Capitol Kindergarten

Say.  We’re going to have a nice short Ure-view of the world this morning for three reasons.

  1. I’m working on a bear of a software problem.
  2. The market is still lollygagging around that resistance line but may bust above it today.
  3. And the news flow today is equaled only by a sewage treatment center’s outflow.

The one worthy bit of news is the Durable Goods Report, so let’s march that out to the concrete wall and give it a smoke and blindfold, first:

Now that’s on the table, we see the Dow is to open up 40 – or so said the futures earlier.

What the Hell’s Going On?  Free Money!!!

Not to put too fine a point on this, but we’ve been very displeased of late with the Fed taking all the fun (and a fair chunk of change) out of shorting the market.  They’re winding up for another pitch of gasoline onto the fire as you can read in detail over here.

What the Wall St. Journal doesn’t mention is that the amount of dough is significant and some of it will of course leak into equities.  So, are we about to do another upside blow-out?  Like 1929?  Which, we wryly note, is still one of the possible outcomes of this insane economy.

All of which explains why a Racketeering Law Makes Its Return to Wall Street.  With free money and a central bank partner, where’s the crime?  Marty Zweig would be rolling over… his message was simple: “Never fight the Fed.”

An Otherworldly View

Imagine, for a second, you’re orbiting a planet.  Call it Earth.   You look down.  Pick a country, any country.  Where would you invest money from space right now?

How about the big big country that is  now reading from the Robert Mugabe playbook and is (in grand socialist fashion) making up freaking money, AND has a population that wants to impeach its president (55% now) that has been in the oval as the economy has done what?

Talking about “bite the hand that feeds you…”

What’s more, this is the same country where its own rules (confront  accusers, questioning of evidence, cross-examination – has all been thrown out!

While a few republicans on the Hill have tried to make a scene about this, the national press (corporate-owned, we would remind you) has really been putting ANOTHER one over on the public:  Because even through Liz Warren may talk a good game, we look at how Judge Judy is endorsing Bloomberg (who hasn’t even been in a debate, fer crying out loud) and we’re also hearing the “let’s rerun the loser lady of 2016” from people who we thought had more brains.

AstroGlide America!  We’ve managed to bend ourselves over…It’s just the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen.

Do you ever wonder (like I do on morning’s like this) if the whole world has overdosed on something and you missed the party invite?

That’s how I feel today.  Just leaves me speechless.  (*Fortunately, I can still type with my mouth shut.)

“But wait, there’s more!”  (Heap on the stupid, America!)

Then Trump goes and sticks his foot in it (again) by talking about walls in places like Colorado – Hello?  And  that gets whacked onto the Drudge  lead spot because we’re in the middle of a presidential lynching in print. Any misstep by Trump is characterized…no, make that SOLD as evidence he’s “unfit for office.”  Judged by the same harsh criteria, Washington ought to be completely empty. God, what a mess.  Then comes the walk-back: Trump says he was kidding about building a wall in Colorado.  Like Schiff walking-back his “parody?”

Here’s another dandy: Joe Biden’s Sandy Hook claim challenged by brother of shooting victim.  See what a mess?

We need kindergarten cops in DC, I swear.

Normally, this wouldn’t stir my blood pressure.  But toss in some server issues and yeah, steams me.

New and Improved…Dead

From our .mil affairs whiz warhammer:

“As cyber attacks pointedly demonstrate, it is difficult to defend against ‘speed of light’ attacks. This ‘science fiction no longer’ Raytheon mobile High Energy Laser Weapon System could be standard issue in a few years, and not just for overseas military units deployed in hostile areas.

One can easily imagine ATVs patrolling Washington DC hauling these spotlights on steroids around the city. Critical shipping harbors as well as oil and gas terminals will no doubt deploy similar land and sea-based systems for military and commercial use.

I wonder how long it will take this technology to fall into the wrong hands? If it can down a drone, manned aircraft are vulnerable as well.”

Makes you want to fly a MAX into the Middle East, don’t it?

