“Rotational History” of the World

A “mini focus” in our ChartPack considers “Country Rotation” of Super Powers – something which has been in place for more than 700-years.  Not often described, it’s more of a driver behind modern events than most realize.

Fed week is about to begin and with it, odd of at least a quarter point rate hike seems unavoidable.  But, behind this is another, less publicly debated issue.

Which we will discuss “behind closed doors” this morning.

After “the usual” hod heaped with headlines, we’ll inspect the rate issue a little deeper in our ChartPack section.

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George Ure
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21 thoughts on ““Rotational History” of the World”

  1. lots of balls in play, the Supreme Court leak is one, but to Quote @c “what’s done in the dark will come to the light:
    good to see her Quote a Bible based article, it usually is some astrologist Jessica. But, hey, we are free to eat what ever we want,,, till it becomes pedophile/pedovore,,, adrenochrome

    well remember the laptop? no, not the Hunter laptop, the Anthony weiner pedo laptop! well seems ole Anthony has a close friend, Geraldo Rivera, see the nice cheek to cheek photo

    Everyday we learn something new.

    Now as Colo goes anti-gun, next door in Nebr they go permit-less conceal carry will be legal as of Sept 9th, some where close to that date, seems there is a 90 day period for the law to go into effect.

  2. Armed IRS agents ??? Oh My ! https://youtu.be/6eneRB5z1XM

    “When they kick in your front door, how you gonna come? With your hands on your head or the trigger of your gun?”

    Says hear President Kennedy aint gonna put up with backheadz bullscheisse . We Da Peoples – So is RFK jr.!

    As for Ure precious markets, forget about it, youse are all wet. Stock market(SPY) is going higher . Did you see XOM profits ?? Kaching!

    Sovereign debt – US Govt bonds or any govtmint bonds for that matter are KAPUT.
    ..SOLD -SellSellSellSellSellSell..Im selling any & all, what ya need, what ya want ? 10yr, 20yr, 30yrs SOLD! What I dont have in inventory I can get – SOLD ! Want some moar dant ya? good ole guvmint bondz, the safest of safe..till they aint.

    Stacking em deep, so I can sell em cheap! Stacking high, so Coot can let em fly..

    Ever the optimist – I cant just crush gov debt and not have a positive vibe to balance this out…So gonna go with the Urmmah(planners) “felids’ cause yesterday was “Friday Im in LOVE” – and Im afraid some peeps dont understand relationships wit opposite sex, let alone “being in Love” so hear is a description – shout out LOOB – who knows a special voice/talent when he hears one…LOVE CATS!- live from Austin TX! rrrggrrrrrgrrrrrrrrrhttps://youtu.be/iSEhhRbLCG4

    • As long as the printing and compu-wasting squanders planetary resource on greed, the bullshit and illusions for the gullible will continue on.

  3. Bear.on.the.Boat:

    I’m looking at a lot of charts trying to build an if/then (big things are moving behind the scenes) but get distracted from study by pesty home construction projects (on which I planned to be but a check-writer commenter-in-Chief). Sigh. I _so_ want to putter on boaty things instead.

    You made mention of my mentioning the late snows. It’s not unheard of, has happened before, will happen again. I am old so have a larger frame of reference than most. We get loads of snow. Best blizzard I recall dropped 32″ in 26 hours. Can I get a Woo Woo?

    Snow past mid April is pretty rare. Guess I remember 3-4 actual snowfalls, none of consequence. Crazy it just kept coming this season. Greens are trying to make some up.side.down climatory issue. Me? I think climate changes. It’s what climate does.

    Good intel over on the sub side this am. I 4 1 especially appreciate outing Elliot and Longwave rationale and how that shapes expectation. For those playing along at home it’s where I first found His Ureness. IMO, investor psychology is in play and … is being shaped. Nothing new there just, in different ways than before. Duh.

    Once I work the punch list it’s time to do something before it’s too late. I have a brand new flag halyard that needs stretching. The old piece of HQ line is looking worn and better to thread the new before the old one is a bust.

    Have a fine weekend alles,

    ps – best online question from a horribly underwater “investor” in FRC: do we get shares in FDIC when we merge? Sure kid …

  4. “Look, this made us targets of assassination.”

    People believe anything a perceived person of authority tells them to believe.

    Authority said a 185lb man hung himself with lowest bid toilet paper. Try to drag a 10lb cat or 3lb squirrel using the expensive toilet paper. It’s just that easy. Drill in and authority uses the 2,000 year old excuses we were told to believe as children. “The guards fell asleep.”

    “weekend bailouts and receiverships” have normalized.

    Free money starts somewhere before the Tooth fairy (“The first published mention of the “Tooth Fairy” was found in an article in the Chicago Tribune, dating back to 1908.”), meanders down FDIC (6/16/1933) alley then ends at the PBGC (9/2/1974) doorstep.

    Disney has redeemed themselves with Peter Pan (book 1911). Timely.

