Woke: America’s Cultural Revolution?

Zooming out from daily headlines, a major shift becomes apparent.  Are societies worldwide “entraining” because of the Internet?  Or, are we experiencing a kind of contained revolution of the sort due to cycles work their magic around this point in American history?

Fascinating topic to ponder:  Is “woke” more like the Cultural Revolution’s Red Guards than anyone is openly admitting?  Toward what end, then?

After some headlines and the ChartPack, of course!

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29 thoughts on “Woke: America’s Cultural Revolution?”

  1. Well, we went a different way. The only smart device we currently have is SWMBOs Iphone, which is necessary for her current job. No Amazon things, as it was apparent to us that they have quite the savvy marketing team, and they have incrementally peeled back privacy for years. We order direct, rather than Amazon, for the simple reason that Amazon routinely screws their suppliers by letting them build a following and then switching their customer base to cheaper, Amazon (or off brand) sourced models. For us, there is little reason to feed the beast when one does not have to – yet.

    Thanks for the link and info about the poop on Sidewalk – I just told my neighbors that Amazon is about to share their internet with all the neighbors – not happy campers. Yet most Americans have thrown the privacy towel into the ring. The pile of towels is huge enough we can’t even see the mat anymore. I thus expect little resistance. Those that use Amazon Ring basically got it to be able to see out front without opening the door – nothing more than that.

    My wonder is this: if the NSA has so much data that they cannot parse it effectively, and it doubles at a prodigious rate, then at what point does this data madness collapse on itself due to sheer weight of bits and bytes visavis processing power?

    I am sensing something else from talking with my GenX and Millennial neighbors – a push back against wokeness for some and plain old ignoring and disavowing of it as well. They simply don’t want to play the woke game. Both my neighbors stopped pro sports and Coke due to woke – and they opine that woke is beyond stupid. Both are under 40 in age. I find it interesting that most hispanics, outside of those in politics, simply ignore the whole woke thing. Most are busy working and making money rather than watching TV and playing on the internet.

    Personally, wokeness and lying media have got me to the point where I do my daily headline skim at around Ure’s publishing time. Then my brain parses what may have a kernel of truth in it and whose truth it may be. Then a little bit of digging through that subject usually yields little info with lots of spin. Then it’s on to real life, where things are far richer and more rewarding – as in replacing my fence with my Millennial neighbor today.

    Life thru internet is just not as rich, no matter how fast your net speed. And most news and media are lies and American advertising pushes anyway – I can do without. Thank goodness I speak Spanish..

    • Similar thoughts. I try to balance being socially liberal with fiscally conservative–it’s a very hard act. But lately I’m just getting annoyed by all of the wokeness. Talk, talk, talk — but I think no enduring changes except pissing off lots of reasonable people. Stopped my donations to the local food bank last month — too many help wanted signs here in FL. Despite MMT, money does not grow on trees and eventually my retirement savings will be badly degraded unless I’m very adept (which I may not be.) Many friends, both retired and still working, have similar views and are reducing their TV news time to a bare minimum.

      What provokes me the most are the recent louder demands for paying reparations. I don’t deny the legacy of slavery and current racism, but what about the Native Americans? Much more productive for the welfare of any disadvantaged group than direct payments would be affordable, portable health insurance, an educational system that results in useful skills and critical thinking ability (which seems to be terribly lacking on both the left and right), and decent wages.

  2. They got to Walgreens. The Walgreens logo turned rainbow overnight, for Pride Month.

    I shop Walgreens as they are the only local store that has my preferred shaving cream so will not be boycotting.

    • They’re also the only store that has a generic version of Zegerid for about half the price. Best acid reducer I’ve run across.

  3. Mr – Your on to it,
    perhaps an earlier RRR operation in Russia is a more likely parallel – U know the one where..
    “I stuck around Sr Petersburg
    when I saw it was time for a change
    Killed the Czar and his ministers
    Anastasia screamed in vain” -R.S.

    The same souless, vile rothchild reptile representatives – thru cityoflondon, have been infiltrating and controlling key US govt agencies/branchs of US govmint for ages – its generational.. what was cia Op45? who ran it ? he didnt have a soul either – forfeited – how did that Uboat know where to find him in the middle of that big ass ocean?

    Think neo stasi = homoland security dept – founded by whom – chertoff dual Israhell citizen..hmmm neo cheka, neo bolshies, homoland security and JBS – U see any dotz need connecting ? drought – water issues Cali ? seeing it yet..

    Whose wars have our young been dying for ?
    ??Iraq, Trashganistan, Syria,Somalia..if not killed – hows the quality of life with PTSD,missing limbs, broken families, broken spirits?

    ? How many MILLIONS of INNOCENT Humans were EXTERMINATED in Russia during Bolshie revolution ?

    ?? Why do the world zionist bolsheviks LOVE Humans SO much ?

    ? Ure a soul prisoner – Ure coming back to repeat Ure sentence with Ure “loved ones” hahahahahahaha and U will NO memory of any of this – WHY ?