In the Shorts

Fixing the fix Dept: Lawmakers press Facebook CEO on misleading political ads. People park their brains when they engage on FB.

Trade Hype is back as White House aide: Phase one U.S.-China trade deal targets intellectual property.  Look, seriously?  Any Trade Deal is just like Russian collusion.  Believe it when you see it.

Here’s a sad thinking piece: The Price of Insulin Has Soared. These Biohackers Have a Plan to Fix It.  What’s sad?   That Congress is too busy lynching to look into massive swindles of the public by Big Pharma!    Think that’s a fluke?  Go read A New Generation of Activist Doctors Is Fighting for Medicare for All and I’ll say it again:  WTFA is congress doing on topic?  NOTHING.

Hey!  Let’s get famous for losing, shall we? Justin Verlander becomes first pitcher to lose first 5 World Series decisions.  A record is a record and there’s no such thing as bad publicity, I ‘spose.

Northern California wildfire forces hundreds to flee homes.  Solution?  Let’s unplug the whole state, huh?

Uber andc Lyft users take note: As Protests Mount, a Hong Kong Parking Space Sells for Almost $1 Million.  Related: Rats taught to drive tiny cars to lower their stress levels.

OK, back to server issues…more on the more and I promise to be a little more chill.


Better than Star War?  The Fed balance sheet – after the close.  If you like sci-fi….

Write when you get rich,

41 thoughts on “Capitol Kindergarten”

  1. As the Dems hammer Zuckerberg to get FB to decline running Trump ads, which he won’t, they ask him a barrage of questions that show their stupidity. How many African Americans vs. White Folks (As Obama called us) own FB stock, how many women, gays, & minorities does this Libra thing involve in its management, who is your racial law firm, etc. Why don’t you know the answers Mr. Z, are u a racist & homophobe? Maybe we should break up FB if you don’t comply. This was not a hearing, but a venue to threaten Mr. Z if he doesn’t comply.

    This is where we are headed folks, obey us or suffer our wrath. Like the ChiComs, Plead guilty & we will be easier on you.

    • Thats exactly where were headed and they have the NSA files on all of us, should any of us gain enough stature to radically challenge their authority…. Who is their? “Their” is all players in the take down Trump at any cost camp. “Their” crosses party lines and co-ops several alphabet agencies.

      It wasn’t by luck of the draw that Carlos Danger and Eliot Spitzer were taken out. You can bet they had people in the NSA watching their files for what ultimately took them down.

      Most people know something is radically wrong with the direction the last 20 years has taken us , but most people feel helpless to cause any change other than voting for one of two sides of the same coin.

      The last 30 years we’ve been watching our country be disassembled like an old battle ship that’s seen its better day. Thank NAFTA for that.

      Sure glad I’m old and have a memory of when things didn’t seem so bizarre.

  2. George

    “While a few republicans on the Hill have tried to make a scene about this, ”

    A prediction:

    Shifty Schiff will move his kangaroo court proceeding off of Capital Hill to a private venue so he can lock out Republicans using police force.

    • IF he were to do that then…HE and ALL the rest of the liars would not be protected by congress rules…only in session are they protected….NOT IN SESSION unless at the CAPITAL BLDG….hope you are corect and they go private….GITMO awaits the stupid people….

  3. G – can U splain for all of Ure “commie” readers out there-(U know who U R) what the Silent Majority is in the greatest country on the Planet?

    U might also want to point out the Record amounts of fund raising $$$ The Orange Gollum of Greatness has accumulated just in the past 2 months.

    Seems the more satanic B.S. they try and heap on the our “Glorious Bastard” of a POTUS, the more Campaign money flows into his campaign coffers.Wonder why that is?

    The other queer thing that is causing me to suffer fits of laughter is Cali gov. newsome calling for Investigation into why Gas is $5-6 a gallon in CA – when Crude Oil is in the $55-60 per barrel range. Bwahahaha – just cant make this stuff up!

    What are the odds WH orders returning war fighters from Syria to Cali on TAD? Hear 29Palms has been rocking&rolling lately – if & when Pendleton gets cranked up..Oh my.

