Jobs Too Strong? Next Week: Reality Arrives

Sometimes, you can’t win for trying.  The Fed (and the Biden administration) are facing a real mess with the Jobs data.  The reason?  If Jobs are too good then the economy overheats.  There are signs of that even now.

We’ll begin with a summary of this week’s jobs data.

  • JOLTS: The report out Wednesday showed on the hiring side: “In April, the number of hires was little changed at 6.1 million, and the rate held at 3.9 percent.”  But separations was low: “The number of total separations decreased to 5.7 million (-286,000) in April…”
  • ADP:  Strong hiring pace continued HIGHER. We’re way up from pre-Covid levels now and the curve hasn’t leveled-off:
  • Challenger Cuts:  Yes, there are some layoffs. “With the exception of 2020, it is the highest total in the first five months of the year since 2009, when 822,282 cuts were tracked through May.”

This last is really interesting:  In 2009 the market had been through a grueling 9-months due to the Housing Bubble Collapse.  Yet, no sign of a Bear market in here.  So, what has changed?

A “PnP Career World”

Frankly, we can make out a case where the Fed and government policy has failed to consider the impacts of a couple of decades of BPR and ERP.  That Business Process Reengineering and Enterprise Resource Planning.

It struck me this morning while doing a deep dive into 5S workflows when it struck me.  People are no longer working in a career.  Between BPR and ERP lots of jobs are simply “Plug-and-Play.”  Hire anyone with some basic skills, and they will (with little training expense) be able to perform the “human functions” as needed.  Totally jumped out of the ADP data:

Appears to us that with a few exceptions in government and the military (for great 20+ year commitments) that more and more people are job hoppers, and this makes the hiring numbers look good.  But like M2 (turnover of money stocks to GDP) we’re seeing a new possible distortion.

In our division of the Ure family, the track seems to be a trend of working for a year, or two, and then move on to “something else.”

As our data suggests:  If you want a raise, change jobs.  Which may overstate economic conditions.

Today’s Federal Jobs Report

Don’t mean to get totally off track on this. but labor turnover could mislead policymakers.  But the new ultra “flowable workforce” paradigm (as I think of it) doesn’t mean the economy is growing.  But people are changing jobs and getting a lot more money by doing so.

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 339,000 in May, and the unemployment rate rose by 0.3 percentage point to 3.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in professional and business services, government, health care, construction, transportation and warehousing, and social assistance.

This news release presents statistics from two monthly surveys. The household survey measures labor force status, including unemployment, by demographic characteristics. The establishment survey measures nonfarm employment, hours, and earnings by industry.

Our usual footnotes to this.  First is the total number of people working.  Which to us is really the main measurement of how robust an economy is:

Our concern? 

  1. Short term, in the last month, fewer people were working.  Employed dropped by 310,000 in the ACTUAL DATA (which no one but us seems to be able to comprehend).
  2. As you can see, we have added more than 23-million jobs from the Covid Lows.  A little too much sizzle to contain inflation?

Then we have the CES Birth-Death Model which estimates how many new jobs (that may be undercounted in other studies) have been estimated to “make the numbers” in this month’s report:  231,000 is the answer.

As you can see, however, we have had a robust economy and there’s no indication here that the Fed’s dream of 2 percent core inflation is going to happen any time soon.  Which means?

Besides we see Biden-agenda racism? All New US Jobs Since The Covid Crash Have Gone To Foreign-Born Workers | ZeroHedge.

Well, the long-term decline of Dollar purchasing power is baked-in.  But at a secular level this appears as prices going up.  In short, a lot more inflation.

Why Next Week Matters

A lot of big-money economists are no doubt already seeing the problem.  But it will take half a week, or so, for the reality of what’s going on (high employment, higher prices, unstoppable inflation).  This is made even worse by the sham budget which doesn’t change anything until after the 2024 election and then it’s another can to kick down the road.

While the Bidenistas love the notion of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) the Reality is the government can’t just print up money.  Because where such nonsense has been tried (the Former Soviet Union, Zimbabwe under Mugabe) and Venezuela) the result has been a train wreck.

The “New Model” of crooked monetarism involves using a proxy war (in the current case Ukraine) to set up money-making schemes while destroying and creating assets willy-nilly.  That won’t work either. But the money shills will try it anyway, even though the risk of nuclear escalation increases as the war expands to fill economic holes in crooked people’s pockets.

