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Since this is nominally  a website about common-sense economics, we will start there before moving on to Emergency Room Adventures and this morning’s latest flash-in-the-pan data on Jobs.

Month End?

The conventional wisdom is that the markets rise – lots of times – during the first week to 10-days of a month.  Because that’s when the “fresh money” comes into the market.

Flip side of this (so we mentioned to our Peoplenomics subscribers a long time back) is that quite often you get an end-of-month “adjustment” as the “hot money” squares up with the Bankster class.

When the Fed is “root’n, toot’n, and shoot’n” the money supplies higher, it’s an easy call to scream rally and be right – in the long-term.

What a lot of people miss, however, is that this is only true so long as the Fed’s version of money is the only game in town.

The dynamic began to change when the “money changers in the Temple” decided that in addition to “local value” there was also an “internationalist’s value” to everything.

Which means that even though a U.S. stock may not be paying its own rent (via dividends and the like) it is still a major asset play.

Think of this as having its “echo in real estate.”

A rental property – with reliable tenants – offers not only enough money to pay the underlying note and taxes, but also enough to kick something back to the inventor.

What has been happening (with “hot” stocks) is no one is really paying “full freight rates” and many of the high flyers are not-yet here.  They are stories.  Some damn good ones, so don’t get me wrong.  Ure loves electric vehicles (though hybrids more-so), along with space-based low Earth orbit internet and a whole lot more.

Still, there’s the real estate Model for markets:  What’s real and what is hype?

Starlink Gets Real

Although we have plenty of reservations about Elon Musk’s Tesla autos and power walls, and what have you, his Spacex based Starlink low earth orbit data system looks to be proving itself a winner.

We plunked down the first $100 toward a $500 100 MB data service this week.

But, the problem is?

Elon Musk.

Like Donald Trump, the template of Musk is lots of good ideas, but also lots of Social Media hype.  While $100-bucks is not going to hurt (too bad!) if it doesn’t play out, we do see some genius to Musk going for an ongoing revenue-generator, rather than a semi-conventional manufacturing model.

So keep an eye on it…we are.

Back to the House Model?

The stock market is not-yet paying its own “rent on money.”  And, as such, we think there’s a long ways to fall.

We described this period – long ago – as Ure’s Discontinuity Zone.

While the rest of the economy is cratering, anything left alive will hold the potential for infinite value.  

It’s like going into the Great Depression and owning a Mansion no one can afford.  It still has some asset value.  17-rooms in the hills above Burbank with 24-kt. gold plumbing and back-to-back Olympic-sized pools.
Why, even the poor will see that as having some “VALUE.”

Which is holding the market up.

But what happens when (as we enter the high-risk area for inverted yields and possible negative interest rates):  What happens?

  • Over hyped houses (Bitcoin) continue to soar.  Though the term “sketchy” applies.  BTCs were around $50,000 a copy this morning which is down 10% from where the Greatest Fools were dumping in.
  • By the way, Bob Prechter of Elliott Wave International has a dandy article on cryptos and counts, if you haven’t seen it.
  • On the other side, a quality, upper-middle income property (like Gold) is having its ass kicked again:  Gold was down in the $1,788 range, while cousin Silver was holding $28.  How much is due to the relationship with Robinhood remains to be seen.  But Gold could fall to the $1,000 range in nominal terms if we get into negative rates.  there’s nothing to charge “rent on” and storage of “empty homes” ain’t cheap.
  • The low-end real estate rental market may be thought of as bonds.  Not as many people buying them.  And God, how boring can you get?  Who would piddle-around in bonds when they could collapse any time the word “Inflation” is uttered?

Which gets to a simple question we all get to ask:  Will “Rent Get Its Revenge?”    Maybe Yes!  But the toughest of all question is?  In which asset classes and what order.

Getting this right is the stuff family fortunes are made of.  For the rest?  Blood in the Streets.

Today’s Job Data

With incredible “hypenstance and circumcision” the Fed chief has been yammering about Job Creation.  But that’s not America’s problem.

Joe Biden and J. Powell may not want to hear this, but the role of markets is to provide capitalization to good (money-making) business models.  Save a few RECURRING REVENUE models that the smart people are moving towards (Gates on renting Office software and Musk’s Spacex – Starlink come to mind) there may not be much in the way of “easy pickings” for us small-time investors.

Robotics and A.I. only sound promising to people who haven’t “read the downside” which has been out there is Science Fiction lore for seven decades and longer.

With 10-million people unemployed and mass evictions likely (or more more hare-brained money printing) calamity has gone swimming after a full-meal deal.  Which brings the specter of economic cramps to follow.

