Quiet on the Data Front: Snow, Bash, Trash, and Rollbacks

Wow.  Didn’t think I could ultra compress Life into such an all-encompassing headline, but as the old saying goes:  If you want something done, give it to a busy man.  At least for a few weeks, that’d be me

Spring garden chores beckon, along with replacing a roof panel that blew off the greenhouse in a strong wind last week.  Adding handrails for Elaine’s upcoming hip surgery.  Time to pressure wash the BBQ deck.  And while I’m hyper, add anti-skid stair pads, too.  Now, toss in trips to town for meds, diesel, parts and such.  Rewards include a drive-through burger for breakfast, lol.

With a trade on, today will require a fair bit of “screen time.”  Early futures had the Dow up 244…insane.

All of which shoved a lot of “usual stuff” into my personal “pre-game” starting 3 AM today.  Scanned in the few bills we get (I’m pleased to pay whatever the Garbage Company wants to make the garbage disappear!).   Tomorrow there’s  a useful column on asymmetrical technical analysis on Peoplenomics…  One of these days, like this one, the threat of “short columns” might come to pass.

That’s how Life is rolling, well east and downhill a ways from Sweetwater.

Mad as Hatters: The Daily Dunce Cap

Let’s begin with the Demo-Dunces first:  “Biden expands quick bid to undo Trump’s immigration policies,” reports the BoGlob.  Let me put it out here:  There was a lot to Trump’s personality that made some people wanna puke.  BUT, when it came to policy, he was in our view spot-on.  SlowJoe has been signing ExO’s (which don’t mean anything, unless you are a FedGover), at an astounding rate.  Reality?  Seems like he’s signing anything lefterly aides stick in front of him.

Do America a favor:  Hide his pens.

GOP-Dunces include both Mitch McConnell AND the victim of his label-maker run-wild.  See “Mitch McConnell says Majorie Taylor Greene’s ‘loony lies’ and QAnon conspiracies are a ‘cancer’ on the party and calls Liz Cheney ‘courageous’ for voting to impeach Trump” for the sordid details.

We don’t have a “loyal opposition party” in America.  Dueling Despots versus Infantile Idiots.

Neocons Back In Power

Remember where you heard it?  Here.  I’ve been telling you the Neo Conservatives are some of the most dangerous people in the world because they love nothing better than a war.

We hear there’s a hard sell on over Iran’s coming nuclear progress.  “Iran’s Zarif proposes coordinated return to nuclear deal with US” reports Al Jazeera.  Let’s see if Biden pays off the thugs or the neocons get a war…hell of a choice.

Meanwhile, when we read stories likeChina Diplomat’s ‘Red Line’ Warning Points to U.S. Tensions” we shudder.  It was during the soft-coup against Liberty (Bill Clinton, Bush, and Obama) and the takeover by Globalists that the U.S. lost its technical superiority.  Are we the only ones that remember Clinton let China buy supercomputers from us?

Read in the newspaper morgue of the Baltimore Sun circa 1993 “U.S. agrees to sell supercomputer to China, officials say Administration aims to embrace, not isolate, Beijing.

Fast forward to today’s blow-back some such bullshit policies:China’s top diplomat warns Joe Biden not to touch internal affairs, calls it ‘red line’.”

Of course, China can talk all the shit they want because?

Here’s a hint for you:  See how this story has been disappeared by the Mainstream?”  “Hunter Biden tax probe examining Chinese business dealings...”  Bet me that didn’t just “go away” about noon January 20th?

A Non-Subscriber Brain Dump

Let me give you a low dose of higher-order thinking we generally keep over on the Peoplenomics side of the house because Americans are (sad to admit my deflationist pal Jas is right…) DOPES.

The U.S. Economy has been mostly a made-up lie since the end of the Eisenhower Administration.  That is, we had mostly run out of “new shit to do” up until the time of the World’s Fair in Seattle back in 1962.  Rickover’s dream of a nuclear powered world – and the corporations touting power too cheap to meter all went in the Insinkerator.

Politicians – being self-serving pricks – started picking wars with people.  Desperation for growth is like a heroin addiction.

