Fortuneteller Soup, Jobs Week

Welcome to the Monday morning edition of The Future Game.

There are multiple “angles” to seeing the Future.  One way is “Numerics” – which we do a lot of around here.  Stock prices, bonds, cryptos, projections, money supplies and all that represent the “craps game in the alley out back.” A kind of floating estimate of where the future will lead.

Where most people go astray using these measures, though, is the quite human tendency to look at significant “highs and lows” in the action.  But, as I’ve discussed (in never-ending technical minutia) on the Peoplenomics site, it’s the change in trend where you make the money.  If you can sense the “change point” a moment before whatever streak is running is about to, or has just changed, then you will kill markets.

There’s also The Schedule.  Many items in life that strongly influence our estimates of the future are regular, recurrent news stories and statistics. Investors learn (over time) that when you know The Schedule, you can oftentimes spot (in advance) whether the play is “Buy the rumor, sell the news” or the other way around.  Small edges matter in The Future Game.

Sometimes the very short-term streaks will drive, but other times the larger trends will overpower.  Thus, it becomes an intelligent wager. But this is where we then go looking at News Flows as a secondary input reweighting our expectations of near Future.

Even this will often result in significant ambiguity, so it’s then that we turn up our personal listening posts (our PLP’s) and see “What’s going on with the herd” that might indicate a pending stampede in a certain direction into the future.

I know this is a longish way to wade into Monday morning.  But the first takeaway is that “We all play the Future.”

The seasoned player (months from age 75) wakes up thankful for another day in the Game.  And proceeds to “run the odds” – which is really what this website is all about, if you hadn’t figured that out, yet.

Today’s Numerics

Market Futures were up slightly during our 5:15 AM Central market check.  The Big Picture chart says “We topped in 2021 (Nov. 8) bottomed in 2022, rallied in 2023 (July 31) and we are due to slide down into a deep Wave 3 that could whack a third to a half off market pricing before Auld Lang Syne.

The trading platform offers three options today: A Big rally into the afternoon before hitting the inflection point that would ultimately collapse us through the lower trend support line and one down toward that Big Yellow 3 in the next several weeks.

There is a minor chance, though, the market could continue down and retest (or break lower) from the session lows of Friday.  Which is why we didn’t carry a position over the weekend.  Why shoulder risk you don’t need to?

Second Level Numerics

Beyond basic technical lines and wave counts, a further level of play is picking a similarly scaled market move and then see how much “entrainment” appears between the present market and your basis of comparison. We like 1929’s waveforms because they are quite (what was Elliott Middleton’s term?) animal spirits driven.

Something like a modest 1-3 hours (in the regular session) rally, followed by an horrific news event this afternoon, and we could be off to the (downside) races.  Thus, second-level numerical comparisons open us up to a lot of inflection points we might not otherwise appreciate.  Like this chart screams “We’re on the edge of the freaking abys, you moron!”

Couple this with being way under the 85-day Aggregate (meta) index moving average which is our long-term “Stay out from under the bus!” tool and you’ll see why caution runs.  (This is not trading advice.  But do consider it Big Transit Vehicles are Dangerous Shit to mess with tools.)

In our market model, based on modest waveform entrainment, this is the week things begin to go horribly wrong.  Abys, Bus, sure, but where’s the straw that breaks the market’s back.  (Except at the Economic Fractalist would not, sometimes such futures are self-arising based on the fractility of Universe – which is indisputable.)

The Schedule

The biggie framing the whole week on the domestic financial front is the fact of Job Week.  Which kicks tomorrow at 10AM when the JOLTS report drops.  Job Openings, Layoffs, Terminations, and Separations report.

After that (Wed.) here comes the ADP jobs report, Thursday we get the Challenger Job Cuts, and Friday the Official word from Labor.

What’s interesting, I think, is that we may begin to see some of the early recognition that a recession is here.  But we have until the end of the month before the next Fed rate hike is expected.  By then, we’re pretty sure they will have to pause (again) because by then the whole news arena will be blowing up and they likely won’t be able to raise in the face of economic calamity.

