Welcome to “Red Friday”

With the exception of the Jobs Report, this is turning into a “Red Friday” early on.

A number of BTFD coiners were screaming overnight how people should be “buying the freakin dips” on Bitcoin when they were in the $7,540 range.  Back up to  the $8,400 level on the bounce, but as a reader of this site for a while, you’ll either remember our warning about trend channels turned down from a few weeks back (January 18th, remember?) or more recently our Thursday report.  Scroll down to Bitcoin Shenanigans” here, if you missed it.

This aspect of investing – that technical analysis is useful and often predictive in nature – is something a lot of coiners have been talking themselves into denying.  But, as we will discuss in Peoplenomics tomorrow, while technical analysis isn’t perfect, it’s better than trading blind based on street-corner hype.

(Continues below)


Although we have never traded a crypto – having called it a scam from the get-go – we are not taking any joy in the losses of people who have been suckered (for now) into “buy the dips.”  Sorry for your losses, and all that. You were warned.

The good news is that we expect Bitcoin may rise from the dead down the road, just not now; the charts are telling us it’s on life support.

Stocks are another area where technical analysis and running parallels to past bubbles LIKE 1929 is marvelously useful.  While I never make financial recommendations here or on our Peoplenomics subscriber side, I do discuss my personal thoughts on the market and what my own trading plans are.

The current decline is something I’ve seen coming.  My last trade was out of a triple-levered ETF and into cash (and this is the trading slip timestamp) 01/31/18 | 09:30 AM ET.

Not familiar looking?  That was right at the manic bounce high at Wednesday morning’s open.  Here we are two mornings later and we look to open down a little more than 200 points.

Collapses of markets are interesting to watch.  They fall like dominos.  First, there’s a rollover in the tick-chart.  Then the 3 and 5-minute charts follow.  Then the daily goes.  After that? The weekly.

We’re seldom influenced in our thinking much by the Dow Jones, although that’s a number showing up in a lot of news media reports.  That’s only 30-stock and in our odd way of looking at markets as a huge aggregated floating craps game, it’s the broader market that matters.

Thus, since the S&P closed last Friday at 2,872.87 (source: Yahoo Finance, here), we can look at the close on Thursday (2,821.98) and then read the futures (FinViz, here) and see they will likely fall 20-something points at the open this morning.

As explained, when I saw where things might go, I booked my slice and rolled out.

The good news is that this could just be the start of a big, bigger, and maybe HUGE decline in the markets.  The kind that take years to unwind.  That sport is called Long Wave Economics and we’ve been writing about it here since 1997.  Along the way, we’ve done some good forecasting pieces, like “Death via Dot Coms” which we provided to readers in September 1999.  It explained now in the longer waves that drive cyclical economics, the Internet bubble would burst and there’d be one hell of a mess.

There’s a case to be made that the Deep State knew that it was bound to happen.  And, in conspiracy circles, there are those who still think it more than coincidental that as soon as Wall Street was  about to have it’s pants dropped in front of the public, we suddenly spun on a dime.  The Twin Towers attack was too perfect, the response too great, and the “pull it” from Building 7 remains to this day a hint at controlled demolition.

That said, the “attack” generated instant blame so the Wall Streeters wouldn’t be held to account for the between $5 and $8-trillion in losses booked when the stock market fell over as the DotCom bubble burst.

And warring worked for a while.  9/11 gave the military an open checkbook and a road into the Middle East hot spots.

In time, though, even the massive hiring by the newly emergent Security State wasn’t enough.  So the era of the “no-doc loan” was born.  I hold people like Alan Greenspan to account for that.  You knew something rotten lay ahead when St. Greenspan buried the weekly report of M3 Money stocks report from public view.

The reason?  Systematically over-supplying money was on the horizon as the only way to prevent an American Meltdown.  So, under Greenspan (and sucessors) the game of “Modern Monetary Theory” [MMT] was born.

I wrote of this in the 2000-2003 period.  Suggesting that the Fed’s only course as the long wave bottom arrived, would be to step on the gas *at the printing press* so hard that even though massive deflation was and is still going on that the slosh of money would prevent people from noticing.

