Cold War II – The Sequel – Three Crisis Monte

Report from Iron Mountain (on the accessibility and desirability of peace) laid out the problem brilliantly.

Essentially: What is the incentive of nominally free people to give away between 25 and 50% of their labors to government?  You need big sticks if you’re in the “governing business.”

The Big Sticks are:

  • War (actual)
  • War (threatened)
  • Disease/Pandemic
  • Massive Goal (the book undershot on this one, in our view)
  • And Aliens are coming.

About the Undershot

Privately, while brilliant (leak or satire, makes little difference) Iron Mountain was a generally good treatment of the “keeping ’em down on the farm” problem faced by all Ruling Elites.

But it seriously missed in terms of strategic goal-setting.  Because America did magical with the Kennedy “To the Moon” agenda.  (We can debate the reality of that all day, but that’s not the point…stay with me here…)

The Big Goal for the World – the only one that makes sense (and notice brother Musk has signed in for it) is getting “Off Rock.”  Whether we go to the Moon, Mars, (and did you know the laws are already in place for asteroid mining?) the category killer in “Control 8-billion people with relative ease” is still War (Actual and Threatened).  Which is our viewport into this otherwise rational Tuesday.

Three Crisis Monte – Card 1

Financial markets in Asia got their asses kicked overnight.  Not the lead story in most media (which this is not).  The two numbers of consequence are that Japan was down 1.64 percent overnight and worse, the Hang Seng was down a whopping 2.69 percent.

Flip over to yesterday’s column here and scroll down to The Economic Fractalist’s remarks.  Especially the part where he says…

“The Nikkei is following a 17 August 2023 x/2x/2.5x/1.5-1.6x :: 6/1215/2 of 9-10 day four phase fractal series which mirrors the Wilshire’s 18 August 2023 x/2.5x/2x/1.5-1.6x fractal series of 6/15/12/1 of 9-10 days. (The Nikkei is a trading day session ahead of the Wilshire.)

This will place the low on 12 or 13 October 2023.”

Yes, even if the economic house of cards doesn’t blow over in Asia, another (serious poker-playing) reader (D’Lynn) makes a pertinent observation about the course of interest rates and crisis-to-come in Europe at the same time:

“The Euro dropped below 1.05 to the dollar.., intraday the Dow dipped below it’s 280MA.., the 10 year went up 11 basis points to 4.68 % [ That’s gonna break something – real soon.] Gold took another hit and closed at $1,844 – this is one big pig of a market !
… and for your edification – the U.S. is currently involved.., material, combat troops and advisers in fifteen different private wars around the globe. Don’t you feel more secure now ?The Euro dropped below 1.05 to the dollar.., intraday the Dow dipped below it’s 280MA.., the 10 year went up 11 basis points to 4.68 % [ That’s gonna break something – real soon.] Gold took another hit and closed at $1,844 – this is one big pig of a market !
., and for your edification – the U.S. is currently involved… material, combat troops and advisers in fifteen different private wars around the globe. Don’t you feel more secure now?”

Let’s simmer and reduce to simplest terms:

  • Fractal clock is running and global market entrainment could collapse at any second.  When it does, assets will be sold off in panic mode (as in Hang Seng last night).
  • BUT with the US rates high, the Dollar has been rising.  We are willing to pay whatever bribes are required in order to keep the dollar “powerful” vis-a-vis the emergent BRIC-buck. Oil, gold, and a growing supply chain.

That might all seem fine, but when the dollar is super strong, it doesn’t take as many Dollars to “buy an index.”

Say the Dow was at 40,000.  Now, increase the relative value of the Dollar by 25 percent.  Suddenly, on world markets (flooded with dollars) the Dow is only able to command 30,000 because it’s a “stronger dollar”.

Not much happiness to be found in this world, is there?

Bottom Line: Inflation is tricky, makes people work more and harder to break even.  Tax indexing increases proportional government revenue without a tax hike in a pre-election window.  And in theory if inflation persists, its a reason for stocks to hold at absurd levels, until the consumer utterly collapses in a heap.

Three Card Monte – 2nd Card

The War (Actual) card is being played all over the place.

The main event promoted by the neocons embedded in our State Department are about to register a huge failure.  The Ukraine war may well be lost – something the corporate media is trying to soft-sell – because it’s the major economic stimulus package being used in the Biden administration.

Of course, reports like Russian armies move towards Kramatorsk: 106th Division captured Orikhovo Vasilivka – Crushing Ukrainians north of Bakhmut are quickly branded “communist agitprop” by defenders of the (neocon) faith.  But when you look at their track record, it hasn’t been exactly, oh, you know, inspiring.

But how will the world react when, perhaps in one or two months’ time, when Russia really does take their border to the Dnieper River and Europe tries to figure out how to handle the orphaned real estate?  Things could be read that way in V.Putin’s plan for further partition of Ukraine: He divides Transcarpathia into Hungary & Slovakia – R.Fico: “Not a single bullet in Kiev – The Nazis started the war”.

Of course, denial on the west’s part as Russia Allocating ‘Huge Resources’ to Divide Ukraine’s Allies: Kyiv is blamed. Thing is, could it be working?

I swear, there must be billboards around the White House “Don’t confuse us with Facts.” Joe Biden vows to support Ukraine, despite US budget fiasco – BBC News – YouTube. At least with the Marielito’s, we got a clean windshield about every third traffic light in the Gables back in the day. (BTW I hear Christy’s still rocks…)

Three Card Monte – the River Card

(OK, should be the fifth card, but this is a 3-card game, right?)

The next two days, say “well informed sources” are key because both the U.S. and Russia are “playing at war.”

“So today, 3 October, Russia is having its first nationwide civil defense drill since sometime during the Cold War. Their underlying assumption is that 70% of the nation’s housing will be destroyed by US nuclear strikes. They’ll be exercising how to deal with that.