News as a Straw Search

What would it take to blow up the world?  I mean WW3 or ELE level stuff?  A number of candidates are out there. The Camel’s back.

The major one is the escalation of the war in Ukraine.  Because the “next things in the inventory” are mainly naval.  NATO has been in a pickle because Turkey has tried to keep Western militaries from occupying the Black Sea.  Because there are just too many ways that does not end well.  Yet, here we go: Suffocating pressure on Turkey to open the Straits: British and other NATO ground forces to enter Western Ukraine with aeronautical cover from the Middle Sea and Poland – WarNews247.

Toss in a handful of Russia reiterating what Putin has been saying all along (“Medvedev is clear: Russia will occupy all the original Russian territories in Ukraine!“) and that whole region over there begins to seem like it could flash any time.

And in the “A fish rots from its head” department: Biden vows to stand by Ukraine, despite budget fiasco – BBC News. No shutdown, but also no leadership on ending this mess.

Taiwan’s Only Marginally Better

When we look at the 1929 comparative waveform, we can almost make out a two-part slide in the next two or three weeks.  Like bad news from one quarter and more (even more strategically important) from another.

As we alerted subscribers this weekend, a pending tropical storm off Taiwan could have saved their bacon this weekend, but next weekend?  As reader Stephen2 posits:

“fwiw New Moon is Saturday (UTC) Oct 14 at 17:55 UTC, which is 3:55 AM, Sunday Oct 15 Taiwan time. Oct 16th is Monday.

China – Taiwan over the weekend during the New Moon?? From all reports China now has all of the elements in place, including the converted ferries which have been moved up from Southern China, in place.”

More to the point, China is obviously getting ready for the invasion sooner than later; China’s September incursions into Taiwan ADIZ up by 42% from August. Seems to us there’s an obvious trend to pay attention to, in there.

What will come as the shocker is if/when China does go into Taiwan, what the possible impacts on American trade will be.  There are tons – literally – of advanced solid-state devices (and passives) that don’t come from anywhere else in the world.

Try eating a global supply chain collapse for breakfast, some morning.

Personal Listening Post

We have one other recurring theme (besides WW3) that has popped up in our personal contacts. The idea that we could see a major rise just ahead in Covid (new variant) outbreak.  In fact, the head of our Houston bureau reported two relatives in Main have come down with it. (prayers, of course).

But it feels like there is progression of public concern worldwide on this again/ See ??Coronavirus Search Trends?? – Google Trends for more.

But our point is that when Japan is #1 in queries on this and Germany is #2, we should be able to keyword out what’s going on by putting in Covid, Japan, for example, or Germany. (As in COVID-19 variant BA.2.86 found in Germany)

Might want to mention that Nobel Prize in medicine goes to Drew Weissman of U.S., Hungarian Katalin Karikó for enabling COVID-19 vaccines – CBS News.

Nobel Prizes are sold the same way as One-a-Day vitamins:  Monday is Medicine, tomorrow is Physics, Wednesday the winners in Chemistry, Literature Thursday, and Friday we get Peace.  Except, well, we won’t – not really.  Come on, these people invented dynamite, after all. I have a long-running argument with myself over whether the Nobel Prize is sincere or just a big “rub our faces in it.”  I could be swayed either way…

Me? Grouchy because this is the 74th year they have overlooked me?

Small Fry

There is – like all mornings – the constant drone of shit hitting the fan. But it’s at sufficient distance from all of us that we may not be splattered on, like with these other stories.

Remember Jim Carey’s classic delivery?  The movie was The Mask and while reacting for the life-altering mask he does the big, toothy smile and says “It’s Show Time!” Here lately, that clip is replayed in a quiet corner of my brain. Triggered by stories like Donald Trump’s business fraud trial gets underway in New York.

