Powell’s Foot, Revisionist Data

Ah, wonderful wash-out on Thursday, no?

I can almost imagine the conversation now (remember, this is fiction, right?):

  • Some WH Idiot:  “What we need is to have the masks stay on longer, Dr. Powell.  So if you could think of something that would lows down the demasking so the whole CV-19 thing doesn’t look so much like a political disease…that’d be great….”
  • A Fed Chair wanting to score points:  “Sure, lemme see:  How about I talk about how if masks come off and “normal” shows up too quickly, it could goose inflation?”
  • Same WH Idiot:  “Sounds good to us. We’re trying to keep people from recognizing how CV-19 “disappeared” with the Electoral College vote…that’s the main thing…

And so, verily,  Jerome the Wonder Meister spoke.  And in doing so let on that the Fed is gosh-awful worried about inflation.

Was Powell giving us an “honest truth leak” or was/is he on someone’s short leash?  Until they finish offloading at a Mega Top?


Because America is in an abusive relationship with the Money Masters and One Percenters.  Along the lines of “It feels sooo good when they stop….”

As we have written many times: when the prospect of low rates and cheap money disappears, so will the Stock bubble.  Stocks will need to compete with bond yields.  If those go up, then stock prices will falter.  Stocks are floating on hopium doled out by the left-wing dominated press.  Same people who don’t understand balance sheets and the Sword of Losses.

We can see (without a new all-time high quickly) what will happen between now and mid-May on the Present Track:

This was based on early prices this morning.

My consigliere, however, is HOPEFUL there will be a new all time high shortly.  While we have a date in May circled, his work (and that of Steve (Stephen J.)  Puetz – assuming you’ve read his book “The Unified Cycle Theory: How Cycles Dominate the Structure of the Universe and Influence Life on Earth.” $50 on the Zon.) points to my May targeting as not quite lining up with extra-planetary influences.

Which begs the REAL question of the era:  Can runaway (insane) human greed and “something-for-nothingness” overpower more conventional planetary influencers of electrically misfiring humans?

The answer may be one of field magnitudes as described in the (Dr. Robert Becker and Gary Seldon) book “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life.

Economic “Capture Effect?”

There may be only a handful of readers who will track this, like Hank our retired broadcast engineer on the Big Island and William of the Radio Ranch down the road from the intel community in the woods, but might we see something like the “FM Capture Effect” rolled into economics?

Which is?  Wiki’s as:

“In a radio receiver, the capture effect, or FM capture effect, is a phenomenon associated with FM reception in which only the stronger of two signals at, or near, the same frequency or channel will be demodulated.”

This was the central plot carrier (yes, pun intended) for a novel I never completed called “Dark Sky.”

The plot involved Capture Effect, cell phones, a bunch of leftover low-band microwave dishes and some goodies made by California MicrowaveBefore they became part of Grumman in 1999.  Toss in some corn fields, remote (DTMF started) generators and a ransom which in the updated plotline to be paid with untraceable cryptos and you can see why Mr. Ure decided NOT to dump that one on the world.  It would be too much like an “approach plate” to the Twin Towers.

Not like we’re the only ones who “get it.”  Check what Extreme Tech wrote in “Hacking Satellites Is Surprisingly Simple – ExtremeTech 2019.”  Which explains why we are signed up and in line for Starlink (LEO-based which means much harder to track).  And besides, terrestrial fiber would keep working and what fun is hijacking a 600 ms. delay line, anyway?

In partial answer, back on the economics point,  we can look at the after-Powell damage as well as asking “Would he have said anything?” if some (Idiot in the White House) didn’t reassure him that a great jobs report would be forthcoming to bury his foot-in-mouth/truth leak?

It’s worthy of a West Wing episode.  Speaking of which, we have to wonder if they’re scouting nursing home locations?

The Jobs Report

Enough foreplay.  Let’s roll with it!

