SMGC: Slow-Motion Global Collapse (1)

Bad news:  The end of the world may not come with a bang, but instead with a whimper.  Looking at the general “flow of life” from the long-term perspective of a 70-something, there are disconcerting signs popping up all over.

Yet few are able to put it into words. 

So we’ll take up that mantle this morning after our charts and the major headlines driving this to be called another “hump day.”

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10 thoughts on “SMGC: Slow-Motion Global Collapse (1)”

  1. G – another very interesting and solid financial analysis piece.

    Only place on the internets I can read a article regards finance and come away with mental picture of Eddie Murphy on SNL playing James Brown – wearing terry towel & pompadoo in James Browns’ Celebrity Hot Tub…”Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its too hot in the hot tube!” ..

    Most excellent docu-series out of Russia – Better Than Us = AI & Robotics..”I’ll B back”

    The coot sees repeated failure to break Resistance as a bad omen..

    Future viewing – wanna see the future in the ME?? just look at the map of “greater Israhell” used to be posted over at Debka files. Is that not the “safe zone” Erdo is setting up in Syria on there – printed years ago??

    What what what – scripted? already been planned? “7 countries in 7 years”

    Like Granny always said..”the more U know Crash – the more you know you don’t know”.

  2. From an 83 year old’s perspective:
    One of the basic tenants of Communism is “gradualism” which we have been undergoing daily for far too long until the point now where basic morality, economics, faith, patriotism and the fundamental understanding that our republic was not intended for the illiterate, immoral that depend upon that false image of a beneficent government to supply all of their needs or wants.

    • “the basic tenants of Communism is “gradualism””


      No one wants to be dependent on a federal program for their survival..

      DJT sees that and had tried to get jobs and self pride back for the average american laborer.. its an uphill battle with congress and MSM fighting him the whole way..

      as the catfish at the bottom of the pond it comes in a spiral.. you go down a little bit.. then even out.. then go down a little bit each way down you adjust to the changes made..

      I personally think it is all a part of the grand plan..

      ” The cruellest war, however, is precisely the one which appears to be most
      peaceful to presentday humanity, namely the peaceful economic war. In its ultimate consequences, this very war leads to sacrifices in contrast to which even those of the World War shrink to nothing. For this war affects not only the living but grips above all those who are about to be born. Whereas war at most kills off a fragment of the present, economic warfare murders the future…Adolph Hitler”

      His plan the way I understand it is in short..promote ways for the wealthy to gain take away from the workers. (NAFTA, outsourcing jobs making the average work harder make it so that necessities propel above the wage levels of the average people.. like healthcare) then give to the poor get them accustomed to surviving on programs.. take away jobs and a sense of pride in self worth. once the people are accustomed to the programs then take away from the average laborer and give it to the wealthy.. gain the support of the average population and imprison the wealthy.. propelling the one percent of them to the top of controll..

      Now I may be totally wrong in how I understood that writing…. but that is what I see happening anyway the way it was initially planned seventy something years ago..

    • The leftists turn the arguments for morality, economics & faith around and redefine these things to be whatever undermines the opposition. Limit the reach of government, and you protect the general public from all the fringe elements.

      • “turn the arguments for morality, economics & faith around and redefine these things to be whatever undermines the opposition. ”

        That’s been like that since the beginning of civilization..

    • “our republic was not intended for the illiterate, immoral that depend upon that false image of a beneficent government to supply all of their needs or wants.”

      Someone much older (who still has his memories intact!) has the opinion that it’s a “hopeless case,” because of a general lack of intelligence within our population.

      To change we’ll have to communicate and act in ways that don’t seem kosher in our present society ;-((.

      • “our republic was not intended for the illiterate,”

        I think your absolutely right Bruno… I forget where I read it. But someplace I read that if you can keep a population illiterate for three generation’s then you can gain total control over them.

        Our nation has been promoting illiteracy for better than three generations now, by limiting access to an education. I have a hight school deploma.. my parents couldn’t finance an education and I dumbed myself down in high school to fit in.. yet I probably read more in one month than most college grads will in ten years.
        Many publications (not a book until it’s more than an hours read )are written in simple language azz nd our laws are written in such a twisted deceitful way that it would take a team of harvard professors teaching law a year or more to decipher them. ( and still have room to debate their meanings) a congress that won’t read them and will debate why they don’t have to read them.
        We have outsourced our manufacturing turning our country into a service only country. Loosing our skill levels as those that had those skills have slowly passed on.

        We are in my opinion doomed to be enslaved..
        Because im at the bottom tier of society I’ve been practicing…. Mooo Mooo
        I think it was Plato that said ( not a direct quote since I’d have to look it up quick)..the destruction of a society was when the leaders of a society get greedy and corrupted. Those they govern become ignorant and accept their greed.

  3. Jobs & da Woz were archetypical and clear, but there were (are) plenty of others. Wright Bros, Edison (and Tesla), to name a tiny few. Sometimes one guy, sometimes duet, sometimes a big corporation — but Disruptive Technologies and Social Fads drive large changes at semi-regular intervals. Pet rocks and tulips. Global society seems to glom and grok them only one at a time, with an interval for full absorption, and preparedness for (as Jobs memorably put it), “The Next Insanely Great Thing.”

    We ain’t had one now in about what feels (to me) like About The Right Interval.

    There are micro and macro versions of this idea within individual industries, and more broadly, among the entire planet’s population of the folks who can afford anything beyond tight and basic subsistence.

    We’re due.


    “Zero Point Power” sources from the virtual particle pairs from the bubbly foam of spacetime? (I forsee a great and profitable market in di-lithium crystal mining and synthesis.)

    “Anti-grav?” (“Field Control.”)

    The true fusion of goal-seeking A.I. with electro-chemical “botics” to make independently functioning and self-determining decision-making “agents” and “workers?” (“Independent” being the ultra-key word.)

    “A.I. Assisted, Self-coordinating Transportation Unified Systems?” (The integration of all modes of passenger and freight movement with a unified supervision, management, control, performance optimization, and auto-navigation system of all vehicles — cars, aircraft, ships, high-speed pneumo-tubes — everything that moves, pretty much into One Grand System, all A.I.-run.)

    “Efficient Fusion Power?” (..always 30 years away–)

    “Something Entirely New,” and especially if unanticipated, and for right now, unimaginable., by definition.

    The Radio Craze of the 1920s, the Car Craze of the 50s to the 80s (give or take), Space exploration, the Computer Craze since about 1980 as a Personal Thing, And ‘botics is just now getting started.

    These things fundamentally changed Everything, at all levels of life. These things all fundamentally changed Who We Were. (..or thought we were.)

    A Big One is about due, I think. I wager we’ll all know what it is in five years or so. Maybe ten: but no more.


  4. The two things I noticed:

    1) The percentage of wealthy holdings is much higher in socialist countries than in the U.S., even during the “robber baron” years.


    2) Nixon began the Vietnam withdrawal in ’73. Accordingly the ’70s recession should’ve been in full flow by 1974, yet the major pain didn’t arrive until OPEC hit us with the second embargo (1979) and the fallout from the Hunt Brothers slammed The Street (1980.) Is it possible these two left-field events slugged the economy like a germ, and our economy “built a resistance against further infection” by what should have happened, based on Kondratieff’s wave structure, thus making 1987 a “kidney punch” rather than a full-blown “beat-down…?”

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