NEXT WEEK the market needs to worry about the Fed meeting June 13-14.

We’re pretty sure the Fed will have to raise 25-basis points and frankly, were it our call, we’d roll with a 50-basis point (1/2 percent) increase. Housing is too strong, consumers have gone “PnP with work” and as a result, the markets are into territory where a major downturn (as the Yellow Large 2 completes in our chart of Elliott and Trend Channels shows:

If you’re think “My, ain’t this a hot mess!” that’d capture the eau d moment.

Sun Cycle Jitters?

This spring in East Texas has been one of the Best Ever.  Cool, about 21-inches of rain and the year’s not half over.  And nationally?  The panic about Ukraine-driven global famine has eased as the US Drought picture improved dramatically this spring:

To be sure, there are still pockets of extreme drought in the west/central division.  But the news is mostly good. Though we wonder if this is the kind of map from which Dust Bowl conditions could arise later in the year.

The Sun is acting a little weird in the latest data just dropped.  Has the Solar cycle “peaked early?”

While it looks daunting at this zoom level, it’s really not.  This area is circled in this wider-ranging view, and you’ll see the Sun is being pretty tame.

The weather is the weather, of course.  But at least for now, we’re thinking the Sun may have “peaked early.”  (Don’t they make a creme for that?).

Meanwhile, the implications of Solar Cycles really does matter.

Following up on our Peoplenomics report about the resource-raped West, did you see how Arizona announces new limits on construction in Phoenix area as groundwater disappears | CNN.  Equal bummer tone in Washington Post’s Thursday story about how Phoenix area can’t meet groundwater demands over next century. The concepts behind Peoplenomics data are quickly going large.

How the balance of Cycle 25 works out should be “instructive” at a minimum.  (rim shot, heard only by smart people).

Sand in the Vaseline

Forever in our Debt:  US debt ceiling deal narrowly passes Senate averting catastrophic federal default.  A show rally at the open, but we don’t think next week the shills will be able to Canute their way out of this one. Referentially deficit? Click here: King Canute and the tide – Wikipedia,  America has no Debt Ceiling.  It’s yet-another scam perped on the mental midgets who vote for the same crooks over and over…

I Robot?  Try I: SCARED! US Air Force denies reports of AI-controlled drone simulation that ‘killed’ operator.

MMMP? More Mickey Mouse Politics?  Trump Judge Who Threw Out ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Challenge Will Now Hear Disney’s Lawsuit Against DeSantis (

Stupid Salesmanship demo:  Take this story: US to offer to keep nuclear arms curbs until 2026 if Russia does same | Reuters and see if you can sense how this one will torpedo that: Ukraine says it downed 36 Russian missiles and drones | Reuters.  Right, then…

ATR: Useful Health Notes

On Ure’s Integrated Diet (keto, carb-managed) the May weight loss was 12 pounds.  G2 says a lot of that is water weight from going near zero carbs.  I’m expecting a drop of 2-4 pounds a month going forward.  Another update in July.

The Damned Eyes are actually better. The backstory (if you’re not a long-time reader) is:

History:  Early onset cataracts (age 35).  10-years of soft contacts followed cataract removal.  Then 1988-1990 two Alcon IOLs.

Left IOL failed (dislocated) in 2018, or so.

Replacement attempted (2018) but too much scarring for simple replacement.  Further surgeries to implant (anterior) left eye and stop minor post-surg wound leakage.  Multi-times daily saline – corneal edema.

The supplement regimen we’re on (which includes fisetin, serrapeptase, and AREDS2 eye vites, seems to have taken my best reads from 20-40 to 20-30 in six months.  There’s been some discussion about possible use of serrapeptase to assist with internal (in-eye) scarring from implant surgeries.  But we’re very cautious because of secondary infections.  Serratiopeptidase – A Cause for Spread of Infection – PMC (

OK, more on ShopTalk Sunday and also Peoplenomics tomorrow.

Write when you get rich,

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53 thoughts on “Jobs Too Strong? Next Week: Reality Arrives”

  1. Appreciate more on cataract surgery, going for it in a few weeks, in an eye that previously had retinal tear fixed by laser. What lens did you have at first before the AOL lens. How did your surgery go? would glasses have worked instead of the soft contact?

    • Mike. Although I can’t comment on the retinal tear repair, the best advice I can give you after two cataract surgeries 5 years ago is what one of my good friends told me before my first one.

