Market Double Top, Pseudo-drama Monday

As I reported on the site for subscribers this weekend, we are at a most curious junction in markets this week.  Let me show you why:

Deciphering what happens next is a fool’s game.  If we punch through and set new all-time highs, then fine, we can go long.  But, if the week turns into a total downside wash-out, we will have time to go short.  Little market moves are not important.  The big ones though?  Yep, they sure as hell are

I don’t usually plug other websites, but there’s a dandy article that showed up on the Lew Rockwell site this past week that offers a view very much in keeping with our “worst-case fears.”  Bill and Matthew Sardi’s piece The Unthinkable: Culling the Population To Balance the Books demands your close study.

Viral Inflection?

To be sure, the Fed is likely near another inflection point.  Which is why trial balloon stories are going up;  Covering things like Global Tax schemes (it’s how One World Government comes along.

Pay particular attention to the fancy footwork revealed in G7 nations reach historic deal on global tax reform.  Like any merger of mafias, first they agree on a minimum tax rate to prevent another “tax war in the family” [G-7 back steps to deter tax dodging by multinational firms-AP].

Problem is that Ireland, the ABC Islands, Caymans, Turks, Channel Islands, Belize…well, you know the list… aren’t in the Gee 7.  (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States the the Ure-a-peein’ Union are.)

From the TDC  (*trans-dimensional craft) viewpoint, we’re being entertained with an ongoing battle over who’s going to control currency – people or governments.  With another episode of who controls people, values or governments is in play at the same time.

On the first point…two critical points today: 

Bitcoin is NOT making a run back to $40,000 yet, hovering around $36,000 early.  While the hype is never-ending: El Salvador president wants Bitcoin as legal tender reports the A.P.

Next toss in Hacking group Anonymous issues warning to Elon Musk claiming too much power influence Bitcoin prices, and we have a whole clown posse standing at the free-throw line trying to replace the Dollar, Yuan, Oil, and anything else with intrinsic *(utility) value.

Yet our oft-repeated point remains more true than ever as the report Ransomware attacks are closing schools, delaying chemotherapy and derailing everyday life rolls in from MSN.

Finance Week

Lumber prices were in the crapper on the commodity markets today.

When we look at lumber over on FinViz, there are a couple of possible workouts.  One is a rally up to the $1,600 area and then the bottom falls out.  Or, if the drop continues under $1,000, then the bottom could fall out much sooner-faster.

We are seriously concerned about the administration’s head being up its (you-know-what) but we understand the issue: Balancing act with a guillotine.

  • The government is desperate to cull social services consumers (like seniors on Social Security) as in the Sardi’s article on Rockwell.
  • Which has put a spike into home building which will push the unemployment pressures up.
  • All may worse by a a financial press that’s either lying or illiterates  who report “seasonally-adjusted” (made-up) falling unemployment  in which the latest weekly actuals saw weekly first-time unemployment claims rise.

The problem is ‘Merica’s decision-making processes are all f**ked-up.  Expediency rules the day.  Need more demand for cops and bureaucrats?  Open the border.  Need to fund Social Security which is right at the brink now?  Tax Lumber.  Stupid is as stupid’s voted.

In the Shorts

Fortunately, there are a few other rational viewers of financial pandemonium out there.  Take Employment Miss Likely to Keep Fed Patient, And Support the Cyclical Trade –  from Knowledge Leaders Capital, for one.  At least they didn’t fall into the crapper of “seasonally adjusted silliness” salting the brainwashing solution.

Wait:  Is Manchin becoming the lone rational democrat? Manchin breaks from Dems on S1 election bill: ‘Wrong piece of legislation’ to unite US.  Anything but open-borders, homebuilding wrecker Joe and the Kamunist, please.  Speaking of which:

Turbo minutia dept.  Yes – let’s get Kam’s face out there: Air Force 2 suffers technical issue with Kamala Harris on board & is forced to return to base – delaying Mexico trip (reports

LifeHacker nails synchronicity (vis-a-vis) Harris with:  How to Recognize the Signs of ‘Main Character Syndrome’. Gee, yah think?