Robert Mugabe did a similar thing in Zimbabwe, you’ll recall.  But, absent complete mastery of the economic system enjoyed by our Fed, Mugabe ended up with a country of “trillionaires.”  Think of the analog in driving a car as standing on the brakes (deflation) while stomping on the gas like crazy (printing money).

In the auto scenario, you’re not going anywhere, but there will be squealing tires and a boatload of sounds and excitement – which is what the US economy has been for the past decade.

The good news (going back to Greenspan’s end of term in late 2005)  is that the Banksters had a “good bench” and Ben Bernanke took office in 2006 and did what needed to be done.

I doubt many people have taken the time – even now – to read Bernanke’s excellent study of the Great Depression in “Essays on the Great Depression.”

There is a reason that I burned out the garden last weekend, why my fascination with weed-reduced gardening, and all the prepping we’ve done is still front-burner around here:  We see where this could go, while most people still don’t. Denial runs deep.

If I can offer one insight into long wave Depressions, for you:  The US has been headed for one ever since bonds peaked in 1980.  We have been papering over our woes by just making up money (stepping on the gas, eh?) and to some extent is works.  (Jobs data in a second.)

But the main feature of Depressions is the destruction of debt.  We got a small taste of that during the 2008-2010 house bubble collapse.  For a lot of people, it was really good news, painful though it was:  Their debt was written down.

The BAD NEWS – that doesn’t get equal play – is that for every dollar of debt destroyed, there was also the simultaneous destruction of savings.  It is, understand, because banks loan and then reloan money.  At some level, no matter how levered (or geared if you’re European) the economic system is, most debt is funded by savings.  Personal, pensions, whatever, but all savings.

We have only to look at data like this week’s H.6 Money Stocks report from the Fed and when we look at the reconstructed M3 from John Williams of ShadowStats, we observe that the economy tends to get dicey when ever M3 rises above M2.  This seems to be when standing aside or being in cash makes some sense.

Jobs OK…BUT….

Here it is:

“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 200,000 in January, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment continued to trend up in construction, food services and drinking places, health care, and manufacturing.

In January, the unemployment rate was 4.1 percent for the fourth consecutive month. The number of unemployed persons, at 6.7 million, changed little over the month.”

And there goes a Trump tout as…

“Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for Blacks increased to 7.7 percent in January, and the rate for Whites edged down to 3.5 percent. The jobless rates for adult men (3.9 percent), adult women (3.6 percent), teenagers (13.9 percent), Asians (3.0 percent), and Hispanics (5.0 percent) showed little change.”

Labor participation rate stable at 62.7%.   Long term unemployment up a 10th to 8.2%.  And the CES birth death model dropped 62-thousand jobs for the month while the annual correction of data in January whacked 3-million jobs that had been estimated into existence in 2017 reports.

Comey:  Foot in Mouth?

As we await the release of #releasethememo which has the Letfy’s all riled-up, we were astounded to read what a poor student of history James Comey (former FBI boss) seems to be.

Overnight he was tweeting “All should appreciate the FBI speaking up. I wish more of our leaders would. But take heart: American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy.”

Joe?  Well, hold the phone there, Jim.  Like the handling of the Clinton skate party, looks to us like Comey has botched Joe McCarthy, too.

While I agree that McCarthy was something of a whack job,  He was not 100 percent wrong. Far from it. Go read the Nicholas von Hoffman Washington Post piece from 2014:

“The materials that first made their way to the surface in the early 1990s — records from Moscow’s Russian Center for the Preservation and Study of Documents of Recent History — provided proof past peradventure that the Communist Party of the United States was subsidized by the Soviet government and used as a base for extensive espionage….”

Did McCarthy go overboard?  Sure!  But, here’s what a Newsday piece reported in 2014:

Based on documents made available after the collapse of the Soviet Union, U.S. Library of Congress historian John Earl Haynes concluded that of the 159 people identified as subversives on lists cited by McCarthy, nine had almost definitely aided in Soviet espionage (and many others could be considered security risks for various reasons).

