Bounce Day, Jobs Week, Woes d’ Trump

I know a number of readers who are expecting the market to be hard down this morning.  Boy!  Are they in for a disappointment!

On the other hand, a pragmatic market player (of both long and short positions, depending on opportunity) might be proud enough to report his short-trade exit Friday though it was admittedly premature:

It was not a perfect trade.  Far from it.  In fact, a lousy 1.299% gain.  But the trade was only on for less than 24-hours.  But have you ever worked out what a hundred (2-trades-a-week) lousy one percent trade strategy compounds to?  No calculator?  Let me help:  270% a year.

More on Peoplenomics Wednesday.  But my point is that there are a lot of trading styles.  Size up risk, direction, and get out is mine.  Stay in over a weekend?  YGTBFKM!

The most dangerous things to an investor are:

  • Expecting “the Trend” to continue.  Statistically, it won’t.
  • Believing in your desire rather than following what the data says.

Anyway, up early and plenty of work to do around here including working on a Peoplenomics report.  Trading Style Choices has been interesting to work on.

Especially when perma-Bears and perma-Bulls are both getting hammered.

Toss in the Robinhood Traders who don’t know who gets to “make up the Rules” and soon, you have volatility deluxe.  Fun…but we ain’t here for the fun of trading (though it’s like online poker, lol).  Nope.  We’re here for the money.

America’s Psychological Problem

This whole matter of “belief” as it relates to “trading style choices” is a long and fruitful discussion.  Because people’s profits can come almost “on autopilot” if their brains are wired right.  Or, they can run “into the Ditch” every time.

A great starting point for anyone trying to troubleshoot their trading results is The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements.

OK,  why would Eric Hoffer’s long-ago book be useful?  Because it’s all about how you adapt to the CHANGING data input Life is offering.

It’s my (maybe unfounded) belief that truer believers like to glom onto an idea and worry it much like a dog would worry an old shoe.  One of the critical realizations with 72-a few weeks off is that believing other than the data costs money.

You know what would make a fascinating study?  Investment returns of investors charted against their political beliefs.  That is, take Trump supporters (and QAnon believers) and see how adroit they are.  Versus people who support The Office – which means whoever’s in it.

Ure’s Big Point?  It’s my observation that membership and your inclination to become a True Believer in ANYTHING may have a negative impact on your trading results.

Belief is a Dangerous Thing.  The data is usually a safer bet!

Woes d’ Trump

Incredibly, like a trader who just can’t step away from a losing trade, there are still deniers who think somehow Donald Trump will return to be president.


The Press has already convicted him, but they’re using the present time to monetize and re-monetize because True Believers can’t handle the data!

Check out the NY Times front page this morning and EVERY STORY above the digital fold when we looked was a Trump Bash.

Is it because Trump has done something?  No, actually, he’s gone.  So’s his impeachment defense team, largely.  But kicking the man when he’s down has been turned into the liberalista press’s national pastime.  “Unsportsmanlike conduct!” is the flag we’re throwing here.

Why?  Because TRUMP DERANGEMENT impacted both sides of the political aisle.  Eyeballs!  Ad money from both sides.  Get it?  Whee!  Let’s make money shearing sheep!  Herd ’em into the column-inch and social media chutes.

Meanwhile, the cross-town paper, the NY Post, was more focused on the Reality aspect of news: A sports TV outfit getting itself involved in the Robinhood trading losses...and about the HUGE SNOW coming to NYC today.

Which is interesting as hell, to us:  The NY Times bashes on while a huge weather system could dump a couple of feet on Gotham.

Oh well, cynical old newsroom adage is?  “News is just the filler we write to put between Ads.”  It’s all a business model, just like everything else.

Jobs Data Week

One of the axioms of statistics is that on any particular, single day, the odds of the market going UP or going DOWN are about even.

Which is true, but only as far as it goes.

Taken outside narrow-minded statistical analysis, the market does seem to telegraph the future, at times.  Sayings like “Buy the Rumor, Sell the News” got to be “old sayings” for a reason.

There’s another – and we think that a rally today (and maybe into tomorrow) could be setting us up for Jobs data later this week.  That’s the opposite: “Sell the Rumor, Buy the News.”

ADP comes out Wednesday.  Challenger Job Cuts and new unemployment claims Thursday, then federal numbers Friday, if the glasses are clear enough to read with…

Speaking of Weather

Just mentioned heavy snow for Gotham…but another useful bit on how True Believers and Data works will be out this week.

