Train Wreck Thursday

Jobs, Markets, or scammy Medicare insurance providers?  Where do you want to start?

Jobs it Is

Just out is the latest job cuts report from Challenger.

Before we roll with it, though, some simple math.  One can take the new jobs created report from ADP and then subtract the following number (this morning’s Challenger report) and come up with an idea of what the (net, net) Federal number MIGHT be like tomorrow.


Headline:  “January 2021 Job Cuts Report: Cuts Rise Slightly to 79,552”

Details: “CHICAGO, February 4, 2021 – Planned job cuts announced by U.S.-based companies rose 3.3%, to 79,552, in January from 77,030 in December, according to a report released Thursday by global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.
January’s total is 17.4% higher than the 67,735 cuts announced in the same month last year. It is the highest January total since 2009, when 241,749 cuts were announced. “While cuts were higher than average last month, we are seeing a leveling off of announcements, which may bode well for recovery in the coming months. Companies may be reassessing their staffing levels and waiting on the impact of the relief bill before making any additional workforce decisions,” said Andrew Challenger, Senior Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. “

In the words of the late Pitchman Billy” “But Wait!  There’s More!”

Weekly New Claims

The headline number in the innumerate press is the “seasonally adjusted” claims.  But (highlighted in yellow) is the honest-to-0God-unscrewed-with:

My usual statistical litany: Seasonal adjustments overstate the decline this week by 10,000.  And the insured unemployment rate down 2-10ths in the cooked (SA) numbers are really down a lone tenth when the check run comes.  But who are we to be clear-headed in today’s max-fox-uniformed world, huh?

The real capper is tomorrow’s report from the Feds.

Meantime, Desperation Janet is no doubt praying for a rally – which means we expect to see another big hike in the H.6 money stocks report this afternoon.

Math 101

ADP Jobs Created (Wed):         174,000

Less Job Cuts                                 67,635

Estimated Fed growth:              106,365

January a year ago growth?  Nonfarm payroll employment rose by
225,000 in January 2020.

BoE: Not Interesting

Bank of England leaves rates (and free money deals for the one percenters) in place.   Central banks are in a box:  Can’t raise rates, but can’t cut…so they are doing print & pray.  Which is why the market is up, you’re down, and there’s more such abuse to come.

Gotta love it.

Drama Queen Check

“AOC’s near death experience claim during Capitol riot crumbles as GOP rep slams Newsweek for sensationalism” sums it up nicely.

Robinhood Check

In the NY Times biz section, see “Regulators Focus on Potential Manipulation Behind Meme Stocks.”

And with Elon Musk back twittering about crypto’s, why no “fact checking” since there’s nothing but made up numbers involved in any of it?

Airlines in the Crapper

Sucks to be in the airline biz, these days.  American is sending out warnings to 13,000 possible “you’re nexters.”

Toss in fuel getting expensive again and what could go wrong, right?

Well, how about people voting with their feet and Zooming and Skyping out of travel with the added mask gestapo fielded by SlowJoe & Company?

Report in the Marijuana Business Daily has it that Funding for marijuana companies surges after Democrats win control of White House, Congress.

COVID as a Demo-Scam?

Let me share what’s in the UK Daily Mail headline:

“Why ARE COVID cases plummeting? New infections have fallen 45% in the US and 30% globally in the past 3 weeks but experts say vaccine is NOT the main driver because only 8% of Americans and 13% people worldwide have received their first dose…

The data reveals cases have dropped 45 percent since the latest peak ahead of the Bidenista’s take-over.  Down to 131,341 new cases Wednesday

A cynic might wonder is Joe should hang up politics since he’s a medical healer, or whether sending money to the WHO buys better numbers.

Well, OK, both of the above, then?

And yes, I worry about my CV- incident manager/firefighter son who was pumped with two Moderna’s.  After reading “Moderna vaccine causing ‘Covid arm’ side effects in some patients…

We’ll just hang out for the more conventional J&J vax to come, thanks.

Medicine: Up In Smoke (1)

unding for marijuana companies surges after Democrats win control of White House, Congress.  We aren’t surprised.  (Biting tongue to avoid saying “…so many dopes, right?”)

But the good news is that our highly reputable C-Doc tells us to try some delta-8 gummies.  “They wear off a little slower than the vape versions…”  

Mystified (since we know nothing about drugs) he directed us to a January Rolling Stoned article “How Some THC Is Legal — For Now
Delta-8-THC — a less-potent cousin of famed Delta-9-THC — is legal enough to sell in most states. But how does it work? And will the DEA shut it down?”

Again, SlowJoe will sign anything, so please, hide his pens.

Medicine:  Up in Smoke (2)

Title this morning of “Train Wreck Thursday” comes because here we are less than  a week from Elaine’s scheduled hip replacement.  And the Big Medicare “Advantage” insurance outfit hasn’t issued its needed “authorization” for the procedure.

The way medicine is scamming oldsters goes like this:  If your hips get so bad you can’t make it to the bathroom (12 feet from bed) because of the pain, Insurance will claim it’s not medically necessary.  And, since they claim 90-days to dick with paperwork…we may have to slide E’s surgeries into….well…God knows.

Medicine:  Out Scamming Others

Not happy with Outrageous Profits, though, even when an “authorization” is issued, insurance scammers are now also  claiming a right to “deny coverage” as not necessary, after the fact!!!

Ure didn’t fall off the watermelon truck this week.  So no insurance authorization (with no “reserves right to review coverage” after surgery clause) means we will be sliding the surgery back.  Then call dial-a-lawyer.

The scam is to get people to sign up for the Advantage/PPO plans thinking they have coverage.  Except then, when they need a joint replaced, tell them either a) no or b) maybe “but we may turn you down after the procedure.”  Which means the full cost of the surgery (and physical therapy) falls back on the victim.  Which doesn’t concern big insurers are behaving in a horribly sleazy way.

There has been some coverage, like this nightmare report last yearPhilly Inquirer did a good story on this in 2019 – but Big Money is still in the gyp and screw business…

We are going through process on this, but God, what a nightmare.  Last year we were told (verbally) no authorization needed since it was a referral from Elaine’s PCP.

Today as soon as we click off this report, it’s back into phone hell again.  Only now we’re recording everything.


A bagel and a bungle just ahead.

Write when you get rich,

94 thoughts on “Train Wreck Thursday”

  1. Hoping Elaine gets well soonest. Stay in the fight.

    Que the Church Lady. “Who’s idea was it to destroy us and the rest of the world? I don’t know, maybeeeeeeeee…Satan!” (Insert your favorite name )


  2. It’s not just the Big Money that’s screwing everyone that thinks they have insurance coverage – someone has to be on the other end of the line (once you get through the endless ‘push 1 for any number of things’) to hand you the bad news – and they do it All. Day. Long. I don’t look through the employment ads but are there ones out there that say “Are YOU a sociopath? Do you like screwing with people? Do we have a job for you! Prior incarceration(s) are a PLUS!”

