Breakup of Global Internet Begins – To Fight Digital Mobs!

Back in 2012, as an extension of work on our subscriber site, I took a look at the future of the Internet.  The result was my  book “Broken Web The Coming Collapse of the Internet.”

As normal (for me), since I tend to “live 10-years in the future” on strategic issues, I’m turning out to be right, but, until now, it had been slower than I’d imagined.  Gradualism, understand, is how revolutionaries have worked since the socialist dialectics of Europe began their spew and the all-out attack on traditional American values began – in slow-motion.

So, another landmark on the road to digital collapse is seen today, not in Bitcoin’s fall to the $7,400 region, but instead in the  Defense One report “Russia Will Test Its Ability to Disconnect from the Internet.

Eventually, we will live in a world of  multiple regional networks and the homogenous internet we’ve enjoyed becomes firewalled based on population and authority because – as we often remind –  ideas are contagious.

Yet to be recognized by the World Health Organization is a terrible aspect of digital meme contagion:  The BAD ideas propagate faster than the GOOD ones.

The result is a process leading to what we call “Digital Mob Rule” – or simply DMR emerging.

You probably see DMR – but since the corporate-controlled media hasn’t got a way to monetize it yet – your clarity of thought is prohibiting recognition.  That’s because in the CGTW (Global Group Think World) people are encouraged to “do what everyone else does” and not question authority.  Especially authority of key brands.

The evidence, however,  is in “push polls,” for example.  These don’t really get to the heart of American thinking, or even likely voter behavior.  They are largely used to sell an idea, especially along the main line of digital attack.

Two examples from today’s headlines, if I may?  First is a poll claiming that a “Majority of Americans Want First Amendment Rewritten — 51 percent of Millennials want fines or jail time for ‘hate speech‘”

In the article is this telling quote:

“”The findings are frankly extraordinary,” executive director Bob Lystad told the Washington Free Beacon. “Our free speech rights and our free press rights have evolved well over 200 years, and people now seem to be rethinking them.”

Yet, to anyone aware of Global Digital Mob Rule – that is breaking our everywhere from Venezuela, to Hong Kong, to Chicago and DC – the answer is clear and simple:  The long-term attack on American values by anti-freedom forces (those who fancy themselves better than the rest of us, and therefore “more fit to rule“) is paying off.

This is all possible because Digital Mob Rule provides for digital mob formation without any “connection to Reality.”  Which gets us to the second poll’ – One showing how if you “Watch Fox News? You likely think the U.S. economy is great. MSNBC viewers not so much...”

This “mobbing activity” (digital swarming is a good term, too) is then reinforced by the left-wing media which has one main agenda:  Throwing out Donald Trump.  Who, like it or not, has been prevented from effectively being president because of the present witch hunt.

Upon news that the US Justice Department has opened its own CRIMINAL investigation of the FBI collusion with the Clinton Campaign (aided by the previous administration’s Intel chieftans) to spy on the Trump campaign, the New York Times explained it all away in “Justice Dept. Is Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Its Own Russia Investigation — The move is likely to open the attorney general to accusations that he is trying to deliver a political victory for President Trump.

Anyone who is familiar with Edward Bernays’ book (Propaganda) should be able to “spot the crooked writing in the headline” without much help.  In case you need it…

That is?  “…The move is likely to open the attorney general to accusations that he is trying to deliver a political victory for President Trump.

Likely?  Says who?  A couple of reporters who make their living writing anti-Trump stories?  Hmmm…  A “news”paper that has a core audience of Trump-haters and left-wing leaders who often signal one-another via the paper’s editorial slant?

You see, the headline isn’t just reporting news; it is PREDICTING a future.  And trust, me, as someone who has been intimately connected with prognostication, predicting something in advance, preconditions its likelihood via expectations.  “As you believe, you will achieve”  is the spin the PMA movement uses, right?

But, if that isn’t clear-enoughnotice all the value judgements the “reporters” (who in my view would be more honestly labeled columnists , write this.  (I’ve highlighted the judgements passed so you can follow my thinking here.)

