MemDay: Weather Whiners and More

Don’t look now, but the climate racket is crashing.

It comes as weather in the US-Northeast is cold for this time of year.  Torpedoing, in the process, the “climate change bogeyman” currently being monetized.  Coney Island, New York | Current Weather Forecasts, Live Radar Maps & News was reporting 51 degrees F a few minutes before 7AM.  Rain, cold air to greet Northeast for holiday weekend  reports AccuWeather.

The truth about climate is hard to get at:  Too many people are working “angles” to make some dough on this long-running hysteria.  Still, if you read widely – and don’t buy into partisanship (which is the first step in shaking you down for money in social/woke movements) – sentences appear in solid reporting that should tip you off.

Take for example last month:  Yahoo reported in Questioning the Climate-Change Narrative, which reviews a rational climate book, three items that might shock climate partisans:

  • “Humans have had no detectable impact on hurricanes over the past century.
  • Greenland’s ice sheet isn’t shrinking any more rapidly today than it was 80 years ago.
  • The net economic impact of human-induced climate change will be minimal through at least the end of this century.”

If you have summer reading blanks to fill-in, you could do worse that putting Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters ($12 bucks on Kindle) on your get to it list.

While You’re At It…

Two more late spring observations:

First, when Steven Koonin’s book started to make waves about the “rate of change” in Greenland being semi-stable over 80+ years, the climate club fired back with linguistically even “hotter emo words” to keep people from thinking independently about the data.

In bait-and-switch, the new narrative buzz words are “tipping-point” and “mercury” since these test well.  Scary.  As in Greenland Glaciers May Be Leaking Mercury in Scientific American. And as in Clear Signs That Part of the Greenland Ice Sheet Is Close to a Tipping Point (

Might we offer some rational critical thinking for a change?  How about Ma Nature has been leaking everything throughout the history of Earth?  Lava, oil, mercury, everything water or acid-soluble.

And as for “tipping points?”  I grew up spending a lot of time in Eastern Washington.  There, the evidence of “climate change” was evident as the North American Ice Sheets melted-off and left huge canyons washed out from the landscape (more correctly: coulees).

History Matters

Remarkably, massive leaks of (everything) and massive erosion aside, Life continued.  No alarmists.  No young Climateers trying to land a high-paying research gig to pay back too many student loans.  No networks (liker CNN) going “all-in” on climate change now that Trump-hating has left the building.

Which gets to the next book on my recommended reading list to keep you from of climate cons and Niburu nonsense:  Dr. Patrick Moore’s rationalist touchstone “Fake: Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom.”  $7.50 on Kindle.

From the pitch page, it’s pretty clear Dr. Moore’s thinking runs on the same tracks as ours:

“It dawned on me one day that most of the scare stories in the media today are based on things that are either invisible, like CO2 and radiation, or very remote, like polar bears and coral reefs. Thus, the average person cannot observe and verify the truth of these claims for themselves. They must rely on activists, the media, politicians, and scientists – all of whom have a huge financial and/or political interest in the subject – to tell them the truth. This is my effort, after 50 years as a scientist and environmental activist, to expose the misinformation and outright lies used to scare us and our children about the future of the Earth. Direct observation is the very basis of science. Without verified observation it is not possible to know the truth. That is the sharp focus of this book.”

People who live “lightly on the world” do not have to be stupid.  Monetizations are bad for the planet.  But, don’t get me started on “growth doom” – where we eventually kill the planet by trying to save it.

So Let’s Do a Call-Out

I’ve told you (literally since Day 1 of the China virus) that it sure looked like a bioweapon had escaped, to us.  Now, event top Biden military advisers are admitting as much.  They are not alone: UK spies believe the theory that COVID-19 escaped from a Wuhan lab is ‘plausible’ and are trying to recruit darknet sources as they investigate it, says report says a report on

So after killing off how many world wide?  3,542,587 deaths.  No telling what long-term fall-out will be from 1.8-billion doses of vaccines which never got around to long-term clinical trials; only used on an “emergency” (meaning you can’t sue anyone) basis?

