Actual Mania, Actual Data, and Actual Stupidity

Yes, it’s actually Thursday.  As I rolled out the garbage to the street – a highlight of Thursday’s here – the realization dawned:  The news is mostly garbage, anymore.  Maybe I should toss out one of the workstations?

The Mania Checklist

Bitcoins – the digital tulips – were back under 40-grand when I looked earlier.  With more than 4,000 crypto’s now, Ethereum is getting the hype because it doesn’t have a hard cap.  Which, as I’ve explained, was one of the few differences between it and Fed/Gov made-up money.  Crypto’s are for fools, we’ve been saying.

Kind of like going to the Moon:  Just because technology can take you somewhere, there has to be a point.  The main selling feature of asteroid and moon-mining stories is no environmental impact authority.  And since when do pipsqueaks on Earth extend their Just Us system to non-Earth destinations?  Does U.S. law matter above the Kármán Line?  I don’t think so, but that’s a separate (long) discussion. Possession is 9/10ths of the Law and Chairman Xo Biden will cede the Moon  to China, too.

Quiet story a couple of weeks back if you missed it: The Moon, Mars and Beyond: China’s Ambitious Plans in Space over on Yahoo.  And even though we landed on the moon more than 40-years ago, it’s just now that General Motors building Lunar Terrain Vehicle for return to the Moon.  Yessir – fast-acting, quick reacting ‘Merican ingenuity, for you.  Are they putting side impact and air bags on it for when China’s rover rams us?

Speaking of Slow (and thus Xo) and American Mal-management, didja see where US authorities move to double tariffs on Canadian lumber despite a meteoric rise in prices and demand | Markets Insider.?  Yes, that’s right:  Minions of Slo at work.  Doing their damnedest to kill MAGA and make America dependent on China like never before.  You Go, Xo – kill that golden goose!

As Long as We’re on “Stupid”

Want to read a puker?  Lockheed Martin’s Woke-Industrial Complex, reports City Journal.  Involved sending white males to company sponsored re-education.  FMTT.

Here’s some free management advice:  LHM ought to spend 100% of time and effort getting their cold fusion reactor shit together and less time pissing away shareholder equity on political correctness bullshit.  I’ve added ’em to my personal list of “Stocks of Stupid Company’s” which I won’t buy.  Get cold fusion done and see if they can shake-off the Marxist HR programming scheme and then maybe…..   BTW, I call my approach Critical Advanced Screening Help.  CASH.  Beats CRT-crap every time.  Best: it’s already in higher ed as economics departments.  No department of CRT empire building needed.  No Marxism.  Let’s leave that in Venezuela (*and the House) and move forward, shall we?

Look: Investors don’t “invest” in non-product oriented waste.  HR departments all over the country are falling for the “woke joke.”  Fact is?  America’s lock on “deal killers” being lawyers and company-killers being Bean Counters  has evolved into company-killers being due to HR stupidity.  No one has ever made a dime investing in wokeness.  Except maybe HR vendors.

The Real Game afoot?  Without real breakthroughs, we’ll make up a “Correctness Economy” with sides of Reparations and freebies for illegals.  All to support the nonstop empire-building in the Swamp.

Haven’t we learned anything. yet?

Beat the Don is still game-on, too:  Donald Trump investigation: Prosecutors investigating Trump tell witness to prepare for grand jury testimony, alleges CNN.

As a “straight, hetero, white, privileged, lower-class working scum” my personal burden is Trump’s policies were great (but his personality sucked).  The disaster lineup for 2024 looks worse than ever, but we may not have elections anyway.  Since China will have Taiwan by then (and maybe Hawaii) since Biden’s likely to reprise Chamberlain…but that’s a long-chain thought process too long to review.

Short version is effeminate cultures lose wars.

Denial’s Still Rolling

I got a double-dose of disdain earlier this week for mentioning that China’s gambit is to hold us by the “chip hairs” pending “reunification.”

For those in geopolitical denial, we’ll gently remind of stories like Global chip shortage: The logjam is holding up more than laptops and cars and could spoil the holidays “ and “World Faces Longer Supply Shortage as China’s Factories Squeezed.”

