Double Top: Drama Builds

Whoa boy!

Sure, I made a couple of bucks on the short side (man’s gotta have his gambling addiction, right?).  But, it was an in-and-out because…how to put this?… Didn’t seem big enough or real enough.

In fact, when we look at the data, it’s like this double top in our Aggregate Index is about the slowest change in markets in a good long while.

Despite the Dow being down, the action in the NASDAQ kept it a positive day (far as the Aggregate goes).  So, as a result, when the all-time high came in (Aggregate, remember) on April 29th at 37,752.95, we closed Monday at 37,712.13…about 40-points shy of equal.

As you can see, there was a nice low around May 12.

Where next?  The Futures are pointing down again this morning; sort of.  Early on, though, the NASDAQ was up while the S&P and Dow were down.  What this tells me is what?  Gee – lack of real conviction?  Color us skeptical.  Save some lunch-money day trades, let’s see whether the bears of bulls stampede first.

Data Munch

Fewer calories than a Danish, but potentially tastier:  Got the NFIB Small Business Optimism to begin with since? A record-high 48% of owners have unfilled job openings:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 8, 2021) – The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index fell 0.2 points in May to 99.6. May saw a slight pause in the recovery of small business optimism after steadily increasing each month in 2021. As reported in NFIB’s monthly jobs report, a record-high 48% of owners reported unfilled job openings.

“The labor shortage is holding back growth for small businesses across the country,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “If small business owners could hire more workers to take care of customers, sales would be higher and getting closer to pre-COVID levels. In addition, inflation on Main Street is rampant and small business owners are uncertain about future business conditions.”

The problem?  Two forks to it:  One is that with enough gov’t money handed out, why go back to that “work” stuff?  The other is that as people do return – at higher wages – it will begin to drive wage inflation generally and then the rotating round thing and the brown smelly stuff collide.

Also just out is international trade data:

Good – very good, actually:

We have some minor this-n-that’s ahead, too.  But the KEY NUMBER comes Thursday with the Consumer Prices report.

Commodities Hinting?

We’re going to rip the large deck off the front of the house, one of these days.  And when we replace it, not sure what it will be.  I think about a dumb-waiter down to the car.  But if we go that far, why not an elevator?  Hmm…

Thing is, the decision (grandiosity) depends on lumber prices.  On FinViz this morning lumber was around $1,220 and change.  Obvious 1 down, a 2 up…but are we going higher or lower from here?

My dart toss figures it as a short-term high, then a 1 down – and we may be in an a-b-c for a 2 up.  That might lead to a lumber top in a month, or three.  Which would be neat.  Because then, Ure fave home handy-bastard (of the genus drools at tools) would be buying new deck lumber for a fall construction blitz around here at lower prices.

Crypto Suckah!  Listen Up!

Not ONLY was Bitcoin /con down to $32,866 early on.  Thus clearing the road to the $27,00o region I’ve been yammering about.

I don’t trade cryptos, drink hemlock, or chase around, either.  Any of which can dramatically reduce your enjoyment of Life.  Ah, but who listens to an old nutjob in the woods?

Familiar old harangue?  No.  Not actually.  Because the story that REALLY matters on planet Crypto-con is what?  “U.S. officials recover $2.3 million in crypto used to pay ransom in Colonial Pipeline hack (reported”

So all that hype and bullshit about safe storage, when came down to it, could be tracked and found.  We won’t relish the rest of the Crypto con falling apart.  (Hard caps were one of the few saving virtues, but stake holding?  Pah-leeze!

Frankly, all leaves me with mixed emo’s:  colleague who tried to get me walletized when BTC was under a dime I hear made a fortune. Mega-mansion money.  On my side?  Never had to check the IRS “Did you own crypto currencies?” box on the tax forms.

Like driving no more than 3-4 over the posted speed limit, I don’t have to put any effort into looking in the rear-view for cops, either.  Yes, fast and loose is exciting.

Speaking of crime, did you read the story in the Daily Mail?Huge AFP bust sees bikies, criminals and gangsters arrested in Australia wide raids.” More than 100 bosses busted.  Which leaves us wondering if the capo-tuti-de-crypto was among ’em?