Along with Laphonza Butler tapped to replace Feinstein in U.S. Senate.

And US Supreme Court ruling may help Hunter Biden fight gun charge.

And UAW reaches deal with Mack Trucks as Big 3 strikes enter third week | The Fresno Bee. Big Mac?

Why, toss in that BTC is up into the low $28,000s and you have a good case for the early rally (at the show) to continue as forecast until the afternoon.  But we won’t even think about making a bet in this pig of a market until after things have been open 15-minutes and we can get a better sense of things.

Future always gets here, just often not how we think it should.

Around the Ranch: Summer’s End

To us, summer has nothing to do with equinoxes, or any of that.  To us, it’s all about temperatures (and the related power bills that follow).

Our first day post summer with a high of under 80, is set to show up Thursday (October 5).  The last one before the Big Heat was May 21st.  That’s 137-days of summer.  Which (and this is weird) is very close to the length of the Murder Cycle – which by the way – should be delivering a fresh dose of gore sooner than we’d like.

About to click out and the premarket was weakening….

Write when you get rich,

49 thoughts on “Fortuneteller Soup, Jobs Week”

  1. Jim Carey not Drew Carey in the movie “The Mask”. And here in Western NC the maple trees in my front yard are starting to turn yellow. So autumn is upon us.

  2. I think I read about the following strategy here, back there.

    “The Aussie couple have booked 51 back-to-back cruises after realizing that living on the Seven Seas was less costly than staying in a retirement home. Marty and Jess have been a fan of cruising for over 40 years. To them, the pandemic was a mere two-year break from their favorite vacation.”

    – 4 hours ago

    • yup.. my brother inlaw met a woman going from cruise to cruise..
      my sister is basically doing the same thing now..she just got back from one to leave on another

    • Yeah, I’ve read of others doing that in ‘retirement’ also. They say the difference of being treated as a ‘customer’ versus a ‘patient’ is dramatic… and cheaper!

      As for me, I’ve got my own tropical island. And it’s paid for.

      • yeah my sister said what they were selling cruises for after covid was amazing.. she got two weeks in Australian for less than a hundred dollars.. this is long time ago but my mothers cost then was almost twelve grand a month.. now it is even more way more.. plus medical .. not sure but I believe that the clinic on the cruise line is cheaper.. here you walk into an ER its a minimum charge of a grand.. clinics won’t see you if you don’t have insurance and can’t pay the big bill.. I know first hand how tough it is when medical bills shut your life down completely.. hell I have one that has followed me almost forty five years.. when the kid fell out of a tree.. half million dollars.. which makes Canada or Mexico a stepping stone to go live at.. you would have to move far enough away from the cartels .. I knew a young woman went to the puerto rico and was so shocked about the cost of living there.. way cheaper than the USA..

  3. Caution ahead Chief – fortune teller soup , you should only use 239 Beans/Lentils in Ure soup, as adding just one more bean to the pot tends to make it (fortunetellersoup) to Farty.

    Short the SPY -exp 10/2, inda money frm Friday. Long Bitcoin miner (fav mgt grp) -woot woot.
    Its a taxing conundrum, roll em over, or take the money and as to live another day.
    Going for longevity – entertainment at its finest, beyond that its hard work=stress – nein,nein,nein!

    Life 4 Moi is meant to be enjoyed ANYWAY I can, in retirement that means – spoil the shit out my kids and grandkids, and chase skirts/rum/fish in CA/Caribbean. Its called licking the icecream..come on by, I got all the flavors to satisfy.

    PS – REINFORCEMENT – youse guys& Girls bee stuburn

    Gut Biome – will start seeing more, more articles relating to Science finally figuring out GutBiome health is DIRECTLY related to Ure Gray Matters health.
    Parkinsons, Alz.. .I urge all olderz to see previously referenced Luvele Yogurt maker(100* for 36 hrs) & Critical Cultures for the L. Ruteri and L. Gasseri cultures… a qt of half & half and 2 tlbs PreBiotic feeders – yields these MAGICAL yogurts. Research is ongoing/pending, should be published soon enough. It all starts in the gut and best way fix/repair/ boost is via Fermented Food& Drink.