Because while a zero-growth society can work fine, it’s never enough when the Bankster class is holding a nation’s money hostage for usury – which is what the Federal Reserve does.  The answer was to do away with Kennedy after he signed on to end the recession.  With the Vietnam War.

Little hazy?  Memory hole, maybe?  The Truth is out there:

“The Recession of 1960–1961 was a recession in the United States. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research the recession lasted for 10 months, beginning in April 1960 and ending in February 1961. The recession preceded the third-longest economic expansion in U.S. history, from February 1961 until the beginning of the Recession of 1969–1970 in December 1969—to date only the 1990s and post-financial crisis (2009-2020) have seen a longer period of growth.

The Federal Reserve had started to tighten monetary policy in 1959 and eased off in 1960.

During this recession, the GDP of the United States fell 1.6 percent. Though the recession ended in November 1960, the unemployment rate did not peak for several more months. In May 1961, the rate reached its height for the cycle of 7.1 percent.”

So the plan was: force Kennedy into the war, which would reduce unemployment, ramp military spending.  Presto!  Prosperity!

Over in the Hallowed Halls of Banking?  Not at all happy with Kennedy’s Executive order 11110:

“Jim Marrs, in his book Crossfire, presented the theory that Kennedy was trying to rein in the power of the Federal Reserve, and that forces opposed to such action might have played at least some part in the assassination. Marrs alleges that the issuance of Executive Order 11110 was an effort by Kennedy to transfer power from the Federal Reserve to the United States Department of the Treasury by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with silver certificates.”

The swamp is mighty deep…

The Template Becomes Apparent

Since that time, the template followed can be generalized to:

  • Big Special Interest isn’t getting growth/money it figures is due.
  • Solutions are offered that include:
    • Start War (Clinton, Bush, Obama and soon Biden)
    • Buy off enemy (Clinton-China, Obama-Iran)
    • Or sandbag the sitting President (Carter, Trump) and make them look terrible in history books.
    • Oh, there’s more:  Start circulating a disease and monetize that (part of sandbagging Trump) OR…
    • Tear Down These Walls (Reagan, the EU, Clinton, Obama and now we’re back to our starting point…this morning….Synthetic growth by Open Borders.  Ask Germany and France how it’s worked out for them…

Where we see (all wrapped up in emotional hot-button slamming) “Biden to launch task force to reunite families separated at US-Mexico border.”  They’d serve it with a virgin and a slice of apple pie, if they could find either these days.

Toss in making reverse racism vogue (capitalize Black, but not white) mandatory in the Party Apparatchik Dailies and Platforms (spewing hopium on the dopiums…and you have a invisibly assassinated EQUALITY for ALL.

In NuMerica, no less! Formerly the Land of the Free, home of the Brave, yada, yada.

Where the whole point of Life seems to be screwing whoever will stand still long enough…  now stop wiggling.

Speaking of Which

Did you see the big increase in carjackings?  Where else, but in the Land of Obama and Rahm:  “‘It Is A Community Epidemic’: Chicago Carjacking Crisis Gets The Attention Of FBI And Federal Lawmakers.

You’re welcome to go read up on Illinois  gun laws over here.  But, we do have to wonder if carjackings aren’t a little more scarce in open carry states?

Just Chill


Fox sez: “Northeast snowfall continues as storm pattern to move across US.”

We sez:  “Hmmm, could it be Winter?”

The Bernays Reader

Required Background Material:  The Edward Bernays Reader: From Propaganda to the Engineering of Consent.  Then things will make sense.

Anything for name recall (reach and frequency) dept.  “AOC recounts Capitol riots, reveals she is sexual assault survivor.”

Elections are all about Ad budgets:  Trump’s new PAC raises over $30 million.

But, Supply and Demand still work: Rapaport Press Release: Diamond Prices Soften as Supply Rises.

Yet the Truth Leaks:  “After GameStop, Six Ideas to Fix the Markets” offers the NY Times Biz Sec.  “Mean they’re not already FIXED?  Didn’t they follow the Robinhood point???”

Our answer – too simple and thus ignored:  Ban all sales of shares not owned.  No naked short or long selling.  END UNCOVERED OPTIONS IN EVERYTHING!  Commodities, too.