This is data on the Solar Cycle Progression.  When the data in early 2020 was suggesting a revisit of the Maunder Minimum, we dutifully reported that.  However, as the “turn at the cycle bottom” began to form (and HF radio propagation is a coincident indicator) we also reported this.  And several months back buried the change of a Maunder II or new Ice Age, at least until the data fails.

And yet…this is where it’s fascinating… a number of readers are still hooked-up with Maunder II – who can’t get it out of their minds.  Gone True Believer because they would like to be right and – gotta say – a heaping dose of Justice on the Crooks would be nice.

But in FACT the DATA says no.  So please don’t tell me I’m in denial.  Something far more solid has happened:

The DATA has changed.  (And jeez, don’t tell me that’s a conspiracy, too…)

This ‘n That

BTC $33,868.  DOGE was 0.0393 when we looked earlier.  Rob the Hoods?

Show us the Money!  Still waiting:  GOP senators to meet Biden Monday on coronavirus relief as Dems ready to pass bill without Republican support.  Yeah, yeah…when????

Jabbed: Protests temporarily shut down LA mega vaccination site.

Not very Social of ’em:  A West Virginia newspaper company is suing Google and Facebook over online ads.  Paper says the clickers are hurting the newspaper business.  (We heard about a buggy whip consortium that tried the same angle against automakers a hunsky back…lol.)

Here we go again:  Like a wife-beater credit exchange, along comes China Launches Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme.

The Daily Riot

We are enthralled watching the pseudo-commie uprisings out west.  Especially the goings on in Olympia, Washington where 7 people were arrested as an activist group (carefully scrubbed and called “protesters” by national media – more  liberal-biased Mainstream) took over a motor inn.

Useful to see that cops are still defending private property in the State Capitol, although in looney-left Seattle they still namby-pamby.

Further South, a batch of (armed) protesters from Portland crossed the bridge up into Vancouver after organizing online (socialist uprising media). “Deputies block Vancouver medical center from protesters Friday night; no arrests made…

How long before people figure their emotions are being jerked around by their phones and the “You are the Monetization” of social media becomes obvious to all?

No telling.  Computers are fast, but people are slow…

My Goof

Cleaning up the Server overnight, you-know-who forgot to go through and approve comments first.  Because they were temp files… So my apologies if you posted a comment that doesn’t seem to be there.

You can blame me – not too clear-headed at 3 AM doing server work.

By the way, blame doesn’t cost much and is easily shaken-off.

Around the Ranch

Where there’s smoke, there’s George cooking…

Although I hit mostly home runs in the kitchen, last night’s pizza experiment went to hell in a hand basket.

Was trying the “cook the thin crust for a few minutes, then top it.”

Well…  got that far without incident, but the topping process took a minute and by the time it was ready to pop back onto the pizza stone, the whole damn thing was welded to the pizza paddle.

So there I am – head in a super-heated oven, 2-pounds of pizza folding over on itself and me trying to push it all off the paddle with a pancake turner.  Which dumped cheese and shrimp all over the stone.

Finally – with burning cheese smoke rolling all over the house, I got a pizza pan under the remnants and saved half a pizza.  The rest vanished in the conflagration which lasted 15-minutes, or so.

The good news is I now know there’s a reason why the pizza bottom has to be really crisp before topping – or the pizza weld will set up and disaster will follow shortly.

Or, I may stick to pans for building pizzas instead of putting half-baked pies on the paddle to top… sheesh.

Lemme see:  Pizza disaster, server glitch…retrograde coming?  Dow futures up 220..but maybe I better just watch?

Write when you get rich,

71 thoughts on “Bounce Day, Jobs Week, Woes d’ Trump”

  1. actually quite funny watching this stuff and some of the expert commentary . good luck with all of that expert advice .

  2. Being based on physical assets leaves me free from trading electrons in most forms. However, I would suggest readers keep an eye out for Art Bermans posts – there will be an upward crash in oil markets at some point. It’s best to be prepped for that.

    I would also suggest that those in the south get ready for planting. We are heading up to nearby tree nursery with the truck end of the week, to get peaches, apples, blueberries and asian pears in the ground in the next 2 weeks. Beyond that, the ground warming is likely to begin for spring.

    If you are doing veggies from seed, you ought to be at least germinating right now as well.

    Today is futz with the tractors day – which we have most weeks since the tractors are all 50 years old and we want them actually working…LOL This futzing prevents us from having to cough up $40-60K for a new biggie tractor with electronic brain, which seems to make working on them very expensive.

