Jobs, UFOs, CV-19, Markets: the Plot Sickens

We take the benefits of living in a “complex society” as a “given.” 

However, as I have argued many times, both here and on the Peoplenomics site, anti-fragility is a myth.  It’s existence depends on ignoring critical substrate.

An example?  Well, while there are multiple fallbacks to rolling power (or web) failures, the critical substrate (elixir of Life) is electricity.  Turn off the power and most of “modernity” takes a hike.

Thus, reading the news as an aware human (yet, God-forbid, not “woke” and its implied herd stupidity), we seek events, their relationship to substrates, and thus enabling us to have a clearer vision of future risks.

Electricity, though not our topic specifically today, represents “critical inputs” of the sort comprising modernity.  Today’s news commentary will explore both substrate and boundaries threatening fragility.  Pay attention as we go.

On GDP and Jobs

If you haven’t figured out that U.S. (and Western) GDP is a joke.  For the simple reason that it is mainly dollarized.  We know from recent data, for example, that GDP this year is reported as “…up 6.4% in the first quarter of 2021.”

Yet, when we visit the BEA data center, we find that (on a current dollar basis) Q1 GDP in 2019 was $21,115.3.  Two years later, this year it was $22,061.0.  4.47% in a two-year window.  And that’s before we back out a 30% plus increase in M2 money supplies.

The reason for my advocacy of unit production GDP becomes apparent.  Because with enough crooked accounting (don’t look at what the left-hand is doing!) you can take even a failing state and report Gloriously Positive statistics.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a failing Soviet Union or the collapsing shell of America.  You know the place…where manufacturing goes to China and we’re making-up Nuevo-Industries out of gender, weather, and race.  It’s rucking fidiculous.

Even attempts to partially dismiss clear-headed, hard-nosed economics with a scheme of “chained dollars” (not the same as adjusting for actual money injected through inflation/excess printing) begins to reveal the fraud.

Q1 of 2019, for example, chained-dollar GDP was 18,950.3 billion.  Two years later?  19,088.1 billion.  Thus, calculator at the ready?  In chained dollars (semi-inflation-adjusted) Growth in ‘Merica has been a lousy 0.7271652 percent over two years.  Call; it, what?  Under half a percent per year?

“Lies, damn lies, and statistics” explained Mark Twain (Clemmons).  He should have stuck around for the capper:  “Politicians.”

OK, the Job Numbers

In much the same spirit, we have to look at the mainstream idiocy about employment numbers.  Only two really matter to economic fundamentalists.

One is the number of people actually working and the other is their hourly wage rate.

Because (assuming you’re over 40 ‘cuz this is a grown up, well past “woke” website) you will notice as you age that your “standard of living hasn’t changed much…if at all.”

Government runs a massive Daycare Operation for its citizens.  The rich get taxed to support the poor.  The poor cause all kinds of social issues and this becomes the basis of the Crime Industries.  A whole sector viewed from from our sweeping vista that includes the jailhouse uniform makers all the way to Law Schools and prison industries.  Including the laws (like marijuana laws) that are more about boxing non-conformists up and preventing “free gardening” to protect a well-paying booze lobby’s pay-offs.  Oops.  Campaign contributions.

Understanding – seeing through the fog of media – we can then take the Labor employment report and reduce it to its essentials as follows.

Let’s start by looking at the three numbers that actually matter.

First is the total number of people working:

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 559,000 in May, and the unemployment rate declined by 0.3 percentage point to 5.8 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, in public and private education, and in health care and social assistance.

OK:  151.62 million people working.  Last month?  151.176.

“WAIT!  That’s only 444,000 more people working!”

Why do you think they mention “non-farm?”  See how this works>

Second is their average hourly income:  $30.33 this month, $30.18 last month.  5-10th’s of one percent.  Meantime, the Fed was making up another $120-billion to print through Depression II.

Third (and this is oh-so-much fun!) is the CES Birth-Death Model.  CES being short for “current employment situation.”  This chart shows how many jobs are estimated into-or-out-of existing:

Wait!  Out of 444,000 total more working, 218,000 were estimated to be working?”  Uh…yeah….something like that.  Point is this economy is miles from being a rip-snorter.