“The opening of a criminal investigation is likely to raise alarms that Mr. Trump is using the Justice Department to go after his perceived enemies. Mr. Trump fired James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director under whose watch agents opened the Russia inquiry, and has long assailed other top former law enforcement and intelligence officials as partisans who sought to block his election.

You mean they aren’t?  Sez who?

All that stuff in red, to my way of thinking, constitutes reporter judgements, better called opinion.  You should know I proudly keep my Nattional Society of Newspaper Columnists membership up to date…Yes, I do know a little something about writing from covering “the news” off and one since 1969…

A paper more interested in raw factual reporting, rather than supporting the Star Chamber Shifty-Schiff’s involvement with the Anonymous whistle-blower (which I can say as a columnist)  might have actually found someone to quote who would make the  reporter judged “likely” projection.  Or, they could have gone to the Trump Tweets.  One of which was:

“Where is the Whistleblower, and why did he or she write such a fictitious and incorrect account of my phone call with the Ukrainian President? Why did the IG allow this to happen? Who is the so-called Informant (Schiff?) who was so inaccurate? A giant Scam!.”

That’s apparently NOT enough to fill up a Big Newspaper.  And, absent enough facts, the idea of contexting is not to “line up the actual  facts to date so the reader can build their own context.  No, the modern  advocate journalists presume everyone holds to their anti-Trump bent and thus, are driving to  project and judge in their nominally labeled “news reports.”

Which is how I see it…and for what it’s worth.  The business section of the  Times is usually much more circumspect and less judgmental.  It’s still worth the price of the paywall.

But that gets us back to monetizing the news, propaganda, digital swarming and Edward Bernays, doesn’t it?

Bernays Sauce

Speaking of the art of Propaganda, we’ve been having a fine exchange in the Comments Section amongst other thinking people (like you, thank you) on the topic of “which edition of Bernays’ book is best”  Originals (spendy) or reprints and Kindlized (cheap, like mine) or semi-recreations (somewhere in-between).  As one contributor laid it out:

“BTW, I recently bought a fresh copy of “Propaganda.” It is purported to be an exact clone of Bernays’ 1928 first printing, done by a “Print On Demand” publisher in India. Cost was ~30% less than the current trade release. Turnaround is 90 days m/l by Abe’s estimate, but I have a (much later and less aesthetically pleasing) trade copy, should I want to look something up in the interim.”

Well, the review has arrived and it’s quite worth reading – as afficianados of quality reads brings me back to 1964 when I was shelving books in the Seattle Public Library to support my acquisition of ham radio equipment:

“It is an exact copy of the body and intro pages. However, the cover is printed paper over heavy cardboard, where the original was midnight blue fabric over heavy cardboard. The cover is printed artwork (original to the republisher) and looks nothing like the original Liveright edition. The title printing is generic TNR with black ink, where the Liveright original was done in a “schizophrenic” Broadway-like font, in gold leaf. The dust jacket is identical to the cover, which looks nothing like the Liveright original, and lacks Bernays “pocket Bio,” which was on the back of the original dust jacket.

That said, construction seems very good. The pages are not bunched and stitched, but the spine is heavily-glued (I tried to break the backbone in a number of places, and couldn’t damage either the pages or the binding.) The pages are modern paper — lightly-textured but without linen. They are thin, 20 or 22 pound bond (print does show through, but only slightly) and quite white — probably in the 90% to 93% range, where the Liveright original is ~70% (of course that might just be the book’s age. I don’t get to travel in circles where I get to examine pristine copies of rare books…) The binder bound an 8mm silk ribbon into the book’s spine as a bookmark, which was a pleasant surprise.

