The Future of Invention

Economics and Invention are inextricably tied. But are there logical limits to be observed?  Might these fit into the economic long wave?

We face the question of “Invention” with physical bounds clearly in mind.  Many of which will become important as the clock rolls forward.

After charts and a few grabby headlines, of course.

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28 thoughts on “The Future of Invention”

    • They wouldn’t let him win the last one why in the heck do you think that’ll change?

    • If you go on Twitch the streaming app, you can see gamers who have more viewers than the networks.

    • I wonder if there’s been a drop on the other we hate trump network stations.. I know I quit watching and I quit buying products from the companies advertising on the i hate trump stations as well.
      Since before he got into office there was the constant barrage of i hate trump messages.. i don’t know about the rest but i was sick of hearing every other statement on how they hated him..and how they hated seeing the make America great again by promoting American laborers..
      I have noticed that they are finally toning it down but it’s to late because I already know how they stand on the American laborers and support of American made.

  1. “when a knowledgeable half-wit (moi) can see that without the “paper mache” financial trips, we are quickly approaching the intersection of “Done” and “Over.”

    We are in a predicament .. the wife made a comment last night about more.. I told her that we have everything new we will get.. now I’m just restocking what we use.
    The minute they stop printing will be the test..
    A professor friend finished with his massive solar build… asked me if I would like some of the excess equipment he he will drop it off if hes dropping off what I think theres enough inverters to do a couple of solar talk momma into letting me buy a couple pallets of solar panels… hmm.. I doubt it.. so in case of a possible future EMP i will put them in a metal trash can as backup supplies

    • Dam that is nice.. On his way to give a lecture.. He does TED talks. . anyway he just dropped off enough inverters to put up one 3kw array and a pellet press… with extra dies…
      the wife didn’t even throw a fit because I got more crap LOL.. LOL…He took a picture of my raised bed system to show so that is cool.. the raised bed isn’t anything at all.. I don’t know why he thought it was cool.. its just a box.. with dirt in it..
      I will make my way to the old cabinet shops and grind up some corn stalks LOL.. first I need to get the press the way I like my tools..
      He got talking about what he see’s in the future.. and he is worried about what he sees that is coming up…

  2. Expecting severe inflation in the coming year, we have advanced some capital purchases we had planned for next year. Decided to go ahead and replace our 26 year old leak-prone central A/C unit now (yesterday, in fact). Proceeding with a major repair to an outdoor area that we had planned for later this year. I ordered parts for a new pc build, even though my current system is not yet quite 3 years old. Lots of uncertainty with whether or not various chip components will be available in 2022 or 2023. Price inflation is already hitting in construction materials like flooring, so we are also putting together a plan to go ahead with a bathroom remodel as well.

    Spend the cash now while it still has *some* value.

    • You know.. I was just talking to someone that was making the comment on how expensive tin and steel has gone.. when we shut down our steel mills and sent it over to china.. we really set ourselves up..

    • Wow CPA PREPPER… you can say that again.. stopped off at the local big box lumberyard..OMG.. if your gonna do it better get it done..
      Out of curiosity I had a friend run up a bid for materials for a small home..what would have cost 25 a couple of years ago is now over a hundred grand.. materials only. And up to a quarter mil to finish.. that’s a low end no lot or utilities etc.
      We were talking a normal home for a small family they would have to clear 30 dollars an hour just to make the house payment.. nothing else.. now 15 an hour minimum wage.. cant do it . I think a Million dollar loaf of bread is finally on its way.. I think I might put a lock on my wheelbarrow lol lol..

  3. “big incrementals”

    It’s how one perceives. Think about the new F-150 Lightening, or maybe it’s the Model E…. whatever they call it over there.

    Distilled, the new F vehicle is the latest improvement to the ancient wheel. The first incremental improvement to the wheel was probably a smoothing process. Then an axle.

  4. I watched a YT video a while back that described the phenomena of white men (and maybe all men, IMO) randomly ‘snapping’ one day from societal/life stresses and doing something unexpected.

    The video used the movie ‘Office Space’ as the back drop to make the case. It was spot on and very insightful.

    The takeaway is that men don’t just ‘snap’. What really happens is that at the very beginning of a given situation the man knew exactly what would ultimately be needed to be done, but spent some amount of time trying to avoid that ugly eventuality. Finally, the day came when all other possible mitigations have failed and the man takes action. It appears to be a ‘mental snap’, but in reality it was in the works for a long time.

    So, for example, there is a day that a man knows that his marriage will end in divorce, but he tries several different things to avoid that painful (and expensive) outcome. Finally, the day arrives and a divorce is filed. It may appear sudden or unexpected to the outside observer, but it wasn’t.

    Another example, the company you work for changes management that has a fundamentally opposite philosophy than you do. You instantly know what’s going to happen, but you try to make it work. In the end you leave the company. You knew what would happen on day one.

    Perhaps, you could use a car that is a lemon as an example. You try to keep it on the road, but you knew the second it started acting up that you were going to have to get rid of it. Finally you do.