The Cupertino brain club doesn’t have a backup plan, so far as we can figure.  So design boutiques will all be in China in 10-years.  Are we the only ones to take Belt & Road and “China’s Century” seriously?

Denial overpowers data, once again.  Let’s see if we can help:


Bursty Bubble time:  Unemployment Claims:

Durable Goods is Falling Down

Here’s a bummer for you:

How About GDP?

Gotta be up.  I mean what’s the Fed making up $120-billion a month ($1.44 trillion a year for, if you can’t put up a winning number, right?

As always we’ll remind you with Money supplies up nearly 30% a 6% gain in dollarized GDP is pretty sucky.  You didn’t like math, either, did you?

After the data (as the hype rolls in) Dow was up a hundred and change, SA&P flat, and NASDAQ down 40.  Pick a winnah and chicken dinnah… (I feel like a Mentalist, lol.)

In the Shorts

Of course it was a bioweapon!  Shit-fire and save matches, people.  We’ve been hinting like mad on this for a year and a half.  As usual,  we’re going to be right again – as it now comes out that China ‘cover-up’ hampering investigation into COVID origin: top US general.  Which is how you pivot from the “natural occurrence lie” into whatever policy fumble comes next.  Denial from China, of course: Chinese Embassy Slams Washington For “Politicizing” COVID Lab Leak Theory.  (They shoot truth leakers, don’t they?)

Tax and Spend is alive and well as Chairman Xoe Biden to Propose $6 Trillion Budget to Boost Middle Class and Infrastructure.  What we should be building is factories to replace China dependence. But that might make America great again, huh?  The Kamunists and Bidenista’s can stand for that, of course…

Cryptomania chronicles: Elite Mining Inc. Positions Itself as the Global Leader in Green Cryptocurrency Mining With New Funding and Partnerships.  Mining the miners, anyone?

Recycled News Headlines.  Here’s one I wrote and reported on in 1970.  Same-frickin headline every year for 42-years I can attest to:  Memorial Day weekend travelers could face delays.  Well, no shit.  Who’d have thought?

On Money and Anti-Aging:  Chris Tyreman’s video of the week in his “Step by Step Millionaire” series is very useful.  Because as you know, both Elaine and I are seriously into supplements to keep the brain and bod young.  Tyreman’s take is over here: I’ve Been Experimenting With Age Reversing Drugs! – YouTube.

ATR: (Around the Ranch)

Blame me for all the rain in Texas over the past month.

No, not the ENSO (el Nino southern oscillation).  That would play into climateering.

Just let me buy a new lawn tractor. Hasn’t stopped raining for the grass to dry out, since.

Elaine’s doing fine… my cooking is putting a few needed pounds on her, too.  Stir-fried beef and fresh-from-the-garden sautéed zukes and squash last night.  The work has been worthwhile.

Got up this morning to hack away on my next book “Packing for Death” and expect to have the first chapters up on Peoplenomics next Wednesday.  As always, comments will be welcome.

Have a hugely productive day and write when you get rich,

38 thoughts on “Actual Mania, Actual Data, and Actual Stupidity”

  1. Chip shortages, no replacement inventory in the pipe and F is still running sales. Somebody at F failed Econ 101 and did not study the law of Supply and Demand or the chip shortage is a lie.

    “As for low APR finance deals, Ford will likely continue to offer 0% financing for 72 months on many models, including cash back up to $4,500. ”

    Even the new Bronco:


    0% financing for 48 months plus $500 cash back “

    • The answer to chip shortages is in plain sight.

      Next month is Disclosure Month. Space aliens will be giving us new technology. The old chip tech is worthless. This also explains why F, as example is running out inventory of their vehicles using sales while claiming they can’t build any new inventory.

      Another possibility is Microsoft made a quantum computing breakthrough and it attracted the attention of the space aliens. The space aliens may have possibly ordered planet Earth to stop technology. So governments of Earth united and rallying around COVID stopped everything. Love or hate Trump and the U.S.military, they are in on COVID – whatever it is.

      Less air traffic yet more “UFO”sightings. Bill Gates taken off the scene – Quantum Computing possibility.

      • Closer: Next month is Taiwan month.
        China will use drone swarms to defeat intervention on behalf of Taipai.
        Game over.
        Biden offshore will do better than Clinton offshore

  2. Packing for Death? Really? I can’t really think of any thing I would want to pack for ‘The Other Side’ other than knowledge. Then considering What I Know it would not be a large parcel!