Hmm… Blood pressure seems to be spiking from realizing how screwed we all are, off to swill down more coffee.  Make it  Quadruple-shot Americano with a daisy floater…

Write when you stop shaking,


53 thoughts on “Quiet on the Data Front: Snow, Bash, Trash, and Rollbacks”

  1. “See how this story has been disappeared by the Mainstream?”

    I thought that all was deemed fake news long before January 20th..
    Seriously now…Did you truly expect more from the Beltway.. now if it was you or I.. then the matter would have been a whole different story.
    Then I ask myself.. what was the news story of the day that replaced that news story to get the peoples attention focused in a different direction….. Its the DC beltway magicians at work once again…..

  2. George,
    Happy Goundhog Day! Six more weeks of winter. Bundle up.
    Question of the day: Do hip surgery scars show at the beach? Just wonderin’.
    Old enough to know better; too old to care.

      • For E, my ex the Harley Calander girl and my current girlfriend the SHG. They both swear by this stuff. Even the lady at the Botox place said it’s the best scar removal stuff.

        I noticed both women who are stunningly gorgeous had a can in their bathrooms. Its a little known secret, I guess. Lol

        Speedy recovery to E.


      • Or prison medicine (WD-40was said to be good for gout in the box, I read somewhere).
        Nope…she’s particular about her squeezings. Tried some WD Spray on Teflon and wouldn’t try that either. You know, some wimmen is juss hard ta pleeze….

      • Red light laser – what the Mohs Surgery Surgeon used on Mrs Coots’ facial scar. Mohs surgery on tini tiny black Melanoma spot on upper cheek. Huge scar – surgeon cut a 45* – with hole where melanoma was on the corner. She went in and out of surgery suite 4-5 times, till they finally got all of it.
        Anyway the red laser snaps loudly – snapped every time it hit the scar.

        Localized reddish and raised – after the skin calmed down – you can not see the scar on her face – Can Not See It, and I know its there.

        Hosp. Univ Pennslytucky – some serious bad ass surgeons & docs. We b very fortunate to live within 1 hrs dive time of HUP/CHOP – literally lifesavers.

      • What’s really cool Coot, is in some of the advanced laser cutlery on my left eye, they did some “clearing work” on a wrinkled (some long-ass medical name) membrane. The laser not only makes a soft pop, but there’s (here’s the weird part) there’s a “tick noise inside your eyeball!” At least I can find elaine, the wine, and the bathroom when needed…

  3. Yep, George, just got my Losartin and water pill Rx doubled. Looking back at my bp logs mine spiked about the time of the “selection” and hasn’t gone down since. It does help to get out and DO something, though. Projects are picking up now that the weather is less of an excuse not to spend all day on the ‘puter.

  4. Winter is here Kemosabe !

    – dogs (2 -jackrussels) think they are snowshoe hares, and have been tearing up the back yard, daughters visiting corgi none too pleased with all the snow messing up her beautiful coat – really very put out by it all.

    The main reason as far I can tell for return of normal weather patterns – is there is NO More Chem Trails being sprayed.

    Just normal contrails/condensation, nucleation of water vapors by incoming “energies”.

    Word on the ground is the deepHATE done running out of illicit $$$. .see GME, SLV ect.

    Gotta wonder – rumors of ruskies&US “guys” raided ukraine warehouse owned by ole sleepy- tunnels underneath building/duffles with black tar..deeeep rabbit hole.prolly just B.S.- like how when where ? how would U source such a tale – knowing what an Upstanding, Virtuous sort of man ole creepy is..

  5. If you look back across history, what the Oil Age has engendered has been “peak stuff”. In our age, “stuff” has gotten so cheap that we rent storage spaces to keep it in because our homes are full. Nearly 40 years ago we could make a car that got 40+ MPG and then we diverted to hybrids and EVs which get even less mileage or more but with severely shortened distance available for travel.

    Money has no reasonable place for investment due to the froth of “anything bubbles” like Uber and other corps that do not even gin out a positive cash flow. Government bonds? Seriously, people think we need more infrastructure when we cannot even maintain what we have? People want to INVEST in a government that shuts them down trying to make a living and rules by executive edicts?