  4. “But wait, there’s more!”  (Heap on the stupid, America!)”

    Today’s post and considering just how STUPID the events going on are..the vastness of its spread..

    Just about brings me to tears..
    Just like our community that is basically crucifying an old we woman on what direction her fence hoards are facing..who Voted to beat grandma.. consider the judge..he has to go with the community leaders but he wants to keep his job and promoting elder abuse in an aging country isn’t going to go far. His only option is to do a pontius pilate and say do what you will..

    • Never happen. Would affect their net worth too much. It is all about the money, not the country they are supposed to represent. But their offspring will eventually pay for their sins. In the meantime, time to make more money for myself.

    • that needs to be done in congress.Seriously.. the president doesn’t have that much authority without the vote of congress and most of those jokers are there like a leach’s for decades ..the longer they are there in office the easier it is for the puppeteers to get their hooks in them..the sad part is.. its just like monitoring their actions.. when it was proposed that someone oversee their actions they voted that they had the capabilities to monitor themselves.. and term limits would have to be approved by them before they could be implimented
      if a baby has a dirty diaper you change it.. we need to change congress vote them out..put term limits..

  5. The Raytheon HEL WEP can come to your area for crowd control. Just add Facial Recognition software. It’s scary.

    • Oh Jimbo.. that is just the icing on the cake of scary……

      Trust me when I say… theres much more than that in the scary department..
      One aspect few consider scary is the Cloud….

  6. Ohhh Baby let the god times roll…Gold breaking out of downward trending price action. Since German CB just added to Gold reserves for 1st time in years – with all the other CB’s buying Gold – who is Selling and why has not Price moved up more than 10-15% in past 2 years?

    The big news for U Never Bitcoiners – suffering from Bitcoin Derangement Sybdrome – is the recently divulged news that the TRUMP Administration Popped the Bitcoin Bubble in 2017.

    In an interview last week Chris Giancarlo after his 5 year term at CFTC was quoted as saying that CFTC/Treasury and SEC got together to “pop this bubble” by “allowing” Futures products – amongst other things. This was first big bubble in Finance since 2008. Wonder when bubble in Stock market gets popped – soonly?

    Looks like a smashdown is going on right now in the Crypto will only “knock” once – when we hit bottom and market capitulates – hard to catch – like calling a Top.

      • Bitcoin crash is on. It is time to take holders for another bath, free up some coins so market makers can buy low & sell high at your expense. Bitcoin is like investing in a Penny Stock, a scam.

      • U might want to refer to the GBTC Price Premium chart – always time my buys with this – if the Premium is low – like really low historically speaking – then I’m a Buyer..

        Otherwise I am inclined to Sell Premium..

  7. There is a truly great story, running about 25 pages, that will affect the way you look at the Vast Techno-Financial-Politico World that we are in. “We” neither created it, nor do “we” control it. “We” are usually unaware that it even exists. I commend this story to any who would understand What’s Happening.

    Warning: Do NOT read the end until you reach it normally. The Full Power and Grandeur needs to arrive naturally. Don’t spoil it.

    — 73 —

  8. Regarding the high energy laser system, maybe Nostradamus really did see into the future.

    Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 55:3
    By the means of Satan, Infernal Prince, so many evils will be committed that the entire world will be found undone and desolate.

    TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 55:3
    By the technology and weapons given to the New World Order] by the Infernal Prince, Azazyel and the Rebel Watchers, so many evils will be committed that the entire world will be found undone and desolate.

  9. Facebook has the power to decide elections. Now the polartitians got past the stage of asking nicely which side Zuky is on and will line up to demand his exclusive affection. NC got it, they can’t make fb illegal so they will have to threaten a reputation assassination to get cooperation.

    • Governments have no business putting their public information exclusively on a partisan platform(Fakebook, et al). I can see a legitimate state or even federal law requiring such information to be on a public .gov website, with no requirement to log in for public information. Too many local governments are taking the easy way out and just using the Facebook option. It’s borderline criminal, IMHO.