    As my principle used to sing, while strolling the halls,” Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think”.

  3. Yeh yada yada !!! What a load of horse sheet . Lend us a dime or a bitcon brother . Hope yous cop every plague and tragedy known for the lies and crime . Vegvax the whole lot of yous

    • “What a load of horse sheet”

      You know the best year I ever had with potatoes was when I got a load of OLD horse Sheet.. in a four by twelve area I had over three hundred pounds.. I was giving them away..
      this year I will try something different.. I am going by Larry’s rule of thumb and his rain gutter grow system.. so in ten gallon grow bags I planted five potato plants.. so far they are looking gorgeous.. if I get five potatoes from every one I will have enough to last the winter..
      So give up the cartoons you can’t eat them and get a load of Horse sheet go to work and plant spuds young man.. you can eat them trade them or make a dandy potato wine..

  4. Alien invasion . They would take one look at USSA and Fark off to a galaxy far away.

  5. Infidels!

    Where am I ? who am I ?

    Why has israhell desperately been searching for me the past 40 years ? Why were they questioning Iraqi prisioners in abugrahab& others, about my whereabouts.

    I thought I died like over a 1000 years ago.

    Could this this why they fear the blackflagged freedom fighters ?
    – Hezbollah!

    biden – bin hiden his freemasonary origins and moloch worshiping ways since 1st days in senate -was there a sacrifice involved?
    .. where Every new page was warned Not to ever get in an elevator with that creepy POS.

    Why is freemasonary/worshiping moloch so Important ?

    Light 2 Dark

    “Freemasonary is the true origin of middle eastern/saudi freemasonary and likudist zionism, see turkeys turd turdigan as well..birds of a feather..

    “they are organized crime – older than any European state, they are banking elites,the spy agencies That ALL Work in Concert, they are bolshivism, zionism, they are the GOP in US, they are in every government, they are the police, they are the pedophile rings – right Donny?, they are the Pentagons morons, the worlds filthy war mongers and killers.”-VT

    They love us love sooo much – Columbia is set to fall to the Bolsheviks next – smart money been fleeing Columbia past 1 year – Business owners have been converting/changing/transferring family businesses to US ownership – at least the “smart money” ones – partnership opptys? They are currently being Venezuelaed – and aint no one saying a word about it – then again should NOT effect Cocaine production/transshipment, so who cares, right.

    Now where did we hid that legendary stash of GOLD darics & siglos?

    Iza no way of knowing?

    • Watch this; it’s ALL about Freemasonry, as we have all discussed on here before, every single person that is on tv, speaks to you with a feigned authority, most every single politician as well as hollyweird star, producer, director, etc., most every single person that has made it big in the last 40 plus odd years (singers, bankers, mayors, governors, you name it), has been hand picked and put through the chamber of secrecy and tap danced to the TOP!

      Hand picked…. many prior to – Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton, Obummer, all heads of state in other countries including blonde dumb bomb, Boris Johnson. Fauci, the fraudster, he’s kinda like the upside down JOKER in the Tarot Cards.

      It all makes sense now. Don’t miss your chance to get an education before it is removed forever.

      • I have a tough time seeing the masons as evil since so many of my family have and still are members.. I have my grandfathers ceremonial sword for the order of the templar knights free masons his pirates hat and apron are long gone.. supposedly he was high up in the group…. I get the reasons for their oath’s.. back in the day it was punishable by death in horrific manors if you went against or had other beliefs.. that is also why Nostradamus and many others wrote their predictions in the manor of stories, sonnets or poems..
        Because of this I have a hard time believing that it is as horrific as what they imply.. looking at all religions and their rituals each has the air of misconduct towards others.. very few have read the whole books.. which is why the illegal refugee’s have made such a negative impact on the countries that have opened the borders to them.. they…. LIVE.. the old testament the Quran and the Torah to the letter the countries that go by those rules to the letter are exactly what they are fleeing from yet believe and if you have actually read them they are pretty scary.. My personal belief is those books were added to the bible not as the letter of law.. but as a reminder on how we should not act towards others. (remember Christ was crucified because he wasn’t following the religious laws of the Torah). All of the masonic books are available on and sacred texts are are an interesting and mind opening experience..
        Anyway.. it was an interesting video.. and he brought up a lot of stuff that I hadn’t considered..