How is it then, that the JCC (Junior Climateer Corps) hasn’t demanded an end to all imports from China since its reported today that “China to allow couples to have three children instead of two (”

In  the spirit of Dr. Moore’s “local and logical” we figure it’s clear that more humans are bad for climate.  Or, are we the only ones turning over synapses on holiday weekends?

Hysteria and Histrionics

Got ’em by the boatload.  Strapped in??

92 earthquakes and tremors recorded in 24 hours around Mount Nyiragongo volcano,” reports CNN.  Bet me they will come up with a climate angle on this threat to Congo?

Expect another round of attacks on gun ownership as anti-Constitution forces are bound rally around “Two dead and over 20 injured in Miami mass shooting.”   Still: if libs don’t like the Constitution, go ahead and put out an Amendment.  You know what that’s going to roll.  But, God, I hate whining about settled law.

Also in the joyful holiday mood: Seattle police shut down massive beach party amid fights, arrests.  With more in There were fights, fires, and even a a striptease on a police cruiser’s roof after a viral TikTok party in Seattle descended into chaos.  Being born up there, I remember when the most exciting thing at Alki was my fish and chips order being ready at Spuds.

Real Finance (BTC)

After kissing $33,894 Saturday, Bitcon is back over $37,111 at click time.  So the dips are still buying…

Look like “rat poison squared” to Warren Buffett, says over here: Bitcoin’s in a slump — here’s why Warren Buffett has hated it all along (  Squared?  We’re fonder of cubism, lol.  If you can follow stand-up math.

Around the Ranch

2-hours of time-sink Sunday into troubleshooting our ranch-wide voice control/ smart home.  Software…blah.

Today, loads of projects.

This week?  Elaine’s got a doctor visit to see how her second hip replacement’s doing.  We’re hoping the doc will tell her it’s OK to stop using the walker and go with the cane.  Since she’s already cast off good sense and is on her feet most of the day.  (Terrible patient!)

I look forward to doctor visits.  A skill learned from Pappy.

Once, while in the Navy, he had to give a urine sample into what looked to all the world like a beer glass.  “How much of a head do you want me to put on that?”  he asked.  Nearly straight-faced.

About the only thing “funny” I have come up with for the doc is:  “Now that Elaine’s got a metal hip, do we have to change from AstroGlide to WD-40?”

If he’s really sharp?  “BOESHIELD T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection/Inhibitor should do it…”

“That come in flavors?”  (rimshot, groans follow).

Write when you get rich,

45 thoughts on “MemDay: Weather Whiners and More”

  1. George
    I sometimes ponder if humans should be dumping as much CO2 into the atmosphere as we can to stave off a coming ice age?

    Or at least moderate it’s cooling effects!

    It’s coming. We just don’t know when it will begin in a definite way.

    There are many variables to the situation. Earths orbital shape, polar inclination, and solar output all impact the global temperature. I’m sure there are other effects we don’t input into the calculus of how an ice age starts.

    For example, the sun has been passing through an area of space filled with interstellar gas as it orbits the galaxy. This gas affect the sun to some degree. How much is unknown as our records are not that old or include non gas affected solar output.

    There is so much we don’t know that it’s somewhat scary!

    Any way I’m off to the store to get some food and pump some CO2 into the air!

    • Variables, yes, but, IF you’re willing to see it, a pattern can be observed as that Galactic Wave sets off the nearest stars, one by one, as it envelops them and Earth’s own magnetic shields take a nose dive preparing to flip as documented by our own scientists’ instruments since the early 1900s. Another good book I’ve been meaning to order is Ben’s book “Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun” over at S0 – Oh, and don’t forget the outermost planets doing some unprecedented things lately as well. Take a stroll through Ben’s YouTube list and become appraised of what’s happening – linked to a NY Times article, if you can ever believe them, this morning – – that talks about what’s happening but gives precious little as to why because that would bring things a little too close to home. Proxima Centauri has blown its cover as well as Betelgeuse that roared to life last year when everyone thought it was dead. I’m beginning to lean more toward beer rather than lead and PMs for the times ahead.