  10. Medicare for all….I know citizens no longer really care about following the constitution, but in my reading of it, I can find no power granted to the Feds to manage healthcare for the citizens. Why don’t people that want centralized healthcare petition their states, where such power does rightly reside. Is that because many states have restrictions on state debt, where Feds have no such restriction?

    • Anonymous.
      I can see you’re no legal scholar. No worries. You’re in good company — Scalia himself made the same crackpot mistake too. He couldn’t find the word ‘abortion’ in the Constitution, so he felt that the Constitution’s manifest intent to protect the individual’s privacy rights from governmental intrusion had to go unprotected. He called his goofy theory ‘originalism.’ But, you see, if applied literally, and he was an old hand at picking and choosing to reach an outcome, it meant that the Louisiana Purchase would be unconstitutional. Could you imagine if the US did not stretch coast to coast? Even the Sup. Ct’s right of judicial review would be forfeit because that too is not enumerated in the Constitution.
      Conversely, one thing is specifically spelled out in the Constitution: Emoluments. That means the President getting goodies, foreign or domestic. That’s a big no no. But you’re in good company there as well — apparently Trump is also not aware it’s a real constitutional provision. Best, Mike.

      • Mike, since your legal scholarship has found an allusion to this healthcare business in the Constitution, please provide the citation. Thanks!

  11. you think you have server problems? @TrueEyeTheSpy retweeted this photo

    maybe these are from Crowdstrike in the Ukraine
    tick tock the Storm is upon us

    PS: Mark , I forgot to thank you for posting yesterday, you have a way of bringing out the patriots. Keep it up,please, it unites us

    what a glorious time to be alive and witness this change in humanity,,,,but buckle up ,its is going to be a thrilling ride,,,,

  12. In the opposite world arena…Is Mitch McConnell Bernie Sanders long lost brother? Since he is from Kentucky, does that make him Col. Sanders? In an attempt for the Dems to reduce taxes, McConnell doesn’t want my part of it. All of a sudden he doesn’t want loopholes for high income earners…The thing is…it affects everyone where values of homes and property taxes are high…regardless of income…Why? The largest markets affected are New York, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, Boston, Philly, etc…Guess how they voted…You guessed it. Lefties all of them. Talk about political hackery. See story below.

    Sen. Chuck Schumer failed yesterday in his attempt to nullify IRS rules that barred New York, New Jersey, and several county and municipal governments from creating ways to circumvent federal tax laws regarding the deductibility of state and local taxes (SALT) that some have estimated have eroded over $1 TRILLION in home equity.  Schumer tried to invoke the Congressional Review Act, which gives Congress the ability to rescind federal regulations with a majority Senate vote within 60 days of the regulation’s approval. Schumer only managed to get 43 Senate votes. 
    U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he opposed allowing the tax-credit programs because they would provide tax loopholes for high-income earners.
    The state Department of Taxation and Finance estimated that New York taxpayers impacted by the cap would pay an additional $14.3 billion in federal taxes this year.

    • “guess how they voted” ..NSS -duped into believing some of the greatest lies ever told. How have these UM’s fared under Demonratic control in major urban areas over the past 30-40 years?

      Where were the majority of Demonratic Hilarion votes tallied in last Presidential election – all along the southern border states..hmm

      320 Million Peeps in US of A

      – 40 million on food stamps
      – 63 million get social security
      – 60 million get medicare
      – 75 million get medicaid
      – 5 million get housing subsidies
      throw in VA bennies and that is 50% of population is getting $$ from Uncle..hmm

      * put this in your pipe for smoking pleasure – 2018 US households received $2.2 trillion in some form of transfer payment.
      2018 – personal income taxes collected was only $1.7 trillion

      Cant wait to hear the Wails of discontent from cali as fuel rationing becomes a reality in the near future..

      • Fuel rationing? Where do you come up with this crazy sh*#.

        California is by far the greatest region of economic power in the world right now. That will never happen. That fact can’t be argued…period.

