Prepper Monday – Storm Mode

In sections due to rather intense storms in East Texas.

3-inches of rain in gauge.  Moderate wind and non-stop lightning overnight.  On solar driven battery backup.  Will set up the genset after first light.

Early futures were about flat, which means our decision not to hold a short postion over the weekend was a good one.

(Updated) CFNAI

The Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator is just out.  We were especially impressed with the return of the (idiotic) phrase “negative contributions.”

“The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) decreased to –0.16 in August from +0.07 in July. Two of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index decreased from July, and all four categories made negative contributions in August. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, ticked up to –0.14
in August from –0.15 in July.”

Maybe we’re just cranky fr0m a weekend of storms, no power, no phones, and barely Internet, but a contribution to use mean a “giving of something” and so isn’t it logical that a “negative contribution is a taking of something given?”  With policymakers swimming in gibberish, it’s little wonder no one knows what time it is with the economy.

Here’s what a chart with “negative contributions” looks like:

Some damn-fool in the woods might remarket “This looks like shit. Tell Powell to get on the stick and tell Joe CLOSE THE BORDERS (no more Venezuelans, thanks) so we can fix America first!”

That, brothers and sisters would be a “positive contribution.”

Thanks  in part to this, the Dow and S&P are ready to slide at the open.

Meantime, Ure – hoaxed into a two-part security access notion in his trading account – is now locked out until the phones come back up.  See the profits sailing away?

Yeah, complexity will bite you on the ass every time.  Off to light off the genset.  Too early for a shot of Cuervo, is it?

Global Markets

Weakness in the US last week has carried onto global markets ahead of the U.S. open.  European bourses are down more than 1/2-pecent.  In Asia Japan was up more than 275 points, but the Hang Seng dropped more than 300 points (1.8 percent).

In the virtual lands, BTC has been bouncing off $26,000.

We’d like to go into a pre-open short, but honestly, trading on a generator powered platform is a risk we don’t really need to take, so why?

Headline Review….

This could be the week that U.S. corporate media has to come clean and admit Ukraine is all but lost.  Which will be very emotional and accompanied by much hand-wringing, we’re sure.  But the data lines up that way as  Larry Johnson: The US has now accepted the defeat of the Ukrainians – You can’t keep putting lipstick on a pig.

Just in the nick of time, to help out crafting updated propaganda: Hollywood screenwriters and studios reach tentative agreement to end prolonged strike.

The “playing the corporate agenda’s angle” problem of modern media is not only noticed here in the woods: Donald Trump Demands Investigation Into NBC News: ‘Enemy of the People’. the particular connections we would like to see aired would be all communications between news managers and assignment editors and the three-letter crowd: FBI CIA NSA and let’s toss in the neocon job at State, for good measure. News is when the editor or reporter makes the call on a given topic.  When agencies initiate the comms channel, well that is called propaganda.  As in vax and so forth.

(both satcoms down, switching to a DSL line)

Speaking of Trump, he’s now able to beat Biden in ’24, at least on paper: US Reporter Says New Trump-Biden Poll Is ‘Tough One To Spin’. Of course, there are lots of “future cut-outs” in the wings.  For one, elections have to be held.  And Donald Trump may be in jail, depending on a truckload of pending litigation.  We’re reminded that Trump has a kind of messianic hold over his followers.  Very much, as our consigliere experience a vibe of the same energy early Hitler speeches held. If he’s in jail, will he pen “My Deal”? It is possible his last words in jail could be “Pardon ME.”

The 1 Percent may have something else (besides which party to buy) to worry about: Breaking News: IRS Announces Game-Changer Group To Catch The 1% (

A First for organized labor, if we’re not mistaken: Wrapping a strike up in “climate” to see who salutes?  A UAW Win is a Win for Working People and the Climate | Atmos. It only makes sense if we’d been underwater in NYC by now, or sand dunes were marching across the breadbasket.  Normal climate oscillations from the ENSO? Not so much.

(checking satcoms again)

We’ll be back when the power is on, or I set up the genset.  Expect this to be a busy day.  Back with Chicago Fed report at 7:45 AM Central obstacles permitting.