    No, thank you, at 63 I’ll just deal with the hospitals on my own without the added headache of “insurance”. I know my time is short but after watching the last 3 members of my family get strung out as long as possible to extract as much $$$+ out of them before the inevitable happens I honestly think my grandparents who passed quickly were the lucky ones!

    • “I’ll just deal with the hospitals on my own without the added headache of “insurance”.

      That is how I ended up working for one hospital Bill… the price was ten times more than if you had insurance.. and they were ruthless….. average person sees the doctor once or twice a year.. but when things go wrong .. When they wheeled my ex wife into surgery the office called me down to ask me to write them a check… then proceeded to make my life hell… why did you seek out medical treatment if you didn’t have the money to get the surgery done.. they really made you feel like you were a worthless piece of crap.. I had to beg them to let me work it off.. what do we look like an employment agency.. Yup been down that path more than I want to remember…

      • it took months for me to get them to let me work it off to.. it was not fun.. they called my employer every half hour.. called his inlaws to… why do you have a car.. you should sell it.. etc.. I actually felt sorry for myself until I ran into a woman in a wheel chair.. she was a housekeeper at the hospital.. got off of work at two am.. was on her way home on new years eve and was smoked by a drunk driver.. she was in the hospital for months the guy didn’t have insurance.. her medical insurance wouldn’t cover it.. see it was an accident.. they took everything she had.. then tapped her bank account.. she was a quad and only seventy five cents was what they left her.. my wife.. she was a work a holic to.. worked several jobs.. but the reason was she had gotten sick the insurance refused to pay.. they took everything she made but five dollars a month so she had to work more than one job to pay her living expenses.. nope best to have a policy.. even if it is crap..

      • You definitely have a rapacious hospital there! We’re lucky to have one that will not turn anyone away regardless of the ability to pay. It’s the way it was set up from the beginning and is supported by oil interests elsewhere. Nevertheless, the doctors and upper management nurses are very well taken care of.

        In the final solution to all things no one works for free, especially the medical people, but we do have choices we make long before we’re boxed in to a situation we can’t get out of and, in the final analysis, crap happens. It’s rough, no doubt about it. I could be faced with the same situation at any time but all I can say is if it was to be about MY health and survival I’m not going to impoverish my family in my absence. The damned funeral is bad enough even with the bare minimum of fees! My wife knows my feelings about this and has strict instructions about it because someone has to carry on. She’s had to deal with our hospital when her parents were on the way “down hill” and she wasn’t about to let them box her in to payments neither her parents nor we couldn’t live with. She’s the toughest negotiator I’ve ever known! She felt no remorse in getting down and dirty with them either because, regardless of how much “compassion” the hospital professed in its dealings with its patients, both of her parents’ various hospital stays were object lessons in the prejudice brown people are exposed to even at this late date. It seems that you have had the unfortunate experience of having to fall on the good graces, what little there was, of an institution that was more interested in your wallet than any help they could provide.

      • “You definitely have a rapacious hospital there!”

        Yes we do and yet No we don’t.. One of ours use to be the way that yours is.. but unfortunately they got a business office now..
        If it is an emergency … they treat just like the insurance companies.. if it is a simple fix they pay it is when the situation seems more dire…… but if not then they diagnose then send home until you have cash.. the hospital staff is great its the book keepers that go to all lengths to get what they have on the books…
        I totally get it to. Just like my wifes employer..I am good with budgets and live anally by one..and I don’t even have to take a look at his books to know that he isn’t making it.. the only thing that is keeping him moving is the fact that he has a constant cash flow.. my guess is he feels it but can’t put his finger on why things have to be juggled so much..I went through this when I delivered newspapers.. my father always would tell me.. did you do the numbers.. LOL nope looked good to me LOL.. but in reality I was paying the newspaper company to deliver their papers LOL.. You have wages to pay and all the stable environmental expenses.. and you cannot just keep passing the lost costs off on everyone else..I think the fix for all of this is simple enough but yet it isn’t..

      • You’re a better man than I am! IMHO, there’s NEVER an excuse for having a self-pay person pay more than the lowest rate charged to an insurance company or government. Self-pay people are the salt of the earth.

        There comes a time in life where ruthless repudiation of alleged debt is justified, regardless of the consequences. Just think of it as a scorched earth policy. I don’t know if that applies in your case or not, but when people or entities engage in bully tactics, I tend to want to react with overwhelming force at any cost. Sometimes it’s a bad idea, and sometimes appearing insane is the only way to get their attention. Of course, judgement proofing is ideal, but there’s a limit to that while actually participating in society.

      • “There comes a time in life where ruthless repudiation of alleged debt is justified, regardless of the consequences. ”

        I consider myself an honest person and have never tried to weasel out of a debt.. but have had to because of other reasons where it was unavoidable.. like owing a half million to the hospital because a boss used the money that was suppose to go to health insurance to play the market that was soaring at the time and only making three dollars an hour….medical expenses will eventually eat everyone up and ninety nine percent will be on social assistance…. if you live till your in a nursing facility that is a quarter million per person per year plus your medical and personal expenses.. I have seen so many wealthy people end up poor.. and if one ends up in the home.. the other has to file for a divorce just so they can keep what little bit they have to exist.. seem many guys that ended up sleeping in cars.. you would have thought they were from Cali… the guy living in our spare room… his wife got cancer her employer…( the hospital ) let her go she couldn’t get the insurance had gotten all the treatments because she did have insurance when she started.. and they took his farm his business his retirement home and all his belongings.. he came here with just the clothes on his back… it happens all the time… one gent that lived here.. was coined by the police as the can man.. he lived in a dumpster or under a bridge.. they would see his walker or his wheel chair next to the dumpster bang on it and yell out can man are you in there… he was taken by everyone.. miss him we coined him mr. manners.. one of the sweetest gents you could meet.. when I worked making furniture.. we did a national display a house out of cardboard.. that they hung their cabinets in.. it was beautiful.. anyway we had a company picnic and seen two cops ride by on bicycles.. well having a few cold ones in us.. we joked that we should run down to the plant and build a little ginger bread house and mailbox.. then set it up back in the trees so when the two guys rode back by.. they would wonder where in the heck did this thing come from.. LOL.. after meeting the can man and realizing that not to far from where we had that company picnic .. was where he slept under a bridge and in the dumpster there..I had wished that I should have pushed the idea that we go and make it.. just so that he maybe could have found it… I think the medical fix is easy and really doesn’t take any new legislation.. just uphold the ones we have.. no price gouging.. no discrimination and no borders.. for insurance or medications.. since we give out money for research we should be getting a huge discount on the cost instead of paying tens of thousands of percent more for the products.. remember the soaring medical expenses is exactly the platform that Obama used to get into office.. people don’t even think about it.. but fifteen dollars an hour won’t pay for the rent of an apartment.. Just ask mark.. he knows all about what it costs to get housing and there are a lot more people at the bottom of the barrel than there are on top….

