UFOs, UAPs, and Trans-dimensional Physics

My 2017 book “Dimensions Next Door” now seems likely to be a very useful starting point for UFO and UAP research. A major government report is pending. That’s because in the book (DND) there was a very productive “survey of the data” approach taken.  Something missing in most UFO/UAP “reports.”

The problem is a quirk in how humans perceive non-ordinary events.  While some call it “normalcy bias” there’s a similar phenom in electronics called “bias.”  That’s the tendency of a vacuum tube or solid state device to “stop conducting” when biased a certain way.

Thomas Gilovitch’s book, “How We Know What Isn’t So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life” touches on this.

A thought experiment if I may?

Pretend you go outside and are run over by a truck.  The normal “human bias” response is to look at the truck which nailed out.  And then deepen your understanding on the “impact phenomenon.”  Maybe it was a Kenworth, perhaps a Freightliner.  Red?  Sleep cab? Towing something?

There is another approach to science.  Suppositional and investigatory.  It zooms-out from the singular impact-moment and instead looks around.  Have their been other impacts?  Is there anything in common between them?

You can see where this leads:

One interpretation of “science” focuses on the truck, impact, medical results, and so forth.

The Scientific Generalist finds other examples of truck-human impacts. As the commonalities of all impact cases are reviewed, much broader truths beyond a singular probe of a Kenworth or Freightliner and one victim come into focus.

Impacts don’t happen at random.  Discovery follows.  Impacts cluster in a pattern.  Looked at with “new eyes” we make out these things called (variously) roads, streets, turnpikes, and freeways.

Which leads to our discussion this morning of simple/obvious mechanisms of trans dimensional physics I believe have been overlooked.  Can’t say if this will be an opening to Dimensions Next Door II, but there’s a clustering to the impact data coming clearly into view for the data focused Scientific Generalist.

After a few headlines (which are starting to read like my 2012 book, Broken Web) and, of course, the ChartPack.

The two most important words in this morning’s report, though?  GID and hyper.  You need to be prepared for both…

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57 thoughts on “UFOs, UAPs, and Trans-dimensional Physics”

  1. oh yeah onto the UFOs now…
    [Executive Redact: Non-subscribers may not comment on Peoplenomics articles. Seems only right, since they haven’t read them. UFO’s is the focus piece. Not the ChartPack where the title is “Too Close to Call” (in terms of which way we break. -Ure]

  2. oh and watch every day the USD shorting pattern . exactly 4.10 pm Ausholeia EST . bang !!! wack the greenback . yep every day .. get set up for . whats the bullsheet ? your trading day. gamblers alright

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  4. Ure remarks: “I have never found a meaningful link between good looks and good thinking, sorry…”

    Ming Xi is absolutely gorgeous.. Phew..

  5. “Pandemic Over & Gone?”

    NO… its not .. they just quit testing.. now they only test those that are in serious shape and send the rest home…
    I just found out two of my childhood friends have passed from it recently.. neither is being disclosed as having covid.. instead like an aides patient are being told they died from the symptoms.. like pneumonia..
    If you haven’t noticed they are going option 3 all the way remember they had three options.. they didn’t do 1 went with 2 seen that it wouldn’t work so they are going 3 all the way… pretending that it is fixed .. the workers I know on the floor are being tested daily to make sure they haven’t caught it..

    • Isn’t that confuserator something.

      Over the last year we were told anyone who died had COVID written on their toe-tag for federal bonus monies.

      You are seemingly indicating the COVID policy has changed and anyone who should get COVID written on their toe-tag are not. Do you think the Fed-Bux ran out?

      • Nope…I think everyone was anxious for it to be back to normal.. and the incoming administration had to look proactive in their approach to a serious problem.
        Within a matter of a day, BLM and Antifa stopped their riots and destruction in almost every major city in the country .. every MSM news story was bragging about the speed and efficiency that the new administration was dealing and the numbers instead of being told as a growing concern received the opposite news coverage. In the Hope’s that there would be a miraculous change inthe economy..they even dumped money into the peoples hands in Hope’s that they would spend.. which they did.. what wasn’t anticipated in my opinion is they didn’t calculate that the third of the households that couldn’t pay their rent another third was living off of credit cards..on top of that we have the distribution supply lines of goods broken.
        Theres still a third of the households on an eviction notice. The only way is to forgive all debts… dump more money so those behind can play catchup..
        Of course that’s just my opinion on what I see..