    Lets get Fermented!

  4. Anybody, what’s the latest in the remote viewing realm? Also, any thoughts about the runaway treasuries markets? How is what is going on today different than the bank failures not too long ago?

    • Joe – Treasuries are not in a runaway mode., they are in a catch-up mode., and they have been very far behind for many years – the problem is in debt servicing and the economy in general which is causing all the angst.., and if the interest keeps climbing at this pace – something is gonna break.

  5. I just had a very unique experience. taking the modems back for my daughter’s internet and phone service I had to stand in a line. there must have been 30 people all in the line all returning their equipment for internet. Internet service went up a few bucks and all these people are cutting it out

  6. “we could see a major rise just ahead in Covid (new variant) outbreak. ”

    Did you see the new studies out…
    that sweet wormwood capsules work against the new covid and varients.variants.. hmm interesting huh it works with cancers and malaria and now with covid..

    • I personally take just about all the pills I can handle – keeping them all straight is becoming rather laborious. Adding Sweet Wormwood ? Absinthe is made from sweet wormwood.., could I just take a shot daily? Would that do ??

      • Yes ! much more fun than coughsyrup. The ritual of slowly pouring over sugar cube in slotted spoon…ahhh

        Currently nipping on MEPHISTO 750ml 65%ALC/VOL -imported, obviously, Austria..again obviously…”typical classic Absinthe tastse with a wonderful louche-effect (opal green cloudiness upon adding water and ice”.

        “..just a little sip of the naughty water” -

      • I don’t know.. I keep a bottle of them around all the time.. a year ago my grand daughter was telling me her kids grandpa.. had pancreatic cancer .. he wasn’t suppose to live past last xmas.. I ran gave her a bottle and told her what happened to me..
        Well he was bed bound at the time.. had just a few weeks left..
        a couple weeks ago he took the kids to a ball game.. and an all day auction.. he looked pretty good in his photos.. I asked her if he was still taking them.. I told her I took them but didn’t tell the doctor.. doctors will quit treating you if your doing alternative medications.

    • Ben, in his interview with Jimmy, said something that had crossed my mind but never when I was writing. He said that – WHAT IF this time they release a truly deadly variant of Covid and have in place, ready to go, a vaccine that actually works? A true bait-and-switch routine that will kill off much of us free thinkers out here and leave more of the soft-minded, compliant people for TPTB to manage. If we are truly at war with TPTB it would be a logical step to take.

      • That is an interesting thought.. Kill off the army that would be needed if WW3 begins.. giving the army that paid for entrance of illegals posing as refugees and easier battle to conquer the USA.. Isn’t that kind of how Abraham had a whole tribe circumcized and while the men and boys were laying in pain.. Killed them and took the women and girls as slaves..

    • If Ure thinking parasiticaly – you would be correct..ding ding – Give this Man a black Star.

      just like in DC/Rome/CitLon – they be PARASITES.

  7. Marvelous ending to summer here. Lake is a mirror (again) and we expect a hi midling 80s (again).

    Animal spirits:

    Watch SPX 4,239 lo from 09/27
    Next in line is 4,195 from 02/02
    Lottery 3,808-3,909 from 03/23
    Melt? 3,593 lo 10/12/22

    Think I’ll stick with temp and wind-speed.
    Sailing looks good Tues / Wed
    then we lose 20 degrees

    Enjoy the warmth,

  8. Off topic a bit, but does anyone have a clue about what’s happening with GLP? It’s behaving oddly – even for that site. There are persistent blanket bans across ISP’s. Apparently it’s still accessible by some, but not many. It is/was a useful datapoint in mapping the present and the future. There’s a rumor that its been hacked.