  3. Hey guys – avoid any of the ‘covid vaccines.’ I would hate for people to unknowingly give themselves an auto-immune disease (or death and other terrible outcomes) when there are so many contraindications publically available. I acquired ITP from a yellow fever vaccine in the military well before the internet era when very little medical information circulated. The government is no longer the final arbiter of medical/health information.

    The government is not your friend – but I am sure the very bright people on this forum have figured that out.

    • Don’t take the vaccine if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. The ingredients are secret though if you only go by that story linked. Having at least a sore arm is near 100% probability, however, the tv news last night showed a sh giving some poor old lady a shot and bending the needle in a pretty steep arc, which will also give you a sore arm. Most medical professionals poled in early stages of vaccine development said they would wait 6 months or more to get vaccinated after it was available, they would know. Side effects are just now starting to go public.

      • ‘Side effects’ may not be diagnosed until several years after a vaccine. I know this from personal experience. Don’t assume this shot is safe in 6 months because the government has suppressed deaths and a multitude of other contraindications. The problem is what the government DOES NOT tell you. To simplify things, just assume covid is both a control and depopulation agenda and then make your choices accordingly.

        I know it is hard for most people to wrap their heads around a truly vile government, but I should say that ‘government’ is really only an ‘agent’. Most people in the ‘government’ like say, FBI Agents, are truly totally unaware of how the government works as a lever for control by those far above the level of ‘visible’ government. I was totally unaware of the vileness as a young Marine officer over 30 years ago.

    • And here I sit in Hospital in New Zealand, in a superflash hospital room, first world in every way. On Monday when I am discharged I will not be broke or haggling with an insurance company.
      Those of you who criticize our socialised or even “communist” health system have no idea how they are shooting themselves in the foot.
      It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damm good.

      • Excuse me? No one has criticized or even commented on your socialized or ‘communist’ health system there in New Zealand.

  4. One reason for the major decrease in counted cases is that there is no longer an incentive for asymptomatic people to get tested. They no longer will get 2 weeks of paid time off as of January 1st, it will actually be very costly for them to get a positive diagnosis.

    • Bingo.

      Although the Johns Hopkins numbers show a nearly linear decline in only the US and UK starting around Jan 6, I watch closely.

      For large numbers like that, hundreds of thousands a day, in two global populations, to be in lock step linear decline… I have to call BS and say the numbers are fiddled.

      Just how or why, doesn’t matter. The results speak for themselves. There is nothing natural about the curve. It might even be completely explainable and not a crazy political conspiracy, but it’s not being discussed and it’s the elephant of data in the room.

      I did also see that the CDC said the tests were engineered to bring too many false positives and they would change the guidelines. If that’s true, and the testing sites are using their guidance, I wonder if they decided to put a ramping effect into it. This would make the decline look natural, and the increase not artificial, and the politics look not involved. This is actually somewhat likely, better than zero chance of this.

    • “One reason for the major decrease in counted cases is that there is no longer an incentive ”

      Actually Robert there isnt a reason to push the doom and gloom negative narrative.. instead push a positive image…

      • When we were kids the vaccines we received were pretty much for diseases that were all “one and done” kinds of infections with the exception of Tetanus that I can think of. Once you either contracted them or got the vaccine you never got them again which was the whole point (no pun intended) of the vaccine because they were pretty devastating diseases. This vaccine is like no other. There is no “immunity” given but there is definitely one implied simply by using the term “vaccine”. These CV-19 drugs will NOT give you immunity any more than the flu vaccines ever did, which is why I never took them, so I don’t know how you categorize an inoculation that makes you “positive” for the very thing its supposed to make your body fight. How many tens of thousands of years and generations has it taken for our DNA/RNA to develop and these people can throw something together in less than a year that alters it???
        Ya, right!

        There are way too many accredited doctors out there that are calling BS on the whole program like Dr. Lee Merrit who’s video surprises me that it is still up on YouTube –

  5. I have been a long time reader and some time subscriber too ….can you please tone down your prejudice against President Biden ? He has been performing quite well inspite of your continuous ‘Slow Joe’ jabs. This was fine when the US was in election mode but now it seems a bit out of place. Trump isn’t coming back. Period.

      • Why would it be sarcasm Stiks? Joe is doing an amazing job. This is the first time in 4 years I have felt this good about our country. Business, mindset, growth, and the flow of money where I live, has never been better. Even some of my overly right wing friends in the Midwest have admitted that the United States is in a better place. Now if we can only convince the meth addicted crazies dressed in fur hats, horns and other girly cosplay outfits, that things are better and that the election was never, ever rigged in any stretch of the imagination…we all can get on with our lives to respectability in the world again. Because the last 4 years were a total sh*t show.

        I always thought Former President Dump was going to compromise us in some way…and in many ways he did for his and his families own financial gain. Thankfully, that is all about to crash down on his corrupt family very soon.

      • No sarcasm just truth. Biden is one of the most corrupt politicians in DC and that is saying something!

      • Mark,
        Can you please give us a couple of examples of the”amazing job” the president is doing. I just don’t see it.
        Maybe you can enlighten us?

      • “Joe is doing an amazing job. This is the first time in 4 years I have felt this good about our country.”


        Now that was Sarcasm Mark…
        If he was able to seriously change everything and fix everything that was wrong with the last administration in that length of time.. then it wasn’t really broken after all..

    • You want us to go quietly into the night. Sorry, no way Jose or Sid. Really, look what the new commander is doing. How can anyone who is sensible not speak out. Besides, what’s it got to do with the Trump? He is gone. Now it’s all fun and games right? Not! …… Blessings from a patriot.

      • Mark doesn’t get that Biden has been on the public dole for the past 40 years and has done nothing constructive except make it harder for the plebes to go BK plus lots of rewards for his credit card bankster donors.
        We still don’t know what damage he caused with his tricks like the quid pro quo with Ukraine and his involvement with the Communist Chinese in Hunter’s various “deals”. You DO know, Mark, Hunter has zero business experience and he’s the bag man for the Biden crime family. So no, I wouldn’t say much anything he signs or tries to “Reverse” benefits any actual citizens. The fact he’s in this office is a travesty of Election Fraud!

        Now, regarding the “vaccine”, it’s only called that for FDA clearance purposes; it’s actually a “treatment”. So why in the world would you purposefully get the virus in order to be immune to it? With no guarantee on the “immunity” because they didn’t test that. Or the effect on the fetus in the case of Women who are preggers.

        And George, you must have the wrong insurance company; you’re both on a Medicare Advantage plan, aren’t you? We have HealthNet’s “Gold” plan, pay no additional fee, and so far NO copays for any surgery (several procedures over the past 5 years), and some of our drugs also have no copay. The ones that do are under $30 for 3 month supply. In fact, a surgery center tried to bill us a copay directly; I made one call to HealthNet and heard no more about it.
        Praying for Elaine’s speedy recovery once you have the details worked out.

