Liars and Linguistics: “Secretary Clinton”?

A few points of interest about the debate tonight, starting with a discussion of positional power. If you skipped the grown-up organizational development classes in grad school, the short version is people tend to bow or bend to the will of people with power.

The President of a Company directs his subordinates, but he is beholden (to the degree of stock ownership, lol) to the Board of Directors. Stuff rolls down hill.

But what happens when a once company president is gone from the job: Is is still referred to as “president” of XYZ company?


Robert Hickey has a website (and book  Honor & Respect: The Official Guide to Names, Titles, and Forms of Address)  in which he deals with how to address formers and political  has-beens.

If I can lift this from his website over here, the key thing to know is that:

A former secretary of a U.S. Federal Department continues to be addressed as The Honorable.
The rule is once an Honorable always and an Honorable.
he or she is no longer Mr./Madam Secretary or Secretary (Name) since there will be a new holder of this only-one-person-at-a-time office.

In simple terms, if there is one of something (Like President) then after leaving office that person is Mr. Obama, for example.  But where there are many (as in judges and generals) then they keep the title after office. 

One of the subtle “trappings of power” that social climbers (and reporters) use is to refer to people by the old/former/has-been titles.

This is something to be aware of tonight in the  presidential debate:

Every time you hear a moderator or a panelist in the aftermath/wreckage-sure-to-follow refer to “Secretary Clinton” they are using positional power jujitsu on you to reinforce your recall of her former position.

But it is not correct and to refer to her as Secretary Clinton is to show outright bias or ignorance and imprecision of thought..bad in either case.  She’s Mrs. Clinton.  Period.

Language is a terrible thing: There are civil rites built into it designed to keep you groveling at the feet of the power structure and this is one of the clearest examples. When you think Clinton, do you associate it with “I can’t remember” or do you associate it with “Secretary”?

The head-trip which is obvious is that of course, the secretary part has been planted so deep in your head that it’s assumed she is somehow better than her opponent.

Then, to build on the psychology of it, her corporate structure uses this positional power to assert she has some insight into whether the opponent is “qualified.”

Unfortunately for her side, there are still some of us who remember a) how position power works, b) proper forms of address (Mrs. Clinton), and c) the qualifications for the President are laid out in the U.S. Constitution, not in the crooked court of public opinion.

If you hear the word “secretary” tonight, it’s all part of the branding/mind-game/positioning battle to sell you the “right soap.”

Depends what you mean by soap, lol…

Stars Have It?

On a closely related note, I asked our Consulting Astrologer is she could produce a what “the stars” have in store for us tonight, since that makes more sense that most of the political content out there. I trusty Pluto and Mars more than Kardashian press reports on who she’s voting for, lol.

Unfortunately, she declined to (publicly) do the debate forecast, but importantly she offers this instead:

“I believe that this election is only one piece in the on-going downfall of America from its prior heights, as indicated by the present highly impactful transits of Saturn and Pluto over the USA chart. I’ve mentioned that Saturn is currently going over [and over] the USA Ascendant degree. However, it doesn’t end there. The Ascendant merely marks the beginning of the House ruling our Identity and “Being-ness” as a nation. So, Saturn will be in that area for quite awhile longer, as described below.

While this is going on, Pluto, symbolizing death-and-rebirth, (with heavy destruction preceding that rebirth,) is opposite our USA’s natal Sun degree. The Sun is the life force in our solar system; so, too, does it represent our energy, our ability to be fruitful, and yes, our “life force.”

One of these planetary transits would be bad enough, two will prove devastating! Capping all of this off will be next August’s total eclipse crossing our entire nation from Oregon to S. Carolina. There is no way we can escape the changes and travails coming.

Saturn brings loss, constrictions and harsh lessons. Whenever it goes over anyone’s Ascendant and continues to transit their First House, it begins a process of changing their very identity and way of life. Often the losses and constriction bring on a major change in how one is able to sustain themselves and may result in a personal Great Depression. It is the same for nations. For example, although the drop in stock prices took place in Oct, 1929, and was considered the start of the Great Depression, Saturn actually began the whole downturn when it went over the USA’s Ascendant, entering the first House in September, 1928. Furthermore, it was still in the First House in Oct, 1929 and it stayed there through mid-October, 1931. That is when it then moved on to the House ruling Money and Income, which only continued the hard times up to January, 1935.

Saturn will be traveling through our First House until late November, 2019. And, of course Saturn’s hard lessons won’t end then, since it will move over to the USA’s Second House of Money and Income until January, 2023.

Pluto actually started the whole on-going transformation process when it passed over the USA’s Ascendant degree — on Sept 11th, 2001. That was the beginning of the downward trajectory. As for its current position, in the entire history of this country, Pluto has never before been opposite our Sun’s degree in mid Cancer, until now.

