Can “They” Pull It Out?

“They” being the PowersThatBe in the financial universe.  Main focus is on the ChartPack this morning.  Sure, we were entertained by the J. Powell “fed-speak” but the focus on jobs is likely to be a problem since jobs in America will come at the expense (largely) of jobs elsewhere in the world.  Think Asia.

We have only a few headlines.  Mainly, this is a time to look at the world and see through the hype – like the Tiger Woods story – and look for meaningful data that will drive life going forward.

It’s not popular at the water cooler.  But we’d rather impress “the bank” than “average people.”  Just kinda funny, that way…

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44 thoughts on “Can “They” Pull It Out?”

  1. Cryptos have now become THE major competitor to voluntary expansion of government debt. Cryptos are one of those dark pools of cash which are static, and provide for no contribution to economic growth. The magnitude of the flight to crypto instruments has taken the Treasury and the Fed by surprise, and threaten the Empire. Next chapter in this klepto fairy tale- The Empire Strikes Back.

    • The ‘Empire’s’ return strike should be very interesting. Yes, in theory, the US government as well as other Federal governments around the world could outlaw cryptos, hack the exchanges, or just start outlawing and dismantling any services related to cryptos. Unfortunately, I think the train left the station too long ago. There is crypto now invested in ‘legitimate’ businesses (eg, Tesla) and many banks and funds are taking positions. Pulling on the thread of crypto may cause the entire sweater to fall apart at this point. Of course, crazy sh#t is happening all the time, so who knows how far governments may go to delegitimize crypto.

      Btw, I am not supporting or not-supporting crypto, but like or not, it is part of the financial land scape for now. As long as we have a fiat USD and a ponzi economy, people will look for other forms of payment – gold/silver, deer skins, sea shells, or crypto currencies, probably does not matter if the system of the USD is hopelessly corrupt and failing.

      • Dude, all Cryptos are is Inflation displacement. Lol. It’s how they displace all the liquidity in the World.

        Anyone who thinks the Fed is running a quarter of a point interest rates is, I’m sorry an Idiot. They may be telling the world that but we been running. Neagitive interest rates for a good while. The whole world is. Lol. They just dont call it that because the sheep would buck and kick.

        How much money has the fed pumped into the stock market alone in the purchase of ETF’,s bonds, stock buy backs etc etc. Etc.

        If you add it all up? Well Georgr is smarter than me and has a fancy slide rule and shit. I estimate with the account of Cryptos and how much money is sloshing around just in them…. we probably been running negative 21% interest rates. It’s all just disguised in fancy names like “Bitcoin”, “Cryptos”, Stimulus” and “Relief packages”, “moritorim on rent and mortgages” and “Covid Relief”.

        Think about it. Alot of people are not working, nobody is paying their mortgage, nobody is paying their rent, nobody is buying latta mocha chinos for the commute and scones for the commute.

        At its core the Economy has stalled the F out. So let’s introduce a virus to cover this shit storm and buy us some time to figure it out or not.

        It’s called controlled inflation. If there was no such thing as Cryptos????? Where would all that money be???? They would have to change the name of the 99 cent store to the $999 store. Lol

        Be smart. If ya can’t see that? I dont know what to tell ya.

      • Sorry I didn’t mean to come off like an asshole.

        Cryptos are like a person wearing a mask to protect themselves from Covid. It make them feel better to have a mask on. Most masks dont do shit.

        Cryptos are a mask for the dying cancer patient that the world economy is. Its just another mask. Like Covid is. Just another mask on a dying world economy. Everyone wants to say, “Now Chinah has its ducks in a row and they be tryin to oust the big red white and blue.” The whole world is systemic economically. Doesn’t matter what flag of mask they are wearing. We are all interconnected. If the US collapses who is going to protect Israel and the Vatican? Lol.

        Think about it man. If the USA goes totally titts up. You dont think Russia is gonna make big moves into places like Poland and other countries to regain control? You dont think Iran is gonna March through IRAQ and knock on Sheppards door at the Synagogue in Telavive? Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood there and Jorden, Syria etc. Etc.