      • As a person at the bottom of the ladder of sucess..it hit everyone hard.. just looking at the current cost of building materials.. the average employee needs to clear thirty dollars an hour JUST to pay the new mortgage costs.. of course that won’t be noticable for two years because the costs need to be passed on.take vanilla oreo cookies..as an example.. you cant buy the snack packs here.. two reasons.. the distribution line is broken.. and they aren’t made in America.. the same with the storesnot being able to buy cream.. the jugs are made someplace else. Dairy farmer dumping it..by outsourcing our manufacturing we basically put our progress in the hands of the world industrial manufacturing.. the closest place for me to acquire the cookies is New York at 3 times the normal price.. Walmart cant get their own brand.. great value and has taken them off the shelf completely. The same reasons.. the bakery is someplace else..
        In my opinion.. IF..China and Russia dump the dollar or stop the supply line from the manufacturers.. we are screwed and we will see that million dollar loaf of bread..the last estimate I had read a few years ago was 5 to 10 years to retool.. at that time we still had the skilled people that could pass down their talent. Today if you don’t have a smartphone or computer you couldnt figure out how to make a paper bag JMHO

  6. “(Zeus the farm cat eyes me suspiciously when I write things like this, what, being a black cat and all…)”

    The superstition that black cat’s are bad luck to cross your path.. is.. because at night you can’t see a black cat and could trip over them…

    I have had black cats all the time.. Homer is a legacy of my black cats.. he loved to take a shower and get aftershave on and pee’d in the toilet not the litter box LOL LOL LOL… he loved twinkies to LOL LOL and popcorn LOL it was hilarious to watch him watch the kids play little league.. he would sit on his butt like he was human and rest his little paws on his fat bellie LOL LOL he like to show the dog that he could open the door to go out anytime he liked to..

  7. “My intuition is phase, but still leaves the matter of frequency.”

    I have long had the theory that everything is in harmonics.. the frequency.. everything has a frequency.. take tesla’s earthquake machine.. hit the right frequency and you could crumble a building to the ground… I can’t find it now but there once was a video on Youtube that showed primitive tribes having children tap huge boulders with a little stone to break it down.. or the monks that use sound to levitate..

  8. Well, Yahoo Finance seems to be down now but Finviz is up. Don’t know what’s going on there. I’ve noticed other websites, usually financial, that I commonly go to being either excruciatingly slow or down altogether lately.

    The Brown noise you linked to, George, and it’s updated one once you get there reminds me of a cross between road noise and waves constantly crashing on a beach … or a good storm all of which are significant sleep inducers as long as the roof doesn’t come off. Love my West Texas thunderstorms of old that had almost continuous rolling thunder for prolonged periods.

    Re: the upcoming UFO report. I, too, doubt a whole lot will be disclosed other than the fact the military is saying “Yeah, they’re out there. It’s not swamp gas in the middle of the ocean or Venus at Noon and we don’t have a clue what’s going on.”. I was bingeing on a YouTuber’s channel yesterday named Robert Sepehr who has recently put up three or four new videos about the Operation High Jump affair amongst others lately. The channel is here – https://www.youtube.com/user/818encino/videos. Let’s not forget that John Kerry, and others at the time but I forget who, was summoned to Antarctica at the end of Obama’s administration however I don’t remember anyone else since then that’s made a special trip down there. Given the evil we’ve seen unfold since January’s faux inauguration it makes me wonder what else they aren’t telling us. Sepehr’s new videos have some footage I’ve never seen before but I do wonder why none of the thousands of sailors never said much about what happened in that fateful voyage down South.

  9. Is the pandemic gone? I suspect that once you take away the false positives and the deaths with multiple comorbidities that it was never really here in any serious way to start with.

    My sister-in-law, who is a medical doctor, was required to take the vax several weeks ago. She texted this morning to report that she now has rheumatoid arthritis. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, though. Don’t forget to take your booster shot!

    I personally know several people who developed crohn’s disease after being deployed. One of my friend’s had his entire colon removed later. I’m convinced that it was the vaccines causing autoimmune responses. I also know that the malaria drug lariam that they required for all service members deploying to the ME in 2002-03 caused people to go insane and commit suicide. The manufacturer was sued and the drug pulled. One of my close friends husband’s died because of this drug. He committed suicide while she was pregnant with their first child. She was one of the group who sued to stop them from killing more service members. I took one dose of that shit right before getting on the plane to go to Iraq in March of 03 and knew it was bad. I felt certifiably insane for nearly 24 hours. I told the medical folks and they said ‘yeah, it does that to some people.’ They already knew it was dangerous.