Write when the power is on, phones work, and I get rich,

46 thoughts on “Prepper Monday – Storm Mode”

  1. re: ‘just in
    feat: not biebs


    Hold the victory lap! A jubilant servant of the people was pictured the other day beside the Canadian PM. Parliamentarians were delivering a standing ovation to an invited WW2 Ukrainian war hero’s family. It now appears that the war hero had been a member of the 14th Waffen Division in the nazi SS. The CBC notes that it is making further inquiry of the relevant parties.

    • At the beginning of the liberation Putin told the world Nazis infiltrated the Uke. NATO indicated there were no Nazis.

      Some folks believed Putin.
      Some folks believed NATO.

      1.5 years later we look out the window & we see NATO folk celebrating Nazi folk.

  2. You can thank me for the 3″ of rain in the gauge. We got 3.3″ yesterday as well. The rain was holding off until I finished the 60′ extension to our leach field line, which I finally did Thursday. Normal rain patterns are now free to resume.

  3. “3-inches of rain in gauge. Moderate wind and non-stop lightning overnight. On solar driven battery backup. Will set up the genset after first light.”

    Hmm.. well Maybe it is just a coincidence that this is happening around states where congressmen are questioning the family business on corruption and their deviant morals and ethics..Now is it natural weather changes.. ( nope there are weather modifications overhead so it can’t be that )
    but they could be doing that to say see its global warming..with the majority of the people that think it is just hogwash and congress that could give two cents to the people at home.. how would the people know or even care about it.. with prices going up up up and wages stagnant their main concern is making the house payment and utilities..

    OR…could it be a planned and paid for by other countries to the business….. with all those multimillion dollar transactions being made and funneled through shell companies.. we don’t know what the agreement was for those funds. and people usually don’t pay that kind of money unless they want something big in goods and services..

    the other option is… It could be countermeasures. give me crap and I will give you and your home state crap in return.. the old rub my back and I will rub ours .. Hmmm…


    It could be a natural weather cycle but I doubt that.. since there are weather modification planes running around those states.. my guess is it is countermeasures.. they have been dumping a shit load of countermeasures to take place after the new president takes office.. either way this could be a very wet cold icy long winter for everyone..
    the grid isn’t designed for security but for profitability.. with everything going on.. I wonder if they could actually take actions to secure our grid and fix roadways and bridges..

  4. Perhaps the You Tube should ban all non-union video.

    Many of the current unsuspecting dupes on YT videos probably weren’t paid at all. Track them folk down. Make the YT publishers pay, and in union scale. Sue You Tube too. We never consented.

  5. The Ten Year just went over 4.5 % [ doesn’t mean it will stay there.,] but if this keeps up., a lot of balance sheets are not going to balance. The 13 week is up a notch at 5.31%

  6. Yo Chief,

    Seeing as how Ure weather be clearing..meaning you can see clearly now. Feast Ure peepers on this picture.
    There are 2 people standing in front of a picture/painting of Satan.

    Let your still small voice tell you which of the 3 main characters in photo Feel the most demonic/dark&evil.

    Note : the jewish mekasepah pictured is zelenskys choice for Ambassador Ukraine to oversee children services rebuilding schools. Note she and her group of female addicts (chrome) so powerful they got their collective asses handed to them when the orange gullum of greatness got hisself elected..spirit cooking! bwahahahaahahahahah

    If still small voice said that dark ugly bitch, youse would be incorrect..just another addicted physco – how else you explain her and gaga at this lovely soiree in Hollywierd –

    And these are the kinda people America looks up to ? thing ya know Chiefs TE J. kelce will be pimping Pfizer


  7. Good lesson this morning. No matter how much you prep… or for what.. there’s always something to go wrong. The way I read it, TEOTWAWKI will not be ‘traded’, and you probably will not have access to the ‘money’ you think you have. A bird in the hand is worth…?

    • In the past month $3 k more of prepping top offs. And tomorrow am super short column as will be wiring in the hard (4 wire) system to the xfr switch that I thought ahead to installing 16 years ago.
      Now, finally, the epoxy, the box. plug and the silicone wire come along…
      Always something to learn – like “finish wiring the transfer switch and remember where the choke is on the electric start gennie (running in propane mode today, maybe tomorrow, we shall see…)
      Meantime no phones from Century Late and no sign of power.