That Sketchy Web

Once again, our short hop to fiber on our own VPS has paid off with high reliability and availability of Urban.  No cloud for us, thanks. As for others?  Websites globally hit by major internet outage | reported Reuters.

This should be interesting when the trading firms wake up for the open.

Longs and Shorts

Good news on gun rights (spelled out plainly in America’s founding docx):  Federal judge overturns California’s ban on assault weapons and likens AR-15 to Swiss Army knife.”    But oh my, here come the ever-so-thinly-disguised personal attacks:  Who’s the San Diego judge upending California’s gun laws?”  To us, a judge upholding patriotism and gun rights is just doing his job…and damn well.  Rights shouldn’t blow around in political winds.

Higher up the Courts chain:  Supreme Court Unanimously Rules Against Immigrants With Temporary Status.  Bottom line is illegal aliens who snuck in can’t go the green card route to citizenship.  Feels almost like a new planet, huh?  And is this where feminists wanted equality?  Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge To The Rule That Only Men Register For The Draft.

Selling the Climate scam?  Laughable to see how Kamala “Harris staff says climate, economy among ‘main drivers’ of migration after Guatemala president blames US.”  What? People in Guatemala don’t like the weather?  Who are these people and have they all been brainwashed?

A story I keep forgetting to mention:  The First Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease Could Get Its Long-Awaited FDA Approval Today. Or Not.

Summit News is (again) saying what we’ve been alleging for over a year: Yet Another Scientific Study Concludes COVID Is Likely Lab Engineered.  Which part of “surprised” do you want me to pretend?

Taiwan may not pop until after the Japan Games, figures my consigliere.  But we’re watching a couple of stories, anyway:  Covid Outbreak at Taiwan Factory May Worsen Chip Supply Shortage.  And Blinken and Nod are at it again: Biden to launch trade talks with Taiwan despite Chinese protests.

As the government report on UFO’s closes in:  UFO expert says aliens may or may not be out there but ‘technological artifacts exist way beyond our comprehension’ (  More on Peoplenomics tomorrow.

Around the Ranch

Elaine continues her remarkable recovery from glitch-free Hip Replacement #2.  Last week at physical therapy, her balance was so good they had her on a balance board even (semi-normal) me/I would have a tough time with.  Pain free most of the time now, as well.  Even the medical types are quite amazed by how well she’s doing.  Just 3 weeks today from knife-point.  Walking (no limp, walker, or cane) and getting back to her previous chipper self.

Summer comes to Texas:  Quite amazingly, we still haven’t hit 90F yet.  But that’s about to change.  Might get to 90 today, but tomorrow almost for sure.  Still, 9-days out we’re supposed to be back down around 84 as a high.  Which is amazing, wonderful.  And no need to water the garden – yet.

Climate Woes?  Still – one of the best spring-into-summer periods in almost 20-years in the Outback is not without its downsides.  Ticks are popping out like mad all over the Midwest this year.  And that’s despite the cold snap back in February.  Article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is educational:  “Wisconsin deer ticks: Watch for Lyme, Anaplasmosis, other diseases.”   Our postal carryette will be delivering two more gallons on spray and two more big containers of granules today.

Ticks or not, the garden work earlier this year is paying off.  Nothing like fresh veggies a half-hour (and 2 ticks) away from their home plants.

Write when you get rich,

44 thoughts on “Double Top: Drama Builds”

  1. Great news on Elaine’s hip operation and recovery. Amazing actually.

    My daughter is on a 2 year waiting list for hip surgery here in Canada (land of free medicine). You may have covered this before but can you advise details of the actual surgery Elaine had; titanium alloy ball and joint, etc.

    I hope to help my daughter and a couple of friends with your experience. Thanks.

    • “Canada (land of free medicine).”

      It’s not free medicine lol..
      Just like my daughter.. she has to have a new hip and two new knees.. she has been waiting for going on five years now.. even though she needs them Theres an age requirement..and they won’t touch it. For me… I can get my medication at a fraction of the price charged here.. what I read ince wasthey only allow pharmaceutical companies something like a thousand percent profit margin.. my 1250.00 medication was under 200 for name brand and if i was a citizen I could get generic underage hundred..
      If.. I needed to see a specialist..the appointment is out over a year right now..I just made an appointment today for my family physician.. to see the physician and not an assistant.. its six months.. my appointment is just before xmas.
      But if you have big bucks.. I’m sure you can get in sooner.. you can in canada to..