    It went directly into the trash. I’d rather get malaria.

    My son, who will be home tomorrow from 4 years with the active duty Navy in Japan…hard to believe…was forced to take the vax before he left Japan. I’m very worried about him long term.

    Personally, I’ll take my chances with the rona. The criminal history of the vaccine manufacturers maiming and killing untold numbers of people with barely a slap on the hand is a bridge too far for me and much scarier than any disease. Y’all have fun with that.

    As for UFOs…I rarely disclose this, but once upon a time I was actively involved and was invited to join the Bigelow Aerospace effort around 2008-2009, if memory serves. I declined.

    The bottom line is that whatever UFOs represent in their many manifestations, it’s real. Maybe not in the way we perceive ‘real’, but it’s real.

    What you won’t get from the much anticipated report is reality. It will be just ambiguous enough that you can overlay whatever you believe onto it. Much like all of the videos as of late. Completely inconclusive. For all we know, they’re close-up FLIR videos of the stylus of an etch-a-sketch.

    What you will get from the report is an excuse to build more weapons. Space based weapons.


    Gird your loins. They bad guys are still in charge and won’t stop until the whole planet is a smoking ruin.

    Sorry for the black pill today, but the news from my sister-in-law has me feeling down. Go hug your family and be thankful for what you still have.

    • Ham radio friend of mine is a carpenter. After second dose of vaxx he was effectively crippled with RA that stiffened his hands to be unusable. Two weeks after the shot he is just starting to get some movement back in his hands and feeling in his arms again. Long, slow recovery ahead. Fortunately he got a new job as a trainer/supervisor so he doesn’t need to do the physical carpentry now, but he’s quite disabled by the pain.

      I remain a volunteer member of the ‘control group’ for this genetic experiment.

      • Getting RA is not isolated to just this vaccine. It has happened many times before. I’m glad you’re friend is getting some recovery, though.

        I’m like you. Staying in the control group. My Dr asked me if I was interested in taking the shot and that’s what I told him. He basically told me that that is a good policy. Lol

      • What I have noticed. Is I am dog tired. I wake up tired get exhausted doing nothing at all..my normal nights sleep was three to four hours a day. I’m now sleeping 8 to 10 hours a day..

  10. I’d never thought WoWo would happen to me – here it goes:

    My kitchen window looks out to the roof of an adjacent building which is topped off by a water tower. A few month ago I watched technicians install a brand new lightning conductor on such. This LC doesn’t have a straight up tip, but is curved at the top like on a walking stick. Every day I look thru my open kitchen window I think about how the LC would perform, even though chances of it ever getting hit seemed minimal to me, due to circumstances.

    June 8, 2020 was a “rare miserable sticky day” over Manhattan, definitely not inviting to go walking. I had just eaten and finished cleaning up my dishes when I looked thru my open kitchen window, and at that precise moment lightening struck that LC just a few yards away.

    Flash & boom were at once and I thought this would blind me, and the noise was deafening. I think I saw the lightning bolt explode a few inches above the curved tip of the LC.

    What were my odds for me being there @ this precise moment in time? My conclusion: Everything is connected and thoughts are more powerful than anyone of us surmises. Make of it what you will but don’t think so much abt. WAR.

  11. Excellent subject material this AM Chief,
    – enjoy reading the musings one of the galactic parks’ denizens, who really believes his currently incarcerated Soul is enjoying a “nice existence” on the prison planet surface.

    Can U see the Fear Porn building up – with “former cia” lowlife scum alizondo et al (whose last job was roughing up & threatening UFO Witnesses) – talking up the UFO Threat and media lapping it up – nothing bout Aliens themselves, nothing- conspicuous in its absence, no?

    Its a new THREAT ! Bee very afraid!

    commie threat, russian threat, asteroid threat…oohhh and now the UFO Threat.
    -they are going to NEED Ure money and total compliance..another social control op.

    No worries disclosure – govmint never going to disclose any Truth – Hell they blew JFKs’ brains out in broad day light @33degrees..for what ? Deciding to share with the Russians our UFO files..in order to avoid accidental nuke provocation.FMTT

    No worries again as Operation IEC (Individual Extraterrestrial Contact) is here! Been rolling out across the globe as you read.

