The Aristocracy is Safe! Markets to Rally 75

We suffered through another dismal attempt at a presidential debate on issues last night. Unfortunately, the same old stuff (SoS) was played out:

  • · Hillary’s still playing the positional power card via non-stop references to her as “Secretary Clinton.” Any ingrate (or moderator) worth their salt should know the correct salutation after leaving a singular office is simply “Mrs. Clinton.” We have been over this before – the abuse of positional power as a linguistic influencer. See our September 28 discussion of “Liars and Linguistics” here.
  • · What seems important about the vulgar bus tape is that it was apparently revealed by none other than a member of the Bush Family, Billy Bush. A conspiracy theorist could connect some lines there. Billy Bush, by the way, may have some career issues as a result of all this.
  • · I had an uncomfortable feeling last night as a couple of questions “felt” like they had been revealed to one of the candidates in advance. I will leave that for you to discern.

· Trump foolishly failed to keep Hillary out of “his space” and she worked it like a trial lawyer.

In all, the odds of Trump making it to the White House have in our assessment dropped again.

Our prediction from more than a year ago – that Clinton would simply buy the presidency – is being fulfilled before your eyes.

Once that’s accomplished, it’s only a short hop to implementation of the TPP which Tim Kaine supports. By contrast Bernie Sanders saw through it, but you see how that worked out. Sanders and Trump were both systematically excluded from the American Aristocracy’s Insider’s Club.

There are, to be sure, several ways this could be argued. While I lean toward raw economics and the egotistic exercise of power, powered by runaway sex drives, an alternative explanation emerged this weekend in snips of those highly-paid Clinton Wall Street speeches.

They reveal that what we’ve suspected – namely that politicians like Clinton have both private and public positions on issues.

We have seen the behavior exhibited by the present WH occupant, as well: Talking peace and ceasefire while launching sorties in Syria…which is but one example of many. Talk of enforcing the law while shoveling in unvetted immigrants at a thousand-a-day clip is another.

If there is an effective tool to disband the United part of the formerly United States, it is precisely in de-linking public and private positions.

In an ethically-based family (like the Ure clan), we were schooled never tp say behind a person’s back what we wouldn’t say to their face directly.

Clinton’s remarks reflect perversion of “My Word is my Bond.” She will save whatever is convenient to her agenda.

That agenda is always designed to both keep the American Aristocracy in power by increasing friction between racial, economic, and social factions in these Divided States of America.

We shouldn’t be satisfied with it, but like so-called “climate change” it is the currently-prevailing Business Model.

Good luck trying to stop either train.

Trump was better last night, but the pro-Clinton media has the last word. So remember when the crap is hitting the fan around this time next year whose failure to remain unbiased resulted in the direction we’re now heading.

But it’s always about audience size, ratings, and ad revenue…not the American Way.  Politics was monetized long ago and this is what we get.

Columbus Day & The Week Ahead

Not particularly interesting.

Being of Scandinavian heritage (as well as Scottish) this should really be “Italian Marketing Day” – since Lief and others got here first.

More to the point, Scandinavians are hardly alone. If you read 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus you’ll discover that the Chinese had circumnavigated the whole world the previous year. Were it not for troubles with the central government of China at that time, we would all be speaking a different language.

In honor of the theft and conversion of First People’s property, the Banks are closed today but the markets are open.

We think it’s worth remembering that the first biological attack on what is now American soil, was launch first by white people from Europe.

Good day to watch “Gens, Germs, and Steel” which was on PBS back when…

Speaking of Markets

One of our sharp-eyed readers picked up on this and thought you would find it interesting: “The Billion Barrel Oil Swindle: 80% Of U.S. Oil Reserves Are Unaccounted-For.”

After That?

Well, then we get into the Retail Price report Friday. The only other notable events twixt now and then are a bunch of talking Feds and export import numbers Thursday.

Since the bond market is close today, we won’t see much interest in interest, so to speak.

