Saddle-Up, Climate Lies Fade, Ransomware’s Beef

Time to “hit ’em and get ’em” for another week.  Like Monday, I rolled out today, did the “morning stack” of anti-aging vitamins, brewed a pot of Kona blend, and began to plot my way through the maze of the week ahead.

Let’s ride…

Back in the Saddle

Wall Street doesn’t climb  a “Wall of Worry” as many have supposed (and mindlessly parroted).  No, Wall Street reflects an unstable formula of free money.  Many variables to it, though.  The Fed is still printing $1.5 trillion a year in “made-up” money to cover the budget deficit the incompetent (and did I mention democrat? ) House made up?

Then there’s a run away presidency: open borders and now buying Iranian oil – strictly against the law – after hammering the U.S. coal industry, axing pipelines, and driving a stake through American Energy Independence.

Now, toss in the cryptos with their back-alley Game of Fools.  Where the weekend saw excursions into the $33,000 range with noise trading driving up to $36,331 when I looked earlier.

If you haven’t been playing the modern analog to Tulip Mania in the 1600s, take comfort is not being the (dumbshitz!) who bought Bitcoin when it was over $64.000.  Better to miss a potential gain than book an  actual loss.

Ransomware Outlaw’s Beef

Since we’ve got a Western motif going today, let’s look at the Wild, Wild West of the Internet where the crypto rustlers have hit JBS – one of the world’s largest beef suppliers.  In case you haven’t “herd” here are a couple of starting points:

The Big Media Lie?

You will, please notice, that the MainStream (sell-out) Media has failed to point out that ransomware attacks like this are all made possible by what?


See:  If there wasn’t an untraceable, off-books, way to collect, there would be no “ransomware” because the perps are in this to make money.

When an outfit like Colonial pays a ransom, the programming collective doesn’t call out for hookers, pizza, and booze.  Well, maybe  a little…

No, they add outlaws to the gang.  And next thing you know, what happens?

Didn’t you EVER learn anything from all those stage coach holdups in Western movies?

All sets the stage to make cryptos illegal (globally) unless it transits a government clearing house where (my, ain’t this gonna be convenient?) income and VAT type taxes can be levied.

I swear, people run  out and play in the street without looking ahead!

Free Cure for Stupid Reporters

Most reporters are – reflective of the general population – not especially bright. It’s where average comes from.   They report all stores from the “If…” standpoint.

As in IF it’s bad for the economy, like cryptos, expect a rush.

Missing is the logical THEN statement.

As in “IF cryptos are bad for the economy, THEN policymakers will “appease the moneyed interests.”

And that gets to the Capper:  BECAUSE.

Which looks like “IF cryptos are bad for the economy, THEN policymakers will “appease” moneyed interests BECAUSE there’s a payoff or reward in the system for them.

Statistically, most of your friends are too stupid to tie-back the Beef ransomware to the Crypto payment of ransom.  I just happen to be a “steak-holder” lol.

Climate Lies Fade

We don’t believe Joe Biden is self-aware enough to realize he (and the whole U.S. Congress) has been  lied to about Climate Change.  Yet.

But, as a non-partisan (who owns a legit tree farm and 32-solar panels and is a co-gen operator selling back to the grid) surely Mr. B has to see it?  Maybe not.

See:  Killing Coal was supposedly to Save us from Climate Change.

Let’s review some recent data, shall we?

With those two “get-started’s” we then move on to some useful (IF) questions.

Like What would the beginning of a New Ice Age look like?  IF… World expert on this is Robert Felix, author of the best-selling book on point: Not by Fire but by Ice: Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs…and Why It Could Soon Kill Us.

Then, take the time to read what he posted on the Ice Age Now web site this weekend:  Record cold across Northeast dating back to the 1800s.

And in a post by Ray Kraft on the same site, pay attention to the long-term data chart in Temperatures have been FALLING for the past 8,000 years – Ice Age Now.

Fact is, Climate has been changing forever.  No need to tax, no need to single out the U.S.  We have bigger issues.  Like the domestic insurgency…

The Woke Joke

This just keeps getting better:  that is, if by “better” you mean deepening racial divisions in the insurgency formerly named America.

As we have been warning, where does “White shaming” lead?  Try this on for size:  ‘Kill everything white in sight!’: Shocking footage from ‘National Black Power Convention’ emerges online from over at The Post Millennial.