Payroll employment rises by 379,000 in February;  (CACK!!!) Unemployment rate changes little at 6.2%

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 379,000 in February, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 6.2 percent. The labor market continued to reflect the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As always, the Truth is the total number of people working now compared with last year at the same time.

158,732,000 working in Feb. 2020.  Just 150,239,000 working this year in Feb.  8-million fewer working.  Stock market up 50%?  Lord love a duck.

Do we mention the Labor Force disappeared 4-million people?  And with loosening the border.  Why, Hallelujah how does Slo Joe do it – and have time to cure Covid?  It’s a miracle, I tell yah…

Then there are the number of (supposed) jobs estimated into existence by the CES Birth-Death Model:

131,000 jobs were estimated into existence.  Chokingly, there were 43,000 new jobs in Leisure industry positions.  Come on, GovStats…we call BS on hiring numbers like this.  Disney closing facilities and you’re claiming new jobs already?  Been hitting the Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum sauce, have we?   Sober and being able to tell time isn’t nearly as much fun, though.  We’ll spot you that.

After the data?   And with the Fed continuing to Pump undeserved money into the hands of Fat Cats and their Hedgies?

And Btc was around $47.860 when I looked.

How About Trade?

This is one when the chart goes UP it is a Bad Thing.

Means we are lazy, resource deprived, sold out by lying scum in Washington who have self-served themselves while selling out American autonomy and independence.  But, what are you going to do, right?

— The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis announced today that the goods and services deficit was $68.2 billion in January, up $1.2 billion from $67.0 billion in December, revised.

Couple this with the collapse in Productivity Thursday and there’s no way to avoid a bad ending.

I like to think we’re not lazy or stupid as a country.  But then I look at election results and crypto pricing and have to ask myself….

In the Shorts

(And who doesn’t think of their shorts on Friday, right?)

Humans don’t matter.  Since Great apes at San Diego Zoo receive COVID-19 vaccine.  Ahead of a lot of humans in S.D. County?  AYFKM?

Is China learning from the Democrats?  I mean Electoral College reform spew, right?  Now we see China NPC: Beijing to overhaul Hong Kong electoral system.  (Is political power play an exportable commodity?)  Step right up!  Who will stack their Courts first?

Collapse of New York.  Remember when “Escape from New York” was just a movie?  NYC sees 75% jump in February shootings; de Blasio insists: ‘We are the safest big city in America’.  Toss in Gov. Two-Faced and who would want to stay?

Hey!  Let’s go swimmingFlorida snorkeler finds $1.5 million worth of cocaine.

And get ready to work harder and longer for less: U.S. debt set to double over next 30 years, Congressional Budget Office says.”

Like Ure surprised, huh?

How much has the Fed jammed things up to staunch the financial bleed-out this week?

Dow futures were down only 18 with 40-minutes to the open.

If you see anything that looks rational, send it along.  We’re starting to run light…

Write when you get rich,


29 thoughts on “Powell’s Foot, Revisionist Data”

  1. https://scientificphilosophy.org/Downloads/Borchardt%20and%20Puetz%202010%20UCT%20Cause.pdf

    I thought I had read the unified cycle theory by puetz.. but.. discover nope I have not.. I have read other papers on unified cycles.. but not his book.. interesting I will buy it and read it..
    I personally think everything is a cycle.. we never learn from the past.. we relive it.. over and over again..
    kind of like the movie.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1xI8wreNQ8
    We are destined to keep making the same mistakes over and over again..

    • If you ain’t got the timing right — You’ll be still “looking out of the box,” as smarter folks than both of us will confirm ;-(.