Our Kind of Sports Story

Normally, we don’t give a rip about sports. But a surprise Michigan win over Rutgers has just cost the Ruth’s Chris Steak folks some big money.

15 thoughts on “The Aristocracy is Safe! Markets to Rally 75”

  1. This was never a race – it is a show designed to make people FEEL it was a race. These are the only numbers that matter in Amerika:

    RCP Electoral Map 260 165 Clinton +95
    No Toss Up States 340 198

    There is NO popular vote in Amerika – these are the votes and with weeks to go, the next POTUS is seen here in these numbers.

    I suggest those of you not watching this circus for pure entertainment simply turn your TV’s off and do something more productive and rewarding.

    • The second amendment seems to be just a joke also? As they say, every thing is just a business model ;-(

    • In the United States of America, this is how we chose our president – if you wish to change it – elect members of congress to do it! Unfortunately for your cause – and the wisdom of the ‘founding fathers’ is even more evident – the people that comprise the general public lack the foresight to vote in candidates who understand the complexities of the world and to do so without violating ethical standards.

      I know that Hillary Clinton has problems and if it wasn’t for the utter unsuitability of Donald Trump, would not be elected. But the selections for both parties were done legally – and everyone ‘had their chance’ so to speak – to make another choice.

      It’s time to vote . . .

  2. I’m afraid your right the Clintons carry way to much stink with them to get elected, unless of course you can bring in a ringer who stinks even more, and that of course is Trump to make sure “its my turn now” gets elected.!!!

  3. Let’s see . . . America’s choices are Mr. Vulgar vs. Ms. Corrupt!

    We’re not electing a Pope, people, we’re electing a president! Choose your poison and vote accordingly!

    “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber” – Plato

  4. Based up on popular sentiment it is a landslide for Trump probably 70-30. Maybe more. She only wins by stealing the election.

    Putin has made it clear he is preparing for nuclear war and is only withholding his finger on the button on the outside chance that Trump can actually make it. In Trump we would have two nationalists negotiating to avoid nuclear damage to their respective countries which both love. With The Queen of Death she could care less what happens to this country. War would be inevitable and he Have no choice but to stage a preemptive strike to minimize damage to his country

    If she wins get you flash goggles out

    • Well, if you really believe that Clinton is the Witch of all Witches – I would suggest that you shrivel up and die now as she will win – and without any ‘rigging of votes’.

      Being bitter because you didn’t get what you wanted in life is worthless – I had a relative fifty years ago give me a lecture about how life was rough and that I ought to accept it. I was raised to be polite so I didn’t dispute what she said – but I did think what a bitter, old woman – and she was twenty-five years younger than I am now.

      Whatever the outcome of the vote – it is the will of the American voter – God knows I’ve had to accept enough people I didn’t back winning.

      • Fact check: Putin was invited into Syria,
        We were told to STFO.
        Our nation’s “regime change’ nonsense is just an update of Bullshit bingo.

  5. The number 1 issue, for me, in this obscene presidential race is the supreme court nominee. Whoever takes Scalia’s empty seat will be influencing our lives for much longer than the next occupant of the White House and, potentially, much more destructively.

    Trump says he will appoint someone who will support the constitution, Clinton will appoint as strong a leftist as she can get away with.

  6. The Establishment is in crisis panic mode as now the elitist within the Republican Party are showing their true colors – that being the case would suggest Trump is the last chance this country has before losing its historical identity or they wouldn’t be so frightened – the 360 degree assault is incredible – in my life (64 yrs) I have never witnessed such a thing – the press is an entirely owned propaganda mouthpiece. The post debate polls with the exception of CNN show him demonstrably ahead. The lopsided CNN pool – Hillary 57% Trump 43% had from what I saw 537 hand picked respondents – one article suggested the only thing that will be remembered from the debate – “You should be in jail”. I can’t imagine how puckered their collective asses are today.

  7. I just don’t know how Trump can win now. I have not decided on whom to vote for. There just isnt enough information to go on. Maybe think who will Putin be willing to talk to, and who will stand there ground with him?

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