      • and Urban Survival are the two websites I check each morning. The book is well worth the price. ‘Course, I’m a meteorologist from the Navy and a computer geek by degree. Spend the time to watch the video’s and read the articles. Astrophysics and its relationship to the earth is fascinating. Oh, and the correlation between the sun, Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and earthquakes is pretty clear at this point. Good enough to make predictions.

        The Grand Solar Minimum that is deepening right now is the controller of the jet stream. It’s not us, it’s the SUN! I hope everyone knows that the 2 degree drop in temperature, ruined the crops in Denmark and Norway and sent the Vikings raiding in 793. Another grand solar minimum consequence.

        BTW, did anyone see that China is building a space station? Launched another module this weekend. “He who holds the high ground wins the war”. Cant get much higher than space.

      • From what I can tell, the adage of “as above, so below” tends to cover alot regarding our little climate issues. The more changes occur out there, the more social chaos we seem to be enduring here. Ure knows about his work. I suspect he appreciates it, but as I don’t know what’s up in G’s head, so I won’t put words in his mouth.

        S0 is taking his fight for the science heads to give our star more credit for earth changes to the next level. I stand behind him, all the way. The politicizing and monetization of the global scientific community is a stain on humanity and only serves to weaken our ability to reason on an individual level. On a macro level, it discredits them as a whole. I no longer trust the “experts” and do my best to keep an mind open for alternate concepts. There is so much more to know and learn, and these gatekeepers are paid well to make sure we don’t know.

      • China launched another module this weekend? Oh great! Now we’re going to have to play the game of catch again with another 20 ton piece of refuse coming down?

    • The ideal amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide, based on that period of time in which both flora and fauna best flourished on Earth, is ~23,996ppm. The current atmospheric carbon dioxide level is between 50ppm and 170ppm, ( says 409.8ppm average — I don’t have an agenda…) depending on where it’s measured.

      You’ll have to read archaeology and geology pubs to find these numbers, but I assure you they’re there, along with the geological results of said CO2 levels, and projections that Earth would cease viability to support or sustain life if atmospheric CO2 went much below 0.0038%.

      The folks who pray at the Gorical of Al are playing with the wrong end of the number line. CO2 is to plants what O2 is to animals. If’fn the plants asphyxiate, so do we all…

  2. What do you guru patriot flation rampers think of lumber futures crashing 22 percent. No comment obviously when it’s obvious

  3. Funny when ya go on hiking tours and the Guide points and tells ya, “Now them rocks and cliffs over there were creates by glaciers that were once here.” Everybody looks, “ooohs and aaahs.” In amazement but, doesn’t give it any real thought. They get-it that the landscape changed but don’t realize the process is continuing, today. They just don’t comprehend that.

    Glaciers “retreated” from Vermont some 12,500 years ago. No body thought much about it or even knew about it until some guys were digging and found a Whale fossil where it shouldn’t be.

    So, Bernie, of all people should know, sh*t changes naturally. Ya can’t just tax the hell out of people and expect the planet to just stop doing what it naturally does. If people had stopped it back then … Vermont would be under an ice cube and Bernie wouldn’t even have a job.

    If people would use the technology we have today, we might figure out where the “coming changes” will be and, could make the best of it. I think they do, actually … but that’s probably a secret for some. Bastards.

  4. Com’on man! – Coconut Oil G – coconut oil.

    Think a jolly, very “green” Giant.

    -unless of course Ure is a “smallish” 1 pump chump – in which case the “glide” is adequate for Ure light use jobs = little friction/btu generation.