McCarthy was partly wrong BUT largely right.  Because despite protests and in-school brainwashing by the left, there was a genuine communist conspirary in play, right here in the USA. 

The left denies it to this day, and invokes “Crazy Joe” McCarthy as a slur.  To repeat, though: the historical data is clear.  Remember who said “Moderation in defence of Liberty is no virtue“?

We modestly propose that Comey stick to his skill set and leave history alone.  If he needs something to do, rather than bullshit tweets, how about explaining to those of us in flyover country how his agency was writing the Clinton exoneration before Clinton was even interviewed?  And why wasn’t that on the record, under oath, and recorded, transcripts and such?

Because that’s surely what his underlings would have demanded that in a fair and impartial investigation into similar activities if alleged against any other citizen of these United States.

God save us from Washington’s self-righteous of both parties.  And while not many streets are named after McCarthy, I’m thinking a similar number will be named after Comey.

Life at the MMI

That’s the Man-Machine-Interface if you haven’t written a robotics paper lately.  On point: How to control a machine using your mind.

North Korea Smolders

From our .mil contributor (warhammer):

To many of Ure readers, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is an artifact of history, an administrative associate of the forever evil Richard Nixon.  But Henry has some timely and wise words (here) regarding U.S. action against the Norks and Rocket Man.

The man who once said “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true” is still a mentally sharp as a razor, arguably the best diplomatic realist on the face of the planet.

Preemption against the Norks carries a deep set of problems, the main one being the risk of igniting a Pacific or World War.  Chinese Lieutenant General In-Bum Chun (yes, his real translated name) states that Kim Jong Un is not afraid of making China angry over its nuclear program because “the Chinese know that it’s better to have a nuclear North Korea than Americans at their borders.”

See this site:  (link)

BOTTOM LINE:  If the U.S. or the UN alliance it leads in S. Korea takes preemptive action against N. Korea, one should expect China to come to the military aid of its problematic communist neighbor, just as it did during the Korean war.  The exception would be if the Norks attack S. Korea, Japan, Guam or Alaska first.  Then China’s enthusiastic support for their southern neighbor would likely end, but the Dragon state still would disapprove of an American ally at their southern border, complicating any post-strike governmental arrangement.

All of this is interesting talk as the Olympics are about to begin in S. Korea.  Also, considering General In-Bum Chun’s comments, America must proceed extremely cautiously with its tenuous Taiwan relationship.  China considers Taiwan a wayward province.  Any U.S. military aid or presence in or around Taiwan would be seen as a threat by the Chinese leadership in the same way that an attack on the Norks would be viewed with a jaundiced eye.

Reminds me of an old Will Rogers quote: “Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘nice doggie’ until you can find a rock.”

Speaking of Animals

Mostly cloudy in Punxatawney, PA when we checked.  With that in mind, go study Groundhog Day festivities and a look at Punxsutawney Phil’s accuracy.

Care to guess which movie we will watch again, and again, and again, and again, and….

Here at the ranch, Zeus the Cat got up this morning to look for his shadow.  Being a cat, he is stupid and can’t tell time.  Thus, he failed to realize it was the middle of the night.

Nevertheless, when Zeus doesn’t see his shadow, we go out on a limb and predict 52-more weeks of utter insanity.  Our accuracy rate is right at 100%.

57 thoughts on “Welcome to “Red Friday””

  1. Dow set to Drop 240 at trhe current time.

    Saw the NIKKEI 225 INDEX did a dead cat bounce. Just like bitcoin did.

    I take no pleasure in people loosing their ass in any market.

    I do not see the end of the bubble. Yet!

    Dow 32,000 is still what I see. Just a roughly 20% correcrion in the markets. This will go on for a couple months.

    Bit coin stability around 55-5800. Etherium is out performing bitcoin. 100 Billion of market shake compared to Bitcoin 150 billion. I see Etherium over taking Bitcoins number 1 spot. Been saying that since August of last year.