      • My cpap pressure needed to be changed.. they can’t see me for a year.. and they want me to spend a couple of thousand for the evaluation.. I was visiting with a respiratory therapist friend yesterday.. he said.. you didn’t hear this from me.. then suggested a new pressure. I made the change and slept like a baby.. the change was only 1 lbs difference..

    • If at all possible, an anterior hip replacement is the way to go. Recovery time is much better and there are far fewer restrictions on movement or complications.

      Good Luck


  2. Mr G,

    Respectfully request review/research analysis on ISS/Space Station data collected from “sticky boards” coated in aerogel/foam, that are mounted on the outside hull/shell/skin of ISS. Publicly available data/reports/NASA, on what IS found all over those boards – and is found in great abundance in space – between Earth and Moon/death star.
    How did IT get there? and Why is it there in space between Earth and Moon ?

    If U can figure this out – U will have figured out how “they” get Water in the Moon. Where do majority of UFO sightings occur ? Over Water?

    What happened when appollo 17 left moon on her return trip ? Ure a Ham – reportedly – thousands of Hams heard it ??? What happened while they were up there and what did they see! and more importantly why have we never gone back (“Manned”)

    Nothing is what it seems, Nothing.

  3. Lucky you. Here is SW OR we’ve ready had four days over 100 and driest spring since 1924. Looking like a bad fire year in the making.

  4. “technological artifacts exist way beyond our comprehension”

    Ooh, ah, love the pictures of all the beyond comprehension stuff.

    Recall the Dutch had a way beyond comprehension moon rock, until way beyond comprehension the moon rock turned out to be a piece of petrified wood. If I recall correctly insurers and everyone went along with “this is a moon rock” until they couldn’t. Most folk wouldn’t believe a ruse could go so far…. meaning it really was “beyond comprehension” and nobody lied.

    • “The Day after Roswell” by Lt. Col Philip Corso (ret) is a great book all about “foreign technology” and Corso was the guy who doled out the pieces of UFO’s which had crashed at that point. He had an entire file cabinet full of goodies that eventually resulted in the Integrated Circuit/Transistor, Body Armor, Fiber Optics, Night Vision, and so much more.

  5. So to “treat” Alzheimer’s with questionable efficacy, Biogen has managed to gain FDA “approval” for something called aducanumab! Who comes up with these names? It’s a monoclonal antibody concoction with a simple chemical formula of C6472 H10028 N1740 O2014 S46. At least it’s cheap, only 56K per year if you can even get it. Of course, that doesn’t include the mandated quarterly MRI’s and doctor visits.

    I’m sure there are other approaches, but medicare will probably pay for this one.

    • “Who comes up with these names?”

      I believe that the clinical name or chemical name is basically the name of the active ingredients that pill has…
      the brand name pill or the catchy name.. like a common name we all know.. VIAGRA as an example…
      Broken down means VI (vibrant) A (at) GRA.. (lenited form of grá (“LOVE”). so the name viagra literally means vibrant at love.. Viagra.. just a catchy name for a drug to catch the eyes of customers..
      sildenafil is what it is.. sildenafil citrate..
      some slip in the latin terminology for the substances in side the pills as well..

  6. Notice the Bose hack? It’s not just computer tech geeks who don’t like getting pwned. A/V and engineering tech geeks get downright pissy when someone tries to hack them, too.

    Also note how fast they shut the hack down… ;-)

    That’s the difference between having real IT nerds, and paycheck wannabee nerds whose actual knowledge doesn’t extend past Pagemill or building-block Visual Basic.

  7. George,

    Noticed you mentioned an elevator in the running for deck redo. Make sure the “nice government men” don’t want you to have an elevator permit/inspection. Probably won’t be the case, but these money hungry suckers are always looking for another excuse for a permit or a fine (as the case may be). I would restrict use to you and Elaine in any case, to keep the bottom dwelling lawyers away. (I have a daughter with law degree) I have no particular love for the legal profession, even though 5% give the other 95% a bad name.