Stirred not Shaken?  More than 600 earthquakes have shaken the California-Mexico border since Saturday — the largest registering 5.3 notices CNN.  Be sure to bookmark Latest Earthquakes ( for the Big One.

Pants on Fire Dept.  Which all goes to the bioweapon thing we were mocked for getting right last spring.  “Alarmist” and “paranoid” were some of the invectives launched our way.  Yet, here we go again: US Gave More Money to Chinese Lab for Bat Research Than Fauci Claimed: Documents, reported Epoch Times.

Of course, we’re not surprised thatRand Paul says he and his family have received death threats amid ‘outspoken’ clashes with Fauci over origins of COVID-19.”  Wisdom of Vanna White is ever-present like at the casino video games:  “Big Money! Big Money!”

Around the Ranch

Shorter columns, more thinking in times ahead.  Storms coming through East Texas today.

Over the weekend, got the tuning done in our little home studio.  Which means the new computer is working fine.  But, it has been a terrible time-sink.  Hours to download all the Win-10 updates, Garritan World Instruments. and Reason Essentials.  While we may resume our podcasts now and then on Peoplenomics, this is more about the space-time hacking project.

Had some key insights into that this weekend, as well.  Which explains GWI software:  Because it offers so many pitch/tuning options, not just the “usual” A440 and A432 Hz.

New fuse holder is due to land tomorrow for my vertical milling machine.  10-years or more of age now, the fuse holder broke.

Elaine’s doing extremely well on the second hip replacement.  Out wandering around the yard with no walker or cane.  Tomorrow will be three weeks from THR2 which is plain amazing.

Doing a pork loin roast in the crock pot today…should be dandy.  Don’t know if you’ve ever studied the effects of eating pork, but it’s an easy way to push you uric acid levels around.

Don’t know if you realize this, but in a 1975 paper (Uric acid and divergent thinking: a possible relationship – PubMed ( the abstract reported an:

“…investigation of the relationship between serum uric acid levels in male university students and their scores on tests of convergent and divergent thinking was carried out. The data suggested that uric acid levels are lower in highly divergent thinkers than in less divergent. This led to the speculation that uric acid may be an important biochemical precursor of intellectual functioning. If it does affect intellectual functioning, this may result from the action of uric acid as an endogenous cortical stimulant, or possibly from its action as a facilitator of learning.”

What I have continued to be amazed at over the years is how few people take the time to study their own body responses to specific foods.  Mine prefers red meat and pork (but just up to the point of gout onset, but the two weeks before a gout attack are almost god-like in thinking skills).  Also prefers vodka to sugar and potatoes and rice to wheat.  YMMV, lol.

In  some religions, there are prohibitions on eating pork (along with high uric acid shellfish).  I often wondered whether there was a “control” agenda married-into the “religious teachings.”  Nothing would surprise me less.

Hour to the open:

Key numbers BTC $36,358, Dow +43, S&P flat, ^IXIc -16.

Little economic news until the Consumer Debt number at 3 PM eastern which could move things.  Then a break until the NFIB small business optimism and International trade figures tomorrow.

SS-DD  (same stocks, different day, lol).

Write when you get rich,

53 thoughts on “Market Double Top, Pseudo-drama Monday”

  1. Yep an absolute madness and acceptance of evil and destruction of America as a way to prosperity. Yep yada yada yada der der der . And another evil day and everyone just shrugs and plays the game . Ain’t enough salesman ? Need more eh

  2. Total madness . Total corruption . Go long everyone on guru command . Eat yellow dog , sheetcoin and stock scrip . Have a banquet

    • You know tinkerer… I don’t think I’ve ever had a Costa Rican coffee.. my favorite I’d jamaican blue.. I wonder how close to that it is.. Kona is another favorite.. low acid bold flavor..

  3. Personal response to food … how about personal responses to everything? Words carved in stone in Delphi, “Know Thy Self”

    Some foods make ya feel good and some give ya that queasy feeling. Sometimes it just depends on who’s cookin. Wife picked up a Ninja Air Fryer … everything’s good. Healthier too.

