Market Budget Hype – Trading Box Breach – Holiday Recovery

Although the market is coiled to strike higher in the pre-open, a lot now depends on which “voice” of this hallelujah choir will crack first.

  • Our report this morning will be in two parts – one of them being the Housing numbers in a few minutes.
  • The level of violence in Ukraine continues to escalate as both sides take more war materiel deliveries and then promptly set about using them.
  • The so-called “Budget Deal” could die on the Hill this week, or next.
  • And this is Jobs week.  With Federal data Friday and the ADP and Challenger numbers the day after tomorrow.

In short, another holiday abbreviated trading week.  Tell your liver there are only 35-days until the next hypertensive event challenge.

Another Trading Box Breach

The way this works is simple:  A lot of Big Money ran things up into the close Friday.  And at the open (depending on Housing numbers) there will be more bullishness around…at least early on.

Take a look at how our Aggregate (simplified all indexes) view of life, lines it out:

The problem we had, prior to today’s action, was that while the (puke) green trading box (*right of 5 (5) was filled last week, the internal structure of the current wave was not complete.  This is shown by the narrow (azure) box at 2 (b) which “necessitated” a minimum of a second azure box whose lower left aligns with 2 (d).  The good news (and bad) is that a big rally at the open will give us an intraday fill and a close in that area might complete the rally of the larger 2.

EXCEPT, of course, we have not risen to the overhead trend channel (two green parallel lines).  So, what would make “chart sense” would be for a higher close today, and then a decline to the level of 2 (a) but not lower. Because we would be completing 2 (4) and going any lower would get into that whole first wave overlaps rule set.

To say it’s going to be interesting is understatement. Five could already be dead.

Meanwhile, BTC earlier had backed off a bit from the $28,000 range amidst (act surprised) more crypto hypeJPMorgan’s Bold Forecast: Institutional Investors Dump $3 Trillion in Gold, Propelling Bitcoin to $45,000 by Year’s End (

Can we get some of that to smoke?

War Edges Closer

One of the most interesting “casino bets” these days is whether Nostradamus; terror in July will appear this year.  We recently told subscribers that if a nuclear exchange were to occur, the last few days of July might be a good fit.

One reason is the Jewish calendar has B’Av 9 falling on July 27th of this year.  A write up on The Ninth of Av – Tisha B’Av – Holocaust Remembrance Association lays out the considerable historical importance of the date.  It’s almost like the U.S. NeoLibs are working toward summer war.

I point this out because of the overnight attack on Moscow:  Ukraine war latest: Russia says Ukraine has attacked Moscow with drones; Kyiv has ‘a lot to lose’ if it’s responsible – Sky News. Which we figure at close to 100 percent odds.

As expected, the mainstream is cheering (but not too loudly): Moscow Drone Attack: What We Know and be sure to read Moscow hit by drone attack as Russia strikes Kyiv.

I want you to consider how the Axes of War work.  War’s a progression.

  • At the onset of hostilities, there is peace.
  • Then small unit actions follow.  Usually as a “LIV” [low intensity conflict].
  • With the spread of the LIC (which is designed to infiltrate military equipment into another country, or along its borders) the next expansion comes as Military Units are drawn in.
  • Escalation from a single force (land, sea, or air) then follows until it’s an all-forces effort.

In a comparison with the Second Mexican War (*ongoing, stuck in in late LIC by drug cartels) the Ukraine situation has passed the all-forces level.  And so, the UKRs have just expanded from military-on-military force to direct civilian attacks. Russia had started with military drone strikes, but civvies are in sights now.

Well, once you get there, whole POPULATIONS go in play. Just a matter of how many can perish at a whack (system types deployed dependency). Which is (sadly) precisely what happens when a conflict ,migrates toward nuclear.  There are steps and progressions.  Slo and company are ready: Issue of providing Ukraine with ATACMS missiles ‘still in play,’ says Biden. Great…let’s keep moving the doomsday clock. Which moved 10-seconds closer from 2022 to 2023.  Surely, we can do better?

On the calendar, we can see both sides have had six months to beef up their military-on-military capacity (since the conscription of the Buy’ed ’em administration at some considerable price).  Now, with a civilian population beginning to be “held captive” in Moscow, it’s only a matter of time until Russia responds with a civilian countermove as the death-dance of escalation works toward late summer.

While the stories about an attack on Ukraine’s nuclear power plant were recently worrisome, that has really been held in check by this distinction of military and civilian warfare.

We’re seeing this as the “strategic directional change) that lines up war. Because the West has an entire Financial House of Cards to coverup (and blame-shift) when financial engineering all blows up.  Which will require more that jet sorties.  It will require complete domination of civilian thinking in the aftermath of “war.” Gotta be really bad to cover.

This will be when (if it comes to it) when will be “flash frozen” and only the subscriber based will continue.

