No question about it, both the top of the FBI and every democrat in Washington is screaming to whoever will listen that the release of the House memo on the crooked dealings from the Top of the FBI will shake things up.

As you’d expect, one of those more than willing to list to all things Anti-Trump is the New York Times.  “F.B.I. Chief Clashes With Trump Over G.O.P. Memo” they run as second lead left.  And just above that?  Try “Special Counsel Zeros In on a Trump Tower Cover Story.”

The left you see, is worried spitless about the controversial memo and with good reason:  It shows the top of the FBI has been perverting the intelligence community and has turned it into an election-fixing outfit.

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If you’re wondering WHY the FBI didn’t toss Hillary in  the klink for running an illegal private mail server, the reason figures Cliff Kinkaid, writing in the Canadian Free Press, is that the REAL Russian mole in the election was none other than Barack Obama.  Outing the Obama-Clinton emails that were likely on that “disappeared” server would have outed Obama’s abuse of power, explains the Kinkaid story here.

“Absolute Power corrupts, absolutely,” is the salient historical quote, I believe.

When we read headlines like “FBI expresses grave concerns over Republican memo’s accuracy,” remember that the Bureau is not only a law enforcement group, but is also behaves more like a domestic police-state agency at times.

Those with longer memories my remember the 2011 piece in Mother JonesThe FBI has built a massive network of spies to prevent another domestic attack. But are they busting terrorist plots—or leading them?

Then there is the too-perfect record of federal prosecutors.  There was a time when they lost cases.  But through perfecting deal and plea arrangements, if you’re ever charged with a Federal crime, you might as well pack up and report to prison.  The odds of beating a federal rap are statistically highly improbable.

You need to sit back and look at government in America as a long-chain business model.

Obama’s purported emails to Clinton (she skates) don’t become public.  The FBI knows about Clinton emails for weeks before alerting Congress.  So we were little-surprised to see the departure of Andrew McCabe (whose wife’s political campaign received a huge donation from a Clinton associate) since his name is linked here to reports of the information being withheld.

Circle is unbroken, eh?

Trump’s problem  is that “The Swamp” is a very murky place:  Obama helps Clinton, FBI helps Clinton, FBI sits on memos, FBI doesn’t want abuse of the FISA court coming out (because we expect people wouldn’t stand for all the government surveillance going on) and the existing (*Trump appointee) at the FBI doesn’t want an uprising in his agency or to piss off the other intelligence agencies because they pass data around.  Read this list from the NSA of what they’re collecting on you!  Not sure how comfortable I am with the government looking at my health records, for example…

We expect Trump will release the GOP memo, but in point of fact, the whole Mueller fishing expedition into Trump has been an effort to find a “control point” – a point where The Swamp could gain some leverage or control over Trump.

Thus, when democrats on the Intel committee vote strict party lines not to keep America informed, it’s NOT on some high moral principle.  It’s because they are all butt-covering SOB’s and less than half of those holding office in EITHER party deserve to be re-elected.

But the FBI has its control points, too:

Meantime, we wonder what the connection is between private prison operations and those marvelous federal conviction rates. In Washington, everyone has something on everyone else…it’s a circle jerk of the highest order.

Out here in the East Texas Outback, this ultra long chain business model  ULCBM (where industries hold sway and everyone pretty much does as told) is obvious.  We know that there would be a negative impact on prison construction and operations if, for example, the Trump administration revoked the silly enforcement of marijuana laws. How many drug lawyers, labs…undercover cops…oh, the mind boggles, you see?

Is it correct to toss people in jail?  Not if IT’S A BUSINESS MODEL.

Your government spends billions on “defense” and law enforcement.  Yet 10-seconds of Wiki search will out the awful truth:

Incarceration rates in the US on a per capita basis are higher than China and Russia combined. 716 per 100,000 of population in the US versus 596 per 100,000 in China AND Russia COMBINED.

Does the FBI have an agenda?  Does the DoJ?  Hell yes…everyone does in a big long-chain business model.

So regardless of how it reads on the surface, the reason for the whining today is that in a very tangible way, until The Swamp can get its arms around that fellow running aTrump through their business plans, they’re likely to stop at nothing to keep the American people either a) ignorant and in the dark or b) in jail.

That, brothers and sisters, is a statistically defensible inference.

We of course support our local sheriff and the front line agents of the FBI.  Fish rot from the head, and the head of the FBI/DoJ isn’t out here in the federal regions.

Bitcoin Shenanigans

Those with short memories may not recall our recent charts (free, too) that told everyone who would listen that Bitcoins were headed down to the $8,000 level, regardless of the digital hypesters and coiners.

Well, look here:  Another Ure prediction comes to pass.

Don’t get mad at me…I can’t help it my work is worth every penny you pay for it!

Hat tip to Linda in Houston who spied “Worries Grow That the Price of Bitcoin Is Being Propped Up.”

If you have a subscription to our premium site, we will run out the updated projections of how the Bitcoin decline could evolve in the chart pack Saturday…

Did I, or did I not WARN YOU this would end badly?

$453-$850 is not the end of the world, but you may be able to see it from there.

Job Cuts Jump 37.7%

Report just out:

“The nation’s employers announced plans to cut 44,653 jobs in January, 37.7 percent more than the 32,423 cuts announced in December, according to a report released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

While January cuts were up from the previous month, they were 2.8 percent lower than the same month one year…”

Although the number is UP, remember last year at this time their report (comparable period) read “2017 January Job Cut Report: Surge on Retail Cuts to 45,93.”

Ain’t like those Christmas retail hires always turn into long-term hires, if you follow what I’m saying… so yes, THIS IS BETTER THAN LAST YEAR.

Stock futures are down because many investors are news-ignorant in terms of reacting to a stupid headline instead of Year-on-Year data which is actually informative… You know my opinion of most people’s brain use, however.

Cancer Breakthrough:  Bad News?

Here’s an easy prediction for this year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine:  Ronald Levy, MD, professor of oncology at Stanford.

His group’s work is covered in “Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice, researchers find.”

How the hell is this BAD news, Ure?

Oh, from a people standpoint, it’s great.  BUT think through the economics of this:  Already, we have pensions on the verge of collapse and in many states, governments are on the verge of bankruptcy (California and Illinois come to mind).

The economics of people living longer are, sadly, unsustainable at higher long-term survival rates. In other words, if everyone suddenly started living 20-percent longer, government would have to immediately raise the Social Security full retirement age to something like 79, and how would you like that “60-something” carrot to be jerked away?

Actuarial tables are horrible things.  For every good thing on the Life Extension side of the equation, there is an equal and opposite Economic impact such that the great balance in Universe is maintained.

Does that mean curing cancer is bad?  Of course not.  BUT we do live in an economic system where there really is a series of calculations and if everyone alive became immortal tomorrow, the financial end of time would be about the day after.

Wait!  What About Equality?

The crookedness of the social just-us warriors becomes clearer every day:

“Q & A: Mayor Megan Barry discusses affair with officer, says she won’t resign…

Our read of the crooked little flakes is they’d be pissing on themselves IF IT WERE A MAN…but since reverse discrimination is what they were suckled on…well, work it out for yourself.

Let’s all go to the finish line together…sheesh.

Attention Greasers!

U.S. Oil Production Tops 10 Million Barrels A Day for First Time Since 1970.

See the Dow.  See the Dow down 120 at the Open. See Ure sell longs 01/31/18 | 09:30 AM ET.  See Ure in cash.

See Ure is old (and he’s stupid).  Just not that stupid.

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