    Then it’s time to work on the FJ Cruiser – 360k miles does demand you keep a weather eye out for what needs fixing.

    Hope everyone gets gardens growing and we spend time enjoying spring and avoiding ‘news’. Nature is much nicer and far more fair…

    • “tractor with electronic brain, which seems to make working on them very expensive.”

      If it has an electronic brain the manufacturer will probably not let you do any maintenance on it. That’s what John Deere is doing to the farmers with their farm machines. Old John has it set up that the farmer must call in for a repair tech or the machine doesn’t run! No third party repairman allowed. Their was a documentary on TV about this and showed how several farmers lost money on their harvest as the machines were down and the tech’s took too long to get to the farm.

      It seems everybody wants to make you their slave!

      • I won’t even buy common rail or glowplugs in diesel anymore! I might make an exception for an old VW, but they’re hard to come by at a decent price. It’s stupidly complex for something that has only one purpose – start and run properly when and as desired! It’s not like a locomotive that runs constantly and the difference in fuel consumption really matters. Yes, changing fluids and greasing do matter. Most other work should never have to be done when a machine is occasional use only.

        I’d rather buy a tractor at a farm auction or Craigslist where the stuff is old enough that you can fabricate most of what breaks.

      • “I might make an exception for an old VW, but they’re hard to come by at a decent price.”

        Mike, my Jetta is a 2002. New car retail on it was $20.970. In 2012 I used it (and the finance company accepted it) to collateralize a $13,000 loan.

        The diesel A2,3,4 (Golf, Jetta, NB) and B3,4,5 (Passat) hold their value like nothing else. For years I’ve wanted to get me grubbies on a diesel Caddy (VW pickup — zero-to-60 times are measured in miles, not seconds, but the things were EPA Rated at 70/63mpg.) When a #2 Caddy was $1700 I didn’t have the money. Now a #4 is $7k and I refuse to spend the money. The worst of all of them is the B4 Estate (diesel Passat station wagon) which is a frequent participant in high-mileage competitions (as in Maine-to-Florida with no fuel stops.) They bottomed at ~$8k and have been creeping up for the past 10yrs at kinda the same rate as BMW’s “lesser” M-cars. The “Pumpe Duse” (2004-05, maybe ’06?) were probably the last good diesels, and I believe were the last ones on which VW didn’t cook the data.

    • I know of few people who prefer the new tractor models. But I know ALOT of people who use old, simpler tractors made of mostly metal. They last forever and easier to figure out the problems that can arise. Screw the digital upgrades. Manufacturers are relentlessly trying to find a way to make it impossible to do your own repairs and have been like this since, what.. 1990’s? All that has happened is that the machinery becomes needlessly over-complicated and cluttered with alarms of every kind, designed to scare the uninitiated.

      • My Dad was a big Farmall fan. The old guys with a magneto and crank start; no hydraulics. Pulling an 8 ft cickle bar mower for semi-annual mowing of about 30 acres to satisfy the land bank requirements. Builds muscle.

  3. ‘# of readers expecting a hard down”

    Hope is not a strategy kemosabe – know the market will be hard down and learn grasshopper. Besides woke up RICH – U see Silver this AM?

    Silver is the name of the Game – going forward.
    You can not buy physical silver this AM – all the sights are bogged down as if under DDOS attack. Dealers dont have any surplus – personally been bidding and buying on Auction websites..coin silver, franklin mint ingots, sterling.. Watch the Gold/Silver ratio – it be changing biggly.

    2 Presidents, 1 elected, 1 unelected &1 green screen – Ure not paying attention if U have not seen all the fake scheisse. False flag Wednesday… heads up if out and about – desperate is, as desperate does.

    • I uhh read it, this morning where Jesus overturned the tables on the money changers and made a whip out of cords.

      Wood be interesting to see an echo of such an even replay now daze.

      I parked Mulketeo Beach park this morning at 4am wearing my parka and the cops showed up and asked me what I was doing. Said I’m reading my Bible and waiting for the sun to come up. The Cop said park opens up at 6am not 4. I said ohh I can leave. He said you a man of the cloth? I said I don’t think so. I talked to God every day tho.
      Then he said and I quote, “I patrol this area 10 years now and I have never seen anyone here at 4 am reading the Bible. He said your good. (I had the old king james in my hand and showed him) You are the only car allowed to stay down here before the park opens. If ya remember in your prayers, say one for our nation and one for my Mother she isn’t doing so well. I said will do. Another cop showed up and yelled over to him. Its cool man. He is talking to God and reading his bible.. The other cop said, what a nice surprise! Good for you! I wish everyone we found at the park at 4 am was doin that.