        The only reason those countries doing run the hebrews off their land is because the US relations with Israel. And everyone knows Uncle Sam dont f around when it comes to protecting the mother land.

        You dont think China will go flying into Afghanistan and take over all them poppy fields?

        Cryptos are just another mask for a failing world econimic system.

        I heard someone the other day, i really like your mask to another person in the store. I looked over and the lady has one all bedazzled up. That is really pretty. Where did ya get it. The other lady said thank you. Hand sanitizer? Please says the lady complimenting. Squirt! Squirt! Thank you. So tell me where did ya get that mask. The other lady says, I saw some Gucci masks over at the outlet mall that are soooooo extra. Kinda expensive but they are Gucci.

        And I turned around and thought.

        What the F is happening in this world????!!!! Arrrrgghhhhhh

        I tell ya what tho. Them Cryptos? They are no different than a Gucci mask. Is that thing even N95 rated???? Who cares as long as I look pretty. Fack!

        We are gullible sheep. We all are.

      • I believe there is an algorithm to everything. Even the lottery. I believe it can be beat. I believe I can beat the algo and win. Lol

        I dont belive in the word “impossible”. I think there is such a thing. There is only a system yet to be developed to prove that what ever seems “impossible” is actually possible. Just a flying contraption, communication vast distances holding a box in your hand. All things that were thought “impossible” at one time and now are every day normal shit.

        Just like there is an Eliot wave system for the marker. There is an algo for everything.

        Cryptos are just an inflation displacement mechanism for all the excess liquidity in the on the system. That’s all.

    • “Cryptos have now become THE major competitor to voluntary expansion of government debt.”

      My view of cryptocurrency is its nothing… just a number on a screen.. the debate..yes but I can spend it while watching the number grow..
      Theni read about how there are cryptocurrency mining operations going on in other countries..
      From my perspective..the whe thing looks a little Bernie to me..
      No one knows for sure who designed bitcoin.. it’s always been shaded in the dark of the web. Acceptable currency is used to purchase and use bitcoin.
      I quit using a popular accounting software because they took over the banking info.. and the software was making minor mistakes in their calculations..
      As people flock to BC could it be the real purpose is to just sheer the sheep in a Bernie scam.

      • The velocity of the M2 money supply continues to tank:

        I believe that cryptos are playing a major role is this collapse. You put money in the bank, that money gets loaned out, and some of it makes its way back to the banking system, so on and so forth. This has worked as an engine of economic growth.
        Most of the money invested in cryptos just sits there. You buy a crypto, and you are buying a piece of a dark stagnant pool of financial nothingness. Cryptos are a black hole for real economic growth.

        I’m thinking Yellen will be escalating rather than backing down.

        Forcing money out of the crypto cisterns and back out on to the real economic table will do the opposite of what the crypto fiends proclaim; it will stimulate real growth.

      • “Most of the money invested in cryptos just sits there.”

        I was under the assumption that BC was only designed to hide assets and transactions.. similar to offshore banking firms to keep them from paying taxes due on income made… People really don’t know who has there money who designed the bank the money I put in is reinvested in other peoples projects so is dark money.. but who is reinvesting it and in what…. what the investors in bc see is a number going up.. ( a Bernie saying trust me I am good at this..) the accounts are secure just because they say they are but you really don’t know where they are or who is handling your money..or if they wanted just shut down the servers and take the money…. but in reality it was a dark pool that the money was invested in.. nothing tangible.. ( give me a bigMac and I have a big mac.. a bc is just a cartoon of a coin that the minute the power is gone so is the coin.. Of course this is just my opinion.. and seriously who really cares what my opinion is.. like the wife tells me.. your opinion is your opinion and nobody but you cares more about your opinion than you do..

    • keep that hope strategy alive ..too late for Empire to strike back..”toothless Bumble” at this point in the game.