    You guys keep on trading paper based on a monetary system that creates more money and denies inflation – I’m gonna just keep what I got and take care of it, because all of us ‘got more of (insert anything here)’ than people ever had before us.

    Did I mention that Mark Twain had all of this dialed in back in his day? Things have not improved since then, but his adages, quotes and sentiments are very timely for us.

    • As oilman2, I understand that keep an eye on the pump. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t companies like Dupont gulp more black gold down in a day than all the autos and airplanes in the US combined?

      I read somewhere bout 10 years ago that 90% of all the crude consumed was for making plastics and polimers. 85% of the shit in your house is made of plastic or covered in a polimer resin.

      It would be interesting to know how many barrels of Oil does it take to make all the iPhones in the world. Lol.

      I could be wrong about that. I just remember that being an astronamical number.

      Maybe I woke up in a different time line this morning. Hmmmmm.

    • So the 40 Year bond from Apple Corp paying 80 basis pts over Treasury ?

      Can Apple last another 40 years as a going concern?

      Same question regards US Govmint lasting another 40 years?

      If U had to choose one Bond to invest in – expecting to be paid interest every quarter, and payed back ALL Ure principal – where do U put Ure hard earned moola?

      Apple or uncle joe?

  6. I am not sure if limiting trade works long term. The supercomputer thing… Not selling a supercomputer to them will just drive the to more quickly develop their own SC tech. Is it better to have them buy ours and use that income to drive our companies profit and ability to improve their tech. Or to not sell, and drive them to build their own. Because those are the two options, if we don’t sell it, they will do the internal development work. They will be a few years behind, but will develop the internal expertise. Is the same now for semi conductors, we limited their access to American semi-conductors, and that will hit them short term. But longer term they are driving their own semi-conductor manufacturing and will be self sufficient in probably less then 5 years. Same if China refused to sell us anything, we will not just do without and wallow in pity, in a few years we would develop our own source of what we need.

    • Visited the Three Gorges Dam in it’s early stages. Our CCP State guide very proudly told us that China had bought 3 turbines (GE, Westinghouse, Siemens if memory serves) and incorporated the best features from each into new turbines that China built irrespective of patents, international law etc. Illustrative of China’s methods.

      • They probably have purchased all of the available DNA and will clone the ones that might have some future value. Can you just imagine the experiments going on in certain places in the world? Demonic.

  7. Extremely deeply baked into every American are the notions of fairness and personal freedom. (Examine your own heart…) Even among the most severe authoritarians, they believe THEY deserve to be free, and treated with fairness. (Along with their associates and friends.)

    This programming is many generations in propagation from grandparents and parents and peers into EVERY American. It is a constant condition from the very earliest toddler days that new humans (children) experience in thousands of small things, and constantly. I suspect America may be unique in this. (I don’t know: I’ve lived all my life here.)

    Put extremely, The Code Of The West (Objective Justice) is in all of us. Nobody knowingly forges his own chains.

    The navel-gazing fools in the District of Criminals are so deeply steeped in belief in their own Righteousness, and their Entitlement as Rulers, that they can’t honestly perceive that The Deplorables in Flyoverland, and The Common Working People aren’t willing “subjects” to authoritarianism.

    The D.C. fools are insensitive that an explosion is brewing. At some point, they WILL Go Too Far — probably in some small thing, and she’ll blow. They’ll be surprised. They will see it as a small thing they can deal with and suppress; but since they’re dealing from erroneous fundamental concepts, everything they do will be wrong — and it’ll spiral out of control into full-blown Revolution.

    The crystal grows dim at this point, but It’s Coming, and as things are now, nothing will stop it.

    I submit that this is a Good Thing, and after a lot of pain and fear, long-term, it will ultimately end well — because Liberty is what all people desire at the deepest and most irresistible level.

      • And the continued barrage of dislikes for The White House’s YouTube videos. Someone else finally noticed it.
        “Biden White House, record high DISLIKES on YT videos. All comments now disabled”

        As well as the disclosure of the Lincoln (Log) Project’s head honcho’s real agenda in fighting against anything in Trump’s administration or anywhere else that promotes common decency and Christian values. Much of the “conspiracy theory” lore out there revolves around human trafficking, child abduction, child porn and prostitution. It’s slowly coming out just how much of it ISN’T a “theory”. Rush was talking about it today and will probably get tons of mileage out of it – as he should.