    Religion and Government tell us how to live … often contradicting each other. Often contradicting them selves. It’s a catch 22. Just keep your head lowered but look up to (them) – do this but not that. And if it feels good … we can’t have it … unless they’re giving out free money so ya lose your dignity. Dignity and integrity are bad, if you haven’t noticed. Humble humility and submission are good, so say the “experts”

    Sign outside of a church read, “Sunday Services. Vaccinated – No Mask” My thought? Oh Ye of Little Faith. I won’t be attending there. The God I worship is way bigger than Fouci.

    We all have to deal with the “games” around us. Religious and Political Groupies, all needy for attention and needy to be agreed with. To come chase the fallacies of their contradictions … and Lose They Self. (And here’s some fluoride to help you on the journey)

    Just Live, and be your Self. But don’t hurt anybody while your doing it. Karma’s always watching. Lol. If it’s wrong, you’ll feel it in your gut. God will tell ya.

    And get an air fryer.


    • “Karma’s always watching. Lol. If it’s wrong, you’ll feel it in your gut. God will tell ya.

      And get an air fryer.”

      a) That explains my total life — and I expect the next one even more satisfying. ;-)) Don’t know God though– remains a mystery to me. ;-((

      b) I use a convenient “Ninja Air Fryer” myself.

    • Around here in Georgia, the only place still requiring masks was my dentist office. The masking was always about slowing the spread, as it really only helps if the infected wears the mask to protect the vulnerable. If you are vulnerable, wearing a mask has always been little help. So it makes sense to me we are opening up more. People now have enough data take measures to protect themselves and stop depending on others to protect them. Son and I were in Walmart yesterday to pick up some birdseed and I would guess perhaps 40% of people are still masked up. To bad for them they will not allow themselves to return to normal because of their fear.

      Sucks to lose a million dollar+ payday though because of a positive test.

    • IMHO – Theory of karma / karmic Law = is 100% Bullscheisse !

      Slave language at its finest – must really be enjoying Ure cell block neighborhood.

      Test the Theory in Real world conditions – pure unadulterated crap, it is a Spell that has been cast on U.

      Spellcraft =anything karma

      “cultivating” Virtue.. thats a feedback loop that actually workz, under real world conditions.

      PS – No PEACE, ever in managed prison system, ever and Forever.

  4. G – I have made a discovery that U R going to find emotionally disturbing . I want U 2 bee prepared for that.

    ..Melt up G dog, we bees going verticle..

    “ahh, one more thing..

    Aint nobody in the fin press/media is reporting on, commenting on, or even has a clue about, BUT, the sub Human rutabegga, El Pretendente bribems’ Budget that was recently shone the light of day – relies on …wait for it,

    * NEGATIVE Real Interest rates – going forward from 2021.

    There is simply No other choice but too “Monetize” US Govt. Debt. We are ALL Going 2 bee MMT’dTT or MMT’dTD (death) ??

    – ??? How long will our trading partners be willing to accept Digital pieces green toilet paper for Payment of goods & Services ??

    Give Me Liberty or Give Me .. Phyz Silver !

  5. Given the 1975 uric acid study, I am curious what effects Allopurinol could have on those using the drug long term. May explain to others their conception of my lack of brains.
    Been on it for 20+ years and it would be hard for me to chose between an attack and increased brainpower. Although I may be up for some testing. Can I just eat more bad stuff and keep popping the pills or just stop taking it for a while. Like Arte Johnson would say on Laugh In, “Very EEEnterestink.” Let’s put that on the agenda for the next check-up.

  6. George;
    Ill the coming adoption of the Basel lll accords affect the price of Gold and Silver cause they are put in tier one as MONEY. Were not “money” before?.. Some folks think so..
    Yes would love to see gold and silver go uphigher in price.
    Ain’t got no gold but do have 2 silver coins..
    Just a thought.
    Yes knocking off 500 million old chinese, 60 plus million old Americans would have a great effect on bottom lines..
    Was that purpose of Covid?
    Several law suits for people to be treated with Ivermectin in hospital with OUTSTANDING RESULTS. Hospitals lost patients and families won… People got better quickly..
    Check out Front Line Covid -19 Critical Care or FLCCC. Great articles and video at their wb site.All backed with actual Science and tests from all over the World.. Cheap effective.
    No I ave not done the vaccine as yet.. I am waiting for the Zombie Plague from it to begin.. Side effects, all as a result of mass experiments. I will wait and see. Get some Ivermectin.

