Been a while since I shared a “woo-woo” with you.  Believe me, it’s not for a lack of material.  That happens on an almost  daily basis.

Take Friday, for example.  I needed a picture of piece of test equipment for the (now scheduled Wednesday) article on my “timer machine” build.

So I grabbed a 16 gB memory card, tossed it into my camera, and went over to the electronics bench.  It’s like 6-feet – 8 tops – away from the server (BigBox) which runs most of my life.

I look at the piece of equipment and, being satisfied it would be an OK photo, turned on the camera to take the shot.

Nada.  No memory card in the camera.  I look at the camera.  Memory card slot is open – and empty.

Go back to the server and retrace my steps.  The memory card isn’t there.  I look at the electronics bench.  No sign of a memory card.

OK, down on hands and knees.  No, not on the floor either.

Frustrated I pick up the camera and try to figure out where the card went.  Turn on camera:  It powers up, no card error, and now the card that wasn’t there 4-minutes earlier is not only there but works just fine.

That kind of stuff happens as often as a couple of times a day.

But that’s NOT the Story

No.  This is about another one of my wild, lucid, fully life-like dreams in my other Life.  You see, I am a oneironaut.  Which, says the Wiktionary means “A person who explores dream worlds, usually associated with lucid dreaming . During a lucid dream it is possible for the dreamer (or ” oneironaut ,” as LaBerge puts it) to think reasonably clearly, remember the conditions of waking life and act voluntarily, all while remaining soundly, restfully asleep.”

I’ve written a whole book about it – and learning to navigate yourself in Dream Realms.  Since it isn’t  exactly flying off the shelves (because few have heard of it OR no one here in “waking Phone Land” gives a rip – because books don’t issue “likes” –  I don’;t write about my adventures over there.

Many people are afraid of waking up to living two lives.  They will drown good dream experience in booze and/or drugs because it’s a bit…unnerving at first.

This one is really different.  Odd among the odd.

Here’s the layout of the overnight dreaming activity to put you in the picture.

It was a busy night in “the Realms.”  I had just been with the UFO people in the previous segment – learning how to fly one.  They’re flown from a right-front seat and in place of a left seat there’s a large – 5-feet cross – wrap-around instrument panel.  Very simple (not like a spacecraft of Earthly design).

In the new segment, I was finishing up a kind of “introduction to flying” (using mind and body to life one’s self) and I noticed the clock.  It was after 2 PM and I was somehow scheduled to take a flight to Chicago at 4 PM.

Heading to the airport, I traveled lightly.

Arrived, wandered through the terminal (there’s no security in the land you go to after death or in sleep, BTW) and made my way to the plane.

As I boarded, two things happened more or less at once.

My late mother (who I bump into now and then, though she’s usually at a resort out in the dunes by the beach) wanted to speak to me urgently.

The other thing was the airline announced that our flight to Chicago had been canceled.

I left my few travel items on the seat and headed into the airport to see what Mom wanted.

The exchange was not in words.  A kind of knowing is how telepathy words in dream and dead Realms.

She explained (roughly) “I’m going up to Goldendale.  There are 8 people arriving there shortly and I’ve been asked to attend.”

This led to an interchange in which she revealed that even when dreaming (and/or dead) good people still have duties.  And one that most are called on now and then for is to “greet the arriving dead.”

In the Realms, being dead is not as big a deal as it is here.  In many ways it’s really neat:  Flying, telepathy, amazing ultra-intense graphics with colors on steroids – just a grand place.  The best of life’s memories – enhanced and reexperienced and…see the recent article on Peoplenomics about how to carefully pack that “Suitcase Between Your Ears.

So as Mom “exchanged it” to me:  You’ll notice in the Near Death Experience (NDE) reports, when dying people go down that “tunnel of soft blue light” to the other side, they often report seeing people who they have interacted with in some way in their just-ended life.

And it all wrapped up with “So, you understand, I somehow interacted with one of the arrivals and so I’m here at the airport to fly to Goldendale where the 8 arrivals will be…”:


We parted with the usual hugs – she went to her plane and I wandered around outside for a while.  Eventually coming back into the airport through a gate.

It was warm and I decided to move along outside so instead of going inside I told a fellow (who was just sort of watching people at the terminal door) that I was a pilot (showed him my FAA card) and said I’d like to walk up the outside to my plane. Because it would be quicker than going through the terminal.

“Sure, just we don’t let everyone do that…”

Wandering up the outside, it was shady, and I got to the jet and made it up an air-stair and retrieved my stuff from my seat.  One of the joys in the Realms is there’s virtually NO crime.  You can leave things on an airplane and come back 3-hours later and it will still be there.

My gear in hand, I went to check in for a different Chicago flight and, that done, I sat down and decided to “take a nap.”

Which, if you hadn’t figured it by now, means “waking up” over here in Phone Land Reality.

You know what happened as soon as I got back here.

Went to Elaine’s computer with a cup of coffee out of the Thermos and fired up Google News.

Whew!  No sign of 8 people dead in the Goldendale area!  Thank heaven.  (Yet?)

Just to be sure, I stopped and did a second search for “8 dead” and/or “8 killed.”

There it was on CNN: “Russian soldier kills 8 colleagues in mass shooting at Siberian military base.

In the New York Post coverage, city nearest the base is Gorny.  Starts with G and got 8 dead…was this some kind of “knowing at a distance?”

Left me puzzled…and keeping an eye on Goldendale, WA just in case…

Write when you wake up,