Printing is excellent. I got the impression, reading the printers’ blurb, that they photocopy pages, then transfer the photocopied pages to their book format. In this copy of Propaganda, spacing is jiggered between words, to fill each line without hyphenating, which was typical for hand-set type (or for newspaper columns, as I’m sure you’re painfully aware), so I suspect this is indeed how they acquired the print-manuscript. Every letter is clear – looks typewritten – better than inkjet, not quite as good as laser, but definitely quality stuff. I’m 50 pages in, and have yet to see a smudged letter or an ink blotch…

The actual publisher/printer is: Gyan Books Private Limited
They’re doing business as: Facsimile Publisher

Gyan Books Ltd., 5 Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110002, India

12 Pragati Market, Ashok Vihar Ph-2, Delhi-110052, India

The website for both is

I don’t know if they will republish you in hard copy. I would say they’re certainly worth an E-Mail…

I tell you from the heart, it’s an honor to get up at  the un-Godly hour every morning and write for such an intelligent audience!  I’m sure an Old Librarian who graces the Comments are will have further notes on the art of judging collectible books.  Which, unlike BItcoins, work by candlelight and kerosene, just fine.

Mr. Knows It All

Back to hard-core money-making, now.

The Fed is still piling on a 7.5 to 8% run rate in the new H.6 Money Stocks report out after the close yesterday.  And as every high-end real estate broker in the South Bay knows, Tesla did better than expected and popped $45 in the overnights.  It’s one of the reasons the NASDAQ futures are showing  +11.50 at click-to-publish.

The REAL PROBLEM is this afternoon going into the close. I’ve plugged last night’s closing figures into our analytics and as you can see, any weakness right at the close today would put the stock market exactly on a declining trend line at today’s close:

As to this morning, yeah, a bit soft at the open, perhaps a mid-day run one way or the other, though I’d shade the bet to the upside.  But, then after the Euro markets close this afternoon, I’d look for the weekly day-traders to come off the table in the closing 5-minutes and by then, hitting around the trend line at the close  – it gets interesting.

And THAT is when The Gambler comes out. (With apologies to Kenny Rogers...)  All-in short for Monday?  All-in Long?  Or just in cash till the break from the trend line show itself more definitively?

I’ll never  tell.  LOL

Ahead of the Curve

As if the impeachment fiasco isn’t enough, Slow Joe keeps making claims. As race tightens, Joe Biden says: “I’m the frontrunner”.  Yeah.  I’m the Pope.  No, Mike Bloomberg is…whatever.  Just sit down.

George Soros Says Wall Street Won’t Decide the 2020 Election.  Why’d he say that?  Because he’s already bought it, maybe?

Speaking of people who should drop out: Beto O’Rourke says he expects Americans to surrender their guns.  Typical rich socialist blather & pomp.  Reality rehab time? Is there something in the water out toward New Mexico that breeds liberalism?  And why does the press call him Beto? Why not call him Robert Francis O’Rourke?  You know…his name?  Beto-Bob?   Even that would be more honest.  But,, you see?  We’ve circled back to Bernays, haven’t we?

MLB umpire apologizes for tweet threatening to buy AR-15 to defend Trump in new civil war, but we’re wondering why apologize?  It’s to defend and isn’t that what guns are for?  Defending Rights of Others?  Or, is that another subverted American core value, too?  The sponginess of liberal thinking is astounding.  Clarity of thought left when situational ethics showed up.

More reasons to flee California (and if you move to Texas, leave your politics behind, please) as Time reports California’s Power Shutoffs Might Prevent Wildfires. But Are They Worth the Risks?” If you thought the  Smokey Mountains were in Tennessee and North Carolina, a rethink is in order as Wildfires rage across California, forcing evacuations.  The Sieras become the Western Smokeys.

Another reason for web firewalling? As the Artificial Intelligence Market Expands, New Cloud and Enterprise Data Center Hardware is Being Developed, Spurring Revenue of $50 Billion Annually… OMG yes, can you imagine the reposting capability of AI to spread dangerous memes?  Especially when AI can start to regularly hack Captchas?  Enjoy the sunset of Reality…don’t know how long it lasts.  No one from Roman Times has called us back for comment….

With stories like For China’s Social Media Giants, It’s a Battle for the Ages about, it’s really who makes the best deal with the CCCC that will determine the outcome.  Call it  click pro quo.  