Big ask. Major goal, that, but given Russia’s centralization of population clusters near war focused production sites, makes sense. They’ve done regional exercises more recently, but not simultaneous national level exercises. Primorsky Krai, the Pacific Ocean facing area including Vladivostok, and bordering China and North Korea, did an evacuation exercise back in 2017 that focused on pulling Russian civilians away from the Russia-North Korea border area, for instance. This as tensions and probable additional nuclear tests were building. So, it’s a Russian thing to do. But the national level scope is a huge deal.

The next day, Wednesday, 4 October, the USA will conduct a nationwide test to make sure the government can text your phone (everybody’s phone, in fact) and tell us all how screwed we are. That’s about all we can do, you realize. We (the USA) haven’t had a civil defense program since July 20, 1979.

Yes, Virginia, FEMA is NOT a civil defense program. It’s a contracting agency specializing in making disaster recovery happen by waving money around. (More realistically, in funneling taxpayers’ money into the pockets of selected general contractors and sub-contractors who in turn are asked to provide post disaster services. That should work wonderfully following a massive Russian SONF (Strategic Operation of Nuclear Forces) counter-force nuclear strike and a Russian joint nuclear, conventional and cyber SODCIT – Strategic Operation Directed against Critical Infrastructure Targets. (I’m sure FEMA will get those contractors paid promptly….)

The US government has no plans to try and defend American civilians from wartime hazards, (blast, immediate radiation, fallout, the works) and hasn’t since just prior to Ronald Reagan becoming President.

Russian evacuation and post-strike civil defense operations were once well studied and understood.

We translated their fundamental manual into English.  I have a copy on the shelf behind me. It’s still available, although maybe not through the US Government Printing Office anymore…

Also available at:

But that was long ago.

Something to think about when your cell phone tells you Uncle Sam is thinking about your well-being this Wednesday. Just sayin…”

Having well-informed sources like this, we have mentioned several times in recent months how we have been readying for this period.

  • Topped off the freeze-dried food stocks.
  • Seeds for a garden next spring (fall garden was a train wreck – more on that one of these days).
  • We also got a fresh copy of Kearney: “Nuclear War Survival Skills Updated and Expanded 2022 Edition Regarding Ukraine Russia and the World: The Best Book on Any Nuclear Incident Ever … New Methods and Tools As New Threats Emerge.”
  • Oh, and we got another Geiger counter. (Q GMC-500Plus Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Dosimeter, White) $135.
  • Plus, more Dräger X-plore 1750 C N95 respirator mask made in the US.
  • (Didn’t want to label myself an extremist by listing the CheaperThanDirt or Natchez Shooter’s Supply orders or the new 4 KM Drone that doesn’t rely on wifi…or any of those measures…because, well, that’d be plain crazy, right? Or expanding of the solar powered wireless surveillance around here?)

We figure, at least for now, that nothing will go wrong.  At least less than a 2 percent chance of anything going wrong and this being a big fake-out.

Still, as Pappy used to ask “What is one percent dead like?”  Point taken, money spent.

Now to study for my drone license biennial flight review which is overdue…

Ready for the JOLTS?

10 AM Eastern time today, Labor Department Job Openings, Layoffs, Terminations and Separations.  Foreshadow to the ADP Jobs Report tomorrow and the Challenger cuts report Thursday and the Offishul Shit Friday.

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

Web Grinder

Time to de-confoozelate you.

He’s Black, he’s a democrat, so of course, he won’t be charged. Still, useful to see how special people get away with bullshit in America.  As in How Jamaal Bowman Tried to Spin the Capitol Hill Fire Alarm (  Not that it’s without contest, since House GOP leader circulates resolution to censure Bowman for ‘theatrical attempt to cause panic’.  Course, that weighs nothing.  We fearlessly forecast nothing will come of it.  Equity is Equal Treatment under the Law under the bus. Did you not get the Special People Playbook?

Similarly, if sexual orientation doesn’t matter in a government job, why are we seeing the Big Hard Sell on the lesbian angle of this story? Laphonza Butler: What we know about Gov. Gavin Newsom’s pick to replace the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein.  Because it’s all about ‘set design’ honey.

Can the McCarthy be ousted?  Republican Matt Gaetz files motion to oust US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  Ask me in a few months how that plays.

Does the nut fall really close to the tree?  US President Biden’s son Hunter to appear in court in Delaware over gun charges. Duh.

Does High Office attract nutjobs?  Trump civil trial continues for a second day in New York City.  Why no, of course not.

A congressman who knows “jack” Henry Cuellar: US congressman carjacked at gunpoint in Washington DC.  Watch closely to see if his (democrat) feelings on crime, guns, and illegals changes, shall we?

Put Biden back on the picket line!  Strike against US automakers causes $3.95B worth of losses in 2 weeks: Report.

At the Tables

Because this is gambling, not investing, anymore.

Bitcoin was down to $27,500-ish at click time today.  Which means someone is unloading assets to cover losses elsewhere to our perved way of sensing things.

As you can see, with the lower market action – before something like 3 billion hit the OBV to the upside in the final hour of Monday, we are really (in our view, not trading advice) walking the line of disaster here.  The odds of really good news are low and that leaves the specter of dropping below this long-term support level and then everything going ka-blooey.

We shall see, right?

Around the Ranch: Night in the Realms

Two dreams in my terribly vivid dream work are worth noting.

In one, a commuter propjet with about 10-12 onboard – T-tail on the aircraft – was involved in a crash.  But no one was killed because the mishap took place at very low altitude.  Was trying to land on a runway that was too short in very hilly country.  Weird – must have been a long-repressed flying adventure.

Second dream should have been a movie, though.

In it, Elaine and I were driving south over sage brush in a Baja 1000 kind of vehicle.  Rolling country. but then we headed right and out towards the coastal mountains.  Picked up a road south along the coast (trees began to appear, so like the Oregon-Cali coast in some ways).