There’s no particular conclusions to be drawn.  Other than it will cause a ruckus on Wall Street and send out some political waves.  Which, in the greater scheme won’t matter.  Because?

UFOs – The NEXT Mania

Three weeks from now, a government report on UFOs will be released.  But the hype is already ratcheting up.  See the New York Times piece Government Report Finds No Evidence UFOs Were Alien Spacecraft.  Which comes as absolutely no surprise.

Picked up elsewhere, like in the Sun, it becomes UFOs ‘MUST be seriously investigated’ and the Pentagon’s report is just first step, Senator Rubio says.

For all the media hype, there are only a few credible theories of where they’re from and how we might visit.  Some of the choices are?

  1. Bent space-time:  Solid possibility.  This solution set is based on the notion that space-time can be “bent.”  Upon doing so, something really strange happens.  The inside region of bent space-time becomes “separated space” and – in there – the rules of the normal “here and now”
    don’t work the same.  This is a continuity research area.  Starts with Die Glocke (Bell) during WW II and may involve updated use of the same core technology:  High speed rotation of mass to warp space-time.  As friend Roger in Tucson (synchronistically) sent me an email this week on where the U.S. TR3-B project was a decade ago.
  2. Underseas Civilization:  (Not that we have much of one on dry land, lol).  This one offers that somewhere under deep oceans (still 95% unexplored) there might be a species that evolved under extreme pressures such as found at great depths.  Different than the pressures of shaming and wokeness…
  3. Trans-dimensional Travel:  I might claim to be something of an expert on this insofar as I’ve looked long and hard at it in my book Dimensions Next Door.  There are multiple possible access routes including portals (*as in Native American lore and the Skinwalker Ranch series on Amazon, and the George Knapp book on point).  This route’s a bit sketchy, though I’m  focused on the acoustical openings idea.  Since it would fit well with reported events in the Bermuda Triangle and in particular, the experience of Bruce Gernon in his book “The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon.”  Yes, we do have a modest recording studio and (as time permits) work on high-density sound using sources from synthesizers to the brilliant samples in Garritan World Instruments plus my digeridoo and some of HP’s vintage lab gear.  Acoustical or electronic?  Mixed in some ultra sonic or infrasound way?  We need a National Portal Opening contest.  Get John Hutchison an invite, too.  More seriously?  I’d pay very close attention to Dr. Ron Mallet’s work.
  4. Government’s Lying.  Say!  There’s an unthinkable, huh?  In some of the reports from Navy pilots, UFOs have extremely high “mission persistence.”  That is, they can be out doing sky-play for 12-hours and longer.  Why would the government lie about such things?  Simply (as in the case of 120 MPG carburetors for cars) introduction of massively disruptive technologies is simply too great a risk for America.  We could fall apart as a society is new technology isn’t doled out slowly enough to be evolutionary but not so fast as to be revolutionary.  Remember the DeLorean in Back to the Future?  If you could bust time and beat gravity (3rd movie in series) running on garbage, why hang around?

Makes for fascinating stuff for some people who are looking forward to something akin to “disclosure” (as a big nothing-burger) in three weeks.  Most of the major deal points are already in the wild if you work at it.  For other people?  More important that Amazon Prime Days fall that week.

Seeing why we don’t qualify as an advanced society, yet?

(Peoplenomics readers are reminded of my personal UFO/encounters view in “Who’s Out There?” accessible from the Master Index page of Peoplenomics.)

CV-19 – Subplot?

As a novelist, I can’t tell you how tempting it would be to come up with some plot ideas for an “instant novel” that would capture the essence of the UFO hype and marry it into the Covid story.  Lot of possibilities to ponder in your spare time:

  • Is CV vaccine to condition us for meeting them?
  • Is CV-vaccine more like as marinade to soak human’s in?
  • Is CV-19 something “caught” from an alien that’s been kept under wraps since the Roswell bodies were recovered?

All kinds of possibilities to weave here in a Robin Cook/Stephen King kind of way.