Going into a kind of End Times window, we can even see how the faux budget deal helps.  Biden and turncoat Kevin flipped the whole mess back on congress so everyone will have blood on their hands before the 2024 elections for everything.

This blamework is already well past the midpoint of construction. For a professional-level assessment, block a few minutes to read How the National Security State Manipulates the News Media | Cato Institute.

We are in “multi-spectral times.”  And the CivvyPop is now in play. We’re pretty sure the Neoliberals (former neocons) are playing everything for an unpublished agenda.  Remember, this has nothing to do with a particular religion.  It has everything to do with an erudite globalist elite operating outside religious bounds.

When you ponder it for a while, you can get some sense of “How Big a Mess to Coverup Global Financial Collapse and seizure of all assets?”

All your darkest fears of a One World Government are tracking to come true – and it models much more “doable” when 80 percent of the population is off the table along the way.

I’ve probably said too much…a few nukes, some DNA targeting Covid followon…

This N That’s

Dial-back on the paranoia (however justified it is in the longer sweep of things).  We have lots of filler to fill-in:

Bidenistas and their Dis-Equal Justice is alive and well.  While merely “touching a sign” can lead to years in prison for J6 participants, we’re wondering why this? Why? Dropped charges for ‘white supremacist’ who drove U-Haul into WH barricade raises eyebrows.  Part of the problem?  Doesn’t qualify as a “white supremacist” looks like to us…

Setting Up the Next War:  Two items of interest as Biden, Erdogan discussed F-16s, Sweden’s NATO bid (  You saw where 25 NATO-led peacekeepers injured in Kosovo in clashes with Serbs outside municipal building (  Once the nukes flash in Ukraine, it will be time to look at the grinder-to-come across southern Europe.

Future America Training Materials update: Street Fighter 6 Review | PCMag

Did you just lose your place?  The low-flavanol diet causes age-related memory loss (

With NASA’s next Big Deal years behind schedule, please notice China launches manned mission to Tiangong Space Station –

Around the Ranch

Quiet holiday, mostly.  Well, except for 200+ brass casings out at the shooting table on the gun range.  Most of it was .22 LR, though.  Simply because this week’s focus was on muscle-memory and form.

Chicken Marsala last night.  We’re eating a lot of protein on our modified keto /carb modulated approach.  Losing weight at a reasonable rate.

Both the main shop workbench and the electronics bench have been revealed to have plastic or wood under tools that are now put away.

Spoil board for the 3040 CNC came in Monday. Which leaves only the installation of the 5.5 watt laser before we can do some “light burning.”  The small CNC (the one which comes with an enclosure) will be set up this week for CNC PCB milling.

I swear: The hardest part of CNC and light burning work is not the machines or the artwork.  It’s in picking the best software to get from idea (or circuit design) to hogging out a board for building.  Any software ideas are welcome.  And the main machine at that workstation is an “agnostic” Win 10/Linux dual boot box…so we’re open to anything.  Have FreeCAD up and Candle for now.

G2 did the BBQ deck replacement Monday. Fun watching someone else work.  He was shocked and amazed that we had a Rockwell SoniCrafter.  Yep. Had it for years. Got it in 2009. Back then, the 37-piece kit was $152.20.  Today? Fewer accessories, but the tool is cheaper at $136 and change now.  The knockoffs are down around $55 bucks now with the coupon applied. Seems like on 10 percent of projects that tool does some useful tricks.

Point is there’s a lesson about tool prices in here somewhere.

Which means we will move the infrared grill and the propane broiler back into position today.  Which means rare beast for dinner.

Off to await the Housing data drop – check back in a few.

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48 thoughts on “Market Budget Hype – Trading Box Breach – Holiday Recovery”

  1. “Kevin” saved us with more debt and without a tear! Could you imagine a Democrat in there? SS deposits would have been missed for sure. And the military closed. Cats floating on balloons everywhere.

    Last night I happened to go back to the Big Box where I saw the Bud/Bud Light rebates, Friday.

    I don’t think the $15 rebate worked very well. Pallets of B/BL were stacked and not moving. Somehow the new Harley cans were on the floor.

    The craft beer and Mexican (Dos Equis/Corona/Modelo) beers were low on stock so that’s what was moving.

    • Lol lol I have been looking for one of the cans with the trans festive on it.. I have a family member that loves bud lite.. I was going to make him a glass out of the can for his fathers day gift… so I checked every bar and liquor store..none made it to the wastelands..

  2. Archaeologists around the Mediterranean seem to always be finding coins under cobblestones or in jugs buried in the corners of old buildings thousands of years after their owners put them there. I’m thinking American soil will be particularly rich in treasures hundreds of years down the road as unsuspecting diggers find little troves here and there. Whether or not they’ll be worth anything by that time remains to be seen but I’d bet they’d be worth more than ancient wampum – which isn’t that cheap either.

  3. Paper script stuffed in mattresses with carbon steel springs and a cotton cover aren’t going to leave a lot for the archeologists or treasure hunters.