    Case in point, I had to tell step-grandson he could no longer hunt my farm. He got to bringing under legal age friends along to hunt without permission from me (was warned numerous times). Liability is too great for someone’s little darling to fall out of a deer stand and parents can’t wait to sue. Pissed off boy and his father, but better than losing a 175 year old family farm over deer hunting. My farm. my rules.

    • America is supposed to be the “land of the free”! If you don’t live freely and spread your wings, you’re engaging in your own stifling, degradation, and emotional death.

      We have the right to responsibly build as we wish, regardless of regulations that micromanage our lives, and George is in an enviable no-zoning area. Building is an emotional imperative for many of us, legalities aside. George is an engineer, and engineers build! Generally, we overbuild! Don’t ask/don’t tell worked for the lgbtqwhatevers, and it’s the best policy. Seeking “permission” gives de-facto jurisdiction to those who may have none. I agree with keeping outsiders off your land, and doing responsibly as you wish with your own property is an American birthright, and it needs some serious defending. After all, why even have property if you can’t enjoy it? Rights not exercised are often considered to be extinguished.

      It’s great to hear that Elaine is progressing so well, especially after her first very difficult time. In less than two weeks, it will be midsummer!

      Hip, Hip, Hooray!

    • Good for you Mr. Snider. My Dad wouldn’t allow hunters on his farms. I remember one bunch he almost got into a fist fight with; wouldn’t take no for an answer. His reasoning was, “why take the risk” of an errant round killing one of us or our livestock.

  8. So, apparently Brian Sack (of what?) is the person responsible for the FED reporting an annualized inflation rate of 2.1% for YTD 2021, and probably the person responsible for the FED’s money-laundering indices getting disappeared.

    I’m bored, so currently researching the rationale by which he rewrote the scales and standards which now allow the gummint to fudge money stats out of relevance and wipe their ledger entries out of existence…

  9. George:

    Looking for a lift? Check out galaxy list from Mabank. People in the Bay Area (NASA region south of Houston down to the island) are installing these at a fraction of the cost of residential elevators. Very well built and much safer than DIY boat lift options.

  10. What’s happening to Texas weather LOL it made it to 96 F up in the great Saskatchewan of Canada the other day. (Freak heat wave) Please keep those temps down there next time. Thanks

    • I hear ya chris.. the ground is hard and dry.. crops planted early look ok.. but they need water bad.

      • We look like the green green grass of home. Was that Scotland or Ireland or England? We are subtropical now. Lush, green, verdant, gorgeous. Humidity set in today like a Lion 92, tomorrow, higher.

      • Won’t last long Austin. We’re getting our triple digits out West but it is truly so green the livestock is waddling now. Good come back from a rough Winter, though.

  11. Questions G;

    Is it a bird ?

    Is it a plane ?

    Hmmm – well then serious question here; Is that a Cup and Handle pattern forming in TGB?

    under 2 bucks a share – thats ALL U can lose on this particular calculated risk. “see the poor little deer, does the deer have any doe, yeah two bucks”

    Calculations being how much proven copper & moly U got in the ground, multiplied by Ure avg price per pound of copper in 1,2, 3 & 5 high/low can the price fly/drop one year out from today?

    Taseko is a Canadian Miner – copper, moly, gold..Been “playing” with this stock for several months now (profitably) and am wondering if this is indeed a Cup and Handle forming.
    Daily Chart (yahoo finance-free) – hollow candlesticks – yeah yeah overhead resistance, but looking for C&H pattern and might be seeing something forming that is not wishful thinking.

    Anybody see a cup and handle forming in this (TGB) puppy ?
    Fairness Warning – coot bee long TGB at < $1.00 – this colors my vision of the chartz..

