ShopTalk Sunday: Aging Secrets in the Shop

This morning’s report is about DIY anti-aging.  But, it begins in the shop and in yard work…  Then we’ll get to the “secrets” part.

As you know, I’m 72 – halfway to 73, already.  Not in perfect health.  But pretty damn good, considering people generally drop like flies in here.

There are plenty of reasons for the still-unlimited energy, both physical and mental. A few of these relate to the shop.  Let me walk through some of them.

  1. As I’ve aged, extreme emphasis on “having the right tools” has come up.  Not just as a weak justification for being a ‘tool slut’ but because the “right tool” is generally the safer, less-effort, smart tool for any job.
  2. Closely related is managing the workspace.  There are many subtexts here, but a few will get you started:
    • You will need better lighting as you age.  A couple of years back we “invested” in a ton of 4-foot LED shop lights.  In addition to these, there is voice-control (Alexa) and task lighting.  Note to the kids:  Shop lights means general, overhead area lighting while task lighting is generally within 3-4 feet of the work and adjustable in some manner.  Architects specify lighting in watts (now lumens due to CFL and LED tech) per square foot (or meter).
    • Thoughtful use of “reachers” can reduce bending and crawling around on the floor.
    • Having four ladders close at hand is good, too.  I have a two-step, four-step, 6-foot wood and 10-foot fiberglass nearby at all times.  Never go up a ladder without first thinking:  Avoid top steps unless it happens to be a good platform, as it is on the two and four step ladders.  Also, move ladders because many accidents happen when people reach to the side too far and…..oops!
    • Comfort matters, too.  Full-on HVAC in the shop isn’t necessary.  I have muddled through Texas summers with first a swamp cooler and now a 12,000 BTU window-mount a/c unit.  I’ve found as I’ve aged my sweat, eyes, and balance are not what they once were.  Adjusting for the changes is no crime.  NOT adjusting, though, is plain stupid.
    • My environmental concerns continue to grow.  Although there are still plenty of paper towel dispensers and 3-fold hand wipes, increasingly I’ve moved to a combination of bar mops (delightfully free of lint when doing finishing work) and microfiber towels.
    • And above all, there’s scheduling.  I have a dozen pending project boxes in the shop waiting for  a slot in my schedule to open up, a part or tool to arrive, or the right weather conditions.  Project-stacking keeps me fully busy, gets the most done, and ensures jobs are done right.  For example, there’s a “project box” with insect killer granules to be applied.  Here, the weather is the delimiter.  So aging includes paying closer attention to weather forecasts.  If put on just before 10-days of rain, you’re wasting money on materials with bug granules.

But, those are really warm-up topics to this morning’s main rap:  DIY Anti-Aging approaches.

I’m sure you’ve seen Chris Tyreman’s latest in the Step-by-Step Millionaire series, I’ve Been Experimenting With Age Reversing Drugs! – YouTube, where he gets into anti-aging using Resveratrol and Melatonin.

Our Approach to Anti-Aging

None of this is medical advice.  Don’t gamble with Ure health.  Talk to your PCP or healthcare provider before doing anything radical.  With that said, here’s why (we think) we’re aging way better than most.  

Three Legged Milk Stool

The three elements of my approach are:

  • The physicals:  Remaining active as you can, and getting 7-9 hours of sleep.  Also controlling stress – a communicable disease (lol) passed on by others.  This includes a variable of I.F. – intermittent fasting.  I try to eat ONLY during an 8-hour window daily.  Late breakfast, skip lunch, early dinner.
  • The Day supplement regimen.  This is loosely comprised of elements similar to the story making the rounds this weekend over here: Aging reversed: Study shows how you can become 3 years ‘younger’ in just 8 weeks! – Study Finds.  But to really get at the core of this, you can’t just read Study Finds.  You’ll need to be a “data detective” and go to the much more detailed free article on PubMed.  Which we will do for you in a sec.
  • The Night supplement regimen.  This is loosely based on the 20129 report in Nature.  We’ll recap that in a sec.

The Day Regimen

The first step, once you get to the full article behind the Study Finds report (it’s here: Potential reversal of epigenetic age using a diet and lifestyle intervention: a pilot randomized clinical trial ( is to skim through the article and figure out what the supplements were that seemed to “run the clock backwards.”