  7. total fool . talking like someone with common sense is a contrarian . have a jewish past friend who turned into a corrupt salesman who calls himself a contrarian . no george i just have a lot of experience and wont be bullied by anyone especially yellow dog , sheetcoin and stock touters . you should have more respect . contarian my butt . here comes the juice . and the longer im wrong the righter ill be

  8. yeah . aint happened for years george . 3 am . wide awake . just gotta see that screen . look at all those treasonous salesman destroying USD. yeah very interesting . dropped 22 kg . no sugar . no salt . train daily . working really good the machine . 2 bit gin joint is getting dirty . there you go you can join the rest and flick. really worried yah know .

  9. “Deciphering what happens next
    is a fool’s game.”

    During GU’s excursions on the internet, have you ever run across a place that seems to have useful information regarding trading? ;-) Thank you!

    • Other than my own site and the processes explained in old PN articles? Nope. Most are worthless

      though no fault of their own. As soon as a view is widespread, it’s traded against.
      That’s why Elliott, while interesting, is no how I trade.
      Instead that little system i cobbled up is.

      Went in today for an hour, made $40 lunch money, and back out in less than 2 hours,.

  10. George, maybe you can explain this. On my desk I have an old 1960’s (made in USA) Westclox wind up alarm clock. I don’t wind it up or use it, it is just there for the memories. Anyway, the time on it is at 4:40. Yesterday afternoon, I was in the studio doing some things and I looked up at my wall clock and the time said 4:40. I knew it was later than that, so I went to check another clock which showed the correct time, which was 5:55. I went back in the studio thinking I needed to change the battery in the wall clock, but then I noticed that the second hand was still moving normally. I reset it to the correct time and it’s still keeping perfect time today.

    How can it be that the running wall clock was at 4:40 same as the non running Westclox clock, instead of the real time which was 5:55? Bizarre.

  11. you want contrarian indicators ? or call it common sense . conspiracy nutters dont have common sense . USD VIX TLT QQQ .. oh and throw in the commitment of traders which nobody talks about on yellow dog . all those vaccinated vegetated zombies piled into speccy longs again . their luck will turn one day shootin dice

  12. “Stirred not Shaken? More than 600 earthquakes have shaken the California-Mexico border since Saturday — the largest registering 5.3 notices CNN. Be sure to bookmark Latest Earthquakes ( for the Big One.”

    The year before Mount St. Helens.. we had a small earth quake here… we never get them at all.. our area lies on a huge slab of rock for the most part.. but the other day.. there were three in a row in our area.. Now that is odd…It never happens..

    • I won’t watch, but I’ll listen. In fact, I am now. I’m more concerned about the price of OSB and flat goods rather than sticks of random length.

  13. Is it just me or does the culling article make zero sense?

    It starts off by saying, and insists later, that the crisis is made up by fake PCR tests.

    So how exactly can you blame a non-deadly made up disease for the supposed culling? Which is it?

    Let me try this with you all, you seem to be logical.

    Pick your poison:
    COVID is fake. This means the old people dying off is not actually happening.
    COVID is real. This means the old people are actually dying from it.

    COVID is a scam to cull the old and weak. This means COVID is __________
    a) real, b) fake.

      • Hey George,

        Majority of those old people were in nursing homes, frail and weak. Corporate views them as “product” and have for years since the corporate take-over from private nursing homes. Frail as they may be, they are high maintenance and their care and meds are outrageously expensive. Family private pay, is rare. Many give give up all their assets just to receive the care they need. Don’t really wanna mention who pays those bills or how unethical the MDS Dept.s can be in their descriptive missives to describe care, so to be reimbursed. – then you have those folks with “underlying” illnesses who are also high $$ medical maintenance but, in an adjacent column. Neither group are very productive nor put money in the great funds that pay the bills. – Whereas, healthy people are basically free from creating a hole in that money colander.

