Are We the ONLY Ones Who Called It?

From this morning’s column on UrbanSurvival:

“The conventional wisdom is that the markets rise – lots of times – during the first week to 10-days of a month.  Because that’s when the “fresh money” comes into the market.

Flip side of this (so we mentioned to our Peoplenomics subscribers a long time back) is that quite often you get an end-of-month “adjustment” as the “hot money” squares up with the Bankster class.”

And how’s it working out?

Read ’em and book the profits:

More in the morning…still need some of that “sleep” stuff.  But good bears never sleep?

4 thoughts on “Are We the ONLY Ones Who Called It?”

  1. Stay short. Wall of worry ?slope of hope? Nah the cliff of death . The other guys just lost their grip. Any moment ,bears never sleep . They just short

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