Got an hour south and came to a combo lighthouse and old Catholic church which had been turned into an AirBNB kind of place.

There was excavation work being done under the lighthouse tower, and so I was asked to come in an help retrieve a hidden “book of the dead” kind of document.

While doing that, turned out the real reason for the dig was there was something like the Mt. Neahkahnie Treasure buried on the property.  What? Not aware of that one?  Apparently, you haven’t spent as much time treasure hunting as I have, so go read Is There Buried Treasure on the Oregon Coast? | Portland Monthly (

Short answer is yes.  The rest of the answer is that after looking over the documents found under the (Spanish light) I was able to decode that the trove of buried treasure had originally be buried in one place when the mission was small, but as it expanded over the years, the Church decided to bury part of the gold in the foundation of new mission buildings (some of which were AirBNB rentals in this odd dream).

The rest of the gold was enclosed in the beams for the roofs of a couple of the mission buildings.  Which were then mostly forgotten to time.

Treasure hunting adventure in a dream?  See why it’s so much fun to do dream work in The Realms?  It’s like a whole Second Life, sometimes.  Well, except no taxes over on that side.

But this side has better tactility (taste, touch, sex) than Dream Realms, so it’s all a trade-off, ain’t it?

Off to await the JOLTS report… Chinese pot stickers for breakfast – yum!

Write when you get rich,

83 thoughts on “Cold War II – The Sequel – Three Crisis Monte”

  1. Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen . They are moving deck chairs . Playing songs and lowering lifeboats . Cold night and she is leaning to the bow

  2. wasn’t 9/29 the day some apocalypse was supposed to happen? china invade taiwan? belarus invade poland? market crash to 6,000? russia launch a supersonic against UK? you know “claus would be climbing the hill to find a tree” which really means to those in the know that NK would use a space laser to eradicate christians.

    i’ve been coming here for 15 years and y’all just jump from one predicted end of the world event to the next. yet, no learning takes place, like maybe the prognosticators may not be right. maybe being fearful is the payoff. to me it’s looking like some sort of psychological etiology.

    • Rumor is tomorrow during the FEMA test the Vaxxes will be activated. Fake Rapture? Zombie Apocalypse? Aliens? – stay tuned.

    • Well it’s interesting; who’s going to continue reading or pay for positive predictions?

      “Things are calming down. investments stable. Low solar erratic behavior. Earthquakes becoming rarer. Racial tensions ease world wide. Great crops ease world hunger. Crime declines. New oil discoveries ease energy concerns. World temperature levels off. Bright future predicted.”

      • RM, Sounds like everything has now become WONDERFUL!! Thank you for your report!

        Crime in the cities must have dropped to nothing … and all the homeless are now housed! 10 job openings for every person … and interest rates are irrelvant since the Fed abolished them! FREE MONEY FOR ALL!! (not just Wall Street Insiders). War has been abolished … never again to plague this planet with it’s death and destruction.

        Utopia HAS ARRIVED!! Just in time too, I was getting a little antsy about the state of the world, the economy, and society.

        Thank you so much for your uplifting report!! I feel so much better now that I think I will go and shoplift a few thousand dollars of merchandise tonight knowing that it is MY RIGHT and “I” am doing good by doing that.

        OH … and you are right … since everything is now so wonderful I will no longer be reading this website.


      • Sounds vaguely like about 3 yrs ago as Trump was leaving the WH. All was going well … and then …

    • I have some heartfelt questions that I would like to ask you. You see, I have been dealing with people like you all of my life. I wonder if they are seeing the same world that I am.

      I know your type well; these are generally the people who do not see a hurricane for what it is.

      Is there something about the war in Ukraine that you missed? Russia has threatened Nuclear War a number of times.

      How about COVID-19, which turned out to be a biological weapon, released upon you, Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public; how do you feel about that? There were over six-million deaths; is that Doom enough for you?

      Does the secrecy, the lockdowns, and the lies regarding COVID-19 bother you in any way?

      We know that as the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, that Dr. Anthony Fauci contracted with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China to develop gain-of-function research for the coronavirus.

      Apparently, Dr. Fauci and the contractor Ecohealth Alliance were working with the CIA to keep it all hush, hush.

      And then there’s that whole China, Taiwan thing…

      At least my apathy comes with a dose of reality; there is nothing I can do about it.

      What about yours? Is it apathy that keeps you unplugged from reality, or are you just a “glass is half-full kind of guy?” In the face of some seriously historical events, you seem to be totally clueless.

      What more will it take for you people???

      • Brilliant reply, Stu. But we should be thankful he’s not a pilot, or professional first responder. Because – as you know training pilots, the essence of supreme airmanship is excessive preparedness.
        Similarly, my LEO friends carry extra mags (and a boot gun). For that’s what prepared really means.
        My son’s a six-figure specialized medic who’s never without a stethoscope, covid tests, Benadryl, epi-pen, and a serious-ass rescue kit. Over-prepared? Paranoid? “Life will pass you by”? Nope.
        We have a wildly disproportionate number of officers and formers who read (and contribute) to this site, again, they are not cowering bullshitters – they are the front frigging line. People who when there’s a job to do will get it done right the first time.
        It’s mental toughness. Why, I can almost tell our critic is not – and may never has been – in a real nuts or life on the line situation. I know you have, Stu. You know I have. I know G2 has, and I know all of the O3 and up readers have.
        The critic has the loser’s mindset. The future is coming at us all with a mighty big stick. I’m telling you SOME of the implements people like us have picked up. Because by the time you figure you’re out of your depth, it will be too late. There’s no West Marine Store 100 miles out.
        When I take a plane into the sky, I have read the POH, have been checked out, know the Airplane Flying Handbook: FAA-H-8083-3A cover-to-cover and so for almost 8-years, Elaine and I flew almost everywhere in America in our own airplane without incident… Yep – over prepared, huh?
        When we took our sailboat well offshore, it was based on a decade of previous sailing experience. It was also a totally skookum boat. Not a nut out of place. Totally over-prepped. “The essence of good seamanship is an uneventful voyage” had been drummed into me young.
        People who don’t write, don’t share, and – critically – don’t understand, will always ask the “Doers” why they do what they do.
        “Why do you have long-range drones. Why do you have special optics? Why video surveillance?” Nope. No questions on that – just personal attack shit.
        This is a typical liberal mindset of someone who has never had their life threatened, never had a gun pointed at them, never been threatened by the mob…never…well, the list is nearly endless.
        But his pollyanna bullshit like “…life will pass you by” (in one of his earlier comments) is total and utter crap. Not worth spinning up the neurons on. Because he will (sorry to say this) be the sort who is “Out in the first round.”
        Which, yes, believe it or not, life cand and sometimes does come down to.
        Needs to read more. David Goggins for the mindset and Marcus Lutrell (Lone Survivor( The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10) for the actuals.
        Make no mistake, being prepared doesn’t mean being invincible. But it does mean I’m going to take a whole lot of bad shit off the table on the way out.
        See the difference between boys and men?
        Just thank God he’s not left seat in an airliner, right? Who needs prepping – fuel – walkarounds.
        Seriously, is he from Earth?