Because this is a new experience for us as a nation, we cannot even imagine all the changes that will be happening in the coming years. We do know, however, that the journey includes both the “Death” and the “Rebirth” phases, as symbolized by the Phoenix bird in mythology.

We are still on our way down and, like an alcoholic, will need to hit bottom before we can gather together whatever pieces survive to rebuild this country; to bring about the “Rebirth”. This transformation will not merely be economic, it will touch every area of our lives. Think caterpillar-into-butterfly level of change. At least that image gives us the possibility of Hope.

Many Blessings,”

As always, a trip to our Chief Astrologer’s free gift to the world website here is always worth the trip and no, you can’t buy anything there. The best things in Life are still free.

So, About Them Markets

There was a moment on Thursday or last week when I almost sold my short position. By Friday’s decline I was glad I hadn’t. And this morning with the Dow futures down 80-something, the mood is damn near giddy.

Still, as was demonstrated in this weekend’s Peoplenomics report, the way down from here is long and steep and in terms of “changing how we life” whoever wins the Presidency will likely live our the Herbert Hoover historical role.

The problem is defined by a couple of important trading indicators and the levels I mentioned in the Friday report are still the targets that will define which wave count (larger or smaller degree) is in play.

Tomorrow we get the S&P, Case Shiller, Core Logic, etc. Housing report. I expect it willl show a rollover in prices and if so, it will be an immediate source of concern.

That’s because Elliott Waves (book: The Wave Principle) tend to work at the macro (zoomed-out) level as well as they work on the one-minute chart zoom-ins. And that being the case, you ought to be able to see (from the Housing Peak in 2007 early 2008) the very clear Wave 1 down into 2010 and then Wave 2 up, which is about due to roll on us.

Not that it will be a surprise, given the Fed gov has been printing money like crazy in order to keep things from collapsing prior to the election/charade. I mean bumping up the M1 (Cash and demand deposits) of money at an annual rate of 10%? That’s a major WTF given that the economy is growing much, much slower than that.

The excess money, which would normally be pushing prices up by now in previous economic cycles has merely been shoveled into the huge deflationary holes around the world. I assume you know the US is one of the few countries which has managed to avoid negative rates?

Durable Goods come out Wednesday, Corporate Profits Thursday, and the statical month wraps up Friday with Personal Income and expenditures.

Across the whole lot of them, I don’t see much that will give us reason for optimism.

Ure’s Right Eventually…

It was more than a year ago…June of 2015 if going from memory this early is forgivable…I was telling you that Deutsche Bank’s blow up involving co-CEO’s and (again memory) a rogue trading thing would eventually collapse.

It has taken longer than I expected to resolve, but we see it coming into view today as CNBC reports “Deutsche The Wave PrincipleBank shares hit record low on report Merkel won’t help the troubled lender…”

Of course, this is now how things will work out. I expect the DB folks will begin to do the “We’re Too Big To Fail” whine, and with enough leverage, they are likely to suck in the weak-minded Merkel and the government checks will flow – and that will get the economic collapse of Europe pushed into 2017.

Besides, with the “Merkel said no” report, Deutsche Bank denies that CEO John Cryan has asked Merkel for support.

But it won’t likely end there because there are too many leaks to fill, and when the Germans run out of patience and money, I will remind you of our discussions in fall 2015: How are you going to feel when as a U.S. Taxpayer, you’re lied to by the crooks in Washington who will use US Money to Bail Out a Foreign Financial Disaster because of TBTF?

A Merkel Note

Oh, sorry to offend calling Merkel weak-minded, but she has managed to do something all the previous leaders of German prevented: A successful reinvasion of Europe by Muslim hordes not seen since the medieval period of European history.

You do remember the Muslim invasion of France (the first time, not this one) ended at the Battle of Tours in 732. But it took until almost 1500 to root them out of Spain…so Europe has a long-term period of misery ahead if you believe history rhymes, which it seems to, at least in economics.

For now: Migrant camp to be dismantled in France.

These ‘ol boys (and gals) of Europe seem like pretty slow learners, if’n you was to ask me.  No wonder they are chess fodder for the Russians.

A no-hate side note here: This is not to say all parts of Sharia (the finance part) are bad. Unlike the concept of interest which is made up out of thin air, which then causes cyclical economic disasters, Sharia banking is pure buy/sell. And when you think about it (and the miserable history of interest which has led to our $20 trillion in national debt) it is a more honest way of conducting business.

EXCEPT that it is not trading oriented and thus naturally tends to slough-off the leach/financial class who use money against the people who actually MAKE it.