  4. WAR, huh, yeah
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing!
    ~ Edwin Starr

    Yoda might observe that “complicated, war is. Difficult to predict.” While some wars build up slowly after much ‘tit for tatting,’ and eventually ‘erupt’ in massive degrees of destruction and human carnage, others happen quite quickly. Examples of the latter include Pearl Harbor and the Korean War. These two are notable because Asian nations abandoned diplomacy to hopefully gain an element of surprise, hoping in the process to gain a strategic advantage that would discourage retaliation. As history shows, both Japan and N. Korea failed in their respective gambles.

    Prussian historian Carl von Clausewitz famously penned that “war is policy by other means.” IOW, if a nation cannot diplomatically negotiate a power grab outright, it will attempt that grab by force. Slowly increasing hostilities in this age of ‘I want it now’ seems unlikely. But I will offer the caveat that no nation among the current nuclear powers wishes to introduce nuclear weapons into a conflict ‘unless and except’ it is done as a measure of last resort. In diplomacy, as with physics, Newton’s 3rd law applies: ‘every action has a equal and opposite reaction.’ Those nations holding the nuke ‘big hammer’ understand that opposing nuke forces are distributed on land, in and under the sea across the globe, and (time permitting) are also deployed in the air. So escaping a SPF 9-million retaliation is all but impossible. So should a ‘tactical’ (small yield) nuke ever get unleashed in battle, the risk for escalation could lead to something much, much worse. The U.S., UK, France, Russia and China all understand how this game plays likely plays out. Channels exist between them to avoid misunderstandings and prevent spiraling escalation. India and Pakistan are suspected of having nuke weapons capability. The are an unknown factor as to how they implement command and control. Israel is strongly suspected of having a sizable arsenal. They do so largely to insure survival of the Jewish state. Iran may be about to enter into the mix, but not to simply survive. It has an inflated self-image of destiny that, in todays complex world, most closely matches that of Hitler’s 3rd Reich.

    So the most plausible thing we all can do is to ‘hope for the best, but plan for the worst.’ Do what must be done at home and in you neighborhood to insure folks are prepared for whatever may come, be it tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes or an airmailed inferno from across the sea.

    • You forgot to mention that this nation is being pushed into nuclear war by a lifelong criminal with a demented mind.

    • Pearl Harbor did NOT happen quickly.

      Even a brief read of history would show how much Roosevelt was egging Japan on to attack the US. Not only did the US ban all scrap steel exports to Japan starting long before the war began but it also banned all oil exports to Japan (we were a big oil exporter back then and Japan got most of it’s oil from the US) in the Spring on 41.

      Then Roosevelt had the US government SEIZED ALL Japanese assets, business /personal /and government except for the embassies and consulates, in the US or it’s territores in the summer of 1941.

      Then of course beginning in about 1940 the US was providing planes and pilots to China, “private contracts buying the NEW top line US fighters and shipping them to China” and US “volunteers” NOT the US military personel, were then flying those planes agains the Japanese Air Force and behind the scenes the US was engaging in other War activities against the Chinese in China.

      There was NO SUDDENNESS wrt the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and more importanly actually, the Phillipines on Dec 7 1941.

      Roosevelt was doing everything he could in order to incite the Japanese to attack … so as to give him justification for going to War against Japan, which he hoped to leverage up to getting into the War in Europe which the American Public was against.
      Roosevelt lucked out with his real goal … when we declared War on Japan Germany and Italy then Declared War on the US, the ONLY time in WW2 when Germany actually Declared War on anybody, which totaly switched US public opinion and allowed Roosevelt to in turn get the US Congress to Declare War on Germany /Italy.

      There is very good historical documentation out there now that indicates that Roosevelt and Marshall BOTH knew the Japanese were about to attack Pearl Harbor, had it down to a 48 hour window. They knew exactly where the Japanese Fleet was as it hit the Pacific near Hawaii and they INTENTIONALLY did NOT inform the Navy or Army because BOTH wanted the War to begin.

      Roosevelt was one devious man … who’s entire history of behavior was manipulating people and events, much of the time without those being manipulated were aware they were being manipulated, so as to create the outcome he wanted to occur.

      The Pearl Harbor attack did NOT occur “suddenly”.

      The Pearl Harbor attack was well planned out by Roosevelt and Marshall (Marshall was appointed Chief of Staff by Roosevelt in 1939), it was only a matter of how much they had to push the Japanese in order to bring it about since by getting a War started with Japan they had concluded that was the ONLY way the American Public would support going to War in Europe and it was apparently always their intention to get the Japanese to directly attack Pearl versus just the Phillipines and the various small islands in the Pacific. They had tried everything else to get the US to enter the European War … but alas the American Public just wouldn’t wouldn’t budge from their ANTI- European War mindset.