By the way, also on point:  Black Lives Matter St. Paul Founder Says He ‘Resigned’ After Learning the ‘Ugly Truth’ (in  File this under “As we’ve been saying…”

The Slo: Pickpocket

The (yes, still socialist, still giving slow Joe and the Kamunist a free pass because it’s what domestic Marxist media does…) Mainstream Media is trying to talk-over the Bidenista plans to invoke a retroactive capital gains tax.

Nutty?  You bet.  But don’t call out Slo on this:  Biden Budget Calls for Retroactive Capital Gains Tax Hike  says theThinkAdvisor.

OK, facts are in there.  But what about the “papering over?”  Try: Financial advisers say Biden’s retroactive capital-gains tax hike gives them wiggle room.  We will all need to be more Trump-like?  Help!

Pretty quick?  We can see the elements of the Slo Joe $6-billion dollar budget blocking out like this to “balance the books” on runaway spending:

A little early for the pencil, my back of the envelope says $5.1 Trillion of revenue right there.  WHAT???  ViseGrips on the forearm!  Stat!

What?  Cause and effect: Currency Wars Return: China Hikes FX Reserve Ratio For First Time In 14 Years In Bid To Weaken Yuan.

Slinking Ahead

Naturally, the Hype in the pre-open assumes everyone is stupid and can’t read the tax hike story.  As usual, when running cattle, they’ll put in the corner posts (we call ’em pull-posts out here on the range).  Then, the “wiggle room” will be “amended out” in 5-6 months.  Thus, a low-pain threshold thanks to complicit media.  Max tax with hidden facts.

But hell, don’t take my word for it.  Sit back and watch.

This morning the Dow futures were +190 and the S&P +18 and change.  Stupid is as stupid does.

Wars?  What Wars?

Two decades I have been writing about the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars.  Yet who sees ’em?

Take Ukraine, for example:  Besides the Dnieper Petroleum basis, Ukraine’s about strategic pipeline routes.  Knowing this, After launch of Nord Stream 2, Russia to disconnect Ukraine completely from transit to EU – Zelensky ( will make more sense,

Which is why, with Russia’s massive maneuvers along their border, Ukraine to hold air defense military drill – Xinhua.

Now that we’ve gone and mentioned China’s axe-grinding?  Two items over Taiwan to put in your pipe:  No Water No Microchips: What Is Happening In Taiwan? ( and Taiwan is right in the center of U.S.-China battle for tech supremacy, says Alastair Newton (on

Let’s do one of those IF-THEN-BECAUSE look-ahead’s, right?

IF you are China and IF Taiwan as assets like chip-making capacity THEN you hide behind reunification BECAUSE you get a two-fer.  One is cutting the U.S. off at the Chips and two is getting them for China.


Toss in the resources in the Middle East (and that HUGE petroleum reserve off Israel and Lebanon, with Syria owning the pipeline blocking position north from the Tamar and Leviathan fields) and it’s all crystal clear.  Despite the saber rattling neocons in the State Department, any fool can pencil ahead a few years.  In a word?  Trouble.

Although we don’t need to wait.  Just wake up and count: Decade of Syria war killed nearly 500,000 people: new tally (

Mish-Mash and Trash

Doesn’t matter outside Texas, but:  Texas Democrats leave House floor, effectively blocking passage of restrictive voting bill for now.  Except that now the Governor, Greg Abbott is hinting he won’t pay lawmakers who leave and don’t work…which is what taxpayers (like us) pay for; Not walkouts.  A kind of sneaker ransomware?

Since we like electric vehicles, this caught our eye first thing:  World’s Breath-Taking Foldable Electric Bike: Svitch Bikes | Newswire.  No pricing, but we’re thinking they won’t be free…  80-mile range is useful, though.

Algorithmic charge control – a field I was once intimately involved in – is moving along: Xiaomi’s Latest Technology Can Fully Charge A Device In 8 Minutes (  Eventually, it will get to quick-charging electric bikes and vehicles.  (I’d wheel out the whiteboard for a discussion of thermal limits of high voltage charging.  But the short answer is temperature control to prevent thermal runaway is the “secret sauce” in this technology.)