    • Really? Slow Joe is performing quite well? What is the evidence? Because he was able to sign his name 50 times on Executive Orders, and then go back to bed?

      • Slow Joe complained about his signature hand hurting, so the staff ordered a rubber stamp of his signature for future EOs.

      • Let me remind you that former President Dump signed 220 executive orders. Joe has some catching up to do to undo the corruption of the last administration.

      • If you ever had a family member with dementia senile joe is only at stage 2 of 5 so he isnt so bad yet. the next 3 stages move fast.

      • It’s a shame that some of the criminals T-rump pardoned, can’t have that overturned by Joey’s stamp.

      • Every exec. order that traitor in chief Bribem signs is designed to weaken U.S. and strengthen Chyna. Puppet masters must be obeyed
        Xiden’s election is like the Stupid Bowl, the fix is/was in before the game/election begins. Humm, is wall street controlled? ask the Robyn HOOD
        Have I ever stated how much I loath pedos, and Joe Xiden has that disorder. I never have heard of a person with pedophelia living to proclaim, that he is cured.
        The Bible recommends a mill stone and the deep blue sea
        Enjoy the Stupid Bowl and it’s Satanic half time show
        How ironic, buccaneers aka pirates were the worst perverted criminals on Earth and many morons will be cheering for them, stupid sheeple living in the matrix,, skull and bones,
        George, I removed the first paragraph about Sir Mark, save ya some editor time. I would like to give Sir Mark my 2 doses of the vaccines. I won’t take them and I hate for them to go to waste. I wish him well

    • Cut energy jobs and shutter the companies, replace them with imaginary jobs at nonexistant green energy companies to be filled by the criminals that other countries are encouraged to drop at our border. Then buy electric cars that aren’t being manufactured yet – to work on an infrastructure that can’t support them. OPEC is exuberant.

      While we’re at it, lets roll back sanctions against unfair international trade and raise taxes and regulations to make our businesses less competitive. We can only wish that he was slow. I am also hoping that that Yellen and the regulators are not 140% blind to stock market problems, but the slow response says they favor hedgies and racketeering big bank traders over individuals. People are losing access to food and housing while they haggle over $1400 to $150k/yr households. Pelosi and Schiff will be begging to have Trump back when they see the results of their policy.

    • Since I don’t agree with most of his policies, I would disagree with he has been performing quite well. By the way, how many millions were funneled to him through his kid from China? He deserves the exact treatment that Trump received from day one, Russia was fake, China is real.

    • Bidet and company are American in name only. He has no allegiance to American Values at all! He’s admitted that. He’s secretive and is signing various “EO’s” with the express desire to undo all the good things that President Trump accomplished. Both bidet and President Trump are authoritarians – something I despise, but at least President Trump wanted to augment America’s position in the world as a great country, rather than as a vassal state of China! I see little to nothing of value in the current usurper other than it being easier for me to make more money as our country fails. I’d rather make less and remain proud of our nation!

    • Scrutiny of the Biden executive orders and court challenges will be on the menu for the next four years, and it has nothing to do with Trump.

    • I’m happy to not have to read about some presidential 2AM twitter fight every day. It’s nice to not have a president who picks fights with celebrities, minorities and veterans. It’s good to have an adult in the white house who doesn’t bully, name call and tweet rage 24/7/365.

      clearly the rage is what trump’s followers liked about him. you see it here in the comments.

      • Really? What a bunch of hogwash. I don’t even have a twitter account nor did I follow Trump; most people don’t have twitter accounts. Last I heard, it was a free nation, to pay attention to tweets or not to pay attention to them. You act like you are being forced-fed propaganda.

        Seems to me you have been brainwashed by the lamestream media funneling you only all things bad about Trump and now leaving off all things bad about Biden; surely, in your fair and equitable mind, you can see that?


        The China owned adult in the white house and his pervert kid are nothing to celebrate. Biden the crime bill passer who helped incarcerate millions of Black males and Fathers. Biden the 911 Iraq/Afghanistan attacker; Biden the Zionist (he is real proud of that handle). Biden the Ukranian liar, and Russia hoaxer. Big guy ten percenter Biden. 47 year old history of living off the largess of our government while he ‘serviced’ the American people.

        I found the rage to be from the left for the last 4.5 years, finally, the airways are at peace, while they PIECE APART THE USA.

      • The reason you don’t hear anything like that out of Slo Jo is because he’s performing every wet dream they ever had! The only people to rage against are patriots that know what he’s spewing and calling him on it.

        BTW – what is going on with Bribem doing all his photo ops on a sound stage? Every time you see him at the presidential desk there is a parking lot outside the window. Remember the time some guy walked by while he was performing some ritual? There IS no parking lot outside the Oval Office window!

        I’ve also been trying to verify some rumors I’ve been hearing. People are saying that the VP mansion is dark, no one moved in there, as well as the White House itself. Anyone have shoes on the ground in D.C. that can verify?

    • oh, okay, two comments….that’s your new nickname… Two Comments.

      So, we offend you when any of us support Trump, and we offend you when we give O’Biden a nickname? Got it. And that’s after 4.5 years of truly offensive nickname’s for Trump, along with LYING about him, his words, his record, his administration, and his family, FBI hit job via non-Russian collusion corruption against Trump AND his family, etc.

      Slow Joe, O’Biden, Dementia Joe, “Come On Man, Joe,” “You ain’t Black if you don’t vote Democrat, Joe.”

      Yep, IF ole Rodney Dangerfield were alive he would be having a hey day with O’Biden jokes.

      4.5 years of watching all the talks shows (not funny comedians) trash Trump, as well as 99% of the MSM media outlets, and you are offended?

      Do you mind if I take a minute?

    • Re Siddarth
      “can you tone down your criticism of Joe Biden”.
      Seriously mate are you for real or just a troll. You are so out of touch with reality it’s disturbing to see.

  6. Silly Humans – Ure Resistance is futile.

    “We are currently upgrading Earth biological units, to speed up growth and increase our “crop yields” .

    The old tried and true “farming” methods & techniques no longer produce desired effects in our “herds”.

    Therefore we are “upgrading” Ure genealogical “blockchains” via Injection – in order to produce a more docile, compliant “herd”, as well as improving overall herd health – via selective early cull of old, sick & infirms.

    Current estimations are for the great cull and next timeline shift to commence on or about april 20,2021.
    Perhaps Bugs can still teach a few things bout business models and their owners..

    • Yes, Commander, we have noticed the culling of the ancients with their social security and pensions stopped in their tracks in order to save the Democrat Socialist soon to be Communist Party MONEY so that they can give it away to the illegals.

      Bait and Switch, kinda like Catch and Release, and Population Replacement Program which perfectly aligns with Agenda 2030.

      Now the men’s coming from the South of the Border and other areas, are FREE to bring their underage sex trafficked children with them and for sure, they will NOT be separated at the border.

      Open Sesame; right Andy?