        • Amen. In good times, grasshoppers will do better in life, and in bad times they won’t survive. I have two good friends who are grasshoppers of differing styles, and I really care for them in different ways. I honestly don’t think either will survive without a serious change of perspective. Whether or not I’ll survive is completely unknown, but so far, so good, with some significant losses(and a few gains) along the way.

      • “I wonder if they are seeing the same world that I am.”

        in the city.. you see the hustle and bustle of people frantically going from one place to another.. upon closer examination you’ll notice these people are looking down at the didewk. those that are observing the size of the buildings and meeting peoples gaze..those are the tourists and are scoped out for the ones willing to target them.
        so.. are all those people looking at the sidewalk unaware of what’s going on around them? or are they just ignoring it..
        people are aware of what’s going on… they are just ignoring it. that’s why everyone is spending like no tomorrow. there’s a lack of faith in our political system. there’s a lack of faith in our DOJ and agencies that swore allegiance to the protection of the people..
        they feel powerless to change it. if those that are hired by vote to keep them safe are unable or unwilling to do just can you fix it.
        you can’t they won’t and with the terrorist actions of blm and antifa the defunding of the only protection sent people racing to buy their own protection.. an administration running wild doing things that is pretty obvious swayed by their business model..
        what has history shown as the next step in the downfall of a failing civilization..

    • Hey wtf, judging by the reaction you were right over the target…didn’t George go off!!!?

      But don’t be mean; the old folk in this little club like to be afraid – fear unites them – and the older they get, the more afraid they become. It’s all they’ve got left as death stares them in the face and it’s their way to handle it.

      And as a result, any day now this blog will hide behind a paywall & they’ll huddle together so horrible people like you (us) will no longer intrude on their fear full ness. Let them be.

        • What are you doing up at 03.00 George?
          Having more vivid dreams? Have a glass of warm milk and go back to bed.

          PS TWAWKI will end as our collective World Karma is about to be paid, in full and in the immediate future. But here’s the thing…you could go to a remote spot & become self-sufficient & ‘safe’ then have a tree branch fall & brain you…. or stay in a city that burns to the ground with death & disaster all around.. and survive unscathed.
          That’s your personal Karma. Neither fear nor planning will change that very much.
          PPS Is your definition of a troll someone who speaks their mind…that differs from your pov?

        • Troll: A self-righteous, arrogant, and insulting fellow who says shit like “the old folk in this little club like to be afraid”. Usually an erudite liberal with little to contribute other than snide asides. Useless and not worth knowing as humans.
          (Though the remote vs. city was nice – but that’s already widely appreciated by us “old folks”.)
          Up because of storm/outage – can’t you read?
          Ought to try having vivid dreams. Stop staying up with the bottle.
          Now, go sleep it off.

  3. Latest meeting of the Executive Committee was this morning. All members were present and armed.
    Main order of business was after a unanimous vote to permanently install my recently passed friend and mentor as the permanent CEO. Agenda items were read, I think, and it was decided without a vote to move on to coffee and Ms Marie’s dinner plate sized cinnamon rolls. All members were advised to abide by committee non-disclosure rules especially pertaining to wives, health care providers, and dental professionals for those who still have their own teeth to abide by Committee rule #1, Wht is discussed and or eaten at the Committee meeting stays at the Committee meeting.
    Meeting was adjourned and it was decided that after each meeting Earl’s cinnamon roll would be given to a member on a rotating basis.
    It was noted the customary Reserved for the Executive Committee table topper was replaced by a permanent sign hung from the ceiling above the big round table.
    Stay safe. 73

  4. Congratulations George – Ure famous, got Ure own Week and what not..

    Indeed, its Ure week in Alaska ! and I guess its Ure modesty that prevents you from tooting Ure own horn. No Problema mi amigo – I got You.

    !Its FAT BEAR WEEK 2023 !
    -vote for the the Brown Bear that puts on the most weight/bulk this year.

    you can Vote here –

    Judging takes place all day every day this week up Katmai National Park – Alaska. How to judge whether Ure truly will win fattest bear this year, check out these links to Uretopia Ranch..bwahha – just kidding.
    Hear R links:
    -underwater bearcam –
    – and G’s fav ..Dumpling Mtn.

    As for FUTURE – iron mtn and 4th reich/wef/elites plan, complete with reference markers for id’ing where we are currently…Jacques Attali/2006 -A Brief History of the Future.

    its all there Campers – what BCN calls “the lemming protocol”

  5. “FEMA is NOT a civil defense program. It’s a contracting agency specializing in making disaster recovery happen by waving money around.”