If you think the U.S. has “lost it” consider this:  Steven Seagal Joins New Pro-Kremlin Party – The Moscow Times.  Could the remnants of an American Middle Class link to the re-emergent Middle Class in what was once a “worker’s paradise” and leap-frog the follower class in politics?  We won’t  even ask how you can go from being  a Reserve Deputy Chief in  Jefferson Parish, Louisiana to being a naturalized Russian citizen…though it would be an interesting convo.

The Vatican ought to sue:  Seems their “population wins over time” concept has been expropriated as China Eases Birth Limits To Cope With Aging Society.

Grin and Bare It, maybe?  National Smile Day 2021: Quotes To Elevate Mood.

Looking Ahead

It’s Job Week:  ADP tomorrow, Challenger job cuts and new unemployment claims Thursday, then federal numbers Friday.  As always, our focus will be on total number of people actually working…

Peoplenomics tomorrow lays out how “woke” in America is filling the same marketing/social-manipulation scheme as the Red Guards filled in China’s Cultural Revolution.  We’re just not aware of the framework being used.

On that note, another swig of Kona and off to the day’s task list.

Write when you get rich,

57 thoughts on “Saddle-Up, Climate Lies Fade, Ransomware’s Beef”

  1. The $100 note is the preferred method of payment for criminals. The EU stopped the 500E note because it was the favored currency for criminals. There are more $100 notes in circulation now than $1 notes, most of them overseas, and most are used by criminals and terrorists. In the digital age there is no need for $100 notes. Shouldn’t they be outlawed?

    “A puzzling surge in the number of $100 bills in circulation and the planned demise of the 500-euro bank note have resurrected debate on the need for three-digit currency at all, given their favor with criminals around the globe.”

    $100 bills in circulation soar to a record, hinting at rise in global criminal activity

    Most of the foreign Benjamins, it seems safe to assume, are in the possession of kleptocrats, drug lords, warlords, oligarchs, terrorists and assorted other varieties of extremely nasty and powerful people.

    • BTC = a Distributed – TRUSTLESS – Ledger !

      VALUE U morons – TRUSTLESS = That is VALUE..

      BTC does NOT Facilitate Crime – genius. Exactly the Opposite, need to get a clue of 2 regardz the Bitcoinz.

      BTC is still semi transparent, takes time and sleuthing to track – but Can be tracked. Nice Try – still a Fail.

      U see CIA/FBI “overseers” taking or paying BTC ??? * there are/were never any “good” agents – the ones been standing by silent all these years, as their fellow officers& superiors run roughshod over the American populace – jus like any good Overseers’ would..

      NO – Dirty,Cold, Hard Cash, unless U be in the employ of the off world nasties..Platinum bee the “coin” of that realm..

      “Facilitates Crime” still rotflmfao!

      • Apparently Colonial paid via crypto. You need to call and enlighten them. Blockchain is nothing more than a hard to du0plicate unique number at its core. Wrapped up in hype, deep-fried maybe… More easily washed… Remember I lived in a tax haven offshore for two years. Seen it all. Shadow banks and all.

    • Most of the people I see flashing wads of $100 bills at local markets would appear and sound to be from South of the border; I would expect that most are undocumented small business owners running a lawful cash business. Flaunting the roll of 100’s under a gringo bystander’s nose seems to be a status symbol in some circles. This is social business as usual in Texas, not international conspiracy.

      • Bank of America spits out $100 bills at their ATM’s. It beats counting lots of 20’s, and 50’s are too easily confused with 20’s. If you live a cash life even when all your income is legit, then you get to feel the pain of spending, and so will spend less. It’s worked for me.

        Not all “legit” businesses and governments are honest, and all of them make mistakes. That, and there’s all the lawyers looking for alleged “negligence” or tort. Keeping your resources where they’re hard to steal is just common sense.

        If people are deprived of large denomination bills and cryptos, they will use “art”, collectibles, jewels, PM’s, ammo, food, Tide, or anything else as a substitute. Denying human nature is generally a bad idea. Having wealth is generally good. Displaying it is both occasionally useful and can be really dangerous to both health and said wealth.

        There are truly bad players and dishonest people. They make use of less traceable units of value to do dishonest things. The rest of us use these things for legitimate purposes. If I had the time to waste on cryptos, I’d play with them just for fun, but with the full realization that they’re as ephemeral as winnings in a casino as the next hand is being dealt.