    Dr. Steve been chatting and percentage wise in gain, etherium has out performed every crypto out thete % wise in gain.

    End of March early April the ralley to new all time highs. I have March 22 and April 1 for window dates. Something between them.

    That is what I SEE. ****not trading advice.

    Thanks George for filling in the gaps. Since I have spent the greater part of my focus on financials, and I got a good idea of the jestof them. I’m switching my focus to other things. Still see a huge quake out there. Panama is a warm word and Soel is still hot.. Look forward to seeing the memo today.

    **** remember it’s not always what they say, but also what they don’t say.

    Maybe go on a date or two. Plus I need to get serious about packing and finding a new place.

    Rich Me!

    • Ohhh I still will be around. Just going to stop commenting as much. I’m better at listening than commenting.

      Into the future we ride! A grand adventure!

      Infinitely NOW!


  2. George, good insight on economics today. But, the good of McCarthyism? Really? A unique view, although I suppose even the Plague had some good elements too.

    BTW: Mueller (and Comey) are Republicans. And the FBI was the single biggest factor in delivering Trump the presidency.

    If the Conservatives could govern less incompetently, they wouldn’t have to invent all these goofy side issues. Mike.

    • Just so, Mike. Yes, flu or Plague II would have positive aspects. End of the man caused global warming, what we no one left…

    • Mike, any credibility you try to bring to the discussion you immediately lose when you make such obviously inaccurate statements. I am not sure if this is due to you unintentionally not reading George’s column closely or if you are intentionally misconstruing his words…though I do have my thoughts on which path you are on. As anyone can plainly go back and read, George never said McCarthyism was a good thing. In fact, he called him ‘something of a whack job’ and that he ‘went overboard’. What he George did say was that McCarthy was substantially correct in his view that the US was being actively subverted by communists funded by the Soviet Union.
      And for the record, the FBI did not force Hillary to set up a secret server at her home, did not make her send classified data over an unsecured and unauthorized network, nor did it force her to forward classified information to people without the proper access, clearance, and need to know. She did all those things by herself.
      Finally, yes, Comey and Mueller came from the Republican Party, though Comey now identifies as unaffiliated. One of the themes George keeps bringing up on his site is that both parties are beholden to special interests and their own quests for power. At a fundamental level, there is no difference between the elites of both parties. Trump, and for that matter, Sanders, are a threat to those elites and their power structures.

      • CJ, that Mike has been posting assinine comments for quite a while. He’s unreachable in his ignorance,as he bathes in it daily and reeks of it. He then splatters it on this board. Disgusting example of a closed mind.

      • Bitcoin HAD value, when transactions were fewer and clearing times were quick. It was a means of assured payment in awkward situations, including moving funds internationally and keeping a store of value in unstable places such as Venezuela. Today, BTC is so volatile and clearing so slowly that its utility is much lower. I think when we have a quick clearing and mathematically limited crypto, that role could be filled again, though I have no idea when/if that will happen.

  3. Aw, yes, lets keep Kissinger in the backrooms… The guy has some seriously creepy quotes, my least favorite…

    “If you control the oil, you control countries. If you control the food you control the people.” Being an ag producer and adding value to my product, I will attest to the fact that it is ever harder to comply with the food safety modernization act, which I need to completely comply with by September. It costs me about $30,000 a year and will increase as my sales increase to cover the costs of compliance.

    Kissinger, is part of the deep state that needs to go, imo..

  4. George, North Korea is hardly a southern neighbor of China. It’s directly east of Beijing and Dalian. That said, the nation does pose a truly challenging problem for the world. We, as a nation, are probably best off being totally neutral regarding Taiwan, using no military posturing and only positive economic persuasion if we need to hold to our position. We need to concentrate on picking only fights that we can win(if that), and avoiding all conflict where we’re at a logistic disadvantage – if at all possible. I can only hope that something positive will come from the Olympic thing – and I’m not enough of a diplomat to even have a clue. The ping-pong thing worked with Nixon, so there might be a chance.