Jobs Improving?

Here’s the latest Tout on job claims:

In the wake of this, we might get one more day of life to the market.  But, even though faster information flows paradoxically slows arrival at trend outcomes, eventually we get there.

We haven’t had a “good wash-out bottom” yet.  Something where little guys – like us – would look at stodgy old investments like “paid for” real estate and be willing to put our heads in the noose to get a piece of the next-gen version of a Golden Goose.

Investing in ONE of several thousand money schemes called crypto currencies is like trading building permits in 1930.  Might work – for a while – but the Depression didn’t end until when?  (1943?)

Durable Goods Report

So…how “durable” are manufacturing orders in  mid- train wreck?  Surprisingly good:

After the numbers, the market was still looking for an Aggregate decline (again) but a good story is being told by the “rent payers” – those stocks in the Dow than crank out reliable “rents” in the term of dividends.

Short Takes

The Headlines March On:

Big Pandemic means Big Money:  Moderna expects $18.4 billion in 2021 sales from Covid vaccine, chief medical officer to depart.  But the shot news isn’t all good as Booster shots could be needed for people vaccinated against COVID-19.

Art Bubble, anyone?  The wealthy are borrowing billions against their art collections and lenders are reselling the debt.

Eye Popper:  38% of Americans would give up sex for a year just to travel again, survey finds.  (Bet me the 38% are older and have lost a home or assets in a divorce along the way?)

And “Where does it all go?” (Besides Away!)  “2021 U.S. Household Bill Pay Market Size: $2.91 Trillion Spent by American Consumers Each Year on Recurring Bills.  Quick, look surprised!

Life in the Emergency Room: Lessons

We were having a dandy day around here until around 6:30 PM last night.  Elaine’s hip replacement had its picture taken (looked great!) and she had gone to sleep being tired from over-doing it for the day.

Woke up with terrible leg spasms.  So I called the doc who prompted me toward an ER visit to get a precautionary X-ray.

The good news – at least for a few hours – was that the spasms subsided after I pushed a ton of liquids, some calcium, magnesium, and apple juice into her along with .6 liters and up of O2.  (Joys of left-over airplane accessories, the O2 has always been saved on-hand for emergencies…).

When the spasms came back – in spades about 11:30 PM – there was no avoiding the 9-1-1 call.  When O2, ice, heat, fluids and minerals and Oxy weren’t cutting it, the ER visit I figured would be covered by insurance.

After 3-hours in the ER, the X-ray showed no displacement of Hip-2, but the drug cocktail was changed up.  It was updated to include the hydrocodone and Tylenol type pain-biller with some ibuprofen, as well.

With a lot of IV fluids, we got out of there about 3 AM and back out to our slice of paradise.  Where she’s feeling better – but still lots of residual pain from overdoing Wednesday and getting upside down on hydration.

(On the other hand, 4-hours without a pee break should have been a warning flag…but I’m rusty on medical skills!)

Bumps on the road:  We all know the biggest risk of aging is financial (and we can hardly wait for the bills on this one.  But there were two pretty-interesting Survival Lessons in all this.

  • First was the ER doc told me when we got home, if the spasms started again, one way to quiet them down is to drink some Tonic Water.  More magic of quinine.  Winked and said “light on the gin.”  We didn’t get into the specifics of what “light” was – as regards gin.  Near as I can figure “light” applied to any ETOH compounds is (like Unicorns) “light” is said to exist, but I’ve never seen it.
  • Second point – and this was interesting as hell, too – was that the ER didn’t have any blankets.  “We just got sheets back today...” one ER staffer explained to the patient next to us.  They are hoping with overtime in the laundry dept. to get everything back to “normal” in a couple of days.  But the “boil water” warning in Palestine, Texas didn’t come off in town until Thursday and MIGHT come off out here in the rural system by Friday afternoon.  We’ll see.
  • Oh, and the patient next to us?  Had severe intestinal distress.  Bad enough to wind up the CAT scanner.  He was given the news that he’s got a “gastro collision zone” going on inside:  Puking and barf out one end and watery brown out the other.  “The more quickly it comes on, the more quickly it will pass,” he was told.  But such misery (or Elaine’s either) we wouldn’t wish on anyone.
  • ER will likely be busy Saturday night.  Full “Snow Moon” [of native American lore]   falls there Saturday.  And with month-end checks for some, we beat the rush.  They will have laundry back.