      JanetBYellen – “Bitcoin is inefficient” – 2/23/21

      2/24/21 – FED Wire is Down! All Federal Reserve Bank Services offline.

      No worries – because..we can transfer as much $$$ as you like – over the Internet – for free.
      Aint Life just grand?

  2. ???? the Future..
    has me deep in thought on what to do.. with what I see coming along..
    the bubble has to come to the top soon from my bottom of the barrel perspective.. what do they do..
    We see that the Democratic party can’t get their heads above their hate and squandering away what should be the most productive periods to show that they can do the job in the first hundred days.. they have successfully stopped the information on the virus.. so truly how much of that was just hype.. to push their hate agenda.. we do know that in less than two weeks everything wasn’t cured instantly but that is what they are pushing.. or did they just quiet down the information on how bad it truly is..
    there is so much going on that is wrong and extremely confusing to me that I wonder.. WTF are they thinking.. My Ultimate fear is they are pushing that agenda.. to steal from those that have.. getting enough to back them for the big event..
    Where the USA should be doing a great rebuild of our country we are spending more for other countries infrastructure rather than our own in 2017 it was 4.6 trillion to bring our infrastructure up to acceptable levels.. as we have been printing non stop my guess is that figure has easily doubled if not trippled.. the cascade event of system failure this past week in Texas should be the ultimate warning sign…… They are pushing the race issue to the extreme.. could this be a brown shirt movement from the past..
    then there are the networks.. and insurances.. cell phones.. those things we cannot live without.. did some figuring and IF i just dropped all of that.. the insurances alone would save us 23,000.00 a year.. cell phone another 1200.00 cable.. yes pay us that money so we can keep telling you how much we hate… that is just shy 3000.00 a year.. monitored security system.. another 1200.00 a year.. With what we are spending on things that don’t have a thing to do with anything.. ( except the health insurance.. and they don’t pay a dollar until you pay out another 7500.00 and don’t totally pay until you have spent 25000.00 a year.. so the hospitals and doctors get it all anyway.. nursing services if needed another quarter million a year.. so why are we drawn into these expenses.. because it is law that you have them..and none of them are tax deductible expenses.. we could if we dropped those afford the tesla power walls.. in a heart beat.. but can we survive this big correction that is coming our way are we going to see the big guy get on televison and say.. IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO in a feeble attempt to fix the economic situation.. ( historically it has been a military conflict to bring our heads above water.) ….I don’t know.. it is so complicated and confusing..

    • Understand, the Dems have no plan. The DNC’s entire campaign was based on defeating Mr. Trump’s personality by any means necessary. Because of that, what we’ve heard, and what we’ll hear for the foreseeable future, will be the noise and pablum from the anarchist and hate-White crowds and not much else, until the Left begins to drive a serious totalitarianist agenda (like gun confiscation or personal/real property confiscation, both of which are coming), and then we’ll hear the opposite of what the pols are actually doing…

      • Speaking of gun confiscation, C-Span3 made an entire run yesterday, on gun rights, featuring lectures and programs by a bunch of longhaired “legal experts.”

        I didn’t watch, just noticed the programming and read the info clips.

      • “Thus far, the “totalitarianist agenda” never moved so swiftly as it did in 2001.”

        Point taken, but the Patriot Act (et. al.) were overt. Other things Bush43 and Obama did were covert, but no-less totalitarianist. Always watch the magician’s off hand…

    • Guessing you dont know any older European immigrants, specifically Czechs and Poles. The few I know are ALL terrified by what they see happening to US of A. -legit scared to death.
      They are telling us they are looking at going back to homeland or Florida. Euro friends are actively searching for new jobs/careers in Florida. coot provided hands on assistance on-boarding them into Bitcoin, because they have seen and heard this Hovno before, and she who shall not be crossed, told me I had to..”for friends”

      got a 3D printer ? FGL3 plans are still publicly available to build very own semi-auto “machine-pistol”. The plans alone should valuable in the future, as well all the surplus FGL9’s U produce in Ure spare time – best part of this madass scheme – FGL9’s Dont have serial numbers..”rock&roll Jesus!”

