America 2021: Stuck in the Middle

Common theme to events: economic this Memorial Day. Doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re talking Covid, Cryptos, equities, bonds, trade, or politics.  We are – as a Nation (or parody thereof) very much stuck.

What’s worse, the countertrend to set us free isn’t working, either. We’ll have a detailed look at the many failures of “woke” in the upcoming Wednesday report.

Today, though?  We’ll keep it short. Because there’s a ton of yard and kitchen work to be done; beers to load in the fridge, and social media posts to make before the “holiday” ends.

Right after a few headlines and our ChartPack.  All while humming Stuck In The Middle With You

Hmm.. “…clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right….”  Sounds remarkably centrist, doesn’t it?

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28 thoughts on “America 2021: Stuck in the Middle”

  1. G,

    Cant U smell that smell, that smells smelly ?

    tRump set up the whole country – with his fake conservative/nationalistic bullshit spewing -for 4 years. The Hole time collecting hum int on the right wing types, living outside the “controled kill zones”= cities. Wondering if & when the round ups will start, and under what guise it will be foisted on the sheeple/”Soul” prisoners..dangerous domestic terrorists we be now!

    Ready for the late nite – Knock knocks ?

    HODL-ing is a way of the crypto warrior..Hold On for Dear Life! BTC is falling in price, as support in this area of chart is thin to no existant. Obviously a buying opportunity can be found around these current price levels…portfolio theory – Diversification – cant think of much more diversified Asset than the Bitcoinz.

    Can the resident Urb.Surv. analyst help explain or at least shed some light on USD purchasing power, historic all time high in GOLD versus Silver – in very short supply, see US Mint announcement 5/27/21 regards NO Silver Supply = No Mint silver products for sale. What the ChiComs not sending any metal to US anymore?

    How is it that the all time high in Silver was over 40 years ago ???

    Veeeery conspicuous in its absence from the ATH Commodity price list.
    It is rumored that there is 6 month future price chart floating around CofLondon/jpm some wheres w/ monthly high and low price guidelines.

    I never sell – just out of the money Calls, in the miners stocks at beginning of expiration week – knowing “someone” was going to beat down the price of Silver, like clock work every month – and its all LEGAL! wheee this picking off $$$ – is oh sooo lemon squeezy, as the Price of phz. Silver is Alwayz right, no matta what.
    As long as a Buyer and Seller come together – the Price is absolutely correct/alwayz.

    One question for deepstate George – was the research U helped fund worth the risk ?

    Tell me true G. U. , tell it true.

    Got some Silver ? in hand/ground..?

  2. Boeing grounded another plane. Boeing staff always get a government check, free money, why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t you?

    “The average salary for The Boeing Company employees is $87531 per year. ”

    “Boeing employed some 141,000 people at the end of 2020. ”

    Biden is great. Everyone’s true personality is released if they live long enough.

  3. Crypto Convo –

    I D/L’ed the DefI App from Google Play into my emulator and would like to speculate with Crypto. Do any of you Crypto experts use the DeFi Wallet? With that said, should I expect to load the wallet by credit card?

    • That’s terrible!

      The National Guard is essentially a military organization and is supposed to be unemotional and impartial with regard to demonstrations! Their catering to an emotional display of partisanship is disgraceful and unworthy of their role.

      While I’d stop short of courts-martial, I’d definitely provide them with some consequence! Their lack of discipline is obvious to the world.

  4. George,
    I wonder if the youngsters ever learned about the Hunt brothers escapades in the silver market?

  5. I always get a mild chuckle when some Lefty does something wrong, stupid, offensive, egregious, —whatever — that pisses off the Right. Right-guys will often observe that , “Well, if TRUMP did that, it would just set off all the ink-stained wretches in a flurry of condemnation, where the Lefty gets to walk!”

    Of course. Nobody (except you) cares.

    The Right mind assumes some righteousness and logical FAIRNESS must lurk deep in the heart of even the leftist Lefty. But it DOES NOT!

    So, such protest to some sense of justice, falls on entirely deaf ears. Nobody cares. It’s an unpersuasive argument — you might just as well save your breath, as such appeals will be ignored or sniggered at.

    The Left is not following logic, fairness, and righteousness as baseline assumptions. The playbook and standards are fundamentally DIFFERENT.

    The Left only follows what WINS them the power they want. “By any means necessary.” “Right” and “wrong” are irrelevant concepts.

    Appeal to some other dynamic, and save your outrage. Nobody cares.

    Winning is the only thing that matters — clean or dirty, it’s all the same.
    Comparisons of any kind are quaint, but don’t matter. The Left truly does follow a different tribal yardstick and standard.

    This is because the Left acknowledges no higher moral authority than itself.

    • I had an epiphany today — listening to The Brian Kilmeade Show. The announcer used the segment lead-in: “Trending now…” and then the light bulb lit (or maybe it was a Press 25B…)

      THIS is why Leftists drive the news cycles, and conservative or Republican talkers are reactionary!

      My epiphany: Cause and effect are entirely different than they are in the political process.

      Because of EBM, “conservative talk radio” plays catch-up/defense to the daily Leftist talking points, which is their hook, and which locks in listeners & pays the bills, but rarely broaches stuff that’s really important. It’s simply not interesting enough to hook their audience until the Leftists make it so through their mainstream media proxies…

    • Can you read? It was the HUNT brothers back in 1980. Google, read, be informed.