  5. Joe McCarthy was on a witch hunt they say. But, he FOUND witches. It’s time to clean up his sullied name.

      • George you need a new calendar (re: your comments on McCarthy and Kissinger). This is Groundhog Day, NOT April Fools Day!
        This revisionist history stuff has to stop. McCarthy ruined many lives with his “Red Scare” tactics, and Kissinger promoted the war in Vietnam, so about 50,000 dead soldiers might disagree with your accolades.

      • Might want to reread the column – there were no accolades, but just pointing out what a POS Comey is now that the crooks in the Bureau thing is out and that he ought to be working on something more patriotic than dissing McCarthy. It’s called baiting, you see?

      • But what ‘should’ Comey be ‘working’ on??

        He’s not with the FBI any more, and can do whatever he damn well pleases . . .

        POS McCarthy was a man without any honor.

      • I think he should work on coming clean on Lynch/Clinton/Obama et all.
        And he should work on testimony to explain his misleading statements.
        And he should be maybe looking for defense counsel?

      • Looks like we’re reading two different memos . . . but what’s the saying, “the truth will will set you free . . .”

  6. Kissinger is the ‘KING’ of the Deep State and has been for many years….NOTHING gets done without HIS say so….imho

    • There is, indeed, a common denominator at work! For how many years was he sitting at ‘same table’ in order to prolong a certain conflict?

  7. Bitcoin’s Red River is heading north ,

    I’ve bought some more,

    This rollercoaster is unlike any other you have a fast ascend and a slow descend.

    More like a rocket propells itself way into the sky and then a parachute is deplored and it gently comes back down over time.

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled with a Bitcoin

    • I’m asking if Bitcoin is going to go down below 7500 and it keeps giving me it’s a secret we ain’t telling you like this is going to be a big surprise, LOL

      • Now I understand why they’re not going to tell me is because I tried again and you get a roll a roll ro ll I’m in there so many factors a roll takes up about three quarters of a page that’s how many definitions you come up with on a roll roll roll roll LM and I’m coming up down the bottom of little bit it’s like its a roller alright lookout goodness what’s it going to do this so many different things that can affect us I mean and work and we’re not talking about ordinary things were talking about the on the things that you can think about normally that would actually affect this you know where the government has so many programs that are able to affect how you think from the sky I mean they can just throw down a little bit of gas from the sky so to speak and all of a sudden you forget about everything you were thinking about and now they put in the gas a certain ingredient now you’re thinking something else.

        Have fun with it at least if you think you know something and when you wake up in the morning and you’re going to like I can’t remember what it was I was thinking yesterday it’s because you’ve been Zapped buddy you have been Zapped buy more things then you have parts of your body that’s how developed they are out there in outer space which is from our space it’s our people that’s out there doing this it’s just that.

        For example all the cream of the crop around the world whether it’s Russia China Japan United States South America anyone who scores really high they use them in as of already indicated to see I program but they also use them for the Outer Space Program anyone who excels they use them in outer space and all the different planets and Beyond at cluding the Moon if you will so what we’re talking about is the ability for these people groups of people to take people from all countries and establish something like the military industrial complex except it’s further than that the military industrial complex is second to what this other piece that’s happening out there because the military industrial complex is sectioned off to where nobody knows what the other ones doing so the second part grabs all of those who don’t know they’ve been grabbed so to speak so

      • The true philosopher’s stone

        everything is a coil including light and thoughts then that explains how from one moment to the next everything changes and if you want to label something it has to be at that particular part of the coil.

        And at the center of that coil is something called a flux energy that’s keeping us alive and surrounds us all the time it’s a pulse it’s a surge Jing energy that’s around us all the time like a Taurus or a donut.
        Your blood cells are a Taurus.
        DNA is a Taurus.
        Magnetic fields are a Taurus.
        Galaxies are a Taurus.
        The true philosopher’s stone


      • Shine on you craaaaazzzzzy diamond. I’m picking up what your putting down.

        Yes, everything is torus field energy. :)

      • What is complexity but simplicity inverting within itself and exploding out ward in spiral fashion using itself as a template.