  12. “The problem? Two forks to it: One is that with enough gov’t money handed out, why go back to that “work” stuff”

    I see signs everywhere for applicants.. but those that I know that have applied are being told.. thank you for your application but at the present time ws have all the help we need and are only filling those positionsby the employees we already have..
    Now that is exactly what the hospital does.. when I was the only tech for a hundred patients that was what they told everyone one day after the DON finished telling me they couldn’t find anyone.. I applied hor my position.. they told me the same thing.. that was thirty years ago.. I walk in and some young kid will great me and call me by name.. then show me the coffee pot..iknow theres a photo of me someplace that says beware smart azz..
    My guess is they are receiving funds and have to post the positions in order to get them..

    • Unfortunately the puppeteers hire lobbyists to donate to our legislators and write the Bill’s to benefit them.
      Not the rest of the population.. it will always be lopsided..
      The study is better than the video but it pretty much says it all

  13. Nobody leaves crypto on the exchange. Nobody. High tech hackers leaving their crypto ransom on the exchange is ludicrous.

    If the hack was real, the crypto would be in a private wallet, or multiples, scattered in safes around the world. Untouchable.

    Just more proof these hacks are bought and paid for by someone for political effect.

  14. Yeah there was a 3rd option. Facism and gurugambling continues. Made a little money on the short side . Eh . Vegetated slave getting his little facist feed. Treason

  15. he will sprain his wrist turning rates down next week .. oh and then i will hear another round of guru greasing the economic muck raking . 2 great sayings from the 30s . 1 we were living in it and we didnt know 2 one day we were rich , next day we were poor .. yeah thats it get your yellow dog and figure out ways to eat it .

  16. “I think about a dumb-waiter down to the car. But if we go that far, why not an elevator? Hmm…”

    When I was a little boy folks bought a house that wasn’t updated and it had a dumbwaiter that went down to the basement.. where blocks of ice were out in winter and summer.. it disappeared even my mom finally got a fridge. About the same time that electricity was put in.. and a bathroom..
    It was pretty cool and I’m sure you’ll love it.. make it an elevator..Ure not getting any younger.. steps duck if you can’t manage them.. a wheelchair accessible bathroom as well..

  17. Our country has over 4500 deaths reported this year on government web site VAERS related to the Experimental Genetic Vaccine we would have to go back over ten years with all vaccine to total this number combined with the paper from Salk Institute the paper provides clear confirmation and a detailed explanation of the mechanism through which the spike protein damages vascular cells.

    Would greatly appreciate suggest everyone on this blog write there state reps and senators request a detailed review of this Experimental Genetic Vaccine this should be more than enough information to question perhaps suspend program for further study.

    Thank you

    Lloyd Wright

  18. Wgt scares me about Alois’s predictions.. is this..

    “The airplanes drop a yellow powder between the Black Sea and the North Sea

    Years ago one of my day labor jobs was to clean a purging tent used to clean the pilot’s after they had sprayed a yellow powder.. what we were told was it was to track the flow in the event someone attacked the country and it was not anything we needed to worry about it wasn’t dangerous.. but it was a yellow powder and stung like hell if you touched it.. we would joke with each other ..nope this wont hurt at all.. even though we were really careful not to get any of it on us, we did touch it and it wasn’t pleasant.

  19. Comrades,

    It’s official!

    Overseers of An0m’s seized website offer an online form complete with captcha. App android owners can now freely enter their personal device details and contact information. Authorities will be in touch.

    Nothing like clearing some elbow room for the big operators to redeploy product – a #1 business strategy. Such an enigma that the WordPress 3/29 app warning blog was sacked as the raids rolled out. Depending on one’s app etite, it could still be a great day for a walk in Apple Park via the front door; a beautiful sunset opportunity even.

  20. G, here’s something ‘related’ (?) to your bridge dream, cryptos being mined from stolen city electricity at Great Bridge Industrial Estate (the heat output made it look like a mj grow house):

    Bridges in dreams can represent a pious worshiper, or guidance, or escape from the evils of the world, etc. A small bridge can also represent the secretary of the governor or a pimp , etc…from Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams, available on Amazon

  21. Here yah go again !!! Shorting the USD for facism . Enemies of the United States of America. Fing terrorists. Talking guru sheet to hide . Sheetcoin yellowdog war cooooovvvid. Unreal how blokes yah know for 20 years change

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