Housing Leads Higher

We know that stocks are up around 40% year on year.  But, whether much of that is actual growth or government inflation to “paper-over” a second Depression is a worthwhile conversation.

One thing you do need – regardless of your station in life – is a roof over your head.  Usefully, the Case-Shiller/S&P Housing report is just out:

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 13.2% annual gain in March, up from 12.0% in the previous month. The 10-City Composite annual increase came in at 12.8%, up from 11.7% in the previous month. The 20-City Composite posted a 13.3% year-over-year gain, up from 12.0% in the previous month.

Phoenix, San Diego, and Seattle reported the highest year-over-year gains among the 20 cities in March. Phoenix led the way with a 20.0% year-over-year price increase, followed by San Diego with a 19.1% increase and Seattle with a 18.3% increase. All 20 cities reported higher price increases in the year ending March 2021 versus the year ending February 2021.”

We wryly note this is against a 27% increase in M2 and an even more massive hike in M1.  Of course, housing will go up…

Before seasonal adjustment, the U.S. National Index posted a 2.0% month-over-month increase, while the 10-City and 20-City Composites both posted increases of 2.0% and 2.2% respectively in March. After seasonal adjustment, the U.S. National Index posted a month-over-month increase of 1.5%, and the 10-City and 20-City Composites both posted increases of 1.4% and 1.6% respectively. In March, all 20 cities reported increases before and after seasonal adjustments.

“Housing prices continued to rise robustly in March 2021,” says Craig J. Lazzara, Managing Director and Global Head of Index Investment Strategy at S&P DJI. “The National Composite Index marked its tenth consecutive month of accelerating prices with a 13.2% gain from year-ago levels, up from 12.0% in February. This acceleration is also reflected in the 10- and 20-City Composites (up 12.8% and 13.3%, respectively). The market’s strength is broadly-based: all 20 cities rose, and all 20 gained more in the 12 months ended in March than they had gained in the 12 months ended in February. “

What matters most to us are the absolute sales prices:

Two things of note:  One is the impact of CV-19 on  housing prices was (by this chart) barely noticeable.   Second is this reflects March 2021 data.  Which is useful for home sellers who put property into the market in January or February.  Point being that there is a lot of lag-time in the data.  At the end of June we will get April Data and sales today won’t be reflected until the end of July…

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16 thoughts on “Housing Leads Higher”

  1. I read somewhere the other day that some 60% of millenials now regret having bought houses over the last year ………

    • “Buying” a home is a euphemism for a 30+ year rent-to-own agreement for most. If you become a debt slave, life can be hard, but if you hold title to a modest home and a long-lived vehicle, life is easier, even with the other adversities.

      My late father was still paying on a mortgage note after he retired. He had enough money in his checking account to pay off the note, but wouldn’t for reasons which confounded me. After he finally listened to me, and paid off the note, he eventually admitted to me (a decade later) “It felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders”. I had a similar experience with a sibling.
      If you can go on a cash basis for basic living needs, do so. Sell a Bitcoin; you can’t take those with you either.

      Set a goal of freeing yourself from economic bondage, even if it means lowering the expectations a bit.

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  4. Who ever took the vaxx

    COVID Vaccinated People Within 2 Years

    All vaccinated people will die within 2 years. Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier has confirmed that there is no chance of survival for people who have received any form of the vaccine. In the shocking interview, the world’s leading virologist stated bluntly: “There is no hope and no possible treatment for those who have already been vaccinated. We must be prepared to cremate the bodies.” The scientific genius backed up the claims of other eminent virologists after studying the ingredients of the vaccine. “They will all die from antibody-dependent enhancement. That is all that can be said.”

    • Now that is interesting.. a few years ago there was a virologist that was on the show conspiracy theory that suggested that there would be a mass culling though a vaccination..
      the thing is.. you cannot rule if everyone dies.. so how many are left free to keep a civilization.. and..
      those that have enough .. rely on those that do the work to have their stuff..
      so you have to have a population of worker bees to do the work..
      Like it or not someone at the top isn’t going to go into a hamburger joint and fry their own burger..

    • Fake news. He didn’t say that. you should do a bit of googling before posting. i bet your playing with confirmation bias.

    • While I do hope he’s wrong, I tend to agree that the vaxx is a dangerous experiment. Causes of death may be other than ADE, and the time frame may be variable, but I see no good coming from this vaxx hysteria.

      • I sure hope he is wrong LOL I have had the shots LOL LOL… they gave us a choice.. get the shot or not have a job LOL LOL.. the wife works healthcare as a nurse.. and they insisted… and gave us the shots at the facility.. it is the same with flu shots.. every year you have to have it.. the things I learned from this one.. is.. magnets don’t stick to the injection site or anywhere else on the body..
        None of us had any adverse reactions although a fireman that we know.. had a headache afterwards and just didn’t feel right for a couple of days..
        In medicine it takes a little trust in the abilities of those doing their jobs be observant and if there is something you just aren’t sure of.. check it out..ask questions.. .. ( Having worked healthcare industry for over forty years I have personally seen some of the dingbats that shouldn’t have a license to.. and some I wouldn’t let look at my dog.. and some that if I woke up on the emergency table I would know that I was a dead man and just hadn’t reached it yet. and some that I would beg or offer sexual favors to if they would be my doctor . the best way to tell is to sit in the coffee or smoke hut or just watch their employees or watch them do their jobs..
        luckily I have done this type of work long enough it is pretty easy to spot .. if the physicians personal nurse or the techs that work for them cringe when they are close or they are real cocky and not willing to listen then.. high tail it out of there find a good physician someone that will listen to you and is willing to think about the situation.. )

  5. Salty moriarty is trying all sorts of tricks to get em out of the yard !!! Wrecks with bad transmissions. Got some real fast talking types selling as well . Slip yah a bit of sheetcoin or USD shorting program as well

  6. I contact here so I don’t get lost in emails LOL

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  7. Reading Stu’s deciphering the quatrains of Nostradamus.. there is another that hints that this year will be the year for the big one..https://theageofdesolation.com/
    The ALOIS IRLMAIER PROPHECIES.. similar to the sleeping prophet he gave his up to anyone willing to listen..
    if you love to read the prophecies of those in the past.. you can see that all of them are pretty much aligned on the same scenario’s..
    It sure isn’t hard to see just how bad it is all crumbling … time will tell on this one.. My personal hopes is that all the prophecies are wrong.. that JB will be able to be the sign of Reason and peace in the time of insecurity and violence..

  8. Well.. I think I have finally figured out exactly how I am going to make my pop bottle air conditioner..
    If it works the way I envision it.. It should dehumidify and cool the air all using a fan and some pop bottles.. I will still use a float to make sure the reservoir stays full but seriously if the dehumidifying portion does half of the work needed it should be self filling as well..
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    Now to start putting it together.. the part that I don’t like is I will have to have a small pump on it.. I am considering a 12 volt fuel pump ( I have a couple of those already)
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      • I will.. got to get started with it…. then show how it is done.. the big thing is.. do I laminate the cells.. or do a had cell top then stack.. so far I am leaning on laminating.. that way if it comes to replacing the cells.. a person just has to make the cells.. and drop it in kind of like they do today.. I haven’t wandered over to see if there are any old air conditioner cases laying in the scrap pile at the supply house.. that would be the easiest.. Now I will confess.. I was thinking of making it totally out of cardboard LOL cheap and quick.. LOL

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