  9. Many policy wonks feel China is not yet strategically prepared for a forceful reunification with Taiwan. The harm incurred by an invasion would severely damage Xi’s all important legacy and, more importantly, China’s economic health. Many in the Chinese Communist Party’s politburo are openly wary of kinetic war with Taiwan, which risks regional alienation and a global loss of reputation. A long-term plan of friendly coercion followed by incremental absorption seems favored by most CCP standing committee members. This does not preclude Xi going off the deep end and ordering the launch of a reunification operation so that his historic legacy is secured. But Xi’s literal survival would be at placed risk if physical, economic and diplomatic damage to the homeland became inevitable. It becomes a tremendous gamble. Is Xi willing to take it knowing what will happen if he fails.

    • And if the downward trajectory of China continues it will be the very thing that makes him a legend to the Chinese people – they will retake Taiwan and there wont be nary a shot fired – and those that threaten to stop such an action will be shown as the neutered felines that they really are…… oh yeah check for those performance enhancing drugs while you supply all the necessary drugs for those seeking sex reassignment…… meow

    • In the past few months, I have come to believe that Xi will not “invade”. The sanctions and economic loss would be huge and crippling to their economy – and thus to Him. The severing of supply lines would be felt all around the world – export and import. And I don’t believe he could survive such a dramatic financial crash. Physically or politically.
      – I believe, for us, that it’s a wait-n-see.

      • Xi already owns Taiwan !
        He does NOT need to invade, time is Xi’s side.
        Xi is like a cat with a mousey(Taiwan) at his behest.
        Taiwan will beg to join the BRICKs soon enough.
        Taiwan is milking the west right now, for all it can!

        • I believe that I read someplace that taiwan has already asked to switch to the bric’s ..

    • My read has always been that Xi WILL invade, it is just a matter of WHEN.

      He has been consistent over the 12 years or so that I have followed him that whoever follows him will NOT have to deal with the Taiwan Issue. HE WILL SOLVE IT before he leaves office. He has said this too many times to count.

      As shown by China’s covid lockdown the economy comes SECOND in China, NOT FIRST as in the US and the West.

      China’s economy was badly damaged by it’s lockdown … and the leadership did NOT CARE. There were “More Important” things at work, and thus the Economy was put on the back burner. Remember … China basically executed TENS OF MILLIONS of Chinese under Mao so as to change China and Chinese Society in order to Make China GREAT Again (long before Trump used that term in the US).

      Xi is determined to COMPLETE the reintegration of lands that China believes are theirs into China … this is merely a continuation of the philosophy of Mao AND the CCP.

      Xi probably could have engineered a peaceful takeover of Taiwan if he hadn’t moved to abrogate the Treaty with Britain about Hong Kong and change the One Country Two Systems Agreement … but alas he did so Taiwan is unlikely to agree to a China Merger now. The means FORCE is the only way he is going to engineer that combination.

      How much force? Taiwan may well collapse like a house of cards early in an invasion, much like Panama did when the US invaded. A little bit of fighting … but basically over in a day, maybe a week at most.

      I personally expect Xi to move BEFORE Taiwan gets it’s new weaponry from the US, including land based anti ship missiles … which means BEFORE the New Years (it is supposed to start arriving in Dec).

      YES, China will have an ecomomic blowback if that happens … but the economic blowback on the US will greatly exceed anything China will experience. Except for energy China is mostly independent of the world’s supply chain for necessities, yep even food. Russia is moving to help China with that energy needs with it’s new pipelines, though they won’t be up and running for another 18 months or so. China will be able to replace it’s energy needs (assuming the US is able to militarily stop ocean shipments to China – which is a BIG “IF”) much quicker than the US will be able to replace China in the supply chain arena.

      Remember China outproduces the US in making ships 200:1, steel 10:1, aluminum 15:1, titanium … well the US doesn’t produce any – virtually all of ours comes from China and Russia, magnesium 50:1 as I recall. Shoot one of the major contractors on the F-35 says they can’t produce the F-35 withOUT their Chinese suppliers!!

