Resurrecting America – Headwinds and Hope

With European markets on “chill” for the Day After Easter, and with the U.S. markets spongy as gold prices are down a bit, seems to us like a fine morning for a balanced outlook.

Oh sure, easy from a raw economics standpoint to point at a growing pile of stories about the pending recession – and with it declines in markets.  But, once we get through the next couple of years, what’s the scoop out there?

A LOT depends on whether we can address structural issues.

  1. Big Cities may need to be “broken up” because they have largely become unmanageable.  In part due to “mob rule effects” in politics – where more power is shifting to non-stakeholders.  But it’s also because of urban rot. We think dividing cities into more responsive sizes is a useful idea to consider.
  2. Reindustrialization – already somewhat underway – needs to be sped up.  A good article in this morning’s Wall Street Journal claims America Is Back in the Factory Business.  That’s sort of true.  But we’re just at the head end of what will be a decade-long process.  Not dissimilar to the market collapse of 1929 and the ensuing decade that led us well readied into World War II.
  3. Energy Independence has to go front burner.  Washington’s political hornswogglers tend for focus on the “fast levers of energy.”  Primary supply and demand like shutting down Coal, reducing fracking, and locking up public lands.  These short-sighted moves ignore several tenets of rational science.  Fleet auto economy ought to be 50 MPG on average. The key determinants are engine efficiency and vehicle weight.  All excessively regulated.  Where are the 2,000 pound commuter cars?  Similarly, a foot of insulation in sidewalls and two feet in ceilings should be the standard for new homes.  Toss in triple glazing, too.  Again, massive reductions in home heating and cooling costs. Land use and zoning is the other area ripe for rethinking.  One reason cities like Seattle are in trouble is because the Seattle 2000 report set the city off on a wrong-headed “downtown-driven” business big shot’s zoning agenda.  Opportunities are all over the place.

The Real Obstacle to a Bright Future?

Pogo – the cartoon strip – put it this way.  “We have met the enemy and it is us.”

A nice way of saying that we have become a Nation of Followers, not Inventive Rebels.  Believers in Centralized Control, rather than Regional Autonomy.  We have political pansies who “lead from behind” having no “professional” experience as a working stiff.  To our way of thinking, all government employees could stand with a decade of non-government employment on their resume.  We’d challenge Washington’s Bureaucratic Class (Rulers from Above) to do a decade of useful work before pretending expertise to lead.  It makes a difference.

Labor needs a rethink, as well. Our family was strongly Union.  Pappy was in Firefighter Local 27.  And for a time, I was a journeyman R&E Mechanic in IAM 751. Unions here lately appear to have lost their way.  Wages and Working conditions, time off, retirement, medical, dental, and eyecare, seem to be falling before pandered social movements. Pronouns instead of production.  We have much to learn from Japan.

Despite the factories being built, we still need to improve on the working mindset of the people who will eventually run them.

We’re thinking – in the aftermath of Easter this year – that America can make the turn and survive the Global Cut.  We wouldn’t bet a plug nickel on Europe, nor Asia which is in the process of getting in bed with a chainsaw.

We need to seal borders, and get back to being a racial, language, and preference melting pot.  Divide and conquer persuasion-block politics has to chill or the Nation will be ripped apart.  By design?

As Football Great Vice Lombardi explained back when:

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”

But not here.  Not on the other guy’s 5-yard line. Resurrect and Win or Dumb and Die.  Such a simple choice.  So hard on Monday morning.

Quiet Pillage

[With apologies and a spin of Martin Denny’s Quiet Village.]

Is Europe lazy or just being pious with market closures the day after?  Euronext deets hereDeutsche Börse Xetra – Trading calendar (Closed).  And for others LSE Trading Hours & Market Holidays [2023].  Yep, closed.  No idea where some sites are getting their “Markets will open in Europe today as...” kind of stories.  We’ll just keep our own socks pulled up, i guess.

War and More:  Tensions just keep building in the Pacific’s “wild west” region: Navy sends guided-missile destroyer near contested islands as China drills near Taiwan | Stars and Stripes, Chinese aircraft carrier stages drills near Taiwan, Okinawa islands — Radio Free Asia (, and the maraschino is?  China practices blockades on last scheduled day of Taiwan drills (  What could possibly go wrong?