  8. Spent the weekend south of DC, big tropical storm hit I think TS17 or something. Virginia Governor declared an “EMERGENCY “. All the bureaucrats started hunkering down and making sure they could talk to each other. Noses glued to their weather Apps and binge shopping wherever they shop at. Lol! Near panic in bidenville! The result…..some rain, some wind and it was over by Sunday noon! I seen better storms during monsoon season in SE Asia! You guys in TX would call it a rainy day! In Ohio we’d call it a “gulley washer”! In DC…..time to move into the bunker. Lord help those people if something really bad goes down ! On the way home bought a pound of honey at a farmers market in Virginia for my collection…….9 bucks a pound! Sheesh, gotta up my prices! Stay safe All. And mind your Preps!!! Rick and Rebel the Dog!

    • LOL LOL I know.. DC shuts down in a quarter inch of snow to LOL LOL LOL they couldn’t deal with a real snow storm LOL LOL

    • Can we arrange for DC to have blizzard after blizzard (3″ is a “Blizzard” for DC right?) all winter long? Sure sounds like a WINNING weather event to this person in mostly ignored by the DC types, except for taxes and providing bodies for their non-stop Wars, “Fly Over Country” part of the US.

      • Can you imagine that lol lol lol..
        I will never forget flurries.. the weather man said a few flurries.. I got him went to bed a couple hours later the phone rings..are you planning to work..yes.. after I wake up..well they are closing the roads in twenty minutes..what in the bell for..its snowing and blowing..take a look.. about the time I was going to look outside the daughter comes in..she had gotten hit by the plow.. he towed her into town ..looking outside I couldn’t see the house next door.. we were snowbound three weeks.. they had to get the national guard to plow one roads remained closed for the winter.. the drift under the overpass had maybe 6 inches before it would hit the underside of the bridge..
        power was out for over a week..
        an you imagine what dc would be like if that happened lol lol
        that’s why I always suggest writing a letter over any issue .. if a group had an opinion on any issue send a simple integrate ing note.. to everyone in congress.. every day for a week or two weeks.. 25 thousand letters a day to every member of congress..would create thousands of jobs just to sort deliver and toss and haul to the landfill. it would stop traffic and shut the city down. it wouldn’t matter what lobbying firm or special interest group pays them.. that’s news and they would all rush back to take care of the issue as soon as they could….

  9. If the data comes in as expected., Canada is on track for two consecutive quarters of negative growth, which would meet the technical definition of a recession.
    – Due out this week.

    • Meh…

      Trudope will simply borrow a couple of the Creeper’s “economists” and they’ll re-define “recession” for the Canadians like they did for us…

  10. George,

    18 August SPX Hourly Decay Fractal Series.

    The 18 August 6/15/7 of 15 day 3 phase decay series model remains intact.
    On an hour unit fractal basis (SPX trades for 7 hours a day 930 to 1630) the 6 days of subfractal one are made of a {5}/3/8/8/5 :: {10/12} hour series followed by a {3/8/8} hour series for a hourly subfractal one of 41 hours ending 1030 AM on 25 August (with the first {5} hour base of the 5/10/12 hour series down.
    Subfractal two (15 days) (2.5x)was 102 hours in length ending 130pm on 15 Sept. (Subfractal three (15 days) is ideally of 102 hours for a three phase series of 41/102/102 hours.) The first subfractal series of subfractal two is a 4/10/8/6 hour series :: x/2.5x/2x/1.6x of 25 hours ending 930 AM 19 Sept. Note the counter 8 hour subfractal three valuation growth of this 4 phase subfractal series with with a precipitous 6 hour decline of subfractal four and a trend line connecting hour 1 and hour 25 of the series with all valuations above the trend line. The base subfractal one for the next series is 7 hours in length. A second three phase decay series model of 7/17-18/17-18 hours (total 39-40 hours) followed by a third similar 7/17-18/17-18 hours series (total 39-40 hours) would equate to about a 102 hour subfractal three of an 18 August 2023 41/202/102 hour three phase decay series.