      • Hmm..so true.. the secret I believe is being able to take advantage of the opportunities that pass us all.. and TIME.. being at the bottom. I’ve seen the opportunities come and go.. u able to seize the opportunities at the moment.. when Microsoft first came out I had 2500.00 tried like hell to buy the stock at the very bottom price.. no one would make the trade.. medical expenses and low wages kept me from investing in savings bonds.. if ihad bought the same amount as I paid in to SS withthe compounding periods I had.. I would have just shy fifty million..but that passed by compounding periods slipped away. Atmy age today there aren’t enough compounding periods left. And in the end.. the doctors and lawyers will get it all..
        My wealth is all around me.. the dollar at the end of the day has very little importance. What does is family,friends,faith,and knowledge. Give hugs freely show those you care for that they are loved.
        If a child has a hair brained spearament do it even if you know it won’t work.. let them know your supportive be the loudest cheerleader at a sports event.. they may be embarrassed but they know.. dance don’t be a wallflower even if you look stupid.. everyone knows that they had better get their butt on the dancefloor otherwise grandpa will show them how..
        When my daughter got married it was her side that danced his family hid in the corner..afraid to have fun..
        Those are the opportunities I look for..

      • A profound statement my brother made.. my mother was the last of our family whose lineage went back to before our country became a nation.. some famous some not.. but his comment that holds so true was this…
        We gave that a lot of thought and adopted renewables as what we will pass forward..along with sharing what we know. There aren’t any secret recipes..let me pass it along to my family let them know to come make waffles with with me .. let’s make a bar out of paper..

  2. “the Labor Force disappeared 4-million people? And with loosening the border. Why, Hallelujah how does Slo Joe do it – and have time to cure Covid? It’s a miracle, I tell yah…”

    And to think.. it All happened in less than two weeks in office…. LOL LOL he raised his cane and said.. LET MY PARTY LEAD and the waters of the Potomac parted all the riots and attacks in cities by BLM and Antifa ended in less than two weeks.. the ills of the nation all cured.. fixed as if they never existed……LOL LOL LOL…
    I actually asked about the second shot of the vaccine yesterday.. why should I get the second shot if the pres. and medical community already has it cured… LOL LOL.. and they told me at the clinic.. no it isn’t cured… the stats and how the information is dispersed has changed… everything goes to the WH and they release the information… LOL LOL

  3. Is there anyway of telling why the 4 million people are disappearing from the labor force? Boomers retiring, people going to gig economy, people voluntarily leaving the rat race after a taste of Covid shelter-in -place to become stay-at-home moms and dads, people abducted by aliens. . . . I remember the high unemployment under Jimmy Carter being explained a couple years later as a large group of Baby Boomers hitting the job market at once. I remember a friend papering his apartment walls at that time with over 100 rejection letters from colleges he had applied to for teaching positions. I was told that in getting the job I landed in 1976 I had beat out 96 applicants.

    • “Is there anyway of telling why the 4 million people are disappearing from the labor force? ”

      Well… the year we went without an income.. we weren’t even on the list.
      I visited with one of the 4 million yesterday. He’s beside himself.. no longer on it and at the age where the thought of finding a job is non existant.
      The good samaritan programs don’t exist for him and luckily his wife has been able to at least try to make the expenses.
      A young lady I visited with a couple of weeks ago is scurrying to..barely holding on.
      My thought is that’s why the new administration is giving the it’s all clear now messages..

    • That’s a great analysis Pamela. This is precisely what is causing a big part of the “disappearance” of jobs. Baby boomers, especially those in the blue collar sector have retired. I have several friends from UPS drivers to construction workers in the Midwest that retired this year. I am 63. And my friend are in that range give it take a few years. The gig economy is a real thing, especially with on line ordering at an all time high. There is a shortage of delivery people and some of those jobs are adequate money for those that don’t mind driving a lot. Gig work is flexible and as long as they are 1099 workers, they aren’t counted in the work force.

      Big cities are dependent on these gig workers for everything from grocery , and meal delivery to Amazon and other items, to transportation via Uber or Lyft. It’s huge. But it’s not a recorded job. They make just enough money to not want to hassle with the EDD on stimulus or unemployment. Therefore…they have disappeared from the employment rolls.