      “The anticipation is much worse than the operation.”

      It made a huge difference to my vision and also the brilliance of colours. It was like someone removed an onion skin from the front of my eyes.

    • You won’t have any problems. Today, it’s an in-and-out deal.

      The only reason that I have problems was that I had “early” Alcon implants. These were great for 13 years, or so. Then, one day, I jumped off the tractor (about age 70 here) and the left one dislocated.
      I had the kind of one-in-a-million failures. The fault was part with the lenses material and part with physically living younger than my body age.

      Enjoy the downtime.

      • Hmm. Interesting day in our wake. An SPX higher high, taking out the 02/02 horizontal at 4,195 (after 5+ days trading above / below that magnetic level). Now, if FOMO rules, possibly the 08/15/22 horizontal at 4,302 is in play? TBD. The charts draw themselves. We are inclined to calc some Fib levels Precious.

        But, for now, have a fine weekend,

        ps – note to self: no tractor jumping

    • What Mike said: “The anticipation is much worse than the operation.”
      The Doc also made the incision in a manner so that as healing progressed, my eyes would be drawn back to proper shape, ending astigmatism. While the surgery was going on, I was watching all the pretty lights dancing around. He had to tell me to be still so he could do his job. My Mother and aunt had theirs done at ages 90-something and around 88, respectively. After a lifetime with glasses, Mother could read the newspaper without them. So some corrections can be made in conjunction with cataract surgery.

  2. George

    How did Yoda put it!
    “Future hard to see. Always in motion it is.”

    Don’t stop your predicting effort. Just don’t expect high accuracy.

    Based on normal human history I expect everything to crash and burn. Therefore I am prepping as much as I can given what resources I have.

    You and other researchers are part of the data network I review daily to glean any tidbit of info so I can understand the real news needed to gauge what I may need to do. Lately I have taken a much harder look at my critical item list which includes spare parts for certain pieces of equipment that could make or break the survivability of my family group. Everyone should be at this stage of preparedness given the high probability of a financial crash sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. I heard a Big-Shot corporate exec say a couple of weeks ago, “We avoid hiring ‘Ivy-League’ types, who show the slightest oddity in dress, presentation, or comportment. Big School MBAs are The Worst, especially if they openly talk — and many will — about woke thinking, and nasty-ass, savage, naked, business aggression. They’re much more trouble than they’re worth. They’re dangerous to hire. They’ll turn on you.”

    “Additionally,” he continued, “They’re all too often profoundly ignorant of basic-basic Western Civilization and culture. History, Art, Music — etcetera. Even math skills are often very weak. They’re unfit for the workplace. And they are arrogant, and have a deep sense of entitlement — most of which they’ll happliy display if coaxed to talk enough. They’re often quite crude, personally.”

    He went on to speculate that his Great Corporation would be better off taking good, accomplished, sane, high school graduates, and providing their further higher education within the coropration’s walls, like apprentices, and signing them to a several-year employment contract agreement.

    “We need and want people who can do the job. All others can cram their virtue-signaling up their goody-two-shoes butts.”


    Interesting, Education in exchange for what amounts to some indentured servitude? Might not be such a God-awful idea.
    Certainly, today’s universities arent getting it done.

  4. I’m out. Probably too soon., but when the DJIA went up over 520 points., I bailed – but with a tidy little sum.
    Dow now up 558..,
    Never have been able to reconcile why I don’t like sudden upward spikes., just seems “unnatural” to me., and I usually close out the trade too early. I just can’t seem to “let it ride”.
    Dow just went up over 600..,
    .., and my aggregate index just blew through my February high – that I had designated “2” on my EWave charting.
    So.., just where the heck is this going ??

  5. Sometimes this website locks up in my browser.

    “changing jobs and getting a lot more money” “fewer people were working”

    Changing jobs speaks to the quality of the employer/job. People stay at employers who secured future .gov backed pension bailouts (MMT) and increased bennies over time.

    The companies who only have a wage only have a wage.

    But from .gov POV it’s the equation. They need a certain amount of contribution to make the numbers and people have to work. The proceeds can come from 1 worker or 100, 1 full time jobber or 200 part timers. The number is the number.

    “The Congressional Budget Office estimates income tax revenue went up by 28% in 2022. It’s partially because people were getting paid more.”