I suppose we could mention that Dow futures are up a bit:

The Bitcoin recovery is kinda slow, don’tcha think?  Only $36,577 which is about 55% of it’s all-time high.

In Ure Shorts

Wakey-quaky Oregon Shaky? No tsunami threat from 5.9 earthquakes off Pacific Coast – ABC News (

Politics of Consumption is present and accounted for in North Carolina county bans Coca-Cola machines after company criticizes Georgia voting law (

Biden Immigration Sham for the lambs:  US taps groups to pick asylum-seekers to allow into country (  Notice how the Center for Immigration Studies wasn’t included, for example?  Could it be for their series “D-Day on the Rio Grande? The Biden Administration Facilitates Mass Illegal Immigration (“?

Relying on Seasonally Adjusted numbers, CNBC reports the big unreality in Jobless claims fall below 400,000 for the first time since the early days of the pandemic.  Again, see the first yellow highlight here to repeat the REAL numbers are OVER 400,000.  Unlike government, we like “clean” data:

For the data-impaired 425,450 is MORE than 400,000.  FMTT who are these parrots?  Claims were UP not down…

Green and Mean?  IMF Warns Russia Not to Underestimate Green Energy Transition

Around the Ranch Useful

Now the important stuff:

News driving you to drink?  No worries!  5 Ways to Use Overproof Rum Like an Expert offered on Lifehacker.

Latest in Chris Tyreman’s “Step-by-Step Millionaire” series.  “My Million Dollar Mansion Burned Down…and I don’t care…”  You’ll see why and the “vibe” or “feel?”  Very much along the lines of our little double-wide in the woods.  You’ll enjoy the discussion because it gets to one of the core points of UrbanSurvival – and even planetary survival at some level:  What exactly is sufficiency to you?

OK, more work ahead…, Dow futures down 27, S&P up 3 with almost an hour to the open.

Have a great weekend: Drop by for Sunday ShopTalk and do subscribe to Peoplenomics for our unconventional view of markets.

Write when you get rich,

42 thoughts on “Jobs, UFOs, CV-19, Markets: the Plot Sickens”

  1. Maybe the synthetic spike proteins give aliens blood clots, kills them and we retrieve their craft to obtain their technology? (Eat me, I kill you) kinda thing. Who knows man, I’m just throwin it out there.

  2. Comments on the Crime Industries match my observations. Texas continues to stack stoner kids in it’s lock-ups.
    I object to working with stoners as vehemently as anyone, with the issues being judgement and veracity. I don’t like dealing with lying f@ck-ups, and drunks and stoners are typically the bottom of the barrel for personal conduct.
    Throwing every kid in jail that is set up by the Confidential Informant Division of Crime Industries is wrong headed. With the number of attempts that have been made on me by strangers using the name of a parolee I am not related to, I have seen first hand how that system works. The system does not protect victims, witnesses, and jurors, and lawyers refuse cases from those individuals related to Ci abuses.
    As much as don’t like it, the only way to root out corruption and systemic abuse from the Texas Confederates is to legalize dope.

    • “I object to working with stoners as vehemently as anyone,”

      OTFLMAO.. I agree.. I to would prefer working with Drunks that think they are Don Juan , Jackie Chan, or Bruce Lee LOL….
      Here is a Hint…. YOU ALREADY ARE… stats say one in three use Marijuana for recreation whether or not it is legal..IF I HAD TO… I would rather ride with someone that smoked marijuana than someone drunk the accidents that did have it as a source of inebriation also showed that alcohol was a factor.. and those that are addicted to just it are addicted to many things.. .. and I don’t think anyone should operate a vehicle that is inebriated with either there should be penalties for driving under the influence of any recreational drug .. it needs to be legalized, regulated and taxed the same way alcohol is.. there are so many positive aspects in every category on the positives of the plant that I see it as a miracle plant.. the same with dandelions.. a total miracle plant worthy of our respect .. make use of its positive points and study its medical benefits..there are so many positives that it could fill several semiloads of paper just to print them up.. oh including making the paper.. the reason I like that was used for making it illegal is.. the toilet paper route.. a billionaire had saw dust and the process to convert it to paper is more intense than hemp.. so he set out to make it illegal using the slang term marijuana.. most of us older guys remember having cough syrup on the shelf of our parents that had it in..instead we take codene and opiates for pain..