  2. “If there wasn’t an untraceable, off-books, way to collect, there would be no “ransomware” because the perps are in this to make money”

    Right because there were no hackers and no ransom demands before crypto. Sure cryto makes it easier to transact without government oversight, but even without crypto, criminals are innovative and will continue to do bad things. I assume you also blame the guns for all the murder in the Chicago gang areas. Maybe you blame encryption when the nefarious plan attacks using those tools. You should not blame the tool when humans being human use it for things for which it was not intended. Yes these hackers are scum, but they do highlight the critical need for companies and people to take IT security seriously, because when the sh_t hits the fan and we have true nation states attacking each other, there will not be any ransom to be paid to restore services quickly.

    • OK, you did see where Colonial paid with crypto, right? Denial is hard.
      I suspect you have a cryp-wallet and have skin in the game.

      • I’ve had two ransomware attacks in the past few years. Neither required crypto. With the first one, no money was sent. I just reformatted the hard drive – a good reason to keep backups. With my second ransom attack, I paid by credit card. But I did not let it go after the payment. After the criminals got the machine working, I was able to find four viruses. I snail mailed them to the credit card bank in New York along with a challenge to the payment. I also offered to travel anywhere in the world to testify against the perpetrators. The bank credited my account, so it did not cost me anything. But I never heard from them about the evidence that I sent.

    • The hackers of whom you speak were thieves. They diverted funds from a cracked institution into a legitimate bank account in a legit bank. They also spent hundreds or thousands of hours sifting trash and wardialing, to find an “in,” then set up the (at that time still Swiss) bank accounts into which to dump funds after finding a way to steal them.

      The ransomware “hackers” write a trojan with a worm payload, which invades & crawls a network and creates a back door. Once the backdoor is installed, they send in a virus to ride the worm, the function of which is to lock & black-screen every infected computer, on command. The “command” is either a time function, or a percentage (of computers infected) function. They then mailbomb the company or institution until someone clicks the E-Mail link, and sit back and wait…

      Personally, while I’ve fought against both, I find thieves to be a lot more “honest” than extortionists…

      Two quick critiques:

      Cryptos really DO make the transfer of untraceable “currency” a lot easier.

      In an honest country (snicker), we’d have $1000 and $10,000 circulating currency. A 2020 $100 bill represents relatively the same purchasing power as a 1966 $10 bill. All dem Bennies in yer wad ain’t worth any mo’ den the wad of sawbucks yer grandpappy carried, ‘cepten he worked fo’ his.

      BTW $1000s and $10,000s WERE circulating currency in 1966…

  3. Re: Ransomware attacks.

    Am I mis-remembering or didn’t some early hackers that were paid off in BC get tracked down due to the ledger incorporated into the crypto? I thought the whole idea of crypto currencies being promoted by Central Banks was their traceable nature so they can track your purchases for socio-economic grading.

    And about the retroactive taxes – certain remote viewers are predicting a significant amount of non-participation across the nation next year at tax time. Idiotic plays like this out of the District of Corruption could certainly push us in that direction. I’m hoping my loss carry-over from last year holds even though I’m not in the projected income level! They always manage to find reasons to hit the Middle Income people one way or another.

  4. George,

    Read your Sunday article about anti-aging, which made some very good points. I would, however, like to share info from an article I read (I believe it was on Lew Rockwell website). That article, which was based upon a medical doctor’s research, stated that L-Arginine could contribute to making an individual more susceptible to viral infections. It went on to state that L-Lysine was very anti-viral and was essential to protecting your health from viral infections. Cheese is a good source for L-Lysine. Makes “cutting the cheese” more acceptable.

      • My favorite who stepped on a duck story .. was I was stocking shelves at a grocery store.. and I had sinkers.. ( they drop to the floor until they mix with air and rise lol) sitting on a milk crate facing the bottom shelf and I felt a big one coming.. since I didn’t want to endure the event and the traffic had slowed.i got up walked to the end of the isle.. let it loose and shook it out .. went back to work away from the noxious fumes. Around the corner comes a young couple with a baby.. the wife immediately stops.. her eyes got as big as pie plates and she grabs the kid.. pulls it out and puts its butt to her nose and with a loud sniff to see if it soiled its diaper.. outside the baby backing the cart and starts smacking her husband telling him .. I thought I told to never do that In public all the way down the isle hes saying.. but honey it wasn’t me.. lol lol lol…
        The retail law on fluffies.. if you let one loose in an empty isle immediately afterwards an attractive woman will come around the corner. OTFLMAO

  5. Not sure how you manage to cover so much in such a short column George but it is now my only morning read. You didn’t even mention COVID.