    “Hubrids/Whobrids” are here, now . Look just like us, with large/powerful intellects.
    More and more peeps reporting meeting lotz of these types recently – new strategy for Disclosure – as NOBODY(Humans&ET’s) – can trust the vile, hatefully violent Human military leadership with Disclosure.

    New tech for Ure time machine project – m56’s and “contras” got the tech U want..opening up void in Earth crust – going faster in time than the rest of space time – fly Ure saucer in – pump up to Earth atmosphere..example ?

    sUre – washington DC 8/23/2011 – Washington Monument Earthquake – “white-hatted military figured out they were there – and went in to eradicate the nasties – they left in a big hurry – didnt have time to properly unwind their crustal distortion tech. Same kinda thing happened with some Haliburton guys working with the nasties. This also the phenomena that pilots and boat captains have experienced in Bermuda Triangle – when these ufo’s “blow town” – the air pressure changes immediately above the craft when exiting void – cause the sudden “sinking” of overhead planes or boats – into the recently collapsed inter crustal void..

    Underground 4 a reason – prison/research/manipulation of planet and inhabitants is Illegal.
    Some ancients – who periodically come by for “cleaning” and “trash removal”operations.
    Also why nasties tend to hangout in and around our artificial satellite/Soul reprocessing center – just dont ask how they ERASE Ure memories from Ure Soul.. its soo bad, We dont even remember..

  12. I would say bitcoin is the opposite of a babblecoin from a physics perspective. We live in a universe with the thermodynamic property of entropy (degree of randomness). On average the entropy in the universe is always increasing a la language turning into babble is an entropy increase. However we have some ways to decrease entropy: life, conception, hashing algorithms. Bitcoin is actually a combination of first using maximum randomness to create the keys and addresses, then decreasing the entropy by creating trillions of hashes, the resulting blockchain contains the decreased entropy characterized by an intense concentration of calculated data. We are talking 130 exa-hashes per second.
    This is a mind boggling big number. Since the output data is uncorruptible and immutable, it is a vast reduction of entropy. Unfortunately, this process requires energy and that results in increased entropy. Entropy is also related to the wave function as well as shroedinger’s cat.

  13. When water evaporates, it absorbs energy. This acounts for the temp drops. Whatever energy is there, is splitting the water, or condensing it to fog droplets.
    Again remember that sound, is simply energy waves being tranferred through air. We only call this sound because our brain interprets it as such. It’s still just moving energy, no different than light, just a different wave length.

    • “once you take away the false positives and the deaths with multiple comorbidities that it was never really here in any serious way to start with.”

      It’s definitely here Maj…what I think is that the Democrats, MSM and the puppeteers were so deadset on getting him out of office.( Remember they started the negative narrative before he even was voted in. ) Nonstop day and night .. the negative was written in television and movie scripts and even commercials were pushing the hate the administration .
      There was a black flag event trying to suck him into action and he didn’t play by their rules..then BLM and ANTIFA and an un named doner that chunked hundreds of millions of dollars into it.. my guess is the severity was spiked to give the negative image to the administration .
      Then after the new administration was sworn in by the end of the first week all you heard was how great the new administration was BLM and Antifa quit the protesting and destruction world wide and everyone was saying how the numbers dropped significantly overnight..the new administration was as close to being a saint. And that is what history will show..
      His kids image was cleaned up his porn account deleted and the laptop destroyed.. given a book deal and a job with access to young women.. if you take a good look at some of the photos of him you’ll notice that a slight halo was added in the image as a subliminal message. Officially all of it was fake news and none of us will know for sure.
      Now.. time will say for sure if the new administration can be productive. He has to fix the third of the home owners that are on the eviction lists. He has to fix the supply lines and put real people back to work.. and repair the broken economy.. secure our borders and keep us out of war. Repair the relations between those countries that supply our needs.
      Of course that is just my take on this fragile situation that we are in.
      Of course this is only my opinion.

      • You’re spot on.

        Trump was right. The media is the enemy of the people. Well, they’re at least one soldier in the army of the enemy of the people.

  14. I saw a Bitcoin confuserator point the other day.

    The following means Pass Phrases and VPNs are not reliable.

    “The filings show that the FBI agent used blockchain explorers to track the movement of the crypto to nearly two dozen addresses.

