ME War Looms, Tony’s E-Mails, Jobs, and Septic Roulette

The more complex things become, the more an old reporter enjoys life.  The challenge of mincing complexity into a few words really is an art I’ve been trying to wrap my arms around for 52-years now.  Ever since the first “Train derailment near Snohomish” story.

Idea Compression is not lossless.  A very Christian young reporter asked me “How can you distill something as complicated as the Bible, for example, down into a three-word message?”  “Well, ” I explained, “He is risen” gets to the heart of it, doesn’t it?

No, there’s plenty of loss in compression of complexity.  Sometimes, the three-word message just doesn’t seem enough.

High-powered L.A. legal beagle sent me a three-worder overnight.

Words fail me.”    He was referring to Slow’s latest:  “Biden Mindlessly Claims White Supremacy is a Bigger Threat to America than ISIS or Terrorism (  The role of southern Democrats forming the KKK is conveniently audited from the socialist narrative.  Facts are such a bloody nuisance, aren’t they?  Isn’t stupidity a greater risk?

But now that we have pivoted to the Middle East…

M.E. Fuse Lighting

In a classic spin off of “The enemy or my enemy is my friend” we see how an “Arab Islamist helps clinch Israel’s new anti-Netanyahu government … (”

Here’s what people miss:  A couple of weeks back, Netanyahu said unequivocally that Israel would never let Iran get nukes.  With Netanyahu on the outs, the Big Clock to War is ticking.

If you wake up – like, oh this weekend – and the Israeli’s have used whatever means necessary to end Iran’s nuclear ambitions – remember where the “answers were blowing in the wind” ahead of time.

And was this coincidentally timed? Iran Investigates Fire That Sank One of Its Largest Navy Ships – WSJ.  Clearing the oath to a strike?  Blocking counterstrike potential?

At the same time, anti-Semitism is on the rise. An overnight headline reports.  Google Diversity Chief Offers Private Apology for Anti-Semitic Remarks As Company Remains Silent (

We have long held that search engines should be impartial and government audited to ensure neutrality.  Otherwise, the leftists in IPO-driven board rooms will keep the Marxist agenda playing.  We may be the only ones to hold such truths as self-evident, though.

Tony’s E-Mails

As the evidence continues to build that CV-19 was a bioweapon gotten loose (which we’ve held since day one), here comes a dump of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails.  Why are people talking about Dr Anthony Fauci’s emails? – wonders BBC News.

Yahoo’s scan of bio-lunacy is pretty solid: ‘Totally nuts’ – Fauci pandemic emails made public; NM holding COVID vaccine lottery: Latest COVID updates.

One pull-quote from the BBC piece:  “This May, Dr Fauci said he is “not convinced” the virus originated naturally and expressed support for an investigation.”  This after he informed a colleague over a year ago it may have been “engineered.”

The real Big Picture on this is yet-to-emerge.  However, our present best guess is?

  • It was a bioweapon.
  • It’s release may have been in reaction to president Trump’s hard line on China trade.
  • And it continues to jaw-drop us that amidst the “Panfusion” critical stories about the election (*e.g. Hunter’s laptop) were buried.

At which point, China got its U.S. regime change, and plausible deniability.  Like an arsonist setting the fire in their own apartment.  The road to seizing Taiwan hasn’t been this smooth ever.

TDJD  (*Triple Dose of Jobs Data)

“Line ’em, bartender!”

Weekly new unemployment claims first:

Statistics Class:

The above is a prime reason we eschew “seasonally adjusted” data.  Because if you read the top line (and you’re part of the ignorant press) you’ll call the hype that new claims fell.  BUT, if you get a green star from us, it means you saw on the next line down that first time claims – unadjusted for seasonality including politic, gender, socialism, agenda, yada, yada – was actually UP.
Media outlets reporting (SA) improvements while the hard data was up, are lying sots or ignorant fools.

At some point all those “Maskateer” jobs will evaporate, too.  But the hype is never about Truth then, is it?


ADP National Employment Report

“– Private sector employment increased by 978,000 jobs from April to
May according to the May ADP® National Employment Report(tm)…

And rounding it out…

Challenger Job Cuts data:

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers rose 7% in May to 24,586 from the 22,913 announced in April. Last month’s total is down 93.8% from May 2020, when employers announced 397,016 cuts, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.”

Tomorrow (like this hasn’t been enough for you?) the federal numbers will come along.  We’re still focused on total number of people working.

Why the monomaniacal focus, Ure?

Um… if fewer people are actually working, we think there’s critical insight into the lies of GDP available to all half-dozen of us thinking people.  The mantra in ‘Merica’s Soviet-style “continuous progress and growth” statistical reporting is that “America’s back…”  It’s being done with funny money, not unit sales.  How many auto lines are down and how long before that weasels into the retail sales delusion?