    Your Canadian friends are envious watching 140,000 screaming fans at the Indy 500 and upwards of 20,000 indoors unmasked fans at indoor hockey arenas the last few days. While we continue to do battle with COVID and our government here and look forward to malls and restaurants reopening (my wife and I have not been to a restaurant since February 2020), we are happy for you.

    The virus has left the USA and moved north (must have something to do with climate change).

    • “watching 140,000 screaming fans at the Indy 500”

      Bear in-mind, “The Brickyard” sat 450,000 people, before Tony George screwed-up Indy-car racing. They’ve twice cut capacity, not because of the Fire Marshal, but because George didn’t want any TV cams “seeing” any empty seats…

  6. -some very hard truths, G;

    Bitcoinz vs central bankerz/alien repto reps – is the overarching framework at work here – prisoner gu49.
    – why do think they “consume” SO many of our young children? ”

    They” used to shove it in Ureface on the back of milk cartons – great way to start Ure morning – looking at the sweet face of an innocent missing entertainer, unh I mean Meal.

    ..only the Global freedom of Humanity is at stake in this battle.
    Lines R drawn.
    Prison screws (vatican/royal euro houses /alphabets) all desperately trying to get control of the “genie”, HODL’ers be dammed – BTC/ Hold On for Dear Life.

    In other global revolutionary war newz -Greater Idaho – no U da USD Ho, G.

    – is gaining momentum and members, it b gone, ore -gone.

    Calizuala is next – taking a little longer, as the HiC, (homoincharge) cant seem to get his head outta of someone elses ass, ever.
    Aunt pigloser must be sooo disappointed her nephew, the cute lil butt pirate.

    Obviously canada is gone – taking a knee for blm, such a proud moment in canadian history – right up there with Hundreds of THOUSANDS of Abused, Tortured, Murdered & Rendered 1 st Peoples Children – Who ran those schools – vatican & anglican , Proud history aye?

    – Oil & Lumber = U be toast – bye nice knowing you, F-ing commie planet killerz..

    I bees surrounded by vile commie s- to west (shitcago,calizuala&orebegone), commiez to north (new yawk shity-gone), commies to the right of me – lewd jersey, commies to the south ) (MD/DE/governor coonfacebabykilla -VA).

    Pennslytucky 1st Regiment – “the apple corps” – defending the republic & our way of life – for which it stands. -thats gonna send the “feds” scrambling.
    No, he aint no wolf- more like a sickly,mangy coyote..his ex health secretary – how U like me now – rachel Gericide levine – is now Ures health secretary. hahahahhaha – self loathing pig that it is/was.

    Wonder if they figured out what that kiln is for ? the bat cave. Charcoal – check, Sulpher -check..

    Taking aim at ALL alphabet government , filthy scum, have been anal raping & torturing and or covering up such vile actions for ages, and their masters. All the same above regards mass shooting incidents in USA .

    ?Sold or already forfeit – their Souldz that is? the by, anyone seen or heard from comey & friends lately ?

    * That aint “our” President, and that certainly aint “our’ Congress & Senate – majority illegitimate, all stolen elections for past 5 election cycles, at least. Supremely comprised court – roberts meeting in Malta the day after citizens united vote..

    Keep in mind – There aint No Law – when there is No One around to Enforce It .

  7. “now buying Iranian oil…” You need a full time fact checker.

    “Documents show US seized Iranian crude oil off UAE coast, sold it for $110m
    Tanker said to have been subjected to forfeiture under American anti-terrorism statutes as Revolutionary Guard tried to use it to sell crude oil to China.”

    “A cargo of 1.033 million barrels of Iranian crude oil landed on U.S. shores in March, data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed, the second shipment of Iranian oil to be imported into the United States since 1991.
    The cargo was registered in EIA data released late last week for the month following the seizure by U.S. authorities of the Liberian-flagged tanker Achilleas, which was transporting Iranian crude. The seizure was in line with tough economic sanctions imposed by Washington on Tehran over its nuclear programme and the U.S. designation of a number of Iranian groups as terrorist organisations, continuing decades of rancour between the two nations. Iran rejects U.S. accusations of wrongdoing.”