    • The gummint “disappears them” once their unemployment benefits expire. In today’s world, if you are not statistically significant for some definite purpose, you don’t exist.

  4. Human Dude,

    O.F.Fire this AM ..

    – “on someones leash” – all CB’s and BIS are ultimately beholden to the ” descendant(s)” of the “fallen”..whatever genetic Race U believe the god of abraham and the fallen to be from/of.

    – but then U drop chrono synclastic infundiblum ! R U Sirius?

    – this how the legendary dirhanna (stargates) work..accesses to special vortices where time literally collaspes on itself through the concentration of light particles, for high concentrations of light have an inhibitory effect on time – these tunnels r made of particles traveling at such high speeds that time is totally neutralized.
    Control of a planets stargates = control of planet. Majority on Earth located in …. U guessed it -The Middle East – Iraq, said to 12-15 underwater in the gulf – all US military control..supposedly.
    Entering/exiting creates sonic booms…recall mysterious sonic booms heard worldwide last several years..if dont know what IT looks like – how would ever begin to look for one ?

    Keeping in mind patriots – what Robert McNamara, former pres. of world bank ,former US secretary of State, co-initiator with rockefeller foundation,world bank,unicef of the PEV(child vacc prog.) -his word published Feb 1987 – J’ai tout compris..

    “extreme measures must be taken to reduce demographic growth against the will of populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. Therefore the death rate has to be increased. But how? By natural means . famine and disease.”
    You B someones livestock, bendover and take the shot – its not a platform for diabolical genetic manipulation, its 4 Ure own good, trust me.
    Keep ignoring/never minding Ure vital life force (nrg), ya really dont need It , to exist/be a slave anyway, now do ya?

  5. Senile Joe never held a real job that wasn’t on the government nipple or didn’t include payments from his son or from other nefarious sources. Biden never had to worry about retirement. Joe gets 100% of income as a retirement benefit for his Congressional Terms AND now the Presidency. But the rest of the country, Joe, is getting screwed.

    Once upon a time not too long-ago Seniors could count on bonds and Treasuries and CDs to pay income in their retirement because they paid a decent interest rate, but those yields are now G..O..N..E. The only place to invest money now to generate retirement income is the crap shooting stock market. The fundamentals on all the airlines, and entertainment industry, and auto manufacturers among thousands of other industries that were ravaged in the lockdowns are bad, but the market keeps going up.
    Seniors moved all their money from bonds and money markets that were paying less than 1% to the stock market to try and get some dividend yield, or appreciation, and occasionally cash in some of the stock gains in their portfolio to generate monthly income.

    Unfortunately for those seniors, the stock market is going to explosively head south before 2024, and all those dividends people are relying on, and selling of part of an increasing portfolio for income will go with it. Plus they have robbed the Social Security Trust Fund, yes a TRUST Fund, and it will be broke within 12 years, and even COLA benefits do not reflect actual inflation because the inflation numbers are rigged.

    And are the Cryptos safe? Who really knows. What about the internet being one of the first things to go down in a Cyber War, or a huge solar flare blows out the electrical grid/internet, or a nuke EMF goes off over Kansas? Or the Central Banks will not relinquish control to alternative money. Or the grid goes down, as it was 4 minutes and 27 seconds from going down in Texas recently. POOF…. all those cryptos stored in the cloud or on servers will be inaccessible or simply disappear. Could you even buy a gallon of gas or a loaf of bread with cryptos if it happens? Tulips in Holland?

    Meanwhile the Socialist/Commie Dimo’s have totally opened the borders and will hand out money to the new flood of Non-Citizens coming in by the thousands daily to buy their illegal votes. And they will also continue to manipulate the markets to keep the populace hoodwinked until the great worldwide Central Bank Ponzi Scheme finally blows up within the next 24-36 months. When it does, it is going to get real ugly real fast. The big cities will be war zones when people start going hungry. We are 3 days/9 meals away at any time from when a lack of food or water will cause all hell to break loose.