Depending on your read, and regimens, you might come up with supplement ideas like: Optimized Folate, AKG (*related: L-Arginine), Vitamin A, Betaine, and EGCG.  Again, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider.

If you care about your health, it’s assumed you take a good broad spectrum daily vitamin that exceeds levels of zinc.  And you might even down 8-ounces of an electrolyte drink daily *(along the lines of Pedialyte or PowerAde).

A Nighttime Regimen

Our “going to bed stack” is loosely based on the article in Nature:  First hint that body’s ‘biological age’ can be reversed (

In the (very small n) study, the reported major elements are metformin, DHEA, and HGH – human growth hormone.  We can cobble up “something-like” metformin by taking Berberines.

If you don’t understand metformin, better jump over and read Metformin Update: Still the Most Effective Anti-Aging, Life Extension Drug, with a Broad Range of Benefits: Anti-Cancer, Cardioprotective, and Anti-Obesity | Aging Matters Magazine (  Just keep in mind, this was a 2016 report.

I have a request in to my PCP to get on metformin, but there’s a hint that berberines may be a natural “workalike” in the article BERBERINE: Overview, Uses, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions, Dosing and Reviews (

By the way, since metformin deals with sugar levels, as do berberines, the one “hidden killer” out there may be sugar.  May not matter whether the source is  cane or corn.  Just bloodstream sugar level management seems critical to anti-aging success in my (non-medical, ask your doctor!) way of thinking.

HGH (human growth hormone) is NOT something we can afford.  Last time we looked at it, the price was astronomical.  However, there were a couple of potential routes to bump up your nighttime HGH levels.  One way was its formation as a breakdown of one of the common local anesthetics.  I forget whether it was Lidocaine or Novocain.

The other way to “pump” HGH levels  in your blood seems to be the use of melatonin along with precursors like 5-HTP.  Amplifying your natural cycling.

Final player in the ‘night stack’ is DHEA which is widely available on Amazon  and elsewhere.

Resveratrol is the day & night “janitor” to scavenge free-radicals.  Gram or two of C, as well.

To Summarize:

Our current anti-aging protocol: (Not recommending, this is NOT medical advice, ask your doctor or PCP)

  1. Watch the major environmentals:  Sleep, Stress, and Sugar.
  2. Our Day stack includes a good multi-vite (Centrum Silver with zinc),  AKG, L-Arginine, Betaine, Vitamin A, and Resveratrol.
  3. The Night stack includes Resveratrol, 5-HTP, DHEA, and Berberines an hour before bed,  Plus melatonin (sub-lingual) under the tongue as dozing off.

Now, whether or not ANY positive effects will be noticed is a crapshoot.  It’s also possible that our “stacking” may counteract one-another.  In which case, not worth doing.  We’ll update you in a decade or two.

Financial Implications of Anti-Aging

There’s a “dark side” to serious anti-aging medicine.  Two things happen.

First is that global population increases if the normal die-off rates get too low.  That is, when the birth rate is higher than the death rate, population necessarily increases.  Buyed’em’s “opener borders” is wrong on oh, so many levels!  “Extensible thinking” is purged from woke/leftist mob-think.

Second is that IF (more likely: when) population increases, then economic stressors increase.  We can obviously see how if the number of seniors were to double, then benefits (like Medicare) would consequentially be halved.

Which then gets into the nightmare world (is Stephen or Tabitha King reading?) where government could seize on the slowing (or reversal) of aging as something to be made illegal.  Imagine a scene like:

“Agent Smithers knocked on the door several times.  Inside, scuffling sounds were heard.

“Are you in there, Mr. Ure?” Smithers wondered; hand resting gently on his Barretta’s holster.”

Do you have a warrant?”  It was a woman’s voice.  A Ms. Petersen was also listed on the Aging Bureau warrant.”

“Yes, our paperwork is in order.  You have been charged under U.S. Code with living too long.  I’m here to take you in and enter you into the Life Withdrawal Program.  We won’t hurt you….”

F**k you!  You’re going to load us up with drugs and kill us.  Then  toss us into that Soylent Green shit you feed animals….”

“No, the Government doesn’t do that, anymore, Mr. Ure.  We simply can’t have people living longer than their Life License permits. Laws must be enforced…”

Unseen by agent Smithers, two people, appearing in their mid 30s, ran out the back of the mobile home into the woods.  Little did they know a killer drone was hovering at 350 feet overhead.  Smither’s colleagues would end the runners, soon enough….”