  8. Climate getting cooler? Hmm, Must be why they are about to rename Glacier National Park to Bare Rocks National Park? True on Mt Hood too. Look at pictures from about 1900.

    And why the growing seasons are all getting longer…..


  9. the most dangerous part of demanding a ransom, is picking up the ransom without being trapped or caught with marked money. Where there is a will, there is a way, and rich bastards don’t like having their money stolen. They have the means to find a way to catch the lessor thieves. Unless it is a covert way to transfer $ to support hidden illegal work and the board members play like they are victims.

    Quote for the day, this was taught to me by my Dad “if a man will lie to you, he will steal from you”
    the lame stream news media lies to us every day, they want to steal our freedom, make US slaves, serfs

    • Since biden and company are lying every day they appear in public, we can presume that they intend to steal us blind. That presumptions seems corrrect.

      I fail to see how a retro-active tax is different from an ex-post-facto law. As such, it’s illegal on its face. How do they justify that to the few of us remaining with common sense? Any such action would tend to remove honest players from the game.

  10. George,

    I could go on and on (and sometimes do) about the climate non-sense. Even the most casual observer should’ve picked on the fact of what you pointed out yesterday…all of the locations where negative climate changes are being observed are far flung and can’t be verified by most people. That’s a red flag #1.

    Red Flag #2…it’s consequences are ALL bad. It’s the end…the sky is falling…there is NO silver lining. That’s a sales technique and not part of the scientific method.

    Red Flag #3 is that NONE of their doomsday predictions have come to pass. Not a single one. As Dr. Richard Feynman stated:

    “In general we look for a new law by the following process. First we guess it. Then we compute the consequences of the guess to see what would be implied if this law that we guessed is right. Then we compare the result of the computation to nature, with experiment or experience, compare it directly with observation, to see if it works. If it disagrees with experiment it is wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science. It does not make any difference how beautiful your guess is. It does not make any difference how smart you are, who made the guess, or what his name is – if it disagrees with experiment it is wrong. That is all there is to it.”

    Which leads to Red Flag #4…Rebranding. What you don’t do when you realize your theory is garbage and everyone knows it is to rebrand it from Global Warming to Climate Change and when that doesn’t work keep rebranding it. Changing the name and not your theory doesn’t change anything about our bad idea. It sucks and so do you.

    I could play the red flag game all day because there are so many.

    Any of these are good enough reasons to take a closer look at the data and not the prognostications and ask the question ‘why’? Why go to all of the trouble to sell this to the world?

    I have a hypothesis about that. I think it’s the same old game that’s been played on people since forever. The group leader or shaman points out a completely normal natural process that has nothing to do at all with humans and then tells the group that because of their sins something terrible will happen to the group. To ward off the claimed disaster, the group must repent and perform some action that is detrimental to them and beneficial to the group leader or the shaman and greatly increases the ruling class power and control of the group. Of course, management won’t be required to perform whatever the curative behavior is. That’s for the commoners.

    At this point, we might as well be throwing virgins (if you can find any) into volcanoes. It will have the same exact mitigating influence on climate as ‘reducing your carbon footprint’ or paying a global tax to unelected bureaucrats….which is zero.

    This is all about financial frameworks and control and nothing to do about the climate.

    A good source of information and data analysis is:

  11. There is more to crypto than what the price is today. People did not understand the internet before CompuServe and AOL made it easy to use.

    Blockchain is an evolution in computing and will disrupt outdated and inefficient systems regardless of how we feel about it.

    Once upon a time I sounded like you George, that was in 2017. I placed my bets then and waited a few years pocketing a 10x return and leaving plenty of house money in the game to keep playing with.

    Currently I run a small mining farm in my basement and have done quite well with the return on initial investment. Paid for itself in 100 days, now it’s just profit minus cost of power, and it heats my home in winter.

    You are great and I have learned alot from you over the years, but I think you are missing the potential of the blockchain technologies by focusing of the price instead of what it does.

    Metcalfe’s law is 100% in effect.

    Not saying you need to buy any crypto,but I don’t think you know enough about it yet.

  12. June, UFO/UAP Disclosure Month!

    I’m seeing a confusion falling across the land again. Two are easy.

    Notice how Bitcoin is now “untraceable”? We’ve been reading flip/flops back and forth, now untraceable/before traceable.

    Wuhan Lab is another. Now it’s possible the virus is man made and did come from Wuhan Labs.