      Point being. There is still good people left in this world. Even parked at the park at 4am in a parka.

      Like George said. “Lemme see, maybe I better just watch?” “Blame doesn’t cost much and is easily shaken-off.”

      Sometimes it’s best to just, let it come to you. So I sit quietly, quite a bit, and do just that.

      • I wonder how many of those who peruse this site have read the Bible, the entire book as a book. Myself, I use to read it at midnight when I got off , Quiet time , let the wife sleep, she had to get up in the morning and get son off to school. I read the entire King James version
        Andy, I always enjoy your comments, some of the weird off the cuff comments, I do relate to. May God bless that officers mother

    • Rumor has it the Reddit kiddies are playing in the silver sandbox. Y’all might want to get ready to dump before the market crashes back to $4/oz, and not try to squeeze every last copper-plated cent outta it before you loose it from your ‘folios.

      Just sayin’…

      • If silver crashes to $4/oz I’ll be trying to buy with both hands! But like right now…. there will be none available for physical sale at that price. Methinks we will see $40 before $4. The key to the squeeze is to demand delivery… buy physical… take it off the market. Screw the shorts.

  4. From all the info I am gathering, it looks like the ‘doctors’ and other practitioners are totally ignoring contraindications about the so called covid vaccine. I have posted many times on this forum about the covid con, so by this point in time, either you know the con or you just happily play along. Not my business.

    But, having acquired an auto immune disease due to a Yellow Fever shot in the Marines (at a time where my immune system was very down), I would feel remiss not to try to warn good people before they ‘take the jab.’ In a nutshell, those people who have current auto immune disorders – and there are many – Lupus, diabetes, Indio Thrombocyytopedia (ITP – think platelets) to name a few, should avoid this vaccine like the plaque. I would never take a vaxx anyway, but many people will just roll up the sleeve anyway.

    I see long lines of people ready to get the vaxx, and they are just jabbing then ‘Next’! Reminds me how the military gives vaccines. In fact, in California Gov. Newscum is trying to prohibit doctors from issuing vaccine exemptions from their doctors. This stuff is getting crazy. Don’t wait for your ‘doctor’ to tell you the contraindications, he/she may not. If you know you have an auto immune condition, then it is your responsibility. If not, I can only tell you that you DO NOT want ITP. I have done my own research to find ways to comfortably live with this condition, but ‘docs’ will generally kill you with ITP. Do go there folks! You are not a lab rat.

    • I had what I think is covid more than a year ago and some kind of flu this year. No docs, no BS, just relax at home and get well. Certainly no shots! I considered experimenting on myself and still might, but I’ll stay away from organized medicine.

      It’s called “practicing” medicine(and law) for a reason! I’d rather practice on myself and save the money and risk. Neither medicine nor law(for the most part) have any skin in the game. They get paid regardless.

      • A year ago the last day of Nov woke up at 2 in the morning with big time pain in chest. Hot footed it over to VA emergency room stayed until 6am. They did 2 lab work up on me and decided it must be pneumonia. Dont remember meds but got well in about 3 weeks. Then went into asthma every 6 hours took Albuturol as that is how long it last and then you cant breathe. After about 3 months some lady on this site mentioned about a 7day nothing by mouth program. I ordered the book and the author said he cured something almost incurable in 4 days so I went on it and in 5 days my asthma was gone. Stayed on it for the full 7 days for good measure. About 2 mo ago went to ER for somesthing and they discovered I had Arterial Fibulation AF and high BP kept me in hosp 6 days toget it under control. Finally got right meds and running along ran into a kinda knowlegable fella and found out he had a stroke 7 years ago at 70 yrs of age. He couldnt speak for a year and a half. Found out in our cofffee drinking sessions he is a heart surgeon. He had AF and asked what he did for it and he said took magnesium and got rid of it. So thats what I did and two weeks it is gone and BP is now normal. I asked him yesterday why the MDs dont treat with Mag. and his reply they cant write prescription for it as their is no money to be made. Oh forgot you will have to stay on mag until your dying day. So simple it relaxes the heart muscles.