      Roosevelt and Marshall achieved their goal of getting Pearl Harbor attacked … but there was nothing SUDDEN about the attack. It was planned out in DC and then implemented over a more than one year time frame.

      • This Wikipedia article is a good read on the Pearl attack.

        Every learned scholar and statesman in the U.S. at the time knew that fighting a two front war (Europe & Pacific) would severely challenge America’s military capabilities and industrial capacity. Economic sanctions, primarily on oil, was the nation’s primary approach to impacting Imperial Japan. The potential for war with Japan was tangible, but no one realistically expected a surprise carrier fleet attack on Pearl Harbor.

        IMO this falls in the same category as the claim that the World Trade Center had prepositioned explosives installed, when structural engineer after engineer scientifically refuted the claims using logic and physics.

        Peeps just want to blame their own leadership when terrible things happen, particularly when they hate and/or don’t trust that leadership for deep rooted ideological reasons.

        • Even though the people, learned people, at say differently? And the study from the Alaskan university says differently? Fuel oil made those towers do a total free-fall collapse into their individual basements along with the explosions visible in Building 7? The towers should have been nothing more than burning stubs a short distance below their impact points. Whatever hit the Pentagon will forever be in question but clinging to “Normalcy” and what you’re calling “truth”, WH, doesn’t do the oath you took any justice.

        • Bill, my oath was to “defend and protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That includes those who might threaten our elected leaders and/or attack our institutions of government.

          RE: citing ‘reliable’ sources: I prefer these:

          And I’d add that IMO the ‘Dubya’ Bush administration couldn’t tell their collective arses from the proverbial holes in the ground. As the late, great Charles Krauthammer once opined, “whenever you are faced with an explanation of what’s going on in Washington, the choice between incompetence and conspiracy, always choose incompetence.” For the Bushies to pull off such a perfectly orchestrated attack, from the multiple hijackings to the placing of high explosives at key structural locations in an operational, moderate to high security building (high security down in the ‘vaults’), it is utter fantasy to think such a plan could not only be orchestrated, but pulled off like clockwork with any degree of success. Not even the ‘once’ vaunted CIA could pull off that kind of perfectly coordinated op.

          No, the ‘real’ conspiracies in DC are likely just the low level types, containerized ones like Vince Foster. That’s about the best these Bilderbergers can do.

        • warhammer, sorry, can’t follow you here…you haven’t read David Irving, AND many others, you haven’t done your homework, Roosevelt and ilk along with Churchill and others purposefully planned the whole diabolical shit show.

          As I have mentioned here many many times, until people understand the truth behind WW1 and WW2, we are destined to be duped again, same mojo.

          And yes, there was pre-planning on 911 and it is quite shameful that you haven’t done your homework there, either. 911 was an inside job and it is obvious.

          Come on, Man, you can do better.

        • 9/11 Was a Mass Ritual..

          Ceremonial magic is the ancient art of invoking and controlling spirits by a scientific application of certain formulae. 9/11 was the largest -scale occult ritual in history, a globally-televised hideous act of ceremonial magic.

          “they” have been using “black magic” to control the flow. IOW prolong the KALI yuga cycle past its use by date..some 333 years past. Kali cycle is done, but the darklings are still holding on by fingernails – you can SENSE their Panic as it is palpable.

          We be in DVAPARA Cycle – da bronze one – like TayTay herself sayz – “Shake It Off”

          “In the end, what we have is a highly symbolic , ritual working broadcast to millions of people, A Satanic inversion; a Black Mass, where the “pews” are filled by entire nation and through which humanity is brutalized and debased.- Michael Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Wafare.

          Hard to discern, let alone See anything, when U bee like a fungus, living in darkness and living in the cave wall shadows..

          Details, Sources of Information..Flgt #11 1st to hit 2 towers, 2 planes, 1st aircraft bearing the number of magic itself signaling Commencement of the ritual. Flight 175 2nd plane to hit 2nd tower.

          ..there are 3 main methods of invoking any Deity..1st method is devotion to that deity..a perfect instruction exits in Liber 175 writes Aleister Crowley in “Magick” from Liber ABA.

          Flight 11, consecrated with number of magic and declaring the commencement of a magical operation; Flight 175, invoking Liber 175, stating the intent and purpose of the operation, ie. invoking and uniting with “a particular deity”
          Few “deities would approve of such cruel and destructive methods of invocation, but crowley provides direction to the supplicant on this point..”yet also may he deliberately practise cruelities, where the particular Deity manifests His love in that manner; as is caseof Kaliand of Pan” crowely also provived a warning which clarifies the intent of those engaged in this ritual: “Nevertheless, forget not that this practice is dangerous, and may cause the manifestation of evil things, hostile and malicious” -AC

        • We took the same oath WH or did you have another one once you started into the deepest, darkest part of your career? For all the wonderful things you’ve done for our country you refuse to recognize the fact that those politicians you stand in front of to protect ARE the enemy.