Whew!  Better get back to the shop work.  Batching up a bunch of plasma cutting for projects today.  After some (sugar-free) chow and a ride on the new lawn tractor….

Don’t see any drones around, do you?  Life License current?

Write when you beat aging,

22 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Aging Secrets in the Shop”

  1. We need the time machine, G.

    What about breaking the problem up and posting parts here for the group to work on? Create partitions so one group doesn’t know what the other group is working on.

  2. George. I think one of the most important things to have as you age is someone or someones who need you. There is probably nothing worse in life than to realize one day that you have become a useless eater that no one needs or really cares about. Along with all the life extension things you have listed, I would add that a good group of friends and maintaining a purpose in life are critical.

    Happy Memorial Day to my American friends including you and those that post here.

    • Cancelled by my daughter, but my GSD still needs me to make her beef jerky. Love having a purpose in life.

    • “There is probably nothing worse in life than to realize one day that you have become a useless eater that no one needs or really cares about.”

      Long term nursing facilities are filled with people patiently waiting for their kids to stop and see them. Reminiscing about their kids and telling stories about what they did when they were two.. all while staring down the hall.
      Staying at a place where the cost is a quarter million a year..

  3. An interesting thought during this morning coffee..
    The little lady and I were visiting and she said the administrator came in and took down the menu’s for the facility. They had coffee and she asked her what was up.
    With the daily menu. The answer was the dietitian made them up but when she went to order the supplies needed to fix the meals that the prices had escalated so much that they couldn’t afford to serve it..
    With that in mind.. I’m thinking hyper inflation is here.. how much. Will we have the million dollar loaf of bread. I don’t know…scary yes especially after the revelation that a new home would take 30 an hour just for the payment.. any new apartment construction at the escalated prices would have to reflect in the price of rent..follow the pyramid back. It’s going to touch all of us.. if there are poor crops we’re screwed..

    • Implosion of consumer credit is likely to go hand-in-hand with consumer hyper-inflation. This is the credit deflation / consumer hyper-inflation worst case depression scenario. Those of you who already live the cash lifestyle, who own a modest home and vehicle, and have some sort of modest non-subsidy income are the most likely to survive what is coming.
      Those who live the rent-a-life and debt slave lifestyles need to seriously evaluate where they will be if the OPM (Other Peoples Money) implodes, and work becomes scarce. If you are in danger of eviction, begin preparing for an unfavorable outcome.
      Having built my own residence for cash out of pocket, I would say that this may be the worst possible environment I have seen in my lifetime for attempting an owner-built home. Sorry. Opportunities will come again, but not in the near term. The next order of preference is to stay alive and debt free, which is extremely difficult without some existing capital base. This is not a good operating environment for the young additions to the work force. Youtube seems to be featuring the mobile-living (homeless on wheels) alternative lifestyle.
      One look at the drought maps should tell you what the protein acquisition prospects for this winter are. Plan ahead.

      • “Those who live the rent-a-life and debt slave lifestyles need to seriously evaluate where they will be if the OPM (Other Peoples Money) implodes,”

        YOU ARE SO RIGHT…..
        Like everyone I know we are a debt slave.(the working poor). a slave to the rising costs.. granted we are probably a little better off than some.. mostly because I always have the question..WHAT IF… but after the year of no income.. the preparation that was made was used and it’s a long haul to get back to that level of security. The only reason we survived that was due to someone that kept having nagging thoughts and dreams on us, even though I hadn’t seen him in over thirty years. Mostly because I’ve gone hungry,been cold and hot.. I have had to beat grain off of the ground into a crude gruel felt the panic..
        Most people have a week or two but nothing more. They live paycheck to paycheck just like us.
        Sort of like Oklahoma city..they value a car.. went to okyc.. the buildings were dumps shoved trash out the kitchen windows and drove expensive cars.. ( a little exaggerated but not much)
        The kid needed a muffler. I of course said let’s go to…..( name of national chain redacted) they open at eight the guys punch on at seven have coffee and finish up.. we get there at 6:30 we will be first in line. His response was this is okyc.. well he went along with me we went.. sat outside on the bench I read several papers. The burger joint ffg finally opened their doors at eleven so I could get coffee.. the manager of the brake and muffler shop waddled his fat but in at 11.30…it was miserable.I tried for a week to get the landlords to change a lightbulb and failed. the night life wow everyone is out at night..and the okyc bombing site.. one of the most reverent places I’ve been to..almost like you can feel the people that list their lives spirits.
        Now..get away from the city.. we went camping .. I get up and wander out at 5 am.. the gas station was open fresh rolls out hot coffee and farmers and ranchers all in deep conversations.. their houses looked nice and they drove regular ethics way different. .the complete opposite of the city.
        I visited the hospitals there to, just to wander around.. flight for life me home if something happens to me, is what I told everyone after I visited..I for one will not go back. One visit in a lifetime was enough.. it’s the same for NYC wont go there again either..although Lego land is out of this world even for an old man..