    Full sensory spectrum lube is ALL natural, grows on trees dont cha know.

    lying, if I said I wasnt buying..the dip that is..but alas no BTC for Ure USD sheeps – destined for the trashbin of economic history – talk about “left holdin the bag” -Oh my.

  5. Perhaps you missed the real science on climate change. The lowering of the temperature spread between the arctic and the mid latitudes causes the former jet stream to act more like a meandering river than a directed flow. Sometimes it picks up cold masses from the north and brings them south, followed by warm masses that bring them north. In the Northeast, last Wed it was 90 which is really hot for May. Today its in the 50s, by next weekend back to the 90s. That is the meandering air flow. Chaos is the future, not orange trees in Canada.

    • Kind of like it was right before the last Ice Age. I remember when they found the mastodon with buttercups in its mouth and stomach in Siberia. Ever wonder how THAT happened?

      Whenever I hear uneducated people (to be kind) talking about climate, my response is “It’s the Sun, stupid”.

      I’m a meteorologist by training as well as a computer geek by degree. Read more widely.

      • An event that caused stratospheric air to suddenly descend on an area would cause a flash freeze. It seems that lesser events of this type can happen in mountainous areas resulting in unpredicted cold snaps. Velikovsky types of events “might” trigger such things, or not. What I do know is that when information suppression is in full force, there’s usually a reason.

  6. I like Patrick Moore… very informative book to.. you can read it on academia or audible I am not sure if the have it at or not.. for seven bucks it’s worth it..
    Geres a lecture he gave on the book and he fies ted talks to..

  7. I don’t think that the climate change political narrative is slowing down let alone breaking. Anybody who doesn’t toe the line has to fear getting cancelled or hashtaged for something that has absolutely nothing to do with their professional qualifications. It seems like the climate change politicians are doubling down with “the rule of law” to ensure that nothing gets built unless it is considered “green”. The taxes are increasing and regulations and restrictions are being made permanent. Where is the breakdown? I see a double down.

    • Only if a person is ignorant and foolish enough to depend on the bad-boyz club of spoiled libtard billionaires who hold themselves lord and master over ‘Merica. If you want to speak truth, the boyz making bank and going to bottle and throttle anything that comes between them and cash flow.
      Supporting social media? You’re a fool. Unless they pay you for content – which – oh! – they don’t

  8. “don’t get me started on “growth doom”

    Hmmm… my fear is growth.. we love the three letter letter growth syndrome…. SEX ….

    Whenever I am asked what my take is I say the same thing.. we need to green scape our urban expansion..utilize all forms of energy production.
    Instead… we push for control and the collection of numbers.
    I worked for a facility where the lawn and garden guy landscaped the property .. it was a virtual garden of eden.. fruit and veggies everywhere. At first glance it wasn’t noticable..a beautiful array of flowers and serenity … well laid out.. no one utilized it.. as many times when people asked..where did you get that..and I pointed outside.. today that has all been replaced by asphalt and concrete in the search for numbers..a a world where we cannot produce enough food to provide the population..
    Kind of like a department store.. crush it instead of give it to those that cannot get it..
    Those living on the streets are who will survive .

    • The Filipino clans here love a yard where everything is edible. My friend has been helping me out at the volcano ranch. I’ve got a long list: Taro, pineapple, mountain apple, Achiote’ (annatto seed), Lychee, Guava, Lemon, Ulu (breadfruit), Avocado, Papaya, Mango, Tangerine, Raspberry, Cacao (Got my first homegrown chocolate!) I think carrots will be next in the garden mulch.

      Between all that, and the fisherman down the street who sells his catch, I won’t starve. The volcano slopes are producing farm country.

      • exactly .. the best garden I ever seen was one done by some Vietnamese.. there were several families.. each family had a four foot square space.. they grew everything in that four foot square space..
        just about everything we plant is edible as well here.. my problem is dirt.. when I built the house the contractor took the down payment for the foundation and ran. (that is where I got my ten thousand dollar hammer LOL he left his hammer) so at the end landscaping and some other things had to be put on hold.. my whole yard is clay and gravel..