Running on 4-hours of sleep in 48, my personal “good news” is the Caregiver’s Diet has now dropped 14-pounds.  Plus, as an added bonus, I may have Elaine open a school to teach dock workers and truck drivers-wronged how to swear.

Shocking!  But, here’s in the land where “Everything’s a Business Model” I’m looking at foul language the same way Musk might be looking at Starlink.

Recurring Revenue Business Models.

Could teaching the art of swearing be one of the world’s “oldest professions?”  Second?

Ure will now go look in on his short position, try to redo the cancelled big grocery resupply order, and get on with working the speed bumps to Home Health Care physical therapy.  Has our Starlink earth dish shipped?  Amazon order of more ice bags on schedule?  Finish up the tax filing and get the refund on the way?

3:42 AM coming down the empty back roads to the ranch:  Had a disoriented small coyote run ahead of our headlights for an eighth of a mile.  Little suckers run 24 miles an hour, if anyone asks.  Which was some kind of sign from the Almighty…but as is so often the case, damned if it made any sense to my pea-sized brain.  Maybe when I catch up on ZZZ’s.

We having fun, yet?

I’m about to nuke some Chinese for breakfast and find out…

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Shit. I think I got the rona. Ha ha ha ha. I ain’t lying. I’m sick as hell and I never ever get sick. Normally I run a temp of 96.2 (colder than tbs average human) I’m at 99.6 temp this morning and I have a gnarly head ache. My normal BP is 110/60 and it’s at 150/80.

    That lieing Russian bitch at the CDC. Hahahah.

    Maybe it’s just rbe flue. Lol I’m going go the VA to get swabbed. This is supposed to be my second day at work. Arrggghh.

    I ain’t dying from that shit. Know that much. Hahahahha

    • Did WHO ever finish that report on the WUHAN virus ;-)
      Gute Besserung, Andy and speedy recovery; We need U.

      • Hey missy! Good to see you around here. Ha ha ha.

        Funny. The doctor at the VA said something to me yesterday. She said, some people won’t get the Rona. They can’t. I said really? She said they won’t ever get cancer either. I said no kidding. She they genetically are advanced enough to not get those things. I took a look at some old blood work done ya here at the VA paperwork. You have a zero chance of getting the Rona and of ever cancer. We ran the test anyway and of course it came back negative.

        If ya quit smoking you will stop getting Bronchial pneumonia. I assume you smoke like a freight train. I said, on occasion. Ha ha ha pretty interesting. I said you dont hear that shit on the news. She said no, no ya don’t.

        I said I have always healed super super fast compared to most people. Once I took a .45 cal hollow point to the hand and the doctor said, 5-6 months to heal. In 45 days I was totally healed. The doctor was tripping out. She said that has to do with your genetics. We are learning more and more about how some people on the planet have advanced genetics and how that plays into alot of things.

        I said ohhh I’m sure it’s just midechlorines in my system. She said we trust in the force. Laughed and said I will write ya a note for work.

        I slept 15 hours straight and probably lost 10 lbs sweating. When I woke up my whole bedroom smelled like death and I sweat so much my mattress was soaked like someone dumped a 5 gallon bucket of water on it. I feel about 80% now. Probably be back 100% by the day.

        I never know when I’m sick. Either I’m in denial about it when I am or I just dont know. I ain’t got time to be sick. I’m busy. Lol.

        I had the weirdest dreams last night. Will post one on my website later today. Got a text from my old boss saying they got another driver. I didnt really wanna pave anyway. Lol. Call the Union in a minute let them know I need to be back on the list.

        Genetics. Huh. No joke.

    • Test results came back negatived for Rona. Positive for handsome. But negative for Rona.

      Boy I tell ya, Trump really upgraded the services at the VA.

      The Docotor said I just have regular flue. Then she asked if I was hungry. I said I’m kinda getting there. So she sent in a hot Mexican nurse with a sandwich who also give me a handjob while singing stars and stripes in broken English. After which she said thank you for serving our country.

      Never even got a sandwich under Obama at the VA.

      Thanks President Trump. Love the new VA. Best president ever.

  2. Your dedication to writing this column exceeds all boundaries. Please get some rest and sleep today. Your readers need you to help us try and make sense of the daily craziness.

    P.S. Quinine water (minus gin) got me through a lot of nausea problems during my years doing water projects in Africa.

    • Tonic water in the USA has been limited to a very low level of quinine since 2008, courtesy of our entrenched FDA. You can improve the dose by brewing a chincona(sp?) bark tea. The bark is available on the net and is legal. Yet another area to do your own research. Magnesium in higher doses(bath or footbath with epsom salts) tends to prevent muscle spasms, among other good things.