    • As George mentioned today, nothing wrong with having an opinion. But if you want to try to help bring others to your version truth, start with sharing facts from reliable sources. I have no doubt there are very small pockets of people that have had a negative reaction from the vaccine, every vaccine carries a small risk. I am still suspicious that Hank Aaron was one of these impacted. But with data we can make informed decisions. I got the polio vaccine, I would do so again. Why, because the risk from the vaccine is so tiny compared to life changing impact from the disease. I will hold out on the covid vaccine for 6 months, so more longer term data is out that I can use to make a decision. I am not in a high risk group, so I currently think the calculation sides with wait for further data. That is actually easy now, since government is allocating vaccines to citizens based on criteria for which I don’t yet qualify.

      • “every vaccine carries a small risk” My 16 month son nearly died after measles vaccine in ’85. In the hospital for 6 days, 106 temp. It’s only a small percentage (3%, 1%?) that have adverse reactions including paralysis and death. You can take your chances of sacrificing yourself on the altar of pharmaceutical medicine, but your chances are probably better with Covid if you even get it at all. My son and his younger sister did not have another vaccine and had no major illnesses or diseases, now in their 30’s.

      • Is it me, or is it only common sense that in order to avoid a virus with a 99.75% survival rate you shouldn’t subject your body to a very lightly researched vaccine that is already demonstrating ill and deadly side effects? Especially when the government is trying to grab your arm to force a jab (or two).
        And the Covid stats don’t match up with reality. What happened to the annual Flu deaths, because they’re a no-show. And the number of “cases” being reported is way out of whack due to the large number of false positives. And why call them “cases” and not “positives” since many of those “testing positive” never develop symptoms. The only thing saying these people are ill is a PCR test the inventor of which (now dead) said the test was never intended to be used for diagnostic applications.

    • Have a half body paralysis and weakness after starting a new blood pressure medicine issued by doctor stroke and year and half later they find a leriche syndrome bypassing an aortic abdominal aneurysm, of the sort surgury for repair of, killed my mother and likely came about by blood force as a “disease” adaptation..

    • Very similar to my experience Steve. I have an Immune disorder also.
      Doctors and Specialists are for the most part only interested in studying disease, certainly not curing and in many instances as you describe actually can make things much worse for a patient. GPs as far as chronic illness goes are mostly useless and mostly clueless.
      A person with an immune disorder will discover these things very quickly. It is advised to be as knowledgeable as possible about your condition and have the last informed word on any treatment.
      There is a lot more guess work in medicine than the average person would be comfortable with knowing. And incompetence.

    • Thanx, Steve. There are many problems with the vaxes, particularly the ones here in the states—including the fact that they were spun out like shit through a goose and never even faced peer review.

      Your caveat, though, was new to me, as I had never read that auto-immune conditions are a no-go zone. As I have dealt with a couple such, I’m grateful for the info and have absofukkinlutely no intention of getting jabbed.

  5. “I know a number of readers who are expecting the market to be hard down this morning. Boy! Are they in for a disappointment!”

    I wasn’t surprised…The MSM news has it that they have just about agreed to dump more water on the table… they will do that until the noodle starts to dissolve and crumble..
    then there is the kings pawn trap.. or poison pawn trap that we are being maneuvered into with our military..
    My question is what do you buy for a million a year?… and how much profit is needed to buy the country…
    then to top it off on this mornings news.. the collection of the states health records and dna information, and that they are now aware that our actions and what we are doing around the house and businesses is being tracked…. hmmm do you really think so…

  6. Hey George – For your pizza woes, try parchment paper. With it you can slide the pie on and off the stone and/or paddle yet still retain the desired crust properties. It’s like magic.

  7. next time you try the pizza thing use a little corn flour on the bottom of the crust it will prevent it from sticking you will find that’s what most pizza shops do

  8. “Robinhood Traders who don’t know who gets to “make up the Rules””

    The way I understand Robinhood is it’s a “commission-free trading” front running operation.

    Robinhoods largest revenue channel is “rebates from market makers and trading venues”.

    • You know my favorite scene on the old Robinhood movies with Erik Flynn from whome we get the saying, “Inn like Flynn”.

      Was when Robinhood was locked up in the dungeon and he made a rope and got the keys off the wall. After he unlocked his cell the first thing he did was not try to get his own Freedom. He didn’t try to make a B line for the door and escape. The first thing he did was unlock anotjet prisoners cell. He didnt ask them what ya in for? What crime did ya commit? He didn’t care. He just unlocked their cell and then he hand them the keys and told thek to do the same. Then the other dude unlocked someone else’s prison door and handed them the keys. And while Robinhood was thinking about how best to GTFO? Everyone was free and they had a big battle and Robinhood and everyone won.