    Biden and crew want to allow boys to run in Girls track meets because they “identify” as a girl. They now allow the Gay/Lesbian flags to be now flown on U.S. embassies. The Transgender appointee for Secretary of Health and Human Services wants to allow 3-year-olds to make decisions on their sexuality.

    These actions, among other dictatorial mandates via “Executive Order” made with the first 45 days of the administration will bring this country to its knees. They are very similar to the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah before they were destroyed by Angels of God. God does not even have to destroy the U.S. for all the immorality, and the loss of freedoms that are happening and that they are planning. God is just allowing the new crop of pathological liars and dimwits in Washington D.C. to fast forward the destruction of the U.S since they have assumed power.

    I have written several times on here about how they have changed ICD 10 coding so they can be manipulate the numbers to call everything possible COVID rather than other illnesses such as pneumonia, flu, bronchitis, etc. Where did flu go? COVID was a real political move to get we the sheep herding together. Throw in a large dose of continually lying media, phony presidential investigations for 4 years, add voting machines that you cannot verify or that can be manipulated, use COVID as an excuse to “mail in ballots” and you have a Coup–Fait Accompli. Mission accomplished!

    Buy food stocks, water, seeds, gold and silver and other things to protect your family and to survive because when it happens one morning, it is going to get real ugly/real fast and it is going to occur while the current crooks are in the White House. Ponzi schemes, crooks, and liars ultimately fail!

    • Take some deep cleansing breathes WTHS.

      – WE got this.

      * and WE R taking back Our country from evil – intl. deep state, their cutouts, puppets,walkins, assorted other compromised human scum(brennens,clintons,bushs,schmers,pelosis..)
      ALL this Gross FILTH and executors there of – has/had to exposed.

      – as the “brotherhood” ,otS/satanists , R in a panic, with no where to hide and nowhere to go.

    • There never was any trust fund or savings for SS. There is political chatter, about a lockbox or other such nonsense. Taxes come in, payments go out, we borrow to pay more out then what comes in. Why people trust government with anything is beyond my understanding, they have proven un-reliable at best and criminal at worst. Look at your children and tell them you deserve more then the 15% of income (employee + employer) SS monies, because that is what is always occurring. Taking from the young and transferring to the old. Your generation decided to pay these costs, the current ones may decide something different. If you leave your future income up to the government you will be sorely disappointed.

    • “Biden and crew want to allow boys to run in Girls track meets because they “identify” as a girl.”

      What a sneaky way to be allowed to go shower with them…

  6. George
    “The answer may be one of field magnitudes”

    Apparently the South Magnetic Anomaly is splitting in two. This has been going on for some time and nobody knows why. Could this be a harbinger of a magnetic pole reversal? Who knows?

    Here’s an article about it:

    I only mention this as it was a major topic on Ground Zero radio last night and the first I have heard about it. I wonder how that could affect the Ham bands or human brains?

    • I don’t really think it’ll affect either. It’s normal, natural, and recurring, so Man has survived it many times in the history of our species. I doubt that our ability to know it’s happening will have an effect on anyone who’s not already addicted to a fatal worrywart condition.

      Most HAM rigs are rectified D.C., so it’d only be a hiccup in the line. The same should apply to broadcast propagation. However, if the shift or swap coincides with a significant rise or fall in the intensity of our magnetosphere, well…

      With that said, wouldn’t you hate to be an airborne pilot, if a pole swap were to occur suddenly?

  7. Doesn’t the “FM Capture effect” present itself to a listener as “picket fencing”?

  8. Happy Funkin Friday G,

    dont look now George & like minded cyrpto fans ..but now if you want to enjoy truly spectacular workz of ART, like a burnt Banksy , U gonna need a NFT.

    What the F – is a NFT, why a Non Fungible Token of course.