      More prayers and cares for Elaine’s quick and full recovery!

  3. Yo G,

    heads up on Mr Coyote – he is one of the most ancient mythic symbols for most Native Americans. He can be either creator or trickster, like Enki-the original frogman, full of magic/special powers and Teachings.
    Depending on Ure situation/circumstance, Coyote is usually a good sign, but bewares, he can be misleading..Long story about how Coyote got his name and special power from Great Creator – in the end – Coyote teaches Us about the powers of Nature, behavior, and values.

    creepy confirmed yesterday, what was already a foregone conclusion – Operation Talon – Cancelled-Shutdown.
    .U know the program where ICE prevented Criminal Sex Offenders from crossing US border – and coming in free- to rape and pillage Ure wife,home ,kids, grand kids.
    ..Not mine – I live in North East – but border states TX,NM,AZ,CA = Ure going to bee FuckT! But da coot sees it as business opurtunity..Pimp Daddy Coot! now I just need get myself a “custom continental and eldorado too”. Why – cause I’m bad like – how Bad ? LeRoy Brown bad!

  4. “I’m about to nuke some Chinese for breakfast . . . “ – a comment worthy of George C. Scott’s ‘General Buck Turgidson’ character from Stanley Kubrick’s epic Cold War satire, ‘Dr. Strangelove.’

    RE: Elaine – it just sucks serving as a human test tube wrt prescription drugs, over the counter supps and daily diet. I’ve caught the Docs on my cardio team (Afib) separately prescribing drugs that had negative impacts on each other (and potentially Ure’s truly), so caution and home research are strongly advised. My time tested leg cramp potion is three 99mg OTC potassium pills with a teaspoon of honey and large glass of H2O. BTW – My jittery ticker is now working as advertised and the Afib is (so far) completely under control – exercise, weight loss (25 lbs since Oct) and limited alcohol (two 6 oz glasses of pinot or cab, 1-2X wk.) are part of the reason, IMO. I like the ‘tonic solution’ better – will have to give it a try! :-)

    • Warhammer, yes, very important a heart doctor and a primary care doctor will often NOT cross check medications and side effects. Case in Point: 98 years and 10 months year old neighbor, last year lungs filling up with fluid, got so sick, she couldn’t eat AND she fell 3 times in one month, 2 times hitting her head very hard. Took her to both her cardiologist and PPP a few times. Nothing. I tried my best to research her symptoms. This got so bad, that in one year, they had a port in her lungs and were draining her lungs twice a week, when she stopped being able to eat. Each time I took her to the doctors, I would ask, IS IT SOMETHING SHE IS TAKING? Turned out it was Amioderone! FINALLY, the PPP took her off of it. Within a week, not only was she back to eating like a bear, she had NO FLUID BUILDUP IN HER LUNGS AT ALL. We are going on one year in March since her medications have been changed. A year ago, 3 times she went to the ER not being able to breathe; when she got home from her last hospitalization and rehab experience, her only son, and other neighbors wanted to put her into a care home. I went to see her and she told me that they wanted her to go into a care home and she told them to get out and not come back for two weeks! So, I said, a) if you listen to me, I will help you stay in your home, and b) only if you want to, and c) you have to listen to me and take my guidance because I am not going to argue, etc.,. She agreed. Happy to say, she’s happy as a lark, and IF she had gone to the care home they had picked out for her, NONE OF US would have been able to see her for the last ONE year. What did I do? I put a care plan in place for her, had her hire a person, just for her, to come in 3-5 days a week to do easy cleaning/laundry, light meal prep, and companionship. I still purchased her groceries for a time, took her to the doctor, and handled any private matters she needed done, mostly so I could monitor her recovery; I also gave her hope and encouragement and friendship and took a BIG interest in her life as talking to someone – willing to listen to her story, and what an interesting story she has, was also helpful to her healing. The lady that came in each week, was VERY necessary to her recovery when she first was getting well, as she was quite weak, but within a month, she fired the first lady and went with another lady, and has been happy every since. As she gained her strength, she cut that lady back to 3 days a week, and still prepares all of her own meals, and basically, is so strong and stubborn, her lady helper mainly visits with her! So, one very important story about the side effects of heart medications (and others) no doubt.

      Also, I need to mention, all of her friends and her son stopped visiting her because of Covid, they did not want to get it, nor give it to her, but all of them self quarantined for almost a year! If I had not been willing to step in and help out, I am not sure where she would be today.

  5. “Truck driver school of cussing.” Ha ha ha ha ha. There is certainly a knack to it. Could be genetic. My daughter ain’t a truck driver but that girl can sling a rap lime m&m. Ha ha ha.