Like Algebra, which was originally “al-jabr,” there are some good things to be said about borrowing or stealing “best practices” from other cultures of different times.

Except instead of thinking through ideas, we FIRST polarize ourselves and THEN attempt to fairly consider the next ideas.  Obviously we can’t figure out where all the wars come from.

But the words polarization and stupid preconception may have something to do with it.

War would disappear if we focused on getting best practices and dropped the polarization angle.  Ah, but where’s the money and monetization of that?

Take Syria, Please

Hmmm. N’other example? U.S. Decries Russia’s ‘Barbarism’ in Syria Amid Fresh Attacks on Aleppo.

Except we are giving aid to ISIS and al Nusra to try to unseat Assad and Russia is helping Assad hold on to his own country. (*In return for Russian access to the Syria port at Tartus. Hey, nothing’s free, right?)

So: we lie about supporting ISIS there and Russia wants to hang onto its port…FMTT who let the neocons (moroncons) into the State Dept?

Why, slick Willy Clinton…and they’ve been there ever since.  Think when a Clinton made the problem the next Clinton can fix it?  She’s been living that life I suppose…

Mall Terrorism?

That Washington State shooter of last week was originally from Turkey.

The reason I suspect he will be found to be a terrorist-connected fellow is that ISIS has claimed credit for the mall stabbings in Minnesota. Malls seem like they are a weak underbelly of American culture, and a third case would about cinch the case. Which could happen any time.

Did I mention we will be looking for media distractions during the debate tonight?

I can here the PTB now:  “Clinton’s starting tgo cough…cue the disaster and let’s get a cut-away up…”

Whipping Us Up?

WaPo, NYT Lead Trend Of Emphasizing Race Of White Officer, Burying Race Of Black Officer seems like a good call.

But enough…we have a week to get on with.




37 thoughts on “Liars and Linguistics: “Secretary Clinton”?”

  1. So George

    What is your take on gold and asset devaluation during the coming collapse. Harry Dent makes a reasoned bet, that gold will fall to $300.00 per ounce again, once this fall in the markets progresses. Any thoughts ??


    • The amount of goods and services will increase and cover the dollar decrease. That is to say, $300.00 will buy considerably more then than now.

  2. I won’t be watching the debate, tonight. I can’t think of a bigger waste of time than to listen to those two go at it. If I were to watch, it would only be to see if Hillary can make it through without some problem. An hour and a half with fifteen minute segments could be a tough slog if she is any where near as compromised as she seems. The other reason would be to see if they would try to work a body double in, that seems like a real stretch – nobody is as shrill and obnoxious in a debate as Hillary. Hard to duplicate!

  3. Remember, Clinton and Bush41 are heads of the largest factions in the ubergang of ruling criminals. They all have the Neocon view because it is the fastest, most violent way to globalism.

  4. Has it occurred to anyone that there are much, much deeper and more sinister implications in the “no-choice” Presidential race? That the truth is that it just doesn’t matter who the titular head of this country will be? That there will be something so massive and mind-bending on our horizon (and the true TPTB are aware of it ) that the office of POTUS will be irrelevant to our lives? There may be much,much scarier things than either Trump or Clinton awaiting us in the near future……l am personally scared out of my wits at the implications of this “non-election”…possible that an unfathomable future awaits…a DARK unimaginable one where we are ruled by someone/something truly terrifying in its scope. This election means nothing in the face of what is to come…imho

    • IF you are that scared..might be better to research some of George’s older articles about ..prepping, and home defense…which I feel we will need within a year….good luck

      • I have been prepping for ten years!Fear about the direction of this country and the dire immediate future of the world in general still chills me to the bone…NO , l repeat, NO level of preparation will be, in my opinion, enough….l have been listening to Ure for a Lon long time…there is something very foreboding on the horizon!

    • Could not agree more, Eva! You have put into clear and concise English what I was attempting to describe in “astro-speak” above. It would greatly serve TPTB to have two questionable candidates; all the better to control and manipulate them to their purposes.

      • Please, the last 40 years has been ALL about easily controlled and compromised candidates, what is most important is how much further we are along and drawn up into the globalist’s nets. They just about have the country where they want it. THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD BE SCARED OF…THAT AGENDA. Which candidate up there will take us over the globalist’s goal line FAST AND FIRST AND FURIOUSLY???

    • That is exactly what we are facing.

      It’s good to see a critical thinker post past what is being paraded in front of us as distractions.

      Peace to you and yours.

  5. Media distractions?? How about a shooter in Houston that is still snarling things up? Wonder if that will prevent potential viewing of debate or shift focus to local rather than national. Of course there is the ongoing gun discussions which will be freshly ignited.