      Xi has been ruthless over the years … all of his competitors on his rise up the ladder have either now been executed or are in prison. He does NOT CARE about internal opposition to his decision in this arena. He does NOT CARE about the economic fall out. He does NOT NEED a consensus of even the leadership of the CCP to move. As a reminder Xi has now reshuffled the top ranks of the Chinese Military and has placed HIS MEN into ALL of the top positions, and they in turn have done the same of placing Xi’s men in the next couple of ranks down. (I have followed those personel movements for a decade now and he became very very aggresive in this arena about 2 years ago).

      Xi WILL MOVE … the only quesiton is timing.

      I think it will be yet this fall, which NOBODY in DC is expecting even though he has now moved all the military assets necessary into place (including having the ferries brought up from southern China). If not this fall then next spring at the latest.

      Life is about to get very very interesting.

      WHEN (not “IF”) China moves it will not take on the US as part of it’s invasion. It will then BE UP TO THE US if “IT” wants to go to War with China. OUR decision. Which way will Biden and DC leap? War with China … or just jump up and down and scream a lot?

    • Whicj is why to my thinking a distraction will need to e thrown into our perspective to keep us on our back foot, and unable (unwilling) to mount a strong counter. We’ve been hearing about this for a couple of years now from people (including me) scenario-ing without portfolio.
      WebWorld, some RealStuff — just to make the cheese more binding, as they say. Throw a bone at us and make us flinch and delay. Too many four-stars, and not enough dog-faces seals the deal.

      • The Poison pawn trap.. and yup we are already in that one.. using up strategic reserves..
        I believe Kim in NK will be the distraction..

  10. To this day, the U.S. “one China” position stands: the United States recognizes the PRC as the sole legal government of China but only acknowledges the Chinese position that Taiwan is part of China.
    China will make Taiwan (and the US) an offer that they can’t refuse. China will take over Taiwan without a shot and we will continue to do business with the expanded Peoples Republic of China to get all of our electronics and Walmart/Amazon junk.

    • that’s exactly what I think.. when all of this lights up there isn’t any way the USA can protect them. and if we force them to they have enough people not even counting the ones that they got biden and company to allow entrance as illegal refugees that they could March across the usa.. they m arched across Vietnam in six days just as a warning to not press their luck by attacking their border..

      • George,

        The Nikkei has gapped to a lower low on Tuesday’s trading.
        The Nikkei is following a 17 August 2023 x/2x/2.5x/1.5-1.6x :: 6/1215/2 of 9-10 day four phase fractal series which mirrors the Wilshire’s 18 August 2023 x/2.5x/2x/1.5-1.6x fractal series of 6/15/12/1 of 9-10 days. (The Nikkei is a trading day session ahead of the Wilshire.)

        This will place the low on 12 or 13 October 2023.

        A double bottom or lower low would occur in an additional 34 trading days to complete an ideal 13 August 52/130 day series.

    • “Wouldn’t surprise me if China is just waiting for the US/NATO to significantly weaken … and unify Taiwan without a shot fired.”

      Hmm.. its the poison pawn trap… let us use all our strategic reserves weaken us.. all on the pawn.. then let the globe lite up.. while we are struggling to defend everyone we said we would defend.. they take Taiwan Russia gets Ukraine and the federal reserve becomes the second monetary system in a multi powered world.. the interest on our deficit .. ( yup money we borrowed for these wars) is close to three billion dollars a day.. maybe a shade over three billion dollars a day.. the longer they hold out.. the more they cut products.. 99 percent of every thing you toss in a shopping cart.. is from a country controlled by someone out side this country…including our ports.. and toll roads.. say.. orange barrel HELL would be one way to control the traffic to.. then letting in thousands and thousands of illegals and giving them monthly funding etc.. give me a break.. and they want someone making ten dollars an hour to pay their way..