    Eyes gonna go to work anyway but the new boss said, nooooo we dont want ya bring the plague here. I never miss work. This is stupid.

    Idk about getting a new hip. However, When I had my sciatic nerve pain. Those hip abductor exercises cured that. Thigh and hip abductors. My hip kept shifting kittywampus because those muscles were weak. Those muscles keep your hip square. So when they are weak? My hip kept shifting and pinching that nerve.

    Boy howdy that hurt like hell. I was on the floor in the fetal position hurt so bad. Since I refuse to take narcotics. Both the chiropractor and the doctor said smoke a doobie. First time a doctor ever told me to smoke a doobie. At one point it was so bad. I said f it. I’m gonna smoke a doobie. I went there I could barely walk. The chick brings out this doobie that looks like a cigetert dipped in chocolate resin. like a candy cane. So I smoke 3 hits off that in the car after I got gas and a mountain dew. For 3 hours I circled the gas station parking lot like I was on a merry go round looking for the exit. Couldn’t find it for the life of me. They dont make weed like they used to. Ha ha ha ha

    I ended back on the floor at my buddy the JP Morgan Bond, and investment house. I worked the level in my mind. The torpedo level and raised myself above the pain. That when I could discovered I could see “life path inertia.”

    Every time I have been in pain like that? I discovered some sorta new skill set when I used meditation to overcome it.

    I also had that intestinal block stuff. I have had over half my intestines removed. That is some brutal shit there. Having a kink in your intestinal track is like being stabbed over and over by a Rambo knife. They won’t let ya leave the hospital until ya poop. They won’t let ya eat. Just put ya on a Diloted IV drip and weeeeeeee you are super Fcked off. All droolin,on the nod, watching Jerry Springer all day and slapping nurses asses. Hahaha. Been there a few times. Pretty fun stuff. Savored it all.

    Not as fun as smoking a joint laced with PCP. Then getting on the north bound lane of I5 going south with your stripper bride to be and she says, “boy listen to all them elves singing! Its sooo pretty!” And you say, holy cow! It looks like we are doing light speed in the melinium falcon! Then the profound realization that your doing 10 mph on the side of the interstate going the wrong way and those aint elves singing! Those are cars honking because your on the wrong side of the freeway going the opposite direction. You look over at her and say ohhh shit. Then she looks at you then turns into a 5 foot hairy creature with double dee tiddies and starts laughing like Chubaka. So you hit the next exit, park at the park and ride and jump in the back seat and start screwing after doing a few lines of Coke to level up. ROTFL. I can neither confirm nor deny that is a true story. Hahahahahahhahah

    Be well E. Be well. I got to go get checked for the Rona. Could be worse. Thank God it’s not the clap. Got that once from a couple of burlesque dancers in seattle after a show. Hahahahh.

    See ya old people.

    • “I have had over half my intestines removed. That is some brutal shit there. Having a kink in your intestinal track is like being stabbed over and over by a Rambo knife. They won’t let ya leave the hospital until ya poop. They won’t let ya eat. Just put ya on a Diloted IV drip and weeeeeeee you are super Fcked off.”

      Gawd… Been there, done that. Diverticulitis and had 10″ of colon removed. Wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

      “See ya old people.”
      LOL! Look who’s talking!

      • My sentiments exactly.. they found cancerous cells in my colon and took a chunk.. it got infected .. dam it sucked I was about to check back in when it just got better…
        What was sad was my friend was trying to work the kind of schedule that I did for such a long time.. I asked him to be a pallbearer in the event that it didnt turn out well.. then lectured him about trying to work the kind of schedule I did.. I said dam it look what it did to my body it isnt worth it.. he didnt listen day after easter the talk was the Saturday before easter.. I talked with him he was so tired he was going to sleep.. he laid down and had a heart attack. I got better the next day almost instantly and was a pallbearer at his funeral..

  6. G I had back surgery a year ago. Same problem. Leg pain was unbearable.
    Even with the pain meds. What helped? I went to Chiropractor for Lazer treatment.
    First 30 minute treatment pain subsided but still lots of pain. Went back for a second treatment and no more pain! Was already on max pain meds so no option there.
    For some strange reason bone operations cause muscle temper tantrums. If a lazer is unavailable the ultrasound may help. Also I you can find some liquid Turmeric or powder if to hard to find. I know the pain Elaine is feeling but each day can/will get better but getting rid of that muscle pain will help healing. One day at a time.
    My fun is I fell flat on back walking down stairs. Slipped on cat wiz. Landed full force while holding on to railings. Hurt left hip and left shoulder. Just had a CT scan, ugg 200.00 for 2 minutes. No damage to back or break in hip likely just bruised bone. Hurts bad but going for a lazer treatment soon. Call around your area, might find a chiropractor that has one. Be sure to tell him about the operation so he has eyes open. If you have a home Ultrasound device you could try that but not a powerful as the Dr. office.
    Slip and fall is your worst enemy. Stay safe. Use a walker if you have to till you feel stable enough, keep a walking cane handy when you out grow the walker.