But, if you squint your eyes just so, counting production by units not Nuevo-Greenbacks, and back out a 30% increase in available money based on M2 increases since the (of course it wasn’t a) bioweapon went off, you’ll see America’s real growth has been close to zero or even negative.

What was it George Carlin said?  Oh yes:  “It’s all bullshit and it’s all bad for you.”

If you really wanted the gory picture, you’d be a Peoplenomics subscriber.  So I won’t bore you with how counting properties in Monopoly means more than opening another pack of play money…

Additional Data Points

Read ’em and sleep:

Between wealth inequality and inflation, what could go wrong?  Two Pins Threatening Multiple Asset Bubbles – RIA ( is worthy of study.

Facing the Borg Dept. we look to Seattle: This Washington county is the first to ban facial recognition technology, official says – CNN.  Simple 100% prediction to make?  Federal money to counties and cities will come in the future with no “recognition banning” or you’ll get cut off from the federal teat.

Martha’s Vineyard Ferry operator was hit with a cyber ransom this week.  And following up, Cyberattack on meatpacker JBS could pressure restaurant margins if not resolved quickly, analysts say   Wait, didn’t they pay?

The headline International Sex Workers Day 2021: Common Problems They Face has us wondering:  Aren’t husbands and wives sex workers, too?  Hmm…

Got a dumb tat to lose?  Removery Acquires Take It Off Tattoo Removal In Louisville and Indianapolis, Opens New Knoxville Studio.  Tats have always been a prime example around here of “made-up for idiot industries.”  You were born without tats, so you go “self brand” and then (maybe you grow up?) you need to pay to remove them?  Circular, ain’t it?

What day is this? Global Running Day: What Not To Do On Your Run. Day.” Can’t speak for you, but I’m not fond of the runs. Speaking of which…

ATR:  Septic Roulette

(Around the ranch)

You may not have noticed, but the rain has been coming down like crazy lately in rural East Texas.

In fact, just under 3-more inches is due in the coming week.  And Tyler Texas Weather – Providing real-time weather information to Tyler, Smith County, and East Texas reports 10.31 inches in May.

There’s always good news and bad with the weather.  The “good” is that I haven’t had to water the garden but two days.  That was early last month.  Since then?  Plant and forget.  Except for the weeding and most of that’s gone thanks to heavy mulching.

John Steel’s his name – local septic pump guy – who taught me the ultimate secret to a well-running septic system several years back.  I’ll paraphrase…

What you need to do is block the water coming down hill.  So dig you out a foot to 18 inch deep trough in your yard and lead it out to the low spot in the front yard.  When your septic is the high spot compared to surrounding, drainage is good.  Lot’s cheaper than spending $25-thousand on a new system.”

What he didn’t mention is that every 3-5 years, the water washing down the hill will fill in said trough.  Water levels will rise (*given ungodly amounts of rain) and we had a day or two last month of septic roulette.

Almost like a conspiracy, septic installers want to put in anaerobic systems.  These require electricity.  Gravity systems (like ours) are not grid dependent.  Yet, in some over-regulated places, ONLY the electric type are permitted.

If you consider fleeing to a rural locale, be sure to read up on state septic rules.  In Texas, with 10-acres or more, and 100-foot set-backs from property lines, you still put in Ure own.

Prepper channels never seem to mention this.  But it’s a very useful aspect of Urban Survival.

Elaine’s 2nd Hip Replacement Post-Op

Went great.  She’s been liberated from the walker.  “But use common sense” one of the staff said.

I didn’t have the heart to tell ’em that was off the table, already.

That Joke I mentioned, did get used:

With Elaine’s hips now both metal, do we have to change from AstroGlide to WD-40?” I asked.

Without a discernable pause he shot back:  “Well, THAT would be an off-label use…

We try to be guided at all times by the spirit of Reader’s Digest’s “Humor is the best medicine.”  Elaine think’s I’m open to mal-practice, though.

Markets:  At click-time the S&P futures were down 30-some.  Dow minus 200.

Which means maybe that short position I left on may come off the table with a gain today, after all.  Market’s being between “.. a rock and a Joe spot, here lately…”

Bitcoin hype rolls to $38,750.  Crypto whales are “fast learners.”  Crypto losers are slow.  Your wallet balance is half an IQ test.

The other half is staying out of crypto-shark-infested waters.

Write when you get rich,

27 thoughts on “ME War Looms, Tony’s E-Mails, Jobs, and Septic Roulette”

  1. I mentioned the Tim Hoton’s and “Baker $9.50 /HR” wanted street sign by me. TH has updated the sign to “Donut Baker” and removed the wage.

