THAT was a “presidential” debate?

It’s time to wake up and smell the Reality.

To assist, we have put together a little quiz to help underline the gaps in your awareness so you may address them. The test is untimed.

1.A man is to a woman as a(n):

a. Fish is to a bicycle

b. Bicycle is to a fish

c. Sex object

d. Additional income stream

2.The current gender choices appearing in medical offices are:

a. Male or Female

b. Female or Male

c. Female, Male, Other

d. F / M / T

3.The speed limit you should drive is:

a. Whatever is posted

b. Whatever you can get away with

c. Posted speed adjusted for weather, precip, visibility, proximity of month-end quota dates, and number of drinks consumed

d. Posted plus no more than 10%

4.The major political parties in America are:

a. Complete sell-outs to corporate interests

b. Promoters of open borders and free trade at the behest of corporations

c. Democrats and Republicans

d. Wholly-owned corporate shills

5.Bill Clinton was:

a. Impeached by Congress

b. Impeached but saved by democrats in the Senate

c. A womanizer

d. Responsible for making student loans non-dischargeable

6.Donald Trump is:

a. In hot water over vulgar speech

b. Easily distracted from main issues

c. Unable to take suggestions from advisors

d. Unlikely to win the election

7.Vladimir Putin is:

a. The head of Russian government

b. A martial arts practitioner

c. No fan of Obama

d. Willing to risk Nuclear War over Syria

8.Matthew is:

a. A common male first name.

b. A book of the Bible

c. A saint

d. The most ridiculously over-hyped weather event in history that has absolutely nothing to do with Global Warming

9.Obamacare bills:

a. Are killing young family disposable income

b. Will be unbelievably higher after the election 2017 by two party conspiracy

c. Give insurance companies about 20-cents of every healthcare dollar

d. Is a tax

10. The best thing to do on Monday is:

a. Read UrbanSurvival

b. Read UrbanSurvival and then go back to bed

c. Read UrbanSurvival, slam down 2-shots, and go back to bed

d. Read UrbanSurvival and then surrender to authorities

11. My local congress member:

a. Hasn’t been in the home district this week

b. Hasn’t been in the home district this month.

c. No sign of ‘em this year

d. What is a congressperson

Bonus Personal Questions

What Brands are associated with each of the following Positioning Statements?

1.What toothpaste gives your mouth sex appeal?

2.What is Job 1 at Ford?

3.What airline “Flies the Friendly Skies?”

4.What car rental company “Tries harder?”

5.What antacid goes “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz…?”

6.Where are Golden Arches?

7.What is Techron?

8.What does UHD or 4K stand for?

9.Can you name three medicines you should “Ask your Doctor” about?

10. What carmaker’s products go “Zoom zoom?”

Scoring Part 1:

Np scoring is possible.

America has slid over the edge and the weak consensus, formerly embodied in the Constitution has been sufficiently subverted by corporate interests and educational system popularized liberal socialism, that freedom, like Truth, is doomed.

Scoring Bonus Questions

If you can answer ANY of these, consider yourself at least partially programmed into the disposable products, planned obsolescence corporate world.

Resolve to live simply, eat pure foods, swear off xanthan gum and preservatives. Simple fruits, vegetables, and hormone-free meat with lots of fowl and fish is actually better for you than the bleached and preserved corporate convenience foods.

We live in a world which has passed the balance point between critical thinking and objective analysis on the one hand, and incessant media brainwashing of partial truths and outright falsehoods on the other.

We have been (and are still in process) of being sheared of our freedom, right to economic self-determination, and intellectual capabilities.

We is sheep.

Your test score is evidence of that.

Refining of this questionnaire is welcome!

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