      • Fences and razor wire work both ways. I’d rather see those idiots in a cage anyway.

        I didn’t even know the bidet’s had a youtube page. I’m much more interested in those with something to offer:


        I have no problem with honest and consensual prostitution! I truly respect those women who embrace the role of the honest courtesan. Forced participation is something else entirely. It seems that the only reason to keep sexual activity so shamed and restricted is so that it can be used as bribes(and blackmail) by those who aspire to illegitimate power.

        My observation is that those “in charge”, with few exceptions, are the “popular kids” from high school, currently senile after decades of zero personal growth. There’s nothing there to respect at all. Those who didn’t get on the public trough are still employed at minimum wage.

      • Shoo-mer & Co are on the way to remove Cannabis from the schedule and make it legal in all 50 states. That will open up banking to the industry for the first time. CGC is getting close to it’s all time high; I’ll have a cold Cannabis-infused Corona pls!

    • Denial is not just a river it’s a acronym. Didn’t Even (K)no(w) I am Lying. Passed down from the dawn of time.

      Its wicked world we live in.

      This is why I stick around this site. For comments like Williams. Old dudes know the stuff I don’t. I love your comment. Good stuff old dude. Good stuff.

      Speaking of Elephant in the Room Goerge,

      Cue: ~ No rest for the Wicked~

      Cage the Elephant

      Ephesians 5:13

  8. Good column again George

    We are living in the Fourth Turning “https://www.fourthturning.com/”
    America is in a daze like sleepy Joe.
    I feel as thought I am sitting in the Colosseum watching Rome Burn.
    The speed at which the USA is swirling the drain is astounding.
    Nothing is questioned nor is anyone accountable to anyone
    for anything so our decline is at full throttle.

    Like you say George, follow the money. I had a elderly
    neighbor lady, she always said “You should never be able to make
    money with money, it always leads to a bad end”
    Maybe she was right.

    Get prepared, enjoy what you have, and hang on.


    • My grandad was a bank president. He was also called a “slum lord” because he bought tract homes from the 1930s, refurbed them, and then rented them out in what was then called ‘niggertown’ <—- please note that I am biracial, and so entitled to use that word… (WEG)

      I worked for him when I was 13 and 14, gutting and refurbing these houses. I can't tell you how many times he let his tenants slip on their rents, especially if they were female and elderly. I saw him gift several of these homes to widows, and also saw him evict drunks and others that were doing stupid things like trashing the homes or beating their families.

      I asked him about this and he just said, "How much money does a man really need when he is not in debt? Besides, it's the right thing to do when people need a hand."

      He died at age 92, and while a very quiet man, he left quite an imprint on me in lots of ways. It's that imprint that makes me redolent with anger watching the kleptocrats, because it is a daily choice for each of them to do the wrong thing.

      • An inspiring tale, Oilman 2,,,,,,kudos. Very nice to hear an inspiring tale, these days,,,,,keep on truckin’

      • Wonderful O^2. Truly wonderful. Both my grandfather’s had an amazing impact on me as well. One at age 15
        back in 1909, ran away from home, jumped aboard streamliner (after coming to the Us from Ireland) as a stowaway and spent 2 years in china. Back before the automobile, then he came back to the PNW, became a logger, met my grandmother stealing her fresh baked pie out of the window, she was 16 and he was 20 when they got hitched and they were married for 64 years before she passed. He became a bootlegger durring prohibition, got busted running whiskey down from Canada, and had is 3rd child being born soon so he turned evidence and got deputized on the side of the road as US Marshal. He was US Marshal for 12 years and he went to law school and later became a judge in the Seattle area. He had the craziest stories in the world. I mean I have a crazy life. That man really lived. He was a very quiet man too until ya got 2 or 3 crown on the rocks in him and said, tell me a story grandpa.

        Thanks for sharing that. I love hearing stories like that. Very Cool.

      • My grandfather thought got on a ship to go back to Ireland. Because his family made him come to America and when he got here everyone hated the Irish and he had to leave the girl he pledged his undying loved back home in ireland.