          The mere fact that Gen. Milley admitted he’d have stepped out of bounds in his duties and warned China if there was going to be an impending attack from us demonstrates there is, in fact, major fault lines in people’s loyalties in high places in our country. Hell, what about Hillary selling our uranium to Russia and pocketing the money and now our strategic oil reserves are sold off to China by this administration when we’re poking them in both eyes with a sharp stick? I have no sense of loyalty or respect for the Bushes at all any more. They’re worse than LBJ is to me as a Texan. Also if you don’t think modern intelligence agencies don’t have the capability to pull 9/11 off with, probably, decades of time to prepare and defer to a bunch of rag heads to do it – and then stand behind Popular Mechanics and, oh dear God, the CFR as a source when, literally, THOUSANDS of certified engineers with no axe to grind and universities call b.s. on it then your loyalty to NORMALCY makes me wonder about you. Anyone with your degree of influence that promotes this lie weakens our country and breaks my heart – as if it were capable of being broken any more.

        • The sub was a recon vehicle in a place where it shouldn’t have been. Japan and the U.S. weren’t exactly bosom buddies at the time and the shoot was totally justified.

      • “there was nothing SUDDEN about the attack.”

        Nope.. nothing sudden.. it is like a big tree.. chop it down and once the tree starts to topple its all in slow motion until it gains momentum and gravity does the rest..
        when I thought I seen the poison pawn trap.. my assumption was it would be a sudden movement.. like those that assumed the mayan calendar was instant.. but it isn’t like a big tree it takes a while the movements is slow until it just seems as if it suddenly happens..
        some can see it most don’t.. most buy the illusion being sold to them.. the change will seam to be sudden..
        who would have thought we would all pay the price for such a broken corrupted perverted and morally and ethically deficient system..

      • I could post more links … but the below with cites lays out the foundation of what I talked about in my post. Pearl Harbor WAS PLANNED IN DC A FULL YEAR BEFORE IT HAPPENED. The Japanese took the bait … and FDR got the War he wanted, no craved. The bonus being that he also got the “Gift” of Germany declaring War on the US so he didn’t have an uphill slog in getting Congress to also approve getting “more” involved in the European War.

        “It all started when Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson wrote sometime before the attack from the Japanese, “the question was how we should maneuver them into firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.” So, the US Government kept trying to figure out how to have it look like that Japan started the war for no reason. The answer was found with Lt. Cmdr. Arthur McCollum’s eight-point memorandum.

        >> Each point of this memorandum was designed to produce an attack from the Japanese.<>Another part of the memorandum was to station a vulnerable capital fleet in Pearl Harbor.<>The months before the attack on Pearl Harbor the US Government tried to instigate the forces of Japan into attacking the US.<>Cable after cable of decryptions, scores of military messages that America was intercepting, clearly showed that Japanese ships were preparing for war and heading straight for Hawaii. <>Roosevelt provoked Japan to attack us, let it happen at Pearl Harbor, and thus galvanized the country to war.<>In December 1940, a secret agreement was formulated between the White House and Chiang’s representatives whereby a number of furloughed American Air Corps pilots, along with 100 Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk pursuit planes, were loaned to the Nationalists to carry out military actions against the Japanese. The American pilots were paid $500 per month, as well as an extra $500 for every Japanese plane they shot down. This secret air unit earned the nickname of “The Flying Tigers.” The Chiang-Roosevelt agreement was not revealed to the public until the war was over<< ….
        For years rumors have circulated to the effect that Roosevelt knew that Japan planned to attack Pearl Harbor—and just let it happen. By far the most detailed and credible claim to date is contained in Robert Stinnett’s book Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor.

        Stinnett describes what appear to be three “conspiracies”: the first to compel the Japanese to attack the United States and thus to bring us into World War II; the second to deprive the Pearl Harbor commanders of available information about Japan’s intentions; and the third an attempt, which still persists, to keep pre-attack information from the public.

        …Significant information was received from these intercepts, Stinnett says, including the Japanese Task Force’s last-minute choice for its staging area, its destination, and its attack order. But that intelligence was purposively withheld from the Pearl Harbor commanders.

  5. War…

    Bob Moriarty: I got to Vietnam in late July of 1968. Lots of American troops still believed we were winning the war. A year later most of our forces realized the war was a waste of time and not worth dying for. By 1970 no one wanted to be the last person to die for an illegal and meaningless war.

    So when the troops ran into gung ho 2nd Lieutenants or other 90-day wonders they would explain the facts of life to them and encourage them to slow down and smell the roses. Those who didn’t got fragged. It’s a great way to off someone, just pull the pin, release the spoon and walk briskly away with a smile. Alternatively, in battle shooting a dumb leader right in front of you works as well. He’s closer to you than the enemy and a lot more dangerous to your longevity. No one wants to talk about it but it happens in all wars.

    When your soldiers learn that the penalty for shooting their own officers is no worse than their odds of surviving going into combat, the war is over and you lost.