War Refried:  Intel leak: US believes Israel can be pressured to supply ‘lethal’ arms to Ukraine | The Times of Israel.  Along with a side of leak freak as seen in Ukraine war: US searches for source of highly-classified intel leak – Times of India.  Nothing to see here, so just move along…

Gruesome remarks seem to reveal a Trump preference for 2024: Gavin Newsom Says DeSantis Will Get ‘Thumped’ If He Runs Against Trump.

BTC is back to the $23,300 range as of click-time Monday.  As Binance US Struggles to Find Banking Partner.

Call Columbo because too many people on the Hill are having accidents, lately.  For the truly paranoid: Sen. Richard Blumenthal injured during basketball parade.  Is this a pattern we see evolving? Hard messaging?

But we can all relax.  Government is in control as “state media” is out and “government funded” is back in After backlash, Twitter now calls NPR—and BBC—’government-funded’.

Reality Check: Hancock Right 

One of the most interesting takes on history was offered over a decade back in Graham Hancock’s book Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.  Came out back in 2007.  From Amazon Hancock relates (in small part):

“…as part of my research for Supernatural I travelled to the Amazon to drink the visionary brew Ayahuasca with shamans there. As well as better equipping me to write Supernatural, my experiences in the Amazon changed my life and brought out a new side of my own creativity. I’ve continued working with Ayahuasca ever since and in 2006, during a series of sessions in Brazil, in a ceremonial space overlooked by images of a blue goddess, my visions gave me the basic characters, dilemmas and plot of the book that would become my first novel, Entangled, published in 2010.”

Now to the point: Hancock has run afoul a lot of “Establishment” apologists.  But he keeps being right.  The notion than our ancestors did drugs – sometimes lots and lots of (excellent) drugs and that this may have contributed to how we evolved Consciousness is proven again today.

Take a read of New hair testing uncovers drug use in Bronze Age cultures (  Yessir.  Drug use, Psychedelics. “Meeting ancient Teachers” – seems a widely unappreciated tool to access Greater Reality.

Not endorsing personal experimentation on a Monday morning, of course. Just useful scorekeeping.  Old and wrong-headed ways are slowly eroding and whatever’s left will be our Future.

ATR: Easter Beaster

A barely simmering, all-day, pot of meat spaghetti winds up the holiday weekend tonight.  Leftover prime rib and the Sunday brisket effort.

Got a lot of great advice from the 3806-ham radio tribe Sunday early.  One fellow claimed to own 9-pits. Not unexpected, though:  Hams (like all Texans) seem to have a hypnotic fascination with BBQ.

After the usual “best smoke, best rub, best bark” discussions faded, the oven cook was decided to be 500F for exactly 15-minues (4.2 lbs) after a 2-hour rub, and then backed down to 250-F until the internal temperature hit 200.

This morning, the assembled multitude was comparing best places to live in Colorado near Boulder.  So, I didn’t have the nerve to report back on my brisket encounter’s outcome.

Which was?  Well, two words:  Carréducker London.

Because this is where you can find dandy shoe leather equipment.

For today, we’re looking at recycled spaghetti as a less impactful business model.  Let’s just say I’m “chewing” on other ideas, too.

Might make us a Corfam roast for Memorial Day…

Write when you get rich, (or call in European today…)

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29 thoughts on “Resurrecting America – Headwinds and Hope”

  1. Hey Tex, today is old world Dyngus Day so … keep cookin’ … time for ole Polish gals to dish out Kielbasa and boiled eggs. Why are markets trading on what should be a national day? Get that 2-fingered salute going! Go Polska! Egor

    • oh my goodness are there a ton of jokes just waiting to be unleashed on dyngus’s.
      At least I now know what dyngus day is and how it is spelled – so thanks for that.
      I always thought it was spelled dinguss, obviously I dont know dick.

      At least going forward I am better prepared for dealing with offended social justice warriors, who darken each and every day of my life, with their miserable existences..

  2. “Hams (like all Texans) seem to have a hypnotic fascination with BBQ.”

    I think this is a MAN thing.. LOL LOL LOL our instincts of ancestrial throwing the meat on a fire.. or the discovery of fire and the first meal.. that tasted oh so good.. LOL LOL

  3. Well, once again, Brian C. Muraresku’s book “The Immortality Key…” is a good case in point on how psychedelics played a role in the pre-Christian Mediterranean world. Until the recipes on the various mind-altering ingredients got out after many hundreds of years of keeping it a closely held secret, the revealing of which was punishable by death, the kukeon of Elusis reigned supreme in that age for those seeking higher knowledge. Muraresku never comes out and says it directly but he has “faith” in the real probability that one day it will be revealed that the drink of the Last Supper was spiked.