    • Muscles need a level of tension or they will spasm. I’ve never had a problem with hip muscles, but occasionally with knee flexors. As painful as it is, stretching to full extension is the best thing to do, as the pain subsides relatively quickly. Again, magnesium is the ion that helps, but tension is required. Just my opinion and experience.

  7. George,

    Everyone in my area swears by “pickle juice” for leg cramps. Myself, I lean towards Pedialyte. Tastes a hell of a lot better. Hope Elaine is doing better, as well as you.

    I am going to “circle back” as current press lair would say, and recommend that you check the signs before Elaine’s next hip replacement. I know it sounds goofy, but it has worked for me numerous times in the past, especially for elective surgeries.

    Stay well and may the “Great Spirit”, bless you both.

    • For me, I’ve found that leg cramps are generally stopped cold by Magnesium Oil (not an oil despite what it feels like!) which is magnesium chloride liquid applied topically to the affected area.

      My experience is that the muscle cramps stop within 10-15 seconds once applied. Also, if I pre-apply then it prevents the leg cramps completely.

      Works well for minor aches and pains as well.

      Not too shabby!

    • “Everyone in my area swears by “pickle juice”

      My athletic grandkids swear by that.. the whole football team would stop by after practice and each devoured a jar of pickles and the juice..

    • I told you george . Food paramount recovery .fish fish fish . Make your own quinine 2 . You know how to do that . Cool it . Fluid drink regular. Not 2 much red meat . Fish fish fish . Sardines / anchovies with garlic / oil / balsamic. Nothing is permanent like my old Jewish friend les lipkis used to say

  8. Got starlink in November. LIve in the north woods of Wisconsin. About 40x faster than my 4g phone. It’s pretty slick and easy to install!! I was shocked when I opened the box. No instructions just 3 pictures! I’m an instruction guy, but it really was that easy. It heats itself and melts the snow. No problems at 35 below and only slight problems in blizzard conditions. One of my best purchases. I have 9 kids and heard them bitch about internet for years but had no real good options. Problem solved. Thanks Elon!!!

  9. Did ya drive or take sn ambulance.
    Most of the supplment policies have clause saying they dont pay for ambulance rides unless you are admitted into the hospital. The other thing is x-rays and I worked at the hospital and they had a clause in there that they didn’t pay for x-rays or a radiologist to read them so I would make sure I make a notation every time an x-ray had to be done that I didn’t want to radiologist to read it because of that. If the doctor is incompetent enough that he can’t read the x-ray then he shouldn’t be working.
    Frequency of an x-ray..some only pay for a given time ..on the policy the wife has only pays for three I believe..
    Pharmaceuticals peoplethathavenever experienced pain dont have a clue..for forty years I thought I understood and was empathetic about the pain the patients had.. until it was my own.. you will take anything to get rid of it.
    Cramps grapefruit peeling tea or quinine water works good for me..

    • “the policy the wife has only pays for three I believe..”

      Per year..
      Car insurance says that they pay reasonable x-ray costs.. had a huge debate because they wouldn’t pay because as they said in California they could get x-ray for twenty we paid

  10. My retired cardiac surgeon friend got rid of his afib by using magnesium. Thought if good enough for him so I went on it and 4 days later put my meds aside. Also gave up coffee as stimulates muscles. Also mag doesnt cure but controls the afib. Happy camper.

  11. Both you and Ms E need to get some sleep. The world will look better afterwards. I’ve had plenty of nights like that in an E.R. Seems to me they intentionally make you wait for hours to be served. Damn sadists!

  12. “Booster Shots”.

    I have a feeling once a person enters into the COVID Vax Ecosystem they’ll never leave, “You’re not sick because of the Vax. You’re sick because of the way your body is reacting to the new COVID variant. Line two, please.”

    Tomorrow the $1,900,000,000 COVID relief package should be passed.

    The link below shows the current bill (but it could be revised).