Fed Meeting next week.  If they don’t lower, expect crap to hit the fan (in markets).  Ergo, a lower open Monday and Tuesday – which we’ll call in adance as lobbying the Fed to lower, right?  In background, and with Europe negative, today Russia’s Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates on Economic Fears.

OK, enough already.  Got a new invention for homeless people coming up out Sunday here.  And the test plan for the time machine experiments on the Peoploenomics side…along with the ongoing comparisons between now and 1929 & 1987 – though the Wednesday PN report really lays out the groundwork well, if you missed it.  Worth a reread…

A special thanks to our Seattle benefactor of test gear as a second 100 MHz dual channel scope has arrived to join my 20 MHz Kenwood dual channel and my 100 MHz Tektronix.  And thanks to Jeff ‘XD for the great idea on the RSP1-based spectrum analyzer – on the way from Ham Radio Outlet.

With only four months to age 71, we keep picking up the pace…plenty of time to rest “in the box.”

Write when you get rich,


45 thoughts on “Breakup of Global Internet Begins – To Fight Digital Mobs!”

  1. G – Suck it up Buttercup – Cyrptos R the future – and the future of Banking – so says Dean Witter Distinguished Professor of Finance at Stanford Darrell Duffies..U know my other brother -Darrell – the brotha from another motha..”slow adopters will fall by wayside”DD.. bwahahaha

    Yo “wayside” – hows the view of world commerce from down there in that wayside ditch? “whas that ?? tire tracks all across Ure back”.

    What? no one wants or accepts Ure USD’s..Rosneft top 10 global oil giant just announced they have 100% done away with USD trade and now trade exclusively in Euro’s.. the beat goes on put U all keep on doing your best Cleopatra impressions..queen of deNile..rimshot.

    Although the coot B long PM’s/ PM Miners / PM Streamers/Basic Commodities & Hedged to the Down side via SPY options – watching the close and very interested in how the Market Opens on Monday the 28th. On a Weekly hollow candle chart – if next weeks Weekly candle opens above this current weeks candle the coot goes is Looong the pending blowoff..

    Otherwise holding tight collecting dividends and premiums from the bountiful market of dreams..1% here I come baby!

      • I guess I’m a slow adopter. I’ve yet to register a car or truck built in the current millennium. IMHO, there’s no value for me and lots of negatives. I prefer an older, well maintained vehicle that has minimal costs and no tracking systems. I can shift for myself and don’t need “lane assist”, TPMS, integrated radios, or any of that stuff. By staying with the same basic platform, I have lots of spare parts and most repairs are straightforward. I also keep a couple of identical vehicles in reserve in case one has serious problems. Part of living easily is transforming potential emergencies into scheduled projects.

        I’m still trying to find a killer app for a smartphone that would mandate that I buy one. I’ve returned three to date since I had no good reason to even open the package. I do have a used one that cost me $10 that I use as a camera.

  2. On Your digital mob rule theory…It’s interesting that I see the obvious slant and subversive views coming out of Fox and other conservative “entertainment” hacks like Hannity and Limbaugh. Nothing and I mean nothing Trump says is relevant or spoken with any words that resemble the English language. And I lean conservative and I can’t fathom the disregard for facts that spews out of most of Fox News Trump loyalists either.

    I tend to believe the real brains of the world…the people that actually have been on the front lines literally and figuratively…like Mattis, Tillerson, Kelly, Scaramucci, McMaster, Cohn, and more. And then there is Kellyanne Conway who I am pretty sure is the anonymous author of the new book “Warning”. And please read Bob Woodward’s book as well as Award winning author Michael Lewis’s book and many more. All of the above have resume’s that make Trumps look like a kindergartners, before he was thrust into office on false hope, pretenses and a bit of Russian slight of hand despite 6 bankruptcies, over 3,500 unsettled lawsuits, sexual harassment accusations, shady business partners and no proof of his so called wealth. Holy Moly is America stupid! Digital Mob rule by my way of looking at it is that Trump and his mob friends are trying to control the conversation to cover up Trumps own inability to understand how the world really works. His gaffes, walk backs, mis-statements, lies, exaggerated claims are all piling up and his tiny handed thumbs can’t type fast enough to cover his tracks. I have never been more embarrassed for the office of the Presidency than I am now. And, I have a majority of Americans that are smart enough to feel the same way.