  4. I loved the idea at the start that all of the anti aging drugs are useless if you die in a stupid shop accident. People need to realize that aging increases with injury, as longterm pain increases the hormones that cause inflamation. These cause aging. The CBC in Canada just interviewed a doctor who said if inflamation could be reveresed, people would live to 150.
    Thanks for the video plug.

  5. Yo Young Grasshopper,

    Come on man! Ure only as old as U think U R..

    u might consider..

    Dr Yan Xin’s *Child Longevity 9 Step Qi Gong ..

    Most fundamental principle – emphasizing the cultivation of De.

    [De means having good conduct or behavior in one’s daily activities, making effort in helping others and improving the society.]

    Emphasizing “de” is an essential principle in qigong practice.
    It is difficult, subtle, mystical, and crucial technique in qigong. Therefore, it cannot be mistaken for common social mores.
    For example,when qigong participant desires to improve qigong skill, and wishes to find a highly skilled qigong master to cure illness, the result will not be ideal in either case if the participant does not pay attention to the cultivation of “de’.
    De has wide ranging significance, as in motivation for qigong training, correct methods for training character, emotions, conduct, ect. – YX

    Met the doc(wiesman) who discovered mRNA – spoke at kids med school graduation last week.

    Get this George – this guy “worked with Tony in NIH labs, for years”.
    Drug companies were “never interested” in mRNA, it as it was very dangerous in human body – “INFLAMTION” .

    wonder what changed ? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    This – at the same exact time Tony was funding bat virus (corona) Gain of Function studies at UNC – then Canada – then Wuhan – with US Taxpayer dollars!

    “The Pysician” -Nosty warned of, not only appeared, nasty vile lil goblen been setting up mass human cull program – for his very vile masters – for over 40 years..been working hand in hand with US/CCCP/British deepstate rogue alphabets to execute the societal control and depop op.

    There is a time for praying and a time for flaying – summer SLM (slavelivesmatta) pogram promises to be hotting up with the inflationistas..

    -how many wheelbarrows full of USD for that stand of lumber ?
    U want a dump truck load of USD for roll a of silver solder- thats all ? Ill take it!” you take Renimbi ?

    Dont watch the water – wont like what is coming downstream/mountain/hillside – and who/what is is in the direct path of “3 not so gorgeous dam” flood zone ??
    ..scrubbing bubbles indeed.

  6. Info from a med-research place I worked as a snot-nose kidd electronic tech about 673 years ago:

    1) Avoid sugar in crap like pastries and candy. All fruit is good.

    2) Avoid High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup (cheap sugar substitute) It’s literal slow poison. It’s in many things you don’t suspect. Like hot dogs. Only Hebrew National hot dogs have no HFCR. (Check labels) Diet soda is killer.

    3) Two cups (NOT giant mugs) of coffee, max, a day is very good for the immune system. More than two cups causes other problems. One is enough.

    4) Co-enzyme Q-10 is vital to good health.

    5) 3000 Vitamin C a day. 5000 if you feel a cold coming on.

    6) 400 I.U. of Vitamin E. (Oil caps)

    7) A daily multi with trace elements. Trace elements are highly under-rated in importance.

    8) One glass red wine daily. (Resveratrol) One, not fourteen: one.
    (White wine, very fashionable, but useless.)

    9) Plenty exercise. (Start with simple walking if you’re out of shape.)
    A big Zen guy I knew once said, “The body must move. Too much sitting is deadly.”

    10) Green tea is good for you. (no sugar)

    The body “knows” how to repair and heal itself, given the things it needs.
    (That’s the hard part.)

    I’m not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on TeeVee. I’m a layman crackpot quack.