    “think will tighten the screws a little harder on the “vessels”, as I could use a lil pick me up today – a lil drenalin in the morning blood..its like javajavajavajava to U humans/vessels.https://youtu.be/TAP1GHNuwQ8

    • 1) The Bolsheviks killed 60 to 100 MILLION Christians, and there are no shrines, no generational reparations, no memorials to these Christian dead.
      2) They are known in our land as Neo-Cons, and all of what you wrote is spot on.
      3) And you know his daughter is supposed to be in jail for aiding Epstein in his high-class blackmailing sex(ass) operation. One day, she too, will join Epstein (ain’t dead) on a beach or island somewhere, or maybe in a high rise in Londonstan. But, since they let her Dad take the ‘fall’, she may have to go too, now that I thunk about it.
      4) California has been massively bombed with chemtrails for the last 30, and it is slowly doing its work. Generational farmers gone, can’t get water. Crops destroyed, millions of acres ruined. Gotta make America dependent on every nation but America (how else can we get those fruits, nuts, and vegetables from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, China, Vietnam, etc., imported in?)

      • “fruits, nuts, and vegetables from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, China, Vietnam, etc., imported in?”

        Is you from any of those places?
        ha, ha, ha, ;-) Get it?

  4. https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCd73VCD1Xx0iAKW7a4y12hA

    We have been filming John Hessel (who rents from Judah) for six weeks as he turned old maple shelving into a $6000.00 Louis the XIV free standing mirror.  So we decided to do a video on it as a bonus for our channel.  Knowing how much you like shop work, I think you will love this.  Promo it whatever day you see fit, it’s amazing to watch.

  5. “The United States went from the undisputed leader in the “Idea Economy” to a censored and barren wasteland of “wokeness” in one generation.”
    ? A.E. Samaan

    During our confinement of pandemic induced ‘social isolation,’ all that we’ve been taught about American history and all that was once good with the U.S.A has been systematically debased and defiled. George is spot on with his observations on a fringe minority attempting a cultural coup de tat, pressing to dictate their new normal to all of us regular folk. Well “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” ~ Anchorman Howard Beale, “Anchorman,” 1976

  6. Wow.. I had someone write and ask me what is going on here in our area.. I said absolutely nothing why.. seems monkey werks brought up that we have heavy surveillance above our area..

    • Monkey has also been seeing many flights coming, not only from the border cities, but from directly out of Central America into the heartland carrying people to be released into our country with packets full of cash and other necessities. These are not tourists these are illegals the administration is importing directly into our country for the usual reasons we all know about. Now they don’t have to traipse all the way through Mexico while being beaten and molested every step of the way they’re giving them, literally, a free ride in. I can not believe the pilots and crews that man these flights go along with what they’re seeing and doing. It doesn’t make sense unless they’re hand picked crews.

      • pockets full O what ?

        ..MS-13 not in business of distributing cash (WAM) – they be in the business of Taking ..$$$, young girlz, innocent lives.

        Who do the demonrats use for wetworkx/dirtyworkx ?

        -see Seth Rich curious assassination/robbery case in DC..

        they wont be dancing in the streets this summer…

      • Packets. PA-ckets. Envelopes. Big ones. These people have been witnessed in the Brownsville area airports awaiting departure with these PAckets of money and other papers to Tennessee and other inland areas. Monkey’s last video talked about it. You can see it there.

  7. do you really think this destruction of the USD is going to stop the destruction of stock markets and society ? really? this constant blah blah yada yada on mini mind stuff is insulting . look at the facts . your in depression . you must deploy capital and stimulus at bottoms not tops . give us a break and throw your yellow dog and sheetcoin to the sheethouse where they belong . the longer im wrong the righter ill be . your bond market is a pantomine of sewer effluent with a USD at these levels . why ? why ? give us a break youve got to be braindead or vaccinated if you cant see the chinese and ruskies are in on this circus . ahh well back to the stone age . there is something weird when the communist wanna be capitalist and the capitalists wanna be communist

  8. Ure right as usual on this. Excellent PN column today.

    This effort to bring down the U.S. and the rest of western civ has been underway for some time. There are things that exist that we now have enough history on that we can see the linear progression.

    One example is the control of speech. Back in the 80’s is when ‘political correctness’ started to become a national thing. It came from the Hellmouth (Hollywood) as all of these things do. It started out as basically good manners and then it became a little more serious so that TV people might get fired for breaking the rules. Now it has now evolved into the persecution of thought crimes. If you look at today and then start working backwards you’ll see the pattern. None of this happened by chance. It was PLANNED.

    What’s the ultimate goal of this particular piece of the puzzle? If you look at the what comes from the mouths of our would-be leftist masters you’ll see such ideas as ‘hate speech’ and that words are ‘violence’. ‘Hate Speech’ then becomes ‘hate crimes’. What you end up with is a situation where it is illegal to criticize or challenge the people who are overthrowing your country. Who decides what constitutes ‘hate crimes’ or ‘hate speech’? They do, of course. It changes as needed in response to the battlefield.

    Like George Carlin said: Political correctness is fascism masquerading as manners.