    I got this one from Drudge/AP:

    China reports human case of H10N3 bird flu, a possible first

    No human case of H10N3 has been reported elsewhere, the commission said.

    “This infection is an accidental cross-species transmission,” its statement said. “The risk of large-scale transmission is low.”

    • So, it begins, with a shot across the bow. An accidental cross species transmission. That is the next stage to hit America and the world, and they will cull towards starvation.

      Fraud Fauci will try to hang on to celebrate this long-awaited development.

  13. Clif High recommended Bitcoin at $10 in 2012.Unfortunately for me,I passed.That is a lot more than a potential gain.That would have been a life changing,lottery type win.

    • I had this same experience as well. Discussing with my co-worker about price increases when it was 400$ per coin. Do you believe the next 10 years will be similar to the last 10. If so, it is not to late to put a little into the market and watch. If nothing else you learn how to perhaps create a wallet, buy some crypto and protect it. Worse case you spend some money to learn about a new technology. Best case your cash performs better then in Fiat. Never invest any money in a single asset class you cannot afford to lose. The sad thing here is we know how our Fed has treated the greenback over the past 30 years. What is George fond of quoting, that it has lost around 97% of its purchasing power.

      • The next 10 years will be even better for Crypto. I found a prophecy to back stop against. And some posters here love a good prophecy.

        The White Horse Prophecy

        “Joseph Smith is alleged to have uttered a prophecy in 1843 alluding to the four horses in the Book of Revelation….”

        “….The White Horse will find the mountains full of minerals and they will become rich. You will see silver piled up in the streets. You will see the gold shoveled up like sand. Gold will be of little value then, even in a mercantile capacity; ”

      • Umm…try again:

        “The so-called ‘White Horse Prophecy’ is based on accounts that have not been substantiated by historical research and is not embraced as Church doctrine.
        – Kim Farrah, representative from Church Public Affairs [1]”

        People cited Scripture as calling turns throughout history. To their financial detriment most times.
        When applying faith, apply to the heart, not the wallet.
        Me? Still waiting to inherit the Earth. Though Covid’s a start, might grant you that.
        So if it is, who keeps the net going?>

      • “have not been substantiated”

        Today’s elders of the Mormon church are hiding the truth, or possibly outright lying. All the churches do it.

        A “mountain of minerals” does sound impossible, until an asteroid is dragged back to this rock.

      • “Joseph Smith is alleged to have uttered a prophecy in 1843 alluding to the four horses in the Book of Revelation….”

        I love a good prophesy…Now I am a Member of the LDS and I am a proud member with a deep faith( even though I am mostly shunned because I had employers that insisted that you work on the sabbath during meeting times LOL because of that I don’t have a deep enough faith.. and I am opinionated.. no one is perfect.. ) .. but seriously you need to go to BYU’s library and read the old diaries and manuscripts.. on this and the stance of the elders on Race relations.. just like the Old testament and the Quran or the Torah the views were made by men to fit the beliefs of the communities leaders..
        He may have said it.. and it is mentioned in some of the older diaries.. but.. like the armchair coach or football player.. I sitting in the arm chair can see the mistakes of the players.. and can imagine that I could do it better or give better council.. in reality.. I am not the one playing in the game..

      • A person might take a date to the track and blow $100.00. Think of Crypto’s as betting at the track.

        Or perhaps take a date to the local festival. Just about everyone participates in pull-tabs and 50/50s. Buy a raffle ticket today and wait for the future drawing.

    • I remember that Tom..
      I didn’t jump then for the same reasons I wouldn’t now..its dark pool money and not real..
      I do wish I could have found someone to make the trade for Microsoft stock when it first came out.. i had 2500.00 and a friend had the same one would do a stock trade for less than 50,000.00 and we checked with everyone.. the same with Cisco.. and us as bottom feeders didn’t know enough people with any resources.. we are the paycheck to paycheck group

  14. virgin, use to mean an unmarried woman.
    Not someone who never screwed.
    Just an unmarried woman….
    Everything else is BS laid on by power hungry Male with ample assistance from other Females..
    Strange,strange world.
    Strange will get you Gonorehea, HIV ,Human papiloma Virus which causes VD Warts, cervical cancer,prostate Cancer,Rectal cancer,and throat Cancers. Get the HPV Vaccine. Even old Guys .
    VD is prevalent in old folks ,rising rates in 50 to 75 year olds.
    Especially HIV. Use condoms,get tested before and after each new partner or every three months. …
    Ain’t LIFE a Treat. Think I will stick with my lady of 50 yrs dating and 48 married.. We still have so much FUN and it is so nice . Damn,I are Lucky..