    Silly Boy.. they may wave it around tell everyone they are there to help LOL LOL LOL but in the end.. who gets the help… just a select few..
    My Niece kept telling me they had their back.. that FEMA kept telling them we are here to help you get back on your feet.. in the end the only ones that got it were a select few the rest.. nothing.. well she got twenty bucks and a good luck..
    We see that in Hawaii where the president asked each of them to donate a couple of grand for Ukraine but only gave them seven hundred .. and I am betting that was just a few..not everyone.. ask anyone that has had everything destroyed by a natural disaster..
    Look at OHIO train derailment and the disaster there.. heck I don’t think they have even gone there LOL LOL yet the guy is still on vacation

    • The mother of a dear friend was sequestered in her second floor apartment for two weeks in NYC due to hurricane Sandy. The first floor was flooded as was the street. She ended up with a box of food from FEMA, which she gave away to a neighbor. She was in her 90’s and had never eaten that kind of food, whatever it was. She had enough to eat on her own.

    • At a news conference on August 12, 1986, Ronald Reagan said, “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” He was right.

  6. So Russia nd other coutries have some shelters for large parts of their pop where the USA has NONE, HMMM, YUP time long past to clean out the DC political field and install GOOD American MORAL people in office! The only question is will this happen, I am betting NOPE! The sheeple are to far gone, sure there are quite a few of us who know, but NOT enough to do anything about what REALLY would have to happen

    • yup..Adolphs second book…
      get the population dependent on social programs ..they get support of the population to take the wealth of the upper 29 percent to distribute it to the 1 percent that really matter..
      like the laws of the land where there are dual standards depending on which social class your’s the dual standards of the economic flow..

      • Yo Loob – any mention of “Plan Z” in that book ?

        Plan Z – I am told is final solution to wef/4threich(traitors). See operation High Jump for background info. (@ alternate history source)

        Just like everything else, the devil is in the details/timing of execution. The good folks at Farsight have viewed some events directly related to – but do not have understanding of whole of plan Z, so are unable to connect viewed events to big plan..yet.
        They need to take a deeper dive into previous project on the “Essasani” = hybrid grays >50% support/in sympathy wit us Humans.

        • why would they need a plan Z… this one propels the one percent into the stratosphere and puts the rest in their place.. if you notice.. the population of the camps.. there is enough to do about twenty percent … ever wonder who the twenty percent are..

          In Germany it was the elite.. the wealthiest of the population..
          We came up with Social Security and Medicare shortly afterwards..So the big question is.. was that because the USA didn’t want to see the same thing happen in the US.. so treating the general laborers as valued industrial family members rather than as slaves so one percent can excel..

          Shortly after the internment camps in Germany that targeted the wealthiest of the country.. the jewish community.. and a country coming off of one of the worst depressions in history .. was the change in how laborers were looked at an indirect result of the tragedy that happened there..
          And as a cycle it is just repeating itself..
          Take Ray Dalio and his predictions of the six steps of a civilization…

          “Dalio makes a persuasive case every great country has six stages: (1) A countries birth, including new leadership; (2) Government built and refined; (3) Peace and prosperity; (4) Great excess in spending and debt, and widening of wealth and political gaps; (5) very bad financial conditions and intense conflict; and (6) civil war/revolution. Dalio believes the U.S. is in stage 5. The bitter divisions we are seeing among fellow Americans, excessive debt, and widening wealth gaps support his conclusion.
          Another expert on human history, Peter Turchin, has looked at the last 10,000 years of history, including 414 societies, and similarly concludes a bloated elite class and declining living standards will lead to 60s-like havoc at best, and civil war at worst, ”
          twenty percent are in the pits now.. over seventy percent rely on some social program to exist..

    • I’ve been thinking about that, too. If we lay all of the dollars on the table and vibrate the top so the money moves around (flow), we have the economy. If the megacorps start hoarding the cash (dark pools), there is less of it moving around. When people get scared, they start hoarding their little piles. The table top starts looking like the brain with wasting disease. I wonder if anyone has conducted a study to determine the breaking points of this dynamic? Who has the power to break up the dark pools?

      • Hey Joe,

        You already knew WHO, before you posed the question..

        4 the rest of Youse – see The Great Taking, David Rogers Webb – all about now & DTC&Cede..

        “It is about the taking of collateral (all of it), the end game of the current globally synchronous debt accumulation super cycle. This scheme is being executed by long-planned, intelligent design, the audacity and scope of which is difficult for the mind to encompass. Included are all financial assets and bank deposits, all stocks and bonds; and hence, all underlying property of all public corporations, including all inventories, plant and equipment; land, mineral deposits, inventions and intellectual property. Privately owned personal and real property financed with any amount of debt will likewise be taken, as will the assets of privately owned businesses which have been financed with debt. If even partially successful, this will be the greatest conquest and subjugation in world history.”

        Money supply dried up -down 3% so far this year – Guaranteeing moar recession to come..less money supply, rates rising, bonds tanking, stock mkt hanging on by a thread – what could possibly go wrong??

        – the end game?

        Got Crypto/BTC ?

  7. To me, between the illegals re-organizing in places like Colony Ridge and other spots, the government idiots with actual full auto assault rifles and all the crazies running about – I’m done with expecting anything of value from government. At some point soon, taxes will cease to be paid – just not gonna pay for illegals from the world over and Ukronazi arms. The only way to win is not to play…

    I’m going by Colony Ridge today – will see how many new Venezuelan flags are out…

  8. Folks,
    Having had several post hurricane experiences with FEMA, we were offered no cash supports but we were immediately approved for $20,000
    loans from the SBA.

    • there’s a yeah But in that one..
      IF.. I had a guaranteed loan.. IF.. I qualified… 70 percent of the population if they already have a home loan ..won’t qualify for another home loan.. and seriously what are you going to get for 20 grand.. and if your home is destroyed the odds are so is their business..
      because I was tossed under the wheels of the bus by a boss playing the stock market that took the money we paid in for health insurance..I couldn’t qualify for a roll of toilet was horrible.. luckily a young man still going to school knew what had happened to me. and when he became a banker loan officer gave me a short term loan at 18 percent interest to build my first home by myself..
      to date he is the only one that even to this day that will loan me money..and he’s about to retire..
      so they can guarantee whatever it doesn’t mean anyone can get it..