  7. Hey G, On making your pizza crust not stick you need to use straight corn meal coarse ground, not corn flour my bad on the flour, was looking for something else in the kitchen when I spotted the corn meal box and though oh s**t

  8. Medicine – This kind of treatment is one reason many of us fear single payer. Of course some government board will be approving procedures, well because they want the power and there is not infinite money available for services. So of course there will be rationing. In your case dealing with Insurance companies is almost as bad as they have a similar problem, though theoretically you get some choice each year. Best case is we save monies through our HSA, and negotiate with doctors and hospitals and just pay out of pocket. I know this is not popular, well because medical care is expensive today because of 3rd party payers, and people who are sick often consume all their resources. It is a little odd though, that people believe there is or should be an obligation on another free citizens to pay their medical costs when one is unable or unwilling to do so. I have read some about medical tourism where you go to abroad to have procedures done, in many cases a much better value then in the US.

    • Real deal G Dude.

      E can can get that hip replaced for about a 1/4 of the cost in Thailand.
      Nice side trip/vaca over to Phuket for Ure R&R with the % of Savings – dont forget the tai sticks tied up in red tread – great for pain relief, anxiety relief and general feeling of euphoria.
      Guate City, Guatemala – side trip over to Livingston – hang with a bunch of ex pat sailing types – nother fine spot for some post surgery R&R..not to mention the local naturally derived pain killers are cheap (weed/coke/rum) – what else does a convalescing RM spouse need?

      • “E can can get that hip replaced for about a 1/4 of the cost in Thailand.”

        You know that is so true.. years ago I was suppose to get a surgery that wasn’t that common and was extremely expensive… the insurance company would send me brochures from hospitals from thailand, india and canada.. and made the offer to pay one hundred percent of the costs if I went there and I worked for a hospital and had their insurance at the time…. I ended up not getting the surgery..
        a friend of mine that went to georgetown university hospital was suppose to get an expensive surgery done.. the cost was so expensive he couldn’t afford it.. the surgeon that would have done the surgery there.. also has a clinic in brazil.. so he went there where the cost was but a fraction of what it would have been.. one of my doctors.. is from india.. when she goes home she picks up pharmaceuticals to hand out to her patients that can’t afford the costs of them in the USA.. there it is pennies on the dollar here it is big bucks… Pharmaceuticals are thousands of percent less than here as well.. We have good hospitals but the average person cannot afford to be taken care of .. and will wait an incredibly long time before you are seen as well..

    • I was about to comment on this exact subject! It’s especially appropriate for those procedures that are both expensive and subject to veto power on the part of governments and insurance companies. Some countries are well set up to accommodate patients and have modern hospitals, competent doctors, and excellent equipment at far more affordable prices. Thailand comes to mind, though there are many others. Even with travel, comparable quality work is far cheaper. I’d considered such for dental work in the past and may do so again if necessary.

      The wildcard today is the covid nonsense. Yes, covid can be bad, but I’ve probably had it and it was no worse than the flu(for me). The worst of it is countries locking out travelers. I’m not sure how this affects those who are going overseas for medical procedures, though most likely you’d have to have a negative covid test within some number of days of travel. I’d say that exploring this in parallel with getting a written commitment from the insurance company is probably a worthy approach. Since this platform exists, there’s likely some ability to influence such insurance company by honestly reporting their misdeeds(by name). I’m no influencer, so I’ll leave it to smarter legal minds on that one.

      Meanwhile, I’ll keep my medicare part A because it’s free and required to collect SS. Other than that, I’ll avoid insurance except for cars. Insurance is a racket and is designed to make a profit, so it’s rarely a good deal.

      • “Insurance is a racket and is designed to make a profit, so it’s rarely a good deal.”

        AMEN Mike and its not deductible.. we pay over sixty percent of gross wage on insurances.. the big one is the wifes health insurance.. and we cannot deduct it.. now if her employer had it to offer then it would come out pre tax.. so we wouldn’t have to pay taxes on it.. but since it is our own insurance.. its taxed as an income.. sucks.. to
        what is funny is by the time she can get medicare.. and a suppliment we will have paid in roughly a quarter million on private healthcare insurance that they won’t pay a dime on until you pay the seventy five hundred deductible.. therapy.. they could give you the instructions and a years family membership to a health club.. ( the therapists work there as well) and save money.. I had to pay fifty seven thousand on just a hand full of visits..biggest racket around…many insurance companies use nursing homes as their hospital beds.. rather than the hospitals.. todays hips are up and out.. they put you under then before the day is through your up and walking on it.. not like thirty years ago which meant six weeks of laying in a position to keep the hip straight..

      • One more salient point: Having had a software contract with a major insurance firm, I had the opportunity to read their policy and procedures regarding payouts. They are deathly afraid of famous people(or those with seriously influencing platforms) getting stiffed by them. They actually pointed out that in the case of a named football player(I forgot who), they paid out graciously and without their typical stalling tactics in order to prevent bad press and hopefully gain something positive. Their normal tactics are to stall, negotiate in bad faith, stall again, and then potentially pay after the client sues them. I’ve had bad experiences with insurance companies and I actually had to sue them to have them meet their commitments. That’s part of my own distaste for the entire “industry”.

      • “Their normal tactics are to stall, negotiate in bad faith, stall again, and then potentially pay after the client sues them.”

        There was only one policy that paid out for the disability Mike…. I was mottled and five times my normal size.. feet and hands looked like footballs I actually didn’t expect to live.. that is when a professor friend suggested I go to urban survival to keep my mind busy.. and the pain oh my god..I still have the power plus pain killers on hand for bad days…. it was memorial weekend on a friday .. I get a call from the bank asking if I still intended to stay in our home.. absolutely.. why.. well the insurance company says I need to send in the claim form… they wouldn’t accept the claims that the bank was sending them.. I about freaked.. not with the bank to.. dam..I had been laid up for five months at that point.. and behind that many payments.. the underwriter was the same for all of those policies.. I was in a wheel chair and everything was on the computer E-fax… and print.. so I printed one claim out.. had the wife run it down and send it by certified mail and one snail mail.. I emailed a copy and hit the efax to the state board of insurances and to the company.. the only way they would accept a claim.. the fax came back.. said it didn’t go through.. I hit it again.. dam internet.. came back again.. so I kept hitting enter to send it.. all weekend long day and night about every three minutes.. it kept coming back.. I was frantic I knew that they wouldn’t ever accept it if they didn’t get a fax.. I didn’t know what to do…
        TUESDAY morning 8AM the state board of insurances calls.. DON’T SEND ANYMORE WE GOT IT…. 8.05 am.. The insurance company called saying that they to had gotten the fax.. don’t send anymore.. ( they had had their fax machines off..) it was the only one that was covered and only for one year if I would have been smart.. I would have done the same thing with all of the policies on the other things…. the term of the policy.. the banker and I had talked about it later when I had gotten a loan after that.. and when he offered it I said.. I don’t know why you guys sell that.. then related the story.. they no longer sell that insurance.. all of the other ones wouldn’t pay.. the credit cards.. the one at work.. if you break a leg .. absolutely but if it is for something serious.. not on your life please re-submit…
        Medical bankruptcies represent 62% of all personal bankruptcies. and twenty percent are for people over the age of 55

  9. I think I would pretty much stop reading if George ever got soft on Biden.
    And this from a subscriber who lives in Chinada.