        So he snuck aboard a ship and you if you his eyes now, as he told the story about about ending up in China in 1909.

        You would just die laughing till ya had tears streaming down your face. He had to work for a Chinese fishermen cutting bait until figured out what ship went back to where. Because ships back then didn’t come and go every day. It took months and months. And he didn’t speak chinese. And there was no shops going to Ireland from China. So he ended up in Seattle.

        That is some best Adventure stuff I ever heard.

        Thanks again O2. I really like stories like that. Hope you have an amazing day.

  9. George

    ” Adding handrails for Elaine’s upcoming hip surgery.”

    About five years ago I attacked our fiberglass bath tub with a sawsall. A week later the result was a 19 inch wide by 10 inch deep step in that tub. That made it a lot easier for She Who Must Be Obeyed to get in and out of the tub as she has an arthritic knee. (Material from the cut was used to make the step.)
    Have you made provisions for Elaine’s bath tub entry / exit?

    [G pops in: We only keep a bathtub to thaw turkeys out in the fall. The rest of the time, a 4′ by 6 foot walkin shower. Which has a pressure washer hose and now, one of those shower seats.]

    Since that time a kit to do that job has been put on the market.

    [G responds: If we find a walking turkey, we’ll look for one.]

    “Are we the only ones that remember Clinton let China buy supercomputers from us?”

    Wasn’t it the SSL, formerly Space Systems/Loral, LLC (SS/L), of Palo Alto, California that helped China with problems with their missile Inertial Guidance system? Who needs enemies when your own countrymen will do their work!

    If the other country isn’t smart enough to fight you then we will get them up to speed so we can have a Grand conflagration!!

  10. George, polls show that most people support Biden’s agenda, so it’s likely to be enacted. (And, some mild reforms to police in Minn. were hardly the ‘Defund’ nightmare pushed in bad faith by the Right.)
    Am seeing the first 100 days of Libtard government on track to once again turn over a thriving economy to the R’s in 2024, for them to then trash and loot once again. Remember this about R’s core policies: Reagan tripled the national debt. Tripled. Start there. Then start there again. Why? How? Who supported? Which voting block had to be enlisted to get the votes? What had to be given to the racist, angry and crazy? Why was fact denial essential? Most everything else evolves from this key historical fact. Best, Mike.

    • You must work for a liquor store cuz your view drives me to drink.

      Who – and which – specific (look it up) do people “generally support”? Climate inequality? Packing the Supremes? Opening the Mexico border?

      And are the “most people” you’re claiming part of antifa, burners of police stations, commies with molotov’s, or revolutionaries looking for the next CHAZ?

      Are people going to support higher taxes?

      Have you had a drug test?

    • Short government lesson: The president doesn’t set the budget. Congress does.

      During most of Reagan’s tenure, Congress was controlled by Democrats. They raised the debt, not Ronald. He could tell them what he wanted, and sign or not sign the budget bill, and that’s it. To not sign it risked a shutdown.

      That was at a time when we still had yearly budgets instead of stop-gap funding. Reagan wanted to cut spending. I don’t need revised history to tell me how it went down. I was around then, and watched it happen.

  11. Myanmar? What George? you miss this. military coup, president arrested. Back in Nov. Sec Pompeo told US they were watching this Myranmor election. Do you not think that our military is not involved in our election FRAUD!!!! by involved, I do not mean participate in, but they are trapping the global criminals
    a little Credence Clearwater music to background the highlites 3 min or less video
    did you see Sorass and his kid in the vid?

    pedo philes everywhere, satanists. even the Lincoln Project co-founder is a predator, ya he is a Predator, them are evil
    Woo unto them, that support this evil,, seek penance

    you ever see Panda eyes, a sign of torture

  12. Got the puter back the other day. I will try to get it up and running and back to writing again soon. Its kinda difficult writting a whole article using only thumbs. And well I’m lazy. Lol and I been growing a beard.

    I been workin on other projects. Code named *every cloud and winning the hearts and minds of the redediters. I been saying for a while now, “I need an Editor.”

    So, let me get this straight. I need 35 youtube videos to get a channel and see if I can beat the U tube algorithm, A Good Book for purchase and several hits on ~The zero report ~ and create daily Content that is thought provoking, riviting and engaging.