    Dont travel much, never before been on drunken/high – “Banksy Hunt/Race” in a European city before? No worries – dont let the “serpents” keep you locked down – you can still see the newly burnt & destroyed Banksy
    & just like the new Kings of Leon album – U gonna need a NFT.

    finance is getting its funk on..like that otha George..https://youtu.be/jJvjWh2Vhu4

  9. yeah just got up same time every day . 5.45 am . looked yep on my nearby laptop . up 440 points the dow .. you think we get upset at the rigging ? no way . as mark twain said . be grateful for the fools

  10. Didja notice. 7 Democrats voted against the raising of the minimum wage..
    Thi king about the possible scenarios…WHAT IF… the 1.9 covid relief bill failed. The third of american households start to be evicted in 2 weeks and the ten percent plus depending on unemployment would cease to be receiving funds to survive.
    All in all it could get real interesting real sudden like and heck it would cut into a very important recess lol.. now question.. how would they possibly divert attention away from the obvious..

  11. “de Blasio insists: ‘We are the safest big city in America’.”

    I’d love to see someone show de Blather a comparison of crime rates between NYC and Columbus, Indianapolis, Tempe, etc. on live video (or, don’t cities of “only” 1mln population count as “big cities?”), just to see how hizzoner would spin the numbers and demographics…

  12. what can you do against the might of the global facist scum backed by governments on the take worldwide . im not picking only on yanks , they are the master planners, my country is a sheethole of facist scum everywhere .. just got to be disciplined and remain short . f prechter he just sells roadmaps he doesnt know jack . it will go dont you worry . no time no idea why . its just bang . the initial drop in dow will be 3300 points . my piece of sheet in australia 700 . you wanna play around and trade for peanuts good luck . gold, sheetcoin , everything decimated . so look do what you are comfortable with , markets are made of bulls and bears

  13. ” … we are lazy, resource deprived, sold out by lying scum in Washington who have self-served themselves while selling out American autonomy and independence. But, what are you going to do, right? ”

    I’ve known this >70 years ago and I’m convinced we cannot solve this problem by VOTING ;-((((((.

    • Send a letter.. one sheet in a legal size envelope..
      One to each member of congress per day.. fifty thousand people a week would encourage them to make changes. It doesn’t matter how many billions the puppeteers are giving them..two weeks of that and you’d see them rushing back to work to get the job done.. jobs would be created and it would be news.. ever been to the beltway.. it’s faster to ride a bicycle than drive. fifty thousand letters to each member of Congress would shut the city down.

  14. ‘Humans don’t matter. Since Great apes at San Diego Zoo receive COVID-19 vaccine. Ahead of a lot of humans in S.D. County? AYFKM?’

    — The bright people of S.D. County would never take the ‘vaccine.’ (psss….it’s not actually a vaccine by medical definition – but don’t tell anyone though). My concern here is giving a beautiful great ape an injection of crap that it would never get in the wild. Humans? Let them decide, but I suppose they have a right to apply for a Darwin award.

  15. George
    Now for something completely different!

    I was listening to an old Art Bell show on the phone called Art Bell All Day. His guest was Dr. David Anderson. His field of study is Time Dilation known as time-warped field theory, an approach that modeled and described how to use the natural forces of inertial frame dragging for power generation and to create contained and controllable fields of closed time-like curves.

    He talked about the field generator he was involved in building and using to speed up or slow down the passage of time.

    This is no joke. He’s the real deal. Here is his web site:

    On Arts show he also talked about the fact that several different labs have been able to break the speed of light in experiments. No citation was given.

    I do not know the date of that show but it was probably al least 20 years ago.

    I figured you might find this interesting. Bon Appetite!

  16. What year is this? One could have thought the extended period of covid face masking measures would have buried the hatchet on the ban niqab and burka movement. However today Switzerland apparently voted narrowly in favor of banning the muslim garb. Stay tuned for more of the sound of music from the good old days.

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