    Lately I’ve noticed the newcomers who do landscaping are now driving old minivans instead of old pickup trucks. Witnessing a race to the bottom in real time.

  6. Interesting. Amazon has been in talks, quietly, with several ‘carriers’., and the rumor is that they may be planning a very low-ball price, and possibly free [ to Prime Customers] cell phone service.
    – How much of a dent will that put in the other cell phone providers? Should shake things up a bit.
    – Amazon is up a little over 47% since January 1st.

    • Dude – you see Mongo DB today or Nvidia earlier this week ? Zeroday options trading on pending earnings announcements can to be a very lucrative “play” . Had a lil luck today with PATH and zeroday exp. Call options. Playing off of Kathy Woods over at Ark, saying she is selling NVDA and Buying PATH. Might as well make some hay on the way to AI takeover- lunch Tokyo! wootwoot Western shore it is..

  7. WoRR,

    the big state universities are indeed still getting it done, its the weak asz kids and woke rainbow farting professors that are the big failure here. I have always advocated for uniforms in Public schools (cost saving measure, espirt dec corps, no distractions)

    my kids got edumacated in public schools and both went to the big in state, state college- main campus (main campus is tuff, need high (SAT/ACT). They both put in the hard work as well as the hard partying(school known for party). One is a Doctor (titled) and the other – international MBA, making “bank” working Phamra-Tech.

    Seems simple – separation of the Castes/Classes IS gaining momentum. I already see it happening with my Granddaughter of 10 months.
    Back when I was a young kid in 60’s – only upper middle class and up flew commercial or went to College. Vietnam War and cia mind control programs changed all that..

    We call it DISCIPLINE , and must be instilled – for kids to successfully navigate rigorous course of studies or a rigorous course in LIFE.

    Everyday I see the products of helicopter parents- grown up weaklings/kids just melting down under slightest amount of pressure..if they ever engage in the first place. Yeah I got a good idea, why dont we just cut off all their dicks/vayjayjays and tatas, and pump em full of drugs – that oughta fix em!

    your post reminded of of a recruiting event my Son,myself and my Dad attended at UPENN – alumi sponsored luncheon, meet and greet with admissions and select brainiacs. First “brainiac” shakes my Sons hand and I watch a strange look come over the kids face. Afterwards he leans in and says “that stupid bitch just gave me a dead flipper for a handshake” to which I replied “Yeah, I certainly wouldnt want to fuck her with your dick!” – we had good laugh about deadfish girl – dollars to doughnuts that deadfish chick is working a guvmint yob today.

  8. William
    Your last paragraph sounds somewhat like me.
    I have over one year of Air Force electronics and missile system training which included a deep dive into inertial guidance systems. Time in the classroom equaled 75% of a collage degree as it’s an 8 hour training day!
    I have 3+ years of university credit in electrical engineering including all the math and science courses. Had to stop, money ran out and baby needed new shoes.
    Tried to finish the degree part time while I drove my own taxi cab!
    Life got in the way when a drunk wrecked my cab. But wait, by a strange set of circumstances the wreck knocked me into a job as an associate engineer with Martin Marietta doing liaison work on Space Shuttle External Tank tooling electrical systems. Twenty years later I took a layoff as a Senior engineer having done tons of design work with NO degree.
    Five years later after working in the Louisiana oil patch and Silicon Valley as an automation consultant I found myself back with the now Lockheed Martin corporation sitting about 100 feet from my old desk as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer.
    My duties were to write and maintain build documents for Shuttle wiring harness assemblies. I was tasked at one point to write emergency repair documents for the Shuttle Atlantis as it sat on the pad.

    With all this work nobody asked to see my collage Diploma. They did ask when I could get the job done!
    I never did get the degree I was too busy actually doing engineering. (And getting that paycheck!!!)
    I also encountered plenty of engineers with lots of diplomas who could not design their way out of a paper bag. Sad but true.
    The photo of a Shuttle Commander handing me a Certificate of Merit for my outstanding work is better than a diploma anyway!

    • In my freshman year of college I became aware of the ‘debt mill’ of a paper education. I spent all my free time at the campus radio station. I was already a license amateur radio operator, and I self studied to get the FCC First Class Radiotelephone license required to work on broadcast transmitters. That was my ticket to ride, and I quit college and went to work in broadcasting. It was all about performance, and ability to work under time pressure. I spent 40 years working and surviving in the difficult Honolulu market. I built, rebuilt, or moved more than a half dozen TV stations and worked time-critical maintenance at most of them. Never did get a college degree. Performance under pressure was my ticket. I had management coming to me with job offers when they were in trouble and their ‘cash register’ was broken.