    • although I know someone that built a garage and finished the inside to live in.. they had the land..even that was more than twenty grand.
      there are people I have leant a hand up to.. that lived in a storage unit.. They would go to the truck stop and take showers had a porta potty for regular relief..
      in San Francisco they can rent a bunk with a community toilet and use a hotplate (IF they are fortunate) for two grand a month ..well that was a couple years ago now it could have doubled by now..

    • Fact, Fema is about useless in my dealings post hurricane Wilma….no real money, but the ability to indebt oneself with loans was given in forms of loans. I didn’t need a small business loan, just a small injection of ready cash to get me up and running. Not wait 6-8 months for a loan.

  9. Its the little things that make the difference in emergency preparation, e.g. zip-lock baggies in all sizes, disposable cigarette lighters, wood screws and spare bits, PVC pipe and fittings, PVC cement (small cans are best – won’t go bad as quickly), fish hooks, aluminum foil, fix-a-flat supplies. All things you will wish you had (but probably can’t get) in an actual emergency.

      • Matthew 24:38

        In those days before the flood, the people were enjoying banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered his boat.

        • “And Lot’s wife, of course, was told not to look back where all those people and their homes had been. But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human. So she was turned into a pillar of salt. So it goes.”
          ? Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

    • what is it the good book says ..
      no man will know the day date and time..
      like the story of the ten virgins..

      “Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. [2] And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. [3] They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: [4] But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.”
      But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father”

      I have preached the one can preparedness for decades..
      when someone looks at the sheer amount needed it looks daunting to say the least.. one can more than you use is nit a daunting scarey event..
      similar to building a board.. before you know it you have a wall..
      I made a framing table then mapped out the walls..numbered them for assembly..only two walls were tough..I had to help someone cut trees down to get their help in putting them up.. the guy with the local construction seen me trying to place the header for the garage and brought a front loader to help..
      if you use six cans a week then buy seven.. before you know it you have a week then a month’s worth

    • SNAP. Shoplift. Pander. Look at Ure car window when you drive through town.
      Suburban shopping is as f’n scary as urban these days.
      Bank debit cards are for the employed whose credit rating has tanked. My favorite grocery store only takes debit cards. Cash works too.
      You are looking for that giant black swan, when the American heartland has been dying the death of a thousand papercuts for decades.

  10. “The next day, Wednesday, 4 October, the USA will conduct a nationwide test to make sure the government can text your phone (everybody’s phone, in fact) and tell us all how screwed we are.”

    They are doing it in Italy too. “IT-alert”.

    IT-alert, the new phase of tests starts in the territory
    From September 12, the test activities of IT-alert, the national public alert system Italy is adopting, will restart…

  11. I seem to remember the all of congress was given alot (millions of dollars) of money that they would use for extra security. Maybe the congressman used his for something else. I missed the description of the criminals, could it be them again Boo Boo?

  12. I think things change as consciousness changes. The world has awakened to many things, like the bullshit game being played on the public and, a lot of things that have been hidden from the public eye.

    Consciousness, changes things … negative begets negativity and positivity begets the positive. There are universal laws that rule over things like that, no matter what laws are imposed by rulers.

    If you believe in multi-dimensions, you probably know there are also different choices of reality. It just takes a while and a bit of effort to make the change. You know, “Be careful what you wish for.” Kind of thing.

    We’ve learned a lot since the pandemic … people have taken a buffalo stance about many things and have been making personal changes/adjustments in their life since. Sure, there are still some sheep but the horses are far more many and run freer on their own personal power.

    We see predictions and prophecy, coming and going without much impact. Why? Because humans are starting to think and act which is making us more and more resilient.

    God created everything. Even the demons, as they were once Angels but have fallen from grace. – There’s magic in what people think and pray. Heaven hears it all.

    Only God can make chaos and peace at the same time. It poses the cosmic question,
    “What do you want?”

    Says somewhere, “God’s house has many mansions.” The Earth, is but one of them.

    We’re taught to, believe it when we see it, and we often do. But the real conscious magic occurs when we believe it first … then see it.

    And that, in my humble opinion, is what’s happening. I’m interested in seeing the “positive possibility result” not so much the potential negative outcome.

  13. UK has announced that it has run out of arms to send to Ukraine – UK has been a big supplier of tanks and missiles to the Ukraine. “They’ll have to get them some place else.”
    The President of Mexico slams the U.S. for backing Ukraine. – The U.S. better do something about this. If Russia gets a military foothold in Mexico – it’s gonna be a serious bitch to get them out.
    The Stop Gap bill passed to keep the Government open for another 45 days contains no support for Ukraine. ., but Biden signed it.
    Personally., I thought the British FTSE [The Footsie] would be below its yearly low by now., but they somehow have managed to keep afloat. The WEC listed the U.K. economy just one notch above Argentina – and that is one huge economic-insult. The ‘Pound’ is now below it’s 280 DMA.., but doing better than I thought they would.

  14. 10,000 illegals heading for our border daily – and the President of Mexico blames the U.S. – for placing sanctions on Cuba.
    – I have tried to twist that around in my head – but it’s not working.
    – Honduras, Columbia, Ecuador have, or are collapsing because we placed sanctions on Cuba. OK.., if you say so.
    – But could you please explain why tens of thousand of foreign nations have entered your country – and you have done nothing to stop them? Yet you arrested an American illegally in your country and sentenced him to three years in prison.

  15. Ask anybody in power , politicians , joint chiefs of staff , high up leo if they have publicly supplied bunkers. Now ask them where the bunkers for the general public is. That should tell you what they think your life is worth.