  6. “Which, as I’ve explained, was one of the few differences between it and Fed/Gov made-up money.”


    Look again.

    Fed dollars are totally made up out of thin air, though I freely admit it costs less energy to do so than for any crypto, and there appears to be no hard cap on the ability to do so. Further, considering how few of those dollars are actually printed, so just how long do you think they will be accepted or traded if/when power/internet goes down hard? What is the dollar backed by? Says here it is backed by “faith and trust”. What is any crypto backed by? Same thing. When that faith and trust are gone …..poof!

    Is there any practical long term difference between dollars, cryptos or tulips?
    Not that I can see.

  7. how about this dsi sheet old salty flogs for his mate on 321 sewer . everything is in extremes unknown to mankind and he tells yah months ago its worth the 3grand a year !!! what for ? everything goes up forever in depressions big bobby . AND if yah can spin enough stories about flation you can even keep your own car yard turning out smoking wrecks . give us a break . buffet indicator gets out at 80 or 90 max !!! this gin joint is up to 270 . go and watch cnbc if your vaccinated that will make you even more vegetative

  8. George
    I am so happy to no longer be an employee of Lockheed Martin and just a retired dude.
    I hope that this critical race junk does not affect my Lockheed pension plan value!
    We used to have to attend yearly training on sexual harassment and document security etc, etc.
    I hope I live long enough to be able to defend America in a constitutional way as I see it coming to that!
    The 13+ million veterans will be needed to fulfill our oaths to save the country!

    • I mean if only LHM would think logically: Do you want the “most checkboxes surgeon” cutting on you or the one with the best performance scores in surgical outcomes?
      Why can’t people compete on merit on a totally equal footing? Too much real work?
      I dropped pro sports when what’s his name placed kneeling above being a great player. Jesus we are sooo screwed.

  9. Red China can have Hawaii.I’ve already cut them out of all of my flags ever since they refused to turn over Obama’s birth certificate to Arizona in 2011.Of course,they couldn’t perform the impossible.

  10. Dollars are backed by the full faith and credit of the US. That is you and I. Crypto is backed by nothing but greater fools.

    • I am curious….
      that is a good deal.. the money is right.. but I have one nagging question.. how did they process that stuff…
      when they closed the bank and tossed everything away.. they had a company come in and shred the computers and copy machines..( I would have loved to have the copy machine it was brand new.. ) the reason is stored information.. I forget how much information is stored.. but I had gotten one years ago that had a chip in it filled with documents and when the bank sold their old branches and built new.. they hauled all the computers that they had just bought to the land fill and shredded…because of the same reason.. in the photo’s of what they have offered.. there are ton’s of units there that could still have the memory chips in them..

      • Every place is different.

        The computers, printers, and switches will all be “memoryus intactus.” Storage, however, is always iffy.

        I’ve gotten computers and printers which were completely intact (yes, Virginia, printers contain hard drives. Their hard drive contains a digital record of every single page ever printed, including the pages the office girls made of their hoohaas during last year’s Christmas party, and the one Jeremy in Accounting made, of all the corporate passwords…) I’ve gotten them where the hard drive was removed and sent to the local FOP for target practice, and I’ve gotten them where the drive was wiped & reloaded with a “factory clean OS.” Every “junior hacker wannabee” knows that a printer is an embedded computer with a hard drive or solid state “non-destructive storage device.” Very few, even “IT professionals,” seem to know this or understand its security implications. Therefore, printers almost always contain their storage device, which also almost always contains sensitive information.

        The only functional storage issues with any are with armored laptops, like the Panasonic Toughbook. The hard drive caddy (enclosure) is heavily gel/silicone padded titanium and when a military or police IT dude pulls the drive, they often chuck the caddy, which costs far more than a new HD to replace — sometimes more than the refurbed computer is worth.