      • I don’t agree with the regulated and taxed part! We have far too many taxes already, along with far too much government at all levels. The only thing that should apply is honest labeling, and then let the buyer beware. I don’t even use pot and don’t like the idea of smoking anything. There are far better non-addictive drugs, and those should be legal too. Every drug has a purpose, and we need to treat ourselves and others as adults.

        We only get to claim those freedoms that we accord to others.

    • NM Mike: I would agree that most controlled substances are controlled for a reason; however, the issue is the corruption of the revenuers. The cure that the State has unleased with it’s war on America is far more harmful than the lower level controlled substances the State purports to be saving us from.
      The Crime Industry relies on the revenue from incarcerating kids on dope charges. Those in jail serve as justification for big time public funding, and continue to support public funding even after they are out of jail, in the form of public funding of probation, parole machinery, and the Confidential Informant system. Kids are most susceptible to being conned by the Confidential Informant networks and sucked into a lifetime of exploitation by the Crime Industry.
      But that isn’t where the corruption stops. In Texas, having a name similar to a parolee or even an individual incarcerated is grounds for gang stalking by the State Confidential Informant networks, the Lawyer Gangs who control the machinery of the Crime Industry, and the vigilante dupes who do their dirty work. The vigilantes provide a gratis steady stream of false complaints needed to justify officious political gaslighting of targeted individuals. Social media networks seem to be the conduit for recruiting vigilantes. Individuals targeted by this corruption have no rights. Attempting to fight this sort of corruption invites phony process charges, or phony psych actions.
      My personal introduction to this has come from land thieves and jury service retaliation leading to vigilante gang stalking. In my case, the State now seems to be dealing with the problem, but will not acknowledge cases and actions to me. It’s amazing what a few public posts can do to turn up the lights.

  3. I’ve expounded on UFOs here before. There’s no need for me to go into all of THAT again. The actual UFO phenomena is real and I’m fairly certain that there are a small group of humans that know what and who they are. Not only that, but have built aircraft based on the principles of their technology. I saw one in Iraq in 2003 right outside of Fallujah. I’m 100% certain it was a military aircraft.

    This latest episode is a total clown show…and when I say ‘clown’ I mean intel agencies. This is leading up to the same old war mongering assholes in the death industries trying to sell the public on something that we otherwise would not accept. It’s also a pretty good distraction from all of the other insanity going on at the moment. Look here…not there.

    Bet on it.

  4. Yo Stormtrooper G,

    ure portals are all over the place – literally..currently one is positioned overhead the great state of Pennsyltucky – yes the mysterious, ground shaking sonic booms are back..which tells us the “they” are back infiltrating and exfiltrating one of the “mobile” ‘Diranna”
    ..dragon for stargate. Summaire = Dragon…Mag-female, OG- male – Og v MA og = Harmonic Inclusive.
    .. got your brain waves imploding yet? it is a Key to escaping this prison system.
    NtY – weekend reading – pottengerscats-epigenetics-RNA experiments – or why you should get the hell out the city U be living in..

  5. Now in MI small business is on the direct dole.

    We’re supposed to work while business freeloads. Next time there’s a riot look at their businesses as our businesses. That’s the bottom line now.

    “The Michigan Economic Jumpstart Plan takes advantage of billions in federal COVID-19 relief funds as well as a $3.5 billion budget surplus “primed for investment.”

    Fed-Bux to subsidize minimum wage and everything!

    “Whitmer’s proposal would dedicate about $300 million to grants for businesses to make up the difference between their current hourly wage and a $15 per hour wage that labor advocates have sought. Michigan’s minimum wage is $9.65 an hour, which is higher than the nationwide $7.25 minimum rate.”

  6. I’ve spent many hours on the Subplot. Read my next Update, coming soon:

    THEY have been here long before humans.