      • aloha. i will be there soon.

        i choose my words very carefully.

        did you know Hank that A Man can advance to a point spiritually, that reality changes accordingly in response to a thought He has. sometimes instantainiously. He realizes then, He doesnt need to speak so much. He also realizes others words when they speak against him? he can change his mind about them and reality responds accordingly.

        he can litterally look at a stock market ticker and think, go up 600 points. and it does.

        do you know that Hank? pretty cool that A Man can advance that far spiritually.

        he can throw his gps address off his ip address hundreds of miles from his actual location. with a thought and nobody would be the wiser. no fancy apps or anything. just by thought.

        mine should read that im in a valley, in south east utah.

        i been thinking Hank,

        you know what the US really needs. its need men to be Real Men. it seems most men these days want to be women. The US and The World doesnt need more men in dresses. it doesnt need tuck friendly childrens swim suits.

        The United States of America and the Whole World needs Good Men as Leaders. The US needs Men of Industry. Men of Invention. Men of God. Men of injinuity. Real Men. Men who pay their child support. Men who teach their sons good work ethic, honor, dignity. Real Men. not chicks with dicks.

        did you know in Auburn Washington in the last 2 days they had 4 shootings and a rape by an asailent using a knife. People dont rightly give a shit about anyones pronoun, politics or feelings when they have that shit going on.

        There is a Rekoning coming. you can feel it in the air.

        as i said,

        aloha, I will be there soon.

        • Should the two of you actually meet, if would be dandy to listen to a Huna follower and Andy exchange views and ways on the Path. Roganish, i’d bet – should it happen…

        • Hey Andy how is it going..
          “he can litterally look at a stock market ticker and think, go up 600 points. and it does.”

          does that work with the lottery to.. I will send you my six numbers LOL..good to see you back.. hope your doing well..

        • “There is a Rekoning coming. you can feel it in the air.”

          With a sad nature.. I have to say you don’t have to be very spiritual or sensitive to any underlying currents of time space and natural events to feel this one coming on.. Like the corruptive activities that has been told over and over again about the biden laptop or the email server from hell.. or the DOJ and the alphabets playing cat box coverup of all the dual laws of justice in the USA and telling all of congress to kiss their ass they don’t have to do anything they can just suck walley if they think they can…. it is right up in your face with the notation on the bottom just try to change it.. everyone knows and feels this one coming..
          the sad part is the best we can expect is the worst depression in the history of modern civilization.. make Weimar look like a trip to disneyland..

        • yes. I see me standing at the finish line of the Iron Man. which is in Hawaii wearing a black tank top, camo shorts and brown flip flops.

        • im sure it does.

          a simple thought of bopping him on the head, definently puts Biden on his ass.

          most of the time, i think good things. im currently staying with a couple and they are really good people. she is a stay at home mom. really fine young lady, and he is a good provider, good husband and a good father. a totally different caliber of people than most people i have met. restores my faith in humanity. thank goodness for that.

          there is good hunters that obey and respect the law of the land. give thanks for provision and only take what they need to survive.

          and their is bad hunters who are selfish, make a big mess, who do not obey nor respect the law of the land. the rekoning is coming for.the bad hunters and those like him.

          did you happen to see that new website filled with pictures worth a thousand words.

          and there was light. then God said, let the light be seprated from the darkness. and then there was both day and night. so to speak.

          hope you are well LOB.

        • i saw that JC. you are very perceptive.

          i relized a while back, that the vaccine is altering DNA to create some humans as A- sexual. and it occoured to me that a by -product would be that a man would become pregnant and give birth to a male child.

          producing a pervererted version of the equivlant of the emaculate conception of Jesus The Christ.

          and that the child would be herald as the coming mesiah. and many would be decieved.

          because it says. “the son of man”, in the Bible.

          the genetic munipulated perversion of a male child born by a man. would come in peace, but would be the great destroyer of the 4 th world. which serves only to usher in the 5th world.

          that child will hate everyone who is not vaccinated and genetically altered, consider them dynosaurs.

          when the perverse man who was born of man, life ends, the green spider will apear, weave paradise on earth. a meditative thought i had and shared with the jedi on the second mesa. to which the jedi were not so happy to hear about it.

          i do know, the first of the 4 horseman is on his steed and ready to ride, very soon.

          not sure if the green spider is alien or ai. a commet or God. its a symbol.

          shortly after that thought, the topic of Monte Python became a tweet about that very subject. because the woke, wanted him to edit it and he refused.

          that is some of language in the world, as it is now.

          okay, good talk. time to turn my thoughts upon all things good, healthy and happy.