    Where I’m going with all of this is that we already know instinctively that this whole financial system is doomed. Not only is it doomed many of us can ‘feel’ it coming soon. It is going to fail, the world will fall into doomsday disarray and whoever survives will have to build things back.

    You know it and I know it.

    Here’s the video:

    • I’ve known it since the late ’90s.

      Now, I merely marvel at the means and magic the Fed has, and is using, to keep the house of cards together. There is no escape from the toilet of economic ruin, for any of us, and the longer we circle the hole, the worse that flush is gonna be.

      The FED chiefs can’t, not know this.

      The only things I can think of as their current motivations are either that if they can float the problem for long enough, it might somehow resolve itself, or if they can float it long enough, maybe they’ll be off the FED board and comfortably retired before the SHTF…

      • “the longer we circle the hole, the worse that flush is gonna be.”

        I’m right with ya Ray.. they should have let the correction take place in the 80’s … now it’s going to be so bad. I fear the day it unfolds..

    • A very insightful video MAJ13. Thank you for sharing.

      My wife asked me the other day when the white American male (Canadian in my case) was going to fight back. With reverse racism gaining strength in the Liberal politic, education system and media, she asked if the white male was going to take it forever or take action. My answer was very similar to the essence of your video. It is going to happen and it will not be pretty.

      The hot summer Mark promised us last week may not be quite what he envisioned.

  5. Just as we’re struggling to find enough wood to complete projects already started, and paying through the nose, old Biddy or his cronies comes up with the insane idea of doubling tariffs on Canadian lumber from around 9 to over 18%!

    No doubt, this will increase the “value” in dollar terms of housing, with revaluations and taxes accordingly. At some point soon, building with new materials will become unsustainable.

    We’ve lost a great deal of standing timber in the USofA, and trading with Canada just makes sense.

    • I think we need to tariff goods and services imported. Use a balanced checkbook approach… when was the last time you called a service number and spoke with an american citizen at an answer desk.. bet it has been a while.. give tax breaks for companies producing in America and tariff the lopsided import and export.. if they import a hundred dollars worth of American made goods.. then they can export a hundred dollars of their product without tariff.. the balanced checkbook… a little in a little out.. give tax breaks to industries hiring american citizens..
      I seen an ad for a local company on the internet that is advertising in other countries to get people to come here to work in the plant here. ( illegally or legally.. they don’t care) while there are hundreds here looking for jobs.. they should be fined and taxed..

  6. Yo G,

    No celebrations – inflation raging out of control – like a lit match to dry timber?
    The man hard for the IRS, tax em to death GURE!
    On top of all the bullshit foisted – nope – shoved up our nostrils, down our throats and right up our collective poop chutes, no lube/just sand, never mind destroyed world economy, re-continuing destruction social fabric of USA..

    – A Big,New, Nasty TAX – on everyone!
    – is getting bigger/worse with each passing day..

    Got Silver ? “They” dont have any more – there is NO slack in that inventory system- NONE. July comex delivery month will be interesting..

    Gold ounces to silver ounces is a patented LIE.
    There are millions more ounces of gold in existence than “official” estimates claim – MILLIONS.
    On the other side of the equation, the “official” amount of Silver ounces in existence is way over estimated.
    Encourage to do own research as to Who/What Firm came up with those “official” “estimates”, or check out Road To RootA on the youtubes – has already did the research.

    US Govmint prolly been lying/covering up lack of physical Silver stocks since the Manhatten Project ate 100s of thousand of ounces of Silver making the H-bombs – had to use Silver – as Copper was too valuable for Ammo.

    Think physical anything will be the key, as this “ship” keeps on “slip slidin away”
    ..and no- Stocks, ETF’s, Bonds are PAPER receipts – things go tits up, so do those “assets” – too bad about the magic Bitcoinz failing 1st test of 200 day mvg avg today, perhaps next challenge of the 200 day ..onwards and upwards, cept 4 chief – because ? G aint nobodys dam fool!

  7. “For me, Charles Babbage joins the Dr. Spock character of Star Trek.”

    Really, George? That’s MISTER Spock of Star Trek. DOCTOR Spock was the source of many of our societal problems today.

    • “DOCTOR Spock was the source of many of our societal problems today.”

      Now, is that because Bennie wrote the book, or because parents stopped reading it in the late 1960s…?

  8. was going to get upset with the madness . but !!! as the old man said you never win anything with a brick wall . vaccinated veges today . and as a great american , mark twain said , be greatful for the fools . thankyou global guru vege vaxed . so much room on this side of the boat . as said previously short the guts out of everything , yellow dog gold and gold stocks as well . long USD , treasuries < insert everything else in rear mouths and brain

  9. I will keep the expletives out . Eh . Eh . Same time again rampin your yellow dog . That old mick. . In the south of France should be stripped of medals and thrown in gitmo

  10. der der der der . another night of yada yada facist facist . bit a money story some political crap and presto another vege day . jab it up

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