    • Covid may be of little consequence in most cases without comorbidities, but the current crop of “vaccines” is of major concern. All three “vaccines” have an extraordinary level of thrombotic events, traceable to the modified spike protein that’s intended as an antigen. There is some evidence that this thing is pathogenic on its own, and can migrate to all organ systems, including the brain and heart. It may or may not exhibit self-replicating behavior. While Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA injections, the J&J product uses a GMO live viral vector designed to spew the spike protein. It seems that there’s an agreement to taint all of humanity with this somewhat modified spike protein even though it is only one of the three main protein components in the vaxx. Even the FDA/CDC says that the “vaccines” won’t prevent the disease or transmission of it. It’s reduces/prevents symptoms only, like an aspirin.

      No effort has been made to provide cures for covid and major efforts have been made to suppress known cures and preventatives. Knowing this, why would we trust the system that’s making such an effort to inject us all?

      • OOPS. I meant to say that the spike protein is only one of the three main protein components in the SARS-COV2 virus (not vaxx).

    • You missed c) Real Fake Scam that does kill and cull; think about it this way. You get sick, (any sickness will do, meaning fever, no fever, achy, no achy, runny nose, allergies, feeling funny) and you go get tested with one of the fake tests, and you test covid positive….but maybe you really have the flu, or sepsis, or pneumonia, and off you go to the ER, and get admitted into ICU. Oh there, you are having trouble breathing, so off you go onto a ventilator….and voila, 50% or more of covid patients on the vent died!!!

      Oh, yes, as West Texas Horse Sense has proven, yessir, hospitals get paid when covid is diagnosed, and they get paid more when you are put on a ventilator!!! And guess what, the vent is not the recommended treatment for covid ANY LONGER.

      90% of people (of all races) admitted to the ICU were Vitamin D3 deficient!!! Hmmm, that’s racism for ya.

      The facts are that ‘something as in somebody done something is killing some people’, (Mr. Fraud Fauci, (FF)”I didn’t know nuthing about funding the Wuhan lab liar.” But you would think the whole world has gone ‘bat sheet crazy’ (ah, just had to throw a pun in), maybe we were ;’Wuhun Fighting’ that virus was fast as lighting…

      Our very own government (along with others, let’s not just blame China) helped fund research ‘weaponizing a virus’ to KILL it’s own people and others around the world; yes, that is what really happened. Ask Billy Boy Gates, may as well add in Soros, and the Queen while you are at it.

      Yes, a very dear friend died of this supposed covid, but what he really died of is heart failure from 21 days on a ventilator that completely blew him up like a balloon. His wife, who was finally allowed to see him, watched as tears came out of his comatose eyes when he heard her voice, and they had brought her there to ask her to remove him from life support, and she immediately made them remove him when she saw the condition he was in and knew he would not have wanted to be like that. Irreversible heart failure (no prior heart problems). Nope, no alternative PROVEN healing therapies were used, just the standard, and if you ever investigate what the ‘standard’ means, it’ll give you the comas…creepies…

      Yes, all those wonderful medical people did their best while the hospitals and doctors (specialists) eyes, ears, and mouths were closed, but their hands stayed out.

      No shame, no blame, just fame.

      Ask FF.

      Condolences to everyone who lost a family member or friend.

  14. “Hours to download all the Win-10 updates”

    The computer company should update their image. The computer company is transferring their responsibility onto the end-user. I look at that as theft. Some inflational shrinkage (paying the same for less).

    Imagine being a company buying 20 computers. All of them need updates @ 4 hours each. The purchasing company has to pay an employee two weeks to update the new computers. Real swell of the computer company. Not to mention updating 20 computers at once crushes bandwidth.

    Every company is working an angle to steal.

    • Great video..D2…I already read the patented virus and the patent for the vaccine..
      What’s funny is now that theres a new administration I can’t find a record of either… yhe same thing happened with documentation on mad cow disease..

  15. “The seizure announced on Monday was conducted by a recently launched ransomware and digital extortion task force, which was able to track bitcoin transactions.”