    The Age of Desolation, 2010, Page 18
    Project MKULTRA and the CIA experiments to program human robot assassins hardly raises an eyebrow anymore, but the subject of human automatons during the final days of Atlantis figured prominently in the psychic research of Edgar Cayce, the famous Sleeping Prophet.

    Edgar Cayce (Reading 877-26)
    For those who were of the ruling forces were able by choice to create or bring about, or make the channel for the entrance or the projection of an entity or soul, as the period of necessity arose.

    The Sons of Belial had no standard, save of self, self-aggrandizement.

    Those entities that were then the producers (as we would term today), or the laborers, the farmers, the artisans, or those who were in the positions of what we would call in the present just machines, were those that were projections of the individual activity of the group.

    Edgar Cayce (Reading 1744-1)
    The entity was among the children of the Law of One who made greater overtures to those peoples for the acknowledging of the laborers, and to make their experience easier – those laborers that were considered by many as merely things rather than individual souls.

    Edgar Cayce (Readings 5249-1)
    In the Atlantean land the entity was the time keeper for those who were called things, or the servants, or the workers of the peoples, and the entity felt latent and manifest, as in the present, the wanting to reform, to change things, so that every individual soul had the right to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of activity… The entity felt the need of God’s hand in what evil, or Satan, had brought in the earth (for this was before Adam).

    I suspect that they are trying to turn people into Meat Robots. Consider the Jeffrey Epstein Bill Gates alliance. The links to be provided in my Upcoming Post.

  7. Oil: The “Transition Out” of oil as our MOBILE source of energy is slowly beginning … and NOPE, it’s NOT batteries that will replace it.

    Hydrogen Fuel Cells, which have been in heavy development for 25 years now, are finally ready to start being actually deployed. (yes, Hyundai has been leasing Hydrogen Fuel Cells cars in California and Korea to private individuals for a few years now – seem to work great and when I talked to a person who had one in California when out there early last year, they LOVED it). Renault in conjuction with Plug Power (40,000 fuel cells already deployed and in use) is going to be selling /leasing delivery type vans powered by fuel cells in western France over the next couple of years. Range between refuelings will be 500 km.

    The advantages of Fuel Cells over battery powered vehicles starts with a 3 MINUTE refill time, vs hours, and continues with the fact that the hydrogen can be (and for France will be) “MADE” via electricity and then stored for later use and distribution. This allows things like solar to be used to generate the gas during the day but the actual hydrogen gas can then be used at any time of the day to generate power to use.

    History since the beginning of the Industrial Age indicates that for a new energy source to replace an existing source it takes about 50 years. Replacement of existing energy technology takes a while in other words. THIS particular transition is already 20-25 years in the making already which means that we could be on the cusp of the MAJOR ACCELLERATION take up phase of the roll out of the fuel cell energy source for transportation.

    All the other elements of the transition besides the actual fuel cell and the fuel distribution system are now perfected – ie: electrical drive trains for autos and small trucks etc. – and after 25 years of serious and expensive work on the cells themselves those cells have finally reached the time where reliability and longevity have been achieved in an “affordable” package

    Battery technology is NOT a great solution to the needs for heavy trucks or busses but fuel cell technology, with it’s much lighter weight and fast refuel times, is.

    If the person I met in California who has been driving a fuel cell powered car for several years now is any indication once those types of vehicles are generally available and refueling stations exist (remember only 3 minutes for a full refill) the take up of that technology by the public will imo be FAST (fwiw 1/3+- or so of all electric vehicle purchasers switch back to regular vehicles within 3 years or so, according to the data I have read. imo that is because of the “recharging” and “range when traveling” issues with electric batteries)

    The world is about to change for the oil industry. No it won’t disappear overnight but it’s replacement is now picking up momentum and soon will become a tsunami, at least in the developed world.

      • Damn son…Tesla’s already blow themselves up, and now you want hydrogen rolling down the road?? Hindenberg much?

        I’m not holding my breath on this one – the amount of infrastructure you will need to demolish is the largest in history. Car makes will say anything to sell a car – including preaching green when there is no such thing.

        Don’t bother replying – you swallowed the entire bottle of pablum.