    • The problem with these new journo cites Mark, is that they are largely circular. That is, they cite one another OR they tell us little fact and too much dot-connecting between inferred (but not necessearily real – dots.
      My time is better spent on other pursuits that have a higher IPO (intellectual pay- off). Like Bernays.

    • Rasmussen, the only daily Presidential tracking poll left standing, shows Trump has a 44% approval rating. Obama, at the same point in his first term, was 43%. See: This, despite a liberal media that, since day one of his presidency, has vilified Trump while propagana-intoxicated robotic denizens marched on DC on 21 Jan 2017, day one of Trumps administration (gee, I wonder who was organizing them? Perhaps the ‘Community Organizer in Chief’ who just left the Oval Office and moved a few blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue?’) As George notes, we no longer have ‘news’ organizations. All are politicized propaganda tools of the right or the left, who hammer ‘Merika with competing messages. The disturbing part is too many are following their respective Pied Pipers instead of logically analyzing the ideological battle happening within the nation’s capitol, a battle that may escalate if one side or the other starts to lose their grip on power. Get ready. There’s a storm a comin’

      • The storm has arrived, with the leftist media floundering as they attempt to craft a new spin which exonerates themselves from active participation in partisan gang sedition and foreign intelligence operations. At least one media network is faced with one or more of their own paid consultants in the crosshairs for sedition, if not outright treason.
        The founding Fathers went to great lengths to keep the European monarchs and their constant wars and intrigues at a safe distance. Our legislatures and executives have forgotten those lessons. The active participation of foreign intelligence services in the Russiagate debacle is a reminder that our own watchers must be kept in check. The use of intelligence secrecy to mask partisan political gang actions and foreign political manipulation is a threat to our system. There is a deep state, and it does not serve the Constition or the interests of the general public.

    • Mark, when you comb your orange hair in the morning, does your Man Crush on Trump make you uneasy, so you have a need to bash him to get those thoughts out of your mind. You both have similar personalities & are in the Real Estate business. You are like twins.

      • Two big differences between Trump and I. I have integrity, the respect of clients and colleagues and many friends. Trump has none of the above. He is the most hated man in New York by far. Our New York office laughs and winces when people say Trump was and is in Real Estate.

    • Mark, you live in an urban bubble and yours is one of the most left leaning ones in the country. I respect your right to live as you choose, and I claim the right to do as I do. I’d claim that your last sentence is more conjecture and personal opinion than documented reality. Persuasive for some, though.

      Your Tesla is a good fit for you. It’s a terrible fit for me unless they make a one ton club cab truck with an 8′ bed, tight turning radius and a 500 mile range between charges(I’d prefer 1K miles). It also needs a demountable range extender using a small diesel engine, and needs to stay below 5 tons at DGVW. That’s my mission profile and it’s one that can be sold to millions of folks in ranch country if priced right.

      • Tesla’s new truck will get over 500 miles per charge and Musk tweeted that it could tow 300,000 pounds. Is that enough for you. Priced at $50k. Sounds pretty good to me.

      • Smallish diesels are hard to come by, and are priced high. The new Mazda CX-5 diesel carries a $15,000 premium over a gasoline model. Used VW’s are pretty much extinct, and the used Chevy Cruz’s are commanding high prices, if you can find one. Diesel pick-ups aren’t usually small, and are Tesla pricey. Periodically I see some three wheel deal being hawked as the coming thing, but they never materialize on dealership floor. I miss the little VW oil-fueled pocket rockets. Too good to be true, I suppose.

      • n____

        ” I miss the little VW oil-fueled pocket rockets.”