        • having been told recently JC, by a very gifted person, follow the stars like the wise men did.

          much language in the world concerning what i just spoke of.

          i asked myself and THE DUDE, if i had the chance to destroy the destroyer, would I? the answer i got back everything works for the Good in the long term. even the great destroyer, then i saw myself standing in lavish green place filled with lots of ripe fruit trees and healthy animals with very few people. and everyone was smiling and happy and there was no lack of anything. and the animals could communicate and understand the humans there and the humans there could communicate and understand the animals. and evrything was in balance and harmony.

          it was a wonderful vision and a beautiful thought. as a result.

          so, even though i could destroy the destroyer, i will let him remain. he serves the highest good. that is what i was shown.

          thank you JC, you are a visionary.

        • the green spider JC, is of course the sanskrit symbol of the swastika. there is of course two different kinds of swasitkas as there is two diffetent kinds of creative spirals on earth.

          the fibernaci spiral turns one way.
          the krystal spiral turns another way.

          same with the forces that take life on earth and the forces that produce life on earth.

          one turns one way and the other turns the other way.

          reality is mobius.

          if you understand my meaning.

          good day.

        • do not forget the warning when the son of man is revealed. the it a perversion, a genetic munipulation from tampering with dna son of man.

          On that day no one who is on the housetop, with possessions inside, should go down to get them. Likewise, no one in the field should go back for anything.

          make haste to the mountains.

          remeber lots wife, dont even look back.

          best to plan accordingly. have an extra tunic in the hot rod.

          still, from my vantage, its a ways out. but it is coming.

          like i said, after talking to THE DUDE, everything works for the Good in the long term. even the great destroyer. becuase i am quite capable of locating him upon his birth Nd destroying him in his infantcy.

          and i wont do that because it serves the Greatest Good.

          its not like this hasnt all happened before. it has happend many times. ask yourself, what is the percent of rh negative blood type left on the planet compaired to those postive?

          this has all happend before.

        • “Remember way back when…
          Monty Python’s The Life of Brian – I want to be a woman”

          OH NO JC.. not you to…. You must be a B/Light drinker.. halfway there to start with before the go LBGT team push.. so please Put the B down.. get a real mans beer ..

    • I’m a big fan of Oliver Heaviside myself :) You my friend posses a strange advantage over the wrote learnt out there. And that is, there is more than one way to solve the riddle. Bravo.

  9. and this is how the UNIPARTY works,
    Pence is OK but get Trump
    GITMO, reservations have been made

    I read story the other day about how the FBI tried to find out who “QANON” was/is, as if it was one person, they had no luck ;-)

    It is ‘Q’ ,a team,,,, less than 10, 3 civilians.
    With the MILITARY brass and wives,,, Trump told ya all, in this video
    the calm before the storm
    it is a preview of the future, we now are approaching that future,,, zippity do dah.

    “PANIC in DC”
    just because I AM an unknowing agnostic, does not mean that I lack beliefs or values,,, I believe, but, just can’t prove it,,, yet !
    Got GOLD or SILVER,,, (pb)lead is good
    pssst,,, the aliens are coming,,, are you prepared?

    • look up -wit infra red high speed camera . they are all over the goddammed place. or UNDERGROUND – protected by very strong holograms – like ones protecting Moon or ones used on 9/11..whoops.

      fine folks at Farsight have tons of information and how to for photographing em. they have career aviation guy with 30 some years flight control ops doing the analysis – fascinating -guys name is Lincoln Lounsbury. After they capture the images and analysis, 3-4 of their remote viewers will “view” inside the craft, entities AND deep mind probe the big muckitymuck(leader) onboard.

  10. My zip code has been in a drought. Hasn’t rained in weeks. Usually the drought doesn’t come until June/July. The lawns are almost dormant.

    I looked up the extended forecast and the next shot for rain is 6/10.

    Southeast MI fruit report – “Fruit set in tree fruit, small fruit bloom, dry weather.”