      He was a bad ass with a sword and could have easily got free just by himself but he helped others and gave them the keys to their freedom and they passed them on to the other people who passed them out n to the other people.

      That has always been Favorite scene in that movie. Ever since I watched it on a little black and white tv with tinfoil on the antenna up in Alaska on the Microwave repeater signal. Everyone else likes the Big sword battle where Robinhood wins. To me, when he helped others get free? That was when he really won.

      Have a wonderful day! I know I will.

      ~So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and never even know we have the keys.~
      From the song,

      Cue ~Already Gone ~
      The Eagles.

      Ephesians 5:13

    • Right Steve Re Robbing Hood. And that fact is laid out in the “Terms of Service”. As they say “if the service is free, then you are the product not the client”.

    • It is… and OG is exactly correct. The trading racketeers also use it as a breeding farm. If you trade sufficiently successfully for sufficiently long, you start getting E-Mails from Manhattan…

  9. “Useful to see that cops are still defending private property in the State Capitol, although in looney-left Seattle they still namby-pamby.”

    I thought that was why they have been working so hard to Neuter the police.. to get them to abandon the heavy crime area’s … I thought it was to allow crime and disorder to get so bad that a military presence would have to be shown to gain control over the area’s ..

    I think everyone had that impression….
    Infamous Henry Kissinger Quote
    “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

    • Heinrich musta been in his cups when he said that. He’s been doing the Minion’s dirty work for the Rottenfeller Crime Clan for generations, now. He was the prime go-between with Chou En Lai, setting the stage for Mao and Tricky Dickson. That deal was made faaar above their pay-grades. Top-level stuff to kick Nationalist China outta the Security Council seat they held in the UN building on Rottenfeller donated prime NYC real estate.
      Then the Nato were replaced by the Reds. Like, doesn’t that tell you something? Fast forward and all those controlled corporations start outsourcing the good industrial jobs to China and voila—the Rust Belt became some of Trump’s most loyal “deplorables”.

      The whole game is rigged, gang. Check out the ass-end of a $1 Fednote sometime. Eye of Horus overlooking the pyramid. Prime Minions such as Kissinger, the late Zbigniew Brzesinski and Our Little George of the $orrow$ squat at what the Germans would call the “zugspitze” (pinnacle) of the pyramids, the covidly unemployed down at the base and 25% of the world’s incarcerated individuals in the sub-basement.

      • Goddamn word-corrector on this machine. It changed “Nats” to Nato, massively altering the meaning of the phrasing. “Labor-saving devices”, they like to contend. BULL.

  10. Keep an eye on the AZ Election Commission soap opera. They may be hiding nothing at all, making the AZ Senate’s whole effort to inspect the voting machines and ballots a ruse, but unless the Commission pulls another rabbit out of their hat to stall further the voting machine and ballot inspection starts either Wednesday or Thursday. If they find what those in the AZ Senate think they’re going to find then things get interesting all over the U.S. A whole lot of other states are watching closely. The reason Trump’s legal efforts failed is because no court would look at the evidence and don’t throw a MSM news article at me saying they did. This isn’t over yet.

    I don’t like being disappointed either, George, but the more the crazies like Pelosi and Schumer poke the bear the worse things get and I think you know it’s intentional. They’re dangling every liberal wet dream in our faces just about every day that Bribem signs an EO and the MSM plays right along to stoke the fire a little more. The data is right, as long as we look at it correctly and don’t cherry pick, until it’s not. Black Swans seem to be having a population boom. The Apostle Thomas was famous for being a data reader, too.

    The ONLY thing this administration will lead us to is Socialism and worse. It’s like being slowly swallowed by a constrictor snake. How long before We, The People and those that are serious about their oaths start to wriggle away? Right now I’m still willing to put my faith in our military because they have a much better handle on the deep machinations of our government and can take care of things much more elegantly than a bunch of red necks, BLM’ers, Antifa and Boogaloo Boys with ARs.

    • Bill,

      You have just about all the programming words in your post. Good job. I’m glad you are following the script so closely!

      And you’re right. It’s not over! The Arizona Senate will undoubtedly decide that the election was false and all the other states will clamor to be part of the great revelation moment! I mean, unless someone can do a magic trick, that’s the bar you say. Super unlikely because magic doesn’t exist.

      And when all the states rise up, the MSN will slink back to their corner and lick their wounds. What scoundrels! They’ll never be political again, by shucks.