    Don’t forget:

    “Restaurant Brands International Inc., the owner of Burger King, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Tim Hortons; and Dine Brands Global Inc., the owner of Applebee’s and IHOP, both say government loans have provided significant help to their franchisees.”

    War by Orthodox Father’s Day. And if not there’s always, Orthodox 4th of July.

  2. Russia – Announcement today that it’s Sovereign Wealth Fund will be 96% out of US assets within a month. Russia had already pulled down the it’s US Dollar Reserves by 96% last year so it is clear that Russia is setting up to be TOTALLY Dollar Independent by early July, let’s call it by July 4th weekend. (getting ready for War with Ukraine?)

    Add to that the very underreported news that Saudi Arabia is now selling some oil denominated in Yuan AND that the US exports virtually nothing anymore except RAW agricultural products (ala like any third world economy country), airplanes (Airbus is now shipping more than Boeing), and war making goodies.

    Does anybody besides me seeing the world’s reliance on the Dollar slowly being replaced by a world that is more oriented to the Yuan (since that is where everybody is buying many to most of their manufactured goods from these days)?

  3. Hey G- man,

    – why should I drag my ass to my job, to work for da man 4 friggin pennies and scraps ? when uncle creppy is apyin more than measely homeless/slave wage of $12.50-$15 hr. to stay home.

    I dont think I would get out of bed for that noise – when I can get paid that in 3 hrs – running lookout – fentynal trade – on the streetz. of kennsington.

    College edumacated ?? at the end of that corp career – get “heave ho” just prior to full retirement bennies qualification- retirement age, both of yourz health shot to shit(both having to work at least full time) from stressful lifestyle/25-30 yrs, how meds U taking now?

    Now “da man/woman” wants the serfs back in office (easier to “manage” the human resources)bwahahahahahaha .

    – U gave the serfs a taste of life where there is no 3 hours a day commuting anymore – 3 hours a day of extra quality family time (“who R U strangers living in my house ?) – versus 3 hours of driving for Ure life on the highways & byways to plantation/office.

    It almost feels like I should be seeking shelter right about now.. – U2?

    ..ahhbut that is not the coots style – so will be taking large sums of money today from those less fortunate in the markets.

    .. someones gotta kick the shit out of wallstreet war pigz – running at the action – cause I aint taking shit anymore, like Buzz said “2 infinity and Beyond!”

    Denying (2 the bitter end) any knowledge of SPY 410 Puts set to expire Friday the 4th.
    u know Coot luvs a SPY out of the money Straddle (Long both Puts and Calls).

    Not intelligent enough (yet) to figure out short term moves in market – so take both sides, and bail or cover wrong side as it starts chew on Ure ass. this is why coot often times has to wear 2 belts to keep my pants up, ass have lost large % of both butt cheeks to smarter blokes than myself – hard to imagine smarter blokes than the coot, no?

    Answer to previous query – Grady-White Canyon 260, dont tell uncle, – it is a TAX FREE swap..hardee har har

  4. “As the evidence continues to build that CV-19 was a bioweapon gotten loose (which we’ve held since day one)”

    Me too — and there where choices, indeed?!
    Why would have “Merkel of Germany” visited Wuhan (of all the places???) just some week before this crap started?

  5. George,
    Epoch times or China Daily published a not in January 2020 that the China Peoples Liberation Army was warned in September or October 2019 to get ready for a new infection.
    Then in January 2020 several Chinese Diplomats had a meeting with Trump at the Whitehouse..
    Biological warfare,attempt to kill President Trump?
    .Curious minds,strange happenings.. So many tangled strands from business,politics,corrupt politicians/criminals.
    Our system is as corrupt as China’s is and Russia was.
    If ever we clean it out the world would remake itself. Such
    possibilities are amazing.
    Hydroxychloroquin in Real studies is useful in treating Covid as is Ivermectin widely used in India, Brazil, several other nations. See Dr.John Campbell podcasts on utube out of Great Britain.. See recent Tuesday program on Fox at Ingraham angle USA scientist. Talk about someone almost afraid to speak out.. All cheap,all effective, in early to mid covid.. Sometimes helps in post covid syndrome too.

    • “Our system is as corrupt as China’s is and Russia was.
      If ever we clean it out the world would remake itself. Such possibilities are amazing.”

      a) It’s people who are corrupt, IMHO! ;-((
      b) You cannot eliminate 99.98 percent.
      c) The WORLD would be better off w/o US.