    Use trendlines to confirm or reject this evolving model. As of 130 PM today the second series is 7/13 of 17-18/17-18 hours.

    The third 7/17-18/17-18 series is expected to have the least dead horse bounce growth valuation.

    • The above model is wrong.

      Use 4 hour unit SPX fractal series:
      The mathematical model:
      Starting 18 Aug, 11/29/27-29 (4 hour unit) fractal decay series

      11 4-hr units from 930 AM 18 Aug to 930 AM 25 Aug

      29 4-hr units from 9 AM 25 Aug to 930 AM 15 sept
      3/8/8 followed by 3/6/6

      27-29 4-h units starting 930 AM 15 Sept
      This afternoon was the 10th unit of a 5/10 of 12-13/12-13
      4-hr decay series. (tomorrow expected nonlinear decline) The last 12-13 units should have some significant nonlinear decay.

  11. Mister Ure,

    Can you help a confused, but well intentioned “badguy” with a question regards American ambivalence towards War ?

    Why isnt anybody in South western states of USA concerned about the thousands – I mean Thousands of military aged Men coming thru Ure southern border everyday ? why?

    Do you Americanos no understand what WarTime troop movements look like, Gorillalala style?

    Why is there NO concern shown or expressed about these troop movements Into CONUS?

    Why is nobody (ZERO) worried about prosecuting a war against Russia.

    Why is nobody in US govmint showing any concern about the pedo administration PROMOTING this Holy War on American soil..cutting concertina wire, taken down barriers, welding OPEN border gates. Read that again – its a Holy War, as far as orthodoxy is concerned.
    Seems to this Russian cartoon character that all those actions are the actions of a TRAITOR AND TRAITOROUS Administration. What gives with you zombies ?
    -EVERY single one of the sleezes, like KarineJP, would HANG in a civilized society like Mother Russia’s

    Personally I prefer Gil’otina, this is The Cull afterall, and we will

    Natasha, we must stop Nato, and let the blood flow.

  12. Just a note for you guys/gals out there.

    I was just contacted about participating in a new vaccine trial directed at Covid. It was from a group in Sugarland TX. I played along, but the gist is a $800 signup fee and further money as the “study” progresses.

    So Doctors and practices are STILL getting money to inject these vaxxes or else they would not be holding out an $800 bonus to folks like me. One has to wonder how much Pfizer et al are handing out to practices across the world to push this.

    After the spiel, and me asking some questions regarding exactly how the vaxx was supposed to operate, I was hung up on when I asked if this vaxx produced a spike protein.

    God bless the rain we got. My son is having to take down numerous large oaks at our place – victims of this mini-drought.

    • The pecan trees in town are having a rough time of it. It’s bad enough being surrounded by concrete but if people can’t afford to water them they’ll all be firewood soon.

    • Oh you would be shocked.. I use to attend pharmaceutical company lectures for physicians..
      one was three days long.. they had chefs come from all around the world.. and comedians a band and a dance.. gave away some of the coolest stuff.. replica skeletons etc.. laptops that was when they were really expensive to.. I still go to the physician lounge and get Kleenex and candy pens paper when I am at the hospital LOL LOL..
      Doctors are bought off .. can you imagine what it is like for congressmen and women.. if they go through that much and spend that much just to get your small doctor without any real power to make changes to prescribe their medications to a few people.. just imagine what the special interest groups are spending for your congressman or woman. I know a man in DC teaches at GWU…his wife caters lobbyist functions for senators etc.. and he said it is totally insane what they do for congressmen and women…
      its insane.. at one. they had shrimp the biggest and best shrimp I have ever seen.. my DON came over and said hun these are the horderves not the meal LOL.
      there use to be a house of illrepute one block away from the capital that just dealt with the wants and needs of congress.. whether or not it is still there I don’t know.. I am positive that these people are still being catered to.. What was it one businessman said to me.. he said when entering their office he had to know in one minute whether or not he had to just lay the paper on the desk to be signed or if he had to wine dine and get them laid.. or more.. special job guarantee’s etc.. airplane rides.. gifts vacations etc..

      • One thing I totally respect my ‘primary care physician’ for is that he has banned pharma salesmen from his office.