    Northwest MI fruit report – ‘As we wrap up a historically dry month with little to no precipitation forecasted, disease risk continues to be low except for powdery mildew.”

    The rest of the state is getting rain.

  11. Oh, yeah. As of last June ‘Field Day’ I have a NASA photo of the ISS commander talking to me on the ham radio… my callsign written on his notepad up in space… enshrined in the NASA photo archive.

  12. Challenger, Gray & Christmas released its monthly national layoffs report. In that report – for the first time ever – the firm listed “artificial intelligence” as one of the main reasons people were laid off last month. Total laid-off for the month? 3,900

  13. Oakland ports have shut down. Not ‘exactly’ a labor strike – but a total no-show. Dockworkers and Unions have been in contract negotiations for over a year now, with no progress.
    Walk out to extend to the L.A. docks next week.

  14. “Following up on our Peoplenomics report about the resource-raped West, did you see how Arizona announces new limits on construction in Phoenix area as groundwater disappears | CNN. Equal bummer tone in Washington Post’s Thursday story about how Phoenix area can’t meet groundwater demands over next century. The concepts behind Peoplenomics data are quickly going large.”

    I know a couple that recently lived in Phoenix for a couple of years, job transfer situation. I asked about the weather, said it is very hot, I replied that at least the humidity is low, since it’s a desert… no, the humidity is high because everybody has a pool…

    It’s crazy and I don’t understand.

  15. Hank, I understand completely!
    I have got five item from my work history that I cherish highly.

    Number one is a credit card size document issued by the 3901 Strategic Missile Evaluation Squadron proclaiming that I had earned a Highly Qualified rating for launching a Titan II ICBM.

    Number two is the March 1973 issue of SAC’s Combat Crew magazine that has an honor roll of aircraft and missile crews considered to be it’s most professional. The Titan II crew I was assigned to is listed there!

    Number three is the Lockheed Space Systems Presidents Award for July 1997. I was a member of a team that totally modernized and automated six major manufacturing cells used for priming and external insulation application to Space Shuttle fuel tanks.

    Number four is a special Medallion that was struck to honor all who worked to return Shuttle Atlantis, STS 120, to ready to fly status after a fuel sensor anomaly was detected.

    Number five I previously mentioned was my picture with a Shuttle Commander.

    I never went out of my way to get these awards I was just doing my duty and getting it done!

  16. Re: Diia (“Free”)
    feat. Made in the USA?


    Ukrinform published Friday’s servant of the people thought. Readers may wish to review item two – Diia, an egovernance app. Apparently the beta rollout must be working as designed as Ukraine is suggesting it can look at facilitating the app’s export to Europe and Africa for money. Bombed out bricks and mortar offices? No problem, your digital app will be at your service.

    The Brussels correspondent of “The Guardian” had a report out a week ago about the egovernance shenanigan. According to the article, the US Agency for International Development is encouraging adoption of the app. Just think where the world could be if the Stasi had had such tools in East Germany?

  17. Is there a national campaign to erase history?
    Will the song ‘I Wish I Was In Dixieland’ be banned?

    “I wish I was in the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten…”

    North Carolina’s Fort Bragg, named after Confederate Army Gen. Braxton Bragg, was officially redesignated to Fort Liberty on Friday.

    The renaming ceremony Friday was part of a national campaign to change the names of nine U.S. Army installations, as recommended by the Department of Defense’s Naming Commission, to erase symbols that commemorate the Confederate States of America.

    Last month, the U.S. Army base formerly known as Fort Hood in central Texas was changed to Fort Cavazos and Georgia’s Fort Benning was renamed to Fort Moore. Fort Lee was renamed Fort Gregg-Adams in April, with more changes to come.

    • The irony is that the party doing the renaming is the party which gave birth to the Confederacy.
      While I have respect for the sacrifices made by soldiers and their families, I remain opposed to naming anything after military commanders.
      The Vietnam War Memorial is an example of how the dead should be respectfully honored. Those memorial plaques you find on town squares listing the names of soldiers are appropriate. Statues of generals should go to a damp corner of the local museum’s basement. The real tragedy is that we are running out of real estate for war memorials.

        • Fort Peace-Love-Dove sounds better to me than Fort Miley. Maybe throw a bone to the evangelicals with a Fort Jimmy Carter.