  16. “FEMA is NOT a civil defense program. It’s a contracting agency specializing in making disaster recovery happen by waving money around.”

    Maybe to everyone BUT the victims! Lahaina fire victims got $700 after losing everything. That will rebuild your home and life, right??

    As for ‘civil defense’… as a ham radio op. you must know about CERT? Community Emergency Response Teams. Basically we are told. ‘Government will not be coming to help’. Learn to help yourselves and your neighbors. You are on your own, folks!

    Then there are the cellphone alerts. Hawaiians are already gun-shy about those, after having a bogus “Incoming Missile Warning”. (THIS IS NOT A TEST, it said!). Cry wolf. What you gonna believe? And if you do…. What you gonna do? I recall one image of the street panic in Honolulu. One man stopped his car and pryed open a manhole cover. He and young daughter were sitting on the edge of the open manhole, ready to jump in at the first flash.

    “Now to study for my drone license biennial flight review which is overdue…”
    You need a license for ‘The End Of The World As We Know It’??

  17. Here’s another piece of the scary jigsaw:


    • In 2007/2008 I worked on the Gaylord National Hotel in DC before the windows were installed. The building is 2.5 miles downwind of the DC sewer treatment plant but on windy days smelled a whole lot closer. Of course, it could have been just the smell of DC, period.

  18. I had a very good day trading.., ahh – betting.
    How did you do ?
    10 year bond up another 11 basis points…, up to 4.8% – something is gonna break !

    • I clicked out with $144 for lunch – too much to do around here to sit on my ass making money all day.
      Some things are more important than money.
      But don’t ask what, lol.
      Oh – the new drone?
      Boyz n their toyz

      • ” too much to do around here to sit on my ass making money all day.” ROFL!
        That’s ME… every day! But I’m fine. Lower stress levels.

  19. Out of about 35 houses in our neighborhood, there are 4 occupied campers by family members so far. Major intersection has panhandlers about half the day. Also noted while driving about the county, several fancy sheds are occupied as well. One family has had a yard sale going steady for a month. Things are not well, no news need be consulted.

  20. No House speaker has ever before been ousted through the passage of a resolution to remove them.
    Until today.

  21. LOL George! You can’t handle even mild ( & certainly not abusive) criticism – but that’s OK, it’s your blog and you will censor/abuse as you see fit.

    Fact 1: virtually all your commentators are ‘oldies’ (I’m almost 78 so this is not ageism)
    Fact 2: Fear, disguised as feverish ‘planning’ stands out like dogs balls in yours and others, comments.

    I’ve no idea about your storm – why should I? But good luck with it anyway. In my part of the world it’s 8.17PM and I’m on my second and last glass of red so not much to sleep off (at this stage…but who knows, I might roar into another glass if I feel really like partying)
    Anyway old mate, sad we can’t have a reasonable & halfway intelligent conversation; I’ll put that down to your storm fright, shall I?

    Good luck!

    • Your time zone suggests you are in Australia – perhaps Sydney? Your ISP says Telstra somewhere near -33.867780, 151.207052 (33°52’4″S 151°12’25″E) – New South Wales, is it?

      Further reinforced by the use of “mate” in regular speech.
      Storm fright? God no. But fact is, I don’t sleep well with non-stop thunder and lots of lightning. So a better use of my time is modeling high performance ham radio antennas and updating software.

      Corollary to your Fact 1:

      Some things to consider (mate): We much prefer the term “seasoned” (as in not childlike) in regard to our ages. It means we have put up with more bullshit than most and have learned something about it.

      Corollary to your fact 2: You – like that siesataker fellow – are also not qualified to fly aircraft, be a trauma doc, go offshore, wildland travel, or be a LEO. Again, what you think of as “fear” is nothing short of good planning and preparedness. We don’t have guns and a 100-meter shooting range because we are afraid. Do look up which branch of the lives by the saying “One shot, one kill.” We read their books, know some number, too. No sir, not a fear burdened group, in the least. There are some skills which do require continuous practice. High speed Morse code, shooting 3-landings every 90 days, qualifying at the range.
      In your world (gun-free, cowardly, liberal mind rot) and thus easily locked down or up (and this is why China will over time occupy Australia, sure as they have already taken over Vancouver BC), is because you are never ready for “Anything tomorrow brings.” Americans may be yanks, we can see the yokels.

      We pride ourselves on that. Itching for a challenge. We prep for it. We train for it. We don’t fear it. Liberals like you are in a Lalah land echo chamber. Those get regularly filled with noxious gasses. But you’d only know that from reading history. First they came for the trade unionists, you know.

      Your sense of confusion is understandable, since you have likely surrounded yourself with followers, not leaders, takers not innovators. Sheep not wolves.

      That was my point to the siestas fellow but since you’ve stood up, we can all now see how it seems to apply to you as well.

      Enjoy socialism-communism – it’s your karma. Mate.

      • Please let the liberal trolls continue to post and not cancel them like they do to us. I enjoy your replies too much! It also shows why we live on this side of the street and not theirs.

        This he/him or her/she (sound like a chocolate bar) is part of a culture that most of us here have worked their ass off in many disciplines and in countries far and wide for years to try and make the world a better place for our kids and grandkids to live in. We see how open borders, out of control crime, looney tune spending, schools where 100% of kids can’t add 2+2 and get 4, drag queens teaching kids the important things in life like being gender fluid are destroying everything we worked hard to build.

        Perhaps you should put everything behind a pay wall and see how many of the trolls would pay 40 bucks to continue the diatribe. For my 40 bucks, I will listen to people like LOOB (who I have come to know personally thanks to you), Stu, Warhammer, and dozens of others here who have walked the talk and have every reason to be disappointed with the trash can of socialism/communism the liberals are marching us to.

      • You got some of that correct, George.. well at least you read the figures off the screen & worked out the co-ordinates ..and I’d expect nothing less from a former pilot and a pretty smart guy with an interesting & varied background. We’re actually not as far apart as you think, as I’ll explain, as it seems you don’t censor…well, not yet.