      • I was mentioning the ‘present day’ escapades of the Koch brothers, is it ok to also be informed about current events, or do you feel a need to police responses to your posts?

        Why not also read about the Koch’s mendacious real estate scheme, it affects 7 million renters about to be evicted, but of course in true Republican style anything affecting the poor must be silenced and condemned as ‘off topic’….

      • @ troll

        “I was mentioning the ‘present day’ escapades of the Koch brothers…”

        Kinda hard to do, since one of ’em died over a year ago.

        “…but of course in true Republican style anything affecting the poor must be silenced and condemned as ‘off topic’….”

        This would be the history and the modus operandi of the Democratic Party since, at least, the 1830s, along with assigning blame for the consequences of their actions to anyone they could, including (and especially) Republicans.

        You don’t know facts.
        You don’t know history.

        All you seem to know is how to cut & paste poorly-written dreck from others who also don’t know history and are substantially truth-challenged.

        BTW, neither Charles nor Fred Koch were ever Republican. They were, and Charles still is, a Libertarian. Fred is neither, since he is dead. Oh, and this article is a hit piece, based on $7.7 million the Koch brothers gave to three law firms

        IN 2017

        and was written to make low-information, low-comprehension readers infer it was current information.

        Epic fail, sonny…

    • That isn’t surprising Troller…
      You should read the book the secret lives of billionaires.. lol
      Theres a couple of books covering that subject at least lol..
      Although with the people in the B club that have passed by me . There are a few that were quite inspiring and down to earth and not the diabolical manipulative type.. one actually stopped on his way to a few meetings that helped me put in my garage doors had a few home made adult beverages and a few laughs..

  6. I’m thinking that at this point anyone who is espousing natural origin of Covid 19 is acting as an agent of foreign powers:

    While the social media kiosks generally enjoy legislative immunity from libel, I have a hard time extending that to immunity for censorship by their own employees on behalf of foreign powers trying to create a cover for biological asymmetric warfare. Espionage is not protected business conduct or speech. Prosecution is appropriate.

    We are now past 600,000 Covid deaths in the US. Total non-combat deaths in the US during WWII was around 114,000, with total deaths said to be at 420,000. The deniers are delusional, or in the same left-listing boat as the social media censorship agent provocateurs.

    • Ahhhh, that’s an inflated Covid death number, please do keep up, so we can go after the criminals responsible for the hype, shuck, and jive including fraud fauci, blizten blix, borosa boris, schumer, piglosi, gates, soros, and the rest of the demon team ALL over the demon developed nations and ChiynAh.

  7. “this is totally the “New Normal” in a “Merica.”

    My suspicion is the new normal will Only be for those that are under the protection of the gatekeepers…
    A little misdirection and whole hard drives disappear..
    We just learn to accept and live with it..

  8. “War is still in the trends: Because right next door to Ukraine, NATO is pushing for regime change. Using money instead of mortars, billions instead of bullets…”EU Pledges $3.7Bln to ‘Democratic Belarus’ If Lukashenko Leaves Power…”

    Belarus is already democratic — it’s just not Democratic.

    Lessee, first a USAID-led group of Euroweenie NGOs tries to buy last fall’s election, then Soros comes in with his street agitators and organizes, then implements mass protests, then after the NATO/Euroweenie candidate polls barely 10% and Lukashenko wins Belarus’ democratic election in a landslide, persons unknown try to assassinate him.

    Yeah, if I were ol’ Alex, I’d step down… NOT! Lukashenko is not a nice person, but he’s a very tough old dude, and is probably a better leader for the Belarus People, all things considered, than any puppet the U.S. and/or E.U. could possibly install. Maybe Mr. Cynic is rising up in me again, but we, and the Urepeeins, are trying really hard to depose, kill, overthrow, or otherwise remove Alex Lukashenko from office, by any means necessary.


    Belarus has been like SoCal and the French Riviera for Poles, Hungarians, Slavs, and Russians, for centuries. It is a vacation paradise for the Eurasian aristocracy. AFAIK though, aside from a location that’s militarily-strategic to a future war in, oh, someplace like Ukraine, maybe, it is of little value to the USA until San Andreas sinks California…

  9. CNBC is a part of Marxist-leaning Comcast, but it is probably the least political of Comcast’s holdings.

    Forbes is nearly completely owned by the Chinese Communist Party, through a series of shell companies. Steve Forbes is EiC, but he and his family only own 5% of the publishing empire his grandfather founded. Since Malcolm died, Forbes has become one of the publicity arms of the NeoCons.

    With just those as qualifications, I would give much more credence to the CNBC report than the Forbes piece…

    • Great site, thanks for the link, too bad the rest of the world isn’t maintaining an accessible database like Europe is.

      I had a dental abscess (or infection – cleared up by amoxicillin) right after my first dose of pfizer…

      • Thanks. All one can get WRT American deaths or serious complications from CV-19 shots is through catching the data, then interpolating the numbers which occasionally leak from county or State Boards of Health, then extrapolating them over a broader sample than they actually represent. (It’s kinda like what pollsters do, but without the weighting and re-analysis…) It is highly inaccurate (as in only about 1-step better than supposition) and I only use it as an internal guide marker.

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