        • Now G you have me curious.. I wonder if they would name a base after generals from different ethnic groups..
          Like general Ima onehunglow
          Or a native american Generals name such as Gen. Dam brokenrubber

          On Biden.. well thats an easy one he couldn’t possibly know HE’s NOT BLACK.. he is a member of one of those dam Caucasian white supremacists races LOL LOL LOL
          well I wonder if it counts if theres sexual ties to african americans.. such as letting Antifa and BLM screw all the people in the poorer neighborhoods.. Then could he be considered a genuine Thob Knocker or thot knocker.. LOL LOL

    • …At an estimated $7.8 million per name-change.

      Part of Maoist philosophy is you have to remove existing history, before you can force everyone to accept the history you’re going to create for them.

  18. there was a fella at work who threatend to kick my ass and i thought that poor mans heart.

    three days later a freind told me he just got out of the hospital from having a heart attack.

    so i prayed for him. and yesterday, same friend said spoke to him and he feels better than ever now.

    I think, its Good thing Im a Good Man. A Man of God.

  19. Good Morning George. been a little bit. going to be a longer while before im on here again. im learning so many new things.

    you remember when that wolf came over and licked my hand. with the two standing accross the street from me. ended up not being a wolf but a dog. i thought was a dog. the lady at the hotel thought it was a wolf.

    the very next day it rained all day, then there was the most beautuful golden sunset.

    reality responds quite beautifully at times.

    “Wash away my troubles
    Wash away my pain
    With the rain in Shambala
    Wash away my sorrow
    Wash away my shame
    With the rain in Shambala”

    3 dog.night.

    until we meet again.

  20. you remember George when i left seattle area last time to go on a walk about. 2 weeks later and one block away from where i was a seing a girl named Ms. Love was the first recorded case of Covid in the United States in snohomish washington. then about 2 months later it started ramping up and the rest is history.

    well this last time i left to go on a walk about, 2 weeks to the day after i left seattle this time there was a big gun grab by the state.

    yesterday, (2 months later) i was taking to a different girl i was just spending some time with in Auburn Washington. she tells me we had 4 shootings and a lady got raped by a person with a knife in just the last 2 days. she like everyone she knows is trying to find a way to move away from the city. more than a few people have said that to me lately.

    trump must have read my story about the girl strung out on fentinal getting clean and is becoming a doctor. since he said when he becomes president he will give the death pentalty to anyone trafficing or dealing fentinal. nothing like the death pentalty to end the war on drugs. beer and weed is one thing. that fentinal epidemic needs to end.

    the times are a….ah changing.

    someone told me i looked like Thanos the other day. im not a big comic book fella. so i looked him up. he retired and became a farmer. i could totally see myself being a farmer. funny he wore that same glove that Dr Steve had as his avatar on the old webbot forum. gold glove with the gem stones.

    i shaved my gotee, so i look like me more. ha ha. im way to morally sound to be a super villian. i have too big of heart. i love very well. that is certainly true.

    it is interesting though, shortly after that, this came to me in meditation the other night.

    ~superhuman activity is born~

    well, off to the races after a good meditation. always excited to see what creation says today.

  21. With respect to Solar Cycle #25, George, it is possible that we may get a “double peak” as we did with #24. Dr. Zharkova’s model suggests that #25 will be overall about the same or weaker than #24, and if in fact this we have seen the peak for this cycle, that would appear to support her model of the sun’s behaviour. I am not sure what such an early peak, (either single or double) portends with regard to her model, if anything, but one could argue that the impact on climate of lower solar particulate output is being seen in terrestrial climate right now, and if Zharkova’s model is largely correct, (still to be seen) then we can expect to see continuing global cooling and some shift in precipitation patterns as a result.

    Given the deliberate falsification of climate data, of course, one could argue almost any position- it is difficult to know what is real and what is not, and that is the reason that the data have been and are being ‘tweaked’. At present, I will wait and see. Not being a solar physicist, I haven’t the background to get anything useful out of the data to date, but if we’ve seen the peak, and do see a minimum in ~7 or 8 years, then I’d agree with Zharkova and expect a Grand Solar Minimum over the next few hundred years.

    No way to know whether such a GSM event would be a trigger for another cycle of terrestrial glaciation, but even leaving that off the table, one would expect long term cooling, which will have significant effects on growing seasons especially in marginal regions like Canada and the northern US, northern and central Europe, and Russia. This would affect terrestrial carrying capacity and result in significant population migration and, likely, war.

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