    • A guy I knew long ago was a chopper pilot in Nam. Got assigned to carry Washington dignataries around, and got field promotion to Captain (from Warrant Officer) to go with the job. Somehow he pissed off some dignatary, who complained, and his commander was MORE than pissed and took him off the milk runs and put him on Med Evac runs into the hottest of the hot zones.

      Over a two week period he lost THREE helicopters, each time the chopper was full. In one no survivors but him, another one he and his co-pilot lived bt nobody else did. Another one he and the crew member in the back lived but that guy was seriously injured, co-pilot died. After that third wreck in a two week period, he saw the schedule for the next day … his commander wasn’t giving him even a day off, more med evac, probably again into a hot fire zone. His commander WANTED HIM DEAD, that was his conclusion (so he told me).

      He actually had an apartment in downtown Saigon, a perk of flying the head muckety mucks around, so (his tale to me) so when he got back to his apartment he grabbed his M-16 and went down the street and proceeded to get drunk as a skunk at one of the bars that the service people went to in downtown Saigon. He then took his M-16 and shot up all the liquor bottles against the wall in the bar. The MP’s of course were there in a flash … arrested him, took him out to Tan Son Nhut Air Base.

      Next thing he knows he is on a plane to the states, he says he sorta sobered up on the flight, and 20 hours later was being escorted by US Air Force MP’s, with a huge hangover, out of the airport in San Diego and as they take him off base they handed him paperwork which gave him a Dishonerable Discharge.

      His take on it was since he had flown so many important people that since his Commander could NOT get him killed he wanted him OUT of the service IMMEDIATELY so the military quickly did a Dishonerable Discharge, … and he was so THRILLED to know he was going to be one of the living the next week, which he didn’t think he would be, so he never contested it .

      If the guy’s story is to be believed a classic case of a military gung ho type trying to get rid of someone via assigning them to a suicide mission.

      Obviously NO VA benefits … on the other hand he ended up being in the land of the living versus where he thought he would be in another week. Probably one of the Happiest Dishonerably Discharged veterans who has ever existed. I know when I met him many years after the War is was still THRILLED about getting that Dishonerable Discharge IN SAN DIEGO less than 24 hours after shooting up that bar in Saigon.

    • In Army basic training in 1972 we got to throw one live grenade over the wall into a ravine. It was amusing to see our A**hole drill Sgt. become Sooo very nice and soothing when he handed the grenade to each recruit, while eyeing the nearby concrete shelter box… ‘just in case’ a live one was dropped.

  6. Well.., I was right on the NASDAQ – more A.I. hype driving it higher – but I am out.., up 1.8% – I was right on target with the DJIA – up close to 3%., and out. ., but it was not what I had planned on.
    – The whole market looks rather sketchy at the moment – looks / feels kind of odd. Someone has pulled the rigger and they are all waiting for the hammer to fall. So., I’ll be sitting on the sidelines – watching for a hint., a clue..,
    – Have you ever got a gut feeling that something is wrong., but you just can’t seem to figure out what? Think I’ll go sit out side for a bit and ponder the fate of the Universe as we know it.., maybe sharpen my pocket knife..,

    • d’Lynn, I have had the feeling that something is horribly wrong for the last 2 years. The crap just keeps piling up. I believe that in the future, to survive whatever is coming, that we all should be prepared to adapt and improvise. There will be some that will have a tough time. Prepare accordingly…

  7. Warhammer – You have the experience I don’t and freely admit it – but when Lt McGregor says there were only 7 4star Generals during WWII and now there are 44 4star Generals – I wonder about an effective chain of command – I’d say response to anything runs a heck of a lot slower with 44 Know it alls. In my business there is an old saying when it comes to customers – I have the experience and they have the money – when its over I have the money and you have the experience. When I look at at Austin and Milley – My gut tells me they will choke.

    • ” Lt McGregor says there were only 7 4star Generals during WWII and now there are 44 4star Generals – I wonder about an effective chain of command ”

      44? I count over 80.

      BTW five of those 14 WW-II (full) Generals acquired the fifth star, although Omar Bradley didn’t get his until after the end of the War…

  8. Re: “Bidenistas and their Dis-Equal Justice is alive and well.”

    feat. U-Haul truck vs WH bollard


    I’d be hard-pressed to recall another example of a non-white, non-American teenager coming up with coin for a plane ticket ride from Missouri to Dulles. Was it a one-way? Not to mention U-Haul likely wouldn’t have let their 26 foot truck lumber off the lot without knowing how they were getting paid. Also according to the U-Haul website, the company wheeled dolly seen in the empty truck images following collisions with stationary WH bollards is not a complimentary item.

    Of course, not so long ago the President did offer fair warning in a speech delivery beforehand that extremist white terrorists are the greatest threat facing America. Reminds me of that great line from “Snow White” when the evil queen talks to the magic mirror.