      The military solution is of course the least desired outcome, but they sure are smart sitting around waiting for just the right time to overthrow the election. God blessem’.

      Just curious, have you written any letters to your local representatives asking them how they are going to make elections better going forward? Or just waiting for the magic defying return of your guy to set it all straight once and for all?

  11. Adventures in cooking weekend. I made 10 egg rolls most;y ok and eatable. Just order things on the zon and follow directions. Make sure the cooked and cooled cabbage mix the thoroughly dry! Other dish was panko fried shrimp with fried rice. Turned out very well. 45 minutes to peel de-vain and cut then coat twice. Almost as good as the local china palace. Fried rice is still a hit or miss depending on rice. Egg rolls will take some practice. Another dish was sweet and sour chicken and noodles. That was mostly error free. This week is San Fran sour dough bread.
    Best recipe I did was Meatloaf with cornbread dressing mixed and seasonings then rolled out flat on foil to fit 8×10 pan then added different cheeses and sliced black olives then rolled up into a loaf ends pinched. Cook till half way then coat tomato paste and rosemary.
    Then the sides you like.
    A wok stove would be great but I forgot to buy gme early.
    Maybe next time.

    • Jeff, I’ve made what I called ‘fried rice’ for a long time and previously had a touch of disappointment with the texture.
      You are right when you said, “depending on the rice.” I learned that Basmati type rice is key to satisfaction. Cooks up less sticky, tastes excellent, and makes the dish worthy of a second helping. Hope it works as well for you as it does for me.

      • Asians I knew used Texas long-grained patina rice. Helps when doing a stir fry to do the rice a day ahead of time. Lots of Asian fams keep a cold Tupperware full in the fridge. When it’s time to cook – grab some cold rice and it falls apart.

        There are two ways to cook rice, I was taught (*with a bow to the Sakoda family): Rice for stir fry – with a shade less water than 2: water to 1: rice. The other was “sticky rice” – which was a bit over 2: water to 1: rice.

        Half teaspoon of salt helps. Some Hawaiians and Ure’s add a TB of butter per 2 cups water.

        Opening either rice ratio before a full 20-minutes has passed on low (steaming) was punishable by death. (Or having to go to school with a Ure…)

  12. George sumwon said or Sum thing said to me yesterday in my meditation while I found myself drifting with the waves of the Sound lost in deep thought between awake and asleep,

    “Humanity is the Religion of Angels.”

    What a peculiar ponder. Never thought about it like that before. Hmmmmm. Interesting ponder forsure.

  13. Computational biologist Trevor Bedford is part of a team studying the family trees of viruses including covid-19 and their naturally occurring variant progressions. As an aside, Bioworld has an interesting quote from him saying that he figures covid-19 transferred from bats to another mammal 20 to 70 years ago before finally jumping to humans in late 2019.

    After being able to remark on your Potus’ brief schedule of last Friday, it looks like the White House website going forward now simply features a “Week Ahead” advice from the WH Press Secretary. So…today, it’s a meeting with the Secretary of State, Tuesday signing an executive order, and Friday remarks on the economy will be delivered.

    By the way, I was reviewing an early turn-of-century Directorate 153 web missive on preparedness and ended up who knows where. Anyhow the current equivalent page may be on a “maintenance break”. Sorry.

  14. Oh John cusack said that on twitter in 2013 I never knew that before, never even occured to me . I knew there was more to it than meets the eye, and according to Mr Cusack’s latest tweet, moscow shut down all entrance and exit of moscow.

    Speaking of birds chirping or tweets and Speaking of cows. The mossy kind. Lol

    The plot thickens. Ha ha ha

    As the world around us tells us all we need to know, we need only listen.

  15. This all springs the book of Daniel to the mind.

    Chapter 2:1 Head of gold. (Us and Israel)
    Chapter 2:2 Chest and arms of silver.
    (See recent uptick in Silver info)(Mutha Russia)

    Chapter 7: 1 beast like a lion with eagle’s wings. (Which we know Israel and USA)
    Chapter 7:2 beast like a bear, raised up on one side, with three ribs between its teeth. (Mutha Russia)

    Hmmmmmmm… Interesting Juxtaposition.

    And the ages, The Bronze Age, The Silver Age and the Golden Age and the Iron Age.

    Awakening parts of these ages or instances of glimmer which reflections of light. Moments in time, like white caps on the crests of waves. The sea is quiet creature. The sound comes from the white caps as the wave of liquid form and the wave of gas form crackles vibration “sounds” with magnetic friction of dueling forms in collision.