      • I got you beat there, LOOB. My whole yard is LAVA plate rock, with a thin veneer of organic that barely supports a lawn. The trees have roots down into cracks in the lava rock. Some find a lava tube with plenty moisture, like the lemon tree that explodes with fruit. But the smaller garden areas we had to put raised beds with good mulched soil. Finding a good crack to plant a new tree is a challenge.

  9. You know George every time Climate Change is brought up I think about our old Gov. from the once great state of Washington Dixy Lee Ray and the book she wrote
    Trashing the Planet calling out the then Global Warming crowd still a good read

    • Interviewed her many times – never figured how a smart democrat worked, but there she was.
      Smarter than Al the Climate Pimp by a country smile.

  10. Randal Carlson on Joe Rogan #606 explains how ice cores and ancient floods show the current climate junk science as political show. The earth has a long history written out for us to read in plain sight. The PacNW is an open book of the floods history, just drive thru the landscape and look around.

  11. I’m up to dumping a quart of oil into my car at about every 1,000 mile mark now. The oil is going somewhere. The lady at the oil change shop said the car is burning the oil. I say, “I don’t see smoke.”

    Am I impacting the climate? No more than the latest refinery fire or missile lobbed into Palestine.

    • You must be driving a subaru. I’ve got one that does the same thing. Good upper cylinder lubrication? Lol

      • Saturns do the same, and I’ve got over 360K on the original drive train, with no significant repairs. Just check the oil every couple of pit stops and you’re good to go. The catalytic converter handles minor oil burning with no problem, so the tailpipe gas looks clean.

        It’s much more eco-friendly to drive an older car as far as possible than to buy something new. It’s also far more reliable. I’ll be doing a timing belt change for dear daughter in the near future. I’ve never even thought about this on a car with a timing chain.

    • SAD to say.. but Nothing is free.. everything has a price.. People think there are freebies for the poor but there isn’t.. even with the stimulus or tax rebates.. take the EIC tax credit.. if your poor enough with children it isn’t for you.. Low income home loans.. Nope.. my brother inlaw was griping and I told him.. saddly I never made enough to qualify for any of that free money your talking about.. . if your poor enough you don’t get it or your not eligible to apply for it.. ( I know there are places in the US where they will give you a quarter million dollar loan without any job history or credit… Like my wifes old boss.. got a loan for a billion dollars plus for several facilities in several states.. took the money coming in and didn’t pay on any of the loan.. he got that even with a shizty credit history and a history of defaulting on there are places that are stupid but not in these parts.. you have to have a fairly good credit and a work history and job)
      those receiving any benefits at all are regularly reminded about how rotten they are to get it. even though the ones telling those in need how worthless they are have six figure jobs that depend on those that need their services..( My sister has one of those jobs and she was griping at me I told her.. I agree you should quit your job. she still isn’t talking to me LOL she has all the govt. benefits).. we should have a jobs program where if you get benefits then they put you to work and train you into a position etc… they do that for the illegal refugees and legal refugees.. why not poor US citizens..
      Nothing is for free
      Motto.. TIP a Waitress or other service person.. their wages are the tips they receive..

      • My purpose with the post was to show the parallel between the headlines and the consumer hyperinflation / credit deflation scenarios which I have posted about previously.

        I wish there were jobs with decent living wages and benefits for every American, but you know where many of those jobs went, and who sent them there.

        The money which has been handed out during Covid-19 has had a lot less strings attached to it than previously, and those programs and decrees look like they will end shortly. Having that many programs end in that short a period of time is not going to be anything to celebrate.

        There is poor, and then there is poor with the leg breakers in hot pursuit. I hope none of G____’s readers are looking at that scenario.

    • With pushover dems issuing do-overs on request, you can’t be surprised? Guns and drugs on the wide open border?
      difference between a “certainty of punishment” pistol packing pres and a guy who can barely wall, come on now!