  10. Joe so thoughtfully cancelled Trumps price controls for insulin making the cost of insulin beyond the reach of many diabetics.

    Don’t blame me I voted for …

    • That is a false statement. Get your facts straight… we are done with the BS of the prior administration.

      About Trumps order “The stated aim was to cut drug prices. However, it triggered alarm among safety net providers and bipartisan lawmakers because it would accomplish the opposite of what the Trump Administration intended — ultimately making it harder for health centers to provide affordable life-saving services and prescription drugs — especially during the pandemic,” the association said.
      It pointed out that the only patients affected would be those using the health centers.

      About Biden’s EO.. it’s just a regulatory pause…According to Bloomberg Law, “A regulatory pause is a common tradition among incoming presidents to ensure that the unfinished policies from the prior administration align with the new one.”

      • “The stated aim was to cut drug prices.”

        All they have to do is open the borders… on pharmaceuticals and on insurance companies.. at one point you could get pharmaceuticals from canada.. they had a pharmacy in our city.. I took my 1250.00 At a local pharmacy prescription there the cost for them to get a doctor to contact my doctor and to send the medications was about two hundred and fifty dollars name brand.. ( if I lived in canada the cost would have been a fraction of that.) I got it it was made the same day the same lot number as the one I got locally..
        that is one reason why a great deal of the members of our community head south for the winter.. they can live in southern texas and get their years supply of pharmaceuticals in Mexico for a fraction of what it is here.. the savings pays for the winter stay in Texas as well..

  11. Everything is now a con…. The Fake News media, the Ban Ya’, Black List Ya’ and Censor Ya’ Social Medias, the Federal Reserve, Elections, Politicians, Markets are manipulated (GameStop and BBBY last week, Oil to Zero last year, Gold and Silver constantly slammed down in price so the big boys can accumulate more physical v worthless paper), and Diseases are used to make Billions for the rich without any cures forthcoming.

    Healthcare is about $$. Even the ICD 10 2021 Codes effective 01/01/2021 (International Classification of Disease) being used by the medical profession for illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, COPD, flu, multisystem inflammatory syndrome, and in some cases as has been documented gunshots and stabbings, are being classified as “Covid 19 under ICD code U.07.1.” Suspected COVID-19 exposure to anyone with COVID-19 for Cough, Shortness of Breath, and Fever get assigned COVID-19 code Z20.828 The coding manual states that U.07.1 (COVID-19 should be used as the primary code for any disease as a result of COVID-19 including Pneumonia, Sepsis, Acute Bronchitis, Lower Respiratory infection, Acute Respiratory distress syndrome, AND non-respiratory manifestations (e.g. viral enteritis) of COVID-19. What came first Chicken or Egg? Did COVID-19 come first, or did the other illnesses that are now classified with the COVID-19 primary coding number? It does not even have to be confirmed as COVID-19 by the provider. From the ICD-10-2021-CM (Coding Manual):
    Coronavirus infections
    1) COVID-19 infection (infection due to SARS-CoV-2)
    (a) Code only confirmed cases
    Code only a confirmed diagnosis of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as documented by the provider or documentation of a positive COVID- 19 test result. For a confirmed diagnosis, assign code U07.1, COVID-19. This is an exception to the hospital inpatient guideline Section II, H. In this context, “confirmation” does not require documentation of a positive test result for COVID-19; the provider’s representation that the individual has COVID-19 is sufficient.

    Please read the last sentence from the CDC guidelines above again. COVID-19 DOES NOT HAVE TO BE DOCUMENTED EVEN BY A POSITIVE TEST! A PROVIDER’S REPRESENTATION IS SUFFICIENT. The medical establishment receives an extra $13,000+ for a COVID-19 diagnosis, and for using a ventilator on the patient they will receive an extra $39,000+. They are tagging everything they can as COVID-19!

    Make no mistake about it. The medical establishment knows how to ring the cash register. I have an extensive background as a Healthcare Executive and in Actuarial Healthcare Consulting. I have seen all the games the medical industry plays and have saved large corporations and governmental entities millions counteracting the many schemes that drive up healthcare costs. One of the easiest ways to overcharge is simple:…re-coding. Many names apply-DRG slide (Diagnostic Related Groupings), ICD 10 recoding (Diagnosis), and CPT4 (procedures) recoding. As in recoding many other diseases with COVID-19 as the primary code .

    According to, during the second week of this 2021, only 23 people tested positive for the flu in the United States.
    More than 14,657 tested positive for the flu during the same time last year, before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. Why? COVID-19 pays more to the medical establishment, and Fauci makes more than the President so they have to keep the narrative going. Therefore, everything is going to get coded COVID-19. COVID-19 is a Corona Virus, and Corona Viruses, the flu and common cold, have been around for centuries. Overall death rates in the U.S. are basically the same per 100,000 for the last 20 years, other than the gunfights and knifings in democrat led cities.

    Fauci says wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, wear a mask, wear 2 masks, but gets photographed at a sporting event without a mask sitting hip to hip right next to two people. Likewise for Pelosi without a mask at her hairdresser and Gavin Newsome without a mask at the French Laundry $500/head dinner sitting around other people without masks. They know that the type of masks being worn by most people do not stop a person from catching the virus.

    The Journal of the American Medical Association stated last March that Hydroxychloroquine did NOT work as part of the agenda to make Trump look bad. Now they have stated in their January 2021 issue that Hydroxychloroquine started soon enough, along with Zinc and Azithromycin can abate the subsequent problems caused by COVID-19. And you don’t have to worry about some RNA gene modifying vaccine.

    It used to be the Russians are coming, now it is COVID v 2 is coming from the Brits. The Government along with the commie media and social networks can now control the total narrative to the people through lying news and social media censorship. They are herding everyone around like sheep. There is a daily line of propaganda that every news network quotes hundreds of times all day long. Example: “Baseless voter fraud”. Another example that proves their common talking points are coming from one source, no matter what the network: here is a 1:39 minute video that proves it

    Bill Casey, CIA Director under Reagan, stated in 1981 that “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” Operation Mockingbird mission accomplished after fine tuning since the 50s!

    The Chinese Commies have virtually invaded our whole government and most of our universities with spys that steal our new inventions, technologies, and spreading their Marxist agenda. They have puppets in various State and U.S. government elected and non-elected positions. Feinstein’s Chaffeur and Swalwell’s bang bang, the spy Fang Fang. Media Talking Heads spout Commie propaganda and have the public believing everything they put out and covering up for the Socialists/Communists real agenda…bring down America.