    • I already reported this early 2020. A woman worked with a Chinese national. He claimed that payback was coming to America as a Christmas Present in 2019. He scared her so much, she quit her job, and dyed her hair and disappeared. What did we find out? Many of us got sick in December (some reports from here were that people were sick by November, 2019). We also know that China sent out communication for all their soldiers to buy up all masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, etc., and many stores were wiped out, for example Lowes, all stores, in the continental USA. Florida was deeply affected by that buy up.

      So, this is just a boots on the ground report, not hard to collect the data, it’s there.

  6. Hmmm, did F__ci personally approve of the gain-of-function research that was retasked to attack the U_A? 600,000+ American deaths is a lot of collateral damage to sweep under an office rug.

    • At this point N___…. Does it really make any difference?

      I personally believe that All of us already know that some of the most heinous ,corrupt and manipulative people in the world had money tied up in research that wasn’t getting the actions they wanted out of the USA in their quest for MORE. History has already shown over and over that they don’t play nice when its not going their way.. The level of power has to be immense to.. If political leaders in all countries allow themselves to be openly manipulated and used and criminal activities hidden and forgotten and deemed OK the new normal.. what does that say about the level of power they have.
      “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. ” 1 Timothy 6:10
      in the quest for more.. they forget who put them on the pedestal.. no one wants to walk into a burger joint and fry their own burger.. they want more but don’t want to give to those that gave them more..
      “Greed brings grief to the whole family, but those who hate bribes will live.” Proverbs 15:27
      having the biggest chocolate bunny at easter.. the biggest bunny is usually hollow.. be caring and giving..
      “Greed causes fighting; trusting the Lord leads to prosperity.” Proverbs 28:25
      “In their greed they have gathered up many nations and swallowed many peoples.” Habakkuk 2:5
      “It was land monopoly that ate out the lion heart of Rome. Latifundia perdidere Italiam — “Great estates ruined Italy. ” The Roman historian Pliny
      Treat everyone as if they are worthy.. no one is better than another..

      • It does matter. If US citizens had a part in the release or in cover up, then that info must be made public, and then Congress and the Judiciary must do their jobs.

  7. George,
    About septic systems. Soil types are important. If your soil is sandy drainage is good. Opposite for clay soil. In my neck of the woods having your tank drained can generate a small (not cheep)
    task of updating the tank access. Again in my previous residence because septic systems were used, it was important to have your well head casing grouted to prevent ground water intrusion. Septic field replacement has the gotcha of having the gravel, soil, and other detritus hauled to a fed approved hazardous waste disposal site. There is usually a disposal fee. When I bought the place I remember the realtor pointing out that there would be no water or sewer utility bill. Ya

    I almost forgot. If you have winter, relationship to historical frost lines is important. I had a colleague whose septic system completely freeze up.

  8. The system isn’t corrupt.

    Corruption IS the system.

    Unless the system is a properly installed and well maintained septic system.

  9. Hey G, here is the normal weekly video that you put out on Friday and Sat. (Thank you)
    We hit a new record today, hitting 500 views in a 48 hour period, Soon some of this data will start showing a pattern.


  10. “M.E. Fuse Lighting”

    Someone had asked what I thought about monkey werks saying that there was ultra high flying surveillance overhead 12 miles plus.. because I was curious and curious minds want to know… I asked someone I know that would probably have an idea on what’s going on..anyway my interpretation of what I was told is..
    Pre-movie shorts. Or equipment testing before deployment ..
    For myself it really gives stu’s interpretation of ole nostradamus predictions a little legitimacy..

  11. Like USSA in this sheethole facist satellite state oztralia, every Friday morning after the balancing of weekly option scams they settle in pieces of paper for various garbage . The system is broke broke and more broke and broken. A joke a complete joke . Keeps facist kings happy and slaves slaveing.any day now . Ronnie milsap

  12. I have found a legal transcript from Germany with Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Krueger by trial lawyers planning to sue to stop the vaccination program please review.

    Also the vaccine adverse reaction reporting site appears to be reporting about 4500 deaths this year related to vaccination it appears we would have to go back over 10 years and sum all deaths for all vaccine to come close to this number. Many Doctors are unaware of this site or do not report so the data is under reported.

    Please research review and confirm if this information is accurate the CDC should be made accountable and public made aware with proper warnings about this Experimental Vaccination with a genetic material.

    Here is a link to another site with many news articles for adverse reactions.

    I find all this information hard to believe please verify and report to the public.

  13. Watch george !! Get the stories ready !! Blah blah yada yada !! March of the. Zombies 5000 first hit dow . 800
    Asx . Facist sheethole oztralia

  14. yep we are supposed to feel sorry for criminals that short their own currency . eat their kids if they were hungry

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