    You’re on you’re own.

    The medical establishment is not interested in low-cost simple health measures. No profit in it. They are not your friend.

    • “Info from a med-research place I worked as a snot-nose kidd electronic tech about 673 years ago:

      1) Avoid ”

      I hear ya william…..


  7. The movie you describe is Logan’s Run. Citizens were implanted with crystal chips in their palms that blink red when they reach 35. They go to Carousel to be sucked up into the energy vortex in a big ceremony.

    The joke in the story is that the scarcity of resources was long gone. The people continued to live in the glass bubble city long after it was safe to venture out into the rubble of what was our current society, smashed in some cataclysm.

    It reminds me of how the population bomb people were wrong for so many decades.

    Meanwhile, we get fake headlines about Lake Tahoe earthquakes, it’s a travel piece in disguise… the news is nothing but paid advertising.

  8. You missed the most important part of Chris Tyreman’s regime. The Resveratrol supplement is paired with ‘nmn’ or Nicotinamide mononucleotide. The ‘nmn’ is what was given to the ‘age reversed’ mouse in the videos. It seems that ‘nmn’ stimulates the production of stem cells that the body uses for regeneration. Chris posted where to get the stuff some time back here. I found some in bulk and have started taking about 500mg daily. The equivalent human dosage would be 2 grams daily to compare what they gave the mouse. It seems to give me an energy boost… as Chris noted in his video. Will let you know if my hair starts turning dark again.

  9. A bit off topic, but important if you have Alexa or other Amazon toys:

    You have until June 8 to opt out. Otherwise, you’re automatically opted in. Some people might be OK with this, it’s your decision. Amazon is as bad as Facebook with their requirements to opt out rather than the reverse. Exactly how much potential security risk involved is uncertain. Personally, I’ve avoided the Ring security system because I don’t trust Amazon with so much information. Others may think differently.

    What could go wrong?

    • “the Ring security system because I don’t trust Amazon with so much information”

      It’s all accessible and editable on the cloud..
      My friend had the cops hunting for some guy because he thought it was some pervert ringing his bell.. because I kept dropping his picture in the folder on the cloud.. I’d drop the picture in his doorbell would ring lol.. IF… I can alter the cloud information .. just imagine what those that know what their doing can do..

    • I do have the video surveillance setup.. but I don’t store in the cloud.. I store locally but have it monitored..
      I am a huge supporter of video surveillance and if you live in an apartment.. change the locks and set up a system..
      If they want to inspect..I will be there..
      Had a gent tell me he felt funny. I told him that very wentbought the system set it up.. only to discover while he was away a maintenance man was going through his stuff.. drinking his booze ( without a cup) and eating his food…a nursing student the same thing except it was the landlord sniffing her panties and watching her sleep..
      How many copies of the keys are there. Way to many..

  10. Afternoon George, Some happy news for a change are you ready?
    Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet with neighbors!
    You pay, your neighbors play, as long as you have the jungle in your house.

    Biden’s EEOC Says Forced Injections Are Legal
    Listen esp to the Chris Sky interview It will put the fear in you. Pre-crime arrest warrants in Canada the land of the serf and slave! Coming to America soon.

    Elaine get well soon cause G needs a good kicking just to remind him.

    Now is the time to take on the next challenge. Teaching the younger generation the wisdom you have gained. Besides they bounce better when they fall down. You not so much.

  11. Just got home from a brats & buns run. No H-N. The only non-Chinese hot dogs or bratwurst I could find were Ball-Park, Johnsonville, and Oscar -Mayer — probably gonna stay that way for a while (I hope, anyway.) B-P is Tyson, Johnonville is a private family business, and O-M is Kraft Foods. Oh, and Hebrew National is ConAgra, and still American…

    • “the Ring security system because I don’t trust Amazon with so much information”
      I use to make my own.. and still do from time to time.. ( you make to many and I’m the only one that eats brats and dogs a five pound batch would last a couple years here..)
      So.. I Do buy those in a pinch but usually I prefer to buy at a local meat packing place where I can watch him making them.
      Worked with a guy that worked on the brat and dog line at a meat packaging plant..after hearing him reflect on how they are produced.. I prefer the place where I can see them make them..or make them myself.
      I make a wonderful potato bologna.

      • Oops I was reflecting on the brat and dog run…lol not the ring doorbell

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