  12. Well.. my quest to build a central air conditioner for a friend of my daughters the design faze is just about finished..
    I kept thinking I should try and make it an air well as well.. my aquaponics project a few years ago was a success and I now have a bunch of bio balls so I will use those instead of cardboard.. since I only have a small fan and to make it a whole house design I need to expand the velocity of the little fan that I am planning on using..
    SO…. JET engine technology should come in handy.. I will make some air foils to increase the velocity of the fan I have.. now to start drinking.. I am going to use cans.. I probably will run to the bar and ask for their sixteen ounce cans .. if they aren’t recycling them.. and will make the whole unit out of cardboard and styrofoam… which shouldn’t be to much of a challenge.. I do have a small water cooler radiator for a computer.. that will work for the dehumidifier part of the unit.. the water should get down to about fifty five degrees that should be cool enough to take the moisture out of the air passing through it.. then use an air foil on the exit as well..
    ????? question is.. should I increase the velocity of the wet air exchange as well? how much more can it cool the water in the exchange portion.. dreamed all night about it.. took it apart and put it back together so many times it is going to be second nature to construct it.. what if.. I used the mini radiator rotation of a vacuumed closed loop system into the reservoir of an alcohol water mixture with expansion coils in the reservoir.. or would that get so cold having the room air boil the mixture in the radiator that it would freeze the water in the reservoir.. I might play with that to.. similar to the solar beer chiller in design.. or would I have to use a lithium bromide solution..
    back to my hallmark channel movies.. great stuff..

  13. Thinking about COVID. We need to think about the next wave.

    If COVID was a bio-attack how long until the next bio-attack?

    The side bar clearly shows the U.S. Government wants their taxpayers vaccinated.

    How long until the U.S. Government releases a more powerful variant and how many might die in that release as collateral damage?

  14. Quick hits:

    Biden Imported Oil from Iran in March – First Time Since 1991- Ignoring US Law to Please Terrorist Country

    SINGAPORE — The United States imported a rare cargo of 1.033 million barrels of Iranian crude in March despite sanctions on Iran’s energy sector, data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showed.

    Cybersecurity attack hits world’s largest meat supplier JBS’ IT systems in the US and Australia

    Say it isn’t so, Joe: Biden raked in funds from Russia lobbyist!

    Remember the way Donald Trump was a sucker for Russia?

    Forget that. It never happened. It was Joe Biden all the time.

    Biden “raked in” campaign cash from a top lobbyist for Russia in 2020, just months before his administration’s decision to scrap sanctions on a controversial firm building a Russian oil pipeline to Germany.

    Facebook whistleblower fired after leaking ‘vaccine hesitancy’ censorship documents to Project Veritas

  15. Miami Mass Shooting

    Since when did “Gun Control” EVER take guns out of the hands of organized Criminal Gangs? (which is what happened in Miami, gang upon gang violence)

    Mexico has some pretty strong gun control I have read, but has that disarmed the Gangs in Mexico?

    Closer to home ditto Chicago, where gang gun violence seems to be a weekend game every weekend even though Chicago has some of the stongest gun laws in the nation. Ever wonder why Obama did NOT return to his very NICE home in the BLACK part of Chicago but instead opted for living in Lilly White Georgetown in DC, and Lilly White Martha’s Vineyard? (… hint, if he wanted to stay in DC he “could” have moved into a Black neighborhood, but he “CHOSE” NOT TO!)

    How about them there Sweden … where Hand Grenades are part of the weekly excitement in some neighborhoods?

    Import thousands of Gang Members from overseas and encourage, via music and culture, the Gang Lifestyle among the natives here … well, duh, you end up with Gang Violence!! Gun Control has nothing to do with it and won’t stop it or in fact solve anything other than to disarm those who are trying to be law abiding citizens who aren’t doing that kind of Miami shooting to begin with.

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