    US investigators recover the majority of ransom Colonial Pipeline paid to hackers

    People who naively believe that cryptos are anonymous and secure remind me of those who STILL believe Apple’s OSs are secure…

  16. Oh I get it !! Depends if you can destroy the USD . Terrorists . Enemy’s of the United States of America. Oh hang on your Americans!! Hava Nagila hava nagila

  17. Well, they say they recovered a chunk of the BitCoin paid out to the pipeline hackers but none of the articles I’ve read identify the hackers.

    Another “Trump Won” banner is unfurled at Fenway Park which make the third time I know of this happening. How are they sneaking the banners in?

    Also KDD had her share of protesters saying essentially the same thing in Guatemala a day ago. Even they know what’s going on down there. Guatemala probably has better television news coverage than we do.

  18. I’m kinda fixated on this vaccine … sorry if I bore anyone ….

    Article here says

    However, the NIH did do some animal studies … and they all died in about 18 months and their deaths had everything to do with the spike proteins.

    So, we’ll see what happens about a year from now. Could get mighty ugly and if it does, I wonder what they’ll call “that pandemic?”

    And women are being told “it’s safe to get the vaccines before and during pregnancy” only been 6 months since the first jab but I guess they got this thing figured out already. (Cough-cough)

    So, around the end of this year, we might wanna check in to see how everyone’s baby is doing. Geez.

    Hey, I worry. I get that from my mother.


    • Thanks lakota… what’s funny is I just got out of the doctors and in my tests it shows I have some that have spiked a little bit..
      We shall see what the future holds for us.. until then its grilling and cold drink time on the patio..

  19. I am amazed at the article you posted because just last week, I was telling anyone who would listen my estimate of how much money SS has saved by killing off the ‘elders’ in our society. My simple math was $1600 average a month check x 12 times 550,000 (I left room for the under 60’s)….and to read this article and see that someone has already run the numbers.

    Also, there are always deaths of people that never get to collect SS; for example, I know 4 in the last 6 months: TWO alcoholics, one 57, the other 62; ONE 60 year old go getter, ONE 62 year old worked at the same place 43 years. Only one of these person’s death was attributed to Covid.

    Now, think on this, especially since NAFTA was passed and opened the USA to floods of illegals from the South, some of them have been tapping Medicare for themselves and their parents, and others getting on those Social Security funds via fraud and other avenues, and Medicare surreptitiously by our own congress/senate (too many loopholes and siphons to mention). Obama and a democrat government passed through Obamacare and that stripped Medicare of 80 BILLION dollars.

    But, the point is, all those illegals, far more than the often touted 11 million, do NOT pay into the SS funds (I know they steal SSN’s, but the vast majority are paid off of the books).

    To think our leaders KNEW this would affect the baby boomers collecting SS, yet they have allowed this BS immigration issue/problem without a solution to carry on all of these decades because of course, the solution was never to allow them to become citizens or pay in, the decision was made to allow them to siphon, and allow Medicare//SS/SSD, etc., to fail.

    Also, actuaries and insurance companies, mainly LIFE insurance companies – Most people have TERM insurance. Most people’s term insurance ends at 80, a few go to 82, and a few others go to 85, so most of those people in those nursing homes, do NOT have life insurance policies that need to be paid out or off.

    Whole life policies are not the majority, and they, of course, can go on longer, but the premiums are prohibitive on $1,600 a month.

    I do agree that the end game is to bankrupt the USA.

    I have often wondered why the pussy protestors never protest over the fact that Social Security is taxed (thanks to their hero, Bill Clinton), that women mostly live longer than men, and when the spouse passes, they go from 2 checks to 1 check, a hard fall. Why aren’t they protesting for the ‘surviving spouse’ to keep both checks?

    Billions to study WHY immigration happens, THE ROOT CAUSES; I like the sign that KaMaLa got in GuateMaLa – Biden is the reason we go to the USA.

    What does KaMaLa and GuateMaLa have in common? MALA: Making America Laugh Again.

    Just one website/article of many, and a quote:

    “Now, Harris has to meet with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, who says that the Biden administration’s soft stance on illegal immigration has emboldened human traffickers known as “coyotes,” who ferry thousands of children into the United States through the southern border.:

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