        There is no loss or fear of loss, there is only change. There is both constant patterns and synchronicity is one of them. Is not synchronicity, the mind recognizing juxtaposition alignment? Numerical values are found in every word if you look to see them. The letter I or eye also has the value of the letter 1 in roman numerals. Each number is aligned to a numerical value based on the whole of 26 in the alpha bet. Every octave is also a numerical value that also reflects a color. The mind administers the information exchange between the phenomenal and sensory stimulation’s relationship with pervading autonomous existence. Through sensory output and stimulation throughput, it produces reflexive or impulsive (instinct), recognition recall (synchronicity) reciprocal potential (imagination) to produce flow in communication which is simply symbol pattern matching. Randomness is pattern displacement. all true inspiration,comes through the avenue of randomness.


  8. About McCarthy, George is correct stating he was mostly right. For a background of events at the time, check this,
    I believe this event caused all governments to look retrospectively what was going on. The soviet union was an ally at the time, and considered a friend. It was a charade to build a massive spy network. McCarthy jumped on the bandwagon, enamored by his success, like an aphrodisiac, pushed it to the limit.
    Today, is no different, we have in play similar events, only different actors. The NORK thing is interesting! Its reminiscent of Germany’s takeover of the Sudetenland. The factors are all there! People with common heritage, common language, same customs, and Olympic games under the flag of a united country. An international display of unity, NORK is sure to take advantage of!
    NORK always felt the South was theirs! The only thing that stopped them was the US military threat. Emboldened by their acquisition of a nuclear bomb with delivery system, NORK is working to diminish the US military strength in the region. When it feels confident of its success, a replay of the Sudetenland will take place.
    I doubt NORK nuclear program is the result of their effort alone, otherwise Zimbabwe would have one long ago. This is stage managed surreptitiously by nations with other self interests. The big 5 today feel they have events under control, but that control is slowly slipping away. Won’t be long before random events will be in control. As I look out my back window, I hear distant hoofs of the Four Horsemen!

    • Imagine the US would have aligned itself with Nazi Germany instead of with the Soviet Union, how different the world would have been now. One was no worse than the other!

  9. Just read “The Memo”. SHAMEFUL. They (FBI/DoJ) knew the key piece of evidence was financed by the DNC/Clintons and went forward anyway???

    I’m not American but can’t help to feel embarrassed for my N.A. cousins!

    • Worse than that is the number of dumbshit snowflake gullibles who are buying the left’s fallback crap. What’s the old saying? Can’t fix stupid…

      • George,

        Where is the famous American outrage at this? Has American courage for championing the truth faded? Or just plain ol’ died?

        The lack of action to bring Comey etal. to justice only makes the U.S. look weak to the rest of the World, IMHO. So much for the moral high ground.

    • “In response to my question about how we might rein in the empire, he said, “That’s why I’m meeting with you. Only you in the United States can change it. Your government created this problem and your people must solve it. You’ve got to insist that Washington honor its commitment to democracy, even when deomcratically elected leaders nationalize your corrupting corporations. You must take control of your corporations and your government. The people of the United States have a great deal of power. You need to come to grips with this. There’s no alternative. We in Brazil have our hands tied. So do the Venezeulans. And the Nigerians. It’s up to you” Confessions of an economic hit man.

      • Pleas realize that 60% of this nation believes in Socialism and what they can get from their CONgress critter…..the only time when this country will ‘get a grip’ is when the DEM’s control DC again and try to FORCE those that are still…true Americans….(anti socialist)…and that will be a fight that is only wanted by the Deep State and the NWO…but it will be waged….imho…Semper Fi

  10. The 1,000 point drop this week is DJT’s fault. So isn’t the spike in black unemployment. If he wants to take the credit it’s only fair he also gets the blame.

    I called him for fool for coupling his political fortunes to the market or unemployment. The past, present and future prove me right.

  11. Hey so, i dont do this very often but. To the doubters of my abilities,

    I f’n told ya so. Dow down 574 points.

