Numerically Modeling the Future

Today we present what will be a discussion in the upcoming Peoplenomics Handbook for subscribers, in which we present a methodology to take an informed guess at the future.

Unlike linguistic, spiritual, energy-readings, and predictive dream content the advantage of numerical modeling is that it can be used to inform actual money-making trades.  Think of it as ginning-up your own financial advice.

Just as soon as we hit the coffee pot and roll through some headlines…and ponder:  Did a stealth the all-time high come in last week?

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20 thoughts on “Numerically Modeling the Future”

  1. I have wondered, when the people with enough wealth, power, access and knowledge mainpulate the stock market, does this show up in your charts? And, does it make predicting accurately impossible because they have overridden the system?

    • I wonder the same thing, too SL. The answer though – because Elliott seems almost hard-coded into all endeavors, though, is that there is probably something hard-codes (biocode) in how humans work. Which is why it will be easy for machines to eat us for lunch – have no such bounds.
      You will like Coping Monday – on a path to mass adoption of A.I. Lite as a migration path…

      • Do you remember when the Hunt Bros tried to corner the silver market? I’ve thought of that as a ‘modern’ example of what must have happened during the ‘robber baron’ times in the 1800’s.

      • I’m afraid that A.I. will do us all in, because I realize that with the knowledge that “little me” has accumulated over the years I could own the world, if I wanted to, provided that knowledge was accessible the precise instant when required. Imagine what A.I. could do. Most people have NO idea about real slavery that’s still ahead of them. It will come by our own choices!! It always starts with little conveniences that sucks us in. ;-(

  2. So with the recent downturn it the market, it makes me think of a Colorado longwave forum, where I wrote a long hypothesis on how consumption of capital worked in the marketplace.

    The end of January , is a time when cash is needed to pay for college, Christmas and such. It is much like the fall when the harvest comes in and all then ag operating loans get paid down as people pay for the crops as they come in. Then you have quarterly tax payments and such that leave the market.

    Then you have bi-weekly and monthly injections of money into the market for retirement accounts.

    Anyway, while I watch the market to see where it goes, as the broader economy has an impact on my business, I only have live stock, land and equipment to convert sunlight into supper. I choose not to participate in the white collar casino that is the stock market.

    • “I only have live stock, land and equipment to convert sunlight into supper.”

      I love that sentence for whatever reason. :-)

  3. Report from the street. I know George will disagree. However I thought this was interesting. And I’m no reporter but I seized the opportunity. I’m rough neck dump truck driver.

    So I just sold my washer and dryer to a senior vice president of Jp Morgan Chase for his Seattle home. I asked him about Bit coin. He said he thinks it will crash another 50%. I said it has nothing backing it but hype and people’s money. He said the same can be said about credit cards. It’s the new kid on the block and so it’s getting beat up pretty badly by wall street in order to test it’s viability as an emerging technology.

    He said it is the credit card of the future. He said there is better platforms out there than Bit coin. But since it is the first of its kind it gets all the attention. If i was you, Look at all the other alt coins. Like etherium And lite coin. There are thousands of them. Then laughed. He said i would steer clear of any crypto currency that starts out with a value of less than a dollar. He said you can make profits by buying them as they go with the fad but their viability as a legitimate value is slim to none in the long run. I said right on. So your saying buy and hold? He said yes. hold it for a while and don’t watch the markets because of the swings. He said it is the future of e-commerce in the next 3-5 years from a banker perspective. He then went on to say he thinks the real movers have yet to be developed. This is all new tech. And for Christ sake do not mortgage yourself or max out your credit cards like some people are doing. You work hard right? I said yep. Harder than most. He said be smart and be safe. The whole could crash. If you habe money to play with buy a little bit at the low and just sit on it.

    There ya go, Straight from the horse’s mouth. He was a pretty nice guy and we had a chat about life. I told him I wanted to buy a house next year or so. He said wait. It’s no secret the makert is in a bubble. House prices will go down in the next year or so from my perspective.

    I said thanks man! He shook my hand, looked me in the eye and said do what you want. Im just saying If i was in your position thst is what I would do.

    • Take it for what it’s worth. He is just a dude. Just like me. Just like George. Even bummed a cig from me and then said don’t tell anyone. Lol

      Just thought it was interesting. My life is wierd so i meet people from all walks of life all the time..

      • Bitcoin like a credit card? Bitcoin is backed by nothing, your credit card is backed by your ability to PAY! Not the same.

        The guy did give you good advice. Its great that in your line of work you meet lots of interesting people! Years back I met a meter reader working for ConEd. He loved his job, because along his route met lot of people building all sorts of interesting things in their garage’s. He had a wealth of knowledge from those discussions! He didn’t have a college education, but did understand a lot of concepts that were at college level.

    • What he didn’t say but I got off of him. Cause I get stuff from people. Is that the credit card companies are the ones that are worried not the bankers. Bankers don’t care how they get your money. Lol

    • If I am looking at it correctly, crypto currency is like a prepaid credit card that fluctuates in value & has no monthly payment & eventually will be worthless. Interesting.

  4. Check out China’s Black Mirror .
    they’re using that on their population now and Netflix is got to season or series on it also.
    And do you think it’s coming here real soon.
    Or maybe it’s already here and we just don’t know it we haven’t woke up and realized.
    Its coming at us like a spiracle.

  5. If the deep state is running scared at the moment why not just take this down to around 12,000 back around 2012 when they started qe2?3? and see if that can sway the midterms – and hang it all on Trump? If they can take it up in parabolic fashion they can take it down the same way.

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