        The rest of your comments, well, a little off the mark…or should I say Marx? I’ve enjoyed reading of your escapades from time to time, so allow me to indulge in the same, and correct your misconceptions.

        On the outbreak of war, my Dad, his brothers and friends all joined the Royal Navy, saw active service (many stories) and the survivors stayed in touch. My parents met & married during the war, I was born and brought up in a UK sea-side town where I was as at home in sailing dinghies & rowing boats as on dry land. One of Dad’s ex-Navy mates owned a former trawler and in my early teens I helped crew her across the Channel to St Malo, where they had friends & business interests – something to do with duty free, contraband goods, I suspect! Bit of off-shore there, George?

        My parents split before I was 17 (war-time marriage, happened a lot) and I left my UK Grammar School, joined the Merchant Navy as a cadet, spent several years travelling much of the World, then came ashore as my then girlfriend living in London was not happy with an absent boyfriend..

        I got a government job in an area reporting directly to the Home Office with a brief to track down ‘Illegal Aliens’ – today’s Asylum Seekers – in the west London area and arrange their court appearances & deportation, when justified (90% of the time). In those far off days, there was no appeal process, it was basically ‘off you go’. I began as an assistant and ended up running the department as I was very good at my job. Fit in with your liberal view of me, George?

        However, unhappy with the direction of the left/communistic Harold Wilson govt and not ready for marriage, I took a 2 year working holiday in Oz, loved it, stayed and within 3 years started my own business in HR, Training & Recruiting. A decade later, with 10 Consultants & back-up staff & not yet 40, I sold the business for what then was a small fortune and ‘retired’ with a stack of cash. All pretty Liberal, right? Oh! In the early 70’s I was flying C150’s & 172’s out of Bankstown airport, but gave it up when I went into business…had the money but not the time.

        By the early 80’s I could see the writing on the wall – but not the timing – and bought a bush property. It’s a hundred acres, 40kms from the nearest small town, at the ‘end of the track’, nearest neighbour 3 kms away, totally off grid, AWD access, and in the worst weather event, need to park 4 kms away & back-pack in with bare essentials: bottle of scotch, 6 bottles of red & a slab of rump steak. Just the type of place a Liberal would die for, right George?

        Feral pigs were/are a problem and I learnt the hard way that a .410 won’t do the job, you need big bro 12 for them…and they still can be scary with their young, in packs when you do need back-up. I know folk who’ve shinned up a tree after skimming with the first barrel, then tripped, popping at the sun with the 2nd with the pigs 10 feet away and angry. Panic? Certainly not, just an orderly, if rapid, vertical retreat. I live in peace with the red bellied blacks & brownies that inhabit the gully & dam area 100m below the house. We have mutual respect for our many differences and keep our distance. One 5 foot brownie did visit and wanted to get in the front door a year or so ago…I took a pic before I shot him (well, he broke the rules. photo avail on request). So how are we doing with this leftist/sheep/anti guntag?

        Wild life travel.. would a 5 day hike, camping under a tarp, dry rations, no fires (summer fire danger) count? OK, haven’t done that for quite a while, but it was fun, back in the day, mostly with mates but I’ve done 3 days alone a few times, 7-8 kms down the creek, rough going over big boulders & rocks, in & out of the water, living off yabbies & damper, but again, not recently (I’m clicking up to 78 and last time I did that I was a bit over 60, so around the time of the GFC if I recall correctly)

        So what have I missed? Trauma doc? Nope but I did a first aid course in 1962 (passed at 2nd try when I didn’t bruise the new patient’s ribs..) and have a printed, signed note in my wallet saying ‘do not resuscitate’. Does that count? No idea what a LEO is.

        If I still fit your “gun-free, cowardly, liberal mind rot”, George, then we live in a different Universe. But in my Universe, there’s sensible precautions but not fear, not panic preps nor morbid predictions that never come true (actually, they will, but in a way and at a time completely unexpected, out of left field).

        There’s a belief in a universal, moral code that, when broken, has consequences – but the misconception of linear time often disguises the truth of that. And whether we like it or not, our previous actions have brought us to this time & place & set of circumstances. You can’t change the present but your actions in the present can and will, change the future. It’s all perfect, no accidents in the Universe. Make any sense, or just gobbledegook?

        BTW you’re correct re China. About 30 years ago, I rang an ABC radio talk-back programme where they were discussing foreign policy & future defense requirements – the Australian Broadcasting Corp is a Marxist infiltrated public funded radio & TV broadcaster, promoting left wing ideology, similar to your NPR. Anyway, I said that within 20-25 years, Australia would be invaded by Indonesia or China and we should acquire a ‘Force de frap’ nuclear defense, as the French did. Oh dear! The response from outraged lefties was unbelievable, they were apoplectic with rage.. It was lovely! Of course we didn’t do that, not a hope and will suffer the consequences in due course, so I do hope those lefties are still around.

        OK this has gone on longer than one of A’s rambles – but hopefully makes at least a little more sense.

  22. Thanks guys. My wife’s version of that story would add, “and he’s such a stirrer!”

    It’s a shame that Oz has gone from something close to a paradise in the 70’s, to a socialist, welfare state ***hole today. But that’s pretty much the story of the West and there’s no doubt big trouble lies directly ahead. Like of catastrophic proportions and George & others posters are totally right on that one. I’m happy not to be 17 & just starting out..

    I’ve travelled a lot and my only regret is that I didn’t move to Thailand 20-odd years ago when a great business opp presented its-self. Too late now and anyway, it’s my Karma..
    All the best.

  23. My wife would add ‘Oh! and he’s a bit of a stirrer’ to my story, but thanks guys.
    I’m convinced that, like George & many other posters have commented, there’s something seriously heavy duty coming down the pike so we’re essentially on the same page, maybe just slightly different re attitude/response.
    Anyway, all the best.

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