  6. I’ve been watch the yield on the 10 year note drop 10 basis points in the last week. It seems to be dropping through the floor and no one seems to be noticing.

  7. Hello, George. Let’s not forget that Cascade Mall (just a couple of miles from my house) is a GUN-FREE ZONE (kinda like the entire city of Chicago). Once again, words on paper failed to stop a criminal act. Never any mass shootings at gun ranges, though. Maybe people will finally WAKE UP and realize the correlation – gun-free = unsafe, gun full (so to speak) = a helluva lot safer!


    Robert in WA state

  8. Just a further add-on to the Astrologer’s info: everything has a cycle. With the USA birth chart, in 1933, the USA natal Sun was conjuncted by Pluto, the heart of the depression, and the death /rebirth of the USA Sun. She is correct that Pluto has not opposed the Natal USA sun since 1776, however, the energy of a natal chart goes forward to the future and backwards to the past. In 1770, Pluto opposed the USA Natal Sun, a presage to the events of the next 6 years and the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. Pluto transits take time to unfold, unlike Saturn events, so we can look back the events this year as the seeds of what come in 2022.

  9. The United States of America renounced titles early on in its history. I’ll never refer to anyone as “honorable”, and even less will I refer to anyone as “the honorable”. It’s unAmerican!

    To refer to a civil servant as “the honorable” is the ultimate in self-serving hubris. Even to use the term “government ‘worker'” is dishonest, since most of them are merely overpaid employees.

    • Completely agree. I would NEVER refer to anyone I didn’t know personally (usally the case in courts) with the term “honorable.” A judge presiding over a case is referred to as just that, “judge” – that’s the title and occupation.. honorable is a description that must be earned before you’ll hear me ever use it. Same should be that case for any freedom loving american, IMHO.

  10. Instead of calling her Madam Secretary, why not call her by her future name Madam President? I cannot imagine anyone voting for Trump. He’s not smart enough to even be on the same stage as Hillary. Like Bill Maher said, it’s going to be like a debate between the Secretary of State, and a basset hound. The questions will be too easy for her.

  11. This is completely off the subject,maybe.I couldn’t think of anyplace better to find out if anyone else has been experiencing what I have for the last few days. Friday morning woke up to 4 inches of snow on the ground. Thursday 70 degrees
    Saturday 70 degrees. Anyway I was out harvesting leeks and onions. My greenhouse is on a tarp and when I was in there I felt through my feet periodic hums (the only way I can describe it). Moved onto the grass…same thing. Went in the house later, same thing. There were different lengths of time between them and were pretty short.
    Yesterday I was visiting a neighbor and felt them over there but they were 2 -3 times the length.
    No one else that I asked could feel anything.
    Today I am hearing a constant hum which started about the same frequency of that I felt through my feet. It has increased in frequency.
    Let me say I have very poor hearing and am quite used to different kinds of tinnitus and this is unlike any of that that I have experienced heretofore. In fact I have some of the chirping kind going on at the same time now but didn’t have that when this started.
    It is becoming quite annoying. But no one I have asked is aware of anything like this.
    The local cats are not going bonkers…
    Anyone care to chime in especially since this is debate day. Could this be brain scrambling frequencies from TPTB???

      • Western Wyoming South of Jackson Hole about 70 miles. I can see Idaho across the valley.

        This is still going on. I was away yesterday in Idaho and too busy to notice. It has picked up considerably today. Much more frequent. I don’t notice it while in the car , only outside on the ground and in my house and even at my neighbor’s house. No one else seems to notice.

    • May I suggest you read a book available on Amazon called “Could It Be B12?”. Many strange and varied symptoms can be ascribed to a low B12 level. Tinnitus is one of them, and odd perceptions as well. Low B12 level is surprisingly common, especially in vegetarians, and as we age. Also, a significant portion of the population cannot convert some dietary B12 into a form their body can use. These people need the specific methyl cobalamin form.

      • Thanks, I will check that out. One thing that drives the tinnitus into the stratosphere is anything that is anti-inflammatory. Even herbs that are supposed to help with tinnitus drive me crazy to the point of being unable to sleep at night.
        This all started with a Dr. prescribed drug for my Achilles tendon about 10 years ago. Before that it was negligible. After a couple of days on it, it was like having a metal pot over my head with someone banging it with a spoon. I stopped taking it, but the effects have persisted.

  12. THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve been saying the same thing about Clinton for YEARS!!!!!! She is not a “Secretary of ANYTHING” !..She is an Unemployed senior citizen with a history of LYING and God only knows what else ! DO NOT speak her to power by addressing her as something she is NOT …and while I don’t really care for John Kerry, CURRENTLY he IS the Secretary of State and it is disrespectful to him to address Clinton as if she is !

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