    • As the awareness of risks went up around 1990-2000 region, Ure hisself stopped playing Pechewzelwhacker roulette when he met his missus, too. Monogamy is great. For everything else there is death or the playground equipment breaking.

      • “playing Pechewzelwhacker roulette”

        Working on the floor of a medical facility.. there was a very good looking young man.. ( bisexual) every female worker ( married or single) had sex with him. He was the luckiest CS in the building.. during his lunch breaks his car was always rocking.. even though his boyfriend had full blown aids.
        The worker was HIV positive..
        In Kansas city I was reading about an escort that had aids and even though she knew it was having sex with over 400 guys. They were searching for her clients.. that is one reason I think it should be legalized and regulated.. with regular medical exams.
        Old men whose wives have stopped because of health reasons and young executives that are to busy making coin to have relationships.. it will always be the oldest profession

    • In all my life of playground roulette, I never managed to catch a “social disease”. Neither did a woman who captured my heart(and body) many years ago, though she was certainly “at risk”, unfortunately much more so than myself. I’m sure there’s bugs out there, but we all have immune systems designed to handle the natural ones. If you have a “one and only” that you’re committed to sexually, that’s great. For those of us still challenged, we get what we can where we can, as we continue to hope for a “good enough” one to stay with for life.

  15. Can you tell me why, if the Mint is out of silver, and most bullion is out of stock, why did spot silver go down today?

  16. “If you think the U.S. has “lost it” consider this: Steven Seagal Joins New Pro-Kremlin Party – The Moscow Times. ”

    NOW I am a proud American and love my country very much.. Hmm..But it isn’t hard to imagine how he came to the conclusion.. or why he choose to be a fan..
    Listen to the leaders.. watch his movies..First off all of his movies portraited him of doing the right thing.. fighting evil for the american people to be just..I think he picked those roles because that is what he believed and by playing the roles was able to utilize his skills as a martial artist.
    that is a non real life character.. but he was the one that took the roles and picked those roles because of the image of the character he would portrait..
    I know a Russian girl that is now an American citizen.. she can’t go home to see her grandma.. the reason.. she has a tattoo and is a single mother.. in Russia they see her as having been corrupted..
    Now back to the news.. the newspapers read just like here.. the same stories the same fears.. but in russia you can walk down the street in any city and not be mugged.. you don’t have people marching and destroying neighborhoods.. or if they do they don’t do it very long.. Russia isn’t the conqueror they only go into countries that ask for their help.. not just because some stupid shizthead doesn’t have enough of whatever he is coveting today.. ( control over natural resources, land etc..) Then consider the year he made his decision.. was the year of the huge fake news story about horrific events being made on children by the elite and powerful..

    even today we see those that should be protecting the people of this country burying events and information claiming it is all fake news just because of who it is about..
    all of that news is fake though .. they have told us so..

    politicians that are deemed untouchable and unsafe city streets.. Now if he believed the story or seen trends similar to what was being said the violence in the streets the degrading of the american as the home of the free.. it isn’t really hard to see why he made the decisions he made..Or why he see’s the positive
    when you listen to putin.. he has the message of restraint and reason.. He would be a fierce foe if cornered or you threaten his people.. compared to the USA you can walk down the city street in a major city and not worry about whether or not your child is going to be shot going to kindergarten.. just because they were in the wrong area..
    I am sure that the elite there are just as corrupt as here and that information is being hidden away just like here.. But with the overall image is that they are for the people..

  17. George, long time lurker here. First visit in several months but the web designer in me is ever so slightly irked by the new nested comment formatting… Why have a nested box for the reply-comment, then have the body of that reply in yet another box?

    If you open your browser developer console and run a couple of commands you’ll see a great improvement IMHO – which you can relay to your web developer if you agree.

    Press F12 to open the browser Console (make sure you’re on the Console tab).
    Paste this command then hit enter:
    That will remove the reply boxes. Then run this one:
    That will introduce a bit of spacing after the commenter’s name & timestamp area.

    Aaahhh! Much better!

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