    Change America, kill the economy, put the middle class out of business, blame Trump for COVID-19 to help get him out of office, vaccinate the populace with who knows what that must be kept at -70F below zero in hibernation in the vaccine. Mission almost accomplished Commies and Globalists!!! And soon all the Demoncrats that are governors, mayors, and overpaid Federal bureaucrats will be lifting all their “lockdowns” because they have secured/stolen the 3 seats of government power.

    Years ago, I got so disgusted with the healthcare industry I went into ranching, oil/gas, and started an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm. And now within 2 weeks of assuming the throne, King Biden by the stroke of his pens is killing or affecting everything I do. Oil/gas jobs are being killed, they are going to create carbon taxes and regulating ranching because cows fart, and Yellen will be in there to help the Fed rig the markets and bail out the banks. We are all screwed with Biden and his idiots making decisions!

    • WTHS; thank YOU!!!! May I please copy your comment and send it to my family and friends?

      You wrote so succinctly, and with facts, that we have had to defend on this comment section, over the last year, AND with our family and friends. These multiple lies and payment plans keeping the con going on and on and on at America’s expense.

      I am one of those people who really got the H1N1 in December of 2017, and almost died. 80,000 people died that flu season, and we did not shut down the country.

      I got Sepsis, H1N1, blood borne strep, double pneumonia, ARDS, which caused multiple organ failure, and was in a medically induced coma for 8 days on a ventilator, 14 days in ICU and a total of 17 days in the hospital. This was BEFORE Covid. If this happened to me today, I would be listed as Covid.

      I do not do health insurance; I do Samaritan Ministries. I have written all about it here. Everyone on here should look into Samaritan Ministries, Liberty Health Share or Medishare. Samaritan Ministries members paid ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF MY MEDICAL EXPENSES.

      I took care of my Dad and he did NOT get these extra Medicare plans, he paid the annual hospital deductible AND paid the very reasonable doctor bills that came after a hospitalization, which was cheaper than the annual supplemental plans.

      He didn’t have to beg anyone for a hip surgery or jump through any hoops (he had two). He was also a veteran so I would utilize both of those systems to get him the care and medication he needed. LONG before he utilized the VA, he used Walmart for his prescription medications, which were known around the country for $5.00 prescriptions for Seniors.

      Obamacare allowed the administrative fees paid to the Insurance Companies to be 20 percent.

      In Canada, their administrative fees are 4 percent.

      We do not need single payer, what we need is an educated populace.

      Surgery Center of Oklahoma puts the prices of all of their procedures online; you do not have to have insurance in America, to get your surgeries and care in America.

      George, the one thing that has been on my mind for Elaine’s upcoming surgery is this: Anesthesia.

      Please research the drugs that they will use to put her under and for how long.

      There are too many cases where a person has been put under and the medication causes a change in their cognitive abilities.

      • Howdy Fauci is WHO did it Fraud.
        Thank you for your for your comments and You are Welcome. Yes, please feel free to copy my post and share it. I don’t post often, but it is time to do my part to erase the multiple frauds that are being perpetrated on the American Public from the Media by presenting real facts.

        BTW, I too spent 3 days in intensive care and 26 days in the hospital with “COVID-19”. I think the real diagnosis was Viral Pneumonia that I believe was caused by a Pneumonia Booster shot that I was talked into taking by my Doctor, and a COVID-19 test that was shoved up my nose into what felt like my brain. The only time I got the flu real bad was 25 years ago….when I got a flu shot. I do know that they tried to put me on a ventilator and I refused and had to sign a legal waiver. I requested high flow oxygen. This is why I am not a death statistic. That and the fact that I requested a certain concoction of drugs which the Pulmonologist stated he would give me if I would agree to be his guinea pig. I recovered and was called the 72 year old miracle child by the doctors and nurses. Caveat Emptor the RNA vaccine. And good luck.

      • I checked them out.. unfortunately.. I am a mormon and because of that.. I wasn’t eligible..

    • You summed it up nicely. Although I do believe we are ALMOST at the precipice, of an awakened America, that is going to send the present PTB packing with no wheels on the luggage.

  12. “Weekly New Claims”

    I’m not sure how this will factor in the numbers but a lot of people who collected unemployment at the beginning of the pandemic ran out of coverage. There was the initial claim and one extension.

    Rich Uncle Pennybags signed an 11 week extension to the extension retroactive from the first of the year.

    This means everyone who was dropped after the first extension will now have a chance to ride on the Reading Railroad for 11 more weeks, collecting $50 from every player along the way.

    Then the $1,400 is somewhere out there. Romeny is offering to tune-up the spigot so we may just get that 2K a month recurring.

    I’m buying a new truck the day the recurring gets signed.

  13. Medicare Advantage is a wonderful plan if you never need it, otherwise it is a disaster and they can do whatever they want. I am so sorry you chose this. A big problem is if you want to switch to traditional medicare you will have to undergo medical underwriting and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted. Those of us who have dealt with insurance usually never consider Advantage plans because we have seen what happens when you need the care to be covered.
    I hope you can get the results you want so that Elaine can get what she needs.

  14. There’s big time pressure in NJ to get better virus numbers as COVID will be on the ballot in November as the only incumbent Governor will be running for re-election.The business owners and the sports teams are losing way too much money.The tax paying electorate is angry.Plus,no Democratic Governor has been re-elected since 1977.

  15. George
    I can truly sympathize with you on the healthcare boondoggle. On January 1 my part D of my Medicare disappeared. I have been dealing with 2 federal agencies, several part D “providers” and my last employer. I am no closer to a solution at this point.

    Your call is important to us…
    All representatives are busy helping…
    Your wait time is…
    Let me research this and I’ll call you back. (not)
    Please hold while I transfer you.
    Sound of dropped call.

    Best wishes to Elaine for a speedy recovery . My wife has had both knees replaced and a hip replacement. She tells me that compared to a knee replacement a hip replacement is a walk in the park. She did indeed have a quick and relatively painless hip replacement.

    Once more info the breach dear friends.

  16. “Except then, when they need a joint replaced, tell them either a) no or b) maybe “but we may turn you down after the procedure.” Which means the full cost of the surgery (and physical therapy) falls back on the victim. ”

    You forgot the.. oh we are cancelling all policies in your zip code.. lol lol..
    Then ws hen you try to get a different policy they either up your rates since they can’t refuse you coverage.. and then refuse because it’s a pre existing condition. .
    The one I liked was I had disability work with the bank on credit cards etc. The minute it is a serious condition.. it becomes please resubmit.. and I got one back that said in essence.. we quit taking claims at noon yours was received at 12:15 please you had to mail ,email fax and send certified mail.. plus have the state board of insurance mail sucked don’t waste your money on them.. I hate insurance companies.. biggest scam out there that’s required..
    Ask any home owner in the working class areas how well their insurance was after a catastrophic event.
    So I would suggest you Get ready to Bend over and spread the grippers George.. i am confident that the insurance industry has this down in the small print that was skimmed over.. if they don’t intend to pay for it well they won’t..