    • The burn speed of Hydrogen puts it in the range of a explosive a spark in the present of Oxygen causes a detonation. We wont have to worry about vehicle fires as they will simply detonate,

      • Here about 2/3 of the city buses are now Natural Gas Powered, a much heavier gas than Hydrogen gas that SINKS when the tank gets ruptured. With Hydrogen the gas floats UP, and as long as it doesn’t catch fire quickly, will dissipate in short order.

        How are they handling the Natural Gas in the city busses? The tanks are on the roof … so in almost any accident except a rollover they are unlikely to be punctured.

        Separate from city buses our local major UPS hub now is using Natural Gas tractors to pull it’s Trailers for about 2/3 of the fleet operating out of there (a big cross country transit hub, only about 10% – 15% of the freight coming into that hub is staying in the local area, the rest is heading to /coming from the East Coast or West and Northwest). UPS semi tractor tanks are underneath … and so far no major problems there either.

        So far there have NOT been major issues with the hydrogen Hyundai vehicles operating in Southern California, and I have now been paying particular attention to that “fire” issue since just after Hyundai started leasing it’s Hydrogen vehicles there.

        For needed raw materials Fuel Cells are a much more eco friendly solution than batteries … and Toyota for one believes Fuel Cells WILL be the winner in the race to “clean vehicles”.

      • So’s gasoline, in a ratio of ~14.7:1 a/f. The “explosion” can be controlled, as it is with petrol.

        The problem with hydrogen is it takes 1 joule of some other source of energy to produce hydrogen capable of producing 1 joule of energy. This is why I refer to hydrogen as a “battery.” Unless one can design & build a machine which is 100% efficient, hydrogen is a guaranteed loss through transmission degradation and storage loss, vs. however it is produced.

        Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the CONCEPT of hydrogen power: You extract this gas from pure distilled water, ignite the gas, it performs work, and it’s “waste product” is pure, distilled water. What could be more elegant? It’s perfect!

        Except it takes more energy to make than it yields…

        My area of experimentation was to use solar to produce hydrogen, onboard the vehicle, supplement the process with an extension cord when the sun was hiding, and use a staged compressor to fill the hydrogen (and oxygen too, BTW) cells. The gas collectors, routers, manifolds, and compressors were all of my own design, and were both safe under impact, and about as efficient as any other such collectors from 50 years ago.

        I lusted after both the Triumph TR-7 and Fiat X-1/9 when they came out (and many years after I got rid of the TR-7, the Ford Probe), not because I necessarily liked them, but because either would provide a comparatively huge, flat surface upon which to mount solar panels.

        Efficiencies were not there in 1970, not in 1995, and not in 2021. They have ramped a good deal, but that plate’s still empty. What we DO have that young Ray didn’t, is a huge political push toward “alternative energy,” and slick-talking salesmen who’ve a much better command of BS.

        It is more-efficient using solar cells to charge batteries to power electric motors than it is to make hydrogen to power an ICRE or even a turbine (which I also explored.) You can still figure a 20% transmission loss, PLUS the loss from the inherent inefficiency of the cells, but the batteries will receive 100% of whatever’s left — the hydrogen cell won’t.

        The issue with ALL mechanical propulsion technologies is they require potential energy so they can convert it to kinetic energy.

        The issue with ALL “hidden,’ “secret” or “buried” “technologies” is it is impossible for an energy source to do more work than the amount of potential energy stored within that energy source. I instantly discount any anecdotal account which purports to extract more work from an energy source than the source contains. _I_ can build a 100mpg car. All it takes is a Geo Metro XFi (or LSi with the XF camshaft), a plain-Jane Carter YF carb, and suitable tweaking, massaging, & strategic lightening of the vehicle, and drive it at a steady ~37-40mph (and yes, I might have one laying around…) _NOBODY_ can build a ’55 Chrysler V-8 into a 100mpg car unless they bolt a Texas longhorn rack to the hood and convince some trucker to lasso it…

    • Really interesting ideas. The only thing I question is if this does happen, or is in the works for future “slow” release, why is Russia maneuvering for the Leviathan oil field off of Israel. How long do parallel technologies co-exist. Does Russia plan to keep gas power? Anti-gravity is very close. How will that intersect with hydrogen? Look at what the Chinese are doing too. We are so far behind it isn’t funny and the Pentagon morons sit and spin, as do our “innovators and companies. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. (Insert screams of frustration.)