    A private key for a virtual wallet linked to one of the addresses , where the cryto-currency sat for some time, was obtained by the FBI, but the agency didn’t disclose how it obtained the key, which serves as a password for the wallet. A crypto wallet can be used to store bitcoin, user addresses and other private key information. ”


  15. Hey George, if you opt to write a DND part deuce, maybe you can spring for a two or three color printing, because the original one-color didn’t work out so well with charts and graphs.

  16. “Security lapse, not ‘hack’, likely behind FBI’s recovery of ransomware Bitcoins”

    This is a “financial and technical CYA.” Essentially, the gummint doesn’t want people to lose faith and trust in Bitcoin (and other blockchain &or crypto vehicles) because they just showed us that:

    1) NSA owns the key to the cookie jar
    2) Everything anybody puts in a digital wallet anywhere, is seize-able or confiscateable at any time

    and so the gummint and its media lackeys are going to spin this story into first irrelevance, and then nonexistence, until people forget all about the “recovery.”

  17. I think frequency manipulation/focusing of the invisible world is a good alley to go down.

    Over time I’ve lived in apartments and downloaded/tested tone generators on noisy mutts. I made tones using several software tone generators and outputted them using several sound cards over different internal/external speakers/tweeters. I never seemed to make a tone that impacted the mutts.

    I don’t know how to inexpensively calibrate and test the equipment. The software, sound card, speakers or even the dog’s hearing could be out of tolerance. All need to be verified.

    Here’s a picture of an X-ray’ed sound wave:

    Sound Waves Carry Information Between Quantum Systems


    Thinking about the levitating Tibetans. It would be interesting to understand if by using sound they levitated objects, the sound moving though air became a force/anti-force or was the “levitation” agitating the photons like dragging a graphic on a computer screen.

    This guy in the video below shows what’s inside a computer processor using Electron Microscope. I bounced to the mile marker showing the inside of the trigate transistor. If there is a way to make those atoms “join” a sound frequency wave the object may be caused to float.

    Catching a single Transistor – Looking inside the i9-9900K: A single 14nm++ Trigate Transistor (3/3)


  18. “Of course rich one percenters don’t pay income tax. I mean WTF, who didn’t know that already? Still, IRS Is Investigating Release of Tax Information of Wealthy Americans by propublica.”

    Rich Americans also don’t cheat on their taxes.

    They hire lawyers and accountants who scan every word of the tax code, then take advantage of the laws, AS THEY ARE WRITTEN, to minimize or eliminate their tax liability, legally.

    I don’t blame them; in their place, I would do the same. However, it seems to me, in the interest of fairness and honesty, ProPublica should publish a roster of which congresscritters, from which Congressional Sessions, voted for which Code provisions, or which jurists, from which Courts, nullified which taxing legislation, and when.

    Just sayin’, if the lefties at ProPub are gonna foment sheeple brick-tossing at wealthy folks, perhaps they should ALSO list names and Party affiliations of the people who made it possible for those wealthy folks to become so wealthy…

  19. If you’re a criminal, using btc is not a good idea. Your wallet address, timestamp, amount and other data is immutably entered into the public btc blockchain. Your wallet address is just a digital representation of your public key. Once your wallet address is known, the btc blockchain can be searched and every transaction with your wallet address can be identified. Oh, and if you used an exchange for your crime, your wallet address is similar to a bank account with KYC regulations. It’s trivial for the exchange to identify you. The vast majority of btc transactions go through exchanges. In the early days, using btc for nefarious reasons might have worked. But now, with the current btc infrastructure buildout, it works poorly for crime. Same goes for tax evasion, not a good idea. Just my 2¢.

    • Soooo would you entertain the idea of a false flag episode? Hackers usually go for all they can get and these guys’ price was like Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil, after being thawed out from a 20 or 30 year deep freeze, asking for “One MILLION dollars” ransom to release whatever it was he was holding hostage. Perhaps TPTB knew exactly where to look for the wallet.

    • From what I have gathered in reading about the ransomware, the gangs who design the ransomware software lease it out to wannabes for a percentage of the take. The software is supposed to be a configurable package, so it doesn’t take a mad scientist to operate it. The episode in question has the odor of an adult developer using script kiddies to do their dirty work.
      Attributing any level of competence to corporate IT hacks is an assumption. Typically most of their technical horsepower comes from subcontractors, who tend to get sent packing when things get tight. That the ransomware attack succeeded should tell you something was amiss in corporate-ville.