    • Re: whistful thinking
      feat. redheaded bunnies


      Today Mr. Gates has released “Bill’s Summer Mix” of tunes on Spotify. The curated selection starts out with a 2010 hit, “Holiday” from Vampire Weekend’s “Contra” album that featured a circa-1983 redheaded woman on the cover.

      Thanks as always to DJ George, an ever-faithful guide to reading between the lines.

    • U-Haul demands payment in-advance, plus a deposit. A kid getting a truck is no big deal this time of year — It is “getting out of college and going home” time, when U-Haul dealerships get dozens to hundreds of box trucks, to rent to kids who’re going home for the summer.

  9. Change of pace:
    Conversation with two old military friends over this three-day Memorial weekend.., one in Florida and one in Panama., got to talking about “The Best”.., since it’s a slow news day around here, I thought I’d share some of my “Bests”.

    Best cheeseburger I have ever had ?
    – That’s easy. It was in a small Chinese restaurant in Lethbridge Canada. It was amazing. The restaurant was run by an old., and I mean 200 years old, Chinese gentleman who had escaped Mao and mainland China just after WWll. Great guy. He devised that special cheeseburger for his “Canadian Friends.”
    Best fried chicken I ever had?
    – I remember it well. An ex-military buddy’s restaurant in northern Thailand. They marinated the chicken for 24 hours before frying., but it was the batter they used, it was a closely guarded secret. Said he got the recipe from an Aunt in Kentucky. It was fantastic. A beat-up ex-special forces sergeant, with a southern accent, serving fried chicken in Thailand. Kind of hard to forget that.
    Best Breakfast I ever had ?
    – I was invited to be a part of the annual round-up in Montana, of four large ranches. Seven days in the saddle. I was ‘assigned’ as a out-rider. On the Morning of the 7th day, we were still 10 miles from the pens and I was out on morning watch, which starts at 4 AM., when a lady rode up slowly with an old, beat-up military aluminum tray – loaded with biscuits and gravy, spicy salsa scrabbled eggs., bacon, sausage and Texas Toast. So there I am sitting on a horse, in the middle of nowhere, watching five hundred head of cattle and chowing down like a king.
    Worst dinner I ever had?
    – U.S. Embassy in S Korea. – God awful. Even the visiting Navy Admiral and the resident spook stopped eating. It really was that bad.
    Best dinner?
    – Private fortress in Osaka Japan, owned by the head of the Yakuza. Took close to three hours., very.., VERY formal. Eight of us at the table., two guards at each door., six ‘servers’ watching the table very closely. You really did feel like you were in 17th century Japan, visiting the court of the Shogun. You could cut the tension with a katana, it was so thick., but the food and presentation was incredible. I can still see the low-slung highly polished cherry wood table. I only made one mistake all night.. I was asked a polite, mundane question in English but, I answered back in Japanese. The whole room slowly turned and looked at me. No one knew I could speak Japanese – it was a shock to them and the conversations, from that point on, were all in English. I glanced at our host, he gave me a subtle head-nod and I think a slight amused, smile., so I assumed I wasn’t going to get my head lopped-off. It wasn’t technically a “breach of protocol”., but it was slightly “disruptive”.
    Best beer I have ever had?
    – Laos – 1969. After three days of trying to find the NVA 2nd Infantry Division, two gun ships swooped in on designated LZ Bravo.., and we were gone, back into S Vietnam., as we started to relax and climb out of range the Crew Chief pointed under the center jump seat., under the seat was an insulated field ice box.., I popped the lid and inside was a six pack of Schlitz beer. Still ice cold. I passed them out and sat back – it was the best damn beer I had ever had., and I hate Schlitz beer., one of the worst brews every devised – horrible horse piss., but at that moment, at that time & place – it was nectar from the Gods.
    Best ‘Victory’ ?
    – I don’t know if this was “The Best”., I have a few., but it still ranks as one of the most memorable. Blue Room, Harrahs Casino, Lake Tahoe, 1974. I bluffed three of the best poker players in the business and walked out with over five grand for the night. I matched every bet and met every raise., on the table it looked like I was heading into a queen high flush., but I had nothing., on the last card I met the bet, covered a small test-the-table raise then, raised $200 again. They all folded., as I had never tried to bluff before. It felt damn good. It was also the weekend that I decided that I would ‘not’ become a professional gambler. I realized that it would consume me.

  10. I experienced a really vivid woo woo last night…the wife and I were on the beach enjoying the day, musta been Orange County, and all the sudden a fleet of aerial vehicles similar to the Star Trek transporter showed up; no wings, not rotor craft, just positioned a couple 100 feet above the ocean. And no noise. Sure caught our attention. And then, all the sudden, the surf came to a full stop. No waves, period. While we’re pondering how this could happen, we notice the ocean depth at the beach starts getting higher, and higher. Pretty soon the beach crowd smells tsunami on it’s way and we head for a parking structure. Dream ended as we’re climbing stairs inside the structure.

