s fake science fact check group, Science Feedback, is ‘hiding in Paris, terrified of appearing in court’

    Emmanuel Vincent is a hunted man. On June 24, an officer of the French Ministry of the Interior, acting under the terms of the Hague Convention, summoned him to a police station and served him papers to appear in court for posting false and misleading statements in his role as president of Science Feedback, a Facebook fact checking service.


    I wonder if Obama and the Democrat Establishment regret bugging and trying to strong-arm Sharyl Attkisson, yet…?

  22. Google Lite: DuckDuckGo Signs Secret Deal with Bill Gates to Track Users Online

    According to a security researcher, DuckDuckGo (DDG) secretly whitelists Microsoft’s trackers as part of a deal with the Big Tech giant. DuckDuckGo has a search deal with Microsoft which prevents them from blocking MS trackers. And they can’t talk about it!
    This is why privacy products that are beholden to giant corporations can never deliver true privacy; the business model just doesn’t work.


    Y’know, I trusted Bill Gates when he was a nerdy college dropout.

    Not so much, any more…

  23. Lumber Prices Slump With Rising Interest Rates

    Prices shed more than 50% since March, when the Fed began raising borrowing costs to slow inflation. Lumber prices have come crashing down in a new sign of how rising interest rates are deflating markets that boomed during the pandemic.


    I’m going to have to go to Menards tomorrow. I will not believe there’s been a significant price drop until I see it for myself. The last time I was in Menards an 8-foot #2 SPF 1×8 was $132. I want to see that board @$16 and 23/32 pressure-treated ply @ $22, but I’ll settle for it at $20 & $28. Any higher and I ain’ta buying, except as a fool’s middleman.

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