  20. “Remember that the atmosphere has “rivers of wind” that move through it, especially at higher altitudes. Think jet streams.”

    Was riding the jet stream eastbound over Montana at 39,000 ft in an Airbus A319 in “the” area known for Mountain Waves. Caught the mountain wave and instantly was 22 knots over Max airspeed… at idle thrust, climbed 1000 ft from assigned altitude with all the sirens/warnings blaring in the flight deck. Thankfully it was a smooth ride up on the lenticular wave. Advised ATC and got an expedited descent to 35000 ft while I gave a Wave Report to other aircraft. Incredible, but the wave action was only above 36000 feet that day. Maintenance performed an overspeed inspection at the destination, and the plane was back in service that day… pretty stout airplane.

    Flew a Cessna 210 and a Beech Bonanza back in the day with 3 blades… but no time warps for me (except the career that went in the blink of an eye… LOL)

  21. oohh yeah baby !!! here come da hammer juice !!! thats a big monkey hammer baby on the whole fing disaster !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 11% sheetcon and you still went down !!! decision time eh georgey !!! god bless the USD

  23. Okay, the site is really wonky tonight. The layout’s scrambled, links sporadically don’t, nor do replies (when they’re available.)

    George, did you change something, or did somebody push an update through your CoLo server?

      • So what is going on with the Brave browser and your website George? I go to M$ Edge, which I rarely use at all, and all the new comments show up while Brave is only showing comments up until yesterday. I clear the cache and Brave may show the new comments and it may not so I have to manually keep clearing things in Brave and it only keeps doing this on your website. Brave must have been updated several weeks ago as there’s a few new icons on the Browser’s edges so perhaps the popup blocker needs some tweaking.

  24. @ LOOB
    “.the last estimate I had read a few years ago was 5 to 10 years to retool”

    Yeah, AFTER someone figures out there’s a need to retool, which no one has done yet. It’s still all about making money.

    I’ve done the social projections. They have always pointed to our eventual fate being the same Marxist-dystopian future, because we’re lazy, stupid, incredibly egotistical, and because those of a Rightist bent who could pull us through with the Nation intact, will do their meek reactive crap, instead of proactively leading, until it’s too late to stop the one world Marxist empire from coming into being.

    ‘Thing is, until a few years ago, my projections pointed to this, “not happening” until a generation or two after my body was safely in its tomb. We have greatly accelerated our slide into the abyss. People will not recognize the need for us to make our own stuff, until stuff becomes simultaneously unavailable and vital. When that happens, those who are making the stuff, win (and I ain’t necessarily talkin’ about the National Biscuit Company…)

    It may soon be time to revisit the Rosetta Stone…

    • Do you remember the story of the monkeys, the banana and the firehose? Us hairless apes have the same programming between the ears.

    • “We have greatly accelerated our slide into the abyss.”

      I feel exactly what you are saying AMEN.. ISN”T IT SAD… we replace not repair the disposable.. no one around that can fix anything and then the costs are more than replacing. the old blacksmiths are gone.. someone that knows how to make shoes as an example imagine no shoes for one minute…
      I think that is why I am so eager to teach the kids how to build stuff.( I cheat a little bit by having modern equipment when I make them LOL). not very many know how to make a simple pencil much less anything else.. when it finally goes the estimated what five percent of the population that will exist afterwards will have to know how to rebuild…the basics from the ground up.. those that have coveted a number on a piece of paper or a cartoon coin will realize.. that was the last thing they should have been coveting.. why our congress can’t think or see the signs is beyond my scope of reasoning.. probably because they have been at the feed trough to long.. its easier to listen to the devil whispering in your ear.. hey it isn’t so bad look how good you have it.
      That is what I love about Urban survival… I am able to view a different perspective

      • “why our congress can’t think or see the signs is beyond my scope of reasoning.. ”

        They see — The Leftists in Congress WANT it to happen.

        The real question is: Why do they want us helpless and subjects of a tyrannical Marxist government?

        It makes me sometimes wonder how much of “Biblical prophesy” is allegorical, and written the way it was, to try to convey [impossible to comprehend] future events to illiterate peasants, in such a manner that they could at least grasp the fringes of [what was to come].

        I believe they even teach this concept now at Seminary…

  25. Just remember that being run over by a milk truck is the wholesome way to go.

    If Schrodinger’s cat drops a litter of kittens in the box, is that proof of the multiverse?