      • “The few I know are ALL terrified by what they see happening to US of A. -legit scared to death.”

        So are the Cubans.

        They all see it coming…

    • I thought there was no longer a penalty for having no health insurance! If you get medicare part A(required to get SS retirement), then you were always exempt from obamascare. Today I’ve lost track, and interest too.

      I have the best internet compromise available here – and that costs about $1200 a year. It’s gotten better over the years, but is still minimal for zoom calls. Power is mostly connectivity costs, as is gas and water. Actual usage is minimal, but the connections are near mandatory. Net metering is a thing of the past here, so it’s not worth installing a solar farm unless I wish to mine crypto or do some other power intensive operation. If you have a decent internet connection, why have cable at all? There’s so much more available to watch in your limited time. A monitored(or not) security system or two makes sense if you ever leave your property. Cell connectivity can be had for $200 a year if you’re just using the phone and perhaps camera functions. We all have different needs and desires, and having mandates for personal use things such as medical insurance is an affront to the dignity of each American.

      First rule on how to create a socialist state, by Saul Alinsky:

      Control health care and you control the people!

      To the best of my ability, that ain’t happening in my life!

      • “I thought there was no longer a penalty for having no health insurance!”

        The Biden Administration has said they’ll reinstate it. AFAIK there hasn’t been any noise about this, but they have another 10mos to put it in place for tax-year 2021…

    • “from my bottom of the barrel perspective.”

      You always seem to have great insight, though.
      I sometimes wonder why people like you and I
      seemingly have the answers to our problems,
      while those attending Harvard and/or Princeton
      (just to name two!!) are so eager to lead our country down the drain! Where are we wrong?

      • I think They know but haven’t ever experienced the situation themselves. So I guess it would be disbelief, not because they aren’t worried, or they are wrong they just can’t fathom a drop like that can possibly happen. I debate every once in a while with a gent with a princeton education lol lol ..I personally hope that our mark is on the money and everything is coming up tulips..unfortunately like an alcoholic until you hit bottom you don’t have a clue.. I just would like together off of the bottom lol..

      • We’re not wrong.

        The intellectual idiots (meaning people who have achieved lofty status in academia or society (or “entertainment”), but have neither “common sense” nor any concept of life outside academia or people not of their social circle) are ego-driven. They have no concept of means of production or of real consumption.

        They believe that in an ideal world, some form of socialism is the most-equitable society, and their egos lead them to believe all past socialist experiments, from New Harmony to Venezuela were failures because the organizers, from George Rapp to Hugo Chávez, were idiots.

        THEY, of course, are much smarter, indeed — smarter than Vlad or Leon, than Benito or Adolf, Francisco or Tung, smarter than Karl and Friedrich (I’ve actually heard a few of them profess that “Marx got it wrong…”), and much, much smarter than our Founding Fathers. Therefore, they are fully capable of creating a socialist utopia.

        Because of their persuasive abilities, they truly are fully capable of garnering a following of such size and vociferousness that a socialist society could be created from virtually any society. Because of their naiveté and utter ignorance of sociopolitical movements, they also believe they will be the ones in charge, and life will be utopia. Their egos can not accept the possibility that what they will create is a totalitarianist nightmare — Just like every previous society’s intellectual idiots.

        ‘Thing is, they’re not really smart at all. A high IQ never translates into “smarts” without hands-on experience — experience which they both lack, and have neither the desire nor ability to acquire.

        Lenin used these conceited and egotistical intellectuals (allegedly calling them “simpletons” or “useful idiots”).* Hitler famously used them. So did Mussolini. In fact, every socialist tyrant has used them at some point in his ascension to power, and every one has then led them en masse to the nearest wall or lamppost.