    • Xi Can’t lead an invasion if you’ve murdered your top military leaders:
      ‘This is what is also being witnessed in China in the past few months. In June, the deputy commander of the PLA rocket force, Wu Guohua, died under mysterious circumstances, which was subsequently declared as cerebral haemorrhage. The inside story is state authorised murder. The rocket force is responsible for handling China’s tactical and strategic missiles, including nuclear.

      In end June, the commander of the rocket force, Lieutenant General Li Yuchao, went missing from official engagements. It was subsequently learnt that he had been arrested and under investigation for alleged corruption. China watchers mention that the list of accusations include Li Yuchao’s son, studying in the US, leaking state secrets for financial gains.’

      Taiwan’s people aren’t as worried about invasion as the rest of the world:

  11. I can’t find it. What was they guys name that did the Full Moon – Market Crashes ? Would like to refresh myself – with some new math thrown in.

  12. The Euro dropped below 1.05 to the dollar.., intraday the Dow dipped below it’s 280MA.., the 10 year went up 11 basis points to 4.68 % [ That’s gonna break something – real soon.] Gold took another hit and closed at $1,844 – this is one big pig of a market !
    ., and for your edification – the U.S. is currently involved.., material, combat troops and advisers in fifteen different private wars around the globe. Don’t you feel more secure now ?

  13. Western debt has to keep doubling.

    A Chinese invasion of Taiwan will justify $10 or $20,000,000,000,000.00 increase in defense spending. Guns and buttah.


    OK… so in this video..Canadian Prepper brings up the notification… so what would you do.. If you have a supersonic on its way.. they are not going to tell you.. it will be business as usual..
    No information is coming and even if there was.. the US govt didn’t make shelters for the people.. there isn’t any plan to notify anyone.. or to take care of anyone.. what they did do a few years ago is made counties buy mobile crematoriums.. and made camps .. to house the disrupters..

    If your close to ground zero it will be over in a flash.. if your far enough away.. you will be sick and die horribly.. if your in the bunkers.. well you will live there a very very long time.. would you like to be bunked up next to ninety proof or the beast..
    All you would have time to do is..take the position
    where would you run to…If they have an army in the usa that they paid the administration to let them pass the border.. lets face it.. even as violent as the people are in the gang related neighborhoods.. they are not contest for an army..
    If they shut down the transfer of goods and materials or our money is instantly worthless.. what do you do what about gold.. gold will save you LOL … can’t eat gold.. .. be calm.. you are still an electrician or plumber or baby sitter you can still build or fix things.. we would have to become North Korea or Cuba and learn to adapt to our new environment ..

    (Rev. 6:15
    And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;)

    I had a dream almost a year ago or maybe more than a year ago.. that soldiers came up to the door and on the door was an emblem in chinese that says .. only love lives here believers in the virtues of the Dao..
    anyway in the dream they walked up.. one of them points to the emblem and they turn and walk away.. needless to say I went and bought the symbol and put it in the doors windows.. I have had way to many of my dreams come true that I am not going to take any chances….
    Anyway.. neither of our countries have made any preparations for anything for the people.. read the FEMA guidelines and it is all cleanup protocol.. only the cherished ones will go down into the bunkers.. and so if there is a ten thousand year half life of the waste.. what will they do..if only a small portion is liveable.. and lets face it .. when have you seen any politician do any real work .. LOL LOL probably the 4th of NEVERUARY.. LOL LOL
    then consider.. what is the average age of a politician..
    “The average age of the 118th Congress is 58 years old, dropping three years from the previous Congress.”
    Now.. I can say for a fact that what I could do at twenty I cannot do at my age.. at that average age.. do you really think they can rebuild society.. LOL LOL
    Its like them taking applications for people for the first trip to mars.. excuse me.. if they are fifty and forty and they leave in twenty years LOL LOL What in the heck do they think they are going to do once they get there LOL LOL they need to be training and signing up four year olds for the trip.. LOL LOL..

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