    Is it the same for Ages as it is forms of mateial? Countries or beasts? elements such as silver and gold? Old Prophacy and New? Hmmmmmmm.

    Nothing to see here. Just thinking out loud. Good luck to us all.

  16. I agree with much of what President Trump did, and nothing of what the current occupant is doing. Unfortunately, I can’t understand what’s really going on at all since everyone is lying.

    It’s nice that PM’s are moving back to their real value, but it’s hard to tell if or when there’d be a proper exit point, or what to do if you realized gains. In short, markets are made for the impulsive who have other sources of income, and those who actually enjoy the game rather than enduring it. If you’re sufficiently ADHD and catch the trend, you can profit(after taxes). Otherwise, just maintaining a store of value(dollar independent) with little or no profit might be a smarter move – nothing risked, nothing lost. I’ve never been inclined to invest in anything I can’t understand, and only rarely when I understand the manipulation. It’s amusing to watch, but trading on public “information” seems to generally be too late to win, and an enormous time sink.

    • I myself have Physical Silver, the only type worth a damm. I will not be selling. The price will fluctuate, let it. The major purpose is as store of value for the future, not speculation.
      At this point, holding, is definitely the smarter move.

    • “Not investment advise…” I track the Dow/Gold ratio as explained by Bill Bonner and Tom Dyson at rouge economics When the Dow and the Gold price are roughly equal in price – whether very high prices, or equally low prices, I plan to start buying dividend aristocrats. The big dividend payers can be searched for. Meantime lots of cash on the sidelines and a lone silver coin

  17. About being paid for news. I appreciate the point of the legacy paper news outlets. Google using their headers for their search results, is as much news as many beleive they need. Certainly about 1/2 the country makes their voting decision based on very basic headline messages. I would like a clearinghouse of actual in depth news, that does not have progressive opinion at every turn. However I am not going to pay X number of web site 10-15 dollars per month. These sites needs something like Apple news, but of course not Apple. I like Dailywire podcasts, especially Matt Walsh. However after watching these folks a handful of times, I know what their opinion will be for almost any topic.
    Where is the original new content? They also don’t have an Android TV or amazon prime app. which are my two primary streaming appliances.

    • If you want a reliable “free” source of unbiased news, check out Sharyl Attkisson. I like her because her reporting is fearless, poignant, in depth, and unbiased. Her books are a great read as well.

    • ” I would like a clearinghouse of actual in depth news”

      We don’t have any of these, any more.

      EVERYTHING is politicized to the point you’re going to get biased information, period. The best you can do is know the bias of the writer or newswire editor, and interpolate or “read between the lines.” The problem with this is it gives you news, information, and knowledge, buy no source which can be cited to substantiate your knowledge. If you’re seeking for your own enlightenment, it’s fine. If you are going to be caught up in a debate, “lack of source” renders the information fairly useless…

      Infowars is very good (but very limited), as long as you can ignore everything “Alex Jones” and just read the articles the site has agglomerated via external links. It is also very bad, because the external links are few, and not updated as often as they’d need be, to work as a pure agglomerator. Breitbart is very good at sifting the Wires for unbiased and un-reported (or under-reported) news, but the site is so “busy” (it’s “busy,” or cluttered, like a Japanese e-commerce site) it makes my head hurt and half the commenters are nutjobs. Russia Today is good, but limited. Since it is an outreach of the propaganda arm of the Russian government, it has a definite bias, but the bias is only displayed in the CHOICE of articles. RT mirrors Western press and links back to the source-articles they post. They don’t rewrite or edit these. They’re just selective in posting, so as to push their agenda without seeming to have one. The Epoch Times is gold. Their agenda is the editorial staff are PRC refugees who received asylum in the U.S. They love China but hate communism. Essentially neutral WRT American and Western goings-on (except for those which lead down the path to Marx), they take a hard-line against Mr. Xi, and spend more time investigating ChiCom dirt than mainstream rags, with better and more-honest results.

      Good luck…

  18. One reads with regret a report by the BBC originating with Axios, who are partially funded by the democrat Dowager of Apple’s Emerson Collective, that a co-founder of the Lincoln Project is alleged to have acted inappropriately. Curiously the democrats are never mentioned in the article, but the republicans and the LP being anti-Trump, multiple times. One imagines that The Most Honorable 9th Marquess of Queensbury would have considered the blow a knockout.

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