Housing Prices

Case-Shiller/ S&P Corelogic press releases are missing in action.  Either that, or we have landcd on the bad media list, somehow.

So instead of some reasoned analysis, make due with the CNBC story here. Home price declines may be over, S&P Case-Shiller says.

Problem for the market:  This just SCREAMS to us that a minimum of a Fed 1/4 – and maybe even a half point hike is coming in 2-weeks.  Reason?  Home price appreciation needs to roll down before inflation is put to bed.  No sign of it yet and we think Fed gradualism may be in trouble.

We’ll try to figure out why not all media seem to get access at the same time…


Because when only a few corporate-controlled media get the data – dispensed to the “rest of us small fry” at when?

So, how do the corporate media get their news ahead of everyone else?

The only two honest answers are: they don’t.  Or, the fix is in…corporations are playing us.

Look surprised.


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6 thoughts on “Housing Prices”

  1. “the fix is in”

    By me restaurants are empty but houses are flying off the shelf. Last week I noticed signs went up in front of a couple houses. Within a day I saw people walking in and out.

    I’d sell but where do I go? The next house price is inflated and the taxes will be more. It’s best to trade RE at the lows.

  2. I’d bet most here have heard of Andrew Bustamante. He’s been making the on-line talk shows lately and has his own website everydayspy.com. The last few minutes of this 2+ hour show with Tom Bilyeu says everything we’ve been saying here for a while – “we won’t, we can’t, come together again as a country without a LOT of pain and suffering to make it happen.” “Our [monkey] mind is wired to survive, not thrive.” There’s a difference there you need to think about. Individual survival is what our brains are wired to do. No different from when my nanny goats walk away from one or more of their kids in bad times. They’re great mothers up until that one point where they say “Tough, kid. You’re on your own.”.


    • “we can’t…”

      What does that mean? We need the vision.

      Britain, Scotland and Ireland are no longer operated by old-stock DNA. That’s maximum diversity.

      The next step would be to expel the King. Turn him and his clan into a nomadic people, Gypsies if you will. We’re told Jews wandered for what, 1,900 years then 1947 rolled around.

      • “The vision”, just as it’s always been, would be a common enemy that presents a credible promise to wipe us out – Pearl Harbor, 9/11, etc. Without that our country would eat itself from within. If you’re talking about reinventing the Spirit of ’76 I really don’t think it would happen to the entire country all at once but only if we broke up into up to a half dozen different ones.

  3. The biggest balloon losing air is commercial, not residential real estate. The empty restaurants, and the corporate bankruptcies are a leading indicator of what will follow in residential real estate. As long as people are working, they can pay their notes. It will take time for the full weight of the corporate employment debacle to roll downhill.
    With the beating that residential landlords and note holders took under the Doctor(s), I can’t see them cutting anyone any slack, when the money plays out. And the courts will back the real owners, not the pretenders, in the next round.

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