  13. I suspect the WHO report, despite their best efforts, will only tell us what is already known.

    It’s to the investigators’ credit that the Chinese representatives allegedly reduced themselves to participating in a shouting match over their refusal to hand over original data on the 174 known Wuhan virus patients of prior to December 31, 2019.

    Yes, hopefully Andy has further insights from his tardis (UK Trademark no. EU000333757) travels.

  14. G, hope Elaine is feeling better now. Piercing throbbing pain is hard to deal with when your drugs won’t dampen it down or you don’t have the proper drugs to dampen it down. Hope this doesn’t throw off Elaine’s exercising for the hip, THAT still needs to be done if at all possible in order to have a good outcome.

    Part of what she may have been going through is the nerve channels that were damaged as a result of her surgery were reconnecting. I want through the same damn thing after I tried to ski like an olympic skier while only having the skill set of a turtle and ended up needing a surgeon to use bunch of plates and screws to put my leg back together. Back home about 3 -4 weeks after the surgery I woke up to the worst pain I have ever experiences … but probably unlike Elaine I had been told by my surgeon AND the follow up surgeon to EXPECT THAT when the nerves started to reconnect. They BOTH told me the pain would be the worst I would have ever experienced in my life.

    WOW … they were RIGHT!

    Those surgeons had told me that the reason that happens is that as the nerves reconnect they start sending all sorts of signals back and forth so as to try to figure out the new “wiring configuration” …. and once the brain and the nerves elsewhere in the body that are doing that finally get the new “wiring configuration” figured out the pain will quickly disappear.

    VOILA … I followed their advice, took some Oxycodone, which dampened but did not eliminate the pain, but within 10 hours it was as if nothing had happened. My brain and the nerves in my legs and feet were talking again, maybe not happily but there were at least communicating in a reasonable manner, and the pain just went POOF … and was totally gone.

    I imagine this may have been what Elaine was going through … though I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night so at least today am not qualified to give medical advice.

    Tell Elaine we are all wishing her well!!

  15. To Andy:

    Doctor Diagnosis – 10.00
    Private Nurse Entertainment – 20,000.00
    Sandwich – 125.00
    Music Copyright Fee – 1000.00

    Total VA visit – 21,135.00 taxpayer payout :)

  16. I hope Elaine gets the message loud and clear: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Yes it’s inconvenient to be always going to the bathroom, but think of it as necessary therapy. I was fortunate for most of my ordeal I was on a catheter/foley so I didn’t worry about the exit flow. I had nothing to do but lay in bed and drink water. I think the nurses were getting tired of my constant calls for water. And at each visit they had to empty the foley bag, too. As my native medicine man calls it… “The constant waterfall” of life.

    Magnesium and potassium supplements for the cramping. Gatorade for electrolytes. Keep working at it, Elaine, we’re all pulling for you. Major surgery is not a walk in the park. That will come later. You have to work at getting better.

  17. WTF mr G ?

    U wrote- “about to nuke some Chinese” C’mon Man !

    I first suggested just such exact attack back Jan/Feb 2020 – ‘We should “racoon city” Wuhan and burn the virus out.

    All U all bleeding heart libetards were so upset I would even suggest such a Genius plan – Vitreous indeed ..
    a)500K Mericans would still be alive.
    b)ended the pain & suffering in Chynah.
    c)leveled the playing field – international trade.
    d)economy would still be staggering along
    e) the orange golllum of GREATNESS would still be POTUS!

    We coulda used one them thar new fangled nukes encased in powered iron ore/thermite..1/8 the fallout, nice pretty sparkly flash – when viewed on a cell phone – those iphone cameras pick up /show sparkleys/pixelated bright spots in the shroom cloud – U know the kind they been using on Palestinians/ Lebanese/Syrians/Afgahns and Iraianslast couple of years..gee I hope that wasnt classified …

    Now look what U gotten Ureselves – creepy chynah ho – is in the WH, and 3/4’s of the population is wearing a Boomer Burkah on their dam faces when out in public.. World has gone insane..guess Im NOT going down with it. Peace

    • For some strange reason, Israel and the United States (with the coalition of the willing participants) wants to wipe the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Afghans, and Iraquis off of the map of the world. They also want to be sure that these countries descendants, if there are any, have multiple DNA/genetic issues. Now, one would wonder why they are willing to pollute the land that some of them, would like to inhabit some day. These lands are where the BIBLE gets many of its stories, none of it makes ‘common’ sense, but as we have all learned on this website, “it’s all a business model.”

      • “Neocons are back”

        Didn’t ANYONE notice one of the very first actions Mr. Biden took as President, was to dig Victoria Nuland out of the bureaucratic grave in which the Trump Administration had banished her, and installed her back into a position at DoS where she could foment more wars?