        They have been at this in the U.S. since Cleveland was da Prez. Until recently, our Constitution has limited their advance. Clinton tested the Constitution, Bush overran it, Obama damn’ near obliterated it and established the EO as a means of circumventing Congress, to rule, rather than lead.

        Trump was left with no means of pushing policy other than by EO, and so did not significantly roll back the power usurped from the Legislative, by the Executive. (In retrospect, it occurs to me that this may have been planned, to keep “imperial power” alive for the Executive until another sympathetic candidate could be installed.) Biden is using the Imperial Power of the Presidency as established by Obama, to continue to rule and, since he is non compos, is creating whatever rules and powers his overseers wish.

        What’s coming:

        *These simpletons “do not recognize terror” because they chose for themselves the role of servile accomplices of the Whiteguards in fooling the workers and peasants. The Socialist-Revolutionaries and Mensheviks “do not recognize terror” because under the flag of “Socialism” they are fulfilling their function of placing the masses at the mercy of the Whiteguard terror.

        -Vladimir Lenin


        We are not wrong, but we are on the wrong side of a movement that began in the 1800s and has been gaining steam and rolling downhill, with a tailwind, ever since the Clinton Justice Department discovered they could eradicate all of a Citizen’s Rights, both civil and Constitutional, and suffer no consequence — indeed, that few would even notice.

        Unless a circumstance arises which is SO devastating, SO encompassing, and actionable by all, to bring us together on a common front, I believe the Bolsheviks will eventually win. When they do, they will quickly enslave the ROW. I hope we will not be alive to see it, ‘cuz it ain’t gonna be pretty…

      • “intellectual idiots (meaning people who have achieved lofty status in academia or society (or “entertainment”), but have neither “common sense” nor any concept of life outside academia or people not of their social circle) are ego-driven. They have no concept of means of production or of real consumption.”

        What a Great Post Ray…. I wish I could write and say what I am thinking as good as that….

      • “Unless a circumstance arises which is SO devastating, SO encompassing, and actionable by all, to bring us together on a common front, I believe the Bolsheviks will eventually win.”

        I think they already have…..
        in the diary.. les talks about how there were many rumors.. going from village to village.. it wasn’t until they were coming from the field when they seen the Bolsheviks marching into the village that they scurried away through the woods..
        whose posts I look forward to reading is … Oh god I will hear about this… but it is MARKS…. see for him he can’t see the shizt on the sidewalk. . where he made twenty million I maybe made twenty thousand. I am like the man in the wheelchair.. all I smell is azz in the society level that I am at… our income sits just shy fifty and thirty of that goes out for insurances and about a third of that goes out for taxes.. that I cannot deduct off of the taxes.. Now dont get me wrong.. I do very well with what I make.. it is a challenge at times to rework the budget but I get the job done.. and I have a little spare that I am able to lend a hand to those that need a hand up ..
        I don’t feel envy or anything if someone is doing ok.. I have my own worries that I just don’t have time to worry about someone else and their gains and losses. I know that the moment that when my view is his view that I need to seriously be concerned.. see I doubt anyone wants what I have..I think they want my obedience.. which I will gladly do that.. but what he has.. makes him the target just like they did then.. those at the bottom were looking at the lofty neighborhoods and the country needed to do the right thing with their support…. and I am going to make a wild guess that he’s no Oscar Schindler LOL LOL.. of course that is just my opinion

      • “and the country needed to do the right thing with their support”

        I think that is how it will be projected to everyone……

        We need to do the right thing…
        Or lets do the right thing..

      • “and the country needed to do the right thing with their support”

        I pretty much always “do the right thing,” but I am the one who determines what the “right thing” is, in any given circumstance, and I will NEVER cede my ability to make my own personal moral calls, to ANY power entity, especially a governmental politburo.