    1.8549×10EE43 s?1

    • Love your videos but the audio is way out of sync on this one. The intro in in sync but the farther you go through it the worse the audio sync becomes.

      Keep up the good work, though!

  26. “I keep forgetting I’m President…”

    Now, every wannabee Repug pundit has latched on to this quote from President Biden and most have made fun of da Prez. Most Dembs have blown it off as a joke.

    Neither has noted the meat of Biden’s address. Please follow along until you find it:

    “Royal Air Force Mildenhall
    Mildenhall, United Kingdom

    8:45 P.M. BST

    THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Mildenhall!

    Colonel, thank you for that introduction and your service leading this team in such a difficult time. Because we know that it’s the whole family who serves; I also want to Melissa. I know — I know your next assignment at U.S. Transportation Command starts soon. So congratulations, and thank you, thank you, thank you.

    And, Sydney, you’re 14 years old. When I was 14 — please, at ease. I keep forgetting I’m President. (Laughter.) When I was 14 years old, I would have been — I mean this sincerely — scared to death to stand up in front of a microphone, in a large crowd or small crowd. See, when I was a child, I used to stutter badly — for real. I had great difficulty speaking in front of other people. And — so I expect that when you’re President, you’ll remember me. (Laughter.) You’ll remember me. You’re, really, quite a polished young woman. Thank you…”

    Got it?

  27. Yep . Same hit attack on USD same time . 4.10 Australian eastern time . When our piece of sheet closes

  28. She’s about to go and agin!! Hit yah treasonous terrorists ,the founding fathers of the United States of America would spit on yah

  29. Hi George!!
    Thanks for the AWESOME, thought provoking write-up!!! BTW…I did read, and enjoy your Dimensions Next Door book. This latest article makes me wonder if there is any underlying connection to the amazingly fast worldwide installation, and power-up, of the 5G & 6G networks and Trans-Dimensional Physics? If I understand correctly, the amplitude/frequencies can be adjusted, and may, or may not play a role in certain effects people are reporting. You’re far more knowledgeable in the deeper aspects of this than I am, so perhaps you can explain if I am way off base? Just throwing it out there :) :) Thanks!!!!

    • The link to 5G and above is there in the literature. It begins with strange lights, advances to the stories of the Philadelphia exp. The evolves high (406 -410 MHz radars) at the Montauk event. Then there’s the Autec high power acq. radar on Andros (Bahamas) in the Gernon case. So, yes, one could argue reasonably there has been higher frequencies and power densities evolving as the UAFD/UAP time-travel story has evolved…
      Toss in the high correlation with large bodies of water (ground plane?) and it evolves more.
      Out of place: Mission 115, B-17’s, 1943 where the supposed “impact” with a UFO happened. But here we find the other engineering cluster: High density sound field, 3-bladed props, smoke/suspended particulates and so forth. (Air within a few degs of dewpoint and so on…)
      Just a matter of working out the details and the right ratios.
      Will actually run one experiment here tomorrow (Brownian noise, phase shifted & time delayed return, plus smoke…)
      No column Sunday if it works, lol…

      • Hah, Haa!!! yes, I suppose if I don’t see your column Sunday, I will consider your experiment a huge success!!! Good luck and happy trails!!!!

        I will still watch for your update once you’ve completed your experiment and compile all the details of what you learned from your journey!!!!

  30. I mentioned a while back, in the quest for knowledge, we think things out from a particular point and then think the hell out of the issue, trying to gain better understanding. We learn a lot of truths and falsehoods on the journey. And all too often, find ourselves back at the beginning, having gone full circle. Read this article and saw that Covid Thinking has found its way back to the beginning …


    Once we reach that point, we generally drop it and move on to something else. We either just relax and go about our day … or we watch the media who always has something new to ponder or get caught up in. But there’s always a “pause”

    We are in the “pause” in my opinion but don’t get too relaxed …. I noticed the word “Warning” mentioned a lot this morning. Mentioned more times than I care to post links to.

    So, what’s the next big thing? UFO’s? Is it the Variants coming to kill us? Is it the potential weapons potentially on those ships from Iran headed to Venezuela with our boarder open? Or will Trump say something and increase media ratings? Who knows? Lol. Only the powers that be know what shell the bean is under … but we’ll find out soon enough.

    Just my coffee time observation. Have a great day.

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