    Mmmm well we already got a bunch of hits on the report. So that is easy. I really don’t like being on camera. And I can type sum thing up daily. I got a bazillion stories. And I been working on a book for a while. I know I come off as sexy and confident. And I’m an attention whore in some ways… And a Leo. Same birthday as Bill Clinton and I am a Protagonist ENFJ-A personality according to the Briggs and Stratton Personality test which places me in the top 2% of over achievers in the world including Lincoln, Obama, Oprah and a few others.

    When I read the Books that have stood the test of time The Republic, The Bible, The Ruben Book of the Dead or Mr Jung’s Red Book… My book looks like a Hillbilly Deluxe version of the back of a Cereal Box. Lol

    So, idk George. Darby stopped 3 feet from gold. He went on to make millions selling inusrance and well, idk.

    I keep thinking about that story about dude who became obsessed about finding diamonds so he sold his ranch to go looking for diamonds and the brothers who bought the ranch, were out fishing one day found diamonds all over the place on his ranch. Biggest diamond in the world.

    As a good buddy of the “Here’s your sign” fella, said once,

    “Diamonds, That will shut her up. ”

    Hmmmmm.. well of to the gym, chop wood and Carry water.

    Later dude. I got some thinkin to do.

  13. G,

    What is the root cause for E’s hip surgery?

    I ask because all the standing in lines made me aware that one of my legs is longer than another. While my hip doesn’t hurt, I’m aware of it and wonder if I should buy orthopedics for prevention.

    • Near as we can figure, 77 years of being on her feet and constantly moving. Army hitch, bunny, working construction, birthing 6 boys (the shortest is 6 foot, the tallest 6 4-ish). Eventually, all that personal trainer time, gym rat, and physical work ground off the spacers Nature installed.
      I call it her 100-thousand mile maintenance.

  14. As a student of psychology, I took an interest in Edward Bernays through undergrad and grad school. He can best be summed up by this sentence from the Wikipedia entry on him: “he described the masses as irrational and subject to herd instinct—and outlined how skilled practitioners could use crowd psychology and psychoanalysis to control them in desirable ways.”

    Bernays literally wrote the bible for Madison Avenue advertisers and political despots alike. Nazi propaganda mastermind Joseph Gobbels adopted Bernays’ principles from soup to nuts, affecting Bernays so deeply that he quietly morphed ‘Propaganda’ into ‘Public Relations.’

    Those catchy commercials you watched as a kid that led you to relentlessly nag your parents for Fruit Loops or Kool Aid – thank Bernays. Negative political ads? Yep. It seems the human subconscious internalizes fear and negativity, manifesting them through our subsequent actions and decisions, deftly impacting our lives. So FDR was quite right when he proclaimed “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Bernays or his uncle Sigmund Freud couldn’t have said it any better.

  15. A salient Bernays quote for Ure consideration . . .

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
    ? Edward Bernays, Propaganda

  16. George, your ‘herded’ Trumpoid cultspeak is showing (you may have to check out rehab when the insiders to the Capitol homicides are charged) …McConnell wants credit for condemning Greene, while maintaining enough outrage among unhinged GOP base to win back Congress in 2022:

    Out of the 147 Republicans who voted to overturn election results, the largest group (15) were from Texas:

    And, infamously, Texas bred 4 out of 10 of the nation’s largest mass shooters!

  17. One would think clarifying the lead civilian oversight in the Office of General Counsel would be a priority in your republic and set a good example for the generals in Myanmar? Here is the link to the “photo and bio pending” page since Jan. 20th for Mr. Ellis.


    Msm noted a US General is waiting for information from the Office of Personnel Management. An OPM webpage news release clearly indicates that the OPM upper echelon leadership was installed on Jan. 25th with staff who held positions in the Obama-Biden administration.

    So here you are more than a week later, and the OGC situation is not resolved.

    What’s the “hold-up”?

    • Ditto! My hopes and prayers for her! I might skip the words goddess and queen(for those other than George), but I do think she’s an important and wonderful person with great accomplishments. I wish her the best before, during, and after her surgery. I’m looking forward to her stories about her recovery and resumed mobility!

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