    • The ordinary love-sick kids with new families to support do not have the opportunities that we did at their age. Our representatives from all the political gangs have openly collaborated in dismantling American industry and shipping it overseas to our enemies, on the promise of abundant local slave labor, while our corporate brown shirts have profiteered.
      The Bolsheviks see all of it more clearly than the American public, and use the desperation of young Americans to sow discontent, as their ranks have swelled. And what real alternatives are you seeing? MAGA was a reactionary movement, and it was virtually powerless against the Republican and Democratic elites, their brown shirt partners in crime, and their foreign allies.
      Still, I suspect the last great battle of Civil War II occurred at the ballot box last November. The Bolsheviks are also a reactionary movement, and they will do what the globalist elites tell them to do, or they will suffer the same fate as the other opponents of Globalist DC have. Resistance is looking futile. “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

  3. More prayers and cares for Elaine! She’s halfway there and I want to hear about her dancing again by Midsummer!


  4. Sheetcoin is used by theFED to shift $$$ to empire states like sheethole Australia , New Zealand and African and South American sewers . It’s just one huge scam organised by facists. We the real people are getting screwed to hell by this bullsheet flu and some bullsheet martial law with jabs . Veges were already brain dead from flu shots . No hope now

  5. and what about israhell!!! bebe commander in cheif of the weirdest most paranoid aggressive rabble ever !! they are gunna publish the names and put into camps the unvaccinated !!! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . a new holocost. this is like the origanal crystal night like hitler organised . what a mob , you gotta .. something em

  6. If you care about politics, the only thing you should care about is election integrity, fear is pretty useless.

    People said Obama was the antichrist and we’d all be swimming in the lake of fire by now. The current predictions of fear porn are mild by comparison. I guess we’ve got more sensitive bowels now, crapping ourselves at every moment.

    And can we please be consistent? Because I’m confused why we are suddenly afraid of 535 clowns that can’t get out of their own way, who cannot agree about anything, who only act if their constituents are served, and now we’re convinced that they’ll operate a massive machine of government to such precision that they can take all the guns and confiscate the private property.

    We have 622 days to “survive” until the next major election. Try to keep your pants dry.

    You cannot confiscate guns from 72 million Americans unless you can do that to 115,000 people a day. Yes 115k a day!

    There are a few million more owner occupied homes in USA. I guess you’re going to have to kick down 115k doors a day too.

    Try to keep it in perspective, I mean, this is a money oriented site, you should own calculators and know how to organize. Make a difference – not a mess on the floor.

    • “People said Obama was the antichrist and we’d all be swimming in the lake of fire by now.”

      _People_ may have said that.

      I didn’t.

      I try to operate in the realm of reality as much as possible, and base my cues of projected behavior on past human behavior under similar circumstances.

      535 clowns may not be able to get out of their own way, but 221 of them will vote however Nancy Pelosi tells them.

      Never underestimate the power of Law. If firearms are outlawed, 40% will turn them in. When the SWAT team shows up to confiscate your neighbor’s guns, you and your other neighbors will turn them in because you will have received an object lesson in how resistance will be met.

      I suggest one read personal accounts of the Russian revolutions (plural) for “gun grab” background, and Nazi treatment of “intellectuals” for background WRT intellectual idiots — not necessarily because they are the most egregious accounts, but because they are the easiest to research…

      …And it only takes 268 fools (218 + 50), OR one stroke of the pen from Mr. Biden. A law is a law, even if it is illegal or unconstitutional, until it is challenged in the highest court of consequence related to the level upon which the law was passed (USSC for Federal laws or Presidential EOs.) Until the law is heard by the third, barring a sweeping injunction, the other two branches can do any damn’ thing they wish.

      If I seem to be proffering fear porn, I apologize. My intent is to (allegorically) be Paul Revere, not Chicken Little…

      • Ray,

        Thanks for reminding me I was writing about only you. And thanks for reminding me that America is just like pre-revolution Russia, I forgot all about that. Past human behavior is the only way to forecast the future, there is no other possible way for it all to turn out!

        I was at the doctor for treatment of my apophenia and lost track of current events.