    And, speaking of spiked foods –
    How Long Have You Been Consuming Gene Therapied Pork?

    This was wonderful news to read after the wife made a great not-so-Kosher pork loin for the family meal yesterday.

  4. “Is Europe lazy or just being pious with market closures the day after?”

    Europeans are in a ‘day after’ food coma after a day of overeating.

  5. Sorry to hear of your brisket results. A low and slow mesquite and hickory smoker is the only way to go. Pit BBQ is OK but KC style is a winner for us.
    A steer and a heifer have appointments at the processor this week so cleaning out the freezer has been scheduled. I spied a turkey in there that should be thawed and ready for the smoker by Saturday.
    Stay safe. 73

    • I’m available for adoption if you’ll also agree to adopt my wife! We’re both past those “awkward” ages of 2 and 12 (a long way past) and mostly housebroken.

    • Yerp – ‘low and slo on the Joe” the red ceramic chykneesium BBQ smoker. No can afford the green ones, so I got 2 red ones for each house. In Belize we smoke with CocoPlum or Craboo wood.

      For some of the best finger licking good roast burd youse ever gonna have – I can recommend the following..DELISH!

  6. “We’d challenge Washington’s Bureaucratic Class (Rulers from Above) to do a decade of useful work before pretending expertise to lead. It makes a difference.”

    30 days… connections to their circle of influence. cannot use any funds they have.. seek shelter and a job as an average labore..
    discovery green had that show.. only six shows.. people of extreme wealth and influence to do 30 days..
    only one made it..and was totally shocked at how it really was..


    which is why I believe every single person is an expert.. a genius..I’ve had my life experiences that shaped who I am..without those experiences I would be a completely different individual.
    just like a dr a patient comes in with great pain. the dr. if hes never had it would never understand..All he has is a written description.

  8. “Take a read of New hair testing uncovers drug use in Bronze Age cultures ( Yessir. Drug use, Psychedelics. “Meeting ancient Teachers”

    that’s where we got the drugs the stories passed down of Shennong.

    • Folks,

      Rolling right along, the “Daily Mail” offers a good read of the 2023 Easter Egg Roll at the White House today. As far as I can make out the presidential appearance on the Truman Balcony was the first official duty since lunch last Wednesday with the VP. As her grandson held the book, Dr. Biden read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”. The article went on to picture the grandson’s father’s presence at the event for a second year running in spite of being under investigation.

      A Disney cast of “The Lion King” sang “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. In a nod to their upcoming woke release of “The Little Mermaid”, Halle Bailey was on site making a splash.

  9. Could you repeat your description of the darkness that remote viewers have seen coming soon. Thanks.

  10. Could you repost the description of the darkness remote viewers have predicted is coming soon. Thanks.

  11. Chinese WAR mindset

    To see how the Chinese people are being prepped for a MAJOR WAR you need to go out and watch the worldwide highest grossing film of 2020, and by far the highest grossing film in China during that lock down period. “The Eight Hundred” FREE via TUBI on your Roku box.

    The movie is about the final stand by the Chinese Military in Shanghai when the Japanese invaded China. It is actually very well done and although dubbed in English it is dubbed so well that it is almost unnoticable. A story of SACRIFICE by the soldiers for the benefit of the Chinese people … and the movie hews to the real events in virtually every detail, including the gore involved.

    Mood leads events which leads markets.

    As you watch this film you can see how it is being used to MOTIVATE the Chinese people wrt WAR … to which you have to keep in mind that because of movie lead times they had to start working on the movie about 4 years before it’s release (come up with the movie outline, write a script, hire the actors, shoot the movie, edit the movie, and finally release it) wich means the Chinese were working on this film BEFORE Donald Trump became President in Jan 2017.

    Chinese sacrifice for the nation during War. A primer for the Chinese people for upcoming events. Biggest grossing Chinese movie of 2020. Watch it … and you will get a better understanding of what the US is wading into wrt China and Taiwan.