      And sorry, my question mark key is malfunctioning. Nothing I do has fixed it, not even threatening it with a sledgehammer. It’s just that one key!)

      • “why is Russia maneuvering for the Leviathan oil field”


        Whether bunker-B or butane, the products from a gas/oil field yield more energy than it takes to extract them. If/when it costs more energy to acquire and refine petroleum than the energy the petroleum yields, the oil industry will die, leaving only remnants in the medical and cosmetic fields, for products which can’t be synthesized.

    • Hydrongen Fuel cells in spark plugs is not a new thing.. Ole Herman Anderson invented them and used them in his car for decades… of course he didn’t share that with anyone or his patents.. his patents were all given freely to the US govt.. what is it sixteen hundred of them..
      After his death they decided to put up the water car Museum and show it off.. unfortunately it was shut down.. probably on purpose.. TMI… here is the photo of his injector.. from his patent.. I don’t know if you can even see the patent anymore..
      Stan Meyers was recreating Hermans spark plug injector.. I am not sure what his patent has or not..

  8. yes its not worth getting upset . just be a quiet slave to the facist and be trivialised.. absolute hatred of yellow dog and sheetcoin . considering shorting sheetcoin . shorted yellow dog some weeks ago . oblivion thats where we are heading . 2 broke to have war or more fakedemics worldwide

  9. soon the serum of faucistein will kick in and the rigging wont matter . theyll be dropping like flies on a hot day . vegetable stage already kicked in

  10. giddyup time now !!!!!!!!!! last 3 hours friday !!! everybody shut now giddyup and crush dollar and ramp ramp ramp . USSA USSA USSA . load of bullsheet about war.. war sprukers work for govt and FED . war would push up USD and treasuries . cant have that . vegetime baby !! take your shots and der der der as you read the propaganda

  11. Gman,

    Ure timing is impeccable as per usual. Dr Jeff Smith – real deal Able Danger team member, currently under secret grand jury (Texas) no talkie Gag order. The attached link is to his most recent article – all the breadcrumbs U ever imagined regards area51/germanpaperclip scientists and what happened to them/bob lazar/”unobtanium”/ magnetic buoyancy/ US space fleet..

    a good read..

  12. Art of war.
    “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak”

    Did you notice what parts of the world are more impacted by COVID? Seems like war prep to thin the weak and old populations.

    “Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”

    The UFOs are likely to be our own craft. I remember flying black triangles that behaved like no other aircraft, turned out to be stealth experiments. People are horrible observers. So logic dictates that since the US is talking (hint: our lips are moving, which means?) and the military is involved, these are our creations.

    Wanna be real certain? If they were anything else, someone else would reveal it. There is no fear of someone else revealing anything about our new flying machines.

    Welcome to the new cold war.

    • “The UFOs are likely to be our own craft. ”

      Explain the documented sightings from the 1800s, please…

      • “Helmets in Egyptian stone carvings then, too?”

        I’ll settle for a reprint from one of the newspapers in which the “flying saucers” appeared.

        IIRC, at least one was from Texas, and sightings were in the 1879-1893 time range…

        ‘Point being they exist, and have been coming here for a long time…

    • Stars are observable from Mars – I see them in the pic. It’s about time. I’ve inadvertently got my Wyze camera pointed toward the sky and I’ve caught shooting stars.

      Unfortunately, the stars from Mars aren’t yet bright enough to figure out a constellation.


      NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Shining Clouds on Mars

    • If they are our own craft does not explain many paintings of the past where
      you see a flying machine . I read a book that is telling us that UFOs are coming
      not from outer space but from inside of our earth, they use gravitational force
      to power their machines. That is why they seem to disappear into the oceans.
      They come here often as to see how are we progressing , especially with creating new nuclear arms , which if they see that it may be dangerous to them, may end
      this civilization, as they probably ended other civilizations before us.