    • Dow is bleeding like a mofo in the after hours trading as well. To the tune of -759!


      Have a good weekend!

    • Nice call. I just got home & checked the markets & was stunned. I may have to become more diligent in monitoring my stocks. The other day I bought back my AAPL position…turned out to be a mistake. When you & George have a mind meld it is a powerful force.

      • I trust you’re clear on why I put that “replay of short, sharp decline goes here” arrow in the chart Wednesday? Golly sitting in cash is boring…

      • The sad part is that I recognized it and believed in it, and then acted in the exact opposite. Looking back, I need to write down my game plan so what I am thinking & what I am doing are the same.

      • I think I let myself be blinded by this bull market. A rookie mistake which I need to work on eliminating. Thank you for all your help. It is much appreciated.

  12. NK… nukes.. personally I am not to worried.. China would never let us go near NK it would be to much like someone invading canada or mexico.. won’t happen or we wouldn’t let it happen..
    My thought is still that kim is boasting about his capabilities and furthering his technological skills to show that they won’t back down easily.
    the theory I have started years ago before 911 I was at work and George Noory was on and he had a war games annalist talking. at the time I was reading an old magazine that was talking about clinton visiting Afghanistan and Pakistan about an oil pipeline that was proposed in the area to bring oil from the oil fields to the coast. the countries that the pipeline wanted to cross through were all against it being built. Iraq being one of them that was outspoken on how they didn’t want to see it happen. At the same time the war gamer was talking about them running scenarios over which countries would be the easiest to take over.. iraq was first then NK and Iran syria.
    my initial impression was he was nuts to mention that.. within a week NK had rebuilt their labs and resumed their Nuke testing and in less than six months we were marching into Iraq by the end of twelve months the pipeline that was so apposed was built.
    My thought now is Kim knows he has a rich abundance of Lithium and other coveted raw resources in his countries back yard.. it doesn’t take a genius to realize that any country that the puppet masters wish to take over for their raw goods will end up being in some sort of police action. the puppet masters creating this traumatic situation and invading their countries under the name of humanitarian intervention will go unscathed sitting safe at home. Kim is an idiot but he isn’t stupid. so by showing that he has this capability and the willingness to make sure they all know that he will make sure if they do decide to destroy his country and their culture for their financial gain, he will make sure to at least attempt to take it to their own back yards for a change.( the bully theory.. if your the little guy and the bully decides you are an easy pick.. he gets those that love to follow a bully and he picks on you. the intimidation of the bully backed by so many followers usually gets the smaller guy to back away and continue the abuse. Now.. take that little guy the odds are he is going to be pummeled stomped on and beaten but does he back down it will continue on for a long time maybe never end because the bully is after the easy target. but if the little guy comes out like a tiger and does everything he can to pummel the lead bully even though he looses the fight in the end. the bully will always remember the day this little guy hit him with everything he had. and that spurs doubt with the bully because maybe the next time he might loose and he eventually goes after an easier pick leaving the little guy alone.) For the bullies in this case Hell hasn’t happened in their backyards ever… My guess is Kim is in the hopes that that sector is brilliant enough to realize that hell could come to their back yard and wouldn’t want to see their families going through that. It is one thing to take it to their home rather than it coming to yours. a billion dollar piece of property isn’t worth anything if it is uninhabitable and what if your family and loved ones are affected or die because of a greed issue what if it is you.
    the puppet masters I hope are listening to him and take heed and maybe back off.. on the other hand you have syria iran Russia and China and about fifty other small countries that are sitting in the back ground like the kids that were bullied at columbine school.. unfortunately there will be like in any event be a lot of good people hurt over an electronic number that in many ways doesn’t make any difference to anyone.
    this is just my observations and opinion I dont’ think we have to worry about a nuke.. kim put his message out.. the puppet masters know that there could be potential cause to worry that Hell would come to their homes making it a very personal and real situation.. now do they listen or not.