    “The Tinkerbell effect is an American English expression describing the phenomenon of thinking something exists only because people believe in it. The effect is named after Tinker Bell, the fairy in the play Peter Pan, who is revived from near death by the belief of the audience.”

    • “Authority said a 185lb man hung himself with lowest bid toilet paper. Try to drag a 10lb cat or 3lb squirrel using the expensive toilet paper. ”

      it’s possible….. (LMAO) How soon we forget that there were people that was so sad that they were called to testify against the witch of the NE that not only hung himself but because it wasn’t happening fast enough shot himself with s shotgun and had enough strength to throw the shotgun several yards..
      or the gentleman that committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with two different guns..
      so could a 185 lb. man hang himself with fast pulp disintegration tp.. absolutely.. heck you probably could use it as a tow rope.. lol lol lol

    • speaking about the new Disney movie.. I just watched it..it’s decent..not a spectacular remake but pretty decent..

      • I don’t think you can surpass Dustin Hoffman in “Hook” with Robin Williams as Peter. They had to find someone who could run with Williams and balance him out and they did it superbly in that movie. But every time I watched it and got to the scene where Fats said “Oh THERE YOU ARE Peter!” it brought me to tears. I was 34 then when you’re painfully aware that youth it going, going and gone it doesn’t help to be reminded of it.

  5. Manipulated yen goes lower stocks go higher. All the earnings estimates for Tech were set so low it’s a fabricated blow out. If the Fed says they will continue to raise they got the market high enough to absorb the sell off – underneath the surface it’s a total mess …….

  6. This body language video analysis of Elon Musk’s recent interview with the BBC host who Musk totally crushed, is very interesting. I can’t believe this interviewer came so unprepared for the interview.


    When the interviewer said that Twitter had much less honest content after Musk took over and Musk asked him to give one example, he couldn’t.

    The analogy of this interview I love. If someone tells you they went to the dog park this morning and you ask him/her to tell you to name one dog breed they saw and they can’t, they didn’t go to the dog park.

    We need to start calling out BS media. They are full of it.

    • LOL LOL… yes.. I totally agree with that.. so much..
      MSM is so scripted.. it sucks..

    • You know someone said the F… Yes the F… word to me.. they came by me and said……. FAUCI YOU… or something like that LOL LOL LOL ..
      that was one of the jokes the comedians used.. people using the F word LOL LOL LOL
      hit your finger with a hammer and you say .. FAUCI FAUCI FAUCI.. THAT HURT

  7. I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting and joking around with a couple of long term comedians last evening.. it was a hoot.. they put on a great show.. and afterwards I was able to visit with them.. ( the staff they had had the most gorgeous woman.. heck I thought she was like thirty only to find out she was an old woman around my age.. dam.. she was beautiful .. just don’t tell the boss I thought that.. )
    anyway the thought came up about them running for president.. so I sugested one run as NONE OF THE ABOVE.. and the other running as BIG DADDY YUM YUM lol lol lol lol… they got a real laugh out of it.. sorry andy.. you won’t get to be vice president as big daddy yum yum LOL LOL LOL… and I won’t be able to become president as None of the above LOL LOL..
    It was a great time.. we enjoyed ourselves immensely.. I am glad I didn’t get the lobster tail.. dam I was tempted.. but heck they had so much at the grill I wasn’t even able to get me a peice of the cheese cake I wanted.. oh well next time..

  8. George,

    Gold and crypto in USD and western equities have self-assembled in an average March 2020 28/70/67 of 70/42 week :: x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x fractal series. Never has been so much money been created in such a short time (covid QE) and only in the 1930’s has the money supply imploded this fast(the whiplash central bank QT reaction to covid QE caused consumer-inflation). Expect a nonlinear crash over the next 3 weeks and 15 trading days.

    After that expect a sharp reversal of Federal Funds interest rates.

  9. Re: T. Carlson et.al.
    I thought Hannity could maybe wear long pants. Guess not.

    “Put not your trust in Princes…” Yeah.
    They’re all sucky-toads. ALL of them.

    (I can honestly say, I never trusted a man-Jack of ’em.
    so, I’m not surprised or troubled or disappointed.)

    – 73 –

  10. I wear custom sterling silver splints (look like rings) on 8 fingers 24 hours a day. In the past my medical insurance or Medicare would pay for replacement every 5 years. Whenever I lost a splint I would pay out of pocket around $55 for a replacement. I needed a new set this year and insurance/Medicare would only pay for one splint. I was billed $1254.00 for the remaining 7 splints. That makes the
    cost about $180.00 per splint. This is only for the splints, not for the physical therapist time to measure and order them. I have a slush fund for such things like crowns and new tires. But Ouch!!

    Without the properly fitting splints my fingers could dislocate, so they are necessary medical equipment. Jeeze, how many people can afford $1254.00?

    My point is that I got a cost of living raise in my pension and in Medicare but both cost more now, and I have less coverage.

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