    • Unless. They are giving you false patterns of response. Lol you will have to forgive me. I have been off grid for a while. Someone told me the other day about some faucie emails and that now the State of Virginia is handing out Full ride to a 4 year education at the college for getting the vaccine. I said, jeesh. I’m holding out for a brand new 2020 3/4 ton Chevy Silverado desiel, a slurpee machine and 42 one pound bricks of 999% gold. Throw in a couple pre ban HK-91s and a palet of .762. Then I might consider it. Lol

      I haven’t even been on the web besides fckbook in ohhh a month. Forgot all about the vaccine and Rona. Been hanging out at a “Friends” house out in the sticks. Don’t even have cell service out there. So quiet and peaceful.

      Did the market collapse yet? Saw ya said Bitcoin took a dump. Bitcoin is the younger mark, so it seems natural for it to lead the way. Ohhh I guess we are going hot tubbing tonight. I really like standing in the grass in the morning with a cup of coffee, wearing nothing but cowboy boots and a ball cap. New morning meditation ritual it seems. Hahaha

      Good shit as always. Been reading ya so long G, I can see that 800 lb brain of Ures chugging along. Keeps me up to date. Even when I’m not around.

      Thanks dude.

      I am truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you are as well.

  13. George, funny you should mention a possible connection between Covid and the Alien invasion, for I was thinking the same thing myself.
    Reading the documentation of alien abductions by Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs, the late, great Dr. John Mack, and gets the sense the aliens want to either replace or co-exist with us. Could it be they’re actually running the show since otherwise the demand for EVERYBODY to get the jab makes little sense, unless the goal has nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with whatever their “grand plan” is.

  14. “See the New York Times piece Government Report Finds No Evidence UFOs Were Alien Spacecraft. ”

    …And which doesn’t say: Government Report Finds No Evidence UFOs Were NOT Alien Spacecraft.

  15. Hey G
    So Youtube said that the thumbnail I had was not drawing as good a response as it should. It suggested changing it. So again I need your help to check if it works or not. I changed the thumbnail to this

    The question is whether the change will create a greater emotional response, and increase the clicks. Could you post it again on Sat so I could monitor the varied response?

    • I certainly don’t consider myself an advertising anything, but it seems to me that having a pretty woman with kids looking scared in front of the flames would definitely attract interest from a certain demographic – especially women and guys that love them. The current picture has hot flames and a financial loss, but nothing that’s as emotionally hot as a young woman with kids at risk.

      Just my two cents.

  16. Oh yeah. Hey G, GII may find this thing I discovered useful.

    I’m sure ya been down to Alki beach where you can see the whole city of Seattle. Right when ya get past the Boat launch area. There is a long chain link fence. I was down there this morning and saw something I have never noticed. Funny have been down there probably a thousand thousand times and I never noticed this. I had to come to the city to go to the VA, because ripped my bicep not bad pretty black tho after doing dead lifts with 505lbs. It still works and I can hold 130 lb women off the ground “dancing” in the kitchen for a half our with legs wrapped around me. Mostly 8 inch bruise. No loss of strength or movement at all. So I went to Alki before to meditate. Just getting checked.

    Along that chain link fence there is thousands of pad locks. Never noticed them before. I was sitting there writing out my ideal relationship, paused and noticed them. The whole block there at the turn has a long chain link fence with pad locks all over it. Come to find out that it all started in France. A person puts a padlock on the fence and tosses the Key over the fence and into the water. The saying you are supposed to say is, “I toss my key into the sea and the sea brings true love to me.” Pretty interesting to say the least. Wonder if it works?

    In this crazy world we live in. It was really good to see, Hope is still alive and ya can’t stop love. Hopefully romantic. Truly Wonderful.

    When ya talk to G2. Maybe pass that along to him.

    Not sure if that helps. But I hope it helps.

    Now I gotta get busy living. Lots of people meet and wonderful things to do.

    Key is a big word lately. And there is so many kinds of keys.

    Later dude!

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