    Right now in England if you pronounce on social media that it’s impossible for a man to become a woman the police can and will come to your house and arrest you. We’re not there yet here, but almost. Right now they’re still having to cancel people…they’ll be jailing us soon. I suspect the Department of Homoland Security will be on the scene before you know it.

    Overall, I think the cat is out of the bag on cultural revolutions. It’s been done at least twice in the last 100 years and enough people know what it is and what it means that it will be an uphill battle at best. Let’s be real, except for the small fractions of society that might have something to gain, what do the would-be revolutionaries have to offer? It’s not like we’re rural farmers without indoor plumbing. Everything they’re peddling is either complete nonsense or is unattractive to 90% of the population.

    There’s a solid enough core to this country that it would be nigh on impossible to really force this on the population at large. I’m guessing that what might end up happening is the country would be fractured into at least 3 types of regions. One would be the large cities that have already started to slide into madness. These would end up being no-go zones for most people. Think ‘Escape From New York’. Second would be the areas of the country that were under the boot of the FedGov with some amount of guerilla warfare Iraq/Afghan-Style and third would be the areas that effectively seceded and were free from globohomo control. Texas and most of the rest southern states. The battle lines are already apparent. They aren’t being drawn…that happened a long time ago.

    Of course, that’s only if they decide to go all-in at some point. There’s also a damned good chance that this thing fizzles out and none of it happens and we limp on down the road with some half-assed culture.

    One thing that I will say for Trump, love him or hate him, is that he really forced all of these globohomo assholes to break cover long before they wanted to. He forced them to show their hand and now a LOT of people are onto them. What this does for us is that instead of having to remove people from power and re-educate the masses over at least a generation, the fact that these groups had to break cover before they were completely in full control has exposed their lunacy masses in such a way that they and their ideas will be rejected wholesale.

    Additionally, the assault on the 1A has had some success for now, but the assault on the 2A is a failure. Without total success on these fronts the overall plan cannot succeed.

    The reason for some of the failure is that the architects of the plan are mostly Europeans. Europeans do not understand Americans or American culture. I was told a long time ago that there was a plan to terrorize the American people with mass shootings in public spaces and especially schools. The thinking was that after a certain point that the people would be fed up with ‘gun violence’ and would be begging the government to take away the ‘evil’ 2A. I didn’t believe this at the time, but it actually came to pass. Once the right people were in place it started to happen. Look at the statistics on mass and especially school shooting by year…then look at who was in power at the time. It will start to make sense. The only problem is that it didn’t work as planned. However, it should tell you who you’re dealing with. These are people that are perfectly willing to kill as many men, women and especially children to get what they want. Their God demands it.

    Before now it was only us nutty conspiracy theorists out here paying attention to things and trying to warn people. By the way, it’s only a conspiracy theory until you find out that it’s real. Then it’s just a conspiracy.

    The last thing I want to share is from Yuri Bezmenov the former KGB agent that defected to Canada in 1970. He explains in clear detail the mechanics of the subversion of a country.


    Take the 13 minutes to watch the interview with him from 1984 (ironic). You’ll be enlightened…and isn’t that what we all want?

    • It’s another sorry linguistic hijacking by the left desperate to gin up a large enough following (of stupes) to hit a critical mass for revolution. Started off OK, then…whee!

  9. Paging back a bit, when Trump tried to stop Chinese and German reprocessed Chinese junk steel being dumped here to destroy domestic production, the response from Merkela was an outraged tariff on everything American. Also trying to make China trade more fair was met with a vague ominous threat from Xi; and then a bioweapon attack. I didn’t realize that America was so hated that any attack against us was fair and defense against it was an outrage..
    It’s tough being the object of contempt in the world.
    I didn’t do it.

  10. “Are kids buying homes or lumber prices driving?”

    I just had that conversation today with a realitor… what I was told.. is he is seeing more kids heading to smaller communities and older communities because homes are bargain prices..
    I made a waitress cry at the restaurant.. she seemed pretty uptight.. and since she reminds me of a younger me.. I gave her an OST… she said OMG I am about to cry.. well don’t do that.. your appreciated young lady..
    what she is experiencing is her school loans and the increase in cost of rent.. and utilities.. as a single woman its tough for her to manage..

  11. “Fourth corner fence post to enclose the “battle space” is America’s “woke” spin on the Cultural Revolution having to turn to gender separation in order to turn to a specious attempt to form a “critical revolutionary mass.”

    Now we have a Dem law maker proposing legislation that there has to be gender equality for crash dummies…

    …”crash dummy gender” brought up many articles.

  12. Yo G, With the release of Dr. Faux Xi’s emails, it appears that the good doctor has not been thrown under the bus, but has been hit with the thermo-nuclear option. If Dr. gain of function is arrested the entire Plandemic narrative falls apart, just another huckster scamming we the people……

    • The virus is real, so he’s not a huckster.

      What he IS though, is a bureaucrat, engaged in questionable practices which may be the cause of millions of deaths, desperately playing CYA.

      Note the lamestream media over the next few days, as they bend over backward to exonerate him in the “Court of Public Opinion,” even before Rand Paul receives the next Fauci E-Mail dump…

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