        The desktops and monitors in those photos look like 2nd-gen Dell i5 or i7 systems, most of the printers, Epson. The Hancock County Sheriff is doing the auction, but I don’t know whether the Department sells just LE equipment or are the disposal unit for all county surplus. They’re dumping a LOT of 3-5yo computers & routers/switches for (probably no more than) $3-$5 apiece, though. The States must be getting lotsa BidenBucks. Georgetown, KY did this same thing a couple months back and sold a lot of COMMS & closed-channel microwave gear, as well (tempting, but I restrained myself, with difficulty…)

        Greenfield, Indiana is a nifty little city and the home of Ely Lilly. The Sheriff’s Department is 2-3 blocks east of the James Whitcomb Riley home & museum (his boyhood home, not the Indy museum) under the COMMS center (and jail?) and is a b!tch to back a trailer into. The only time I was there, I bought two nearly new Magnecord reel-to-reel studio decks and an ex-Army caisson which contained about 300 pounds of boxes of 1950s/60s-vintage screws & nails.

        I doubt I’d know more before auction close, because as of right now, I’m not planning a trip to central Indiana in the next week.

  11. “Does U.S. law matter above the Kármán Line?”

    Again, that bâtard newspaperman who first referred to legislators as “lawmakers” should’ve been hanged on the spot. Our fools will make any number of unenforceable laws and regs, simply because they believe it their province. If U.S. law doesn’t apply, they’ll make it apply, then tax an authority that’s without, to enforce it…

  12. “Of course it was a bioweapon! Shit-fire and save matches, people. We’ve been hinting like mad on this for a year and a half.”

    So, does this mean all the people banned from farcebook and twitter, including Mr. Trump, will have their accounts reinstated, with apologies?

    How ’bout disbanding of the corporate censo — er, I mean “fact-check” departments?

    Didn’t think so…

  13. Can we start a Betting Parlor where the visitors to this site BET on when China will invade Taiwan … or if they won’t?

    Collective AVERAGED knowledge is often MUCH more accurate than any one individual’s knowledge which is why I suggest this (and why at one time a few years back the US Government itself suggested a “betting site” where people could bet on future terrorist attacks on the US, where they would be and when they would occur – that one died quicker than Ford’s Edsel though in concept it was a great idea)

    • The Edsel was an amazing car — If only Junior hadn’t glued Edsel Ford’s toilet seat to the front end…

  14. “The Real Game afoot?”

    Congrats, George. You spurred me to write an OpEd — Something I said in 2008 that I’d never do again. Being busy today before the next frost hits, I’ll be nice and only publish an excerpt here…

    Since no one else has the balls to say it

    The real game afoot is a one-world communist empire.

    The United States has been the stumbling block since WW-1, because of our damned individual property rights, our “bottom-up” governing structure, and the God-given, Constitutionally-affirmed Rights which our Founders had the foresight and aplomb to codify in the Constitution, and its Bill of Rights…

    …The “real game afoot” is to bring the U.S. population down to the level of the economic average of that of other nations, thus making the voting public beg our politicians to “fix our problems, whatever the cost.” Politicians never “fix” anything. To do so would run them out of their jobs and lessen or eliminate the power they hold. Instead, they manage or “control” problems, but they do so in such a manner as to increase their power and authority. The political “fix” which will be brought forth is the de facto elimination of our Constitution, and the elimination of personal property rights. The vast majority of Americans will welcome this with open arms, because it will be “sold” to them as a panacea — a solution to all our social and economic ills…

    While I will smile at the thought of some shortsighted property brokers being escorted from their homes and shoved into a Bay Area khrushchyovka, it will be a sad smile and provide no comfort, as I look out the window of the khrushchyovka in which my family and I have been hosed — er, housed. (If’fn ya haven’t noticed, they’re springing up all over. I see nuovo-projects capable of housing a hundred families being built in towns whose total population is less than 100. — WHY?) It IS coming, and once it arrives, there will be no place in all the world, to escape it…

    • Wow, Ray, a true Khashoggi moment. I’d love to be able to send the entire OpEd to my kids !?!?!

      For doubters, research M McConnell’s wife and sister’n law’s Daddy’s move and business and you’ll know the plan’s been active half a century at least. Look at all three bio’s, sources of $$$ (dead ex’s), boards etc. Once discovered, I saw this everywhere…

  15. Anyway more important than anything. Physical and mental health . Glad your missus is good george . Stay short though!!!

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