    • I volunteered to be a Human Pin Cushion for the Novavax Covid Vaccine because I did NOT WANT an mRNA vaccine. Since I fit several risk groups plus interact with the public a lot felt I did need to take something and Novavax looked like the best option. Novavax accepted me into the trial which meant I got it early, before any vaccines were commercially available, AND I got the one I wanted … the one I though was going to be the safest of any of those out there. (if under 50 unless you had serious health issues there is imo no way you should have taken anything unless you were force, which my one son in the military was forced to do or give up his good job).

      Unlike the mRNA’s is has proven to be much broader spectrum than the mRNA’s and has worked well against the various varieties of Covid that later appeared. In addition it also has continued to have “staying power” whereas the mRNA vacccines seem to lose any ability to protect you after 3 months or so.

      I would have done it for free since that is the vaccine I wanted … but they did pay me for being a human guinea pig and it was enough to pay for an 82″ Samsung 4k TV as a present to myself.

      They told me at the testing site I went to every few weeks that some people, all medical doctors, wanted it so bad over the mRNA vaccines that when Novavax told them that there was no way they could get into the study or could get it before it was approved in the US those Doctors all flew to India, where it was approved first, on their own nickel to get it (without a vaccine of some sort they would have lost their high paying Doctor gigs and they did NOT want an mRNA under any circumstances).

      Since I did that test for that one vaccine I am now on a list of potential “test” subjects and have now turned down several requests to participate in medical drug studies. I was willing to “gamble” once, because it was something “I” wanted … but more than once is imo a risky bet.

  13. G brings up an important ‘failure note’ about ‘two-part security access’ to bank accounts. My bank recently replaced their entire system and now I must sign in via internet with the usual security passwords, then they send a security code text to my cellphone that I must enter. So a failure of either internet OR cellphone prevents access to the account. Very secure, yes, but twice as likely to have an access failure.

    It’s like a small twin-engine aircraft. One would think it is twice as reliable, but accident statistics say otherwise. A twin is more likely to have a fatal accident than a single engine aircraft.

    Reminds me I need to take some cash out of the bank to hold privately.

    • Options available should be taken advantage of while U still can manage. 2-factor Authentication which is mentioned above, as well as Authentictaor app – random number generators-fobs.
      In the BCN household we employ ALL of em as needed -optionality.

    • The old saying about twin engine aircraft is that the second engine gives you just enough power to get to the scene of the crash. Most light twins don’t have the power to climb on one engine, so basically it just extends your glide range.

      • Actually, many do, but only at or below 5,000 feet, or so. It’s in the POH for all twins.

        (Decoder: POH Pilot’s Operating Handbook, a copy of which must be available to the pilot at all times. Which is why people (like my pal Chad who just finished type cert B767/757) run around with that huge manual in their flight bags)

        • The most recent example was at Santa Fe airport(7000′ MSL), where the high time pilot of a Cessna 310 lost his left(critical) engine. ATC cleared him for a left turn toward the airport and sadly, he complied. There was a slight chance of him maintaining altitude and finding some way to plant it safely somewhere, but banking into the bad engine on that aircraft was an invitation to the stall/spin entry that killed him and destroyed the aircraft.

    • The biggest cause of crashes of single engine airplanes, if I recall the stats correctly, is RUNNING OUT OF FUEL!!

      If you merely do your checklist and plan your flight properly so you have enough fuel you have already cut your risk of being in a single engine plane crash by about 1/3!!

      • Weather and weather reports are fickle, to say the least. Avoiding weather or fighting it can use a surprising amount of fuel, and there’s not always a convenient landing spot en route.

        Man plans, and God laughs.

        It’s still good to do the best you can.

  14. For those interested – Jimmy Corsetti of Bright Insight on YouTube and Ben Davidson of S0 are going to have an online conversation on Jimmy’s YT and Rumble channels Friday, 6:30 pm Eastern, 4:30pm MT and 3:30pm Pacific. Good to see Ben finally getting some acknowledgement from the more popular usual suspects in the Catastrophist realm. Ben says they’ve been talking for some time now over the phone so I guess Jimmy was the one assigned to vet him.

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