    “The Eight Hundred” FREE via TUBI on your Roku box

  12. I always used to imagine that I wanted to smoke a brisket but it is a daunting cut of beef. The price usually looks good, but then when you factor the amount of fat that isn’t going to be eaten will end up in the garbage or melted all over your grill and takes hours to clean off, the price about doubles. And some of that fat is in a layer flat in the middle through over half of the cut and is so tough that it never renders. Chew all day, swallow whole or do some really fancy carving after cooking.
    Then the cooking; some folks give it 24 hours of low heat. My fav guru says not to add any smoking wood other than natural wood whole chunk charcoal because it cooks so slow and absorbs flavor so well that it will taste like creosote.
    I’m referring to a whole 15# brisket, not the little pieces they sell in corned beef sizes; those I cook all the time in about 4-6 hours. If you have a stack you can sort through in the store or a good butcher you can get an aprox 4-5# “first cut” brisket roast. This will have all the fat on one side so it’s easy to trim and not have that tough middle layer.
    Do like me, admit defeat and find a restaurant that makes a killer brisket. Handy bastards occasionally strike out, you know.
    I miss KC and “burnt ends”. (That’s the skinny end that gets over cooked but is so popular they have to cook other parts to come out similar to satisfy demand.)

  13. p.s., What bbq is Colorado known for? The bbq belt runs from S Carolina west to New Mexico and south to Texas and they don’t have recipes, just long years of learning. Everybody else is a copycat or bbq belt transplants. Fajitas in Texas are the best in the world.

  14. Big Cities may need to be “broken up” We think dividing cities into more responsive sizes is a useful idea to consider.

    This doesn’t fit the narrative or requirements of the various (communist) Chambers of Commerce, nor the Leftist politicians

    It will not happen.

    Reindustrialization needs to be sped up. America Is Back in the Factory Business.

    We are fast losing the ability to train actual factory workers. Even if we stop melting Bridgeports down to supply the Chinese with engine blocks, we would have to foster a teaching environment in which children could be taught how to handle really dangerous machinery. We are a too-litigious society. Unless a guardian’s ability to sue a school or instructor when Johnny dicks around in shop class and lops off his arm is limited or eliminated, OmniSource will eventually own ALL those $100,000 (1960 dollars) South Bend lathes because no school is going to risk the potential multimillion dollar lawsuits from just one metal shop class.

    It will not happen.

    Energy Independence has to go front burner.

    Um, since the Administration has shut down 30% of our energy production and virtually eliminated our potential for new, efficient production to opt for a means of energy production which is inefficient, intermittent, more environmentally dangerous than any other means of energy production, manufactured, principally overseas, and for which we must choose between it, and eating,

    I’m going to guess this ain’t happening, either.


    To our way of thinking, all government employees could stand with a decade of non-government employment on their resume.

    Bwa, ha, ha.

    Trump had to carry the rivet bucket before he could use the gun, had to drive the excavator and crane before he could tell another person to do so. What did it get him?

    We’d challenge Washington’s Bureaucratic Class (Rulers from Above) to do a decade of useful work before pretending expertise to lead. It makes a difference.

    I’d challenge a real Administration to fire every bureaucrat in the Federal Government, and eliminate all of the superfluous, redundant agencies, bureaus, and departments, then restructure those that remain to hire within the ranks. “Bureaucrats” in our government are employed for life. If one screws up — even if they screw up very badly and cost hundreds or thousands of lives, they can not be fired or held criminally-liable. They are simply moved laterally to another agency or department until the public forgets what they’ve done. Their “job” is to be a bureaucrat. IMO the FBI should be run by Agents, not a bureaucratic staff; the Department of State should be run by its staffers, not a bureaucratic staff; the Department of Education should be eliminated, and so on…

    Gruesome remarks seem to reveal a Trump preference for 2024: Gavin Newsom Says DeSantis Will Get ‘Thumped’ If He Runs Against Trump.

    The “experts” on Tucker Carlson tonight believe Biden will step aside for Newsome. Gavin isn’t dissing DeSantis as a Trump ploy, he’s doing it as a warm-up to an announcement, and to try and build a big enough warchest to take on Trump in 2024. BTW, the Gruesome one also laid into Abbott, Noem, Youngkin, and several other Republican potential Presidential candidates. Virtually everything he has said is a provable lie, but the lamestream isn’t calling him on it, and he is one glib mf’er. If he DOES run, he’ll get a lot of votes from imbeciles and low-information voters…

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