Say.  We’re going to have a nice short Ure-view of the world this morning for three reasons.

  1. I’m working on a bear of a software problem.
  2. The market is still lollygagging around that resistance line but may bust above it today.
  3. And the news flow today is equaled only by a sewage treatment center’s outflow.

The one worthy bit of news is the Durable Goods Report, so let’s march that out to the concrete wall and give it a smoke and blindfold, first:

Now that’s on the table, we see the Dow is to open up 40 – or so said the futures earlier.

What the Hell’s Going On?  Free Money!!!

Not to put too fine a point on this, but we’ve been very displeased of late with the Fed taking all the fun (and a fair chunk of change) out of shorting the market.  They’re winding up for another pitch of gasoline onto the fire as you can read in detail over here.

What the Wall St. Journal doesn’t mention is that the amount of dough is significant and some of it will of course leak into equities.  So, are we about to do another upside blow-out?  Like 1929?  Which, we wryly note, is still one of the possible outcomes of this insane economy.

All of which explains why a Racketeering Law Makes Its Return to Wall Street.  With free money and a central bank partner, where’s the crime?  Marty Zweig would be rolling over… his message was simple: “Never fight the Fed.”

An Otherworldly View

Imagine, for a second, you’re orbiting a planet.  Call it Earth.   You look down.  Pick a country, any country.  Where would you invest money from space right now?

How about the big big country that is  now reading from the Robert Mugabe playbook and is (in grand socialist fashion) making up freaking money, AND has a population that wants to impeach its president (55% now) that has been in the oval as the economy has done what?

Talking about “bite the hand that feeds you…”

What’s more, this is the same country where its own rules (confront  accusers, questioning of evidence, cross-examination – has all been thrown out!

While a few republicans on the Hill have tried to make a scene about this, the national press (corporate-owned, we would remind you) has really been putting ANOTHER one over on the public:  Because even through Liz Warren may talk a good game, we look at how Judge Judy is endorsing Bloomberg (who hasn’t even been in a debate, fer crying out loud) and we’re also hearing the “let’s rerun the loser lady of 2016” from people who we thought had more brains.

AstroGlide America!  We’ve managed to bend ourselves over…It’s just the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen.

Do you ever wonder (like I do on morning’s like this) if the whole world has overdosed on something and you missed the party invite?

That’s how I feel today.  Just leaves me speechless.  (*Fortunately, I can still type with my mouth shut.)

“But wait, there’s more!”  (Heap on the stupid, America!)

Then Trump goes and sticks his foot in it (again) by talking about walls in places like Colorado – Hello?  And  that gets whacked onto the Drudge  lead spot because we’re in the middle of a presidential lynching in print. Any misstep by Trump is characterized…no, make that SOLD as evidence he’s “unfit for office.”  Judged by the same harsh criteria, Washington ought to be completely empty. God, what a mess.  Then comes the walk-back: Trump says he was kidding about building a wall in Colorado.  Like Schiff walking-back his “parody?”

Here’s another dandy: Joe Biden’s Sandy Hook claim challenged by brother of shooting victim.  See what a mess?

We need kindergarten cops in DC, I swear.

Normally, this wouldn’t stir my blood pressure.  But toss in some server issues and yeah, steams me.

New and Improved…Dead

From our .mil affairs whiz warhammer:

“As cyber attacks pointedly demonstrate, it is difficult to defend against ‘speed of light’ attacks. This ‘science fiction no longer’ Raytheon mobile High Energy Laser Weapon System could be standard issue in a few years, and not just for overseas military units deployed in hostile areas.

One can easily imagine ATVs patrolling Washington DC hauling these spotlights on steroids around the city. Critical shipping harbors as well as oil and gas terminals will no doubt deploy similar land and sea-based systems for military and commercial use.

I wonder how long it will take this technology to fall into the wrong hands? If it can down a drone, manned aircraft are vulnerable as well.”

Makes you want to fly a MAX into the Middle East, don’t it?

In the Shorts

Fixing the fix Dept: Lawmakers press Facebook CEO on misleading political ads. People park their brains when they engage on FB.

Trade Hype is back as White House aide: Phase one U.S.-China trade deal targets intellectual property.  Look, seriously?  Any Trade Deal is just like Russian collusion.  Believe it when you see it.

Here’s a sad thinking piece: The Price of Insulin Has Soared. These Biohackers Have a Plan to Fix It.  What’s sad?   That Congress is too busy lynching to look into massive swindles of the public by Big Pharma!    Think that’s a fluke?  Go read A New Generation of Activist Doctors Is Fighting for Medicare for All and I’ll say it again:  WTFA is congress doing on topic?  NOTHING.

Hey!  Let’s get famous for losing, shall we? Justin Verlander becomes first pitcher to lose first 5 World Series decisions.  A record is a record and there’s no such thing as bad publicity, I ‘spose.

Northern California wildfire forces hundreds to flee homes.  Solution?  Let’s unplug the whole state, huh?

Uber andc Lyft users take note: As Protests Mount, a Hong Kong Parking Space Sells for Almost $1 Million.  Related: Rats taught to drive tiny cars to lower their stress levels.

OK, back to server issues…more on the more and I promise to be a little more chill.


Better than Star War?  The Fed balance sheet – after the close.  If you like sci-fi….

Write when you get rich,