        You need a new source of news other than your fake news accounts from your favorite hacks at Fox. I live what California has to offer…everyday. You just listen to your state run media that promotes idolatry of the Orange faced, wild haired god of small hands. They like to make up,fake news about any region that didn’t vote for their cash cow…for now…just wait…the walls are crumbling down…The lies are piling up and the truth will be told. And I get to say”I told you so…”

  13. George,
    -The more the evidence becomes incontrovertible, the more the Conservatives whine about Trump. Sounds just like John Gotti’s wife and kids whining for their daddy to be saved from the big, bad prosecutor.
    -Start focusing on the evidence. If the evidence is there, which sorry kiddies, ouch, you have to face it, your guy is a complete pig, then your best defense is to argue that it was a minor transgression.
    -But this nonsense about trying to demean a West Point graduate, and law enforcement, and all this Deep State nonsense, is not just goofy, it’s dangerous to democracy. And so far, the only Deep State revealed was the Three Amigos and their little drug deal — all at the criminal direction of the lead conspirator —
    -That’s right, John Gotti.
    -Hmm. Isn’t Gotti president? Wasn’t he the one behind 10 points in the polls? Maybe I’ve got the wrong capo di tutti capos. Amazing how some tax cuts can get a guy all confused. Best, Mike.

    • I guess if the libpricks in the house would hold open hearings and present first-hand testimony to the public it might be so. For everything else, there’s lies and misdirection.

    • The reason the D’s are conducting partisan hearings in the basement, and refusing the R’s access to witnesses is to stop cross-examination of witnesses who are committing aggravated perjury on behalf of their partisan gang affiliation. Schiff’s actions cross the line into partisan treason and civil war. If the situation were reversed with a D in the White House, wouldn’t you insist on cross-examination of all witnesses by the opposition? Of course you would. Your personal hatred of DJT is blinding you to the evil being perpetrated against the American voters, who elected Trump to office.
      The US Constitution was set up to restrain legislators from coastal port areas from making virtual unrepresented slaves of citizens in the heartland, as the European monarchs did during the colonial period. Today, Congress aligns itself with foreign intelligence services, and conducts it’s business in secret. Congress’s actions are in opposition to the Constitution, and the will of the American public. Secret partisan hearings by Congress are an act of civil war against the American public, regardless of which party is committing the infraction.

  14. Something else that has come down the pike over the past few days is the UK’s “Serious Fraud Office” (right next door to the Office of Funny Walks) has decided to end its inquiry into the LIBOR fraud scandal. LIBOR was scheduled to be replaced some time in, I thought, 2020 but now I hear it’s 2021. The problem, apparently now, would be too big to ease out of gracefully and create some other institution to take its place. Zero Hedge has an article on it but Max Keiser has an interview about it starting at about the 14 minute mark on this episode –

    We’re screwed. We all know it and can see it, George. Your charts tell us all about it, the absurdity of the markets as they are now, but we just don’t know what or where the black swan is going to come from, perhaps a bevy of them all at once, that’s going to topple this mess. They will kick this can down the road as far as they are able but eventually … …

  15. The TV showed the UAW strikers.

    It’s cracking me up. The UAW rep said they “hoped” to keep factories in the U.S. but just couldn’t do it. GM will close three.

    Then a line- guy with 46 years @ the company said he’ll make out good in the new contract because medical costs remain the same for him, but then went on to say he doesn’t know how the other the end of the line, the new/temp guys will make it. The guy trailed off saying they earn a lot less.

    That’s the best solidarity you can buy right now.

  16. A few of you naysayers were predicting that Tesla was going to lose value, due to bad earnings. One predicted Tesla’s demise

    . So, it, no surprise to me anyway that Tesla shot up over $45 the past 24 hours. Investors know what I know…there is no better vehicle on this planet than Tesla!

    • For you perhaps. It can’t meet my mission profile for more than 30% of my use cases. Therefore, it can’t be my primary vehicle. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Most of us in flyover country do a bit of local driving, work on the ranch, and then make very long trips that require that we carry lots of stuff both ways, often with a heavy trailer. For an urban commuter, the Tesla is probably a good car.

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