    • Remember the end target is the USA. By hook or by crook, by globalist or traitor, to collapse the Digi dollars, the economy, house prices drop, cause illnesses or famines, etc., it is nothing to the agenda. Full speed ahead, a little road bump called Trump isn’t going to stop it. Look what we have done to the ME with a little help from our friends. Look how Merkel and ilk didn’t let that crises go to waste. Look how Clinton, Bush, and Obama opened up our borders, Obama did it on Opiod speed and spread em everywhere. The agenda is on full throttle if you have the eyes to see it. So many great comments on all these columns of George’s. So many intelligent people. We will be the ones picking up the pieces and leading the way. Keep learning, keep sharing, keep growing.

  13. Depression..
    Phew.. I see it coming it is coming faster than I want and slower than I expected. as everyone knows I expected it to start last november. It didn’t ..
    as for investing in stocks. I am to old.. that is for a young man or someone that has a lot of money. the statistics show that after this show begins I will be dead before we pull out of it.
    what I worry about is not only having enough to get me by till I can produce enough to survive. having had that year of no income a few short years ago I can tell you that the president of the mormon church is off.. he suggests you have six months of income on hand for an emergency situation. that may hold true if your a young man but since older people are basically considered unemployable until you turn sixty five. you really should have two years of income to back you up.
    three months of food.. well I went through a traumatic time in my youth so I make sure I have enough food to withstand a small storm. this is just smart anyway like having your fire extinguisher or aed.. basically a no brainer.( a no brainer is something that doesn’t’ require a brain or the ability to use your brain to realize its importance )
    The mormon church has a great backup system to help those in need but during our year found out that they can’t do that either it is up to you.
    having millions of numbers written on a sheet of paper although it looks nice and now at this point when the numbers have some value it is nice but in my opinion when the SHTF it won’t mean anything if it isnt’ puffed two ply just like disability policies or insurance policies in general. I think you could ask some of those that went through the hurricane just how well that went..
    if your numbers still have value well for me statistically in less than two decades I will be having to hand out a hundred grand a year for an eight by eleven space. So eat that cake now.. go for the cruise do something fun.. even though you feel eighteen in the mind your not..you won’t leave here with it.. so use it .. the only one I knew that was able to keep it gave it away to someone ten years before he got to that point. we had a great deal of discussions on that. it is going to happen it doesn’t matter if your a billionaire or a pauper it will get you the same way.
    now for the summer project.. I decided I am going to build not only the retaining wall but a shed out of the earth blocks.. I have a friend that is a professor of a major college. we use to discuss old tech for ages.. then a few years ago he took the kids out for extra credit during the summer and worked with this the results were astonishing. I had my grandson build one from his plans and I have one coming from columbia that builds these there.. and am going to have my grandson make one from the plans I have in my head right now. we shall see how it works.. they are going to be so surprised well maybe not.. they already know I am having them build my solar grill.. heck if you can cook by moonlight then my little grill is nothing..

    • they don’t know the reason I have been buying shells is that we will use old roman concrete to do this summer project to LOL..

      • That is exactly what I plan on doing. I ordered a brick press, with a few different molds, I had my grandson weld one I had cut from the plans I got from a college prof. Friend that had students using it to test the blocks in comparison to commercial blicks, and build a project. I have an idea on how I think it all can be improved to obtain better results with less force. ( my plan is to build that one and have a 4 year old and 3 year old using it to see if the blocks compare with the commercial unit and the one made from my prof. Friends design with the force they can generate for their size.

  14. There’s two things on my ultimate bucket list. To visit Russia to see the wonderful gothic style buildings and the balkin lake. The second is to visit China and see the great wall. The third is to visit Egypt and see the pyramids also visit some old Tibetan monasteries.
    Now i have met and visited with people from India China Egypt and Russia. I have read countless news papers from those countries and absolutely love a college in India..
    So.. My wish is everyone take a chill pill treat each other with respect so I can make plans to visit these national treasures before I die. The people from all of these countries have the exact same concerns everyone I know has the newspapers read like any home town newspaper.
    Which makes me seriously wonder if it isn’t the people then maybe its a different set of puppet masters pulling the strings there to keep the tensions high.

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