  18. Codeine, whether natural or lab-created, always has a much greater analgesic effect for me when I take an NSAID 40 minutes before popping the drug. An aspirin/Tylenol/caffeine (like Excedrin or Vanquish) seems to work best, but aspirin or acetaminophen singly also do the trick (haven’t tried ibuprofen or naproxen.) I’ll generally take half the hydro or oxy pill, get more pain relief, and much less “buzz,” which suits me just fine, since I hate drugs and only take [them] as a last resort. BTW this was a suggestion from an orthopod, and neither an original discovery nor something I stumbled upon.

    When doing an electrolyte cocktail, don’t forget the potassium. CMZ (Ca/Mg/Zn) supplements are common, CMKZ less-so, and despite Western society’s overuse, there are times when sodium, the fourth electrolyte, becomes a useful supplement. Campbell’s condensed chicken soup and a banana or handful of dried apricots (California, not Mediterranean, Sun-Maid is fine), with a glass of milk are a dandy way to digest a CMZ and a couple potassium citrate caps, and get a huge influx, quickly.

    Neither Gatorade, Powerade, nor Pedialyte (nor any other “sports drink” I could find using a quick & dirty search) contain magnesium or calcium.

    Dried apricot packages will keep for years if frozen, unopened.

    Thoughts & prayers toward E…

    • Apricot Nectar (thegoodstuff) cutting through/wearing away “plagues” – for a better feel/view of Universe, as well as helping set Ure mind on “fire”…

      * Ure results may vary..

  19. RE: Creative Cussing. I am reminded of a cruelly nasty story told by an ex-policeman once. They were chasing a motorcycle that had been trying to give them a slip, when they came upon the motorcycle wreck on a curve where he wiped out. The cycle rider was lying in the grass in a broken heap, with obvious broken arms and legs. Ambulance was called and the cops just monitored the victim while starting the investigation. The victim on the ground suddenly started screaming that he was cramping, twisting those broken bones. He was pleading with the cops to simply pin his arms and legs to the ground so they couldn’t twist. The cops refused. Their payback. “Sorry, brah. No can touch. Help is on the way.” The storyteller said there ensued the most creative string of cussing and swearing he ever heard…. and he thought he had heard it all.

  20. It appears that next week’s FC21 conference on financial cryptography and data security, previously scheduled to be held at St. George, Grenada, will be going forward virtually.

    Judging by the goings-on from papers of previous years’ conferences, plans are being made for the little people riding the bus. Little people, it seems, will not be driving the bus. Écoutez-moi?

  21. G-
    AGREED ON THE MAGNESIUM. It is the ion that relaxes muscles. BONUS: As I have said a long time ago on Ure blog, it also helps dull nerve pain. This info is from one of Dr Oz’s affiliated MD’s, and has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with severe reinjuries over time of my back from a bad car accident years ago. It is given even to pancreatic cancer patients. IF POSSIBLE, AVOID calcium for Elaine now. Calcium & magnesium work together as contraction-relaxation mechanism. Orally, I take twice daily, along with Aleve for daily management. Sometimes I also use a warm epsom salt & water mixture applied topically. Magnesium supplements take some time (week, maybe) to really get saturated into the system so definitely start now, & it will help over time. Double bonus, magnesium is calming & helps sleep. I am NOT a Dr: YMMV.

  22. The only time I ever had a beastie running in front of me in the same direction as I drove, I and the Lovely Mrs Wizard & the Ratbag were coming back from dinner in a village 10 miles from ours, when a rather nice (but stupid) buck decided to play Rudolph to my S. Claus.

    It jumped out in front of me, turned to run away from me along the road as I attempted to stand my 95 Dakota on its nose. That damned deer was so close to my severely lowered grille I couldn’t see its tail. It came to its senses and veered left just in time.

    Funny how blue the air can turn at times like that… or when the 3 pound rainbow threw the hook as I reached to boat him. Sorry, won’t be signing up for Miss Elaine’s School of Unique Rustic Language Skills.

    Catch up on your sleep, even if it’s just 15 minute naps between nursemaid duties! Shorter columns are OK for a week!!

  23. G- Forgot to say in my other comment to not get epsom salt in a major unhealed surgical incision (although a podiatrist had me use it) , so if use epsom do so well south of incision. Even on muscles nearby, epsom can bring some relief. BUT IF DOC ALLOWS, A HEATING PAD can help bring good blood flow & healing to area. Again, likely not on top of incision.

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