  17. Comrades,

    Attention Pilgrims looking to transfer from St. Peter’s Way at the A318 junction be advised that The Bank of England has turned on the fasten seat belt warning sign. Please queue responsibly for the exits.

    Above is a link via the BBC of the published minutes from The Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee’s February 3rd meeting. The first half is happy small talk…

    Para. 26/ 2021 gdp falls 4% to sit at 12% below 2019 levels.

    Para. 30/ anecdotal statistics of a migrant labour outflow underway.

    Para. 31/ 4.5 million on government wage subsidy.

    Para. 50/ published unemployment rate to rise 50% by mid-2021.

    Of course, please don’t take a pass on the piled high dessert table that ends the meeting-

    Para. 67-73/ discussion surrounding a negative interest rate toolkit implementation options for current 0.1% lending rate to drop below 0. Next meeting is set for March 17th, do pop in.

    The six month countdown window begins/began when? You are invited to consider representative options using your factory set silent speaker alarm.

    By the way, although it may have thrown the Duchy of Cornwall into a tizzy, the UK regulator has apparently yanked the broadcast license of China’s CGTN for being a “lackey of the CCP”.

  18. I can’t wait to see the bills come in for my diverticulitis colon resection surgery. I thought I had a pretty good ‘medicare advantage’ plan, but we shall see. Medically necessary? Oh, yes… hours away from full sepsis.

  19. “Why ARE COVID cases plummeting? ”

    ????? Are they plummeting.. or is that just the negative illusion that has been turned to a positive narrative…

    for over four years everything was negative.. rant rave repeat repeat… the negative subluminal messages on all channels even during positive news coverage…. today it is all positive… a miracle… or is it just the repeat repeat but of positive messages rather than the constant negative.. that is why it is so hard to figure out the true news from the fake news.. its all scripted..and angled to the way that they want it to appear..

  20. George,
    The insurance business is very simple:
    1. Take money in fast.
    2. Pay it out real s..l..o..w, if at all.
    3. Invest the living shit out of it in between.
    Don’t let the bastards get you down.
    My best to Lady E on her upcoming procedure. Like airplane landings, any surgery you can walk away from is a good one.

  21. Anyone else notice mail has been jacked-up?

    AmEx notified me today that I can expect delays for correspondence from them due to COVID/USPS issues. The indicated delays also includes billing statements. The work ’round is go paperless and pay the bill online. I’m being forced to go cashless…. or risk my credit rating.

    • In January, I’ve seen packages from vendors being held up for days before being accepted by the post office. One Priority mail package was in route for three weeks. The log jam seems to be easing up in February, so far. I”d still rather deal with my mail carriers than the other delivery guys. I will acknowledge that Amazon deliveries are less creepy now than they once were, and have always been fast.
      I like Amex and Paypal for internet payments. Use Paypal whenever possible, and pay off Paypal with Amex. Don’t use debit cards. The threat of scrutiny by Amex security keeps sellers and their processors in line. Remember that you can pay off the Amex card as often as you like via bank debit.

    • AT&T wireless played those billing games with me. 20-day payment due cycle on the bill…. then they held the bills for 10 days after printing and before mailing them. By the time my bill arrived, it was due TOMORROW. No way to get a payment to them without the late charge now. Three months in a row. I dumped them for a better service.

  22. Check the iliac arterials blood flow before hip surgury. Maybe the sciatic or sacroiliac has not compleated anteriogenesis or athrogenesis adaptations. But the costs? Certainly a pill that also could kill!

  23. The forms (or hoops) you and your Dr have to jump through for approval in TX:

    Oligarchy needed to make a comeback (why Trumpians prefer cynicism to the FDR model of democracy putting regular folks back to work, Biden can’t do any good, since, according to Trumpians, govt is too corrupt to make democracy work for the people)

    Struggle between oligarchy and democracy:

    Oligarchic idelology

  24. I had Medicare Advantage for one year. It sounds great, but not really. You’re covered out of state, but not really. I switched to an AARP/UHC supplemental and I have been very pleased. I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer and two years latter with major surgery and follow up chemo and immunotherapy my out-of-pocket has been far, far less than would have been the case with Advantage with no hassle. And I’ve run up some major bills at Mayo Phoenix in these past two years. My medical service at Mayo has been outstanding and I’m on the mend. Best wishes for Elaine getting the surgery she needs. When dealing with insurance companies use the magic phrase, “standard of care.” It puts the insurance company on notice you understand the legal obligation the insurance company has to give you what you are entitled. Cuts through a lot of BS.

  25. George, Your son took the Covid19 bioweapon experimental vaccine shot? He’s either willfully ignorant or just plain stupid. Time for you to do some real research about what the poison shot is really about. Rather than explain it here in detail, I suggest you listen to Dr Simone Gold and the front line doctors and start their with some real research. Unfortunately their are many people like your son who continue to trust a medical establishment based on a business model, not the best interest of humanity. Take my advice, the uniformed will die. Period.

    • He didn’t have a choice. Lot of healthcare people are told shoot or leave in so many words.
      He’s around positives all day long – had a super spreader 2 weeks back…

      • “He didn’t have a choice. Lot of healthcare people are told shoot or leave in so many words.”

        Those are almost the exact words that they gave the wife…. and everyone working at the hospital.. you take the vaccine or your done…

      • George,
        Your son does have a choice. Nobody and I mean nobody gets to tell him what to put in his body. Second, he could have rallied other employees and educated the PTP, that the vaccine is a experimental vaccine with many unknowns. He and his peers are not guinea pigs. In the end the vaccine is useless against the COVD19 bioweapon. Every bioweapon is made with a key. The key to this bioweapon is Vitamin C absorbed 22mg per body weight, Vitamin D 5000iu daily, and Chaga Mushroom. This has already been proven. Dr Simone Gold has evidence that Hydroxychloroquine has been a proven therapeutic as well as few others. This is the stand that humanity needs to take, not only with regard to the experimental vaccine, but many other atrocities the PTB have inflicted upon us, and are getting ready to unleash. Thank you for posting my first response to you in regard to this subject. Hopefully it will awaken some to the truth about the experimental vaccine and how useless it really is against what we are really dealing with. A bioweapon.

      • George,
        By the way, I failed to mention that I have 2 daughters, both nurses with masters degrees. One works in a hospital in post op, and has gotten switched over to COVD19 unit from time to time. She has refused the experimental vaccine along with 80% of that hospital. My other daughter is a professor for nursing at a well known college. She as well will not be taking the experimental vaccine. Just sayin.

  26. Is Mark-anon going to be Joe’s answer to Q-anon? Will Joe ever get to read the executive orders he is signing? Will the progressives, commies and brown shirts set the world on fire once again? Stay tuned to Ure favorite news source for answers to those and so many other pressing questions.

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