        Seriously? I DO hope you’re being facetious…

        If you got a (EPA 70/63mpg – rated) VW diesel truck with a radio, you could listen to an entire basketball game while accelerating from zero to 60. The turbo helped (60% hp boost, 0-60 in under 40sec) but also cut highway mileage from 70 to 63. I totally want one, but because it’ll run forever and burn almost anything, NOT for head-snapping acceleration…

      • The original VW diesel’s were intolerably pokey, but the last generation were quite serviceable for turnpike driving. OK, not quite a GTI, but they were zippy, and pushed 45 MPG. And yes, I would like a diesel for all the inherent advantages. I just don’t want one like yours.

      • Mine’s honestly not bad. It’ll do 0-60 in ~6.2 and a standing 1/4 in <15sec with a slushbox, pull 1.02g, and still get over 45mpg highway if I keep my foot out of it. However, it took $7000 in tweaks & mods, plus over a year of dialing it in, to get the performance numbers, which I'll never use unless I need to accelerate around an accident in-progress on my 12…

    • Mark
      Considering that most of the American people are less intelligent than you are and millions way less, your assertion that they agree with you seems like a dubious distinction.

      I understand POTUS just fine.

      It is a fact about Trumps bankruptcies. You overlook the fact that he turned things around each time.

      • Old Librarian of what? Nazi propaganda? Come on ….you prove my point…If Trump was any kind of businessman, he would have never been in the situation to enter bankruptcy to begin with. And yes, he emerged out of bankruptcy, but at the expense of thousands of innocent debtors he screwed over time and time again. The most hated man in New York cant even get a seat at a table at Arby’s. And do you really understand him, or are you shaming yourself and others like for enabling this loser.

      • “he would have never been in the situation to enter bankruptcy to begin with”

        HUH Mark ..

        Old librarian is on target …

        DJT may have inherited a tidy sum of money. What he didnt inherit was skill and experience. He learned from every failed venture.
        In my work life I’ve met a few people in the B club..some built it the hard way.. some had daddy and mommies connections and experience to guide them. ( I remember one that was grooming his grandson.. and a hmm owing him the ropes.. I said why dont you
        .he laughed.. i was serious lol)
        DJT may have had help to be able to grasp the opportunities that passed him but.. he did it through trial and error. Each time he failed he learned something new.
        I for one respect him for that.
        Most would get down and give up..
        Theres another I truly respect.. he reminds me of dad..he to built his empire the garden way a good decent man. He wants his family to learn it the hard way to..someday I am going to make a road trip just to go to McDonald’s and have a big mac and listen to him talk just to feel like I visited my father again..
        He may not remember my name but I’m sure he would recognize my ugly mug lol..
        He to has my undying respect..

        My point he failed many of the wealthiest were fired from more jobs than the average.. he learned from his failures. He bounced back..gained the respect of those that work for him..

    • @ MARX

      .” I have never been more embarrassed for the office of the Presidency than I am now. And, I have a majority of Americans that are smart enough to feel the same way.” ”
      Holy Moly is America stupid!”….Right you are… the way….
      My I remind you that your math is lacking a true skill set…as YOURSELF (= 1) among a majority of Americans … in a population of 360 million..IS still only 1….short by a tad of a majority…….old school math….works every time

      • You need to be out of your tiny little bubble and talk to the masses like I do. You are metaphorically more like the one in 360 million than I am.

      • “talk to the masses like I do.”

        Lol oh mark.. I’m going to put my psychic reader hat on and pull out the dusty crystal ball and make a reading..

        Auum auum .. yep I don’t see you talking to the average American blue collar worker…what I see in the old crystal ball is you visiting with some schmuck that doesnt have a foggy clue what the average laborers life is like..
        Heck if I remember right you weren’t even aware of what was going on in san fran among the working class that was being plastered on every news stand in the world..

  3. George

    “And the test plan for the time machine experiments on the Peoploenomics side”

    Don’t end up like Madman Markum from the Art Bell era!

    He supposedly was working on a time machine then went missing.

    As I remember no one ever heard from him again.


    “A special thanks to our Seattle benefactor of test gear as a second 100 MHz dual channel scope has arrived to join my 20 MHz Kenwood dual channel and my 100 MHz Tektronix.”

    Ure sure doing something right! I’m still working my scope project as time permits.