  11. Until you posted it, I didn’t even know about the dumb kid in the Uhaul trying to take over the WH. Definitely not a well thought out plan, but then again, if you take a poll or survey of the gen pop nowadays, it would reveal a dismal lack of education on all fronts. Guess the people who decided to pull out the extremist WH attack card know this and figured it’d slide by the questioners. Damn, m$m really needs to be restructured.

  12. Six stocks – Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Nvidia, and Meta Platforms – now have a combined valuation of around $10 trillion and make up over 25% of the S&P 500’s total market capitalization.
    The S&P 500 is up just over 8 % for the year – but take out these six stocks and it is up only 2%., barely. That 8% is very misleading as an overall indicator for the economy, or even the health of the stock market.
    This also the first time ever that all six of the largest publicly-listed companies – right now that’s Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon,Meta and Nvidia – all come from the same industry.
    And stocks from the same industry tend to be vulnerable to the same macroeconomic factors – like rising interest rates, which often hit tech stocks worse than other companies because they’re more reliant on borrowing cash. Lots of cash.
    This slight-of-hand valuation and market rise is dangerously misleading for investors., and even economic analyst that don’t/won’t dig for the true, meaningful data.

    • Rick Ackerman: A bear market that is inevitable will someday force redemptions of erstwhile no-brainer stocks in times when there are no buyers. Until then, shares can and will continue to rise, often into airless gaps in which no shares or money changes hands. Although this may sound like a perpetual motion machine that creates money from nothing, it assuredly cannot continue for long, let alone forever. It is perversely drawing energy at the moment by flouting the investor maxim, “Go away in May.” The boring summer many expect could give our three bellwether stocks an opportunity to reach their Hidden Pivot D targets by mid-summer. That would put the market in good position to do a Pearl Harbor on the multitudes who think historical crashes happen only in October.

  13. Need proof that the housing market is “in decline” ? Here ya go – More than 60,000 realtors have left their jobs over the last six months, according to data from the National Association of Realtors. No need to panic though., there are still 1.54 million available for you shopping needs.

  14. I once cared for a broadcast transmitter site in the Koolau mountains of Oahu that required a 2-hour climb up a steep trail to the 2500ft ridge line. Site was built by helicopter, but that expense was only available for heavy lift stuff. Routine maintenance I hiked. I often camped there overnight, and I had brought a small refrigerator during one of my equipment lifts in the helicopter. One sunny weekend afternoon I was out there on the top of Oahu, admiring the view of both sides of the island, when I spotted a lone hiker struggling along the very jagged ridge line coming from the town side. I went back to the transmitter shack and grabbed two cold beers and went back to the summit ridge to await the hiker. He had not seen me up there, and so was quite surprised as he clambered up to the peak where I was sitting. He was clearly exhausted, but glad to see me. He had not planned his hike well, and ran out of water… hiking mountains in the tropical heat. First thing he asked me was if I had any water to spare, and what is the quickest way down off this mountain?
    I told him I had water for him back at the shack, and not to worry as I could show him the way down, but first…. I pressed a cold can of beer into his hand. His eyes were big as saucers and he was speechless. The look on his face was something I had never seen on a human. I wish I had a video. It would have made a supreme beer commercial. I got him rehydrated and rested in the shade later and we hiked down together. He told me he thinks I saved his life.

    • Yep, thanks, Hank, you were his angel, imagine that he wondered where the heck you came from….

  15. Over 100 Android apps with more than 400 million downloads from Google Play, combined have been infected with a new malware strain – this new Android malware is being referred to as spyware is due to the fact that it can steal private data stored on Android phones and send it to a remote server.
    If you have downloaded any app from Google Play store., you might want to go check the list.

    • I try to avoid anything Google, though that’s nearly impossible today. I sideload what I can from the safest sources I can find. I only have two apps on the phone other than the preloaded ones, and everything is disabled as much as possible. I don’t browse on the phone either. There’s little to no personal and absolutely no financial info on the phone. I wish I could disable GPS for real, but that’s too much of a burden. The stupid ‘play store’ is supposedly required for the phone to run, and I’ve got it crippled. It complains daily. When possible, I turn off the phone and remove the battery. Those close to me know how to contact me.

  16. “G2 did the BBQ deck replacement Monday…
    …He was shocked and amazed that we had a Rockwell SoniCrafter. Yep. Had it for years. Got it in 2009. Back then, the 37-piece kit was $152.20. Today? Fewer accessories, but the tool is cheaper at $136 and change now.”

    It’s now $159.

    Menards ( is closing it out for $129, with an 11% rebate (or around $116 total). They’re shipping throughout CONUS and Canada now. Unfortunately, I have no idea what their shipping charges are and the rebate is a “store credit” coupon. I have no idea whether it can be used online. If it can’t, the store nearest to George is in Branson, MO…

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