      • Phil, you forgot the [sarcasm] button on your last post. ;-)

        Considering where you live, were I you I’d not be too hasty in blowing off my extrapolation of revolutionary history into the modern American social fabric. These types of issues generally manifest themselves in the National center of government, last…

  7. Dude! I have a fckin brilliant Idea! I mean Brilliant. Revolutionize a whole industry. Have to modify a
    3D printer. I mean if I could figure out how to Modify a 3D printer to do what I think it can do? I think this idea or pattern may be as big as the dude who told coca cola he had an idea and wanted $50,000 for it. So they cut check and put it on the table and he walked in and said, Bottle it in smaller drinkable Bottles and sell it in the store. Grabbed the check and walked out.

    This idea is alot like how Bill Gates bought Dos from a dude for $50,000 and turned it into one of the biggest empires in the world.

    I think you can modify a 3D printer to do what my idea is. Seems simple enough concept. Although i havent played with one yet. My buddy has one. But I havent told anyone my idea. Came to me while laying black top today.

    I ain’t saying in a comment. Could make shit load of money. I mean a shit load. Completely revolutionize a whole industry. Maybe several. I know it’s not out yet. And idk. Maybe I need to get a 3D printer and understand it more then modify it myself and file a patten?

    If my simple idea is doable and I really think it is. I mean the Loomis Armored Bank Truck would show up to the house several times a week to make a delivery. Hahahhahahahahah!


  8. Dont be cussing me dude. I ain’t stealing Ure idea. I got my own. This ain’t ure idea. Lol.

    Ya, I know we are on the same wave length and shit. And I usually know what your gonna write the day before ya write it. Dr Steve our mutual Optiline line friend pointed 10 years ago. Same with telling him something then 2 days later Clif would write something similar. Lol

    Back when Dr Steve was trying to be all Coy and sent me a private link and access to the Alta raw Data to ask me my opinion. lol. And that shit I found over on stumble upon. lol.

    Mines idea is different. I ain’t like that and you know that. Lol and no I won’t tell anyone ure idea. Havent before and I dont roll like that.

    Right after I made that post I got a huge right ear full. And I know it was you cussing. Lol

  9. Lots of totally kooky comments today in the echo chamber. Biden is an institutionalist. He will hold thing steady the same way obama did. Obama was a moderate. Biden is also a moderate. Both are opposed to big, sweeping changes. In four years the next president will take over a country in much better shape than biden inherited from trump.

    • LOL! It’d be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Ask any type 1 diabetic who’s insulin prices went up 10X, at least. We were saved from the brink by the Trump administration and given at least a bit of hope that we could recover as a nation. The demented in chief seems able to write his name, or at least allows others to do so on pretty much any document presented to him. Unless his intention is to completely destroy our country, there’s nothing at all that makes any sense. He’s already repudiated his campaign “promises”, unlike his predecessor.

      Bidet’s not a moderate. Republicans are moderates. There is no right wing or libertarian representation in DC at all, other than arguments about non-solvable issues such as abortion.

    • you are a true organic gardener but you need to let the Biden/Obama manure stay in the compost pile until it is no longer bull shit. But you’re free to digest what ever you want. It is the institutionalists that are the F-ing problem, life long, multi-generational criminal/politicians, protecting their reign over the UNITED STATES. We need to return to a constitutional government, of the people for the people and by the people. The United States of America, not the corporate form in upper case letters. There is a razor wire fence around the U.S.Capitol, democrat /RINO installed! Wake up, the joke is on the woke. Money runs everything, follow the money ring a bell? and the US Constitution gave that power to the US Treasury,,, not the Feral Reserve. We the people paying interest/income tax to private bankers, keeps U.S. in perpetual bondage/debt slavery and devalues our labor!!!!!!
      This scam Plandemic by these institutionalist is destroying small business but the big box corporations are making big bucks,,, can’t you see through your woke/joke eyes? Your institutionalists are dragging US down to 3rd world levels, makes US easier to control. Starving pennyless sheep are easy to herd.
      Make America Great Again Trump 2024

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