  4. Another website says that the MTS (monthly Treasury statement) should have been released on the 8th of this month for September – it is now the 25th and it still isn’t there, evidently. I guess when the information gets too bad, you just ignore it….

  5. George,
    Digital Mob trying to remove Trump?
    Slow Joe?
    Not Don the Con?
    Nor Crooked Donald?
    The basic problem is that the R’s cannot argue the facts.
    Their guy got caught red handed with his hand in the cookie jar.
    So here we are.
    No facts.
    All cheerleading.
    All name calling.
    Best, Mike.

    • Can U say Criminal Investigation ? or is that beyond your extremely limited brainpan. The problem is Reason & Logic – of which seems to be severely lacking in your posts.

      • Criminal investigation by name only. Where is the crime? Re-pubes are playing the same game They are accusing Dems of playingZ The difference being, Trump is a criminal…always has been…always will be…and like Al Capone, he has dodged it. Capone, despite the killings and crime, only got caught on tax evasion. That’s what crime bosses do. That’s what a Trump has done. Trumps version of tax evasion is coming. Whatever he gets indicted for will be a small fraction of what crimes he has actually committed.

      • Mark, ignoring the assorted, sordid crimes of the Clinton family (which a lot of people weren’t “OK” with, but I know some (apparently ethicly-challenged) people who turned two blind eyes to that)… Trump was one of the three “peace candidates”.

        There was a fourth candidate, who made public remarks about starting a war — with Russia! I guess the other wars that we were in weren’t enough, we needed to pick a fight with a country with nukes.

  6. S&P 500 at 3,024 breaking thru resistance. You may want to think long for Monday. The old saying, “As goes Tesla, so goes the nation.”

    Wasn’t that General Motors Mister?

    • That is certainly reassuring … seeing as how Tesla model 3’s have a tendency to just up and Catch on FIRE & Explode!

      • Crash…you sure like to stir things up don’t you. Never has a Model 3 exploded or caught fire ever! . Now a combustible engine, by its nature and name….over 150 a day catch fire. It’s a known fact according to Trump sources that Fox News will make brains catch fire.

  7. I truly hate the idea of losing our world connectivity – it’s done great good for me personally. I can see the problem of the digital mob. I’ve received great technical information and even cultural information from monitoring foreign sites. I’ve made friends overseas and even visited a few. I just hope that there’s a middle ground that can give the best of both worlds.

    I imagine that VPN’s and other tunnels will provide international connectivity to the truly determined. It’s just much more work for all of us.

  8. George,
    As I was ruminating on the end of the internet, it occurred to me that our technology progresses in such a way that it makes it impossible to go old school. Even if dial-up was a consideration who has the land line, equipment and knowledge to use it?

    On demand publishing as a concept has been around for years. It is particularly well suited for times like your example. The binding type cited is called a perfect binding. In time it will fail and shed leaves (pages) like a maple in the fall. Nice white paper is usually “hot” having a low ph. The sulphur, nitrogen, and chlorine compounds left over from production will in the combine with heat and humidity to become acids and destroy the paper.

    Back in the day I discovered a type setting language TeX. It was on the S.A.pus computer system. There was also a book on its use in our collection. So I learned to use it. It produced vitas that looked like they were professionally type set TeX was developed by the AMS to counter the high cost of printing math books and journal articles.

    As for book collecting, the usual recommendation to collect what you enjoy. I once had a friend who collected mystery novels. If you wIsh to get into collecting books of high intrinsic value, consult a specialist

    A final thought, the real problem/danger in the impeachment proceedings is not to the individual but to the balance of power in the Federal government. If Pelosi and can commrads win the presidency will serve at the behest of the majority party incongruous. When you here talk of targeting conservative businesses think krystal nacht. 30

  9. Bitcoin was up 15% today & the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust was up 21%. Trust premium must have increased 6%. Trust Premium on 10/24 was 17%.


  10. “I tell you from the heart, it’s an honor to get up at the un-Godly hour every morning and write for such an intelligent audience!”

    And that percentage of the voting public is what? ;-(((

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